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(generated from captions) Good evening. a senior policeman investigated Also tonight,

during a gang rape case. over his unorthodox methods And the simple injection for heart disease patients. making life easier

what a difference a day makes. But first this evening - After a firm stand last night, has backed down today the Roads Minister over the Lane Cove Tunnel fiasco.

have now been pardoned Thousands of drivers over huge fines and lost licences. the Roads Minister was adamant Just 24 hours ago their speeding tickets that drivers who wanted to challenge in the Lane Cove Tunnel should do it in front of a court,

has proved the ultimate judge. but the court of public opinion The public concern in relation to 40km/h speed limit the Lane Cove Tunnel

is well founded. what the Minister calls The change of face comes after a review of the facts - and a big push from his boss. then the benefit goes to the public. My position is, if there's a doubt

in the Lane Cove Tunnel Almost 14,000 drivers have been done

since it opened in March through a 40km/h zone. for excessive speed signage wasn't clear The powers that be now admit were confusing. and the changing limits 10,000 people have been fined, You hear there might be a problem. you've got to realise

two days of media pressure It shouldn't have taken out of the Iemma Government. to get this common sense decision

Most will now get their money back reinstated and have their demerit points the normal sign-posted speed of 80. if they were doing That's a dilemma for Russell Dobson - just 1km more an hour. he's lost his license for doing so do I still lose my license? I was doing 81 in the 40 zone, have today been quickly trying The Roads and Traffic Authority to improve signage in the tunnel to avoid more confusion,

is where the generosity stops - but the suspension of fines from midnight tonight will have to pay. all those caught speeding Josh Murphy, Ten News. will join us live Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal

later this news hour. to explain the refund process is starting to hit home The tragic reality for many investors of a property investment company. caught up in the collapse is now in administration, Australian Capital Reserve devastated. leaving many pensioners and retirees is one of 7,000 investors Carolyn Booth

her life savings have been wiped out. grappling with the news that she's lost $25,000. Distraught, she can't even comprehend

All that money that, um... ..that you struggle with for years,

and it's all gone. is your only hope,

also invested thousands Joyce Cardinaels with Australian Capital Reserve, money left to her by her father. She thought she'd invested carefully. that it's my money that has gone. I really can't realise For Joyce, like many others, were a vital source of income - the interest payments now won't come. another cheque due in two weeks will bowl you over. Our fixed investment returns aggressive advertising Australian Capital Reserve's targeted pensioners and retirees and pretence of low risk. with a higher interest rate Its losses could exceed $330 million. we've spoken to in the last 24 hours Many of the other investors say they just didn't see this coming,

that there was no warning and they're angry that ACR was in trouble. collapsing, With three such investment companies is in the firing line. the corporate regulator, ASIC, the last decade, It's done an abysmal job, of consumer protection, right now. hence the rolling collapses

Sam Pogson and Murray Lapham ACR directors their luxury homes silent and empty. are yet to emerge, They're horrible people you know? to do this to other people,

Cowards, really.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. from the administrators - And some good news just in it now believes after checking the company's assets available for creditors, there may be significant money how much or when. although it's too early to say tonight Kevin Rudd's in damage control from the ALP after sacking a rogue union official

who bragged about bullying the boss. has exposed Labor's true colours. But the Government says the incident Dean Mighell is no novice to embarrassing the Labor Party. when it comes He's done it again, bullying employers into a pay rise. using foul language to boast about Let's face it, are going to be pretty robust. meetings of construction workers to be taped by secret police. We don't expect them bragging about the increase. He was recorded last year The Government quick to capitalise. tend to behave This is the way union bosses of the workplace. when they think they have control Labor quick to distance itself. Those comments are dumb, they are thuggish. they are completely unacceptable, into instant damage control. Kevin Rudd I earlier this morning of the Australian Labor Party directed the National Secretary to obtain from Mr Mighell from the Labor Party. his resignation

Late morning the resignation was in

and the ALP was giving back donations of the ETU. received from Mr Mighell's branch as part of my campaign. I do not want those funds

The Government unconvinced,

has quit Labor once before. Joe Hockey saying Mr Mighell The Labor Party has form. of the Opposition said today that's why what the Leader

is a political trick. if his language has offended Dean Mighell apologises his members a pay rise. but not for legally winning but is copping it on the chin. He doesn't agree with his expulsion,

I will resign from the ALP that I am not used as a lever simply to ensure about getting rid of WorkChoices. against the very important issue Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. and heroin supply in Kings Cross The alleged king of cocaine is under arrest tonight. was picked up with two other men The 38-year-old

across Sydney's south-west. during raids Detectives allege drugs were sold to undercover police during special operations over the last five months.

Police believe the syndicate is responsible for most cocaine and heroin sales in the Cross. A taxi driver has been charged over the hit-and-run of 23-year-old Jenny Franco.

Ms Franco lost an eye and suffered extensive head and leg injuries after she was dragged 150m along the road

outside her home in February. Detectives this morning arrested a 55-year-old Gymea man

following the forensic search of 65 St George taxis in the weeks after the incident. He's been charged with dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm and is out on bail until a court appearance next month. We can reveal tonight that the son of Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib is to face court. In March Moustafa Habib claimed he was run over by a police car. The Habib family handed over phone-video of the incident to Ten News. MAN: We seen it! We seen it! It's all on camera! All on camera. Police have now charged the 19-year-old with public mischief, alleging he made a false report. He'll face court next month. A senior police officer is under fire for tipping off a league player linked to a gang rape.

The Police Integrity Commission was told the officer later got a job with the player's team. Former Souths captain Bryan Fletcher was photographed with a Finnish backpacker just hours before, she claims, up to eight men raped her. "..and suffered other gross indignities "as the perpetrators took turns, "and the 'surfer guy' threatened her with death "while all of them laughed at her entreaties to be released." The first day of the Police Integrity Commission hearing into the case focused on

why the first police contact the footballer had was not with the officer in charge of the investigation but with the then Eastern Suburbs commander, Adam Purcell. No formal record of that chat was ever recorded.

Purcell claims he broke with normal procedure because he wanted to: Important details were never passed on

to junior officers trying to solve the crime.

Adam Purcell loves his rugby league. In a strange twist, he met the chief rape suspect last year. when they were both in Melbourne Purcell was down there as a manager with the NSW Origin team, a job he received a month after the investigation was closed. Fletcher told police he only kissed the woman at the Orient Hotel early one morning in November 2004 and then rode in a cab with her and two other men. He says he left and heard her having consensual sex The alleged victim decided against taking the case to court and flew out of the country just days later. The hearing continues. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A look at sport now with Tim Webster, and disgraced Raider Todd Carney faces the media. Yes, he's spoken about the conditions the club has imposed on him. Carney, who's facing court on alleged driving offences after a high-speed police chase,

has had to agree to a strict regime to win back the confidence of the club. Also later, a Broncos stalwart to cross the creek and play for the Warriors. And the loyal Socceroos teenager who's rejected offers from Croatia to play for Australia. weapon used by protestors - Moves to ban a dangerous home-made weapon used by protesters - that's next. Also, a stevedore stand-off leaves ships stranded in Port Kembla.

And the extraordinary reward on offer to find a breeder's stolen birds.

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This program is captioned live.

A stand-off on the docks tonight with a cargo ship stranded at Port Kembla because of a union dispute. Wharfies are staging a protest, angry that the ship's Filipino crew was ordered to unload the cargo, instead of them. The Maritime Union is accusing the charter company of breaching an international agreement banning the use of foreign seafarers from working as stevedores.

The Maltese-registered ship hasn't moved all day. Talks between the ship's captain and union leaders have so far failed The State Government is to ban a home-made weapon it fears APEC protesters are planning to use against police and police animals. Paul Mullins joins us from Parliament House. Paul, this sounds like an extremely nasty implement?

Very much so. It is the latest

round in the APEC security

crackdown. Of course, New South

Wales Police have been involved in

a series of exercises with federal

authorities, the last one taking

place two weeks ago. Now they are

to ban these very to ban these very crude weapons

called Cal chops. They are steel tipped

protesters overseas. tipped devices popular with

protesters overseas. In Parliament

today, he was for the parliament

Here's what the Premier had to say. onto roads and walkways which can be tossed or injure police animals. to deflate tyres, injure people will be permanently added These devices to the prohibited weapons list, can face 14 years prison. meaning anyone possessing them will be introduced into Parliament The necessary legislation next week. Back to you. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. Thanks, Paul. at Petersham earlier this year. was working in an Indian restaurant Mohammad Kader

during an alleged armed robbery. when he was repeatedly stabbed died at the scene. The 67-year-old Bangladeshi national After months of inquiries, a 29-year-old man. Bathurst police have arrested for another suspect, They're still looking being of Aboriginal appearance described as aged in his late 30s. with a slim build,

during a pub robbery A shot has been fired at Leichhardt this morning. stormed the Norton Street hotel Two masked men at around 2am. tried to fight back, When a security guard one of the robbers fired a shot. No-one was injured. in a black Mitsubishi Lancer. The bandits escaped is in jail tonight Former queen of pop Allison Durbin

and selling cannabis, after admitting to growing is at risk of self-harm the judge deciding the songbird

as she awaits sentencing. From the Queen of Pop... (Sings) # Holy man, holy man. # and seller, a confessed cannabis cultivator is complete. Allison Durbin's downfall Now known as Allison Giles the 57-year-old's musical career started in New Zealand

when she was just 14. A string of trans-Tasman albums Australia's Queen of Pop leading to her being crowned for three years from 1969. with then King of Pop John Farnham. She even recorded an album into obscurity for Durbin's crime. Her brother blaming the drift you suffer I think just the usual things in the media attention when you've been and all of a sudden you're not come to the fore. and all the other things also gave evidence. Durbin's former husband and manager to restart her musical career He told court Allison's attempts and marriage, placed great strain on their finances breakdown after their separation. the singer suffering a nervous cultivating cannabis While Durbin admits told the judge her housemate and former roadie five plants found in their home. he was responsible for the The defendant's lawyer telling court from her former guitarist his client bought cannabis Joe Barbaro, and sold it to drug dealer was kidnapped three years ago. himself famous after his baby Montana Durbin will be sentenced later. a little bit I hope the sun shines on her of these mistakes and if she has made any and maybe come out a wiser person. hopefully she'll learn a little bit Christopher Still, Ten News.

A they are dropping like ninepins -

Angela Bishop has succumbed to the

snivels. Frank Coletta is next.

Here we are for Allawah Children's

Hospital. A fantastic little group

who we will tell you a little bit

about. They help the kids and need

more help from half us and we more help from half us and we will

tell you more later. tell you more later. A nice little more help from half us and we will

setting here and a nice that a

picture from one of our viewers. An

impending storm out kind Emma way. If impending storm out kind Emma way.

If you think you could match that

send us your picture. If you think you could match that send us your picture. Today it

thin crowd eventually panned out with a little bit of a

thin crowd eventually clearing to a

blue sky afternoon. Low pollution

across the city with a top of 19

degrees today and it is currently

about 16 degrees. A little bit of

winter Wonderland when we return. Has reality television gone too far? Coming up - the show that's giving away And a dramatic escape - to dive out of a burning building. firefighters forced

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Lorusso in the This program is captioned live. Vic

Lorusso in the traffic helicopter

we are over Riverwood at the moment

on the M5. There was a smash at

Moorebank. As a result of this

accident you can see debt

unfortunately peaked car motorists

are crawling all the way out to the

south-west. The delays south-west. The delays go all the

way back towards the airport tunnel

and continued towards the Zetland

so it is taking an extra 45 minutes

to get from Sydney airport tour at

towards the south-west. Canterbury

Road would be the better option. a nuclear showdown with the States The Federal Government is heading for on atomic reactors. by overruling them its lawyers The Commonwealth has asked stations on the premiers. to see if it can impose nuclear power

to come clean We call on the Government

on nuclear reactors. on its plans to override State laws States are wrong on nuclear power. Now, I happen to believe that the is wrong on nuclear power I think the Labor Party and it follows from that that I would be interested to know what the legal power of the Commonwealth actually is. have already passed laws Several States which prohibit nuclear power stations.

A massive cash reward is on offer for the return of a parrot. It's among a flock of more than 30 stolen from a South Coast breeder. One of the birds is worth more than $20,000. A veteran bird breeder of 20 years, Errol Wilson has become quite attached to his feathered friends. His Nowra backyard is filled with aviaries, the chirping is hard to ignore, but on Sunday morning a rude shock - the 65-year-old discovered he'd been targeted by bird-nappers. I noticed, behind you, that that part of the door had been all cut open, you see, and I knew straightaway what had happened.

34 birds were smuggled out under the cover of darkness,

Mr Wilson's dog kept back by the use of a wire barrier. The only clue they left behind - several cigarette butts.

were the result of two decades of hard work. One, similar to this one, was worth $22,000. Mr Wilson is devastated - he says they're like family. They're part of the family, in a way.

The birds may have been stolen to fill a gap in a rival breeder's collection, but it's also possible that the thieves may not have known the value of what they were taking, selling them as common parrots to an unsuspecting pet shop owner. I think what you've done is not the true Aussie spirit and I want them back. He's so desperate he's offering double the money they're worth - an $80,000 reward for their safe return,

no questions asked. The birds mean more to me than the money. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A woman hooked up to an oxygen machine has died after a power company cut off electricity to her home. The mother of four died in her Auckland home

two hours after a technician cut supply because the family owed the company $150. Her eldest son claims the contractor laughed

when he pleaded with him to leave the power on. and politicians are calling for murder or manslaughter charges to be laid. The grieving family wants compensation from the company, which claims it did everything by the book. Emergency crews are usually the rescuers, but two firefighters in the United States almost needed saving themselves. They were ordered out of a burning home

and had to slide down a ladder head-first when the flames became too intense. The strange method of escape was a success - both men were unhurt. also managed to get out unharmed Six other people inside the house by more conventional means. is struggling Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan to get her life back on track convertible on the weekend. after crashing her Mercedes of the 20-year-old passed out New pictures have emerged of one of her other cars in the passenger seat for drink-driving. just 48 hours after she was busted to a Malibu rehab clinic. The actress has now checked in She's expected to stay there in August She's due to appear in court

and may face more serious charges were found in her car. after drugs, believed to be cocaine, The Lane Cove Tunnel fines fiasco - next. the Roads Minister joins us live

Also, the simple injection of heart disease patients. improving the lives back on the beat. And a legendary rock supergroup (Sings 'Message in a Bottle)

Don't forget Max. Ugh! OK, we're here, kids. kilometres at 93 cents... (Mumbles) That's... That's $7.50, thanks. By choosing AAMI Flexi-Premiums, SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

This program is captioned live. Making news this hour - has been sacked from the Labor Party a rogue union official about bullying the boss. after bragging from Dean Mighell, Kevin Rudd has distanced himself who made the comments, it shows Labor's true colours. but the Government says of mum and dad investors Heartache for thousands who stand to lose their savings of Australian Capital Reserve, in the collapse with news from the administrators but there is hope for creditors. there may be significant money has done a backflip And the State Government in the Lane Cove Tunnel, over speeding fines waiving the penalties. had been planning legal action, Angry motorists claiming the fines were unfair and poor signage. because of variable speed limits

For more on that story Eric Roozendaal. we're joined by State Roads Minister Minister, this time yesterday the thousands of fined motorists you were telling they had to cop it sweet. Why the sudden change of heart? Today, a complete U-turn from you.

I received new information

yesterday evening and again this

morning which indicated that we morning which indicated that we did

have a problem in the westbound

lane of the tunnel. I think it is

there that we give the public the

benefit of the doubt. It does not

smack of policy on the run? It was

clearly an anomaly with the number

of people being booked. I think we

have to give them the benefit of

the doubt because a lot of those

people are law-abiding and didn't

So realise they were breaking a law.

will find, So for those 14,000 drivers who

will find, what should they do now?

People that were booked for

exceeding the 40 km/h speed limit

will be treated as if they were

driving in and 80 km/h zone and

will be treated accordingly so if

they were travelling between 40 and

80 debt fine will be withdrawn and

a demerit points will be returned.

Both people exceeding the 80 km/h

limit will be treated that way. If they have already

they have already paid their finer

will they be refunded? If we are

looking at that but we will be

reached funding of fines to anyone

caught over 40 km/h but under 80.

We have spoken to one driver who

was doing 81, does an hour in the

tunnel. What will happen to him? Every

Every situation needs to be checked

bed somebody caught doing

bed somebody caught doing 81 in 840

zone will be treated as if it was

and 80, to and hours and so they

will be facing a minor traffic

offence. He faces losing his

licence though. I can assure you he

will be treated as if it was and 80,

to an hour zone so it will be a

minor offence and he would have no

issue would provide link with

losing his licence providing he has enough points left.

an apology from NSW police, The Governor of Jakarta is demanding they confronted him in Sydney angrily claiming over the Balibo Five inquest. the officers used a master key The Governor claims at the Shangri-La Hotel in the Rocks to get into his room and asked him to testify. cancelled the rest of his trip He refused, and returned to Jakarta last night. The retired Lieutenant-General of the Indonesian military unit is allegedly a member that attacked Balibo in 1975. Five Australian newsmen were killed.

The Coroner was today told two unnamed people over the deaths. there's enough evidence to prosecute suffering severe heart disease - A new lease on life for patients scientists are using a hormone from constant chest pain. which can free sufferers used to be housebound, Grandmother Yvonne Moore her chest pain so bad proved excruciating. everyday activities offered the only relief, Tens of tablets a day

in a clinical trial but that was before she took part with severe heart disease. for patients going up a hill I'd have to keep stopping I could just go swoosh, and then I got to the stage straight up those same hills. That was just so good. but fortunately it's worked for her. This was definitely her last hope,

a daily hormone injection 20 patients received and repeated in three months, for five days

with surprising results. on other tissues, This substance also has effects in a very beneficial way, and in particular seems the affect, heart cells. the hormone encouraged bone marrow Scientists discovered into the blood. to release more stem cells For the 79-year-old to feel any relief, it took two months her condition improving gradually. relatively pain-free, A year on she's still living just like 80% of the recipients. aims to answer why the hormone works. The second phase of the trial it improves blood flow to the heart One possibility is that by stimulating new blood vessels. It's expected to take five years

to the public. before the drug is released

that's what it's given me. I have my life back,

It's given me my independence that I like to do. and my joy of doing the things Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away, There could be truth in the saying The rich are getting even richer, There are now more than 30 in this year's 'BRW' rich list.

James Packer is still the wealthiest man, worth more than $7 billion. Close behind is Westfield founder Frank Lowy on $6.5 billion. Our richest woman is mining magnate Gina Rinehart,

her fortune doubling in the past year thanks to the resources boom. Queensland miner Clive Palmer another big winner - he debuted at number 32 with $1 billion. Nicole Kidman is the top entertainer, worth $237 million.

The Australian share market saw red today, with losses across all sectors. It was a bad day for media stocks - Southern Cross Broadcasting down 9 cents in Adelaide for $105 million. after selling Channel Nine It was a busy day for Qantas stock - 82 million shares changing hands today.

And the price of petrol tonight - unleaded selling for an average of $1.31 a litre. We found it as low as $1.21 at Beacon Hill and Frenchs Forest. Legendary rock band the Police are back on the beat.

Lead singer Sting kicked off the band's first world tour in more than 20 years with their 1979 smash hit, 'Message in a Bottle', delighting the sell-out crowd in Vancouver. (Sings 'Message in a Bottle) The Police are planning to visit Australia early next year, but there are no details yet on dates or venues.

The band split in 1984

and only announced the reunion tour in February.

Let's take another look at the

weather with Frank Coletta. A

little bit chilly - winter is

coming on thick and fast. Yes,

frost patches in the West overnight

and the temperature drop to about zero at Richmond.

zero at Richmond. Cold outside but

we are pretty safe and warm inside

here at the moment. We are doing it

for the Children's Hospital at

Dundas. We will talk a little bit

about that - they need a lot of

cash - $3 million for the

redevelopment of the hospital but

we need double that. Snow, Let It we need double that. Snow, Let It

Snow, Let It Snow - they are saying

that at Falls Creek and it that at Falls Creek and it has been

falling there for the Victorians.

It looks sensational. The good news

is that that cold weather is

happening across our Alpine areas

as well. The NSW ski fields are

expecting 15 centimetres and

continuing slow until Monday so if

you'd like the slopes and skiing you're in luck. you'd like the slopes and skiing you're in luck.

From some rather well behaved kids

and animals - but Toby the wonder

Dog, also known as the pet therapy

dog - to some big kids, well

behaved, I'm not so sure.

Sport now with Tim Webster, and Canberra's Todd Carney admits he's lucky the club didn't sack him. Yes, his latest off-field drama has cost a team-mate his job. We'll hear what Carney has to say shortly. Plus, the Socceroo who's said no to playing for another country. And yet another Wallaby debut. Also, what's cooking off-field for the Wests Tigers cooks together. as the team that plays together And has reality TV gone too far up for grabs? when it's a kidney transplant

the new Mazda 6 sports range. There are six good reasons to try new colours and new alloys. Outside - new spoiler,

Inside - new interior style, Now sporting even more. The 2007 Mazda 6 range.

This program is captioned live. have released Steve Irwin, The Canberra Raiders in a alleged police pursuit who was the passenger involving his team-mate Todd Carney. over alleged driving offences, But Carney, who's facing jail

has kept his job. for the first time Todd Carney was today speaking since another off-field incident. from the sack The talented 20 year-old saved some strict guidelines and instead set yet another chance. as the Raiders offer him I made the mistake, to get back on track to get myself back on track and it's something I've got to do

and put the Raiders jersey back on. training with premier league, Primarily they are around work,

working with some charities. further counselling He'll also undergo placed on him. and has had a full alcohol ban the club would cut him adrift. Carney concedes he thought

in trouble for this sort of thing, Totally, 'cause it's the third time

that they were going to do it. so I was actually thinking

within a month. Carney believes he could be back the Raiders are praying Whatever the case, and first-time employment for Carney the 5am trainings will wake him up a little clearer. to understand the way of the world

'cause there's things out there It is hard, and...yeah. but unfortunately I've been unlucky Rob Canning, Ten News.

will leave the Broncos Kangaroos flyer Brent Tate and cross the Tasman to join his brother-in-law Steven Price next season. at the New Zealand Warriors After seven years in Brisbane, he's ready for a new challenge. the 25-year-old says And those who reckon something special this season the Wests Tigers might be cooking up could be right - literally. behind the scenes The in-form Tigers today invited us running and tackling machines. to prove they're more than just After a slow start to the season,

out Tigertown way. mouths are suddenly watering On a hot streak of six straight wins, the recipe of their success - the Tigers have revealed by hanging out in the kitchen. escaping the daily grind of the NRL Paul Whatuira and Todd Payten Budding chefs Robbie Farah,

and mouthguards for oven mitts, regularly swap boots for beaters

these Tigers never go hungry. making sure

off the field It's good to have that bond other than footy and talk about things from training and the footy field. and enjoy some time away

Farah's chicken risotto, On the menu today, and Payten's lamb shanks, Whatuira's quiche the heat in this kitchen. culinary competitiveness turning up who ate the food I think you ask the people mine was the best. and they'll tell you that he loves himself. Guys close to him know

about himself, so... He can talk it up a bit The boss was given the final say. Certainly the skills of our players Toddy's quality shone through In the end

with the beautiful lamb shanks. they'll be dining on Parramatta Eel. Next Monday night the boys say even bigger fish to fry, And Farah, well, he has NSW State of Origin call-up. like his first against Parra One more game this week

and hopefully I can play well in the selectors' minds. and put my name Fingers crossed, like you said, come Tuesday morning. my name's read out Adam Hawse, Ten News. has been named to make his Test debut Wallabies winger Digby Ioane against Wales on Saturday. It's one of four changes in the first Test. after Australia's lackluster win returns from injury. Fly-half Stephen Larkham of the Wallabies squad. Aged 21, Ioane is the youngest member

from the Australian coaching staff He has big raps from his Samoan father. but doesn't expect much support

he's a big fan of the All Blacks, I just hope my dad, because I hope he supports me.

He can beat most people in a phone

booth. He has wonderful feet and he

is a different player.

returns to the run-on side Lock Dan Vickerman a shoulder reconstruction. for the first time since undergoing Gone are the days turning their backs on the Socceroos, of young Aussie players in the Aussie squad judging by the mood with Uruguay. as they prepare for Saturday's clash has rejected big offers from Croatia. Teenage defender Matthew Spiranovic You know, ever since I was young, for Australia - I've always wanted to play that's how I've felt. with Australia, You know, my heart is definitely

really a hard decision at all. so at the end of the day it wasn't

despite having a Uruguayan mother, Nick Carle is true blue the A-League and play overseas though he reckons he'll need to leave full-time. if he's to crack the Socceroo team is looking forward Former Bomber Ted Richards to taking on his old team against Essendon at the SCG. in Saturday night's sell-out match for the Bombers Richards struggled to get a game

last year, before making the move to Sydney where he had the last laugh in last year's Grand Final. after being one of the Swans' best

at the end of the game, We'll catch up you know, just for a bit of a chat, it's just like any other opponent but once we're out there and I'm sure I'm the same for them. Tadhg Kennelly trained again today of returning from illness. and remains hopeful the second round of the French Open, Lleyton Hewitt is through to downing Max Mirnyi. Hewitt dropped only seven games

of his former doubles partner. in the straight-sets destruction COMMENTATOR: Great way to finish off for Lleyton Hewitt and a great confidence builder over his good friend Max Mirnyi.

also advanced World number one Roger Federer in straight sets over Michael Russell. And we finish tonight with a near miss at the recent world bull-riding event in Townsville. Clown CC Mooney was supposed to have the safe job tucked away in the barrel,

just a foil for the real daredevil, Richard Butler. But someone forgot to tell the bull that it was the end of the show. CC got the barrel ride of a lifetime. He escaped a little shaken and stirred, but thankfully uninjured. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, NBA star Andrew Bogut reveals his plans

for finishing his career in Australia.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic

helicopter not much fun for helicopter not much fun for drivers may yet done Das tonight.

Especially heading under James Ruse Especially heading under James Ruse may yet done Das tonight. Especially heading under James Ruse

Drive s and after a smash at Northmead.

Northmead. Look at Northmead. Look at all the

headlights and unfortunately a

three or four, set traffic jam out towards Parramatta so not good news

heading towards the north-west. Frank Coletta's back with the latest weather details next. And stepping out - Taronga Zoo's first baby bearcat makes its public debut.

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It's not going to be over 50, but if you are, and not working full-time, call 13 50 50 for APIA car insurance. This program is captioned live. A reality TV show offering a dying woman's kidney as the top prize has sent shockwaves around the world. 'The Big Donor Show' the latest offering from the creators of 'Big Brother'.

The Dutch are renowned for being liberal, but their latest reality TV show has been condemned as a new low. The 'Big Donor Show' will go to air live

in the Netherlands on Friday, pitching three patients against each other to win a kidney from a dying woman. The 37-year-old donor has an inoperable brain tumour and wants to give away an organ. She'll select the winner after listening to interviews from the contestants

and their family and friends. And viewers can vote by SMS for the candidate they think is most deserving. And she wants, by life, while living, to give away one of her kidneys, which is something that is generally accepted by the medical world, but she's going to do it in a live show. The program was devised

by the creators of the 'Big Brother' series. They claim it sends an important message. We know it's tasteless - a tasteless television show in which we're trying to do this.

attention for organ donorship. We're trying to get a lot of

Some medical experts agree. is a deficit in organs. It could show that there Others want it axed. It looks like there's something rotten

in the state of the Netherlands. It's immoral, it's illegal. Actually, under Dutch law, it's not, to ban it. and the Parliament has no grounds (Speaks Dutch)

would be able to go ahead It's unclear whether a transplant even after a winner is selected. are simply not suitable Sometimes organs from cancer patients of a good match. and then there's the issue

broadcast anywhere else in the world. The program's unlikely to be Amber Muir, Ten News.

Here is the sort of reality TV Here is the sort of reality TV we

do want to see - a Frank Coletta is

pretty real and the kids are real

and even the dogs seemed to be

real! It doesn't get any more real.

We are doing it for Allawah

Children's Hospital at done - and

the joining us now is Ruth. Give us

children's some background. Allow why is a

children's hospital in Dundas. For

extreme the disabled, physically and

and emotion me and intelligence are

Georgian. It has been in damned as

far approximately since 1976 and it

is therefore approximately 80

families in NSW and providing 24 families in NSW and providing 24

hours seven-day-a-week care for

children. Let's pull out the children. Let's pull out the bricks.

What is all this about? We are starting a major redevelopment, about $6 million. We about $6 million. We have $3

million but we are asking the

community to come forward and help

us get that other $3 million. We

have a bite the brick

have a bite the brick campaign

which is $25 per break and we will

build away a brick by brick with

the help of the community. Its

details are on your screen. We will

hear more about it surely.

strong south-westerly winds causing Gladys crossing the south-east in a

some showers and snow on some showers and snow on the

mountains. A front will bring a

burst of wings showers and snow to

the south-east. Some isolated

showers over the southern inland

venues that Wells and the far north

coast and some showers on the Alps.

A friend of the news at five is

Toby the wonder Dog, also known Toby the wonder Dog, also known as

Toby the pet therapy dog. To my

left is Russell from triple m who

has a personal message about this

hospital. We have a little boy,

Harrison, as you're aware and is

profoundly disabled. He cannot talk

or walk and for his mum and I this

is a godsend because without this

hospital we basically lose our life. You cannot

with friends because something You cannot leave a disabled job

might go wrong, you cannot leave

them with your neighbours, you

cannot take them out as much as you

would a normal job. He is in a

wheelchair and without this

hospital I can honestly say our

lives are be so far worse and it

sounds like a lot of money, $3

million, but please there are 3

million people in use at last, in

Sydney there are 4 million so it is

50 or a dollar per person. 50 or a dollar per person. By

brick or go to their 50 or a dollar per person. By a

50 or a dollar per person. By a brick or go to their website and

help us out because we are trying

to rebuild these kids' lives and

make it available to more than 80 make it available to more than 80

families because, trust me, that

they are more than 80 disabled kids out there.

one if you can. Give a hand and a brick to allow

Before we go, you may not have come across before - a cute and cuddly thing made her debut at Taronga Zoo. a baby bintarong has this morning

meaning beautiful in Malay, Little Indah, to be born at the zoo. is the first 'bearcat' I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions