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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Good Evening, I'm Deborah Knight,

Tonight, Olympic dream crushed - heartbreaking decision Jana Rawlinson's on the Beijing Games. the bombing death Killed serving Australia - of young soldier Sean McCarthy. They should be brought home. Kevin Rudd tells world leaders Grand plan - on climate change its time for a new deal bargain, a new grand consensus. Australia wants to see a new grand I'll smash your cameras. Get out! her hospital stay for depression. Back to jail - Schapelle Corby ends

about junk food Fat rats - proving a deadly secret and perhaps a cure for obesity. got up to in the Big Brother House. Plus - what Pamela Anderson

Then, Barry Hall's return to Swans training

with Neil Cordy. headlines Sports Tonight was told training was optional, Yes, Deb, the troubled forward but he was there today, however, he is out of the leadership group.

you want to model behaviour, As a leader of our football club, to aspire to be, that we want our young players is not doing that. and Barry, at this present time, in rugby league's race row, Also, an apology but who was it made to? result for Evans. COMMENTATOR: That is a terrific And every second counts - a minute from his main rival Cadel Evans takes over at the Tour de France. But first, in a stunning move, Jana Rawlinson Australian Olympic hope

is out of the Beijing games. has been struck down again The world champion hurdler by her Olympic curse, because of a toe injury. withdrawing tonight has struck again for Jana Rawlinson. Olympic heartbreak by a knee injury four years ago, Her Athens campaign cruelled to pull out of Beijing. she's now made the agonising decision It's totally devastating for Jana, two world titles, for an athlete who's won and for the second - the chance to be on the start line. you know, at least in Athens she got to race for gold. and have the opportunity not going to be on the start line At the moment it appears that she's

appeared to be back on track The 400m world champion in nine months last week in Poland. after racing for the first time that have plagued her since January But the toe problems

have shattered her Olympic dream. plantar fascia, The toe injury caused stress on the and gluteus problems and calf problems, and back problems and so forth. a flight home Jana is expected to board in the next 24 hours. from her London training base the long road to recovery She will then begin once again to the English capital in the hope of returning for the Olympic Games of 2012. She's an amzing woman, Jana, with her achievements to date. and she's already proven that in London, so, you know. She'd actually still be in her 20s in anyone's language, obviously, Four years is a long time at the moment. but I think it's all about recovery Before tonight's setback, the brightest of golden favorites. Rawlinson was was forced out with heart problems Her Russian arch-rival missed selection. and the top-ranked American As we've seen over the years, their window of opportunity, athletes sometimes miss that that is the case for Jana, but it's too early to say that's for sure. Ian Cohen, Ten News. of SAS trooper Sean McCarthy Friends and family as a class clown and a top bloke. have remembered the decorated soldier to lose his life Today he became the sixth Australian fighting the Taliban, by a roadside bomb. when he was killed dusty roads Patrolling southern Afghanistan's is becoming even more hazardous become more sophisticated. as Taliban bomb-makers

afternoon in Oruzgan province The latest attack occurred yesterday are deployed. where 1,000 Aussie diggers

fatally wounded one of our soldiers The explosion and seriously injured two others. that I inform you It is with great sadness soldier, Signaller Sean McCarthy. of the death of an Australian 25-year-old Sean McCarthy at his Gold Coast high school formal. is seen here eight years ago He was a keen rugby player College's water polo team. and was a member of Trinity Lutheran

far too early he lived his life to the fullest. he's a great guy. I hope Australia's proud of Sean, was well liked He was single and, as at school, and sense of humour. for his dedication to his family. Sean McCarthy is a terrible loss

to the Australian Defence Force. to the Australian nation. A terrible loss were taken to the Taren Kowt base Those injured are not life-threatening. where their wounds have now been killed in Afghanistan Six Australians many seriously. and another 40 have been injured, describes the operation The Prime Minister and he fears a rising death toll. as difficult, dangerous and bloody it's reason enough to get out. For the Greens,

We don't believe that that mess to be involved in. is for our defence force personnel They should be brought home. doesn't want the country The Government to become terrorism central again and is claiming success. to keep these Taliban leaders, This will harden our resolve under pressure. these Taliban bomb-makers, The Prime Minister says of the commitment. there will be an annual review We are there for the long haul. We are there for the long term. as a blank cheque. But there is no such thing Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A heart-broken mother has buried her three children,

murdered by their father. attended the funeral, Hundreds of mourners for all victims of domestic violence. where candles were lit

what no mother should ever have to - She came to do bury all her children. young lives cut so cruelly short - Three white coffins for three and Bon, who was only 16 months old. 9-year-old Jack, Maddie was just 7, Karen Bell lit three candles, During the closed funeral, the lives of her lost children. symbolising It comes just three weeks after they were betrayed by their father, Gary Poxon, who gassed them and himself in his car on their remote property near the small township of Pericoe on the far South Coast of New South Wales.

A poem was read for their mother, in part, "Don't cry, Mummy. "Our spirits live on in you. "The strengths you handed us make us proud of you. "You need to cry, Mummy, grieve for as long as it takes.

"The heart that I gave you heals with time once it breaks." Her brother Tom Bell read words of farewell written by Karen.

"To my special children, you were taken too soon, cruelly taken away. "May you rest in peace. "I love you and will miss you. To each one of you I say goodbye." There were recurring questions asked throughout the service -

how could this happen, and could it have been prevented? Their deaths have also hit the community very hard. This community, its big strength is its togetherness, and I would hope, just not in this situation,

but any situation, we never, ever lose that. If there is one positive development, a legacy to come from this tragedy, it could be this - the mourners here this morning were told

that countless women who are caught in that same cycle of violence are now taking a stand. And just minutes after the funeral, a final farewell as the children were laid to rest. In Bega, Evan Batten, Ten News. Secret phone taps of a priest confessing to rape might force the Catholic church to re-open a sex scandal investigation. initially dismissed The Archbishop of Sydney a sex-abuse complaint against Father Terrence Goodall,

because the priest claimed the sex was consensual. But, Cardinal Pell now says his opinion might change, because of a taped phone call between Goodall and alleged victim Anthony Jones. I'd certainly take legal advice. I've always said I'm happy to talk to Jones, and if this new information is verified, I'd certainly talk with him on the new basis of that. The scandal has emerged at the worst time

for the Catholic Church - just days before the Pope's arrival. With the eyes of the world on him, Kevin Rudd was given just six minutes to address some of the world's most powerful leaders. He called for key countries to work to the common goal of combating global warming. But the PM admits even with all the talks, there's been no great breakthrough on climate change. The Prime Minister believes there's still too much disagreement among world leaders

on how to fight climate change. He's used his time at the G8 meeting in Japan to call for a new approach from those nations responsible for most of the global greenhouse emissions. I argued with... the context of the meeting for the need for developed and developing countries to work towards a grand bargain - a grand consensus, a new consensus. The meeting between the major emitters that something needs to be done. only managed to produce an agreement The Prime Minister never held any great hopes the gathering would amount to much. The challenge will be great and there has been no huge breakthrough at this particular meeting. It is one step along the road. Kevin Rudd held bilateral meetings with several leaders, talking on three occasions with his Indian counterpart. The relationship faces a test as India sources nuclear technology and uranium from the United States for energy generation. The Australian Government won't sell uranium to India, because New Delhi is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Mr Rudd says he'll travel to the subcontinent later this year at the invitation of the Indian Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd leaves Hokkaido for Kuala Lumpur and a state visit, during which he will meet the Malaysian Prime Minister and the Malaysian King. He wants to build on existing security and trade ties. In Hokkaido, Japan, Murray McCloskey, Ten News. An Australian man has endured a kidnapping ordeal in Vietnam. Details tonight are sketchy, but it's known he's been freed after a ransom was handed over. His name hasn't been released. Perma-tanned blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson is causing controversy with Ten's reality show 'Big Brother'. Earlier tonight, the sex symbol entered the Gold Coast complex, but at a pre-show news conference, the 41-year-old announced she'd be staging a protest tomorrow against one of the show's major sponsors, following a successful campaign overseas. Canada's KFC, they turned all their... ..they're being much more humane now, and that's what I want Australia's KFC to do. The former gymnast also delighted the crowd by proving she's still rather flexible. And we'll have an exclusive interview with Pamela Anderson later in the bulletin. Two of the biggest names in showbiz walked the red carpet tonight for the Australian premiere of 'Mamma Mia! The Movie'. Late News Reporter Rakhal Ebeli is there - and Rakhal, a big night in Melbourne? Yes, it certainly has been

a very exciting night here on the red carpet for the Australian premiere of 'Mamma Mia! The Movie', which of course stars 2-time Academy Award-winner, Meryl Streep. She arrived here amid plenty of fanfare and I had the great opportunity of talking to her just as she made her way into the movie. Welcome to Melbourne. We say it's the spiritual home of 'Mamma Mia!' Oh, I think it is.

How are you finding the reception today? Such a warm group of people on a cold night. It is a cold night, but a warm reception. Have you been looking forward to the Australian premiere? Oh, I have, because I know people here love ABBA as much as I do, and 'Mamma Mia!' So, you've been asked a thousand times, but how is it to have been involved in a movie like this? Oh, it was a joy. It's a joy every single day. Joining her, of course, was co-star Colin Firth, who says his preparation for the role was a little unusual. 'Cause we were all rather frightened of Benny and Bjorn. We'd been told they were hard taskmasters, so to come into the studio and meet these Swedish schoolmasters and have three days booked in the studio

to sing a 3-minute song, it was very intimidating really. And of course, following the massive success here in Australia of the stage show, big things are expected at the box office when it opens tomorrow. After the break, another dramatic day for Schapelle Corby

as she's escorted from her hospital bed back to jail. This program is captioned live. It's been a long night for Qantas passengers around the country, after industrial action caused 30 flights to be cancelled. Many travellers were left waiting for up to four hours before boarding. of a maintenance backlog, Qantas says the problem's the result after the Aircraft Engineers Union went on strike. The union is calling for a 5% wage rise, but Qantas is sticking to 3%. There's compelling new evidence about the dangerous power of junk food. Researchers have found it can be highly addictive, and after the fix comes withdrawal. Ever wondered why you just can't shake that sugar craving? You might be battling an addiction. Everyone knows that junk food is bad but people find if very difficult to stop eating bad foods and we've sort of put that down to willpower, I guess, up until now. Researchers from the University of South Australia fed rats junk food over two months to test its addictive qualities. The rats happily gorged on a diet of sugary cereal and spreads,

salty chips and sweet biscuits and got very fat - some nearly doubling their weight. They also showed classic signs of addiction. They were actually awake during the time they would normally be asleep. They were looking for more junk food. When their fix was removed they refused to eat their normal food, lost weight and appeared unhappy. Their movements were a lot slower, the classic sign of withdrawal. The next phase of the study will be to examine the reward pathways of the brain. Just as addictive drugs alter levels of the feel-good chemical dopamine, the researchers want to find out if junk food has the same effect. Hopefully providing a greater insight into the nation's obesity epidemic. If we can show a real biological reason for why junk foods are addictive, we can actually start to think about what's the best way to treat obese people. In the meantime, best to limit your intake of junk food before you become addicted. Jemma Chapman, Ten News. Convicted drug smuggler, Schapelle Corby

is back in jail in Bali. Her sister Mercedes tried to shield her from the media, outside the hospital where she was treated for depression. Leave her alone. God, she's sick. Mercedes lashed out as the cameras surrounded the prison van. Get out! I'll smash your cameras. Schapelle Corby spent two and half weeks in hospital. Her doctor says she's getting better, and can be treated as an outpatient in prison. She turns 31 tomorrow. To finance,

and the market was battered by a flurry of bad economic news. Tom Piotrowski joins us from CommSec. How did we fare in the end? Well, Deb, the economic news released today meant that there were a few deep breaths required from time to time, because Westpac and the Melbourne Institute reported to its lowest levels since 1992. that consumer confidence in July fell Housing finance figures also painted a pretty grim picture. The number of loans to owner-occupiers fell by almost 8% percent in May - that's the biggest drop that we've seen in about eight years. But there are a couple of factors that allowed the market to recover today. Firstly, over the course of the past eight sessions,

the market has fallen by about 7%, so there was room for some bad news. But more importantly, overnight, the price of oil fell by more than $5 per barrel to just above $135 per barrel and it was that factor that really gave buyers some heart today. Today it was the big stocks that moved the market forward, rather than the various sectors.

Tomorrow looms as a very important day for the market,

because of the release of the June employment report, bearing in mind that last month

was the first time that we saw employment drop in 19 months. The hope tomorrow being, naturally, that we don't see this as an emerging trend. Pamela Anderson's appearance on Big Brother has been making headlines around the world tonight. she spent some time But before entering the House with our own Brad McEwan, in an exclusive interview about life, love... ..and saving lives on the beach. Pamela Anderson strode in confidently in a little lemon dress that was... ..little. The immediate priority for this interviewer

was getting off to a good start - perhaps tell her she looks great. You look great. Thank you. It's the hair in the face. That seemed to go well. Why not cut straight to the chase and talk about her love life? Anyone special? Just my kids. Tommy and I are spending a lot of time together with the kids and we always spend time together in summer. we are actually staying together, but he is on tour... So we see a lot of each other. Tommy is of course Tommy Lee, her ex-husband and father of her two boys. Pam's private life has been anything but private and not all that successful. Her mother recently revealed she wished Pam was attracted to women. the choice of men She just doesn't like I've had so she was wondering if there was other options. Is that fair enough, or did you say, "Mum! Mum!" She was kidding. You have to know my mum. Anderson had no idea what to expect in the 'Big Brother' house. The contestants certainly had no idea a glamourous Playboy model was popping in for a visit. Hi! as CJ, Many Australians remember Anderson striding down the beach and saving lives in 'Baywatch'. After six years on 'Baywatch', you have got to wonder, was it all acting for this accomplished surf life-saver? We did have to go in the ocean all the time, we did have to learn CPR and had to work a defibrillator and all sorts of things. Modelling, acting, all sorts of wonderful parties. It must be a very interesting life. What advice would you give to some aspiring young lady that wants to be the next Pamela Anderson? Gosh, are you sure? I have no clue. Just enjoy life, have fun, don't listen to anybody and just go for it, be a good person. There you go, it is that simple. Almost. Brad McEwan, Ten News. Sports Tonight now with Neil Cordy And, a dramatic day in sport, not just with Jana Rawlinson, but also at the Swans. Yes, Deb, Barry Hall was banned from playing earlier this week. Today he trained with his team-mates for the first time since his suspension. Also tonight, the AFL's stars of tomorrow. The rugby league player who's backing up after a spell in hospital. Rafa's return - a hero's welcome for the Wimbledon champion. Do you go big on safety, big on style Well, here's your answer - Holden Astra SRi. European-designed bundle of 'yes', with stability control for an exclamation mark.

The Astra has four cylinders for economy, five stars for safety, and six stars for fun. The Astra's big where it counts. New Holden Astra SRi. Go better. This program is captioned live. Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. As you may have seen earlier, Jana Rawlinson has been ruled out of the Beijing Olympics after complications in her recovery from a toe injury. The reigning 400m hurdles world champion made the decision earlier this week after being unable to train because of the pain.

Given it absolutely everything, everything to get there, and unfortunately it hasn't happened. It came down to the last few days to make her decision. It's been a pretty tough decision Rawlinson will hold a press conference upon her return to Australia this weekend. At just 25, Woodhouse says

the world champion has no plans for retirement despite her latest setback. Sydney's Barry Hall has turned up to Swans training,

just two days after being suspended indefinitely. Team mates say

while it's a step in the right direction, he still has a long way to go. Barry Hall emerged from his luxury Sydney home with girlfriend Kylie Stray, but the troubled star was not up for a chaT. How you coping mate? Coping alright? Hours later, Hall made a surprise appearance at the SCG - a friendly pat from the coach, a handshake and a joke, but he remains suspended indefinitely, and is still to regain the respect from those who matter most. One of the main things I said to him is he has to take responsibility for what happened. He has to put his hand up and admit that his actions are unacceptable and it's not acceptable at out footy club, and he needs to do something about it.

Brett Kirk was part of the leadership group consulted over the decision to stand Hall down. I dont know if he realises what he's actually done, which says to me there's somthing going on that he needs to work through. Even if it is one of our best players we say at our footy club, no-matter who you are, everyone will be dealt with exactly the same. Hall's latest victim appeared to be sporting a minor black eye at training, although the Magpies say Shane Wakelin sustained the shiner in a separate incident.

And, in another suspension tonight, North Melbourne has dumped Shannon Grant for one match as a result of a breach of the club's player code of conduct. Good news for Essendon as it prepares for the Brisbane Lions. Dustin Fletcher's damaged hand appeared OK as he greeted fans today. Dustin will play. It's probably good to have him available with the two big boys up the other end for Brisbane - Bradshaw and Brown, they're great players, it's good to have Dustin available. Henry Slattery's had two weeks to recover from a run in with Brendan Fevola's knee, and the 22-year-olds been given the all clear. Without a win in their final 7 games last season, the Bulldogs have guaranteed a similar thing won't happen this year. What happened last year is well and truely behind us now, we don't even discuss it at all anymore. We're just looking now to keep playing the consistent footy we have for the next eight weeks. In the West Daniel Kerr's run in with a Stingray last month looks set to keep him sidelined for Sunday's match with Richmond. a lot of doubt on him. There seems to be The Stingray incident held him back a fair bit,

and that may have been good for his knee, but he had a virus the other day, so I just want to see how he's feeling overall. And, despite Jeff Farmer's return, Dockers coach Mark Harvey knows his clash with the Cats is mission impossible. I think the goal umpires are complaining about Geelong at the moment - Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. Young AFL hopefuls have had their final chance to shine at the Under-18 National Football Championships. Victoria Metro defeating Western Australia by 29 points in the final. But it was the talent, rather than the scoreboard, that AFL scouts had their eyes on. There was argy and bargy on a day at the Dome on display. with the nation's best young kids Binoculars were in abundance, with talent scouts, coaches, team managers, and all sorts of interested observers combing over the top teenage talent. It's all fairly subjective at this minute, but you mark your card and you say - I say - in my view there's 55 players here that you'd be pretty happy to have at your footy club. The man most came to see was Nic Natanui. The beanpole from Swan Districts was good, although at times he was triple-teamed in the ruck by the Vic Metro boys. He'll have plenty hot on his heels for the search for number one pick. His WA captain, Daniel Rich, impressed.

COMMENTATOR: Banging it home beautifully! So too did brother of a gun Shaun McKernan. McKernan's in the front position and doesn't he leap like his brother, Kevin? Just even the hair and the movement.

Corey's 17-year-old little brother prominent. Others from Vic Metro to impress included ruckman Tyrone Vickery, Marcellin midfielder David Zaharakis, Werribee 18-year-old Mitch Banner, and today's best on ground, Jack Watts. The crop of kids from '08 potentially the finest the game has seen. I think it's going to be a very good draft. The first round, terribly even - there's 25 guys that you could argue could go into the first round. In today's triple-header results, Vic Metro upset WA to claim under-18 honours. Earlier, Vic Country belted Tasmania by 98 points. The country kids kicked the last 15 goals of the game. This from Will Martinello, the highlight. Goal of the day! And South Australia did likewise to New South Wales - the final margin, 80. Tim Hodges, for Sports Tonight. The NRL has slapped a lengthy ban on the spectator who's admitted racially abusing Penrith captain Petero Civoniceva at Parramatta stadium on Sunday.

Leanne West has more.

Neil, the man will be watching the NRL from his living room for the next five years. If he sets foot in a league ground, he can be arrested and charged by NSW police.

The man, in the right of picture, called Civoniceva a monkey - among other things. He has apologised for his behaviour. The message is, this type of behaviour won't be tolerated at our grounds. The league has tonight fined competition leaders Manly $5,000 for momentarily having 14 players on the field last Friday night. Their tough-tackling centre, Steve Matai, suffered a bruised lung during that match, but he's confident he'll be right to take on the Sharks this weekend. I was a bit worried when I was coughing up blood on Saturday. I had scans that night, went straight to hospital. They cleared me to fly. I've just got to wait now on the doc and hopefully he clears me for Saturday. And, meet the baby named after Manly veteran Steve Menzies. Tiny Menzie Tucker meeting his famous namesake. Look at that, not even crying or anything. A treat for the kids of Newcastle - a coaching clinic led by no less than Andrew Johns. Well done! The Dragons were also spreading the rugby league gospel, though captain Mark Gasnier had nothing more to add about his flirtation with rugby union in France. I acknowledged that I was negotiating there two or three months ago

and as it stands, nothing's changed, and until something does, I'll be happy to talk about it then, but until then, it's purely St George Illawarra. His team-mates say his future is not an issue, and with seven straight wins that's hard to argue.

We as don't really care, mate, as long as he's here this year. But having said that, I hope he is here next year, that's for sure. And the NRL has tonight responded to criticism from South Sydney owner Russell Crowe over the amount of money it gets for TV rights. The league says that Crowe is a great actor, but he's in no position to present himself as an expert on the issue. Neil.

Thanks, Leanne. Cycling now and Cadel Evans has stepped up his assault on the Tour De France, moving up from ninth place to fourth with a scorching time trial. But he was upstaged by German Stefan Schumacher, who unexpectedly pinched the overall lead in the Tour.

Stage four was all about beating the clock rather than the man. And for the pre-race favourite it was a time to pounce.

COMMENTATOR: Here is Cadel Evans in the start-house. Evans started slowly, but improved at every individual time check. The 31-year-old started the day 1:45 off the pace but, by the time he crossed the finish line,

he'd sliced the margin to 21 seconds, powering through the last stages in the blustery conditions.

Cadel Evans is back in this Tour de France - if he was ever out of it. More importantly he gained valuable time on his main rival Spaniard Alejandro Valverde, who wore the yellow jersey for the first two days, struggled, losing 1:07 to Evans. Now that will be a little bit of a shock to his system.

He's gotta get his mind back into this race. The yellow jersey going to a German draped in blue, just like his more famous countrymen who shares the same name -

Stefan Shumacher flew around the 29km course to easily clock the fastest time. Well, this is amazing, I don't know how to describe this because he's pulled this one out of the pan. Schumacher admitting after the victory he has no chance to win the Tour. Evans now fourth - 27 seconds behind and ideally placed for the tough stages through the Alps and the Pyrenees, where the race will be won or lost. Kelli Underwood for Sports Tonight.

New ACT Brumbies Coach Andy Friend believes his side can win 2009 Super-14 championship. Friend, who replaced Laurie Fisher, started this morning is as talented as any other team and says the Brumbies squad in the competition. The key thing with the Brumbies is, it's been know as a brand that's entertaining rugby, and that's really not going to change. We want to make sure we get that through. The Brumbies haven't made the finals since winning the championship in 2004. The Beijing Games are less than a month away, but Australian Olympic heavyweight Kevan Gosper, admits he has a bad case of nerves. Among his worries, China's ever present pollution and political tensions. With less than a month to go, one of our greats got under way with a virtual marathon, over an Olympic lunch going the 2-hour distance conditions in Beijing. in a bid to replicate I did a bit of shuffling around Tiananmen Square just before I started. The marathon conditions are just one source of the IOC nerves, 1956 silver medallist Kevan Gosper claiming an ex-athlete's touch of the butterflies. There are something like about 45 different functional activities involved in making a Games succeed and they've all got to come together at the right time, in a 16-day space. And I would be very nervous, if I wasn't nervous, but I'm confident. But for events over an hour in duration the IOC has a pollution out clause. If we get a bad day, for the long-distance events outside the hour, there's a possibility there could be rescheduling. That would be in the athletes' interests.

And while the mainstream munched, Mona was still a man in motion. His charge Lee Troop refusing to believe the men's marathon will be moved from its traditional final day, but the health risks could be enormous. If I knew that on 25 August, the day after the marathon, that I was going to have health complications that would be with me for the rest of my life, knowing that,

would I still compete on the 24 August at the same time and in the same venue? And the answer is 'yes', because if I don't turn up they're still going to give out a gold, silver and bronze. While Troop has six weeks to wait for his moment, which he hopes will be in the sun, for the record,

his coach finished in the safety of the MCG in 2:06.59. Ian Cohen, for Sports Tonight.

With many still celebrating the countries win at Euro 2008, just a week ago, its latest sporting royal. Dubbed 'King Nadal' by the local press, the newly crowned Wimbledon champion was given a hero's welcome upon his arrival in his home town in Mallorca. (CHEERING) Nadal is the first man to complete the French Open and Wimbledon double, since Bjorn Borg in 1980, and the first Spaniard to win at the All England Club since Manolo Santana in 1966. New Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari England international Frank Lampard has given every indication will stay at Stamford Bridge, despite a $16.5 million offer from Italian club Inter Milan. He say to me, that he wants stay

and he wants to play for Chelsea many years. Earlier this week, Chelsea rejected Inter's offer saying it would not enter into any negotiations regarding the 30-year-old, on his contract. South Africa's 2010 World Cup preparations have hit a hurdle, More footy now, and the split round had many highlights. Let's look back now at the best marks and best goals from the past fortnight. VOICEOVER: Oh, what a mark! Kicks to the tip of the goal square - Thomas sets himself...Dale Thomas! Right in the goal square, a Malcolm Blacklock hanger And square it up - Wiggins goes back and takes a beauty. This could be it for the Tigers. VOICEOVER: Oh, what a goal! COMMENTATOR: Releasing Chapman into space, took a while to kick it. Stoke spins out of trouble - have they got the 14th goal? I think they have! They have. Johnson to Akermanis, bouncing ball, Aker, Shaun Burgoyne - two of the superstars, great one-on-one - Akermanis! That is as good as it gets! In full flight, long in the Riewoldt direction, plenty against him, Milne their only hope. He's a good hope - he is a goal-kicking hope - his second of the night.

My dentist told me that healthy gums are critical for healthy teeth. I decided to use Colgate Total. VOICEOVER: Only Colgate Total is clinically proven to provide 12 hours of antibacterial protection for teeth and gums, fighting cavities, plaque and tartar problems even between brushing. And with Colgate Total plus Whitening,

you get long-lasting protection and a whiter smile. (SONGS PLAY DISCORDANTLY) To pick subscription-free ringtones: Choose 'No Air' by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, enjoy 'Sweet About Me' by Gabriella Cilmi,

get into Coldplay's new hit, 'Violet Hill' or 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!' from 'Mamma Mia! The Movie'. Just SMS TONES3 to 13POND. And to browse thousands more for free, press 'BigPond' on your Next G mobile. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot You could spend the rest of your life! This program is captioned live. The slopes are abuzz with school holidaymakers conditions, and they're just loving the good with up to 20cm of fresh snow falling across all Australian resorts across all Australian resor this week, and thanks to Mother Nature and the snow makers, all resorts have opened more terrain for snow-riding. Now, the cover across all NSW resorts had a nice, fresh layer of manmade snow today that was hard-packed in places. The snow makers worked overtime for the last two days, with the guns firing for a very long and impressive 36 hours straight. Here in Thredbo, Anton's open for the first time this season, with Albert's Amble the stand-out there. At Perisher Blue, intermediates hit up Rollercoaster at Blue Cow, and at Selwyn Snowfields, Township was the favourite. Now over at the Victorian resorts, where it was a mix of conditions today. At Falls Creek, Ruined Castle was the place for a smooth cruise. At Mt Hotham,

Slalom Gully at Heavenly Valley was in top shape for a carving session. And at Mt Buller, Wombat kept the intermediates Now the clouds have rolled in, so we're just waiting for that forecast snow to hit, and it'll be doing it in style, with blizzard conditions expected across the Alps tomorrow and the snow's sticking around until Saturday. This is Fiona Gwyther, in Thredbo, for Sports Tonight. It's been dubbed Wales's version of the Tour De France. Competitors in the World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling Championships braved the rain to weigh themselves down,

hop on a bike, attach a mask,

then snorkel and pedal their way through six feet of deep bog

in an effort to be crowned world champion. The water is absolutely freezing.

You've got eels wriggling round your ankles, frogs jumping over your shoulders, newts in your pants. It's really not very pleasant at all. on picking up the coveted trophy Congratulations to Daniel Bent and our Play of the Day.

Nukes in the pants, yet not a very

good idea not think false A quick look at the weather around the nation, and it should be mostly sunny in Cairns, That is Ten News for this Wednesday. The Early News tomorrow is along at 6:00. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.