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Undies keep things under at other people. You just like to laugh Yeah (Shouts) Who's the best? time to wake up with friends. Right across Australia, it's again This is Sunrise on Seven. here's Kochie and Mel. Now from Brekky Central # Put your hands in to the big sky # Ni hao. It's Friday the 12th of August.

Ni hao it is Friday the ...

I love it when you talk foreign. Grant's historic visit to China. Today is the final day of He's in Shanghai again lined up and he's got some amazing things of a local breakfast television show. including meeting some of the stars

Is it Kochie and Mel?

I wonder if they sing a song -

they could

us. I bet they can sing as opposed to

Staying overseas. in the UK. It's been a big day of cricket in the UK.

both returned to the Australian side McGrath and Lee score a whopping number of runs. but England has still managed to

on the action later in the show. Michael Bevan will put his own spin

Warney took 600 wickets, a big milestone.

One of the papers started off

today with the coverage of Warney

taking his 600th wicket saying

"Warney, all is for given" is it forgiven?

It is the great Australian way,

isn't it? He is back on top, we

will forget about all the other stuff

You weren't married to him!

say. Simone might have something else to

Also today, to sign an individual contract? has your work asked you some workers are being ripped off. There are fresh concerns that happening to you? How can you prevent it We'll find out at 7.10. Britain's version of Oprah. We'll also be speaking to performing live in the studio. And Aussie band Motor Ace will be

Right now though, with Simon Reeve. it's time for the latest news Good morning, Simon.

Good morning, everyone. among Coalition ranks Confidence is growing on the full privatisation of Telstra. that agreement will be reached it will consider helping fund The government says

upgrade in the bush a $5 billion telecommunications National Party members. in a bid to sway its concerned arrived in style Telstra Boss Solomon Trujillo and senior ministers. for talks with Prime Minister Howard His proposal -

to country services $5 billion worth of upgrades and wireless technology. including fibre-optic Telstra wants taxpayers to help pay annual profit of $4.5 billion. despite yesterday announcing a record The Government is thinking about it. as you are well aware, The Government at this stage, position on a range of these issues, is in the process of developing a where investment needs to be made. particularly, as you are aware, are remaining cautious Rogue Nationals MPs

between them and Coalition colleagues but the meeting has eased tensions on the Telstra issue. when people start offering services, It's always a good sign you never knock that back. Nationals Leader Mark Vaile Meantime, Senator Barnaby Joyce's right has refused to back to cross the floor voluntary student unionism on issues such as Telstra, and industrial relations. when we get to it, Kerry, We'll cross that bridge we'll get to it. because I don't believe these issues. I believe we will resolve dropped from a US jet fighter A weapon in the Northern Territory, taking part in a training exercise has slammed into the ground on a weapons range. near a control building was dropped from an F/A-18 Hornet The unidentified weapon 130km south of Katherine. normal emergency procedures Staff went through and no-one was injured. The Defence Department says will take place. an investigation into the mishap for Maria Korp, A funeral will be held today A funeral will be held today

after being found unconscious the woman who died six months in the boot of her car. Mrs Korp passed away last week withdrew her feeding tube. after doctors won't be attending the funeral. Maria Korp's husband Joe He has been committed to stand trial Maria's attempted murder. charged with Tania Herman, Joe Korp's former lover for Ms Korp's attempted murder. is serving a nine-year jail term to question more suspects Investigators are planning in the hunt to identify the man behind the latest videotape

on the Western world. threatening terrorist attacks Federal Police yesterday Australian soldier Matthew Stewart. quizzed the mother of former quizzed the mother of former

and vanished in Afghanistan He converted to Islam Defence Force in East Timor. after serving for the Australian in the video is her missing son. Mrs Stewart denies the man is almost blind. Former Iraq hostage Douglas Wood has told The Age newspaper A family spokesman Mr Wood has only about 5% vision, to get around unaided. making it difficult for him for his diabetes and glaucoma A lack of treatment while he was held in captivity the 64-year-old's eyesight. is thought to have damaged the 64-year-old's eyesight.

Now Beretts with sport. for our cricketers. A tough first day England has taken full advantage fielding display from Australia of a mistake-riddled to be 5/341 at stumps at Old Trafford. on day one of the third Test could stem the flow for the Aussies Not even Glenn McGrath's return was not given much help. although the right-arm pacer Shane Warne's 600th Test wicket for the visitors. was the only bright spot

lost his first toss of the series After Ricky Ponting Adam Gilchrist lost an early chance. At the other end, in the neck for Andrew Strauss. Brett Lee was becoming a pain became Lee's 150th Test scalp. before the opener COMMENTATOR: Brilliant! Brilliant from Brett Lee. Gillespie looked hungry for action and Michael Vaughan

gave him plenty to chew on. and Michael Vaughan on being dropped on 13 Marcus Trescothick capitalised to bring up his second 50 of the series, while Gilly continued to fumble. And dropped again. McGrath then took matters into his own hands but luck was still with the England captain. Out! Oh, no-ball. Warne went in search of his 600th Test wicket at the scene of his Ashes debut and broke England's record second wicket partnership in the process. Out! 600 Test wickets for Shane Warne. Vaughan made the visitors pay heavily knocking up 166 while Bell notched his first Ashes half century. The late wickets of Pietersen and Hoggard lifted Aussies spirits but seven dropped catches could still prove costly. Leisel Jones has won her second individual gold medal of the Australian short-course championships. Jones edged out Brooke Hanson in the 200m breaststroke final by more than two seconds after she previously won gold in the 100m event

on Wednesday night.

And Aussie Patrick Johnson has finished a satisfying sixth in the final of the 200m at the world championships in Helsinki,

clocking 20.58 seconds. America's Justin Gatlin became only the second man to win the world 100m - 200m double, taking out the 200m in 20.04. Maurice Green was the first man to win the double back in '99 in Seville.

Great result for Patrick Johnson

Getting in the final was a big achievement

That is what he said. He just

wanted to get in the final and he

moved up a couple of spots

He is a great bloke, an absolute

icon of the sport

A great role model

Aussies are burning it up overseas, aren't they?

Except for if 11 guys running around

on the green stuff!

Let's focus on the women in cricket t female cricketers Let's do that

They are going great guns

Grant and his China visit come to

an end. It has been the best week,

I can't believe it is over

Ni hao. Yeah, I know, what a

terrific week it has been, such a

broadcasting breakthrough for us to

be able to televise our show and

segment right through the regions

of China. It has not traditionally

happened. There is not that normal

flexibility available but this is

the countdown to the Olympic Games

so it is a fast evolving country

and we have developed some great

relationships with TV companies to

allow this to happen and I is a

special occasion. Today we will

close-out from the centre of

Shanghai and the traditional, the

original shopping strip which is

basically a blinding boardwalk of

huge neon signs. It is quite

amazing. If the world is a rat race,

Shanghai has the biggest piece of

cheese because everywhere you look

it is higher, further, and faster.

Exams of that are just on the

skyline. The tower is a great

example of that, the world's

tallest hotel and just quite

extraordinary. 88 floors, 420 metre,

the fourth tallest building in the

world and this is a hotel and has

the longest laundry chute in the

world and by the time the laundry

gets to the bottom it is basically

folded, cost $540 million and 88

floors, a lucky number for the

Chinese, it means economy, trade,

gold and prosperity which is fitting

we will walk through a couple of

other amazing sights and meet some

Aussies who have done good! A large high will bring improving conditions into eastern Australia. A few showers and cloudy areas will remain but the snow will generally contract to the alpine areas

during the morning. In the west,

another cold front will bring showers and strong winds to the southern Western Australian coast. Looking ahead, and a fine weekend for Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. A sunny and warmer outlook for Hobart. Fine in Melbourne. Some showers in Adelaide on Sunday. A wet weekend for Perth, and fine and hot in Darwin.

See you in another 20 minutes for more weather details. Coming up, the young baker paid below award rates. Is it a sign of things to come? Also on the way, our live report from Wall Street. But next, Greg Cary's in to compare tips.

It's time now to talk sport. There's a lot of heritage to be had this morning. Apart from the Ashes cricket,

there is the fine tradition of Beretts' footy tips. Let's launch into it with the poor old punter himself, and Radio 4BC's Greg Cary. Good morning.

Greg first up the Ashes, third Test

an amazing start, big gam l

taking both Lee and McGrath in

Wasn't that extraordinary that

Glenn McGrath only a week after

doing that ankle damage was playing

let alone having a catch dropped in

the first couple of overs and it

was a fantastic performance by

England, full credit to Michael

Vaughan who has been under all

kinds of pressure. He has put that

behind him and he has showed

incredible fortitude, great English

attitude and 166 runs later and of

course Shane Warne, his 600th

wicket so an historic day all round,

great stuff and England in front

Very much so Greg. Michael

Vaughan's century too, 166, is the

first century of the series would

you believe, in the third Test we

have finally got a century. As Greg

said, great performance by England,

they are walking with another leg,

they are standing tall

Are they walking with another leg

or was it a gam l that we took

McGrath in? Was he at his best? And

the other thing is, how much catches?

Gilly dropped a couple. He

certainly dropped Trescothick we

were 0/24 when he dropped him

Did we do 4 or catches?

I'm not shuefrt exact number but it

was painful to watch, no doubt about that

Isn't it interesting how it turns

around. In the first Test it was

England whose confidence was down

dropping all the catches and

suddenly they get on the front foot

and our confidence is down and

their pace attack has us a little

bit on the back foot. If they can

post 450 and there is everything

chance of them doing it then

Harmiston and Flintoff

The fact Glenn McGrath is back is

great, if he is not firing at the

moment in this first session he

will be before the end of this Test.

Warney's 600th wicket has him on a

high so things are not all bad

Speaking of Warne let us know, one

of the papers say all is forgiven.

Drop us an email or SMS.

Plenty of positives except on the scoreboard!

But you now our silver lining boy

over here. AFL, heritage round this weekend

Really good round of matches this

weekend. Basically old rivals

taking on traditional rivals.

Tonight West Coast versus Fremantle,

Port Adelaide versus Adelaide,

Carlton versus Collingwood, fee

long versus Melbourne and Sid any -

a lot of traditional jumpers out, a

great round of footy, some tough

matches and hard to tip

Let's look at the tipping. You have

gone Kangaroos, you are one out there

The Kangaroos that cannot be killed

at the moment. They have had two

lucky escapes in the last two weeks,

they don't know how to lose and I

think they will surprise St Kilda

A mixed bag

Greg, you have gone for Roosters

and the others have gone to

Cronulla and you've gone North


North Queensland versus the wets

tigers two fine attacking teams.

Tonight Parramatta have a chance to

put an end to the Bulldogs

disappointing season, Parramatta

might win. Sunday the Broncos

versus the St George Illawarra

Dragons, a big test for the local


I love the way the girls have gone

with the heart and gone for Manly once again

Came through with the goods last week!

The best game of the entire weekend, the Bledisloe Cup New Zealand

versus the Wallabies, Greg?

It is tough David - you look at

that Wallaby back line, there was a

bit to like about what Eddie has

been trying to do with the Wallaby

back line but we are four players

down. Drew Mitchell is great but

hasn't played against much

fall-back, talk about the deepened,

a terrific young bloke. I think the

All Blacks will beat us

The Wallabies have won six of the

last eight at Telstra Stadium

If the All Blacks don't win by 20

it should be seen as a loss by them

We will take that

Not to put too much pressure on them

Well, thank you boys. While we are

still talking sport ... And later in the show, Michael Bevan will be here Michael Bevan will be here to wrap up the first night of the cricket.

Also the morning, some exciting news on Alex Lloyd. But next, we're off to Wall Street

You have to start with a great engine. The heart of every car is the engine. We've involved world experts, such as Bosch. We're jointly developing the engine management system with people in Japan and Germany.

What we'll end up with is performance and durability, meticulously optimised for Australian conditions. It's a very smooth, economical engine. Perfect balance. We're really building something great here. In fact, it's going to be better built, better backed than any other car built in Australia.

Hi Kochie I'm Rachele from Shanghai

I'm a financial and business

reporter and I hear you make

finance really sexy in Australia so

keep it up and hi from Shanghai. Bet

you prefer her doing the finance than me. Let's get an update on the overnight financial markets. Susan Luscovicz is on Wall Street. Good morning, how's the market trading?

Oil again the topic of conversation

Oil again a big focus but a real

surprise here. If you had asked me

a couple of hours ago I would s

told you that we have a repeat

performance from Wednesday where we

started out with a nice strong

rally, then you had these record

high oil prices and then slowly but

surely the rally fizzled. We sort

of had that going maybe half way,

two-thirds of the way through the

session, but then despite these

record high oil prices the market

turned around, gained steam and we

had a very nice rally at the end of

the day. This despite the fact that

oil touched $66 a barrel but

despite that the three major

averages closed at session highs,

even better than traders said. Just

when you think you have a lock on

this market it surprises you. Intel

was one of the few loses falling a

quarter of a per cent on analysts

downgrade, MacDonald shares jumped

6% by far the biggest gainers.

There were some rumours a private

firm might want to acquire a piece

of the fast food chain. At the

close the Dow Jones ended up 91

points, about 1% and the Nasdaq

ended up 17 to 21.75 or better than

three-quarters of a per cent. A big

international deal to tell you

about, Yahoo pay incorporated 1

billion cash for a 40% share in

alley backa which is a Chinese

economy company. Yahoo will hand

over management of its Chinese

operations and it will extend

Yahoo's reach and it could be a

blow to eBay currently the dominant

player in the on line auction

business. Shares of Yahoo jumped

more than 2%. That is the wrap of

the day on Wall Street Kochie, back

to you.

Thank you Susan. You have a great

weekend. We will shrietd into it

and check you next week. Alley Baba. Checking the markets in our region. it couldn't get any higher, When we thought oil has hit new record highs. underpaid by a major company. Coming up, the teenage girl Unions say we should get used to it. live music from Motor Ace. Also this morning, on the streets of Shanghai. But next, Grant Denyer

THOUGHTFUL MUSIC The war is over. MAN: Hello, citizens. Victory in the Pacific the end of World War II, It wasn't just the rebirth of our nation. it heralded the 60th anniversary of VP Day, So on this, all those who served this country let's commemorate and what they gave us could live on. so the spirit of Australia VP Day - Monday, 15 August.

SONG:# What happened to the story?

# Just

# Just comes down to ... is back in fighting form. ARIA winner Alex Lloyd to see him perform his new single. Monday on Sunrise, be among the first Australia's most acclaimed artists. You'll see what makes Alex one of That's a Sunrise exclusive on Monday.

He is just awesome. Also speaking

which landed a pollie in hot water. Also this morning, the hand gesture of live music Motor Ace after 7.

here's Simon with the 6.30 news. But right now,

Good morning, everyone. Nationals leader Mark Vaile new Senator Barnaby Joyce's right is refusing to back

on key policy issues. to cross the floor Senator Joyce is refusing to support the Government's stance on Telstra, voluntary student unionism and industrial relations.

But Mr Vaile says the rogue MP won't necessarily vote against the Coalition. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Kerry, because I don't believe we'll get to it. I believe we will resolve these issues.

Senator Joyce says he won't be pressured into backing down. The Government is hoping to have a schedule for the sale of Telstra finalised by next week. Investigators want to question more suspects before they identify an Australian man linked to al-Qaeda. Federal police yesterday quizzed the mother of Matthew Stewart to determine if he is the masked bandit in this video,

threatening terrorist attacks on the West. 28-year-old Stewart converted to Islam and vanished in Afghanistan after military service in East Timor. Matthew's mother maintains the man in the video is not her missing son. Indonesian prosecutors have demanded the death sentence be handed to the alleged bomber of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta last year. Iwan Dharmawan, better known as Rois, is accused of buying the mini-van and explosives for the attack which killed 11 people. Prosecutors say

Rois was the coordinator and the right-hand man of Malaysian terrorist mastermind Dr Azahari bin Husin, who remains on the run. Britain plans to deport 10 people deemed a threat to national security after last month's deadly bomb attacks on London. Abu Qatada, said to be al-Qaeda's spiritual ambassador in Europe, is understood to be among 10 foreigners detained on the basis they are a potential threat to security. Since the London attacks, Tony Blair has been under pressure to take tough action against foreign nationals who incite terrorism. Back home,

senior Federal Government ministers will meet business heads today

to discuss security strategies after the London bombings. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, Justice Minister Chris Ellison and Transport Minister Warren Truss will host talks at Parliament House. Topping the agenda, protecting Australia's critical infrastructure such as transport networks, energy facilities, national icons and food supply. The Government's report card for Australian universities shows some of our most prestigious city unis have been outperformed by their regional counterparts.

The University of Wollongong topped the table, outscoring the University of New South Wales and Canberra's ANU. Education Minister Brendon Nelson will use the controversial ranking system

to direct $250 million in funding. Some vice-chancellors feel the ranking criteria doesn't reflect standards at their universities. And here's a fashion parade where the men in the audience may well outnumber the ladies. South America's lingerie fair

has kicked off in none other than the home of barely-there - Brazil! Bronzed beauties paraded the latest seductive Latino creations. The four-day show in the Brazilian capital of Rio attracts up to 15 million visitors. Some companies are designing specifically for markets in the US and even the Middle East.

In breaking news Beretts and I have

just been invited to go and judge

there the final on Sunday which I

think is really good of the organisers to do that

That is great for sport and caps

off big weekend in sport

Our tickets are on the way apparently Love to see them. England has dominated day one of the third Test at Old Trafford overnight. Sloppy fielding and seven dropped catches from the Aussies helped England reach 5/341 at stumps. Michael Vaughan capitalised on Australia's fumbling belting a sensational 166 to leave England in a strong position. Port Adelaide has failed in its attempts to overturn Byron Pickett's two-game suspension at the AFL Appeals Tribunal overnight.

The utility received a two-week holiday for this collision with Carlton's Simon Wiggins at the weekend. Port's coach Mark Williams has labelled Pickett unemployable, given the attention paid to his tough playing style.

Leisel Jones has picked up her second gold medal of the Australian short-course swimming championships overnight. Jones edged out Brooke Hanson to take the 200m breaststroke final. Matt Welsh won his fourth gold of the meet in the men's 200m backstroke while Tayliah Zimmer took out the women's 50m backstroke event. In the lead up to one of the Wallabies' biggest games this year

four of their stars have taken a different preparation to toughen up for the All Blacks. George Smith, Elton Flatley, and debutants Drew Mitchell, and Mark Gerrard modelled the latest Canterbury sportswear at a Sydney shopping centre overnight. And Australians Steve Elkington and Stuart Appleby are one stroke off the the lead during the opening round at the US PGA championship in New Jersey. Elkington carded a 2-under-par 68, while Appleby was 2-under after 10 holes. American Ben Curtis and South African Trevor Immelman are the clubhouse leaders on 67.. Australian Adam Scott was three over after seven holes while TIGER WOODS carded a Shocking 75. ENDS Paul

who has an ear infection has

sent these in for those who didn't

get to China to get the feel a

little bit of being in China. And

they are just to give us the feel, for sport

It is a good look

Do you like that? You feel like you

are there without actually being

there - I thought you would like those

Beautiful. Thank you Beretts.

It is positively evil, get it off the screen

There is something a little crazy

about a Friday!

Yes, we get a bit Austin Powers and

there are plenty of Australians

living in Shanghai, Grant Denyer

has been tracking them down. Hi again Grant

You don't have to go far to find

them, while construction workers

basically sleep on the street at

night here in Shanghai because

there is so much construction work

there is not enough cheap

accommodation for them it is so

busy. Often they are from poor

provinces to earn money and plenty

of Australians though are in top

jobs because it is cool to have be

a Australian working on your

project. We tracked two down to get

the inside word on this Western

awake anything. Anthony has fallen

in love with the city who helped

him open a shop, begin a clothing

label and design a restaurant

I say I have a mistress in China

and she is Shanghai

The to quote Anthony Shanghai is

Fabulous, fabulous - there is that

word again. Nothing frightens us

At $170 million Shanghai's shopping

area is Asia's hottest new strip

with 30,000 people gather at night,

to fit more Armanisuits and

Anthony's stories replaceing

traditional housing but not at the expense of locals

That is Western propoganda. The

thing is that most people are paid

considerable. The first time in

their lives they have their own

bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and they

have their new digital camera and

their mobile phone

No downside to development?

No, no downside

Living in this suburb are 47

millionaires under the age of 25.

It has been the most exciting

place for any human being to be

Up the road, David owns a five-star restaurant

I feel the potential to go a lot

larger in Shanghai than a lot of

other cities around the world

To 3000 skyscrapers, it is worth

getting an Australian to design it

or cook it

There is a great relationship, a great rapport between the

Australians and the Chinese, we

have a great at attitude, a

laid-back approach which can work

in an environment like China which

can be very tough. That can-do

Aussie mentality works very well

Can you even imagine to crystal

ball what it will be like in another 20 years?

I think about it some days and it

will be incredible, even if it

slows down 50% it will be something

to see.

It certainly will be something to

see, when you really think about it

they are right, by 2050 this is

supposed to be the world's super

power and a quarter of the world's construction cranes are

concentrated here and both

Australians say the weirdest part

is opening the kun taints

We are back in Shanghai with more

weather in half an hour

See you then. Ahead on Sunrise, our Big Guns of Politics. Kevin Rudd takes on Bronwyn Bishop after 7.00. But next, has Jennifer Aniston found a new friend? Or is it more serious than that? Nelson has the latest after the break.

Folding saw horses, just $35 per pack. 4-litre British Paints interior acrylic, only $49.80. 4-burner barbecue, a hot $399. Mondo grass, 10 for only $10.

Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Welcome back to Sunrise. Let's check the newspapers from around the country. And "Bring back the three R's" is the main headline on the West Australian. It comes after the Federal Education Minister to teaching the three R's said schools must return to teaching the three R's of reading, writing and arithmetic. Dr Brendan Nelson said the nation is at risk of producing a generation of illiterate underachievers. Also on the front page is a photo of Shane Warne after he took his record 600th test wicket. The Courier-Mail reports that a Gold Coast councillor has been accused of selling tickets to fundraising dinners that have already been eaten. Also on the front page is a photo of Diggers riding the war train again. The trip from Brisbane to Townsville was one that many young soldiers made in World War II. And "Wonderland" is the headline splashed across the Hobart Mercury. It says for years to come, 11 August will be remembered as the day Tassie was shrouded in snow. Is it true that a TV beauty is single no more? That's what the UK press is saying about Jennifer Aniston. Let's cut through the hype and consult our man in Hollywood, Nelson Aspen. Good morning.

So who is she supposedly hooking up with?

The British tab bloidz printing

all the photographs and it is meant

to look like they are in

compromising positions of Jennifer

Aniston and her friend and co-star

Vince Vaughan, they are in Chicago,

shooting a movie title the Break Up

and it is certainly valid that

general is enjoying the company of

a man and maybe it is a little

flirty but they both vigorously

deny it is anything more than that

and I take them at their word for

sure. I think it is a case of them

working together, they like each

other and it is the male female


There were photos recently a few

weeks ago on the beach and he had

his arm around her at the beach I recommendber

You shouldn't just read them you

should buy them. If you are going

to pick them up you should buy them.

I do, but that is when I read them

so when I get home it is already read

But they were also spotted at a

restaurant at a table for two and

it was painted as being very

romantic but the fact is they were

just in a dark restaurant together

that has a reputation for being a

romantic restaurant

Mel and I work together, she has

never put her arms around my neck On the beach!

People can talk. You know how

people are. There are certainly

stars that get very friendly on the

set, like goldy and Kurt, they met,

Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck,

but on the other hand you have Tom

Cruise and Nicole Kidman they

worked together and it was not good

for them. Ben Affleck with Jennifer

Lopez working together was not good.

It depends on the situation, it is

a surreal world when you are away working together

I think Hollywood is surreal. Vince

Vaughan stars with Owen Wilson in

wedding crashes and Owen has a

crash story of his own. Tell us

about this one

The butter Scotch staffon and as

you can see behind me the traffic

is terrible in LA, you have to like

what you drive. He was stuck in

traffic creeping along on this

two-lane street nearby Santa Monica,

he was getting very frustrated so

saw an opportunity to cross into

the wrong lane and pass and as he

pulled back in the car in front

slammed on the breaks and he rear

ended a guy. It turns out it was a

funeral procession which is why

they were going so slow, so the

fellow he hit, he apologised

profusely and they exchanged

insurance information and the guy

he hit was late to the other

person's funeral but Owen did the

right thing. He is the butter

Scotch staffon

Imagine cutting in on a funeral

proceed cess on, blimey.

At least it was not the funeral car Send flowers!. Later this Sunrise, the important win for our fair-dinkum farmers. And a live performance from Motor Ace. But next, Kochie's joke of the day. And we'll hear from you on the soapbox.

MAN: The new Chilled Juice from Golden Circle. A taste so good you may never squeeze oranges again.

We have an SMS which says why don't

you have Daffodil on for Daffodil Day

Get them for next Friday

Lots of people emailing in thanking

Grant for the very enjoyable

stories in Shanghai and Jill says

she will go to China next week and

has really got something to look

forward to and thank you Grant for that.

Like everywhere that Grant and

Monique go you want to go, don't you?

It looks spectacular.

The best design breakthroughs ever

- ever! The list has come out. The

top 10, number 1 - the armed cork

screw, the one with the arms.

Yes, good one

Number 1

That is the biggest breakthrough?

Is that the best We can do?

This is according to the Poms -

British research - disposable

nappies, remote control, central

locking, gas BBQ, push-button

telephones, electric screw drivers,

electric toothbrush, tabloid

newspapers and already-tide bow

ties, they are the top 10 A quirky list

I could live without some of those things

Disposable nappies Good

No, because ites so environmentally


No? I just don't think that should be ... Couldn't live without them

I think that is a Blight on our community

Can you not start this debate, I really haven't got the energy

Coming from a father whose

youngest is 16 I can say that now

What about the dish washer? I

couldn't survie without the dish washer

And they have left off the Jack

Newton putting partner which should

be there, that is a beauty. You put

your balls in and it fires them

back - you've seen it? I have got

one at home. You hit them in and it

sends the balls back. Jack Newton's invention

You must be a very busy man

What are the top 10 design break

throughs you would add to that list.

This comes from the US - it is a

bikini that beeps when it is time

to turn over so you don't cook

yourself too long

Like a microwave often

Only costs 20 pounds in the UK

Wouldn't it go off all the time here?

That brings up other design things

- purely to help the girls here -

because I can see sometimes you are

in a bit of trouble to take your

bra off - sort of like a remote

control snapper on your bra

That is to help the girls out, is


Just to helpal the girls out

What about a belt that

automatically tightens when you

have had too much Weir beer? Or a

white shirt that repels spaghetti

That is a good one

You can get those free and

iron-free, cringe l-free shirts

That is a good invention. Add to

the list the top 10 design

inventions that have come through?

Balm boolsld aren't we? Lost for words

I have an email from jerry

Seinfeld saying "Is that where my

puffy shirt went?"

Hang on smarty pants, I have got

one here from someone saying "Kochie

"Kochie you are only a white-collar

away from priest hood!"

That ain't ever going to happen folks 15 all! Time now for the Thought of the Day. It was emailed in by Elizabeth in WA. "If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours."

Mike does end send in a joke but a

news story, one for you Simon. The

localise cream vendor was found

dead in his van and his head was

covered in husbands and thousands,

the local police said they thought he had topped himself!

That is kind of funny in a round about way.

You are doing joke of the day on Monday?

Can't I do 'One Thing' day for once?

If you want! Obviously not. Ahead on Sunrise, Michael Bevan wraps up night one of the cricket. And talk show queen Trisha Goddard's return to Australia. But straight ahead, the latest from the newsroom. We'll take you back to sensational Shanghai.

Hi, Grant Denyer. All week I'm in China thanks to Qantas Airways, starting direct flights to Beijing from January. Speaking of China, don't miss Monique Wright sampling snake wine. That's in this half hour. But before that, why unions are upset with Bakers Delight.

Plus, our Big Guns of Politics will be here. They have some explaining to do over parliamentary standards. And we'll talk cricket with Michael Bevan. But right now it's news time with Simon. Good morning, everyone. The Government says it's hoping to have a timeline for the full privatisation of Telstra

as soon as next week. It will consider helping fund a $5 billion telecommunications upgrade in the bush in a bid to sway concerned National Party members. Telstra boss Solomon Trujillo arrived in style for talks with Prime Minister Howard and senior ministers. His proposal - $5 billion worth of upgrades to country services including fibre-optic and wireless technology. Telstra wants taxpayers to help pay despite yesterday announcing a record annual profit of $4.5 billion. The government is thinking about it.

The government at this stage, as you are well aware, is in the process of developing a position on a range of these issues, particularly with regard to where investment needs to be made.

Rogue Nationals MPs are remaining cautious but the meeting has eased tensions between them and Coalition colleagues on the Telstra issue. It's always a good sign. When people start offering services, you never knock that back. Meantime, Nationals Leader Mark Vaile has refused to back Senator Barnaby Joyce's right to cross the floor on issues such as Telstra, voluntary student unionism and industrial relations. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Kerry, because I don't believe we'll get to it. I believe we will resolve these issues. Investigators are planning to question more suspects in the hunt to identify the man behind the latest videotape threatening terrorist attacks on the Western world. Federal Police yesterday quizzed the mother of former Australian soldier Matthew Stewart. He converted to Islam and vanished in Afghanistan after serving for the Australian Defence Force in East Timor. Mrs Stewart denies the man in the video is her missing son. Three Australians accused of drug trafficking, will face a Hong Kong Court today. Hutchinson Tran, Rachel Ann Diaz and Chris Ha Vo, all from Sydney, were arrested in April in a hotel raid. Police allege they found 1kg of heroin with a street value of $1 million. A funeral will be held today for Maria Korp, the woman who died six months the woman who died six months after being found unconscious in the boot of her car. Mrs Korp passed away last week

after doctors withdrew her feeding tube. Maria Korp's husband Joe won't be attending the funeral. He has been committed to stand trial charged with Maria's attempted murder.

Joe Korp's former lover Tania Herman is serving a nine-year jail term for Ms Korp's attempted murder. Former Iraq hostage Douglas Wood is almost blind. A family spokesman has told The Age newspaper Mr Wood has only about 5% vision, making it difficult for him to get around unaided. A lack of treatment for his diabetes and glaucoma while he was held in captivity is thought to have damaged the 64-year-old's eyesight. Vegetable growers have had a victory in their fight for tougher country-of-origin food-labelling. Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran has promised food-labelling will be introduced. Food containing less than 85% of homegrown products will be labelled "Imported." The farmers' campaign started after Australian growers lost more than $70 million in overseas contracts

within two weeks. Checking finance news. Wall Street closed higher today. In London, the FT100 fell and so did Germany's DAX.

When we thought it couldn't get any higher oil has hit new record highs. It's Mark with the sport. The Aussies just couldn't take a trick last night. England has taken full advantage of a mistake-riddled fielding display from Australia to be 5/341 at stumps

on day one of the third Test at Old Trafford. Not even Glenn McGrath's return could stem the flow for the Aussies although the right-arm pacer could have used some help in the field. Shane Warne's 600th Test wicket was the only bright spot for the visitors. After Ricky Ponting lost his first toss of the series Adam Gilchrist lost an early chance. At the other end, Brett Lee was becoming a pain in the neck for Andrew Strauss. before the opener became Lee's 150th Test scalp. COMMENTATOR: Brilliant! Brilliant from Brett Lee. Gillespie looked hungry for action and Michael Vaughan gave him plenty to chew on. Marcus Trescothick capitalised on being dropped on 13 to bring up his second 50 of the series, while Gilly continued to fumble. And dropped again. McGrath then took matters into his own hands but luck was still with the England captain. Out! Oh, no-ball. Warne went in search of his 600th Test wicket at the scene of his Ashes debut and broke England's record second wicket partnership in the process. Out! 600 Test match wickets for Shane Warne. Vaughan made the visitors pay heavily knocking up 166 while Bell notched his first Ashes half century. The late wickets of Pietersen and Hoggard lifted Aussies spirits but seven dropped catches could still prove costly. The strong Aussie charge has made a good start in the PGA Championship in New Jersey.

A Mark Hensby - Tiger Woods started

slowly carding 5 over par 75 and

the leader is 4 under. Saturday

night is the big one, the Wallabies

versus the All Blacks, the

Wallabies in front of a sell out

crowd need tall help they can get.

We have the Bundy good timers out

there loosening up outside getting

ready to go

These are nice. Thank you SONG:#

Wallabies # Wallabies

# Wallabies

# They will be the champions

# Wall a business ...

We op so. Go you good things

Mel could join them with the

singing. Get Johnny young involved

I have a fine voice.

There is nothing like a bled slow

cup tries? So exciting You are going You are going I You are going I take it?

We go as a family, it is a

tradition, all sit together, but

with all the injuries, fair dipping

uplg, if we get within 20 point of

the All Blacks I reckon that is a

victory to us

Is this part of the Koch trap?

You can't go in with that attitude

We have a lot of babe write Wallabies

Babies can be good

As soon as the Wallabies finish the

black shirt will be going away for the weekend

It is Australian

Go you Wallabies.

Grant has the weather covered from Shanghai. Hi Grant

Welcome to one of the world's most

shopping strips. It is called a

road but it is no longer a road it

is a plaza of one of the world's

top 7 shopping locations. 1.7

million people visit here every day

but in the past 1917 was the first

time a department store opened here

which means no bar terrible and the

place has changed dramatically

since then. It used to be a

thorough far but it closed in 19990

the cars cloging the streets.

Bicycles, the traditional and most

common form of transport in China

has been banned from many of

Shanghai's major roads, the people

would rather spend an hour in their

own private car than get on public

transport and get them in half the

tile. The quest for choice in

Shanghai and China is amazing.

Shanghai is home to China's first

car, first telephone, first running

water, first banks, trams, this is

a city of first even though it is

not the capital. There will be more

first to come including the world's

tallest building in 2008. A large high will bring improving conditions into eastern Australia. A few showers and cloudy areas will remain but the snow will generally contract to the alpine areas during the morning. In the west, another cold front will bring showers and strong winds to the southern Western Australian coast.

Looking ahead, and a fine weekend for Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. A sunny and warmer outlook for Hobart. Fine in Melbourne. Some showers in Adelaide on Sunday. A wet weekend for Perth, and fine and hot in Darwin.

This place is racing ahead, one of

the other Western trends fast being

adepted ear is plastic surgery,

while it may be boobs and

liposuction in the place here is

eye lids so a bit more Western t changes face of China

Thank you Grant. 1.7 million a day

to that district, amazing. More of

Grant in about half an hour. There are fresh concerns that workers are being ripped off when they sign up to individual contracts.

Adelaide teenager Deanna Renella was put on an Australian Workplace Agreement

when she went to work for a Bakers Delight outlet in Adelaide. It turned out she was being paid 25% below the award rate.

I knew they were underpaying me

and I gave them the option of rectifying it and they didn't want to. So they asked me to leave through the back door during the shift. Deanna took the company to court and won but only on a technicality. Unions now want the Federal Government to step in. Greg Combet is the secretary of the ACTU. Good morning. What action do you want the Federal Government to take?

I think one thing we know for sure

is that young people are especially

vulnerable and when they are asked

on to sign these individual

contracts and I think John Howard

should make clear in the industrial

relations reforms the Government is

planning to put through that young

people will not be put in this

position again. It is pretty easy

to say that anyone under 20 years

of age should not be put on one of

these individual contracts or AWAs,

that they should be protected from that that

that sort of exploitation

Do you think there are a lot of

young people out there on similar

sort of contracts like this girl?

We know that there is another 50

people on the identical sort of

contract that she was on at the

bakers delight franchise in

Adelaide and those people have no

technicality to try to get out of

their workplace agreement, their

individual contract. John Howard

should make sure those 50 people,

that they are paid the proper award

rate, that is the starting point.

Secondly, he should make sure that

Government offices do an audit of

all these individual contracts that

the Government has filed away and

make sure that no other young

people are in this position and

thirdly as I said a moment ago,

make sure that anyone under 20

years of age would not be put on an

individual contract in the future

Isn't this what this employment

advocate is meant to do, protect


That is what it is supposed to do

but it is a farce. There are around

700,000 of these individual

contracts in the 'em employment

advocate's office and they Colin as

a job lot and get a big stamp on

them when they arrive and that is

why we are seeing people paid 25%

under the award. These individual

contracts - sorry ...

Hat do people do? What is your advice to young people this

morning? Is it as simple as saying

employer be wear, don't sign

something you are not cop for table

with, go and see a lawyer or is

there more advice you can give to

young people?

It is important for young people

going for jobs to talk to parent

about what to expect. If people are

taking a permanent job whether it

is part-time or full-time they are

certainly entitled to annual leave

but this young girl her contract

abolished annual leave and sick

leave so look out for the basic

entitlements and contact local

unions and advisory centres to get

a bit of advice if you have a

concern. The best way to deal with

this for young people is for the

Prime Minister to give a guarantee

that no young people will be put on

these things because they are

especially vulnerable

Thank you Greg . Why are workers facing this sort of exploitation? And will the government's industrial relations reforms make the situation better or worse? Let's ask our Big Guns of Politics, Shadow Foreign Affairs

Shadow Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, Kevin Rudd, and special guest, Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop. Good morning.

Joe is on paternity leave, good to

see both of you. Bronwyn, what can

the Government do? Is it as simple

as Greg saying the Federal

Government shouldn't allow any

young people under the age of 20 to sign a contract?

No, Greg has put a slant on the

story. When an AWA is signed it has

to go to the advocate and if he

sees the hourly rate is under the

award rate it gets referred to the Industrial Relations Commission.

That is what happens. Out of the

750,000AWAs that have gone to the

employee advocate for recollection,

about 5000 have been referred to

the Industrial Relations Commission.

Now the commission then make as

determination, sends it back and

that is the way it is dealt with

But young people ...

They are old enough to vote at 18

Hang on I have got a nephew who was

fired the day after he finished his

apprentice ship. I reckon it stinks

how young people are treated some

times. This girl gets off on a technicality not being paid the award

That is Greg

You hear these stories all the time

That is Greg saying a technicality.

I vbt seen the judgment nor have

you but the long and short of it is

that we have created 354,000 jobs

in the last two years, that means

people who otherwise would have

been unemployed as they were under

Labor when we had 1 million

unemployed. These are new jobs and

small businesses are creating

these jobs. Small business is a

hero, the absolute backbone of this country

There is no argument there, that is

a red herring. The Greg's of this

world want to give him a slap down,

they say he will be a bad employer

and he is not, he is a hero

This girl was getting $8 an hour

missing out on everything - Kevin,

where do we go, are they losing

protections and what about the new

industrial relations reforms?

What has happened now has happened

under the existing laws and the

technical word for describing this

is the no disadvantage test. What

does that mean? That if you are out

there on an Australian workplace

agreement at the moment before the

new laws come in you are not

supposed to be disadvantaged

further either in your wages or

conditions against what the award

says. Now what Mr Howard is

proposing to do is to now when the

new legislation goes to the

Parliament to take away the no

disadvantage test so we can see

what has happened in this girl's

case under existing arrange himself

where it is an unfair situation as

Greg was pointing out on the TV

before, that is a young girl having

to negotiate with an employer and

it has not worked and there are

other cases as well. The case

involving Carmel from another

company I think in western Sydney,

Imperial Mush Roos, she is offered

an AWA, an Australian workplace

agreel which is slightly under the

what the award provides for but

more importantly it does not

include within it other basic

conditions like holiday pay,

holiday leave loading or any

provision for sick pay. It is all

factored into that amount, I think

it is $16.25 an hour. The award is

$16.95 an hour and on top of that

you get holiday pay, sick leave

Not if you are a casual

I was talking to the Australian workers union about this who

brought this Imperial Mushroom case

to my attention that the no

disadvantage test goes was the

Howard change as well, so less

security for workes in security for workes in jobs Of

Let's see how it pans out. Bronwyn

is right, 99.9% of employers will

treasure their staff and do the right things

We must look after the weaker ones

And we have to let employers be

successful so they create jobs.

Julian, the national Senator became

a colourful Senator yesterday, made

a special guess taur to the

Opposition. This is how he celebrated after the Government won

a vote in the Upper House.

Initially it was seen as a bit of

fun, was later condemned so is this

acceptable behaviour? Bronwyn Bishop

There is a lot of blokey behaviour

goes on in the Parliament. Perhaps

if you saw some of it and some of

the comment that people make

isolate from what is going on in

the chamber you can get very

indignant but at the end of the day

you can have a lovely historical

context for what that finger in the

air is all about, it is supposed to

be the bowman finger, and the

French putting it up

It is a bad look

Do we excuse blokey behaviour

because it is in Parliament?

Blokes do

Bronwen and I were chatting, I said

something nice to you, I don't know if you remember I do recall

It was a reference to how Bronwen

would make a better Speaker than

the current one. What this gesture

is about a creeping through a sefbs

arrogance, we have control of the

show now because it is the first

week that the Senate is now

dominated by the Government leaving

aside their Barnaby Joyce problem

add these votes are now going all

the Government's way. What was the

Senator doing? Letting us know

physically that that had changed

and they now have the keys of the

kingdom and have become a law in themselves

I recommendber the last time one of

the major parties controlled the

Senate, it happened to be us and it

is not a question of control. It is

a question of having the numbers

but you have to esuague it through

At least you have Barnaby Joyce's

opposition in the Senate. Now here's Mark. The third Test of the Ashes series has got off to an amazing start. McGrath and Lee both returned to the pitch. Shane Warne grabbed his 600th Test wicket. England ended the day on a commanding 2/195. Cricket legend Michael Bevan has been watching from the edge of his seat. Michael, were you surprised at McGrath and Lee's returns?

They were talking about four to

sick weeks so he must have made a

any rack lust recovery. Brett had

to try to recover and rest for a

couple of days and he looked pretty good

The idea would have been that

having Glenn McGrath there would

have intimidated England but it did

not work out like that. Our

fielding was sloppy

It was a good toss to win t wicket

will get slower and slower and take

some turns, the first couple of

days are the days to bat so I don't

think there was the in them days

factor there, it was a great wicket

and Australia faced an uphill battle

What about the dropped catches?

There were 7 all up. That is not

good for Australia ace confidence

You never mean to drop catches,

sometimes it can justices today

late and keep rolling but I think

ultimately they may be a touchdown

on convoy offy Debs and the flow is going with England at the moment

and they are right on top

Bevo, what needs to happen from

here, I mean opening session of day

two Australia needs to get in and

mop England up


I think they need to bowl them out

for 40 or less and then accumulate

a big total. You wont want to be

chasing runs or batting last on

this wicket, it will get slower and

reverse swing will start to come

into play so whoever is batting

last will find it tough

We will see the spinners come into

play as this Test unfolds?

Definitely. It has be notorious

for take ache big turn on the Old

Trafford but it will be a good

batting wicket for the first couple of days

You have played there. What is the

atmosphere like at Old Trafford?

The crowd gets into it and the

atmosphere is great, it is a

wonderful occasion. I wouldn't like

to be on the losing side when you

are over there

Shane Warne's 600th Test wicket, a

major milestone and a great

achievement for Warney

Yes, amazing. It was not so long

ago that Courtney Walsh got 500

wickets so now they are breaking

the 600-wicket barrier. Warney is a

champion and it has been a long

career, a great career and there is

still a little bit left in him but

600 wickets a fantastic stkpwhrefrt

we look for to another exciting

night. Have a great weekend. Shortly on the show, Shortly on the show, the queen of daytime TV in London. Trisha Goddard is back in Australia and will pay us a visit. And then at 7.50, more live music at brekkie. Aussie band Motor Ace is back on the road. They will be here to perform their new single Tomorrow's Gone.

Straight ahead a must-see postcard from Monique Wright. She finds herself drinking snake wine.

But first, how you can follow in her footsteps. We are in China all week thanks to Qantas and from 9 January next year they commence flights to Beijing so to celebrate you can take advantage of this outstanding opening offer which is available for this week only. Fly to Beijing from Sydney for just $999 per person return. Or from Melbourne or Brisbane just pay $1,068 return. Those prices include all taxes and charges. If you need accommodation then Qantas holidays has the answer,

Just $54 per person, per night, twin share at the four-star Novotel Peace Beijing and that includes breakfast. The hotel is walking distance from the Tiananmen Square and you must travel and you must travel between 9 January and 31

or between 11 February and 3 March next year. Call Travelworld now on - or Jetset on -

(Whispers seductively) Streets Magnum. HEART PULSES

Victory in the Pacific was a defining moment in Australia's history. So on this, let's commemorate all those who served this country so the spirit of Australia could live on.

China is all about Discovery, new

experiences and I'm told nothing

will broaden my who are eye done

like sampling a delicacy famous

here in eastern China - snake wine.

Have you ever tasted snake wine? Snake?

Yes, snake wine?

I don't like it. I'm scared

I'm scared of snakes too but

apparently I have to taste this

snake wine so I'm off to find it.

My search for this unusual taste

sensation leaves me inside the old

walled city. I'm starting to wonder

whether some things are better left

undiscovered. I realise calling

this simply snake wine is a major

understatement - that was once a

tore Tuesday, Mr Wong has been

brewing convoy of consciouss like for 10 years What is that? Deer

Oh deer, just what part I really

don't want to know. Mr Wong says

all ingredients are equally

important. But this is the wine's

name sake.

Here is it! A poisonous snake. Really smells so potent.

The longer it per fepbts the better.

This is vintage 2003. Even my

translator is having problems with this. No!

Come on, try a little bit - Mr

Wong explains the wine cures Abu

Bakrs, headache, ruem is the many

and sharpence the mind but medicine

aside, many drink it for the great tastes.

It is very unusual taste.

In that list of benefits no-one

mentions it can strip paint and

remove nail polish as well

You enjoy this, don't you?

Thank you very much. It has been an experience

If anyone ever offers you a choice

between snake wine and a poke in

the eye with a hot st