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Hello, everyone. I'm Ron Wilson.

Welcome to Ten's Morning News.

Today - bashed to death in her own

home - tributes to an Adelaide

great-grandmother. Old lady - who

lady? has to take a crick bat to an old has to take a crick bat to an old

The ecstasy and agony - a night of

Commonwealth Games gold marred by another another disqualification.

And independent Rob Oakeshott under

watchdog. investigation by the corruption

But first this morning - police are

hunting an intruder who brutally

bashed a great-grandmother to death

in her own home. The attack is the

second of its kind in South

Australia in recent weeks. The

woman's distraught family has been

told she was killed with a cricket bat.

Beverly Hanley lived alone in her

home in Adelaide's north with her

dog Daisy. But some time yesterday

afternoon, someone rocked her quiet

life in the most violent way.

They're treating it as a major

crime. And they said she's been

bashed with a cricket bat. I don't

understand it at all. She's an old

lady. Who has to take a cricket bat

to an old laid stkpwhrae inMs

Hanley's sister found the

pensioner's battered body after

checking on her when she didn't

answer her phone. News soon

spreaded to her extended family and

friends, who gather at the scene in

shock. It seems like tomorrow it

will go away, it's not real, it's

not happening. But reality will set

in, I suppose. They've

in, I suppose. They've all paid

tribute to the grandmother of five.

Top mum. Top grand ma. I couldn't

say anything bad about her.

Absolutely lovely lady. She

wouldn't hurt a thing. She'd just

come play her darts, see her family.

That's it. Ms Hanley is the second

elderly woman living alone to be

bashed to death in the past four weeks in South Australia.

weeks in South Australia. 63-year-

old Karina Campinen was stabbed so

hard the knife broke after being

hit with a brick. Two 14-year-old

boys have been charged with her

murder. Police spent last night

scanning Ms Hanley's home, now a

crime scene. They say it's too early in the investigation to

comment on whether the result of

comment on whether the result of

Beverly's death is a robbery gone

wrong. Pretty angry. But we will

find out who done it, believe me.

contact police. Anyone with information is urged to

NRL star Timana Tahu is facing

claims of racism and hypocrisy.

According to News Limited, the

Parramatta Eels veteran, who quit

the Blues' State of Origin camp in

protest at racist slurs, is himself

accused of making racist remarks

accused of making racist remarks to

an Aboriginal teenager at a rugby

league tournament. Tahu is

strenuously denying the allegations.

The NRL betting scandal probe moves

to North Queensland today as Ten's to North Queensland today as Ten's

Matt Neagle reports, police will

speak with Cowboys players about

Bulldogs. their Round 24 clash with the

Bulldogs players have gathered for

their end-of-season awards night

betting scandal with the black cloud of an alleged

betting scandal hanging over their

heads. New Canterbury Chief

Executive Officer Todd Greenberg

says that all players have made

themselves available to police, who

continue to investigate their clash

with the North Queensland Cowboys.

That game is alleged to be the

subject of a betting sting

involving the first scoring play

option. There was a huge plunge on

a Cowboys penalty goal as the first scoring play. That had

scoring play. That had agencies

partly suspending betting. It's now

been revealed that that windfall

could have been up to $250,000. If

that is all true, the Parramatta

coach says it would be one of the

darkest days in the code.

I'd be very, very disappointed if

it does prove right, come true.

Like I say, the integrity of our

game is certainly

game is certainly utmost and

foremost, the most important thing.

Investigators are expected to

arrive in Townsville this morning arrive in Townsville this morning

to speak with Cowboys players and

officials. Now one of the

difficulties will be gathering all

members of the team as they return

from end-of-season holidays and

surgery. It's also not clear

whether captain Johnathan Thurston

will be interviewed by detectives.

Thurston was injured and did not

play in that game. Matt Neagle

Matt Neagle reporting from Townsville.

The AFL says it'll talk with

Queensland police before making a

decision on the playing future of

Brendan Fevola. Officers yesterday

dropped an investigation into

claims Fevola indecently exposed

himself to a woman during a

function last month, citing

insufficient evidence. But the

footballer's playing days are still

under a cloud with the AFL

own. launching an investigation of its

own. The Brisbane Lions will wait

on the league's findings before

making a decision on his 2-year

contract with the club. In a

statement, Fevola said he was

looking forward to putting the

ordeal behind him and flying to

China with the team next week.

It's been another golden night in

Delhi, but comeback kid Geoff Delhi, but comeback kid Geoff

Huegill provided the silver lining

to Australia's medal haul. Huegill

was pipped by 0.01 in

was pipped by 0.01 in the 50m

butterfly for silver. A remarkable

achievement considering he shed

20kg to make the tournament.

Huegill among our 15 silver

Another display of bad

sportsmanship threatens to

overshadow our victories. Ten's

Delhi. Paul Cochrane has the latest from

Ronnie, good morning from Delhi.

I'm joined by a couple of friends

behind me - Sheerer, the Games

mascot. Plenty to look forward to.

But yesterday will take some

topping. Our gymnasts are doing

some great things at these Games,

some great things at these Games,

continue that individual all-round

event when we won all three medals

on offer, the gold going to Lauren

Mitchell. Competing against these

guys - it's just amazing. It feels

really fantastic! We had a clean

sweep in the pool yesterday, as

breaststroke. well, in the women's 200m


That's the eighth career

Commonwealth Games gold medal for

Leisel Jones. She's still got pelsy

two more events here in Delhi as el.

With. There were gold medals for

Alicia Coutts - her second of this

meet. Emily Seebohm had a gold. And

Matt Cowdrey did what no-one

thought was possible in the post-

fast-suit era, breaking a world

record. Always trying to push that

Haven't 50m free for a long time now.

Haven't been that fast since

Beijing. To sneak under that

without a suit and everything

that's gone on... The night was

capped off with what the Australian

team are continuing bankers - the

4x200m for men and women. They won

them easily. Tonight was very

special for us girls. We've got

some great pictures of a couple of

the girls with their families after

their race later in sport. One we weren't

One we weren't bag banking on was

the wrestling. We baged a gold

there - 32 years since our last one

on the mat. Popov won the battle of

the 120kg division. Look at his

aerial skills. Didn't he enjoy that?

Cyclists continue to enjoy things

that velodrome, too - Anna Meares

won her second gold in as many days. won her second gold in as many days.

She teamed with Kaarie McCulloch in

the team sprint. Cameron Meyer won

the men's points race, and the celebration

celebration was just priceless from

Dubbo teenager Megan dun, as she

won the will's event. The golden

trail continues to lead into

infinity... Ronnie, yesterday I

mentioned wrestler Hassene Fkiri,

who was strip offend a silver medal

for giving an official the finger.

Now, cyclist Shane Perkins has done

something similar, and faces

disciplinary action too after he

was disqualified from the men's Kieron. Today - we

Today - we can expect more medals

in the velodrome. Gymnasts are

doing well. We're well-placed in

the shooting. Our synchronised

swimmers are third at the moment.

And looking into the pool, Eamon

Sullivan goes into the 100m

freestyle final the fastest

qualifier. Let's hope this time

tomorrow we're talking about a gold

medal for him. I'm sure we will be. Having trouble counting the medals

at the moment!

Commonwealth Games organising

committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi

committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi

has made international headlines

for mistaking Camilla Parker Bowles

for Princess Diana. The Games boss

made the gaffe at a news conference

when he thanked the late Princess

Diana for attending the opening Diana for attending the opening

ceremony with Prince Charles. It's

the latest in a long list of

blunders for Kalmadi, who was booed

that opening ceremony and forced to

defend the shambolic build-up to the

the Games.

Independent MP Rob Oakeshott is being investigated by the

corruption watchdog over claims he

lobbied the Prime Minister and the

Opposition Leader to give a

political donor preferential access.

For more on this, we're join live

by reporter Amanda Hart in Canberra.

Given this man's power in the

parliament at the moment, these are

very serious allegations. What

exactly do they involve? Ron, it's alleged

alleged that while Rob Oakeshott alleged that while Rob Oakeshott

was negotiating with both Tony

Abbott and Julia Gillard over who

would be prime minister, he

actually lobbied them to try to get

one of his biggest political donors

preferential access to defence

contracts. The political donor,

which is based in his electorate -

a company called Burgeon Marine -

has allegedly donated thousands of

has allegedly donated thousands of

dollars to Mr Oakeshott's political

campaign. The NSW corruption agency

is now investigating. Ms Gillard

and Mr Abbott aren't under

investigation. So we couldn't get

in touch with Mr Oakeshott's office

this morning. But it is believed

that he is defending his actions.

Now, of course, it couldn't have

all come at a worse time, perhaps,

for Mr Oakeshott - a time really

when he should be celebrating.

when he should be celebrating.

That's exactly right, Ron. He

should be celebrating. And actually,

he is, even though this is a bit of

a problem for him at the moment. Mr

Oakeshott last night spent the

night in Macquarie Hospital

welcoming the arrival of his fourth

child - a little baby boy. This

little bub is yet to be named, but

he weighs 3.8kg, or 8 pounds and 4

ounces in the old scale, and it's believed that both mum

believed that both mum and bub are

doing well. Well, congratulations

to them anyway. Amanda Hart live in

Canberra, thank you very much.

There are fears the Federal

Government may not be able to bring

the budget back into surplus by

2013 as forecast. Treasury is

believed to have told the

Government the high Australian

dollar and growing currency

imbalances are proving challenging.

But an International Monetary Fund

report shows Australia's economy continues

continues to outperform other

advanced economies....

We're certainly not immune from

what's going on in the global

economy. But of course, we're

fortunate to be in the right place

in the world at the right time.

Treasurer Wayne Swan is flying to

the IMF's annual meeting in Washington Washington today.

A talent-show contestant ordered to leave the country. We've got

leave the country. We've got the details, details, next.

Also - the environmental disaster

that could take a year to overcome.

And a construction worker turns

investigator with impressive results.

The little girl stuck her head up.

I said "That's the guy."



This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Never-before-seen footage of the

appaly 11 moonwalk has been

screened in Sydney. The vision was

discovered in Australia and shows

Neil Armstrong descending the

ladder of the lunar module. Guests

at the Australian geographic awards,

hosted by astronaut Buzz Aldrin,

were given the first look.

A torrent of toxic sludge in

Hungary could take a year to clean

up. At least four people were

killed and scores more were hurt

when an industrial waste dam burst.

Where to start when an avalanche of

deadly waste has done this to your

home, your village? The red sluk

corrosive on the skin, toxic when

consumed, swept through several

villages, destroying everything in

its path. This man used to have a

vineyard. Now, he has nothing.

Everything has been destroyed. "I

Everything has been destroyed. "I

think there will be no more life

here anymore," he says. "It's 99%

that there won't be any more life

here as it looks now." The sludge

reservoir at a metals plant burst

its bank, releasing a torrent which

moved so quickly, few could escape.

The waste red through its iron

equivalent and equivalent to

equivalent and equivalent to 400

Olympic-size swimming pools was

released. It's feared it could

reach the River danue 45 miles away,

which in turn could done taminate

several rivers and lakes in other

European countries. It's feared it

could take as long as a year to

repair the damage. The horror for

local residents may have a longer

impact. This man's wife got burnt

from her hips down. Shoo now he

says his 3-year-old is too afraid

to come back here.

to come back here.

It is easy to understand why.

A plane has crashed into a fitness

centre in the United States. The

single-engined aircraft smashed

through the roof of the building

and onto the top of a basketball

court shortly after take-off.

Emergency workers later pulled the

pilot and his wife from the

wreckage. They suffered non-life- threatening threatening injuries. An unemployed construction worker

An unemployed construction worker

is being hailed a hero after

thwarting a child abduction in

California. He chased down the

kidnapper's car after recognising

it from the news reports, and

pulled the 8-year-old girl to safety.

Victor Perez took note when footage

of a pick-up truck used in the

abduction of a child was broadcast

on television. He recognised the

vehicle on the road the next day,

and gave chase, saving the life of

and gave chase, saving the life of

an 8-year-old girl. The little girl

stuck her head out and I said "Well,

that's the guy." He did the right

thing. He cut in front of the

suspect's vehicle - cut him off -

Alisa took the moment of opportunity, opened up the

passenger door, and jumped out. The

kidnapper fled, but little Alisa

was safe. She was terrified. She

said twice "I'm scared, I'm

scared." She asked me if she was

gonna be OK. I said "You're

gonna be OK. I said "You're OK for

now." Police arrested Greg Oreo

Gonzalez nearby. He snatched the

girl from her front yard 11 hours

earlier, sparking the huge search.

Her parents joined police to thank

Alisa's rescuer. Amen. We are all

happy, and we are thankful. The

unemployed construction worker is

just grateful he was in the right

place at the right time. Everybody should

should step up in their own

communities and when something like

this happens come, together and try

to do your part to help out. The

police chief put it simply. Victor's a hero.

A teenage UK 'X Factor' contestant

has been ordered to leave Britain.

18-year-old Gamu Nhengu gathered a

legion of fans during her brief stint

stint on the singing-talent show.

# Good got your email

# You just don't get females

# Do you?

Just days after she was kicked off

'X Factor', authorities have

rejected visa applications for Gamu

and her mum. The pair have been

ordered to return to their native

Zimbabwe and could be forcibly

removed if they fail to do so.

Gamu's fans have gathered outside

her Scottish home to show their support.


Up next - why a tipple during

pregnancy might actually benefit the the baby. ...

And once-in-a-lifetime floods bring

the Australian outback to life.

(SLURPS) Hi. I'm from ANZ. Hi.

This program is captioned live.

Workers are planning a protest

today over pay. 1,000 workers are

expected to work off the job. Many

will rally outside the Queensland

parliament at lunchtime to demand a

better deal than the 2.5% rise over

three years that's currently on the table. A

A new study has shown light

drinking during pregnancy has

little affect on a child's

development. To discuss the

findings of this British research,

we're joined by Dr Lucy Burns from

the Drug and Alcohol Research

Centre at the University of NSW. Dr

Burns, good morning. Welcome. Good

morning. Nice to meet you. Thank

you. This research out of the UK -

it seems so far removed from what

we already understand. What is it

we already understand. What is it

actually showing? Look, it shows a

multiple range of issues, but I

guess the main thing that seems to

have come out from the findings

that seem to have been picked up

was that some light amount of drinking during prebsnaens doesn't

seem to be having a negative effect.

In fact, in some situations, may

have a potential benefit on the

developing foetus. This study has

looked at children as they grow to

five years old - it's tracked

five years old - it's tracked

people over time. It seems to

suggest that in some areas,

children who've been exposed to

some alcohol in pregnancy seem to

do slightly better than those not

exposed at all. However, of course,

we do have - the findings, I

suppose, are only a few of the

findings amongst many in the study,

and I don't think we need to really

put much weight on them at this

point in time. It seems to be the

case with so many medical issues,

whether it's weight loss,

whether it's weight loss, drinking

alcoholish - all these things -

there seems always to be two

schools of thought on everything.

Do we stay on the safe side on this

particular issue, given the fact particular issue, given the fact

that we're talking about a brand

new life here, or do we take the

chance and maybe try a little

tipple? Look, I think not. I think

we do - When I say we, I'm not

talking about me. I'm not likely to

be future in the -- likely to be pregnant

pregnant in the near future. Oh,

no? I think our national health and

research council changed the research council changed the

guidelines last year - it's best to

be on the safe side and not drink

during pregnancy. We know that in

30-40 years now, an excessive

amount of alcohol drunk during

pregnancy caused problems. The

pregnancy caused problems. The

brain develops from conception all

the way through pregnancy. Alcohol

is what we call a neurotoxin and

can have really adverse affects on

the developing brain. For that very

reel reason, I think we need to

stay in the realm of caution. I

understand that. But supposing

someone does want to try a little

tipple, what would be considered a

low level of alcohol consumption

that would fit in with these

findings? Look, the findings, um -

I guess the

I guess the findings have asked

women about looking back over time

and how much they drank. Of course,

that can be confusing as well. If

we're talking about how much a

woman could safely drink in

pregnancy, we cautionly would say

probably don't. If a woman had a

few drinks druer during pregnancy,

I wouldn't be overly alarmed about

that. A social occasion - a wedding or

or something - a glass of champagne

won't hurt? Perhaps have the old-

fashioned shandy. Which trimester?

They say the first trimestser not

the one to drink, at all. They say

that, but the brain develops

throughout. We have to be cautious

throughout. The first trimester, I

guess, is particularly worrisome in

terms of the organ growth and that

sort of thing. Again, brain

development, which we're honing in

on, occurs all the way through.

Doctor, thank you for talking

Doctor, thank you for talking to us.

Pleasure. Dr Lucy Burns from the

University of NSW. Thank you.

Queensland's south-west is in full

bloom following devastating flurdz

-- floods earlier this year.

Scientists have discovered some

species which haven't been seen in

more than 50 years.

Water colours painted on a bleak

outback canvas have turned the

landscape into a masterpiece.

landscape into a masterpiece.

Wildflowers have sprouted from the Wildflowers have sprouted from the

red dirt in numbers unseen in

Queensland's west for decades. The

land, once parched from 10 years of

drought, then drenched during a 1-

in-100-year flood has sprung back

to life. It's a big pulse of

biological activity, and the plants

have just responded and the

landscape's transformed. It's just an

an amazing event. While intrict and

viberupt flowers cover the plains,

it's the less-impressive-looking

species that have botanists

intrigued. We're looking at tilotus

pseudo hulimit roadies. It doesn't

have a common name because it's

pretty uncommon. Jenny has

rediscovered some plants which

haven't been found in more than 50

years. But there's all these species that are

species that are known from only a species that are known from only a

couple of records - often quite a

long time ago. And now they're

covering large areas of the country.

Some species have never been

recorded in the area. The best rain

in 30 years has provided scientists

the opportunity to find out more

about the mysterious flora. We're

going to keep tracking these

populations of these plants over

the next couple of years. And see

if they do drop back and just go back under

back under the ground again for

another decade or however long. One

of the most important things this

event shows is that despite decades

event shows is that despite decades

of being worked and years of

drought, the land has been able to

recover and rejuvenate. The flowers

have also attracted some types of

rare birds. It's really reassuring

to see them come back into areas

after a really long absence and breed. It's

breed. It's been close to a century

since a similar biological boom

occurred in the area. It won't be

long until the colours begin to

fade, and only time will tell if they'll return.

Doesn't it look marvellous?

John Lennon fans mark a milestone - that's next in Angela Bishop's entertainment entertainment report. ... And the

And the celebrities throwing their

weight behind an important cause.

Just take a moment to think about

your work colleagues, maybe a

friend, maybe a family member.

and you can install them yourself That's fabulous, to think that SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! #

This program is captioned live.

Now, time for the day's entertainment news with Angela

Bishop. Ange, some disappointing

news for some hornbags, or fans of

the hornbags, anyway. Indeed. I'm

glad you clarified! We're talking

about fans of Kath and Kim.

about fans of Kath and Kim. In fact,

fans of some of Australia's best

comedians. The world's funniest

island comedy festival has been

scrapped just 10 days before it was

set to begin. Aussie comedy icons

Kath and Kim were due to headline

in their first live show at the

festival at Sydney's Cockatoo

Island. Organisers have pulled the

plug because of a drop in

sponsorship. It's a shock for more

than 200 comic whose were set to

perform, including Wil Anderson, the

the Umbilical Brothers, and the

first live version of the animated

series 'Beached Az'. All

ticketholders will be refunded, and

for more information, go to the

World's Funniest Island website.

Daniel Craig has been spotted on

the set of his latest movie 'The

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. Craig

and Runie Myra play the characters

in the film, based on the 2005

in the film, based on the 2005

bestseller by Swedish author Steig

Larson. Craig tries to identify a

location with the help of an old

photograph. Craig's characters is

an investigative journalist who

solves a series of murders with the

help of a bisexual computer hacker.

Today is 'R U OK?' Day, a national

day of action aimed at preventing

suicide. Ten's John O'Doherty is at Bondi, where Aussie celebrities are

Bondi, where Aussie celebrities are

lending their names to the cause.

Well Well, some big-name celebrities, politicians and sports

stars have turned out this morning

to show their support for today's

'R U OK?' Day. It's all about

trying to reduce suicide in

Australia by encouraging people to

speak to family and friends that

you feel may be in trouble and

asking the question "Are you OK?"

Some big-name celebrities are

supporting the cause, including Australia's very own Hugh

Australia's very own Hugh Jackman.

Don't just sit there thinking "I

think they're probably OK." Take a

moment, pull 'em aside, grab a

coffee, tea, whatever it is, just

say, "Hey, are you OK? Everything

good?" Among those at the launch

this morning are Malcolm Turnbull,

John Singleton, actor Matt Day, and

fresh from filming a new movie with

Robert De Niro is former prison

brake star Dominic Percell.

brake star Dominic Percell. We

taunt to stop smaller problems

becoming bigger problems. That's as

simple as asking someone - taking

some time out in your day to say

"Hey, what's going on?" One of the

key messages today is that help is

available for anyone suffering available for anyone suffering

depression. It's estimated that

around 2,500 Australians take their

own lives each year, and up to

65,000 attempt suicide. Organisers

hope that, by taking the time to ask

ask the question, you could be

starting a conversation that could

change a change a life. Ange. Thanks, John.

She may have been left by Brad Pitt

for Angelina Jolie, but it seems

many people still consider Jennifer

Aniston a great catch. The actress

has won the title of the most

eligible single woman in the world.

The American poll saw Halle

The American poll saw Halle Berry

for the title after winning 25% of

the vote. Third place went to Elin

Nordegren who is single after her very expensive divorce from Tiger

Woods. And showing age is no

barrier, 88-year-old White while

came in fourth. (LAUGHS)

WhaWhat Are you going to say, Ron?

You can't resist. I'm there! I love it. A new Alexander McQueen

collection has gone on show at

Paris Fashion Week. It's the

label's first since the death of

label's first since the death of

the designer earlier this year.

McQueen's former right-hand woman,

Sarah Burton, was given the

challenging task of continuing

McQueen's legacy, and impressed

with a military-inspired collection

of exotic textures. The team that

were with him before, are the team

that are with her now. So there's

every reason to think that it

should have a good future. The 40- year-old designer took

year-old designer took his own life

in February after the death of his


This Saturday October 9, would have

been John Lennon's 70th birthday.

Celebrations are planned around the

world, with statues, concerts, new

albums, Gibson guitars and

memorials marking the milestone.

But for his family, it's a tough time.

It's difficult to imagine what John

Lennon would have been like at 70. But

But given the number of his

contemporaries now hitting the road,

it's not impossible to believe that

he too would still be touring.

Instead, this is the last stage

performance he gave before he was

murdered at the age of 40.

# Imagine all the people...

# Living for today...

# Living for today... #

# I-I-I-I...

A few days ago, Lennon's two wivs,

Cynthia and Yoko, and two sons,

Julian and Sean, came together in

an almost unimaginable show of

harmony at the opening of an

exhibition of photographs by Julian.

I did tell everybody that everybody

was going to be there. I did tell everybody that everybody was going to be there. Wasn't quite

sure if everybody was going to turn

up. But was happily surprised. The anniversary of

The anniversary of his father's

birthday has always been tough for

Julian, as I discovered during an

interview 12 years ago.

Today would have been John Lennon's

58th birthday. What sort of

feelings do you have about your father

father now? None in particular. He

was a great influence musically to

me, but that was botut, really.

Things haven't changed much. Now

more than ever, I look back with a

great deal of respect for him as a man

man and his work, but not

necessarily as a father, but as a

man and his work, no question about

that. But it will be just as tough

for Sean, who shares his father's

birthday, and will turn 35 the -

the same age his father was when he was was born.

# People say I'm crazy...

# Doing what I'm doing...

# Doing what I'm doing...

# As for Yoko, she's traditionally

used John's birthday anniversary to

campaign for causes, like gun

control. The glasses that he was

wearing in the last moment, and the

brown paper bag that his clothes

came back in and everything, um, because

because it was a kind of statement

about how important to have gun

control. Just one month ago, Ono

successfully fought to keep her

husband's killer behind bars when

he came up for parole. Since then,

she's begun celebrating her late

husband, including an eye-popping

performance alongside Lady Gaga in

Los Angeles at the weekend.

Ono maintains it's what John would want.

# All we are saying...

# Is give peace a chance...

# All we are saying...

# Is give peace a chance...

# Is give peace a chance...

He's helping us even now. And

that's what I notice - I realise

that he's still helping us. And I that he's still helping us. And I

don't know if... You see, maybe on

a subconsc level, he knew that -

that his voice and his words are

gonna be very, very important one day.

# That we all shine on...

# On and on

# On and on and on and on...

For the man who set his sights on

becoming a star - You know, you

went to see those movies with Elvis

or somebody in it when we were

still in Liverpool, and you'd see

everybody waiting to see him. And

I'd be waiting there too. And

they'd all scream when he came on

the screen. So we thought "That's a

good job." But had no idea how big

and influential he would become...

# When I was young

# So much younger than today...

# I never needed anybody's help in any way...

# Don't let me down...

# I won't cry

# I won't cry...

# No, I won't shed a tear...

# Just as long...

# As you stand...

# Stand by me...

# Imagine all the people... # Imagine all the people... # Living life in peace... # # You...

I can't believe that 'Imagine' is

still being sung. And it is.

# And the world will live as one...

And, Ron, Yoko and Sean will be in

Iceland presenting an award on the

actual day, while Julian and his

mother sinthia will be in Liverpool.

What a great little history lesson.

I even saw your younger sister in

there, was it? Thank you, yes. Can

I have your left hand for a moment?

You may. I won't plunge onto bended

knee. You went for the 5-carrot

blue diamond. Very nice.

This next diamond - if you owned

this, you might never leave the

house again. Sotheby's have dubbed

the rare pink diamond one of the

world's most desirable stones. The

24-carat gem is mounted on a ring

and was last seen on the market

around 60 years ago. It will go

under the hammer next month and is

expected to fetch up to $38 million.

I'm sure that will be fine for you

next time. Lovely, thank you.

Up next in sport - the Aussie who

dedicated a gold medal to her late father and brother.

And another rude gesture lands an Aussie cyclist in hot water.

This program is captioned live.

Time now for a check of the finance

markets. We're joined by Laura Purbrick from Macquarie Private

Wealth. Laura, not much of a lead-

in from Wall Street this morning.

How are our markets looking today?

Good morning, Ron. Pretty choppy

trade in markets overnight. The

recent highlight for markets has

been that very high Australian

dollar. This is being as much

driven by the low interest rates in

the US as it is about our local

interest-rate policy. For markets

today, markets will be watching out

for those unemployment numbers due

at 11:30 today. We're expecting

20,000 new jobs to be added and the

unemployment rate to hold steady at

5.1%, although we can always see

surprises there. This will be a

very different story to what we'll

see out of the US employment

numbers tomorrow night. That will

be weighing in the back of

investors' minds as we expect the

unemployment rate in the US to

increase slightly. For trade today,

it looks like we'll start on a

slightly positive note, with local

futures indicating a rise of six

points on the open. Thank you very much. Laura Purbrick there at Macquarie Private Wealth.

As we reported earlier in the bulletin, Australia has again

dominated on Day 3 of the

Commonwealth Games. We start in the

pool where we collected 13 medals,

including 6 gold.

A golden moment dedicated to her

late father and brother... Struck

by so much tragedy in recent years,

this was a moment to savour, after

she anchored our 200m freestyle

team to victory. These girls are

good! They win gold. Yeah, you know,

my Dad won gold in the 4x200m in

1974. To follow in his footsteps -

woooo! To follow in his footsteps

and have my family here, it means a

lot. Joining her on the podium -

Kylie Palmer, Bronte Barrett, and

Perth's Blair Evans. Her parents

shared the moment too. It's their

first trip overseas. Yeah. It's an

interesting one. Australianing's

touring fan club susaw a gold rush.

Individually they might not be able

to do it, but as a team they're

unbeatable! Australia win! 200m

relay gold for the men as well. A

29 clean sweep in the 200m

breaststroke - Leisel Jones back on

ton. She goes to the line and just

wins! Wallace second, Katsoulis

third. Just to get a win out of

that one, I could not ask for any

more. I do not care about the time.

Alicia Coutts added the 100m

freestyle to her collection. Then

almost missed the medal ceremony.

Sorry! That's OK, that's OK...

Emily Seebohm finally cracked a win

in the 100m backstroke. She's gonna

turn bronze and silver into gold!

Great things come for those who

wait! I just tried as hard as I

could, gave it everything, and

could, gave it everything, and

finished off with the gold, which -

I'm overexcited about. Comeback kid

Geoff Huegill missed gold by just

0.02 of a second. It wasn't the

gold medal he dreamt of, but silver

capped a fairytale comeback for

Huegill, who shared a whopping --

shed a whopping 45kg just to be

here in Delhi. To swim a time like

that, I'm really pumped like that.

While Matthew Cowdrey broke the 50m world

world record.

Paris sports swimmer Matt Cowdrey

not only won gold in the 50m

freestyle at the Commonwealth Games

yesterday, but he broke his own

world record. Matt's very proud

parents and former coach spoke to

'Good Morning Delhi's Brad McEwan a

short time ago.

Mum and dad, we will start with you.

You've got a lot of friends around

there as well. Can you describe how

you're feeling this morning after

Matt's amazing swim? Just very Matt's amazing swim? Just very

proud, I suppose. He's done his

best, and that's all we can ask.

Yeah, and to think he'd be here in

the same place he was in 2006,

doing the same thing - it's just

incredible. Peter, I was just going

to say, I believe Matt started

swimming when he was five. When did

you both realise he had something

special? Well, he was in special? Well, he was in our

backyard pool at six months. And in

a floaty. He just went continually

from one end of the pool to the

other, just kicked the whole way.

You couldn't get him out. We

figured water would probably be

where he'd end up. And just kicking

with his feet the whole way,

because he couldn't even reach the

water with his arms. So yeah, he never got tired. Not only did he Not only did he win, but he broke

his own world record. When we spoke

to Matt, even he was surprised that

he did that. Did you think he had

it in him, to set another world

record? Um... Yeah. We were fairly

sure he did. But he really loved

the suits, so - and it seemed to

really work well for him. He

struggled a bit to try and get back there, but he's finally there, but he's finally done it.

Now, Peter, I might ask you as his

former coach - Matt, once he

accepted the gold in the interview

after - said that you were his main

inspiration and the reason why he

won gold. Yeah, I mean, I've been a

long-time coach with Matt. We've

sort of seen him grow up and been

lucky enough to work with him, and

we've learned a lot we've learned a lot off each other,

and certainly his achievements have

been outstanding for a long time,

and to see him get up again and win

gold and break a world record was just just awesome.

What a fabulous athlete he really is.

Our women gymnasts continued their

excellent form at the Games,

collecting all three medals in the collecting all three medals in the

individual all-round final. Shane Perkins's disqualification for

dangerous riding took the gloss off

a great night on track cycling,

where Australia picked up another

three gold medals.

As the world champions in team

sprint, Anna Meares and Kaarie

McCulloch started overwhelming favourites in the final against

Scotland. Daylight. They're in the

middle of next week. McCulloch

bringing home the gold more than

two seconds clear. 19-year-old

Megan dun kept the Australian gold

rush flowing in the women's 25km points points race. The golden trail

continues to lead into infinity!

Cameron Meyer was in control of the

40km men's version a long way from

home. The 22-year-old lapped the

field and looked like he could

probably go another 40km. Like an

express train, it's all over. He

wins the last, he wins the gold.

Shane Perkins faces disciplinary

action for this gesture, after he

was disqualified from the final of the Kieren for causing the Kieren for causing a crash in

the semifinal. He's moved off his

line, Mike. There's no problem

there. In gymnastics, Lauren

Mitchell led a clean sweep of the

medals for Australia in the all-

around individual final.

And Siberian-trained Russian-born

Ivan Popov has helped Australia

come in from the cold in Greco-

Roman wrestling, winning our first

gold medal on the mat since 1978.

It was a big night for India

outside the Games as well, with

Sachin Tendulkar winning the International International Cricket Council

Player of the Year. The little

master picked up the prize and

jumped up to third in the world

player rankings. It's been a

fabulous year. I've thoroughly

enjoyed every moment. Compatriot

Virender Sehwag won the Test Player

of the Year, while Australian all-

rounder Shelley Nitschke was named

women's cricketer of the year.

World champion Mick Fanning added

mitts Kelly Slater will be almost

impossible to stop as the American

edges closer to a 10th world edges closer to a 10th world title.

The world's best surfers dropped

into Portugal for the Rip Curl pro,

which kicks off tomorrow. Fanning

says he'll need a miracle to reel

in Slater. I'll need another couple

of 'Hail Mary's, I think. Kelly has

just been on such an incredible

roll. The swell is expected to be roll. The swell is expected to be pumping for Round 1. roll. The swell is expected to be pumping for Round 1.

National weather details when the Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live.

A Sumatran tiger born to a mother

previously thought to have been

infertile has made its first public

appearance in Germany. The female

cub, dubbed Daseep by zookeepers,

was born on September 10, was born on September 10, weighing

just 1kg. She's packed on 4kg since

then, with a steady milk diet. But

she's being raised by hand after

her mum rejected her at birth.

Daseep is the first tiger born at Frankfurt zoo in 26 years.

And some sad news from the animal

world - a chimpanzee famous for

smoking cigarettes has died at the

ripe old age of 52. Charlie started

smoking at a South African zoo smoking at a South African zoo

after a visitor tossed him a lit

cigarette. The trick was a hit with

visitors, until videos of him

puffing away went global a few

years ago. Zookeepers helped him

kick the habit, but the nickname

'Charlie the Smoking Chimp' stuck.

Smoking didn't shorten his life

span - only 7% of chimpanzees in

the wild live past the age of 40.

That brings you up up to date with all the news.

all the news. Stay with Ten for

updates here on Ten, and updates

throughout the day. Full coverage

of the Commonwealth Games at 5:00:

I'm Ron Wilson. Have a good morning.

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Australia -

This program is captioned live.

Good morning. Welcome to the circle

are this Thursday morning, and a

very special welcome back to Tim

Campbell, who's guest-hosting today. (APPLAUSE)

Back again. So good to have you,

while Denise is away.

Commonwealth Games gold-medal tally

is now at 21, but another day,

another rude hand gesture.

Yesterday, we heard news of

wrestler Hassene Fkiri, who flipped

the bird at officials. Today, we

salute cyclist Shane Perkins, who

after being disqualified offered

not one, but two special fingers.

That's not very nice! No, it's not.

He was disqualified. It was out of

shot. So it's just allegedly. Oh... shot. So it's just allegedly. Oh...

Gloved as well. Does that make it

worse? Does, actually. It's like