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(generated from captions) MAN: Scarf. They ripped off my... with a blanket. then they came and covered me over a bit of shooting outside, First thing is, there was as the troops closed in. for the Aussie hostage But there were anxious moments to bring about his release. to everyone who worked he's deeply grateful the 63-year-old engineer says after being rescued, Photographed minutes all the time. and other than bread and water in the first place, They kicked me in the head Pretty fair. MAN: How did they treat you? most dangerous suburbs. one of Baghdad's a house-to-house search of Ghazaliya, who rescued him during and Americans Posing here with Iraqis who had threatened to execute him. in the hands of Iraqi terrorists after surviving 47 days Douglas Wood rejoicing I am to see you. You don't know how pleased Free at last. and he was bundled out of harm's way. a blanket was thrown over his head Gunfire rang out, to rescue him from captivity. soldiers stormed in has told of the terrifying moment Freed Australian hostage Douglas Wood for lunch. I'd be regularly having a meat pie and then, lunchtime, I'd be eating red meat five nights a week. five days a week, I was a fairly big meat-eater, but how much is too much? to bowel cancer, a new study links red meat Also tonight - and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully freezing in the wilderness. And how seven women survived a night You're never allowed out again. You're grounded. You know that? She's grounded. Relieved. but what's the toll on the children? free students being held at gunpoint Troops stormed a school building to when he knew he was in safe hands? But what was the first one he asked after his release. at Australian hostage Douglas Wood Tonight - questions are fired all the time. and other then bread and water in the first place, They kicked me in the head Pretty fair. How did they treat you? This program is captioned live.

very strongly. and that has come through for the Iraqi people is wonderful and your compassion and resolve You've kept your dignity It's just been fantastic. of the Australian Government. Thank you for the support to morning tea. The PM hosted the family It's that overwhelming, letting go. than when he was captured. since Douglas was released I think I've cried more were knockabouts as kids. being closer in age, Vernon and Douglas, for nearly seven weeks. as you can imagine, We've had a roller-coaster ride, We were slightly disbelieving. with the good news late yesterday. when the Foreign Minister phoned him Malcolm spoke of his reaction At a packed news conference and gratitude. It was a reunion of relief hasn't it? It's been a hell of a trip, How are you? Hello, young fellow. by younger brother Malcolm. to be met at the airport from Melbourne Vernon Wood flew into Canberra John Hill, Ten News. with family from Australia. before being reunited to his home in California Douglas Wood will head first God bless America! to those holding Mr Wood. by the Australian Government or other concessions made nor were there any political by the Australian Government, that at no time was any ransom paid I just want to confirm how's Geelong going in the AFL? his first question to them - emergency response team, He was handed over to Australia's and in excellent spirits. He appeared to be well examination at a US military base. Mr Wood was given a medical they were still with the hostages. the two insurgents we got, and surprised through the houses and one team was searching every house and different places, We were basically searching That was a bit scary. inside the room. ..then a gun actually fired we knocked down the furniture. And we were busting in, of yelling and screaming... There was still a lot ..and put a blanket over me.

And political reporter Greg Turnbull Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. in football and beer. He's more interested to push those types of lines. I think it's too early but are biding their time. to convince Douglas to quit Iraq The Wood family will now try to the demands of hostage-takers. can ever give in No Australian government our no-deal stance with terrorists. it's a vindication of For Alexander Downer will receive Australian honours. All those involved in the rescue and capacity. shows their growing confidence by the military forces of a free Iraq He says the rescue of Douglas Wood this afternoon. the PM of Iraq, Ibrahim Jaafari, John Howard spoke with with Douglas's release. people and the Wood family with the rest of the Australian The Opposition rejoices come and get me?" "When are you going to He said "Oh, I'm healthy. I said, "Douglas, are you healthy?" It was 6:00 in the morning. He said, "Hi, honey." I did. I spoke to him this morning. neighbouring country to collect him. She's planning to fly to a He's coming home, guys! was elated. In California Douglas's wife, Yvonne, of every member of that team. of the contribution and we are all very proud a team effort We know that this was in the end it was substantial. The Muslim community in no doubts yesterday. though unsure what part he played The Woods grateful for his role, Douglas Wood is alive and free. SHEIK AL-HILALI: I am happy Sheik al-Hilali. senior Australian Muslim cleric by the freeing of Douglas Wood, Just as delighted Yes, that's my understanding. from the time he was found? still holding him REPORTER: Do you think they were I don't believe it was a release. were in no position to demand one. their brother's captors In the end, was never a ransom They say the offer to the people of Iraq. a charitable donation The Woods will still make is in Canberra. Greg, what's the latest on Douglas Wood's whereabouts and plans for his freedom? Well, Sandra, tonight Douglas Wood is still in Baghdad, but overnight, we are told, he will be shifted to an as yet unnamed Middle Eastern country for rest, debriefing, medical tests and psychological assessment. A short while ago, Nick Warner, the head of the Australian emergency response team in Iraq, gave us an indication of just how lucky Douglas Wood was to be rescued. It seems this was an independent intelligence tip-off to the Iraqi military who were conducting an operation in a part of Baghdad, an operation called Operation Lightning. They were directed to a suspect house, not knowing whether it contained arms, bomb-making facilities, or hostages. As it turned out, luckily for Douglas Wood, it was Douglas Wood inside, plus another hostage, an Iraqi citizen. So it seems that emergency response crew from Australia, for all their good work, were not forewarned about this operation and did not know it had happened until it was over. And Greg, another hostage drama involving Australians has unfolded in another part of the world tonight. Yes, it has, in Cambodia, in north-west Cambodia, at a British international school, about 70 students and teachers taken hostage by six masked gunmen carrying shotguns. They were seeking money, weapons and transport. Now, two Australian citizens, a brother and sister, were released fairly early on in the piece, but another 3-year-old Australian boy was still being held when security forces stormed the school and rescued the hostages, taking custody of the kidnappers. Unfortunately in that operation, it seems, very sadly, a 3- or 4-year-old Canadian boy has been killed. And a short time ago the Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer commented to us about this incident. It is probably a one-off criminal act. It is not politically motivated as far as we know at this stage. Maybe more information will come forward but at this stage we understand it was a criminal act, not a political act. Then Sandra, because Australia is considered responsibile for Canadians in Cambodia, our officials are tonight trying to a assist and console the parents of the Canadian child.

Greg Turnbull in Canberra. A driver is lucky to be alive after a freak accident turned his car into a fireball. Investigators believe a faulty gas fuel system may have sparked the explosion on a city street. We warn - some viewers may be distressed by these images. The gas blast sent shockwaves across Perth. Amazingly, the man who inadvertently sparked the fireball survived. I can't still believe I'm alive, I'm dumbfounded. Perth city security camera vision shows Colin Thirlway getting into his car just before 2am. He'd finished a late-night snack and felt like a cigarette. I went to light a smoke, and the whole of the front dash just exploded into flame. The invalid pensioner was belted in, his hands severely burned as he clawed through a pool of fire desperately trying to free himself. I knew I had just one chance, and one chance only to get that seatbelt off. If I hadn't got that seatbelt off, I would not be talking to you guys now. Locals rushed in to help the stricken 46-year-old. By the time I got out of the car, my jacket was on fire. But it was an hour before firefighters were sure what remained of the LP gas conversion car was safe. For the young ladies and the young gentlemen that helped me, I have a sincere gratitude I probably cannot pay. My sincere thank-you. Exactly why the car exploded remains a mystery, now under investigation by the Office of Energy Safety, but gas experts say they're amazed. Colin Thirlway says he'd topped up the tank an hour before the explosion. He had smelt gas and the Mitsubishi Magna was backfiring. I mean, I love that car. It was the love of my life. He's praised the help of bystanders and hospital staff, saying he held his faith and his rosary beads throughout the ordeal. Because this really is the type of stuff you see in movies, and they don't get out of cars that explode. Nick Way, Ten News. When we come back, Schapelle Corby's Indonesian lawyer makes a desperate demand on the Australian Government. She's grounded. You're grounded, you know that? You're never allowed out again. And how seven women survived a night freezing in the wilderness. This program is captioned live. Bring new witnesses to Bali now - that's the plea from Schapelle Corby's new defence team. They say if the Australian Government doesn't give prisoners immunity to give evidence, her hopes are dashed. It's the wish list Schapelle Corby's high-profile legal team insists is her best chance of freedom. Flashy lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea put the ball back in the Federal Government's court, sending a letter to the PM which outlines seven points he believes can make or break the case. Considered vital is testimony from three prisoners implicated by Victorian inmate John Ford. In it, he urges authorities to consider offering immunity in return for evidence, insisting it's a process that's had success many times in the US. He also calls for more political support from Australia, warning time is running out, with the High Court set to take over the case any day and deliver a decision on the appeal almost immediately. What I am saying is Australian people demanding too much but give nothing. His plea may be in vain. Justice Minister Chris Ellison says all Ford's allegations have been investigated by Federal Police and came to nothing. Ford's testimony focused on two fellow inmates, who told how Corby had been used as an unsuspecting drug mule in the operation. had a significant investment saying only a man named Ronnie belonged to, He did not reveal who the job calling them Paul and Terry. than first names, but he gave nothing more

at a glittering ceremony next month. and Normie Rowe Hunters and Collectors including Split Enz, of great Australian acts He'll join a who's who the ARIA Hall of Fame. is being inducted into Legendary entertainer Smoky Dawson Dan Nolan, Ten News. at all when my husband gets to me. I doubt if I'll be bushwalking will do her next time. Probably Parramatta Park and choose more leisurely venues. but they'll stay out of the mountains they will keep walking in the future, Most of this intrepid bunch say they all emerged in one piece. and reasonably warm bodies With cool heads to keep a bit warm. so that's how I tried front and back, I put newspaper under my T-shirt, than burning it. They decided there was a better use cigarette lighter and some newspaper. Survival equipment comprised a to stay overnight. the group wasn't prepared of a regular walking club, Although part You're never allowed out again. You're grounded, you know that? Relieved. She's grounded. obvious this morning. The emotional toll Their families were worried sick. The mercury dropped to seven. under a cliff face. so they took shelter than expected, Sunset came a little quicker And what a night it was. a very, very, very strong woman. after a night like that - and walk on her own To see her get out of the chopper keeping one another warm that way. standing up cuddled in, We were all cuddled into one, Well, we didn't sleep. great-grandmother Patricia Dawson. including 76-year-old winching two of them to safety, a police helicopter this morning, They were found by rescue crews in rough terrain. became stranded overnight some in their 70s, Seven elderly women, but soon became a tale of survival. through the Blue Mountains, It was supposed to be a nature walk Legendary entertainer Smoky Dawson It was so cold they couldn't sleep. in the Blue Mountains. women who survived a freezing night A great-grandmother is among seven Frank Coletta, Ten News. government channels first. must go through Indonesian for top-level assistance and any request her previous legal counsel did, he'll have to follow the same process Senator Ellison telling Hotman that

in the Confederations Cup. after their brave loss to Germany why the Socceroos are up in arms Then in Sports Tonight - But how much is too much? and frankfurters and bacon and ham. by which we mean sausages for processed meat, The evidence is particularly strong and bowel cancer. a new study links red meat When we return - Angela Bishop, Ten News. # My sunshine girl. # any other way. and he wouldn't have it in Melbourne on July 14, at the Hall of Fame ceremony Dot will be by his side Yes, he was, wasn't he? so he was a bit of a toy boy? You're only 92, He's got a long tongue. Your husband. Who told you? And you're turning 99 in October... that somebody is looking after us. if you think about it, It shows that, a fortunate life. All in all, what he calls He doesn't tell me." Well, I said, "Not that I know of. REPORTER: And? "Has he ever hit anybody yet?" to me was The question everybody used to ask And he's pretty handy with a knife. He and Dot still do a weekly show. radio star in the country. In the '50s, he was the biggest became huge stars. he and his palamino Flash A celebrated horseman, of his many skills. But music's only one Yeah, 'inducted', oooh, yes. I didn't know what it was all about. it seems like I've been kidnapped. I thought, the word 'inducted', into ARIA's prestigious Hall of Fame. he's about to be inducted he thinks it's a hoot At 92, and still writing songs, his beloved wife of 61 years. dedicated to Dot, 'Undercover Man', for Smoky Dawson's latest song These are the words # And I'm glad to be the man I am

becuase not enough fibre low-carb diets can be dangerous the study also warns of the National Cancer Institute, Published in the journal having a meat pie for lunch. and then lunchtime I'd be regularly I'd be eating red meat, five nights a week, five days a week, I was a fairly big red meat-eater - these warnings come too late. and says, for him, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer but six years ago Dennis Greacen is almost unstoppable, On the golf course, 62-year-old to a T-bone every three days. That's equivalent by one-third. increases your risk of bowel cancer of red meat daily eating a 160-gram serve of 500,000 Europeans showed A 5-year study and frankfurters and bacon and ham. by which we mean sausages for processed meat, The evidence is particularly strong increases your risk of bowel cancer. and processed meat eating lots of red meat the findings are now conclusive - but doctors warn of the Australian diet, It's a big part red meat is a definite risk. A new study shows that too much of getting bowel cancer. could be increasing your chances too many times a week Tucking into a T-bone or a meat pie This program is captioned live. I can stand in my kit was a I can stand in my kit was a report psychological milestone because to record highs. Tom, the market's soared and Commsec's Tom Piotrowski. To the news in finance, Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. by as much as a third. it actually lessens the risk this study showing More fish is recommended - of the palm of your hand. a serving should be the size a few nights a week, red meat should only be on the menu variety is the way to go - Experts say and more exercise. simply by a better diet could actually be avoided or 10,000 of those cases, is that two-thirds, What this study suggests each year. are diagnosed with bowel cancer Almost 13,000 Australians your risk of bowel cancer. also increases

Bill, surely there can only be one king in State Of Origin. I guess it depends which State you live in, Sandra, but there's a push to make Andrew Johns the heir apparent to Wally Lewis after Game II last night. rates remain low. It is rates remain low. It is interesting story. Paper links is the story. Paper links is the world's biggest distributor of biggest distributor of paper products this is due to its products this is due to its shares have risen by twenty per have risen by twenty per cent because they have been strikes by because they have been strikes by a paper manufacturers in Europe. paper manufacturers in Europe. But more realistically is no more realistically is no reflection of the fact that in late April of the fact that in late April it issued a code offered warning and issued a code offered warning and is a rebalancing South Australia has taken the lead in alternative power generation, opening the nation's biggest wind farm. These 55 giant turbines generate enough electricity to supply more than 50,000 homes. The $165 million project is located psychological milestone because the last time as the market was at last time as the market was at these levels it ran into a steep levels it ran into a steep decline and lost eight per cent. So and lost eight per cent. So with their ground night of recovered their ground night of recovered to the question is how call for the question is how call for early will its stride into new will its stride into new territory. Two things working in the Two things working in the market's favoured he said investors are favoured he said investors are more at ease with the moderating pace at ease with the moderating pace of economic growth in Australia economic growth in Australia which means a Australia will be means a Australia will be more likely to be contained in likely to be contained in insist on the heel of the York Peninsula, one of the country's windiest locations. Each tower rises 110 metres to the tip of the blade. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Bill Woods.

His masterful display was Lewis-like. We'll air a few learned opinions from both sides but Johns finds it all a pain in the neck. In AFL - Collingwood has Buckley's chance of getting their skipper back but he's close now. And Jeff Fenech talks about the biggest arena of all. Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. This program is captioned live. A check of the weather details now. Thick cloud is spreading over WA ahead of a low, causing showers and storms in the west. Jetstream cloud over the north-west tropics and the NT is generating rain and thunder. across the south-east, causing showers and Alpine snow falls to ease. A high will bring a sunny day to NSW and QLD. Onshore winds will bring isolated showers to the tropical QLD coast. A clearing shower in Cairns, A rare treat tonight for anyone who's intrigued by the night sky. For those on the east coast Jupiter could be seen with the naked eye. That's it right next to the Moon. For the technically minded, this event is called a grazing occulation. And that's the latest from Ten News for this Thursday, June 16. Sports Tonight with Bill Woods is next. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News Team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Patchy cloud over the south-east in cold, unstable westerly wind is bringing showers and alpine snow. The synoptic chart shows a low and cold front spreading showers across southern WA. Winds will weaken