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(generated from captions) CHILDREN TALK IN BACKGROUND BIRDSONG (Boy speaks English) DOGS BARK IN DISTANCE (Children speak indistinctly) CHILD SHOUTS CHILD THROWS A TANTRUM

(Speaks indistinctly) (Girl speaks Arrernte) (Speaks Arrernte) (Woman speaks English) Yeah. GATE SHUTS CAR HORN TOOTS, ENGINE IDLES CHILD SCREAMS (Children shout) (Children shout playfully) WOMAN: Thank you. CHILDREN PLAY IN BACKGROUND (Ricco narrates in English) (Maudie speaks English) (Laughs) (Children shout playfully) (Speaks indistinctly) Right. Blow your noses now. (Children cough and snort) One nostril. Other one. Keep blowing, thank you, Liam. Oh, good. Charlie, can't hear you. (Children count) Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Look at that. OK? No, no, no, no... # Two lit...don't come back... # Let me do it again, then. (Sings) Come back, boy! # (Sings) # Beca... CHILDREN: Yeah! They come back? CHILDREN: Yeah. One more time? (Sings) # Two little dickybirds Ready? (All sing) # Sitting on a wall # One named Peter, one named Paul Fly away, Paul... # # Fly away, Peter (Ricco narrates) (Ricco narrates) (Ricco speaks to other boy) (Other boy speaks) MAN: What's that? with your passport? Show me. WOMAN: Where have you been And where do you live all the time? Here. Where? Where's that? CHILDREN PLAY Hey. (Both grunt playfully) (Groans playfully) No, wait. (Speaks Arrernte)

ALL: 'Wa', 'wi', 'wu'. CHILDREN: 'Ya'. 'Ya'. 'Yi'. 'Yi'. 'Yu'. 'Yu'. FIONA: CHILDREN: Marlu.

RICCO: Japaljarri. (All speak indistinctly) (Interjects) FIONA: (Children laugh) Shelley... ..Ricco and Anthony... (Ricco narrates) You go over that side. TEACHER: Over there.

Sit down. INSTRUCTOR: OK. Let's go. Fast. Kick fast. Kick fast. Kick fast. (Children squeal) Who's next? Right. Off you go, Randy. Go! Go! Look at that. Lovely. (Speaks English) all speak simultaneously) (Children and teacher What's the name for that bell? TEACHER: Good. OK. (Children shout) when you want to talk. Put your hand up. Put your hand up won't be going home! Now, sit down! (Barks) You three Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Tyrell. walk down. Good afternoon, Charlie. No, you throw that and I'm going to Good afternoon! Right. Good afternoon, Ricco. BUS ENGINE IDLES CHILDREN CHATTER AND SHOUT I think you'd better sit still. DRIVER: Righto. (Speaks English) (Dog growls softly) Mm-hm. (Whines) Oh! COINS DROP AND SCATTER (Cheerfully) Hello! SCANNER BEEPS $1.50, thanks. Whoosh! (Maudie speaks English) (Ricco narrates) I know how to make box draw. You know what? Yeah. MAN: Do you? WOMAN: 'Box draw'? Oh, show us. Yeah, draw box. Like this - look. Like this. and this one like that. That one go down there This one like that. See? Yeah. Right. THUNDER RUMBLES

MUSIC PLAYS IN DISTANCE (Ricco yells excitedly) MOTOR RUMBLES LOUDLY (Speaks indistinctly) GIRL: Do you want an ice-cream? WOMAN: Two plain ice-creams? Could I have two ice-creams, please? with, um, a chocolate stick? Um, could I have one BOY: (Children speak Arrernte) (Boy giggles) CHILDREN: Cheers! VAN PLAYS 'GREENSLEEVES' (Children speak indistinctly) (Ricco narrates) (Speaks excitedly in Arrernte) (Woman speaks Arrernte) Look at him! BIRDSONG HORN TOOTS Righto. Nothing here.

(Maudie speaks English) (Girl speaks English)

Town came. We're going up town. (Giggles) (Calls) (Giggles) Me. Me. Me. Me. Me! Rochelle! Rochelle! (Rochelle laughs) (Speaks indistinctly) (Whoops loudly) Look, Rochelle. Rochelle! Yoink! Rochelle!

(Imitates machine gun) (Imitates handgun fire) (Speaks indistinctly) (Rochelle speaks English) (Pants) Uh-oh! It's locked. WOMAN: What's that? Hey? My Nanna. What's she doing? Where does she live? (Sings) # Jingle bells, jingle bells # Jingle all the way A one-horse sleigh # Oh, what fun it is to ride # Hey! # CHILD YELLS VAN PLAYS 'GREENSLEEVES' Marbles. Go. Mmm, nah. (Maudie speaks Aboriginal language) (Maudie speaks English) (Replies indistinctly) Ricco? She's got a lot of toys there. Shoulder bag. You look. See, on her back. Look. There. She's got a lot of them.

MAUDIE: What? Ricco? RICCO: (Maudie laughs)

(Speaks indistinctly, makes car noises) (Imitates an aeroplane) (Speaks English) (Ricco narrates) Zacki! ZACKI: Nup. (Speaks indistinctly) (Speaks indistinctly) CLUNK! (Grunts with exertion) MAUDIE: (Laughs) ROCK HITS CAR CLINK! RICCO: (Yells) Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre WOMAN: Get him to tell you his story. Could you tell me about... what you do? Play a game. Where do you live? Hidden Valley. What number? 29. Do you like it? Yep. What do you do at, 29? Just...have a feed. Do you play? Yes. Drawing? Colouring? Yep. BOY: Play basketball. Play basketball? Yep. I love basketball. WOMAN: And if you could have anything, what would you have? Um...I don't know. Anything at all - what would you want? Red Rooster.