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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten News. Hello, I'm Tim Webster. helping the healing - Tonight - prayers and a pledge from the top fire-shattered communities. to rebuild Victoria's street by street - Brick by brick, house by house, we will rebuild. Finger of blame - a multimillion-dollar law suit. angry victims launch after there's anger there's lawyers. to help on the frontline. And foreign expertise arrives around the nation and overseas, Victorians, supported by thousands of prayer, healing, and remembrance. have joined together for a day They have paid tribute in the bushfire disaster, to those who lost their lives seek the strength to re-build. as shattered communities survived the firestorm How this weatherboard church is now part of Kinglake folklore. returned to grieve, Its depleted congregation

Or nine hours People came to heal. My own brother-in-law lost his life. returned to nearby Whittlesea. The Governor-General is so concerned about is Victoria. What the community the bonds of community intact. They prayed for strength to keep as many of them start at new schools and have lost friendships. solace for the region For now, this church will provide it will be bigger and better. People here say of Kinglake's St Peters Church The charred remains has come to mean so much. This was under the altar. Australian and New Zealand Defence Force members serving in East Timor

paid tribute. As did others in Melbourne who weren't directly affected. reached out to give comfort. first thing I'd say - In the midst of tragedy, you are not alone. how sweet the sound (VOICES SING ) # Amazing Grace, # That saved a wretch like me...# Martine Griffiths, Ten News. After the services an emotional Prime Minister walked among the people,

would help to rebuild. reassuring them the nation of thanks for firefighters. And he had a personal message Kevin Rudd returned to the fire zone and be a shoulder to cry on. to listen, support He hugged two weeping boys, it's going to come good. trying to reassure them held the hands of tough men The Prime Minister and listened to their stories. At times he seemed lost for words with untold courage. when faced by those

to protect the back of town here. This was a just big firefight here right to the end. He pledged the nation will be here Together we rebuild - and not just for tomorrow but until this community Kevin Rudd had praise for the firefighters. and the community first, You put yourselves last and as

the Wandong region during the fires, More than 200 homes were lost in but if it wasn't for the CFA it would have been many more. lost their own homes. In fact four of these firefighters Across at Kinglake the people of a shattered community. Kevin Rudd moved across praising the work of 200 soldiers. The Premier too spent today Light relief was welcomed. we think you need them. Silly sunglasses - in the mountains. Spirits are hard to break James Boyce, Ten News. Ten reporter Max Futcher joins us live from the Whittlesea relief centre. Max, what's the status of the fires of the moment?

and we finally won there are still

about a dozen fires burning across

the state but today's milder

weather has given firefighters some

chance to get a handle on those

blazes. If you look at their heels

behind us here at Whittlesea, the

smoke is from a back-burning

operation. The firefighters and

getting pretty exhausted and today

more help arrived from overseas

from America at. These men are

trained in a rough terrain and fire-fighting and will be fire-fighting and will be deployed

to protecting Melbourne's water

catchments. Another team is catchments. Another team is from

into any sharp and will help in a

victim identification. They have a

very long and grisly task ahead of

them. The toll officially still

stands at 181 and has still been

that for a few days now. What is

the latest with the appeal effort?

The latest is that they have just

announced a game of cricket that

they are calling the Australian at

Big bash. It is safe Twenty20 game

current and past cricketers as well on 22nd February. It will include

current and past cricketers as well

as applets from across the sporting

world, and some celebrities and

musicians padding up to help the

fire victims. Glenn McGrath held a

press conference this afternoon.

You can't help but be affected by

it and help. When we were asked, we

are only too happy to help. They

hope to raise $500,000 to that game

and that will already be used an

impressive total which is currently

at $92 million. It is just incredible. The Victorian Government

in compensation could be forced to pay millions over the deadly bushfires. as writs are lodged are planned, A number of class actions they want nothing to do with them. but some victims say High on a Killmore hill, some believe sparked the firestorm it's this power pole and Marysville. that swept through Kinglake the neighbour's driveway Saw fire racing up and them trying to put it out. Carol Pullar watched as a small fire a massive smoke cloud quickly grew into and she fled. the danger when the power went out. Others say they were alerted to and it was all on fire There were two cars with CFA blokes to your house and get ready." and they said, "Go back was the epicentre of the fires. Fran Bailey's electorate of McEwen on that Saturday What the local CFA told me

with those very high winds - one of the lines had broken and sparked. and was whipping against the ground Legal firms are lining up to lead class action against the power company, but with its liability capped, millions in compensation. the Government could have to pay out after the tragedy When you have a tragedy there's anger and after the anger there's lawyers. No, not at all. It just happens. You certainly won't be suing? to assist with any investigation. The power company says it's ready is to restore electricity At the moment its priority Victorian communities. to the devastated stories are emerging, And still astounding exhausted firefighters who saved the Pullar's home took time to leave a note, they had drunk the orange juice and left $5 as a thank you. Allan Raskall, Ten News. To other news, and a 43-year-old man is under police guard in hospital after allegedly stabbing an 18-year-old to death on the NSW mid-north coast. Police say the man got into an altercation with nine youths

after reversing his vehicle out of the driveway of his home and almost hitting them. 18-year-old Caleb Jarrett died from multiple stab wounds after the driver allegedly pulled out a knife. The man hasn't been charged. Detectives hope to interview him after he recovers from surgery for a gash to his hand. The Government says it won't jack up taxes to pay for its $42 billion economic stimulus. But the Finance Minister has warned of tight times ahead, prompting concerns the promised plans for paid maternity leave will be scrapped. As he faces a budget deficit in the billions, the head of the Government's razor gang is sharpening his knife for another round of cuts. We have a path back to surplus. It doesn't involve increasing taxes - it involves discipline. Spending increases will be capped at 2% until a return to surplus. by other savings. Any new spending will be offset The tighter budgetary belt has unions and women's groups fearing plans for paid maternity leave will be scrapped. It's long overdue. It's certainly time to deliver, and the budget is that time. No decision is expected until the Productivity Commission reports this month. Obviously, things that amount to expenditure - particularly ongoing expenditure for the nation - will be dealt with in the budget context.

The Government is doing its best to deal away speculation dismissing talk of going to the polls as soon as September, and before a worsening economic outlook hits. We are literally one year and three months into our term. The last thing I want to talk about is elections. A conversation to be revisited if the stimulus tanks. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Ahead, another shark sighting at a popular Sydney beach. Also, the search for a human-friendly dolphin badly mauled in a shark attack. Probably one of the worst shark bites of a dolphin I've seen with the dolphin still alive. And more ambulances upsized to deal with our growing population.

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with the amazing DK Eyewonder book series from the ocean to volcanoes and the pyramids, there's a new 48-page book every day for $2 each. Only with the 'Daily Telegraph' and the 'Sunday Telegraph'. How good is this?! A sausage, bacon, egg and cheese wrap...toasted! Hungry Jack's Wrap'n'Cap. Real breakfast. Real fast. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. This program is captioned live. There's been another shark sighting off Sydney today, with swimmers and surfers ordered from the water at Maroubra. lifeguards say a shark with a large fin was spotted off the beach around lunchtime. It comes just days after attacks on a surfer at Bondi Beach, and a Navy clearance diver at Wooloomooloo. The Government is now reviewing its ban on commercial fishing in the harbour, which was put in place because of toxins in the water. Because of the levels of dioxin, it will take some time to reconsider that decision. But they've ruled out relaxing restrictions on shark fishing. Queensland marine experts are hoping a dolphin severely mauled by a shark can be caught and treated. 'Nari' is a member of a pod that's become a major tourist attraction at a resort near Brisbane. Nari is a 14-year-old male dolphin in a great deal of trouble. These images show severe bite wounds on the top of his head, inflicted by a large shark. The injury that we've seen by the photograph is quite horrific - shark bites of a dolphin it's probably one of the worst that I've seen, with the dolphin still alive. Last night, marine experts from Sea World, on the Gold Coast, joined a big crowd of tourists at Tangalooma Island Resort for the daily evening feeding of the dolphin pod. Nari is a favourite, but he wasn't among them. The previous night he was there, when these photos were taken, and he had a healthy appetite. He had his whole quota and we gave him a bit more. For several hours, the marine recovery team waited for Nari, and they'll return tonight and, if they can catch him, life-saving treatment will start straight away. You can treat the infections that usually result from an infection like this. There's a good prognosis for the animal in the long-term. Nari's no stranger to danger. He was freed from fishing line previously, but this recovery will be very long-term. Maybe two to three months in rehabilitation. Tim Collits, Ten News. Ambulance crews have been hit with a disturbing increase in the number of morbidly obese patients requiring transportation. In NSW, special treatment last year, almost 600 overweight patients needed To help paramedics cope, two new megalift ambulances have been purchased, capable of accommodating patients weighing up to 500kg. They have hydraulic lifting mechanisms, and more room than normal ambulances. Others States are also understood to be placing orders. A horror weekend on South Australian roads, with another double fatality. A man and a woman were killed when their car collided with a truck at an intersection in Adelaide early this morning. Yesterday, a teenage boy and girl

when their car became airborne and crashed into a tree in the Adelaide Hills. The passenger plane that crashed into a house in New York State fell flat out of the sky rather than nose-diving, as first thought. Investigators also say the Continental Airliner was pointing away from the airport it was meant to be landing at. I know it seems as though this is going painstakingly slow but, unfortunately, we are not - like someone pointed out to me a short time ago - like a CSI show on television, in one hour. where we can solve it all 50 people died. It's thought a build up of ice on the wings may have contributed to the crash. Britain's 13 year-old dad Alfie Patten may not be a father after all. Another teenager has come forward claiming he's the real father of little Maisie, and wants a DNA test to prove it. Britain's 'News of the World' newspaper claims as many as six other boys fear rain could turn tonight's Twenty/20 international into a 5-over match? A result will be given to either Australia or New Zealand as long as they face 30 balls each - that's next. Plus a bloody Phil Waugh leads the Waratahs to victory against the Hurricanes. And Adelaide coach Aurelio Vidmar is left seething as Melbourne advances to the A-League Grand Final. When quitting smoking, don't wake up to morning cravings. Unlike patches you take off at night, Nicabate 24hr Patch helps protect you from the minute you wake up. Nicabate - stay calm, in control and quit. This program is captioned live. Welcome to sport everyone.

Rain is threatening tonight's Twenty20 international between Australia and New Zealand at the SCG. And, get this - as if Twenty20 cricket wasn't short enough, if rain does interrupt play, just five overs a side is enough to constitute a game.

That's one over per bowler and 10 blokes swinging as hard as they can, so that'll be something to watch as well. So, yeah, it's all a bit up in the air at the moment. We'll see how it pans out. You'd want to make your over count! Australia leaves for the Test series in South Africa tomorrow. In Super 14, Wellington Hurricanes captain Rodney So'oialo will face the judiciary tomorrow after cutting open NSW captain Phil Waugh's head in the Waratahs win last night. Waugh labelled the incident a cheap shot and was left fuming, but he managed to hide his emotions post-match. It would have hurt a lot more if we'd lost but, yeah - that's just part of rugby, isn't it? Wycliff Palu was cleared by the judiciary A scintillating performance from-19 year-old Rob Horne helped the 'Tahs to a 26-22 bonus point win. In last night's other game, the Reds were downed by the Bulls 33 points to 20. Master-coach Wayne Bennett has made an immediate impact at St George Illawarra, judging by last night's 48-point win over the Roosters. the Panthers were split in two and both sides lost. A young Broncos team beat the Titans, but all eyes were on the beginning of a new era at the Dragons. It may have been only a trial, but St George fans can have little to complain about

with Wayne Bennett's first game at the helm. (CHEERING) The Dragons put on 10 tries in all,

which would've given any other coach plenty to crow about.

No, it was just a trial match and you've got to keep things in perspective. Bennett's old club had its hands full against the Gold Coast in Brisbane. The baby Broncos stayed in touch through promising halfback Ben Hunt - two pinpont kicks, the last finding flyer Jharal Yow Yeh, sealing the win. In Griffith,

Parramatta took on a Penrith side split in two for the trials

and the Eels took full advantage - seven tries to two in the end, with Parra's new coach confident of a good year ahead. for this season, you know. That's the bonus is that the boys here - they don't look like they could blow out a candle right now, which is very important. In Coffs Harbour, the other half of the Panthers squad went down to a rampant South Sydney. Rhys Wesser announced his arrival at the Bunnies, turning it on against his former team-mates... ..Souths home by 34 points. Adelaide United coach Aurelio Vidmar has met with the club owners to discuss his heated comments following last night's 4-0 loss discipline Vidmar Management has decided not to despite claims politics and in-fighting have plagued his side's Arriving home was never going to be easy for Aurelio Vidmar - he was also quick to point out who fuelled his verbal tirade. My message was for some...that nice word that I used, a small minority of football and non-football people who at this point in time are trying to fracture the club. Adelaide's finals campaign is in free fall following last night's 4-0 drubbing at the hands of Melbourne, Victory clinical in its demolition of the Reds - the match over just before the half-hour mark, Vidmar blaming the lack-lustre performance

on offield infighting at the club. What do you put it down to? Politics - that's what I put it down to. There's too many people at this club with hidden agendas. That 4-0 result tonight was politics, nothing else. Because of a piss-ant town, until you get rid of that crap. Who are you talking about? You should know. Melbourne through to the grand final. Adelaide and Queensland to do battle for the remaining spot. Jeremy Arnold for Sports Tonight. The coaching career of Michael Voss has begun in style, with the Brisbane Lions narrowly defeating St Kilda. There's the result. At one stage, the Lions led by 46 points, before the Saints staged a comeback. So, Voss had a few nervous moments, but he was happy with his first outing in charge. coming along. It was good, yeah, very exciting, But, again, I've sort of used this a little bit, but it's a false floor, the NAB Cup, when you've got Round 1, so you've got to make sure you're still fixated on that. Western Australian number 7 draft pick Daniel Rich made an impressive debut for the Lions. Swimming's comeback crusader Geoff Huegill has set his sights The NBA Slam Dunk contest has staged a Superhero contest in Phoenix. Orlando's Dwight Howard emerged as superman and proved a 12 foot ring was no challenge for the man of steel. COMMENTATOR: Oh, no way! He did that easy! So while people decided whether he was a bird or a plane, New York's Nate Robinson turned to Kryptonite for the answer. Look, look, look - that's pretty good! His gravity-defying effort winning the title as the NBA's Slam Dunk King. That's all for now,

but join me at 6pm for Sports Tonight on Ten HD. We'll check in with Casey Stoner's stunning MotoGP preseason testing. That's Sports Tonight Thanks Rob. Stay with us. Next, a look at the weather around the nation. WOMAN: Oh, wow. MAN: Fantastic. We've got our house back. It's perfect. (KIDS SQUEAL) You see, kids? Just like it was before. (BIRDS CHIRP OUTSIDE) Except for your room. Don't settle for less. Switch to GIO Home Insurance and get a safety net of up to 25% extra home cover if the cost to rebuild exceeds your sum insured. GIO - we don't just listen, we do. Here at Fernwood, the staff ARE the know-it-alls. And I know I'm going to get noticed results. One of these travellers might be doing something illegal. These guys? No. But everyone should respect local customs. The couple kissing? No. But in some countries it's not advisable. The busker?

His only crime is bad singing. No, this is the person at risk. Because photographing government buildings is illegal in many countries. Photo, no. Log on to Smartraveller for stuff your mates don't know, but we do. This program is captioned live. A look now at the national weather. a possible thunderstorm in Cairns. Mostly sunny in Townsville Cloud increasing in Brisbane, a top of 31. Cloudy also on the Gold Coast.

To the south-east, and rain in Sydney, 20 degrees. A possible shower in Canberra. Increasing sunshine in Melbourne, 18. Cool and mostly cloudy in Hobart, 12. To SA, in Adelaide, 19, mostly sunny also in Mount Gambier and Port Lincoln. Across to WA, increasing sunshine and 27 in Perth. A possible thunderstorm in Broome. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the evening. I'm Tim Webster, enjoy the rest of Sunday. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Whoa, where are you going? Out. Where is she going? That's the third time this week. Marry me, Trace. We're already married, duffer. We never had a wedding. I wanna do that. I want to marry you properly. And there's the dummy bidder she ran the auction with. The police must be able to help track him down. Cops won't find him, will they?

It's Kirsten. She's trapped. WOMAN: Now, back off. Aarggh! KIRSTEN: No, you can't call the police. We'll text everyone we know and they'll text everyone they know. No girl's ever going to go near Blade or his friends ever again.

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