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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning, as Nationals' leader Mark Vaile confirmed as Kim Beazley shakes up Labor. found to be unsafe. More than half Australia's hospitals

find form in the one-day tri-series. And Australia's cricketers finally with Chris Bath. This is Seven Morning News Good morning. in Canberra last night More than the seasons were changing for the long winter break. as Parliament rose Mark Vaile The Nationals officially chose as party leader to replace John Anderson and Deputy Prime Minister reshuffling his front bench. while Kim Beazley set about Mark Vaile couldn't contain his glee. APPLAUSE The former stock and station agent

to revert to his auctioneering ways. resisting the urge and delighted. I'm absolutely elated I'm trying to control myself. elected Nationals leader unopposed. The 49-year-old father of three

for the National Party He'll be an outstanding leader with the National Party and very close working Coalition will be as strong as ever. of the Senate less than a week away But with Coalition control easier said than done, that could prove to be with some Nationals, like Barnaby Joyce, over key Government reforms already speaking out

and Telstra. such as industrial relations

In terms of some of the views by my colleagues, that have been expressed we welcome those. as Deputy Prime Minister Mr Vaile will take over

from next month by John Anderson for health reasons. after yesterday's resignation It's got progressively to the point enough is enough. where I just have to say Changes, too, for Labor reshuffled front bench later today with Kim Beazley to unveil his to reinvigorate the party. in an attempt Among the changes - out of Immigration Laurie Ferguson is set to be moved amid criticism of his performance. to Foreign Affairs. Kevin Rudd will add Trade back to the Shadow Ministry. And Lindsay Tanner will be brought joins a strong economic team Lindsay Tanner and Wayne Swan. made up of Stephen Smith says there's a serious risk Schapelle Corby's Indonesian lawyer drug smuggling may be increased. her 20-year sentence for Hotman Paris Hutapea's also calling to be dropped from the case for Perth QC Mark Trowell

of the Indonesian defence team following his claim the coordinator to bribe the judges. asked for money for Schapelle Corby's defence team, There's been no let-up

of drug smuggling a month ago since she was convicted in a Bali jail. and sentenced to 20 years appeal are turning on each other. But now the lawyers handling her

Perth QC Mark Trowell says

Vasu Rasiah, Corby's defence team coordinator,

for the Australian Government handed him a letter earlier this month, to bribe the Indonesian judges. asking for $500,000 And I told him to the Australian Government. there is no way I would convey that did not and would not The Australian Government to bribe judges in Indonesia. pay money "to lobby" Rasiah claims he wanted the money and pay Indonesian journalists in a sympathetic manner. to write about the Corby case Unlike Australia, to come to visit to our story we have to pay for the TV media and the newspaper and the radio. Justice Minister Chris Ellison says has not received any letters the Australian Government

from Corby's Indonesian team requesting money for bribes. Hotman Paris Hutapea, Corby's Jakarta lawyer, are a disaster and wants him sacked. says Mr Trowell's accusations the judges may increase her sentence, He also believes just to prove they are not corrupt. has lost everything in a house fire. A family on the Sunshine Coast public and private hospitals A nationwide review of Australia's A nationwide review of Australia's

has found just over half are unsafe, errors jeopardising patient safety. with inadequate staffing and medical The review was undertaken on Healthcare Standards, by the Australian Council

most of the nation's hospitals. which accredits joins me now. It's CEO, Brian Johnston, Good morning, Brian. This is the first time of your hospitals review. you've released the findings so many of them too risky? Why have you found

It is not a question of the hospitals being too risky and

certainly to say that 51% are

unsafe is not an accurate statement.

What it means is that in 51% of the

hospitals that we surveyed there

were issues regarding their safety

programs that were - gave cause for

concern where action needed to be

taken to improve performance. Many

of those, in fact most of those

hospitals have responded very

strongly to that challenge that is

put down in the accreditation

program and are taking steps

progressively on a continuing basis

to improve the safety environment

in which they provide their care

Which areas are they failing in?

The biggest area that we talked

about in relation to safety was

that of risk management. Risk

management has many dimensions in a

hospital. It can relate to the

clinical services that are provided.

It may also relate to the physical environment in which the services

are provided or the availability of

appropriate equipment. It can be a

combination of those plus the

skills of staff necessary to

deliver the right standards of care.

It is a mixture of those things but

in many instances where hospitals

and other health care facilities

let themselves down is that they do

not actually Tess that the plans

that they put in place to manage

things like disasters which could

be something like the flu pandemic

which has been talked about as ill

nent in terms of its arrival in the

world or as something as simple or

as local as a fire or a power

failure. You need to have plans but

more importantly you need to test

that those plans, if put to the

test, will work and work effectively

Looking at your review most of the

34 on hospitals found to be lacking

in some areas are public hospitals.

How much more evidence do you think

the Government needs that our

of help? public health system I in dire need

Well, evidence about performance

across the health system comes from

a number of different sources. We

hope that what our report does is

it provides an informed and an

accurate picture from our

perspective from our accreditation

activities. Lit inform we hope

policy formulation and debate in

various levels of society,

particularly in Government

You can't name the hospitals that

are performing badly, but you have

identified those provideing

excellent services. Which are they?

There are a number of hospitals

which do things - many very well in

a enough of different areas. One of

the point that I think is very

important to note about hospitals

is that simply because a hospital

gets a recommendation in one area

doesn't mean that all their

services if you like are paint wide

the same brush. There can be one

aspect of a hospital which is

letting them down somewhat but in

all other respects the hospital is

performing very strongly both in

the public and private sector and I

would be reluctant to single one

out as a particular example

We will leave it there but no doubt

you are in for an interesting week

and it will be interesting to see

what comes out of your review in

the next year or two

We are glad to have contributed

this information to the public debate. It's Drug Action Week and health care professionals are again trying to raise awareness of the level of drug and alcohol abuse in Australia. They now have $7 million to spend on awareness programs around the country. To tell us more, is Daryl Smeaton, CEO of the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation. Good morning, Daryl. Where is this money going to?

Good morning, Chris

Where is this money going to go?

Go into a range of areas right

across the country. The one that we

are particularly proud of is the

area where we are provideing grants

to help parent cope with the issues

of dealing with particularly

alcohol use by their teenagers. And

that is something that we think is

very important, the ability of

parent to understand the things

that face their kids and how to handle them

So apart from helping parent what

other programs will it fund?

It ranges from things like a

program to help university students

- they are the biggest drinkers of

the lot, the 20 to 29-year-olds

All that studying drives you to drink does it?

Werblgs I think it is probably Moran opportunity than anything

else, Chris. But we are also

focusing on the older people, we

are providing support for a

national lawn bowls tournament

which is focusing on the over 50s

then to indigenous youth and a

radio program that is designed to

help them cope with the issues

Why should we care so much about drug and alcohol abuse?

Well, the latest figures around

alcohol misuse suggest that it

costs our country $7.5 billion a

year. That 10 people on average die

every day to alcohol attributable

causes and of course the costs are

both health and social so I think

we do need to raise awareness about

the issue and that is what this

week is principally about. But it

is also about celebrating the

great work that people to within

the field to help their fellow Australians

Thank you for your time this

morning. A family on the Sunshine Coast has lost everything in a house fire. Their old Queenslander was engulfed in flames last night, after a saucepan full of oil on the kitchen stove caught alight. Flames quickly spread to the exhaust fan and overhead cupboards. A woman inside the home wanted to save some possessions, but was stopped by her 16-year-old son. I just didn't think it would go up so quick. But he just said, "No, no, you're not going back in there." And it was just as well because it just went voom.

Fire crews were on the scene in minutes, but the house was destroyed. More accolades for Harry Haywood, the five-year-old boy who saved his two sisters, mother and her boyfriend when their home in Tahmoor in Sydney's south-west was destroyed by fire. With no working smoke detector inside, Harry became their own smoke alarm. From such a small boy,

huge screams that enabled his family to escape unharmed. As soon as we got out, about 30 seconds later,

the house just went. It just exploded - bang! Police and fire crews who attended the scene have recommended Harry for a bravery award which would make him the youngest-ever recipient. Prince William set forth into the world of work today with the Commonwealth's future king graduating from university. His father, step-mother, grandmother and grandfather were all there to see him collect his degree. But the end of university also marks the end of media restrictions on the young prince.

Will yam, whales.

In his black silk Robe Prince

William waited in line, then it We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. as soon as possible. Normal service will resume We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. as soon as possible. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. as soon as possible. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. Next in Seven's Morning News, our business and finance report. Final justice for a KKK leader. And how Phuket's recovering six months after

six months after the Boxing Day tsunami. at any Coles, BI-LO, Liquorland or Coles Express The death of two toddlers in Zimbabwe has once again drawn international attention to President Robert Mugabe's crimes against humanity. The children were crushed to death when their home, in one of the country's poorest communities,

was destroyed by government bulldozers. Mugabe has sanctioned the destruction of all urban shantytowns

leaving around 1.5 million homeless.

It has gone so far. I'm so angry myself that I'm ready to stand before a gun and be shot. Amnesty International is leading a call for the United Nations and the African Union to intervene. A Texan has become a hero after rescuing two people from inside a burning mobile home. When Nicholas Tafoya entered the caravan,

he saw smoke pouring from the roof and found two people trapped inside. He managed to kick down the door, pulling a woman and child from the inferno. Just a couple more seconds and they would have been covered with flames. They wouldn't be with us any more. They wouldn't be in the ambulance right now. they owe their lives to him The family say they owe their lives to him but the hero insists he was just an instinctive response.

Former Klu Klux Klan leader Edgar

Ray Killen has been jailed for 60

years for masterminding the murders

of three civil right workers in

Mississippi in 1964. The judge

sentenced the preacher to 20 years for each killing.

Each life has value and each life

is equal and valuable as the other

lift I have taken that into consideration.

Killen, now 80, will appeal against

the convictions. The killings were

diagram ties in the movie Mississippi Burning. It's almost six months now since an earthquake beneath the Indian Ocean triggered the Boxing Day tsunami. Tens of thousands of people were killed and the shorelines of many Asian countries were decimated. Phuket in Thailand was one of the hardest hit. Today Seven reporter Clare Brady is there to see how it's recovering. Clare, you were in Phuket just after the tsunami hit. How's it looking six months on?

I have been here for a month and

after the Boxing Day tsunami after

we left the clean-up was still

going on in shops and underground

carparks. The return here we can

see shops are open and the beach ...

We will have to leave Clare. We

will see if we can fix the audio

problem and get back to Clare in

Phuket later in the bulletin. To business and finance news now.

And joining us is the ANZ's Craig Ferguson. Right, Craig, a new crude oil record. OPEC's pumping as fast as it can. So why has oil skyrocketed?

Oil has certainly been up towards

$60 a barrel overnight in the US

and that has seen equity markets in

the US come off sharply, the Dow

Jones fell 166 points, 2% last

night and global stock markets have

also fallen in Asia today. Why is

oil up? Due to a shortage of

gasoline fuel and also some

refineing shut downs in the US

which have cause add spike and seen some shortages

What sort of impact can the humble

Australian motorist expect to have

at the pump?

It certainly keeps the pressure on

at the pump. The interest iing

thing is that our economic department has done some work

regarding what the impact of a 10

cents increase of prices at the

pump here in Australia do and

actually its like it provides the

equivalent of a 25-basis point

height by the RBA so it has an

impact on domestic consumption,

takes money away from spending on

other forms Thank you.

Next in Seven's Morning News, the latest in sport. And some cricket pride reatored as Australia finally chalks up a win.

Returning to Phuket in Thailand one

of the hardest hit places in Asia.

We have restored communications

with Clare. How is it looking six

months on?

Chris, things are much better. The

people seem to be back on their

feet as far as rebuilding their

shops and cleaning up the beefes.

It looks just as you would think in

a postcard. The only thing missing

are the tourists. Now of course it

is low season at the moment but it

is really low. The hotels are

running at 15% of their capacity

and the people believe it is

because Westerners think they are

still in mourning. Of course they

are mourning but they still need to

survive financially and this is

having an incredible effect I in

the community and poverty is

taking on a new form. We have

people collecting rubbish from due

writs but there is no rubbish to

collect so they are struggling.

Some families in shops are

surviving on one meal a day. They

are pleading for tourists to come

back, things are looking beautiful

but there is no-one on the beach

Is there any work still to be done there?

Chris, areas like Kata and Patong,

they are all beautiful but it seems

the Government subsidies haven't

reached or are taking a long time

to reach many of the other areas.

The hardest hit areas lost 6000

people, that resembles nothing more

than a ghost town now. There are

building thanks have been

demolished and very few are being

rebuilt. The Prime Minister flew in

monks from corear and Japan to try

to rid the area of what they

believe are trapped spirits of

tourists. Refugee camps are up, the

people are one dipping when

everything will return to nor

million and on their faces they are

still wondering what they did to

deserve nature's fury and what's

more after working so hard to get

things up and running why tourists

have turned their backs on their society. Australia has beaten England in their one-day international in Durham. The Aussies looked to be in trouble after posting a modest total of 266 from their 50 overs. But England was woeful with the bat, falling 57 runs short. Marcus Trescothick was filling in for injured skipper Michael Vaughan and sent the Aussies into bat. Hayden and Gilchrist looked to have settled in. COMMENTATOR: That's too wide this time from Gough and he gets punished. But the vice-captain fell But the vice-captain fell with the score on 44. Oh, caught what a great catch.

Ricky Ponting was finally playing straight and made 27 before taking an unnecessary risk. And that has gone down to third man much, much better. One over later Hayden squared up and payed the price fell dramatically. as the Aussies run rate for the injured Michael Clarke Andrew Symonds was back in the side and got the innings back on track.

added a century stand He and Damien Martyn Symonds was run out for 73. but when things looked promising Hit's he's out and he hits. to make an impact. Brett Lee didn't take long two wickets in quick succession. His old strike partner then took Oh, Collingwood's gone. took the total past 50. Andrew Flintoff and Vikram Solanki That just needs throwing back. fell within two overs of each other. But with quick runs needed both men a Kevin Pietersen-led revival Any hope of by Andrew Symonds. was then killed off It is out. a with an unbeaten 46, Darren Gough provided some resistance of the target. but England still fell 57 runs short

have been knocked out Nicole Pratt and Wayne Arthurs at the All England Club. in the second round in the men's draw, Two of the main threats Rafael Nadal and Tim Henman, are also out. in straight sets. Maria Sharapova breezed through to two-time champion Venus Williams. Pratt lost in straight sets against Germany's Alexander Popp. Arthurs went to five sets Arthurs lead by two sets to one in a tie-breaker. but Popp won the fourth 14-12, in the fifth set The German then clinched the match, after more than four hours. on Seven's Morning News. Stay with us here weather details after this break. I'll be back with the weekend at what the weather has in store. Let's have a look will head to New Zealand. A Tasman low and showers should ease As it does, southerly winds and Victoria. in eastern New South Wales A frosty morning, western Victoria and inland NSW. then a dry day in Tasmania, will maintain showers And easterly winds along the southern WA coast. That's Seven's Morning News to now. throughout the day We will keep you up to date at 4.30 and 6.00. and in our bulletins I'm Chris Bath

Have a great day. Thanks for your company. Email - Captioned by Seven Network