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This program is captioned live. young lives tragically lost - Tonight -

kills two Australians in Canada. a snowmobile crash under investigation, A young league star

in a nightclub. accused of biting a woman And Sydney diggers facing eviction for decades. from the building they've called home and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. crying poor. Also tonight, soldiers in East Timor impose a blanket 30km/h speed limit. And the local council planning to

First this evening,

of two Australian ski lift workers heartbreak for the families killed at a Canadian resort. The men, aged in their early 20s, on Whistler Mountain were on their last shift into a ravine. when their snowmobile crashed on a working holiday The Australians were north of Vancouver. at Whistler Mountain, from Sydney 24-year-old Joshua Bradford

had been overseas for 1.5 years, with fiancee Ashleigh Broadley. travelling the world early next year. They were due to be married he was always up to no good, He was great, so yeah. very fun-loving and mischievous, was planning to travel around Canada 23-year-old Ben Kontor from Perth working in the snow. after almost six months I think he was doing are doing these days - what a lot of children, kids,

doing some work. going overseas, having some fun,

they had just finished a shift Both keen snowboarders, late in the afternoon and were coming down the mountain a rock in the slippery conditions when their snowmobile apparently hit and crashed into a ravine. from the run and struck a tree. Somehow this machine deviated

raised the alarm. Workmates waiting for the pair an hour later. The ski patrol found their bodies helmets and died instantly. Police said both men were wearing as a possible cause of the accident. Investigators haven't ruled out speed the tragedy has hit hard. At Joshua Bradford's Sydney home, to fly home in five weeks time. Josh and his fiancee were booked in February, They were getting married for a wedding, and instead of everyone coming

for a funeral. now everyone's gonna have to come So it's hard. are planning a memorial service. Staff at the Whistler resort John Hill, Ten News. has been caught behaving badly. New claims a Sydney league star

the Budget hard sell, The Premier has begun

fending off criticism on a property market recovery he's relying too heavily to resuscitate the economy. its own fightback plan, The Opposition has unveiled

for first home-owners promising extra cash and a break for investors. "selling the Budget" stop - The Premier's first getting a new library, a public school of record education spending. the result There's a big infrastructure spend. The Budget sells itself. by the Federal Treasurer, That enthusiasm not echoed

the $700 million deficit worried about on a rising property market and a punt waning economic fortunes. to restore the State's into a irresponsible position They got themselves by not restraining expenses, on a buoyant property market. by narrowly betting in property prices. We're not banking on big increases We've made a conservative estimate of transactions. as far as the volume And the Premier is confident will take redundancy. 5,000 public servants We have put dollars in there the voluntary redundancies. to pay for

will want to get out. Unions don't think enough people It's not realistic at all,

for some months now about this. and we've been running a campaign While the Opposition claims by the March election next year, NSW may be further in the red

to the public service it is also proposing cuts for the property industry. and stimulus the first home owners grant by $3,000 The Opposition is promising to top up and deliver stamp duty concessions in new rental accommodation. to investors putting money $207 million to recruit more nurses. It's also proposing to spend

at the moment. We are struggling in this State

is simply not there. The economic growth Paul Mullins, Ten News. its police presence in East Timor. Australia is boosting will double to 200 Australian Federal Police numbers in an effort to keep the peace. And there was disappointing news on the troubled island state - for the 1,300 soldiers serving as their colleagues based in Iraq. they won't be paid as much although it's under constant review, The deployment at this stage,

is non-warlike, of non-warlike. and we've put it at the very top end is also being sent. An extra $1 million of food aid Desperation for our diggers tonight. they'll be forced to move out A group of veterans fear they've shared for decades of the unit block because the owners want to sell up. For 41 years, home to dozens of war veterans. a modest complex in Belmore has been

32 live there today. a quiet corner to pay their respects, There's a doctor's surgery, they fought under. and a pole to fly the flag

a common background, We all come from and we look out for each other. we all have common problems They are terrific people here. Completely lost. To go away from here, you'd be lost.

But that's exactly what might happen. owns the block, Incapacitated Veterans' Association The Totally and Permanently and it's looking to sell. wives who've built their lives here That means the ex-servicemen and the will have to go. tablets to keep my stress down. The doctor's put me on to special They'd all be uprooted, across the greater Sydney region - relocated into separate flats away from the doctors who know them, away from their friends. Medical and financial issues aside,

the residents say what would hurt them most would be getting split up - not having each other next door to rely on. But TPI president Pat Bright says the board will act in the financial interests of its 5,000 members, not the personal ones of 32 rental tenants. People have got to move on in their life. There's telephones - people can talk to each other. They can meet in areas. That's life. Even though the block was bought with a Government veterans grant, a vote to sell it will be taken at the end of the month. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A blow for Australia's nuclear industry, with the Treasurer ruling out a new tax on coal. Members of the Prime Minister's new task force say it's the only way to make nuclear energy viable. Australia has 300 years of high quality coal reserves and it accounts for the vast majority of our power generation.

The argument about coal is that the CO2 emissions are damaging to the environment and that's undoubtedly the case. And it's one of the key reasons the PM gives for wanting a rethink on nuclear energy. But already it's clear nuclear can't compete with coal on price.

Two of Mr Howard's own taskforce,

Professors Warwick McKibben and George Dracoulis, say so. The head of the taskforce, Dr Ziggy Switkowski,

much more discreet about it.

I'm sure it will be part of the general discussion, but at this stage, I do not have a view. And ANSTO, the Government's own nuclear organisation, has published research showing taxpayers would have to subsidise nuclear power to make it viable. You cannot make nuclear power feasible economically in this country

unless you put in place massive carbon taxes. Forget it says the Treasurer. I don't think the purpose of the inquiry is to come up with new taxes. I most definitely don't think that. Dr Switkowski has rejected critics claims that he cannot be an independent head of the taskforce because he has a background as a nuclear physicist. He says it doesn't mean he's pro nuclear.

And sticking his hand up to help, nuclear engineer Douglas Wood. I've got the experience. I'm sick of being an ex-hostage. Dr Switkowski says he's welcome to make a submission. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Thousands have turned out to watch the Socceroos' latest training session, despite claims the Aussies snubbed their German host at an official welcome. Ten's Frank Coletta is in Stuttgart. Frank, clearly it didn't take long for the Aussies to get embroiled in a spot of controversy? Ron, it was all going so smoothly, wasn't it? A great result against Holland, the Oehringen fans welcoming the Aussies into their town, and then it all went awry.

The situation basically was played out during the major festivities with the civic reception set up by the locals,

and they were bitterly disappointed privately - wouldn't say it, I suppose, speaking outwardly - but yes, they were very angry. In fact, they made a lot of people angry, the snub by the Australian team, at the reception in Oehringen. Oehringen has been singing the praises of their new heroes, but with the town out in force for a civic reception there was no Socceroo star anywhere in sight. There'd been the promise of captain Mark Viduka and coach Guus Hiddink. The band played and the children were ready for autographs only to be bitterly disappointed. An all-star line-up had been replaced with unknowns. Train-on juniors Kristian Sarkies, Neil Kilkenny and Kaz Patafta joining fringe player Luke Wilkshire. Young fans devastated when even the substitutes were ushered past them.

And able to be part of the party

And able to be part of the party that they're putting on The mayor

managed to hide any disappointment.

No, they had other meetings. They

told us all. It's OK. But if the

people were feeling snubbed, they

dur were doing their best not to

show it. About 5,000 of them turned

out to see the Socceroos' open training session. And

training session. And getting

caught up in the World Cup fever -

caught up in the World Cup fever - NSW couple Paul and Annette, who

NSW couple Paul and Annette, who combined a trip to Germany with a

walk down the aisle. This is a

wedding and a honeymoon rolled into

one. Ron, it would appear now that the Australian officials have seen the error of their ways. They have decided after that mistake to allow the team - just a few hours ago after their final training session - to spend 45 minutes with the fans signing autographs. I think if there's one sure bet during the World Cup, it's that they won't make the same mistake again. Just finally, in Ulm, just north of Stuttgart, later today, there will be the final hit-out for the Australian team against little Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in Europe, and one of the worst-ranked in the FIFA world rankings. A confidence-builder for the Socceroos

going in against Japan for the first World Cup game, and a chance for about two or three players to press for selection ahead of that first match. Thanks, Frank. Frank Coletta in Stuttgart. Tim Webster with more of the day's sport, and Mal Mengina's angry. Yes, he's fired up over his team being written off for game two. It comes after losing two injured players in less than 24 hours. We'll hear Big Mal's barrage at the southern media shortly in sport. And the wallabies arrive in Sydney for their final preparations ahead of the Test series against England starting this weekend.

And we go live to the league judiciary for a big night of penalty decisions. A senior politician caught drink-driving. That's next. Plus, the local council in Sydney set to impose a blanket 30km speed limit. And the young hero in line for a bravery award after saving his brother's life.

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This program is captioned live. New claims a Sydney league star has been caught behaving badly. Eels teenage sensation Jarryd Hayne has been accused of biting a girl

who rejected his advances in a Parramatta nightclub.

late this afternoon, the club

confirmed he'd been fined $1,000 and has apologised. Parramatta officials have confirmed Jarryd Hayne is the player

at the centre of the latest scandal to tarnish the game.

On Saturday night, the 18-year-old was celebrating with team-mates at Parramatta's Roxy nightclub.

The rising Eels star today pleaded guilty to biting a girl on the arm as she celebrated her 18th birthday with her boyfriend. I thought he was putting his head down on the back of the chair but he actually bit me instead. The teenager has not yet reported the incident to police, keeping her true identity a secret as she went public on talk-back radio. There was no mark, it didn't hurt, it wasn't that bad. The teenager claims when she complained to the club they did nothing about it, allegedly saying that if they confronted one player then they might all leave the club. It's the latest in a string of embarrassing incidents for the Eels. At Parramatta we pride ourselves on, you know, on respect, and our performances out in public and just at the moment we've let ourselves go a lot, so it's definitely not good for the club.

Last month, Eels captain Nathan Cayless smashed a camera on a drunken night out at Star City casino. Then two players were dropped from first grade for being too drunk to train. Late today, the Eels issued a statement annoncing the player had been fined $1,000 but he is free to train with his club. Evan Batten, Ten News. A good idea or a case of going too far?

A Sydney council is pushing for a blanket 30km/h speed limit across a whole suburb. But not everyone's convinced. If Ashfield City Council has its way,

this is what you'll see popping up all over the suburb. Council's moving forward with plans to make Australian history with the first 30km/h speed limit on all streets, except some main roads. We have consulted the Pedestrian Council of Australia, the Bicycle Federation of Australia, and we feel that everyone is behind us. Some locals are too. People seem to tear around and go crazy on the streets. Yep, I think it's a good thing. Probably better for the public and the children. This Ashfield resident says she and her family live in fear.

Yeah, you often hear a lot of

screechs and you're waiting for a

car to come through your wall at any time. The State Government needs more convincing the 30km/h speed limit will reduce accidents and pedestrian fatalities. I've got to say that as the Minister for Roads, I find the suggestion of 30km/h speed limits unimpressive. Council is adamant Australia's speed zones are behind the times, but others aren't so sure.

I expect the next thing I expect the next thing is the

council will be asking every

motorist to enter Ashfield have a

man with a red flag walking past

them. 30km/h is not a very fast

speed these days. 50km/h is slow

enough. Council expects to have its

submission to the RD56789 later this month. Back from the dead mountain climber Lincoln Hall is returning to his normal life in Australia. It was a warm welcome to a wintery Sydney from Everest's frozen peaks.

The 50-year-old's airport arrival capping off a torrid fortnight. I want to thank people for the enormous support I've received since I came down off the mountain. Last month Hall was declared dead after becoming disoriented on his way down from the mountain's summit. He was found alive the next day and taken to base camp for medical treatment, but could still lose his fingers. A rare honour for a boy

who saved his baby brother from drowning in the backyard pool. The young hero now in line for a prestigious bravery award. It was Sunday afternoon. 4-year-old Harrison and his 2-year-old brother Fletcher were playing in the backyard. Dad was doing the gardening, when suddenly...

He had just turned his back for a moment and in that moment Fletcher had tumbled into the pool. In ice-cold water and fully clothed, the toddler started struggling. His brother sensed danger. He couldn't swim because he needed his floaties. Harrison quickly reached out from the pool ledge for his brother's arm, dragging him to the surface. Like that. What he has done is actually saved his life, you know? Like, if he hadn't have been there, he may not have, you know, been able to get out of the pool. The young hero is now in line for a rare honour - a bravery award from Royal Life Saving.

I saved my brother's life. Swimming instructor Michelle Doyle, who nominated Harrison for the award, says the incident highlights how crucial it is for parents to continue swimming lessons during winter. When the water is colder, shock can set in, but if a child is actually doing a swimming program throughout winter they're more used to the difference in the climate. Lessons that could have saved 28 children under 5 from drowning

across the country last year alone. The boys have been taking swimming lessons here since Christmas and their mum says they're worth every cent, because if they hadn't learnt those valuable skills

things may have turned out very differently. is like having a loaded gun. You just don't know. As for little Fletcher, he'll forever be in debt to his big brother. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Check of the weather now, and Tim

Bailey seems to be full of beans

this eveening for a number of

reasons, not in the least being a

spectacular afternoon. Don't be

concerned about the big round warm

thing up in the sky - it was the

sun. Haven't seen it for eight days.

Late, bra, breaking news. Drum roll,

please. This is the best news

you've heard in a long time. Sophie

Delezio is out of hospital tomorrow

northern morning. Big round of


Two, three, four. You know what's

going to happen - news to sing and

dance about. We've got the jazz

festival at Darling Harbour across

Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the

long weekend. Not only that, we're

in a good, swinging kind of mood

because the rainfall is doing the

right thing - we've had 120mm in

June, that is only 8mm down on the

entire monthly average, and if you

check your calendar, if is only the

7th of June. Hopefully some

rainfall. We're going to catch up.

Skywatch - started off cloudy,

coastal showers, they arrived, no

problems with that. Then blue sky.

Shining at you all afternoon long.

Pollution levels - not a problem

with those. Tomorrow at your place

- a coastal shower, maybe tonight

an afternoon, late-evening

thunderstorm and around about 17

degrees. The Darling Harbour Jazz

Festival. More of it on your

television when we see you again in

around about 10. It's being hailed as the biggest medical breakthrough in decades. Next, the discovery that may conquer heart disease and diabetes. And an incredible demolition job -

the blast powerful enough to flatten 400 buildings.

A senior member of the ACT Government has quit the front bench

after being caught drink-driving. Just hours after listening to his Chief Minister deliver a horror budget,

former police minister John Hargreaves was pulled over and blew 0.097. He says he hadn't realised how much he'd had to drink. Mr Speaker, I'm not the first person to hold high office who has come to the attention of the police in this way, but I am mortified to have to stand here today and make this speech. It's a blow to the Stanhope Government, which is struggling to sell its decision to close 37 schools and raise rates by almost 10%. The Governor-General will be asked to intervene in a dispute between the Federal Government and the ACT over gay marriages. The Territory remains defiant, despite a move by the Prime Minister to overturn its ground-breaking law legalising gay civil unions. It's Canberra's bid to become the gay marriage capital,

allowing homosexual civil unions with all of trappings of matrimony. But the sometime resident of the Lodge says, not in my backyard. The reason why we are going to overturn the ACT legislation is that for all intents and purposes the legislation equates a civil union with a marriage. The ACT Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope is furious. Discrimination against people on the basis of their sexuality is odious.

I campaigned on this issue before the last election.

I have a mandate from the people of the ACT to remove discrimination against gay and lesbian couples within this community. The PM says it's about protecting the concept of marriage being exclusively between a man and a woman. This is an act to support marriage, it's not an act of discrimination against homosexual, gay or lesbian people. This is a PM out of touch with 21st-century Australia. He is a wowser. Jon Stanhope wants Federal Labor to join the minor parties in trying to block the Howard Government move in the Senate. Kim Beazley is persuaded the ACT civil union law is not a threat t o heterosexual marriage. It is a matter of discrimination and I am against discrimination. I do not believe that the Commonwealth Government, in a bullying way, should move in on the Territories and tell them what to do. The Stanhope Government will also take the fight here to Government House with an unprecedented direct appeal to the Governor-General who has the power to uphold the intent of the ACT legislation. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Heart transplants could become a thing of the past after an incredible breakthrough in which patients regrow their own organs. In a world first, a team of Australian researchers has used stem cells to create beating heart tissue. It's the stuff of science fiction - humans able to regrow damaged organs and body parts, our own bodies curing disabilities and diseases. A team of Melbourne scientists led by Professor Wayne Morrison has moved a step closer to making it a reality,

becoming the first in the world to grow living, beating heart tissue. My own heart started to beat faster, it was very exciting, this is what it's all about. The team has created a biodegradable scaffold

around which grows human tissue and blood vessels. It's hoped one day it could replace transplants

by stimulating an organ to replace diseased cells with healthy ones. And because the cells are the patient's own, there's no risk of rejection. The Grail of this tissue engineering is to really grow your own tissue rather than relying on someone else's tissue being implanted into you.

The discovery has been hailed as one of the most significant medical breakthroughs in decades, bringing new hope to millions of sufferers

of ailments such as heart disease and diabetes. Beating heart tissue or cells which can produce insulin,

that is a major breakthrough. And it may not be long before the technique moves from the lab

to the operating room. I think in five years we can confidently say you can grow, you can stimulate your own cells to become a heart cell. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. A stunning demolition job in China - authorities blowing up a massive wall to create the world's largest dam.

The underwater blast used enough explosives to bring down 400 apartment blocks. The concrete structure was used to hold back water while the dam was being built. It's designed to control deadly floods while producing enough power to light up Shanghai. Sydney's tourism slump - next, travellers avoiding the Harbour City in droves.

Also, the baby photo the world has been waiting to see. And no fewer than 210,000 sculptures going on show in Sydney.

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This program is captioned live.

Top stories this hour - desperation for group of war veterans facing eviction from the unit block at Belmore they've shared for decades. The association representing Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Veterans is looking to sell, even though the block was originally bought with a government grant. Another Sydney league star has paid the price for behaving badly. Eels teenage sensation Jarryd Hayne has been fined $1,000

for biting a girl on the arm in a Parramatta nightclub. He also issued a personal apology. And heartache for the families of two Australian ski lift workers killed at a Canadian resort. The men, aged in their early 20s,

were on their last shift on Whistler Mountain when their skidoo crashed into a ravine. Tourism in NSW has taken a nose dive, with visitors now avoiding the State in droves.

With jobs on the line and millions in investments at stake, the industry is pleading for a major increase in promotional funding. Our recent bad weather hasn't scared off these humpback whales,

but it seems tourists are beginning to shy away. Experts believe NSW is falling behind, with a 20% drop in tourists since the Sydney Olympics. We're the only city on earth that's taken its Olympic Games -

the legacy of that - is less tourists now than came before the Games. A lack of marketing blamed for the slump. The Government of NSW has traditionally had a complacency about tourism. If you look out the window, you see Sydney Harbour and you think you don't have to do anything. Well, you do.

The amount spent on tourism won't change unless the State is given more GST revenue.

I'd love more Budget, everyone does, but that's pretty much in the hands of the Federal Government. While State tourism may be in a slump,

the whale-watching industry is on the rise -

it's sparked renewed calls for the Federal Government to make humpbacks a protected species. The message splashed across Sydney Harbour. Conservationists want the Howard Government to take legal action against Japan, stopping its so-called scientific capture and slaughter of whales. These majestic creatures that bring far greater economic benefit

as they go up and down our coast than they do in tuckshops in Japan. Next year, 50 humpbacks will become part of that kill - it could have had a devastating impact on whale-watching. In NSW, the industry probably accounts for 60,000 full-time employees presently, so the economic argument for doing away with whaling is quite important.

James Boyce, Ten News. Home buyers can breathe easier tonight with the Reserve Bank keeping interest rates on hold. The news not so good for some investors, with another fall on the stock market.

Some weird and wonderful sights from the art world tonight. A new exhibition of some of the best contemporary art from around the world opens in Sydney tomorrow. Sights, sounds, strange behaviour - the 15th Sydney Biennale has it all. A biennale is an art exhibition held every two years, and this time, 85 artists from 40 countries are exhibiting the best in contemporary art.

Like this, called 'Asian Field'. It was made in China in five days by 500 people. That was 300 makers and 200 people preparing and giving them the clay. 125 tons of clay was turned into 210,000 little sculptures, each one unique and a reflection of the artist who made it.

This piece is much more than just an oversized chandelier. Called 'Noise of Light', it aims to make a point about the enormous amount of natural resources used up by our everyday expectations of beauty and glamour. The generator is part of the piece, the noise is part of the piece, the smell and the smoke is part of the piece. But these exhibits aren't just for looking at.

Many of the artists here want you to get involved. For instance, this work, which has more than a touch of the Big Brothers about it. There's even game-playing - the idea behind this piece is that it turns members of the public into adversaries, and watching people's behaviour as they try to win becomes part of the exhibit. The biennale runs from tomorrow until the end of August.

And it's across Sydney, 16 venues, including Campbelltown and Blacktown. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Hugh Jackman is to star opposite Nicole Kidman in the much-anticipated new Baz Lurhmann movie. Hugh, who was in Melbourne today doing publicity for 'The Boy From Oz', replaces Russell Crowe as the hero of the as yet untitled epic romance. Nicole plays an English aristocrat who reluctantly joins forces with a drover, played by Hugh, to drive 2,000 cattle across Australia's Top End, only to arrive just as Darwin is bombed by the Japanese. The movie starts shooting in Western Australia next February. What's claimed to be the first photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's baby daughter has surfaced on the Internet. A number of websites briefly published this image, claiming it showed Hollywood's latest celebrity parents doting on newborn Shiloh. But mystery surrounds the photo, with exclusive rights sold to a rival magazine for more than $5 million. Industry experts believe the picture is genuine, but some sceptics say it may have been doctored. Check

of the weather with Tim

Bailey. Tim, you've been getting

our toes tapping during the ad

break with some great music at

Darling Harbour. We're sneaking up

at a long weekend. It wouldn't be a

long weekend without the Darling

Harbour Jazz Festival. You name it,

they'll be here. This fellow, John

maurson, and the Disappearing Band.

One, two, three, four...

Yeah! We call them the Disappearing

Band. Ron, pay attention here -

Timmy 12 months ago was 68kg

heavier. The man in the black hat,

John Morrison, ladies and gentlemen,

has lost 30kg. This isn't an

addition of Australia's Biggest

Loser, it's a weather report!

Tomorrow, broadcasting live from

Thredbo for the opening of the

Australian snow season. Tomorrow,

18 degrees, coastal showers with

sunshine. Ron, he lost 68kg.

sunshine. Ron, he lost 68kg. 30kg.

I like to give the viewers their dollars worth! Sport is next. Tim, Origin great Mal Meninga hits out

at those knocking the Maroons' chances. Yes, he's furious his boys' chances are being written off. His outburst shortly. Also, Souths' new owner doesn't hold back either - he's outlined a tough new recruiting policy. And the Socceroos lapping up some of their new home town support.

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this June long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one passenger isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

This program is captioned live.

Melbourne's Billy Slater is back before the NRL judiciary tonight

to fight a spear tackle charge. League reporter Adam Hawse is there, and Billy is only just back from a long suspension?

He'll be out for two weeks if his bid fails. Mal Meninga is very cranky.

Since game one, the Maroons have been blasted for strange selections, the poor form of their captain and forwards labelled 'creampuff'. Now the coach has had enough. To be quite honest, I'm on the front foot at the moment. I'm sick to death of people giving us advice. Big Mal blaming the Sydney media. It's ridiculous that they have those sort of opinions.

I just said to them, "What's the point of us going out playing next Wednesday night?" Because we're no chance. So we'll just enjoy the week, get on the grog and have a good time. Maroons bolter Adam Mogg joining camp and happy with his nickname 'Adam Who'. That's fine by me, mate. Doesn't worry me one little bit. Queensland selectors producing another shock, replacing the injured Tonie Carroll with Jacob 'the Bull' Lillyman, one of Graham Murray's young Cowboys. He's a strong-willed sort of fellow and he's tough. So I think the nickname fits. Blues forwards making a pact to keep the Queenslanders down.

We just sort of came together and said, "Look, it's going to be on again. "It's going to be up to us to sort of get the boys going forward. "If we don't, we'll get dominated." And control of embattled South Sydney officially handed over today.

Peter Holmes a Court and Russell Crowe confident their $3 million investment can attract quality players. The Sydney Swans have made it very clear with their recruitment policy of no dickheads.

Thank you very much. We've borrowed that and will put it in our recruitment strategy.

And Tim, today's announcement

didn't help Reni Matua. And Ryan

Cross today had offers from the

Waratahs, brumbies and Force. As you may have seen earlier in our news, the Socceroos have been accused of snubbing an official civic reception

in their host town of Oeringhen. It appears the locals just can't get enough of the Australians and their world-class stars. With every vantage point grabbed, the Socceroos' session had a carnival atmosphere. It's unlikely they'd have had more supporters had this been training run been down-under. CHEERING While the Socceroos officials may have dropped the ball today at the civic reception, it hasn't deterred the locals from turning out in force. Socceroos players over the moon with the reception. Amazing small town but massive crowd, and this is just for Australia. Yeah, it's brilliant. You know, this really makes us feel we're part of something special. The biggest cheers from the crowd of more than 5,000 were for a player with German heritage, goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer. Today's just shown that the whole village has really got behind us and the whole area and that's been fantastic. It's obviously nice when you've got that German heritage

and people acknowledge that. And I played in Germany for 2.5 years. Well, I was here for 2.5 years. I played 4 games, no, 6 games. It's nice to have that. Harry Kewell is expected to get more game time tomorrow against tiny Liechtenstein

to have him primed for the Cup opener against Japan.

The Dutch finished a physical game against Australia this week with injuries. Now it's the Socceroos who'll be hoping to get past the final warm-up game intact. It's nice, it's great to have all your talent on offer. Let's hope from now on until the first game it stays that way. Schwarzer, like everybody else, is unsure just who will line up against Liechtenstein. Good question. You're asking the wrong person.

Neil Cordy in Oehringen, Ten News. Rugby, and the Wallabies say past disappointments won't be their sole motivation in Sunday's first Test against England. The Aussies touched down in Sydney today following their training camp at Coffs Harbour. They lost the rugby World Cup final to the Englishmen in 2003 and were beaten again on last year's European tour, but they're not dwelling on those results. I don't think it's the result from last time.

I think it's every time you run out in a Wallaby jersey. So obviously the disappointments of our performances last year, our guys are really looking forward to getting out there and turning that around. England have trained for the past week in Sydney's heavy weather conditions and have named a relatively inexperienced team for Sunday's match at Telstra Stadium. At the French Open, Roger Federer is still on track And in Sports Tonight, we'll have all the results of tonights judiciary hearing involving Billy Slater and Ruben Wiki.

Traffic check with Vic Lorusso,

who's hovering over Parramatta Road.

This is a bad situation for

motorists heading to the western

suburbs. An accident near the

suburbs. An accident near the

intersection of the M4. The delays

go back toward Lidcombeb. Pretty

much a mirror image as we turn the

camera towards the M4. Traffic

camera towards the M4. Traffic heading to the west via both main

heading to the west via both main roads struggling. A bad accident

roads struggling. A bad accident near the airport tunnel has traffic

banked southbound. Thank you. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather details next.

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Time for all the weather details

now. Tim Bailey would be yodeling

from mountain tops tomorrow night.

Very cool at Darling Harbour right

now. It is very cool. I'll let the

talent show you just how cool it is.

Axle White-head, John Morrison and

the Disappearing Band. The

# The sun has come out

# The sun has come out # We want you to come out

# The Darling Harbour Festival

# Saturday Saturday, Sunday, Monday

# And yes, the music's free

# So you check the Axle White-head

band at 1:45, we'll see you then!

Yes, the Darling Harbour Jazz

Festival, ladies and gentlemen. Big

round of applause, even if you

didn't like them. Thank you very


much. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE 24 bands including his brother, Joe

Joe Zep, Marcia Hines, it will be

big. 90,000 people. It wouldn't be

a long weekend in siz Sydney town

without a bit of jazz at the festival. We're enjoying the

rainfall. In June, we normally get

128mm of rain in the entire month.

So far, 120mm and only at the 7th.

Hopefully we're catching up on a

bit of rainfall. Unfortunately, not

a lot in the catchment today.

Mainly coastal. That will be the

same situation tomorrow and through

to the weekend. Good news on day

one of your weekend - there will be

some merchant. I said it would be

awfully cold and wet Saturday. It

will be sunny, 19 degrees, then the

rain will come Sunday and Monday.

So it will be a lovely weekend for

rain and also to play up a little

bit. Tomorrow, we're live from

Thredbo. You know what that means -

the little fellow won't have a

voice by the end of the long

weekend. We do it from Eagles Nest tomorrow night.

Cloud is falling over east NSW,

bringing showers to the coast and ranges.

Moist onshore winds will maintain

showers along the eastern seaboard,

mainly in northern NSW and central

Queensland. Predicted precipitation

- isolated showers along the NSW

coast. North of the Illawarra.

Showers along the Queensland coast.

Friday, onshore winds will maintain

showers along the NSW coast and

Queensland coast. Cold, southerly

winds and an upper trough will

cause scattered showers, small hail

and thunderstorms in South

Australia. More music now from a

South African gem, Shannon Moday

will launch 'African Eyes' on Sunday at the festival!

Enormously cool music coming out of

such a little girl. I love that stuff!

Darling Harbour Jazz Festival, 24

bands, 90,000 people, and some

ratbags who look enormously like

this! We'll see you again tomorrow

night from Thredbo! Thank you, Tim.

Tau talk to you then. Varjealous -

he'll be at the snow. A runaway emu is back behind bars after a 2-day wild goose chase. The big bird raised eyebrows after escaping from a zoo in America. MAN: Was it scary? Was it cute? No. What was it? An ostrich. While identification proved a mystery, the fleet-footed emu was too quick for would-be captors. But on the way she gathered a few bumps and bruises.

Edwina obviously enjoys her neighbourhood walks -

this was the third time she jumped her fence and escaped. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

Sophie Delezio out of hospital.

We'll have coverage in tomorrow

night's bulletin. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next full bulletin tonight at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.