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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - closing the gap on Kevin Rudd new polling shows Julia Gillard as preferred Labor leader. forced to shut its doors The Australian Embassy on the streets on Bangkok. as violence rages leads from start to finish And Aussie Mark Webber to win the Monaco Grand Prix. with Simon Reeve. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News polls has continued this morning Kevin Rudd's slide in the opinion with two new surveys showing back him as Labor leader. fewer than half of voters is fuelling speculation The popularity slump could be eyeing the top job, Julia Gillard the PM's re-election prospects. not helping In the race to an election is no longer top dog. it seems Kevin Rudd he simply calls out. I do the rollover, Two new opinion polls show want the PM rolled by his deputy a growing number of voters as preferred Labor leader. with Julia Gillard fast catching up according to Newspoll, Just five percentage points behind even closer in Galaxy's survey. in the media, I understand that. These things get speculated about But talk is damaging

the major parties neck and neck. as both polls place insists he's the underdog. Mr Abbott, though, It's 79 years Federal Government was defeated. since the last first term the public but it's a hell of a job. I'm buoyed by the response from yesterday launched their campaign Made tougher by the unions who against the mining industry. it's time to put something back. Let the mining bosses know,

the proposed super profits tax The miners maintain will cost projects and jobs. the Opposition doesn't believe that, But Labor claims even Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton seizing on revelations

of BHP shares bought almost $2,000 worth after the policy announcement. This blows the Coalition's attack

tax out of the water. against the resource super profits another 92 asylum seekers The Navy has rescued north coast of Western Australia. from a sinking boat off the far near Scott Reef in the Timor Sea. A spotter plane reported the boat HMAS 'Ararat' arrived, By the time the patrol boat large amounts of water. the vessel was taking on to Christmas Island. The asylum seekers are being taken so far this year. The boat is the 57th intercepted she had her own doubts Jessica Watson has revealed on her round-the-world solo sail. before setting off are continuing this morning Homecoming celebrations ahead of her 17th birthday tomorrow. that I've made a few people think Absolutely love to think are a bit more capable that maybe teenagers we give them for. than some of the credit in seven months yesterday Her first full day on dry land included a haircut Jessica's pink yacht as fans flocked to see at the Sydney Maritime Museum. on display rescued from a NSW cliff, today. Police hope to question two men from the Blue Mountains rock face The pair were winched in a dangerous operation suffering serious injuries. after crashing onto a ledge they were climbing the cliff They've told police they may have been BASE-jumping. but it's believed for the helicopter. Extremely difficult job who was the first one down The SCAT paramedic onto the ledge actually had to be swung to find the second patient. and then climb up to another ledge Sydney father Jim Mitchell died It comes eight days after in the Arctic Circle. BASE-jumping on Baffin Island fisherman missing, presumed drowned, The search for the body of a at Sydney's Bondi Beach after being swept from rocks resumes this morning. was fishing alone 29-year-old Don Wong he was taken by a 2m wave. when it's thought who's two months pregnant. He leaves behind a wife The Chinese-born accountant permanent residency. had only recently been granted His death fishing on the Australian coast takes the number of people killed this year to 16. WA police admit Cameron Mansell could be anywhere fugitive murder suspect the last confirmed sighting. four days after of missing millionaire Craig Puddy, The former business partner a free man on Thursday he flew to Adelaide before an arrest warrant was issued. everyone's disappointed I'm disappointed, Look, the Premier was disappointed.

to slip the net and get away. that Mr Mansell managed WOMAN: But there was no net there? Well, there was a net. Mansell visited his mother In Adelaide, but the trail has now run cold. New South Wales and Victoria. He's known to have family in Darwin, in Melbourne today Two women will face court a 71-year-old woman at the weekend. charged with the carjacking of The women, aged 39 and 29, a supermarket on Saturday allegedly tried to hold-up using a syringe. they then tried to steal a taxi Police claim before abducting the elderly woman. shortly after and arrested. They were stopped by a police will shut its doors today The Australian Embassy in Bangkok in Thailand. as deadly clashes escalate not to travel to the capital Australians are being warned after at least 31 people were killed between Red Shirt protesters in the latest round of violence and government troops. at protesters Soldiers have fired live rounds and homemade bombs. who are retaliating with rocks demands from the protesters The Thai Government has rejected to call in the United Nations to two months of violence. to broker an end mobile phone use and brain cancer The world's biggest study into there is evidence of a link. has found cancer patients from 13 countries, The study followed 5,000 brain including Australia,

over 10 years. no increased cancer risk overall, While it concluded there was an hour on their mobiles each day people who spent more than half a common form of brain tumour. were 40% more likely to develop at Monday's weather. Now for your first look in Canberra. Early frost then fine Melbourne, early fog then sunny. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the real underbelly. Are Australia's police forces still plagued by corruption. But next on Seven Early News - the campaign to export Aussie Rules to China. And seven dead after a powerful tornado touched down in China. WOMAN: (POSH ENGLISH ACCENT) When taking tea, one should always drink from the finest china. ('LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY' PLAYS) The teacup should be adorned with tasteful applique, so as to paint the host in a positive light. And remember, the inscription will confirm its quality. (MUSIC SLOWS TO A STOP) VOICEOVER: Bushells tea: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the real underbelly. In 2010, have our police forces really been cleaned up. Plus, a Brekky exclusive with Harry Kewell. Fifi meets the cast of 'Sex and the City 2'. And fans of Usher, stand-by - # Oh, my God. # we have a major announcement, exclusive to Sunrise, from 6am. # Oh, my gosh. # Parts of UK airspace are closed as the ash cloud from Iceland's volcano continues to disrupt air travel. A dense plume of ash is blanketing northern England, grounding flights in Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland. Passengers are warned London's airports might close on Wednesday.

Some flights did beat the deadline

but the passengers on board this

aircraft taking off from the east midlands airport from

midlands airport before the one

o'clock ban were among the lucky

few. Those for later flights were

greeted with signs that didn't offer

much hope of them reaching their

destinations easily or quickly. I

just walked in, everything was down

and we were informed the flights

were cancelled. It was the same in

other airports. This is the ash

cloud's current position over

Britain. The black area is where it

is potentially dangerous to aircraft

engines. You can see how tomorrow

parts of the south could be affected

by dangerous levels of ash but on

Tuesday it is forecast with winds

changing direction the danger area

will start to move eastwards, away

from British air space. For British

passengers, the cloud is only one

problem they may have to circumvent.

Cabin crews are begin to start

strike talks on Tuesday. At least seven people have been killed and hundreds injured after a powerful tornado touched down in north-eastern China. The twister knocked down power lines, trees and tore roofs of homes. More than 3,500 people were evacuated from their homes as the tornado swept across the region. Rescue efforts are under way to provide shelter for hundreds of people left homeless. Strong winds and hailstorms are forecast in the area for the next few days. The space shuttle 'Atlantis' has successfully docked with the International Space Station this morning 350 kilometres above the South Pacific. Astronauts will take three spacewalks to repair and re-stock the station during their week-long visit. Before docking, the shuttle performed a slow backflip to allow NASA to properly inspect the space craft for any possible launch damage. It's the final mission for 'Atlantis' before being retired after 25 years and 32 missions. Your first finance this Early News: Australia exports many things to China, mainly our mineral wealth, but there's now a push on to export our home-grown football code. The AFL is putting down roots in the world's most populous nation with plans for Brisbane to play Melbourne in Shanghai later this year. In Shanghai, a city of more than 20 million people, the AFL has planted goal posts and a seed it hopes will take root in the world's biggest market. And these Chinese kids are Auskick pioneers trying to master the mysteries of the oval ball and the big white sticks from Down Under. Premier John Brumby, in Shanghai for the World Expo, made his mark at the Jiangwan sports stadium. In October, these kids will be watching the AFL's first club game in China - the Shanghai Showdown - an exhibition match between the Brisbane Lions and Melbourne. The Shanghai stadium can hold 15,000 spectators but the AFL is also in negotiations with the local media in the hope of a live television broadcast of the October match into the Chinese market. I think sport can be important, so important in building the links between countries. Zhong Chenhao and Sheo Lay are learning the game. They've won short scholarships at Monash University. I hope that there will be an Australian football team in China in the future. Shanghai started its AFL competition in March with the Shanghai Tigers, Crows, Dockers and Eagles fighting over the Sherrin. I think just the size of China really excites us

so if we can just capture some small market we'll be over the moon. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Molly Meldrum has a big announcement about R&B star Usher. But next on Seven Early News - Australia falls short in the Twenty20 World Cup decider. And Mark Webber leads from start to finish in Monaco to jump to the top of the F1 drivers' championship. VOICEOVER: Cold sores feel as bad as they look. Compeed introduces... (COMPUTER BLEEPS) ..the first invisible healing patch for cold sores. New Compeed Cold Sore Patch is clinically proven to treat all seven symptoms fast: (COMPUTER BLEEPS) New Compeed Cold Sore Patch for total cold sore healing. (CHEERY MUSIC) when you're out and about You pick up other people's germs with everything you touch. So when you get home, the germs you've brought inside. you want a hand wash that kills And there's one you can trust. Unlike most ordinary hand wash, Dettol kills 99.9% of germs. from the germs you pick up Help protect your family with Dettol Liquid Hand Wash. two news polls out this morning continuing to tumble. show Kevin Rudd's political stocks Both Newspoll and the Galaxy poll as preferred Labor leader. have Julia Gillard closing the gap of a potential leadership challenge, Ms Gillard dismisses speculation as her flying to Mars. saying there's as much chance the navy has rescued asylum seekers For the second time in a fortnight off the West Australian coast. from a sinking boat taken to Christmas Island. The 92 people on board are being at this stage. Their nationalities are unclear in Bangkok And the Australian Embassy has been forced to shut its doors protesters and the army as battles between anti-government continue to rage on streets outside. least 31 people have now been killed Thai emergency services say at in three days of fighting. with all the day's sport. Now it's over to Mark Beretta

At the enof a long, long road. Thanks, Simon. Good morning. final hurdle in the World Twenty20, Australia has fallen at the by seven wickets in Barbados going down to England this morning. another top-order collapse Michael Clarke's side suffered they simply couldn't recover. and this time, Australia's 6-match winning streak final against England heading into the World Twenty20 looked impressive on paper, and Shane Watson hadn't fired but in reality, David Warner in three games. Make that four games. COMMENTATOR: Oh, gone! Direct hit. the increasingly dire situation Brad Haddin did nothing to ease departed for 27, and when Michael Clarke

Australia had tumbled to 4/45. Brilliant!

Collingwood making no mistake. The favourites were going to water rescue missions run in the family. before David Hussey proved that High into the crowd, first six. with a rapid-fire 30 off 21 balls Cameron White chimed in but it was Hussey's brilliant 59 to a defendable total of 147. that pushed the Aussies Shaun Tait answered the call. In desperate need of early wickets, In the air and straight to mid on. Craig Kieswetter and Kevin Pietersen But South African-born duo steadied the English ship.

He's whacked it all the way for six. of Pietersen for 47 Steven Smith snared the key scalp alive, removing Kieswetter. and Mitchell Johnson kept the game

Oh dear, what was that?

was simply too small In the end Australia's total by seven wickets. as England cruised home England charge onto the field. have won the world Twenty20. Paul Collingwood and his team Mark Webber has surged drivers' championship to the top of the Formula One his second straight race win after claiming at the Monaco Grand Prix overnight. to keep out of trouble Starting from pole, Webber was able wasn't as fortunate. but reigning champion Jenson Button pile-up three laps from home, Webber avoided another spectacular Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel. taking the chequered flag ahead of one week. RACE CALLER: It was Barcelona

It's a winning weekend for the

Australian. He's done it. For sure

the greatest diof my life, to win

here, is a very, very special day. on 78 points Webber is equal with Vettel because of his two race wins. but leads the championship the V8 Supercar championship Jamie Whincup's 18-month reign atop after he crashed out yesterday has ended in controversy at Winton Courtney's team-mate Jonathan Webb. following a bump from James notch his fourth straight race win, Courtney overcame Craig Lowndes to over Whincup. opening up a 114-point lead Lee Holdsworth finished in third. to its third loss in four games, St Kilda has slumped overnight. going down to Essendon by 12 points Carlton outgunned Port Adelaide Earlier yesterday, from the winless Tigers. and Hawthorn survived a scare for the Bombers Things started disastrously with David Hille placed on report tearing his hamstring. and Cale Hooker in the opening half The sides went goal for goal for mark of the year. as Justin Koschitzke put his hand up COMMENTATOR: Oooh! Corker! in the final term Koschitzke took another screamer in a gripping encounter. but it was Essendon who prevailed praised his side's mental strength Carlton coach Brett Ratten has for overcoming a 6-day turnaround

to a hamstring injury and the loss of Kane Lucas to down the Power by 26 points. a trip to the tribunal The Blues could be facing for striking Jason Davenport. after Jarrad Waite was reported may also have a case to answer Hawthorn's Campbell Brown on Richmond's Daniel Jackson. for his bump by three points at the MCG The Hawks snuck home to snap a 6-game losing streak. after eight rounds Taking a look at the ladder sole possession of top spot and Collingwood is in against the second-placed Cats. leading into Friday's blockbuster sit one win outside the eight Brisbane and North Melbourne while Richmond remain winless. Michael Jennings Explosive Penrith centre New South Wales Origin selectors, has sent a message to

crossing for three tries of the Sharks. in the Panthers' 34-14 thumping when the Blues team is named tonight Jennings is expected to miss out to explain why. and his coach is at a loss

I'd be picking him. It's what I'm

saying. He sqlus gives you -- he

footwork. just gives you real strike and

At the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Wests Tigers 50 points to 10. South Sydney destroyed to apologise to supporters. Tigers skipper Robbie Farah The performance prompted

That's all for now. a little later in Sunrise, Simon. I'll be back with more sport

I can tell you no-one is gladder

than me kwrert to see this beautiful

beach at Mooloolaba and end the

ride. You have earned the rest but

Next on Seven Early News, come back and work tomorrow.

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