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Tonight - persistence pays off - her own Olympic gold. Libby Trickett finally bags

It can't get much better than this. bashed to death A popular elderly couple in their South Coast home.

And seniors on the breadline - the single aged pension. a push to sharply increase Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. find a promising treatment Also - Aussie scientists for three devastating diseases. And the sudden death of music legend Isaac Hayes.

with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News at 5:00

But heading Ten News, in the pool in Beijing. Libby Trickett's golden day

She's taken out the 100m butterfly, individual Olympic gold medal. her first from Beijing. Ten's Max Futcher joins us in the pool. Max, it was another smashing success was beaming from the Water Cube the 100m fly in Olympic record time. as Libby Trickett grabbed Let's not forget Jessicah Schipper. At the start of the race zipping up that famous laser suit she had problems

and still came home with bronze. so she went with another suit But it was Libby's day it was a dream come true. and her husband told us carried the weight of expectation Libby Trickett Australia had a new Madame Butterfly. but from the jump it seemed a terrific flying start, didn't she? COMMENTATOR: Trickett got Trickett burst ahead of her rivals. just outside world record time. She finished the race was third. Fellow Aussie Jess Schipper including her grandmother, Her family, at home in Queensland, watched the race cheering Schipper to the finish, one place better than Athens. disappointed but happy with bronze, by her husband. Libby's joy was shared poolside ('ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR' PLAYS) individual Olympic gold medal. It's her first went for a walk around the village An ecstatic Libby Trickett

with husband Luke and her mother soon after her victory, her latest career highlight. as she tried to take in for Libby and me - extremely happy. A dream came true, basically,

that it's hit her yet. I doubt it's sunk in, out of sight, Libby has already put the gold medal on her coming events. determined to stay focused but she's really happy - I've just seen her briefly, really, really happy. Just after getting the medal, at the same time, I think. she was laughing and crying Olympic debutant Hayden Stoec Trickett's swim inspired Olympic debutant Hayden Stoeckel.

to a surprise Olympic record The South Australian steamed through in the 100m backstroke semifinal. for another gold in the 4 x 100m free Australia looked on track a world record in the first leg. when Eamon Sullivan posted in the 100m Sullivan is the world record holder over the USA. and Australia lead by 0.3sec the French had everyone surprised, With 70 metres to go, from the USA and Australia. pulling away

at the wall. But the Americans reined them in

Australia third. eight years ago. That's what our guy did How did the French lose it?

under world record time. All three finished It also keeps Michael Phelps on track for eight gold medals.

turn to Leisel Jones Tomorrow Australian eyes in the 100m breaststroke. Leisel broke the Olympic record. Last night in the semis. Today she finished a clear first James Boyce, Ten News. To give you some idea of how hard pushed themselves, the guys in the 4 x 100m relay in his leg Eamon Sullivan set a world record Ashley Callus actually collapsed. and at the end had to be postponed The ceremony for the medals because his team-mates wouldn't leave him

until they knew he was OK. In the end he was OK had this explanation. and head coach Alan Thompson

after the races When they build up a lot of lactate

a little bit it sometimes can affect them a bit light-headed - and Ash just gets a couple of times before it's happened to him over there but I saw him before I left and he's fine, no problems at all. for a moment - Max, just away from the pool for the Hockeyroos. gee, that was a big scare on the edge of our seats, Yeah, they sure know how to keep us

don't they? they really looked down and out. Trailing by three goals at half-time

what the coach said to them I'm not sure with a burst? but didn't they come back

The Hockeyroos were in trouble. Oh, not nice. COMMENTATOR: Stick in the face. her team had been bleeding goals. Kim Walker hurt - at half-time. South Korea were ahead 4-1 after being called into the squad to replace an injured team-mate, back into the match with a double. Shelly Liddelow got Australia with four unanswered goals. The Hockeyroos closed it out by 5 goals to 4. Australia go into the lead

from Olyroos keeper Adam Federici, Some early nerves and he got plenty of work football champion Argentina. against defending Olympic

some strong chances of their own... The Australians had Into the side of the netting. until deep into the second half. ..holding out the South Americans And now they've got a goal! Lavezzi.

to forget against Croatia - For the Boomers, an opening match 15-point losers. Andrew Bogut, Australia's injured NBA star, struggled to just 10 points. the equestrian cross-country course - A tough day on staying in the saddle and contention. the Australians, though,

claimed one of its own - And Beijing's temperamental weather a Chinese cyclist pitched and ditched in a drenched women's road race.

Leanne West, Ten News. shot Australia up the tally board. That gold for Libby Trickett They're back in the top five. tomorrow will push them even higher. Let's hope some great results Stephanie Rice and Libby Trickett have proven they're worth their weight in gold. And it's not only in Beijing - experts say they're a marketer's dream. With or without former flame and bronze medal winner Eamon Sullivan, the future looks blindingly bright for Stephanie Rice. Stephanie Rice is really worth as much as she wants to be. She's got exactly what you'd need for a marketing superstar. She's got credibility - she's won a gold medal, the first, which is the most important one -

and she's also got attractiveness, and that's what marketers look for.

It's a similar story for Libby Trickett. She's a little bit older - she doesn't necessarily have some of the X-factor appeal that a Stephanie Rice would have,

but in her own right, Libby Trickett is a very marketable product. Both golden girls are represented by the Queensland-based International Quarterback, Rice recently moving over from global giant IMG. They're no doubt ruing the one that got away. As with all gold medallists, Stephanie's success will stick. Rice and soon Trickett too will be immortalised on stamps, but Steph's family admit her drive to win has nothing to do with dollars. In ordinary club competitions she just swims to be in the event, but put herself in an important race and she'll kill herself to win it. At 90, Jack Rice admits he expected his granddaughter to take gold but didn't register she'd set a new world mark. I was so excited that I didn't even notice the time. She'd won and everybody was "Hooray!" He'll be watching again tonight as Stephanie tries to better her world record in the 200m medley. Christen Hill, Ten News. And it's not just the Olympics. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster,

a please-explain at the Panthers camp today. Yes, after conceding over 70 points against Canberra, they've had the riot act read out to them. More shortly. Also, it's not the luck of the Irish as Padraig Harrington proves he's the form man in major golf - he now has both the British Open and US PGA crowns. Also a wild, spectacular pile-up in the latest round of the NASCARs. Aussie driver Marcos Ambrose avoided the mayhem

and notched a great double in New York for the weekend. And later in sport, plenty more Olympic news and reaction. Next, a widely admired elderly couple murdered on the South Coast. Plus, a judge sentences the Sydney man who organised the murder of his own father. And widespread snowfalls stop traffic across the Blue Mountains.

you pay low fees, no commissions to financial advisors, This program is captioned live. A South Coast community is bewildered at the bashing murders of a popular elderly couple. Police believe the victims were beaten about the head in the loungeroom of their home at Batehaven. 86-year-old Ken Keytes and his 71-year-old wife, Margaret, had lived in the Batemans Bay area their whole lives. Their deaths have shocked the small bayside community.

I'm really scared about the way the community is breaking, fragmenting. I'm on duty as a Red Cross officer this week and we ring up the oldies in the morning and make sure they're OK. And when you get the police opposite your house saying there's a crime scene being set up, there's a murder been committed... Sorry. The couple's son called police after he arrived at the house and was unable to make contact with his parents. When they arrived they were unable to rouse the occupants, and they gained entry and, upon doing so, they found the bodies of an 86-year-old man and a 71-year-old woman, of the house. There were obvious signs of violence. Neighbours claim there had been some trouble earlier that evening. When we were driving up Beach Road there was a couple of lads out front fighting.

The couple had recently moved four houses along Beach Road. They were often seen walking around the area.

It's rather scary for a very lovely area. I don't think it happens around here. The police investigation will now focus on the last 24 hours of the Keyteses' life. No-one had seen them alive since Saturday afternoon. Police say there were no signs of forced entry at the home. Homicide detectives are now interviewing family members and locals as they try to work out a motive for the violent attack. In Batemans Bay, Evan Batten, Ten News. A man who plotted the murder of his father with his son has been jailed for at least 24 years. Michael Clark mouthed the words "I love you" to his grinning wife as he was led away. 74-year-old Ernest Clark died after being shot twice in the head in the backyard of his Sydney home. His adopted son Michael tearfully fronted the media, apparently desperate to catch the killer. And he's got grandchildren, he's got great-grandchildren and he was special to each of them and they have no more Christmases with him. Today, he was sentenced to 24 years jail for the murder. The family and Michael are very upset at the sentence, in so far as he does maintain his innocence. The victim's 21-year-old grandson Ben Clark is already behind bars for his part in the plot. He admitted to pulling the trigger. The court found father and son conspired to kill the grandfather to prevent his partner of 10 years, Jessica Chung, draining their $800,000 inheritance. The situation in relation to Michael Clark and Ben Clark was that he was doing what he thought was the best for his son, namely trying to protect his son. Clark's wife, Jennifer, who was cleared of charges of hindering the investigation, was also in court. As Mr Clark's sentence was handed down, his wife sat grinning and winking at him from the public gallery. As he was led away to his cell, they blew each other kisses and mouthed, "I love you." Clark will appeal his sentence. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Plans to build a fast train link from Penrith to the city have been derailed. Our State political reporter Kevin Wilde joins us from Macquarie Street. Kevin, what's gone wrong?

Them to wind a half billion dollars

is what the Premier says is needed

from private sector backers and from private sector backers and

they won't come up with it and the

government won't give the money

away. The premiere was announcing

better stroke patient treatment at

a hospital but had to talk about

the fast train which would have

made things easier for the people made things easier for the people

of the West. He favours a Metro

style service and that would allow

more express trains from Penrith

and the Blue Mountains on existing lines. Our figures show that there is a big hole in the funding, in the cost, and we're not going to sign up to something that effectively gives a blank cheque to someone in the private sector knocking on the door. This is a State Government that, over the past 10 years, has promised firmly to deliver eight new rail projects for Sydney,

and not a single one has been delivered. This Penrith fast train proposal has merit and should at least be considered.

Up ology from the Health Minister

over the treatment of a driver. There

There was a function on Wednesday

night and the minister didn't tell

the driver he wasn't needed so instead

instead of going home to his family

he went back to the government

offices and slept in the car-park.

From the minister's point of view this this was a situation that she said sorry for today. I was horrified to learn that he hadn't been contacted about the change in arrangements.

I've apologised and we've had a good discussion

Yes, very unfortunate set of circumstances.

Per this isn't the first time the health minister had problems with

the driver. Three years ago another

one quit over claims that Minister

had to take her on errands and to LIG's classes. Confirmation tonight that Australia's single pensioners face an uphill battle to make ends meet. The Federal Government is under pressure to boost their income support now so they can afford necessities many other people take for granted. Ethel Foyle, like 1 million other elderly Australians, is a single pensioner trying to get by on $273.40 a week. When there's two of you there are a lot of things that you can buy that you can't buy when you're single. Australia is below average in its generosity to singles, forcing many of them to scrimp and skip food, heating and outings. More than half of those have very, very low incomes in addition to their pension of less than $20 a week. Facts were laid out in a background paper for a Federal Government review of income support. That review will report next February.

Unfortunately, people can't live off discussion papers at this time. They need support now. The Rudd Government had the opportunity to improve the life of pensioners in the last Budget, and they chose not to.

The Government denies pensioners were left out. Between the $500 cash bonus and the $500 utilities allowance, that's $1,000 there for older Australians.

Pensioner groups are calling for a $30 a week boost that would cost the Budget more than $1 billion. We will take appropriate action once that report comes down, And some relief could be on the way for borrowers - the Reserve Bank, in its latest statement, is more concerned about our ailing economy than inflation and is talking about scope to cut interest rates. The markets certainly expect action next month. Probably by 25 basis points. I think a 50 basis point cut at this stage is out of the question. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Roads west of Sydney have been reopened after another overnight cold snap. Snowfalls meant conditions on the Great Western Highway near Oberon were treacherous this morning, especially for larger vehicles.

The road had to be closed for several hours, causing long delays right back to in the Blue Mountains. But the snowfalls did have their silver lining. The highway became a makeshift playground for young children who put the powder to good use.

Tall about the Big Chill. It's

absolutely freezing out here. It's

about 13 degrees and the wind chill

feels like 80. There was narrowed feels like 80. There was narrowed

down to 500 metres so that meant

Canberra got a white. Orange had a

high of two degrees. Most of it

fell as snow. This is Mr Douce bump

reporting. Another cold night with

this zero in the West.

Next, the terrible toll from fighting in Georgia - destitute refugees left with nowhere to go. And the sudden death of music legend Isaac Hayes. Well, let's take the Olympic Games, for instance. I think people love to see someone giving it their all. So it's about striving for that highest level? Bingo! I mean, we all love it when an Aussie grabs gold at the Games. It's about being the best you can be. VOICEOVER: Let's give it our best. MAN: Pass the ball to each other. MAN: Don't stand still. Let's go. (PEOPLE CHATTER AND SHOUT) (CHEERFUL MUSIC) MAN: Through the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Community Grants, we received $2,000 to buy new sets of goals. Ohh! They'll be here next week, thankfully. To help kids be active and healthy, Woolworths awards funding to local community groups across Australia. (FUNKY MUSIC) VOICEOVER: It's got the looks Mazda2. It's a super little model.

Let's check the traffic now. Bigger

problems on the M5. A car into the

side a guard rail. It occurred an

hour ago. They moved the car

involved but you can see the build

up of the traffic in both lanes on

the M5. You can see how heavy that

traffic years westbound on the M

five. It'll slow up peak-hour

traffic for an hour and and five. It'll slow up peak-hour traffic for an hour and and significant

significant time for people using

Canterbury Road. Trouble in the

western suburbs on the Great Western highway. western suburbs on the Great Western highway. Russia is intensifying its military onslaught in Georgia for peace talks. after rejecting calls Battle-weary residents have been pleading for a cease-fire. the streets of Tskhinvali are quiet. After three deafening days of war, Russian troops and tanks have flooded South Ossetia's capital, now recaptured from withdrawing Georgian soldiers. Survivors emerged from their shelters to find their homes and livelihoods destroyed. Hundreds are dead and makeshift hospitals are full of wounded civilians

and exhausted doctors. Some 40,000 people are now left displaced. "We were in a basement for three days with no food or water," says this refugee. "Bombs were exploding all around us."

Russia is refusing to answer Georgia's calls for a cease-fire, continuing its air strikes across the US ally's borders, bombing navy ships

and the Georgian capital's international airport. At the fourth UN Security Council meeting in as many days, America tabled a resolution condemning Russia's actions. The Secretary-General urges all parties to immediately end hostilities in negotiations and to engage without delay to achieve a peaceful settlement.

A pipeline which carries oil to the west through Georgia,

bypassing Russia, has become a crucial issue for diplomacy. By gaining Georgia, Russia will gain 100% monopoly on energy supplies to Europe, which will tremendously increase Russia's leverage on Europe. The conflict now fast moving beyond breakaway provinces, with Moscow sending a dangerous message to the West, demanding the resignation of Georgia's democratically elected President. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A huge explosion at a propane factory in Canada has left at least two people dead. The blast ripped through the Toronto plant in the middle of the night, forcing thousands of nearby residents to flee their homes. The whole house shake, there was a big explosion, the windows crack and blow up and we have to run. The explosions also shut Canada's busiest highway and rail system, causing chaos for thousands of travellers. To the BankWest finance report.

The Australian share market started the week in positive territory. The Australian dollar is the lowest we've seen since January, thanks to a strengthening US dollar and a weakening euro. There are fears oil could go up because of fighting between Georgia and Russia. Australia is closer to a free trade agreement with South Korea after a visit by the Prime Minister to the Asian economic powerhouse. Kevin Rudd saw first-hand how South Korea is benefiting from Australian ingenuity as he met children fitted with cochlear implants. (ALL SING 'TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR') Mr Rudd says the Australian-designed implants are an example of how our export future lies in more than just the resources boom. Music and cartoon fans are mourning the loss

of Grammy- and Oscar-winning performer Isaac Hayes. The velvet-voiced 65-year-old was found dead at his home next to a treadmill that was still running. Isaac Hayes grew up wanting to be a doctor -

music fans will be forever grateful he had a change of heart. Most remember him for this. (SINGS) # Who's the black private dick # That's a sex machine to all the chicks? # Shaft! # The theme from the 1971 movie 'Shaft' earned him an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe

and a signature tune. It's a dream come true, because every artist would like to have something that lives a long, long, long time, and I had no idea this was gonna do that. for other people, But he also cowrote some classic hits including 'Hold On, I'm Coming' and 'Soul Man'. he won a generation of new fans Then, in 1997, when he became the voice of Chef on the hit series 'South Park'. # They're packed full of vitamins and good for you. # He quit the show in 2006 in disgust over an episode mocking Scientology. Don't you understand, L. Ron? It's me, Tom Cruise! Yeah, I know who you are. Haven't I done well, L. Ron? Haven't you enjoyed my acting? Which film did you like best? I am a Scientologist and that is my religious preference and I should be respected for that. You don't have to like it or love it, but respect it.

Hayes was found collapsed near his treadmill at home

and couldn't be revived. He'd recently been working on a movie called 'Soul Man' starring Bernie Mac, who also died suddenly this weekend. He leaves behind his wife, 12 children and 16 grandchildren. Isaac Hayes was 65. Still to come, Aussie scientists find a possible cure for leukemia, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Also, prepare yourself for an electrifying performance - the robot that plays the clarinet. And the torch relay that aims to fight climate change. (MELANCHOLY MUSIC) When you're fed up with sinus pressure, Sudafed provides powerful relief. (BRIGHT MUSIC) Fed up with nasal congestion? Get Sudafed. Well, you know what they say - "faster, higher, stronger" - that's the key to results. VOICEOVER: Move fast and make the most of: This program is captioned live.

Top stories his news hour - confirmation that single pensioners are doing it tougher than most people. Pressure is on the Federal Government to boost income support after a study found many seniors are going without necessities. Police confirm that an elderly couple found murdered in their home at Batehaven on the South Coast had been bashed.

86-year-old Ken Keytes and his 71-year-old wife, Margaret, had lived in the area all their lives and were extremely popular among other locals. And Libby Trickett's stunning victory in the pool brings Australia's gold medal tally to two. She bagged her own Olympic gold in the 100m butterfly, finishing just outside record time. Now to the Australian breakthrough which could lead to a cure for leukaemia, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. After 10 years of research, scientists are now on the verge of being able to stop a protein which triggers the diseases. 38-year-old Vaughn Linch knows the horror of being diagnosed with leukaemia. You think about dying and the worst. It's pretty bad when you're a father -

you worry about your kids. Australian researchers offer new hope, though, unravelling the structure of a cell signalling receptor in the blood which, if damaged, sends the wrong signals, leading to the ongoing production of potentially deadly white blood cells.

Something goes wrong and that signal doesn't turn off, and this can manifest itself in various types of leukaemia. By identifying the structure of the receptor, scientists believe they can now split it and stop the cycle. If we disrupt those strings

then the protein can no longer signal inside the cell and therefore the cells can't divide and proliferate. We're very excited. It's going to take us one step closer to that illustrious cure for blood malignancies or leukaemia. The findings also herald hope for other conditions, including asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. With the breakthrough made, the rush is now on to develop a drug. That and human trials are some years off. After a bone marrow transplant, Vaughn is in remission, but says every finding, no matter how small, helps in the fight against the deadly disease. Anything that can make the prognosis better is fantastic news. Allan Raskall, Ten News.

His freezing or at the moment. It

doesn't matter we woke up this

morning it was like during the

vegetable crisps of your

refrigerator. Some of those

temperatures will be back to zero

tonight at Richmond. 1 degree in

the mountains.

An Australian robot has given an award-winning performance while showcasing a new type of technology. It played the clarinet and blew away the competition.

'The Flight of the Bumblebee' once helped propel David Helfgott onto the world stage and now it's worked its magic again for another Aussie, only this time the musician isn't human. It's a clarinet-playing robot created by a team from the University of NSW and research body NICTA. His musical expression needs some work

but the technique is phenomenal. And, unlike humans, Benny Good-robot is adaptable to any musical style and tempo without preparation. So, from the time he was given the music to performing, how long did that take? Seconds. He's the result of a marriage of science and music. Engineer John Judge wanted to build a robot and physicist and musician Joe Wolf wanted to test player technique. Take the same clarinet, give it to a beginner, give it to a great player,

and you get a different sound. It's also providing valuable understanding of embedded computer systems in everyday objects. By 2010, there will be around 16 million of them on the planet, and Australia wants a piece of the action. This year's invention defeated stiff competition in the Artemis Orchestra prize. The Dutch robot was able to play rhythm and lead guitar simultaneously. But the technical difficulty of playing a woodwind instrument won out in the end. And as with any invention, its success is measured by its performance. This one took place in a humble lecture theatre but the onlookers were suitably impressed. Amber Muir, Ten News. Kevin Rudd may be in Beijing supporting our athletes, but back home an Olympic-inspired campaign is under way which organisers hope he'll hear about. The GetUp! torch left Bondi today for a national relay raising the plight of climate change. Participants want a 50% reduction in carbon pollution by 2020. We also want to see no new coal-fired power stations, a massive increase in public transport and renewable energy investment. The relay finishes at Parliament House on October 12. Sport now with Tim, and Libby Trickett is set for a golden Games. Yes, she's set for her own personal gold rush - more shortly. Plus, the Panthers face up to that embarassing thrashing. Also, Padraig Harrington is golf's major man of the moment after adding the US PGA to his collection. And Aussie Marcos Ambrose avoids this wild prang as he notched up a milestone weekend in New York. MAN: Shh! Something's coming. What?

Listen and learn. Direct injected. Dynamic stability and traction control. WHOOSH! Sports car. VOICEOVER: Sports car thrills meet SUV practicality. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Mazda CX-7. It's not just all-wheel drive, it's all-wow drive. BOY: Zoom-zoom. This program is captioned live. As you may have seen earlier, Australia has scored more gold in the pool. Libby Trickett stormed home in the 100m butterfly. Reporter Ian Cohen is in Beijing. Ian, after a long wait, it's Libby's first individual gold.

The other bit of good news is the

overnight rain that has clear this

guy so there's a lot less cloud and smiled.

smiled. You can see the water Cube

but where Libby the secured her

first individual gold. She's been a

relay gold medallist but now she's

won a her own. Her smile was just

going when she caught up with

family and friends. She's chasing

five medals and her family were overjoyed. Oh, I couldn't describe.

It's just unbelievable - just proud, happy, satisfied - everything all rolled into one. Near the end you could see that she was definitely going to win so it wasn't as stressful as some races but just excitement, really, just lots of it.

Rest of the race wasn't bad either. Jessica

Jessica shipper had a small

wardrobe malfunctioned when it

didn't a zip up but she managed to

Secure of bronze. The plan went

well. It was a very good time. I felt pretty good, second half of the back end there. I think she saw it in her sights and she grabbed hold of it and she wasn't letting go of it. We worked for such a long time for that. We went through lots of obstacles, hurdles and to be able, as a team, to achieve this was the pinnacle of not only the sport as well of emotions.

And butterfly from yesterday that

year was one of the people excited

that the battle has been passed on. I think Libby's got a good chance of winning three gold medals, definitely in the 100m free - I'd say she'll probably win that - and the 50m free - she'll probably win that - so she's going to have a great meet. I would have been one of many Australians who were up there cheering and it's great to be here and great that we can say one day,

we were here when Libby Trickett won her gold medal. As the week's unfolded, seeing the young people and they're statement to the rest of the world has been sensational, so it's really nice to be part of it.

Her the a Australians record and a

bronze in the four times 100 metre

of Christophe. It keeps Michael

Phelps hope to 80 miles of life. Phelps hope to 80 miles of life.

Eamonn Sullivan at record and a world record. Penrith management has slammed the team's performance against Canberra as unacceptable. The record-breaking 74-12 loss has turned up the heat on coach Matt Elliott. Not hard to pick the players that won by 62 points - the Raiders have never been so happy to be in a gym. The Panthers, though, were ducking for cover after conceding the most points in the club's history. COMMENTATOR: they're in again, the Raiders! This is unbelievable. on how 12-12 turned to 74-12. Everyone has an opinion Oh, probably that Penrith didn't want to play.

It was too cold for them.

The club boss is demanding

coach Matt Elliott find the answers - fast. The performance yesterday wasn't up to the standard that I know that these boys can play at, and now the pressure does come on our coach and coaching staff for us to get our head around this and to move forward. Making matters worse, Penrith have lost both their whiz kids to injury - Wade Graham joining fellow teenager Lachlan Coote on crutches, both with serious knee injuries. The Panthers were also forced to address speculation linking them to sacked Raider Todd Carney. No, we wouldn't look at signing Todd Carney down the track at all. Meanwhile, Tigers prop Todd Payten faces a 4-match ban for a dangerous throw on Dragons centre Matt Cooper. Largi Setu could miss one game for a grade four careless high tackle. And the referees have hit back at claims by Roosters coach Brad Fittler that Jared Maxwell showed Craig Fitzgibbon "no respect". Respect is a two-way street Craig approached the referee and I think that the way left a lot to be desired. What did he actually do?

A few expletives.

Finch said Fitzgibbon later apologised to Maxwell.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Swans are hoping to have Michael O'Loughlin and Leo Barry back for Saturday night's match against league leaders Geelong. Adam Goodes and Barry Hall both took plenty of confidence from their win over Fremantle at the SCG. Goodes kicked a personal-best eight goals and Barry potted four. If you are going to play finals - we've got some tough games to come

with Geelong, Collingwood and Brisbane - we need our better players playing really well.

Saturday night's match at ANZ Stadium will be the 152nd for Swans coach Roos, equalling the club record held by Rodney Eade. Football Australia boss Frank Lowy says Former V8 champ Marcos Ambrose has continued his good form in the NASCAR series in America. A day after his maiden win in the second-tier series, he managed a third in the premier division this morning. But the race was marred by a wild and spectacular crash that took out nine cars in the final laps. all drivers were able to limp away from the wreckage. Ambrose, in car 21, came from the back of the field. After starting 43rd he finished a stunning 3rd. Toyota driver Kyle Busch took the victory to extend his championship lead. Padraig Harrington has become the first man since Tiger Woods to win back-to-back Majors after taking out the US PGA Championship in Michigan. The Aussies struggling at Oaklands -

our best Aaron Baddeley at 6 over finishing in a tie for 13th. Trailing Ben Curtis by three shots heading into the final round, Sergio Garcia opened with a warning.

COMMENTATOR: This for a birdie-eagle start. Back-to-back bogies on the front nine for Curtis helped Garcia into the lead while Padraig Harrington loomed. Holes it in! Now he is right in the pack. He was in a share of the lead when the 15th brought Garcia's strong run to a watery end. The same hole, a different problem for Curtis - he found the tents to fall a shot away from the frontrunners and set up a thrilling finish. Nothing could separate Garcia and Harrington at the 17th... Wow, what a shot! This is also on a good line. Phenomenal! ..except the green. Harrington was steady under pressure. Garcia stumbled. The excitement was too much for the Spaniard. Oh, he's going to the bathroom! What a time! The Irishman was able to hold on for the win. It's in. He's done it! A 66, the lowest score of the final round, secured his second straight Major victory. Swede Fredrik Jacobson was nowhere near the frontrunners but he fired the crowd up with his tee shot on the par-3 13th. ..very accessible! It was the 37th hole in one in the event's history. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight,

we'll see how 16-year-old Jordan Rankin fares against Newcastle. in his NRL debut for the Gold Coast He'll become the league's third-youngest player ever.

Police operation causing problems

in Macquarie Parker. Traffic on

Lane Cove road is closed. You

consider flashing lights behind the

bushes. This is the amount of

traffic stuck on Lane Cove Road.

There are significant delays. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's wintry Sydney forecast is next. VOICEOVER: Kraft Singles have always been a part of growing up. # I'm feeling so fine... # Now there's a new range... # There's love in the air... # ..for more grown-up tastes. (WHINES) # Today's the day I wanna do the things I gotta do... # Oof! # And if I get a chance... # New Kraft Singles. For more grown-up tastes.

Time for the weather details. It's

a cold snap and you could snap bits

off him. Can you run me a hot bath

and get me some hot soup. It's

about 12 degrees but it feels more

like seven. In Orange it was only

two degrees. It was the coldest the

four-way years. Tomorrow five

degrees and snow. There was rain in

the catchment but most of it fellas

snow. There are other towns with a

very low maximums. Snowed down to

about 500 metres. I woke up in a

beautiful town outside town were he

and I had frost in my belly button.

Hello to everyone there. May the

rain clouds be grey and drop the

rain on the crops. Tomorrow - has 0

at Richmond and one degree in the

mountains. About two degrees it

Penrith. Tomorrow Clear and blue skies.

Cloud pair piled up near the

Rangers in very cold south-west Rangers in very cold south-west

winds bringing showers falling as

snow to 700 metres. Tomorrow - snow to 700 metres. Tomorrow - showers and cold south-westerly

winds across the south-east with

snow on the high arrangers and down

to near sea level in Tasmania.

Isolated showers and snowfalls

about southern New South Wales Victoria and Tasmania. about southern New South Wales

Victoria and Tasmania. There be a

high over that the centre of the

Continent is creating these crisp

conditions. Fine and sunny through

the week but cold nights. Actor Hugh Jackman was back in the saddle in Sydney today, working on the movie 'Australia'. The hunky star was taking his horse for a spin at Centennial Park under the watchful eye of director Baz Lurhmann. The team shooting pick-up shots in front of a green screen. Excited onlookers also thought they spied Nicole Kidman doing some fancy riding, but it was only a look-alike. However, the 41-year-old actress is also back at work on set this week. The movie opens in November. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Stay with us. We'll have updates throughout the evening and I'll be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:50. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY ONE-MAN PIE FIGHT, KIDS. NOW IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER FANSHMABULOUS EPISODE OF... ITCHY & SCRATCHY!