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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. A breakthrough for police hunting Sydney gang-rapists. as a breast cancer miracle. New research hailed of Parliament's refugee debate. And emotions run wild ahead Why don't you take your tablets? You're a fat so and so. Ten News with Jacinta Hocking.

A police breakthrough Good morning.

who pack-raped a girl in the hunt for five men at Sydney's Darling Harbour. Two teenagers have been questioned are fronting court this morning while two men charged over the attack. The 25-year-old and 17-year-old teenage woman in this toilet block. are accused of raping the part of a group of five men, They were allegedly

during the hour-long assault. one of whom kept watch, at Darling Harbour These pictures from a security camera allegedly looking for their victim. show the group cruising the precinct, out on a shopping trip She was a 19-year-old, toilet block in the early evening. who police claim was lured into the

from the public We had a large number of responses some very important information. and the public have provided us with Police have defended their decision about the alleged assault to withhold details the 8-week investigation. saying a leak could have jeopardised could happen here The idea that that sort of thing for Darling Harbour in general. is a real downer All the girls here use that toilet. It's shocking.

two other men overnight. Detectives questioned pending further investigations. The 17-year-olds have been released Kate Donnison, Ten News. of a taxi driver in Melbourne A man allegedly involved in the death will be DNA tested. yesterday A magistrate granted the order

had the cabbie's blood on his hands. on police information the accused The 27-year-old died describe as a violent crime spree. after being caught up in what police His vehicle was hi-jacked by a man

been involved in a police pursuit. who'd only minutes earlier The pair went on to crash. from head and chest injuries. The cab driver dying the rescue of four people Bad weather is threatening to delay trapped on the Victorian ski-fields. The plane the group was travelling in Mt Baw Baw, north-east of Melbourne, made an emergency landing at No-one was seriously injured. yesterday.

some time this morning. Rescuers hope to get to the crew have helped unearth Australian scientists breakthrough in years. the biggest breast cancer

I'm joined by Dr Helen Zorbas. For more, an unpublished study, Dr Zorbas, this is still but what exactly has it found?

What it tells us is the Eric Bana and

mumble of genes that many women in mumble of genes that many women

the community for Herve which could

increase their risk of breast cancer.

It helps us understand why It helps us understand why they have

made be so many press cancers and why made be so many press cancers and

the incidence in community is so high

as a whole. It might help us target

prevention end early detection

strategy. How far away I doctors

using the information discovered in

this research? I am unable to comment

on this because I have not seen the studies. The head of the task force first murder in 150 years investigating Norfolk Island's at a committal for the accused. will today testify Glen McNeil has already told the hearing on the day of Janelle Patton's death. he'd been taking drugs

Glen McNeil in New Zealand This is the man who arrested could interview him so Australian Federal Police about Janelle Patton's murder. they extracted But the speed with which to harming Janelle his alleged confession by defence counsel. was today questioned

had had any legal advice It was obtained before McNeil but the police insist they gave him the opportunity. McNeil revealed in the interview the day Janelle was killed. he had been smoking cannabis

is to be believed, If the prisoner's ex-wife

making sandwiches McNeil was back home

within an hour of killing Janelle. later that afternoon. Her body was found dumped to have been out of character It is believed for McNeil to deliver his wife lunch. he also rarely did any washing Alisha Taylor says

on the clothes she cleaned. but she never saw any blood McNeil left her on the island six weeks later, her marriage was over. leaving Taylor to realise before he would say a word It would be four years about what happened that day. for Ten News. Amber Muir on Norfolk Island Tensions over the Government's asylum seeker laws have erupted with an astonishing exchange Wilson Tuckey outside parliament. between Kim Beazley and Liberal MP is in Canberra. Political reporter Greg Turnbull

Greg, what happened? studies. Enter through a studies. Enter through a 5th the

debate is proving a very volatile

one. This morning Mr tacky had

completed a doorstop interview with

the media and spotted Kim Beazley and

decided to go for it. Kemp, Wyatt.

Taking tablets. Don't you insult me

the tablets. I'm asking you why

you're defying the Estonian people on

board of protection. I'm interviewing

you. I am asking you. Wyatt is the

entire party going entire party going to come off

legislation for the entire country.

I'm asking you why you would support

a week, sop legislation. While in she

move some amendments to make it

strong? Why don't you take your week,

with less self-India. To achieve call

me week in worthless you fat cell and

so. This is just as well politics

than of Australia is a non-contact

sport. The debate proper it is

continuing in Parliament House. Some

liberals may cross the floor. The

focus Walsh shift to the Senate next

week whether numbers a very tight. Another big name celebrity joins Mel Gibson in rehab. returns. That story when the morning news

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SONG: # Domino's. # This program is captioned live. Israel has launched a major new offensive in Lebanon. Tens of thousands of soldiers are being moved across the border as Hezbollah's leader warns the country's south will become Israel's graveyard. Tonight, the Israeli army head several miles into Lebanon. Soldiers now have new orders from their government - "Go much further in". Israel finds itself up against a punishing enemy. Today, just across the Lebanese border, the army suffered heavy casualties. Hezbollah is not giving way and Israel's current strategy is just not working.

This morning, the 11 men and 1 woman of Israel's security cabinet came together to vote for a change. They've decided the solution is to push on even further into Lebanon. We have to go in, what we have to do is we have to clean up the area, we have to confront the terrorists that are there with the launchers and we have to dismantle the launchers and eradicate the terrorists. The morning sky over southern Lebanon was full of Israeli leaflets. Previous leaflet drops have firstly told people to evacuate then warn them not to drive anywhere, but this was a personal attack on the Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, accusing him of deliberately starting the war. "You're paying the price" it told the Lebanese people. Then a Nasrallah counter blast. He appeared on television that Israel's bombing hadn't weakened Hezbollah's ability to strike at Israel. "Southern Lebanon would become a graveyard for Israeli troops "if they invaded", he said. This would be the furthest point the Israeli troops would reach the Litani River, just north of Tyre. Every conqueror since the Egyptian Pharoahs have come this way. But although Israel has one of the world's best armies, Hezbollah has shown an impressive ability to fight a hit-and-run guerilla war. Australian firefighters have answered an SOS from their US colleagues battling wild blazes in the country's west. A team of 45 emergency service personnel, from Victoria, NSW, WA, the ACT and New Zealand, are en route to Idaho. From there, they'll be deployed to Oregon, Washington state and Montana. 60 major fires are burning. Scores of homes have been destroyed and evacuations carried out. Exploratory mining near the iconic Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea has the government and war vets concerned. Parliamentary officials have asked gold and copper miner Frontier Resources for assurances its work will not damage the 96-kilometre route. If it does, the PNG Government may be called in to intervene. The trail was the scene of one of Australia's most famous campaigns against the Japanese during World War II. Two men including the royal editor for Britain's best selling newspaper have been charged with intercepting voice mail messages. It follows an investigation sparked by Prince Charles' staff who were concerned about security breaches at the palace. Tonight, Clive Goodman, royal editor of 'The News of the World',

emerged from Charing Cross Police Station after almost 40 hours in custody. He'd been charged along with another with intercepting voice mails on eight separate occasions. The raids were triggered by concerns among staff at Clarence House including the Prince of Wales's communications secretary. They believe messages left on their mobile phones were appearing in the 'News of the World'. Innocuous stories about Prince William injuring his knee and borrowing video editing equipment from ITV News. Roy Ram used to be in charge of policing at the palaces. He says it is more concerning than it might at first seem. This is not about Scotland Yard investigating journalistic scoops, this is about the anti-terrorist branch being concerned about a major breach of security within the Royal household and perhaps going still wide. It is very serious. Police are working through a long list of telephone numbers that they think could have been hacked into and they fear it may include, not just staff in the royal households, but members of the Royal Family itself and cabinet ministers. Americans are re-living September 11 on the big screen with a controversial new movie about the terrorist attack opening in the United States. Critics say it's a movie that must be seen and many survivors agree. Almost five years on, Hollywood is telling the story of September 11 through the eyes of survivors. We are prepared for everything but not this. The movie, simply called 'World Trade Centre', re-lives the ordeal of two policemen who raced into the Twin Towers only to be trapped in the rubble for more than 12 hours. I think you can still see the light. Firemen and policemen on top of the hole were calling their families to say their last goodbyes before they crawled into the hole to dig us out. That kind of heroism has gotta be told. But feelings are still raw. People are saying "Too soon, too soon". When is not too soon?

When all of us are gone and people are assuming what happened. We have the facts today and we need to face reality. Acclaimed director, Oliver Stone is being applauded for telling the human story of heroism and not polluting it with politics and conspiracy theories. Only the survivors remember. I mean, if we had got to the Holocaust and no-one had talked about it, it would be equally - you have to write about it, you have to talk about it. The movie premiered in New York last week and opened in cinemas across America today. Critics say it is 'required viewing for every American'. I have not seen anything like that since 'Schindler's List'. You know, that powerful. It's on the cutting edge of too soon, not too soon. I guess it's time. You know, it's time, it's time. The movie is expected to make more than $20 million in its first week with 10% going to 9/11 charities. 'World Trade Centre' opens across Australia on October 5. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. It seems Mel Gibson isn't the only Hollywood star battling the demon drink. Oscar-winner Robin Williams has also revealed he's checked into rehab. The comedian's publicist released a statement saying the 55-year-old actor had been sober for 20 years but found himself drinking again and decided to take proactive measures. Coming up after the break, more off-field dramas for the out of form Brisbane Broncos And health concerns threaten the career

of Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse. WATER LAPS You were hitting on my fiancee. She enjoyed it. DRAMATIC MUSIC Chad and Dirk got out. Sally and Jessie are still trapped. I'll deal with you later. (Laughs) This program is captioned live. Telstra has announced a dramatic drop in profit, its worst annual result in almost a decade. $4.3 billion might sound healthy but it's a 26% fall from the previous financial year. Telstra says lower earnings are to be expected as it's in the midst of a major restructuring program.

In finance news, the Australian share market is softer again.

To AFL, and both Collingwood and Geelong are caught up in off-field dramas. At the Magpies, coach Mick Malthouse will face the media later today amid fears health worries could end his career at the club. Mick Malthouse will today respond to last night's Ten News exclusive which reported health problems may prevent him coaching Collingwood beyond this season. Malthouse has been on medication since being hospitalised following the club's Anzac Day clash against Essendon. The Magpies have strongly denied the 52-year-old's coaching career is in doubt. Malthouse wouldn't be drawn on his future, saying his health is his business and he wasn't getting involved in rumours. But one club in the thick of the rumour mill is Geelong. Coach Mark Thompson saying he's sick of innuendo sweeping the football world about off-field relationships affecting the club.

I think it shows a lot of grit by the players to be in that position.

Some of the gossip that the players don't get on and there's fighting and blame everywhere, it's just impossible to achieve six wins in the past eight games if that was the case. Brisbane coach Leigh Matthews has told skipper Michael Voss he wants him to continue his career beyond this year. Voss is seriously considering retirement as he battles chronic knee trouble. And Kangaroos forward Sav Rocca's NFL dreams have been put on hold. He'll now play out the remainder of the AFL season before heading to the US. Damian Booth, Ten News. The Brisbane Broncos will train behind closed doors today after yet another player discipline issue. 21-year-old forward Neville Costigan charged for drink-driving on Monday night.

The player registered a reading of almost three times the legal limit. Compounding the issue, he waited a day and a half to tell the club. Look, I don't feel sorry for him at all - no excuses, just dumb. The Rugby Union Players Association says the Matt Dunning case has set a dangerous precedent. The Waratahs prop has been fined $3,000 for being inappropriately affected by alcohol in public. Dunning was cleared of misconduct relating to the Sunday morning incident involving a damaged taxi door. The disciplinary hearing taking four hours to decide if he was drunk at the time. Are players allowed to have a drink in a hotel or not, and if so, and if they do, are they going to come before a judicial hearing and be fined for it?

The Players Association vowing to follow up the matter. Harry Kewell was a notable absentee from Liverpool's line-up for the first leg of their Champions League qualifier against Maccabi Haifa at Anfield. The 2005 champions were rocked in the first half when Maccabi broke through their defences for the 1-nil lead. Craig Bellamy with an equaliser for the home side moments later.

Substitute, Mark Gonzalez, broke the deadlock for Liverpool with just three minutes remaining. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation. FUNKY MUSIC PLAYS New features. And even better economy from its sporty V6 engine. it all points to great value.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather. Now to check on conditions in the snow fields we're joined by Madeleine Hubbard at Thredbo. Madeleine, lots of sunshine but is there any snow around? Well we did have a light dusting yesterday afternoon and now it's sunshine again. It's been like this all week. Today is a pretty good example of what we've had to put up with. Blue skies are forecast until Sunday so it's looking good for trip up here on the weekend.

Happy skiing. Thanks, Madeleine.

It was a night of high glamour and risque fashion at the David Jones spring showcase in Sydney last night. Among the celebrity A-listers to grace the red carpet, Hollywood's newest 'it' girl, Mischa Barton. 500 A-listers descended on the DJ's spring/summer parade many as eager to see special guest Mischa Barton as the frocks. Look, we all had to give six outfits and they were sent to the hotel. I believe she won't be wearing any of them. Her PA will have them on or the concierge maybe. But when the 20-year-old actress arrived

she was undoubtedly the red carpet star. It's a chilly Sydney night but Mischa's already embracing the spring/summer Australian fashions. Tonight wearing a frock made by a local designer and with an empty suitcase ready to take a whole lot more home. Actually, no I didn't but my mother did, which is so practical of a mother.

I thought that was really sweet. And there was plenty for her to choose from with David Jones' favourite Megan Gale again the parade's big star. Plenty of colour, detailed fabrics and distinct shapes in store for the season ahead. Colette Dinnigan ensuring even the littlest fashion victim doesn't miss out. With the show over, Mischa took time to meet the Aussie designer posse promising that they'll feature on a Hollywood red carpet one day soon. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. People treat you like a kid, Rach, because... ..sometimes that's exactly what you are. SUSAN: Which razor did you use, love? The pink one in the shower. Um, what about...what about soap? No-one told me I had to! Gee. Maybe we really do need a man around the house, eh? I'm gonna get going now. No! No, don't go. What's wrong? No, I want you to stay here with me. SONG: # Neighbours # Should be there for one another # That's when good neighbours # Become good friends