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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully Tonight - shoot to destroy. orders to protect APEC leaders. Australian fighter jets with deadly in Australia. This would be an extraordinary step The PM under pressure. little hands off our Territory! Mr Howard, get your grubby for the election. Demands he name the date 'co-ownership'. Plus - the new housing boom - between a 10%-15% increase Every month, we're seeing we're helping with co-ownership. in the numbers of people as the AFL's drugs scandal worsens. And new charges possible with Brad McEwan. That story headlines Sports Tonight

Sandra, the relationship broadcasting partner Channel Seven between the AFL and hit a new low today on speaking to the network. with players maintaining their ban of AFL retirements and farewells. Also tonight - a day I just said that before, OK. I'm not answering questions, mate, Not answering questions? CHANNEL SEVEN JOURNALIST: No, not with Channel Seven. your question Mate, I'd love to answer the rest of the boys in the AFL but I'm toeing the line along with your questions, I'm sorry. and we won't be answering

I thought you'd turn up so I'm not answering. and ask the first question,

is all that's needed I guess an apology and we'll all go back to normal. of AFL retirements and farewells. Also tonight - a day for his last game in the NRL. Penrith captain Craig Gower prepares at the US Open. And the Aussies shine on day two

to Australia's top-gun pilots Shoot-to-kill orders have been given during the APEC summit in Sydney. guarding the skies today The RAAF staged a dramatic fly-past to show off its capabilities an aerial attack on world leaders. in the event terrorists try the APEC zone will be intercepted Hostile planes flying into to leave, and, if they don't follow orders with short-range air-to-air missiles. will be blown out of the air in Australia This would be an extraordinary step and agreed and arrangements have been made for that. at the highest levels of government All airline and civilian pilots entering Sydney airspace during APEC security protocol are subject to a strict

of the consequences and have been warned of disobeying directions. have come under threat Australian soldiers at a checkpoint in Afghanistan. that accelerated towards them. They opened fire on a vehicle the driver stopped immediately When the vehicle was hit

with minor injuries. and was taken to hospital from Afghanistan, And more breaking news

of South Korean hostages being freed first pictures of a group by the Taliban. the number freed. This takes to eight, to release the final one The Taliban pledging to pull out troops after South Korea pledged

from entering the country. and stop its Christian missionaries 2 were executed. 21 hostages were taken six weeks ago, the Prime Minister to bring it on Kevin Rudd has challenged

anniversary he called the last poll. and call the election on the third The Opposition Leader also wants has brushed aside both demands. but John Howard It looks like a campaign... Can I have a hug? Everybody knows what a liar you are. ..and he's out selling policies. level it's been in 35 years. Job security is now at its highest for John Howard - But there's no sense of deja vu since he called the last election. despite it now being three years That had passed my attention. Oh, really? on Kevin Rudd. The anniversary wasn't lost Prime Minister's seat of Bennelong He chose to visit the to say "it's time". is three years to October 9, The holding of the election

for Mr Howard to confirm I think it's useful an October poll. whether we are going to have

of doing that. No, no, I have no intention to spell out his workplace agenda Also dismissed - a challenge for the next term. Let's have a debate now - Mr Howard and myself relations for the future. on our plans for industrial except for any fine-tuning. We don't have any changes in mind But Kevin Rudd is already facing pressure IR policy. to change his more business-friendly paid workers in Australia The union representing the lowest angry and disappointed. is to take Kevin Rudd for a day What I've offered around to clothing factories, to sweatshops, out there. to see what is actually happening according to the PM. It's all part of the show We're witnessing this pantomime where the union officials in front of the cameras are wringing their hands

but popping champagne corks in private.

writes off the criticism The Opposition Leader as getting the balance right. act is in the opinion polls For John Howard though the balancing and choosing his strongest position to call the start of the real election campaign. Brad Hodson, Ten News. holding up production of vehicles A major development in the dispute at Ford in Melbourne. Tomorrow morning will be asked to outlaw a strike the Industrial Relations Commission

by workers at a components plant, leaving them with the prospect of being fined if they don't return to the job. Calls tonight to be declared a natural disaster. for the equine influenza

Members of the racing industry to foot the multimillion-dollar bill, also want the Federal Government from a Commonwealth facility. if it's proven the flu escaped

call for desperate measures Desperate times that means "phantom racing". and in New South Wales In just over a week, to hold an event with no spectators, Randwick race course is planning on giant TV screens at another track, instead punters will watch where the bookies will also be based. the standstill, We would not be abandoning Randwick has 700 horses. for instance,

New South Wales tracks Randwick, one of four more to have contracted horse flu. where horses are feared that are not well. You don't like having horses

This fellow doesn't look particularly unwell I must say. but certainly with the temperature there is obviously something going on. Hundreds of horses across New South Wales and Queensland are under suspicion of having equine influenza and in quarantine. In Sydney the racing industry wants horse flu declared a natural disaster,

to clear the way for compensation. It also wants the Federal Government to foot the bill if the crisis proves to have originated at a Commonwealth quarantine facility. If it were necessary to hold a public inquiry, of course I would support it. After four days stranded in their stables horses in Queensland and Western Australia have resumed trackwork, under strict conditions.

They were all happy to get out and have a trot and a canter, get out of their boxes and have a bit of exercise. Preparations for the Beijing Olympics are in chaos,

four members of the team in quarantine or stuck overseas. Christopher Still, Ten News. A novel, new trend has emerged housing affordability crisis. from Australia's Friends and family members are banding together to buy homes they couldn't afford any other way. For many 20- and 30-somethings sharing-housing is a necessity.

But friends Dave and Adrian have taken it a step further. Since May, they've been sharing a mortgage. For what Adrian and I bought pooling our resources for half of that, I'm really only responsible which wouldn't get you a car space. The mates have gone halves in a $350,000 unit - brand-new, two bedrooms in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria. I think it's just sort of a way of splitting the risk, you know?

They're not alone. Pod Property specialises in drafting the legal documents for mortgage-sharing. Every month, we're seeing between a 10%-15% increase in the numbers of people we're helping with co-ownership. High prices and rising interest rates are accelerating the trend. I think the housing affordability crisis is the main spur.

Sharing a mortgage with family or friends is a prospect being considered by more and more people keen just to get into the market. Lenders too are realising split mortgages are potentially a major growth area. 65% of all people who are considering buying a home with a friend or a family member. are considering buying it Co-ownership makes up around 10% of home loan applications. In the coming years, that figure could jump to 50%.

I see it growing and growing at a phenomenal pace. Although committing to share a mortgage does have risks, they're risks many are only too willing to take. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Police have charged a man and her 6-year-old daughter, and then locking them in their home. 41-year-old Per Anderson allegedly met the woman on an Internet dating service.

Police say they'd been seeing each other for two weeks before the accused became violent. We will allege he has threatened to kill her and her family. The man is charged with locking the mother and daughter inside their home then stealing the woman's car to drive to Perth Airport. The victim kicked her way out of the house and raised the alarm. Police have been linked to the murder of a man

whose body has been exhumed 30 years after his death. The man was killed in a hit-run incident. As police dig deeper into Hugh Wilson's grave, they hope to find answers to a mystery that's plagued the town for more than three decades. We believe the injuries received by Mr Wilson in the accident, particularly head injuries, are not consistent with an injury that would have been received in a motor vehicle accident. A re-examination of the victim's body is expected to provide clues about how Mr Wilson died. Detectives receiving a tip-off he was murdered after surviving a hit-run accident east of Colac in 1976. And allegations police at the time were involved are under the spotlight. We believe a police car was repaired covertly

on the weekend of the death of Mr Wilson. Fresh information was given to the Ethical Standards Department last year, igniting those claims. I've got an open mind on everything. I do not know if it was a cover-up or what. first at the scene, A local constable, was long thought to be a suspect. He's been cleared, but has his suspicions. If we are dealing with a former policeman who carried out this act, we are dealing with a very vicious person. And, if that is the case, we are dealing with a massive cover-up. For more than 30 years, Colac locals have had their own theories about how Hugh Wilson died. Police now hope that innuendo will be laid to rest with this latest development in the investigation. Detectives will now interview all officers based in Colac at the time.

He was a loner, good-hearted and would do anything for anybody. Cameron Smith, Ten News. has taken a turn for the worse. Channel Seven employees risk being charged over leaking the medical records of players.

We obviously executed a search warrant on Channel Seven to gain the material,

The Chief Commissioner says she's concerned the medical files link an AFL club to illicit drugs. And coming up in Sports Tonight with Brad McEwen - star players vent their anger at the unfolding events in this saga. What this astronaut was thinking when she drove across America wearing a nappy to hunt down her romantic rival?

And why the stock market took a sharp turn south today - that's ahead with CommSec.

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This program is captioned live. Hollywood beauty and UN goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie and refugees. is in Iraq to meet troops More than 4 million Iraqis are estimated to have fled their homes

since the war. Jolie is the UN's High Commissioner for refugees. Unveiled in London tonight - what's been called a beacon of hope for the world's oppressed - a bronze statue of Nelson Mandela. The former president of South Africa described as the greatest leader of his generation after his life-long struggle to end apartheid. The nappy-wearing astronaut accused of stalking and attacking a romantic rival is claiming temporary insanity as her defence. Her lawyers argue her bizarre behaviour is the result of psychological problems. Lisa Nowak's lawyer says she's competent to stand trial but argues she was far from stable when she armed herself with various weapons and nappies on a road trip from Texas to Florida.

He claims the rocket scientist was suffering from a mental disorder. It's alleged the trip was part of an elaborate plan to get rid of Colleen Shipman, a rival for the affections of astronaut Bill Oefelein. Nowak, a married mother of three, had fallen for Oefelein, but has since apologised to the other woman. And I would like her to know how very sorry I am about having frightened her in any way. Court documents indicate Nowak was struggling with severe insomnia and the autistic-like condition Asperger's disorder when she drove more than 1,400km to Florida's Orlando airport. Police allege Nowak was stalking Shipman, eventually getting close enough to shoot her with capsicum spray. a knife, mallet, BB gun and 40 nappies, 3 of them used. She said that she used the diapers in order to pee so that she didn't have to make as many stops. Her lawyer argues

she was so sleep-deprived after the arrest she was unable to understand her legal rights. Charged with kidnapping, battery and burglary, the 44-year-old's trial is due to begin in late September. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

CommSec's Tom Piotrowski now with the day in Finance.

Tom - as we saw today we're still marching to the beat of Wall Street's drum,

At this point they are not

particularly clear. We are only

minutes away from opening on Wall

Street and it looks as though Street and it looks as though it

stocks will go off to a cautious

but positive start. Good news in ut positive start. Good news in but positive start. Good news in

European trade and that is the

resurgence on the part of the banking sector. There have been

able to turn the markets around

there. Part of the reason is

speculation that the US Federal

Reserve may cut interest rates.

That is only speculation but it has

moved prices. It is really about the next

the next three days because we will

get growth figures that are

critical to how the markets perform

and then on Friday we get at a

statement from the US Federal banker.

Thanks, Tom. A celebration tonight of the world's most beautiful eggs -

as Faberge launched its world-first 'stand alone' store in Sydney.

The exquisitely crafted jewellery has found a select market in Australia prompting the luxury brand to set up its flagship store here. Faberge is famous for bejewelled eggs, first made for the Russian emperor more than 120 years ago.

Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. Brad - brothers in arms. AFL players take a stand on the latest drugs scandal. Sandra, they're refusing to talk to Channel Seven. Their collective 'no comment' after the break.

Also tonight - Grant Hackett's stunning swim. Could Kevin Muscat be the next Melbourne Victory coach? And style wars on the slopes of Falls Creek.

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Welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. The fallout from the latest AFL drug controversy continues with players sticking to their guns and refusing to talk

to the Seven Network. And the boycott will spread until the station apologises for airing players' confidential medical records.

Ian Cohen has more. Good evening, Brad. This is certainly unprecedented with the relationship between the AFL and one of the broadcast partners in the Seven network reaching a new low. Players have been very strong, they've been emphatic in enforcing the ban on speaking to the network. I'm not answering questions, mate, I just said that before, OK. CHANNEL SEVEN JOURNALIST: Not answering questions?

No, not with Channel Seven. Why's that, mate? I thought you'd turn up and ask the first question, so I'm not answering. Leo the coach was talking about resting some of the bigger name I said I'm not answering questions. It's not a question about drugs, buddy. That's alright. Mate, I'd love to answer your question but I'm toeing the line along with the rest of the boys in the AFL and we won't be answering your questions, I'm sorry. I guess an apology is all that's needed and we'll all go back to normal. But not all clubs are keeping tight-lipped. major sponsors. Channel Seven is one of Essendon's You know they've been good to us but we are just a little bit disappointed with what's gone on. Unless the network issues a public apology, it will remain isolated. Collingwood and Adelaide promising the silent treatment Friday night. and to our administration at Collingwood think that a ban's a great thing and I said I don't particularly but I'll fight to the end for them to have the opportunity to express themselves any way they can. Reports indicate that Seven may drop the court injunction chase as part of a peace deal with the league, but the players' action has drawn widespread support. And police say they may yet take action against Seven, for airing players' confidential medical records. they shouldn't have been bought and second of all they shouldn't be publicly aired. It's an invasion of privacy of one of the worst cases.

It was a day for calling it quits. The Blues Matthew Lappin announcing his immediate retirement. Port Adelaide premiership player Darryl Wakelin will retire and Clint Bizell So too Demons defenders Nathan Brown bulldogs Chris Grant while question marks hang over and Docker Peter Bell. at Windy Hill - And it was an end of an era training there for the last time. Kevin Sheedy and James Hird James Hird (cheers).

emotional and memorable occasion. Hundreds of fans turned out for the forever this farewell, It feels like it has been going on finally it will happen eventually. it's just another farewell, but of Kangaroos coach Dean Laidley, And Brad the future tonight. will almost certainly be decided He's going to speak tomorrow meeting this evening but the Kangaroos board has been a hot topic on the agenda. and no doubt that would have been

Thanks, Ian. to play Rugby Union He's bound for France hasn't ruled out a return to the NRL but Penrith captain Craig Gower as he prepares for his final game. Leanne West has more.

Thanks, Brad. Graig Gower heads overseas next week and while he's not even contemplating failure in his new career, never say never about a return to the NRL. of years and we'll see how it goes. I'm going over there for a couple

and be successful. Hopefully I'll make a good go of it

of French rugby union I haven't seen a great deal in England but I've seen club rugby

it's going to take much out of him. and I don't think left in him. So, he'll have plenty of juice South Sydney's Joe Williams The Panthers are set to offer Gower's replacement, the chance to become provided Williams can get a release from his French deal.

at the Panthers Gower will miss the mateship on high tackles. but not the NRL's crackdown no-one get hurt You don't want to see but some of the penalties these days are a bit soft, I reckon.

a bit of the toughness out of it. I think it's taken on Saturday night, A blow for the Panthers opponents

a home final the New Zealand Warriors chasing for the rest of the season but they've lost centre Jerome Ropati with a fractured shoulder blade. international team-mate Jake Webster Meantime, Ropati's Kiwi has joined the European exodus. releasing him Gold Coast Titans management of his contract. from the final two years I'd want to go as well - If I put myself in Jake's shoes, it was a massive offer. as everybody knows over there, It's good money,

to play centre. His team-mate, Chris Walker, against Melbourne could miss Sunday night's match after hurting his knee at training. their maiden season with a bang The Titans eager to finish against the competition favourites. Everything's set up and do their lap around the field for them to come out with their minor premiership trophy as hard as we possibly can. and we're going to make it to celebrate the career A tribute lunch original, Paul Bowman, of retiring North Queensland against the Bulldogs this weekend who'll play his 200th match and the 31-year-old fancies We think we're going alright under the radar, and it's good to be travelling or expecting us to do well. like, no-one's backing us So there's no pressure on us.

may extend his NRL career And Manly's Steve Menzies to an amazing 17 seasons. to play again next year, Currently negotiating of playing again in 2009. he may add the option Brad. Thanks, Leanne. scare to cruise into the second round Lleyton Hewitt has overcome an injury of the US Open. Alicia Molik lost, It was a better day for Australia both had opening round victories. but Nicole Pratt and Casey Dellacqa to beat American Amer Delic. Hewitt needed only an hour and half a successful US hard-court campaign Having enjoyed came courtesy of Roger Federer, where his only losses Hewitt wasted little time against his 71st-ranked opponent. UMPIRE: Game, Hewitt. just 25 minutes The 2001 champion requiring to wrap up the first set,

in the second. and he continued to fire Oh, there's that accuracy. COMMENTATOR:

a mid-match knee injury The 16th seed overcoming

to advance impressively into the second round. Yes, well, a good closing point and his wife, Bec, in the stands. as he points up to Darren Cahill like a football I was seeing the ball

right from the start. I had a little bit of a scare when I nearly did my knee out there I was moving incredibly well. but apart from that I felt like back from a set down and a break with veteran Nicole Pratt fighting to beat Jamea Jackson. Russian Yaroslava Schvedova Casey Dellacqua defeated in straight sets. breast cancer A proud mum who has been battling daughter's first win at a Grand Slam. on hand to help celebrate her I've played a few now is really good so to get that thing off my back and I'm just so excited. world number two Maria Sharapova Dellacqua now meets in the second round - the Russian kicking off her title defence in sparkling fashion, against Italian Roberta Vinci. dropping just one game It's a little different. like the Big Apple, It's red this year, in honour of the city. Andrew Brown, for Sports Tonight. short of a place in the finals Jon Steffensen has fallen agonisingly Athletics Championships in Osaka. of the 400m at the World Despite running a season-best time,

he failed to finish in the first two, which guaranteed a place in the final. His time was just 0.09secs off a fastest qualifier's spot. I gave it my best. It's been a good year everybody's support back home and I'm really grateful for and we'll come back next year. Disappointment too for Sean Wroe, to finish fifth in his heat who ran a personal best of 45.25secs but also missed out on a spot in the final.

the second fastest 800m in history Grant Hackett has swum on the opening day of the Australian Short Course Championships

in Melbourne. to break his own 6-year-old record. Hackett went into the race hoping He won easily, but tired late, outside the mark. finishing 2.5 secs It's a great time in the past four or five months, and considering where I've come from it's good to get that close. that 400m freestyle heat before it, But I think doing took the edge off it. a third consecutive 1,500m gold medal Hackett remains focussed on winning at next year's Beijing Olympics. veteran midfielder Kevin Muscat, Melbourne Victory has re-signed

for another two years. As further indication of his future at the club, the skipper has also been added to the Victory's coaching staff. He's already the team's key player and the captain.

Now Kevin Muscat's also an assistant coach.

We've got a great squad and predominantly made up of young kids so that certainly excites me. The move appears an effort to prepare the 34-year-old for head coaching duties. But while he's still negotiating his own contract extension, Ernie Merrick's unfazed. I'm the head coach up until the middle of January and Kevin better stay out of my way between now and then. No, no, we're really happy to have Kevin on board, and I think it will be I hope he stays with this club for a long time. he'll keep playing until 2009. Muscat's new deal means On Saturday night, he'll run out for Victory's first home game of the season against Perth Glory at Telstra Dome. The last time they were there, there were six, six goals and there was 56,000 people. So we're hoping that we can get the memberships over 20,000 by this game. should play despite knee problems. Star striker Archie Thompson But a medial ligament strain will keep gun recruit Ljubo Milicevic out for at least a month. And Liverpool has qualified of the Champions League for the group stage with a 4-0 thumping of French team Toulouse.

Striker Dirk Kuyt scored two late goals as the Reds romped to an easy win. Adam McNicol for Sports Tonight.

Wallabies assistant coach John Muggleton has warned the Australians may not start the tournament in a blaze of glory against Japan.

he says the team is looking to build their way into the tournament. Confidence is running high in Camp Wallaby. While admitting The All Blacks deserve top billing ahead of next week's World Cup opener, the Australians are talking tough. If they're going to get to the final they've got to get and literally they've got over the top of us, we're not going to let them through the door. Thire's an enormous amount of belief amongst the team, There's an enormous amount of belief and the last, I guess six weeks that's been reinforced and we're feeling pretty good. Their Portugal camp wrapped up, next a promotional trip to Paris, then preparations for first opponent, Japan. Not the most daunting foe, but don't expect a walkover. It's about playing your best football in October, not so much in September, '99 and 2003 we certainly improved with every game, and that's what we're looking to do here. We're not going to be satisfied with what we put on the park in the first game. Waugh who admits he felt overawed at the last World Cup now says experience is a strength of this squad. The seasoned campaigners providing an environment that's even helped the rookies overcome their nerves. You get that sense that something big's about to happen within the group. So I know we're all looking forward to getting to France and kicking off our preparations. And good news for youngest team member, Berrick Barnes, able to run at training after treatment for an ongoing groin injury. Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight. A new look for our cricketers - a sleeveless uniform for next month's inaugural Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa. The yellow lightweight breathable fabric top, will be worn over an aluminium-coloured compression layer, designed to support muscles. It's also claimed the uniform will keep the players comfortable at any temperature

and allow them to consistently perform at their peak.

The best snowboarders in the world have converged on Falls Creek an event considered part of a world snowboard championship. The World Snowboarding Tour event to new heights. aims to push the sport The first day was packed with action as riders were put to the test in hard icy conditions. American Andy Finch flew 50m from a purpose-built jump, but just missed out on a world record.

The event runs until Sunday. 17-year-old Nicholas Naitanui is too young to be drafted by an AFL club this year, but next year - watch out. The Fijian teenager is already on the recruiting radars of almost every team. A natural athlete turned potential AFL star - since turning his talents to football five years ago,

Nicholas Naitanui is on the radar of every AFL scout in the country.

Growing up with all the other boys just taught me along the way. On the field, you feel a bit different and stuff, but as long as you perform, everyone has respect for you. He's got exceptional athletic qualities that everyone can see - his height, his spring, his speed is something that really sets him apart,

but he's just got a great attitude to the game. While on the fast track to football's big time, it's patience this teenager must have. He is four days short of being old enough to enter this year's national draft. But, next year, he's a certain top-five pick. Many have him at number one.

This Australian-born Fijian is hoping to follow the footsteps of fellow native Port Adelaide's David Rodan. Since I've been playing colts, I've just had a dream to make it to AFL

and just seeing David Rodan inspires you, showing a Fijian can make it, so just keep working at it and keep improving as I go. A stand-out performance at this year's national 18's carnival earned him All-Australian honours. I was pretty surprised, 'cause coming up against Vic Metro ruckmen, such as Cruiser, for this year's draft,

just to make All-Australian as a ruckman - pretty happy. His physical impact on the game is quite extraordinary and his tackling and the ability to create space for some of the smalls in our carnival was exceptional. Talent scouts noticed Naitanui from when he entered the State 16's program. Initially, he was just a fantastic athlete and we've seen him develop now into a more complete footballer.

He now understands about ruckwork, he understands about positioning and he's having huge impact in games. The Swans Districts colts boasts a host of prospective AFL draftees, For the time being, their focus is on winning this year's premiership and that, according to most, is almost guaranteed. Tim Hipsley for Sports Tonight.

This program is captioned live. We're starting to lose count up here in the mountains because this has to be about the six or seventh day in a row of big blue skies, sunshine and mild temperatures. I think spring has sprung up on us very early this year. There is a good cover of snow but softened up very quickly under all the sunshine. Here in Thredbo: Just next door and our neighbours at the Victorian resorts had similar sunny, spring-like conditions. Snow is in the forecast for Friday with these fine and sunny conditions returning by the weekend. This is some Simone Smith in Thredbo for Sports Tonight. "no pain, no gain"? You know the saying, Washington Nationals Wily Mo Penya does after cracking the baseball into his left foot while batting against the LA Dodgers. Initially, he was hurting, then, for some reason, he was laughing. He was soon laughing some more when, on one foot, he smacked a 2-run homer. That was until he was hurting and hopping his way around the diamond. We're not sure what happened to Penya's foot - one thing we do know is he's be pretty handy at hopscotch. Play of the Day.

Disappointing news from the world

athletics championship. An

Australian didn't make the finals. The news on the national weather now. Dry northerly winds will become strong and warm in the south-east. A front will bring a gusty, showery change to SA late in the day.

A high in the west will clear showers from the south of WA. and maintain showers on the tropical Queensland coast. So tomorrow - there'll be showers in Cairns. Sunny conditions in Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs. It'll be mostly sunny in Sydney and Hobart. Windy in Melbourne and Adelaide and clearing showers in Perth. The national weather forecast now - And that's the latest from Ten News for this Wednesday August 29. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight.

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