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(generated from captions) Murder charges expected to be laid dies. after the woman-in-the-boot victim astronauts aren't allowed to fix. The space shuttle safety scare Glenn McGrath's freak Ashes accident. And ooh aah!

in the boot, Maria Korp, has died, But first, Melbourne's woman removed her feeding tube. nine days after doctors to face murder charges Her husband, Joe, is now likely

Maria before leaving her for dead. after his mistress bashed and choked after Maria Korp finally succumbed, Just a few hours home on Melbourne's outskirts her husband, Joe, left the sprawling they once shared. Flowers were left at the gate... he's actually with Maria. Mate, he's not by himself - Thank you. ..just metres from the garage her husband's mistress last February. where the 50-year-old was attacked by

early this morning Mrs Korp passed away in a vegetative state, after five months little more than a week

to end her tube feeding. after her guardian authorised doctors We rang around relatives and visit her. to see if anyone wanted to come a call to say that she had died. At 2:00 this morning, I received been jailed for a minimum nine years Joe Korp's mistress Tania Herman has for attempted murder, placing her in the boot of her car, admitting she choked Maria before and abandoning the vehicle. driving to central Melbourne four days later. Mrs Korp was found unconscious to stand trial for attempted murder. On Wednesday, Joe Korp was committed Director of Public Prosecution His lawyer expecting Victoria's to upgrade those charges to murder. He is aware of that possibility at any time, and we will make him available

in Maria's death. Joe Korp denies any involvement he's devastated. His brother Gust says he had feelings for. He cheated on his wife, he still loved his wife. But at the end of the day has flown from Portugal Mrs Korp's sister but arrived two hours after she died. The Coroner is examining the body. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. his toddler and pregnant wife A Victorian father who murdered

with a spear gun has been jailed for life. for three months John Sharpe feigned grief for the bodies of Anna Kemp during a painstaking hunt 20-month-old daughter Gracie. and the couple's again. I wanna be able to see my daughter That's all I'm worried about. Sharpe's charade A Supreme Court judge has noted and barbaric murders. after horrendous, premeditated John's crimes were horrific John's crimes were horrific the sentence given. and he will serve for what he has done. He's given himself a life sentence was able to watch the sentence The dead woman's New Zealand family with the Melbourne courtroom. via a special video link two life sentences, Sharpe has been given with a 33-year minimum term. after a violent street brawl A man is dead

in Sydney's south-west. at a shopping mall four times in the chest and stomach The 18-year-old man was stabbed

involving up to 40 people. during the fight, where he later died. The man was rushed to hospital were arrested this morning. Three teenagers are now being questioned by police. The youths, aged between 17 and 19, has been launched in London A massive security operation with the 1-month anniversary to coincide of the city's fatal bomb attacks.

are about to be toughened It comes as our own laws of terrorism at home. to combat the threat across London. 6,000 police have spread their reach singled out for special attention. Underground stations And it's one of those days a great deal of effort that we think is worth anything from happening. to make sure that we can stop of the anniversary The propaganda value has been pounced on by al-Qa'ida.

Ayman al-Zawahiri Osama bin Laden's deputy

are on the way. has warned more London-style attacks I tell you, TRANSLATION: As for the English, in central London Blair brought destruction to you and he will create more of it. God willing. Al-Zawahiri also demanded withdraw their forces from Iraq - Britain and the US has met head-on. a threat President George W. Bush the number two man of al-Qa'ida, um, The comments by, um,

is a part of this war on terror. make it clear that Iraq Our PM has spent the past four weeks a London-style attack here. considering ways to avert anti-terror laws as early as today. Mr Howard may announce tough

and it made people realise, well, I think that shook people in a country like England, if that could happen with which we still identify

any other country in the world, probably more than it could happen in Australia. those who incite racial hatred. The new laws may also target has already been raided once by AISO. Melbourne man Abu Bakar are believed to have travelled His followers to terrorist training camps. There are two laws. there is Islamic law. There is an Australian law, The Opposition says

must be expelled from the country. anyone who preaches violence replaced words with action. Kim Beazley says it's time Mr Howard I'm worried about him about a government but I'm more worried

their response up to this that seems to be making as they goes along. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. from the deadly London bombings Four weeks on

train lines has finally re-opened, and one of the worst affected

are still apprehensive but its clear many people about travelling on the Tube.

before much of London is awake Early this morning, at Russell Square from King's Cross, and a train arrives killed here exactly four weeks ago. the first since 26 passengers were with a minutes silence... The victims are remembered SILENCE

gets back to business. ..and with that, the Piccadilly Line

As does Ray Wright. in the cab of the bombed train. He was with the driver Today is his first day back at work. It went through this morning people were affected by it. and you could see as we left King's Cross. I think they were apprehensive It may take some time for Garri Holness to return to the Tube but for now, he's just happy to be alive. Garri lost part of a leg

when the bomb exploded on the Piccadilly Line. I remember one girl shouted out, "I've lost my legs, I've lost my legs!" And that made me look at my leg and then I looked at my leg and I picked up my left foot at a very funny angle,

I looked at it and I thought... He's had plenty of time to think about the bombers. The people has brainwashed them and got them to do that, it's those people who I hate

because those people are turning normal people against Muslims. Along with the immeasurable human cost, London has changed in many other ways in the last four weeks. In Oxford, Regent and Bond streets, where shoppers spend ?5.5 billion annually, trade is down 20% to 30% since the bombs.

NSW's infamous sleeping judge has finally retired after failing a health test. Dubbed 'Judge Nodd', Justice Ian Dodd was best known for dozing off during at least nine cases in the District Court, including a rape trial. The 57-year-old was offered medical retirement

after an independent health assessment revealed he was unfit to continue on the bench. Diagnosed earlier this year with sleep apnoea, Justice Dodd will retire on a healthy $152,000-a-year pension

and his ill health means an official inquiry will not be conducted into his conduct. NASA has cleared space shuttle 'Discovery' to return to Earth.

The agency ruling out a fourth spacewalk to carry out more repairs. As 'Discovery's astronauts prepare for their own risky return to earth they've paid tribute to the 'Columbia' crew and others who never made it back.

ASTRONAUT: To those who have courageously given so much we now offer our enduring thanks. From you, we will carry the human spirit out into space and we will continue the explorations you have begun. On the ground, NASA bosses argued over the need for a fourth space walk to try to repair damage to a thermal blanket beneath the cockpit window. Eventually they gave the shuttle the all-clear to fly.

Soichi, we have good news. The MMT just got to the conclusion that the blanket underneath the CDRM window is safe for return. There's no issue. That's, I would say, good news. But NASA says there are no guarantees. The blanket may still pose a threat if it shreds during re-entry. In the end they decided sending another astronaut on a repair mission was far riskier than doing nothing at all.

We believe the chances of anything untoward happening with this fabric

is remote. Australia's Andy Thomas helped examine the problem gap-fillers which were removed during emergency repairs yesterday. He admits his family in Adelaide is worried but says he and his fellow astronauts have faith in the ground crew. On their day of remembrance, they wore crew patches from the doomed 'Columbia' mission. All well aware the best tribute to the fallen is getting home safely.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

The temper tantrum that landed a preschooler in hand-cuffs - that story when Ten's morning news returns. And the housewife who won $185 million - why the one thing she wants is something money can't buy.

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Tough discipline for a preschooler, slapped in handcuffs after a temper tantrum. Police were called when the 5-year-old girl struck out at a teacher. It took two officers to restrain her.

She was the one that committed the crime

and, by our policy, at that time could be handcuffed. The laws have since been changed. The officers weren't disciplined. An Israeli soldier has gone on a murderous rampage on a bus before being lynched by a furious mob. A crowd swamped the bus when the teenage soldier ran out of ammunition. They kicked and punched the soldier to death after he sprayed bullets throughout the bus, killing four Arab-Israelis. Israel has condemned its soldier as a terrorist while the Palestinians say the 19-year-old had been filled with typical anti-Arab racism. A crackdown on motorcycle thieves ended with a dramatic road smash in Thailand.

Police had arrested a gang in a town outside Bangkok and were loading a recovered scooter onto a tow truck when a four-wheel drive veered across the road and slammed into them.

Amazingly, only five people were injured and just two of them needed hospital treatment. Tow truck operators and bystanders turned on the driver as he was led away.

He said he lost control while changing a CD. Police say he was drunk and charged him. A massive rescue operation in India, where flooding has brought the country's financial capital

to a standstill. Mumbai is home to 15 million people. The water claiming hundreds of lives. Over seven days of almost unrelenting rain and still more misery for the people of Mumbai. The heaviest recorded rainfall in Indian history has unleashed the worst flooding in living memory. Almost a metre of water fell on a single day. This family saw their home deluged. They're proud people who worked hard for their few possessions. They'll have to start over. Over 5 million people have been affected by the flooding and almost 500 killed in Mumbai alone. The vast majority were poor shanty dwellers living in Asia's biggest slum. Power - the lifeblood of this intensive care unit for prematurely born babies. These fragile lives are sustained by a constant supply of electricity - electricity the hospital was starved of during 36 hours of power cuts.

Emergency generators quickly kicked in but with Mumbai paralyzed, they were fast running out of fuel.

They were always scared that if suddenly the generators were not working or we had a problem, it could be very dangerous. REPORTER: But you didn't lose any babies? No, we did not.

People here are no strangers to suffering but nothing prepared them for this.

Ahead - the comments that could see the AFL double its fines for clubs who criticise umpires.

Also - as Australia struggles against England, Glenn McGrath talks about the freak accident that put him out.

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and fighting her way through a media scrum, a shocked-looking Dolores McNamara accepted her cheque for, wait for it, more than $185 million. The Irish housewife from Limerick refused to be interviewed, her lawyer speaking instead on her behalf. She is absolutely determined that her feet and the feet of her family will remain firmly on the ground. The mother of six has spent the last week in hiding with her family in a luxury hotel in Cork. In finance news, a slow start to the day

for the Australian share market. Juliana Roadley at Commonwealth Securities, and looks like the increase in the oil price has now hit the pump?

The average price of unleaded fuel

in Australia is $1.20. The lag time

between a rise in a barrel of oil

and the price of petrol in the pump

is 7 to 10 days. We haven't felt

the pinch in the kick up in the oil

price this week. Next week we could

be paying $1.22. This week is starting

be paying $1.22. This week is starting to wind up. What's in

store next week in the reporting?

We'll here from Wesfarmers,

Wednesday from Commonwealth Bank

and we're winding up early next

week. We'll here from News Corp and

Telstra, watch out for information on the T3 float

Telstra, watch out for information on the T3 float or changes in the

services to the bush. England has taken the honours in a drama-packed first day of the second cricket test at Edgbaston. Australian spearhead, Glenn McGrath, seriously injured an ankle before the start of the game, then the home side went on a run spree, making 407 after being sent into bat. The omens were bad after Glenn McGrath trod on a ball in the warm-up, rolled an ankle, and left the field in agony.

He'll miss at least two Tests. I realised, I reckon before I hit the ground, that I was out for this Test match - at worst, be available for Trentbridge. Then Ricky Ponting sent England in on a flat deck. and Trescowthick and Strauss got England off to flyer. They were helped when Warne spilled a catch and Trescothick was caught off a no ball, and they racked up a century opening stand in even time...

COMMENTATOR: That's a terrific hit. ..before Warne confused Strauss just before lunch.

Just as it looked to be getting out of hand, up stepped Michael Kasprowicz. A little outside edge - on 90, walks! Trescothick 10 short of a ton. England alarm bells were soon ringing, the young number four again failing, and Vaughan's hit and hope found Lee. Now, then, there is a man down at the fence.

It is close to the fence. Warne's frustration grew as the umpire turned him down. Even with his eyes wide shut, Flintoff hit the middle. Edgbaston was simply too small as he smashed five sixes. That's a few - don't worry about that. The convicts looking to flee with the constabulary out in force. But on 68, Freddie's innings ended with a whimper. Geraint Jones continues to test the faith,

Peiterson again loving the big occasion. And Peiterson plays another remarkable stroke. But his patience ran out on 71... He's gone again - and he's out! Warne saved his best for last - England all out for 407, their highest opening day score against Australia in 70 years. Rob Waters, Ten News. The AFL has fined Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse a maximum $5,000 for criticising umpires. The League will now look at sharply increasing the amount for a first offence. League operations manager Adrian Anderson as flagged a review of fines following these comments from Mick Malthouse after last Sunday's match against Fremantle. I thought the umpiring today was, they were the third team. You need to see two teams out there, not three. They had far too much influence on the games. The league considering an increase from a $5,000 fine for a first offence, such as Malthouse's, to $10,000, The Magpies face the Kangaroos at the Telstra Dome this weekend but the Roos are already setting their sights well beyond Sunday. I think we are a definite chance. If we can sneak into the top four, then I reckon we'll give a few sides a shake and hopefully rattle a few sides

and they'll probably get a little worried if we can sneak into that top four.

A similar vein of confidence is sweeping the Western Bulldogs. Coach Rodney Eade letting the dogs off the leash

as they continue their unlikely charge towards September

against the Eagles tomorrow. I'm a bit of, mind you at the moment, not to keep a lid on it, just to go with the flow, but having said that, we've got to make sure we've got our effort right. Damian Booth, Ten News.

The Cowboys' Carl Webb makes his return from a groin injury against the Dragons in Townsville tonight. The hard-hitting front-rower also expects to resume on-field hostilities with Dragons prop Luke Bailey. A heavyweight clash between the pair was one of the enduring images from this year's State of Origin series.

Webb emerged the winner on that occasion and it's one of the key match-ups again tonight.

I haven't really thought of it - I didn't know he was playing - I haven't thought of it at all, but in saying that, you mightn't have your best game. He has got one up on me, but in saying that, you know, if we get a win, I'll be happy. I've got really nothing to say about it. It's just something that's been drummed up in the media I mean, we're going to get on with our jobs. It's all happened, it's all fogotten, water under the bridge, Both teams share 26 points on the ladder and are desperate to stay in the top four.

Everyone's well aware how close the competition is and we're only one loss away from being out of the eight, so, you know, everyone's pretty level headed and looking forward to the job this weekend. Manly who take on the Broncos on Sunday need a win to stay in the eight. Yeah, we have just got to get some confidence. At the moment, we've forgotten how to win and I am sure a good performance will put that together. Sam Harris moves to five-eight and lines up against Darren Lockyer. He'll definitely worry us, but if our defensive structure's in place,

and we do everything we are supposed to, we'll handle him ok. Brisbane prop Petero Civoniceva is in doubt for the clash with knee and shoulder injuries and may be rested for the finals. I'd love to play, but, you know, I think, more importantly, we've got bigger things coming in a few weeks' time. And if I have to rest this week, then may as well do it.

Tony Connelly, Ten news. We'll take a look at the weekend weather details when Ten's morning news returns.

This program is captioned live.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Frank Coletta. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.