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(Sobs) Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Tonight - who should pay? in a stoush over $60 worth of towels. The Government minister caught up Tunnel vision - to sell his $12 billion rail project. the Premier goes underground And, losing it... ---- off! ..Tony Mokbel's girlfriend lashes out back to Australia. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. the baby bonus crackdown - Also tonight - vouchers instead of cash. problem parents could be given And wise beyond her years - on love, life and politics. Bindi Irwin

But heading Ten News - over $60 worth of beach towels. A Sydney newsagent claims and his business is suffering he's been harassed appeared in a newspaper. after details of the stoush former husband Tim Gleason Health Minister Reba Meagher's to buy a newspaper. entered the Coogee Bay newsagency As he got to the counter look pale and got very sweaty. he started to shake, suffering an epileptic fit. Within seconds he'd collapsed, As the owners called an ambulance, three new beach towels a customer grabbed to put under Mr Gleason's head. who plays a doctor. As it turned out, he's a TV soap star he was having grand mal seizures He fell over, it was clear I kind of know what to do. and, being on a medical show, worth just $60, Those three soiled towels, an ugly dispute. are now the subject of she entered the newsagency, Ms Meagher claims her mobile telephone number. giving its owners they subsequently called her, She claims for the towels. asking to be reimbursed "Do I receive the towels?" Mr Gleason wrote, of a newspaper article Today, the newsagents are the subject on the dispute. The owners of the newsagent claim as the villains, they've been unjustly painted all they were trying to do was help. when they say from some little old lady We're not trying to recoup the money to rub together. who doesn't have 2 cents suffering. But now they claim they're losing, Several customers ringing up saying they're never going to come in here of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Mr Gleason, who's a staffer has declined to comment.

Belinda Heggen, Ten News.

risks losing its bus services Another out-of-control Sydney suburb rock and bottle attacks. because of repeated making the area safe. Police admit they're having trouble who service Rosemeadow The bus drivers are fed up, angry and terrified. have been attacked, In just two days five of their buses and house bricks. targeted with bottles, rocks and I still have that feeling, I go through areas now

that sort of thing, like the dry mouth, "Is it going to happen again?" thinking,

within a few blocks, The attacks have all occurred of rundown public housing just off three small cul-de-sacs with a reputation for trouble.

At the moment that particular area was high risk for us. officers came under attack Just last night, while breaking up a street brawl involving dozens of people.

and I got punched in the mouth, stuff like that. Busways says it's not prepared or passengers any more. to risk the safety of its drivers last night and Monday night get where we need to go. We need them to help us that have got to go to work, There's a lot of people to walk. and it would take about two hours Police have been trying for months of criminals in the neighbourhood. to track down a small group from their homes, Six families have been evicted unless they know who to target, but they say they can't make the area safe.

We need people to name names. We

need those named so we can act upon them and arrest people.

a new program for young offenders, Police also hope to establish with their victims. bringing them face to face Daniel Sutton, Ten News. the planned north-west metro line People worried their homes will go close to, or under, exactly where it will be built. will have to wait a year to see the project - The Premier is keen to promote his tunnel vision. today he was showing off for rail planning. It's back to the future at St James station - These unfinished tunnels built 80 years ago - for the new metro system. are now being looked at Can we use the infrastructure that was built

for Sydney. to rekindle the dreams of metros The journey begins here. The North-West Metro from Rouse Hill to the City

could take as little as 42 minutes, if you get on at Epping. less than half that it will be built in my lifetime, It's a good idea but I don't think and I'm 85. (Laughs) At Castle Hill, the train will ever arrive for them. bus passengers are sceptical but I'd like it to be built. I'm not so sure since they promised that. No, it's been a long time until it's open. And another nine years living closer to the city - For people and Gladesville - like around Drummoyne where the underground tunnel will run there is concern about and how many homes will be affected. The Premier says should be known within 12 months. the proposed location Gladesville is a very old area. It just depends where they put it. News also today - just like the Cross City Tunnel, the Lane Cove Tunnel, for its backers. has been a bad investment on investments - Well, companies risk money they don't come risk-free. 62,000 cars a day use the road, Currently well short of the 100,000 expected.

The second guard tunnel deal in a

road again demonstrates Labour's

inability to do deals with the

private market on infrastructure. A Rudd Government crackdown for problem parents. is bumping the baby bonus Vouchers will replace cash drug addicts or gamblers in a move aimed at stopping using the handouts Most parents use their family payments especially the baby bonus, soon to rise to a $5,000 lump sum.

But some don't.

They use it for booze, drugs or gambling. It was heaven for me with an extera $5,000 bonus, mate. I'm telling you now I didn't spend one cent on the bonus, I just took it off my missus. Appalling, appalling that this misuse of Government support is going on. Already the Families Minister has replaced baby bonus and other payments with vouchers in Northern Territory communities. She's now extending this, not just to other remote areas on Cape York and the Kimberlies, but to all problem parents. Those parents who are neglecting their children, who are already people of interest to child protection authorities. The Opposition says it thought of it first. I thoroughly support what the Minister has said and it does completely confirm the measures that were put in place by the Howard government. But not everybody sees this as a solution. The biggest concern is how will already struggling State child protection agencies it is only scratching the surface. Welfare workers fear We're unconvinced that this particular measure of quarantining the baby bonus is going to get us where we all want to go, which is increasing the safety of children. There are also fears it will unfairly target low income families. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. workplace laws The Howard government's have been declared dead amid rowdy scenes in Federal Parliament. Legislation banning any new Australian Workplace Agreements was today passed by Federal Parliament. The good news for Australians now working in shops, hotels, offices, restaurants, nursing homes, workplaces all over Australia, is that AWAs are now dead and buried. Hear, hear! But the fraud that's been exposed is that Labor has not delivered what it promised.

Labor is keeping individual contracts. for up to five years. Existing AWAs will be allowed to run Fugitive Tony Mokbel has been ordered to return to Australia to face justice. in his stride, He seemed to take the decision

but his disappointed girlfriend didn't, leaving court in a fury. ---- off! ..Tony Mokbel's girlfriend, Danielle McGuire, lost her temper outside the Athens Supreme Court. He arrived at court to hear the outcome of his final appeal, relaxed and resigned to his fate.

What happens, happens. It's been nine months since he was arrested on the run in Greece, but it took just three minutes for the country's highest court to hand down its final order, that he return to Australia

to face trial for murder and drug offences. Do you really believe his life is in danger? It's not for me to believe, it's the argument represented to the court. His lawyers say they'll go down fighting and may appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. We will exhaust all means that the law provides. The fugitive has at least a month before being escorted back to Melbourne - the Greek Justice Minister still has to sign off on the final decision. Tony Mokbel remained calm as the judgment was handed down, but Danielle cried out to him from the gallery. She tried to keep up as the guards led him from the courtroom. He said, "I always knew I was going to get done for this," ---- off. a fairer trial in Indonesia, Muttering that he'd get he left court as calmly as he came. Are you disappointed? Tony, are you disappointed? Oh, a little. His supporters, it seemed, were much more so. Go home! That's exactly where Tony Mokbel is finally headed. In Athens, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Ahead in Sport with Brad McEwan, claims of an overreaction to shoulder charges in the NRL. who was knocked out in a head clash Yes - shortly, one player has his say. Also, those mighty Blues of the cricketing variety Pura Cup champions again. Now just keep a close eye on the celebrations,

because they're about to drop the trophy. and the post-match party. We'll wrap up the highlights And he knows how to shock - the former wild man of the NBA, Dennis Rodman, lobs into Sydney and answers the question, "Which side of Rodman will we see here?" Also ahead, the Waratahs gamble on star recruit Timana Tahu. Petrol goes through the roof, jumping 13 cents in a day

just in time for Easter - that's next. Also tonight - a runaway dump truck crashes into this unit block with no-one behind the wheel. And singing his carers' praises -

a choked-up Jose Ramos Horta leaves hospital. And then I arrived here in your hands and I thank all of you.

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This program is captioned live. Sydney drivers are already being slugged at the pump before Easter. Some petrol stations have pushed up prices by 13 cents a litre

in one day. This is now the length drivers are going to for a bargain at the bowser. Last night, queues were constant - a last dash on cheap Tuesday. here up on Victoria Road, they'll be backed up and it clogs the traffic. We don't have any option. It's only going to get more expensive because Easter's coming up. It's now a typical Tuesday night scramble, the wait frustrating and stretching in more than one direction - not helped at this petrol station, with two rows of pumps closed off.

It has gotten ridiculous, but I'm prepared to wait. I think we're scared of it being $1.50. Today that fear was well founded. The same retailer had moved its unleaded price

up by 13 cents a litre, to $1.49. The Federal Government says it's aware high prices are hurting. We really get the message that working families are under all sorts of financial pressures at the moment. by high petrol prices For those people undeterred and who plan to travel over Easter, an early warning from police there'll be extra highway patrol resources to slow you down -

50 more officers than last year and extended drug-testing capability.

It's those people who risk lives, risk others' lives, and we'll be targeting them very strongly this Easter period.

Double demerit points come into effect from Thursday. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Sabotage is being blamed for a garbage truck ploughing into a block of units in Kings Cross. The driver has told police he'd been collecting bins when someone jumped into the unmanned cab and released the handbrake. The truck rolled 50m down a hill and slammed into the building just before sunrise. A structural engineer has spent the day assessing damage to the Art Deco flats. It's unclear if the private contractor will be liable. A Sydney council is threatening fines of up to a million dollars if small shops don't tear down ugly signs and billboards. Manly Council says removing the ads will clean up the beach strip. They come in all shapes and sizes,

but Manly's Corso has become polluted with shop signs, promoting everything from soft drinks and coffee, even ATMS. Now they are such an eyesore the council wants them gone. can range from the 15s to the 20s all over the signage, so we just want to have some control on that. Sidar Demirbag's kebab shop is one of the targets. Coca-Cola paid for all the signs around his store in return for a discount on their products. if the signs aren't removed by Friday. As if that's not enough, $11,000 a day and legal action. $110,000 a day and legal action. You'd be crippled by fines like that? Oh, I'd be in the dole queue, mate. However, locals and the tourists don't seem to mind all the clutter. Yeah, it's a junk shop, the whole show, but that's what I like about it, to live in it. But not every business is unhappy with Council's plan. The owners of this building agree it's all become a little too ugly

and will soon be bringing all the advertising down. Some believe it could entice more customers. What these shop owners don't realise is that their business will probably improve with minimal signage and a much cleaner look. Some of the signs might be able to stay, if the council gives approval. James Boyce, Ten News. Just a month after being shot twice in an assassination attempt, East Timor's President has walked out of Royal Darwin Hospital. Jose Ramos-Horta fought back tears as he recalled the trip to Dili hospital in a broken-down old ambulance. And then I arrived here in your hands and I thank all of you. The President says he is indebted to Australia for the care he received here.

Chekhov the weather - Kim Bailey,

it's a bit grey - is that an omen

for the weekend? I wouldn't say

that but it was warm enough - 26.9

degrees, three degrees above that but it was warm enough - 26.9 degrees, three degrees above

average. Last night was our warmest

night in three weeks. What's going

on here? Sunny field - a brilliant

on here? Sunny field - a brilliant organisation looking after people

for 56 years. Her low! Or delight

to know what the weather is doing?

Es! Even if it is not much good?

Yes! Showers on Good Friday and Yes! Showers on Good Friday and

Eastern this Sunday. We'll see when 10 minutes. 'Dr Death' exposed as a millionaire as he fights for bail. And the revolutionary new test giving fresh hope to pregnant women.

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Leads the cheque to traffic. Leads the cheque to traffic. A

malty car accident on the M5? We

right here at Liverpool, five malty car accident on the M5? We right here at Liverpool, five cars were

were involved. This is towards

Campbelltown. Cars in the breakdown

lane. Everyone is slowing down to

take a look - this is the extent of

the delays for traffic heading west

on the M5. On fortunately the

traffic is back towards Bankstown

so it is very slow abound. Everyone

is taking a little bit of a look

and that is what is holding up traffic.

A revolutionary blood test is being trialled to tell if a woman is carrying a child with Down syndrome. But the breakthrough has triggered concerns about the handling of positive results. Saxon Graham would be the first to agree turn out the way you expect. some things in life don't always But that's never stopped him - an accomplished sportsman, he's won a silver medal in golf at the Special Olympics,

is an actor and also a member of the Young Liberals. It's a life his mum never imagined when she gave birth 35 years ago, when stigmas were still rife. That's my lucky club. It's different to what we thought it was going to be. These mums agree, staging a fundraiser to improve community awareness. Among the issues society will soon have to face, the increased life expectancy for people with Down syndrome. And that means most will outlive their parents, the first generations to do so. But clinical trials of a prenatal test for Down syndrome may help with forward planning. It's a simple blood test offering hope for an alternative to current invasive diagnostic procedures.

That is relatively non-invasive, so it doesn't cause so much risk for the mother or for the baby, and that will have great interest to people undergoing prenatal screening. At the moment diagnosis is made with an amniocentesis,

which carries a small risk of miscarriage.

Obstetricians and gynaecologists around the world are recommending universal screening.

Previously it's been for women over 35. The Down Syndrome Association says all tests should be coupled with information kits to prepare families Amber Muir, Ten News. The surgeon dubbed Australia's 'Dr Death' is back in a US jail tonight, failing to win bail because of fears he might try to flee to India. But the millionaire has had something is going to be done about his prison food.

About 40 of Jayant Patel's supporters attempted to shield his wife and daughter as they walked into court. Mrs Patel, do you have anything to say? Also there - families looking for justice, including the daughters of an American woman who died 10 years ago after Dr Patel severed an artery during cancer surgery. He shouldn't get bail. Why should he get to go home? Our mother didn't get to come home. But Dr Patel's court-appointed lawyer argued he should be freed ahead of his extradition hearing because he's not a flight risk. the surgeon is a US citizen The lawyer pointed out and had stayed in Portland for the past three years, aware Queensland authorities were planning to lay criminal charges against him. And she said he had strong ties to the Portland community, with many people describing him as decent, compassionate, courageous and a devout Hindu. Dr Patel's lawyer also revealed her client is vegetarian and has barely eaten since he was arrested last week by FBI agents. The judge ordered jail authorities to immediately begin providing Dr Patel with appropriate meals. The 57-year-old is facing 14 charges in Queensland,

including manslaughter and fraud,

related to his time as a surgeon at Bundaberg Base Hospital.

If convicted he faces three life sentences. Sufficient motive, the Australian Government's lawyers argued, for Dr Patel to flee if he was granted bail. A financial report also revealed he's worth millions of dollars, providing him with the means to leave the US and to pay for his own lawyer. For now, Jayant Patel remains behind bars. The judge is expected to decide on bail next week. In Portland, Oregon, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Heather Mills has been savaged by the judge in her divorce case. Sir Paul McCartney's ex is described as having a "warped perception", and living in a land of make-believe. Also revealed today - her staggering list of demands. They are the details Heather Mills wanted kept secret and now we know why. The court papers showed she'd demanded from Sir Paul McCartney seven fully staffed homes, costing almost $1.5 million a year.

A similar amount for her charity work, more than $1 million of that going on travel. Up to $100,000 a year on wine, which she doesn't drink. but she doesn't ride. $80,000 on horses, She didn't think it was to be public. She thought it was going to be private. She only learnt two days in that it was going to be public. She wasn't very happy.

Mills was given $52.5 million, a fifth of what she'd wanted, but she did get more than she bargained for from the judge. Justice Bennett said her evidence was: to his analysis of Sir Paul McCartney's testimony. In 58 pages of condemnation, the judge branded Mills an explosive and volatile character. And, in a final insult, he suggested Sir Paul was still grieving for his late wife, Linda, during the early years of his relationship with Heather Mills. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Oscar-winning British director Anthony Minghella has died at the age of 54. He made seven films, including 'The English Patient', which won nine Academy Awards. Minghella directed Australia's Nicole Kidman in 'Cold Mountain', and was nominated for an Oscar for 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'. The father of two began his career as a writer on British television shows, including 'Inspector Morse'. His last film, 'The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency', premiered in London on the day of his death. Anthony Minghella died from a haemorrhage after cancer surgery. And the British science fiction writer, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, has died in his adopted home of Sri Lanka. He was 90. The author is best known for writing '2001: A Space Odyssey' with Stanley Kubrick. I'd like to see some evidence of extraterrestrial life. that we're not alone in the universe I've always believed but we're still waiting for ET to call us. The writer's family is returning to Sri Lanka from Australia to arrange his funeral. The US Federal Reserve takes a knife to interest rates. Next - how the cut pushed Australian stocks back into the black.

Also - free after fighting back - a businessman cleared of killing an intruder. And wise beyond her years - Bindi Irwin lets slip her political ambition. Oh, yes! Bindi as president or prime minister or, you know. Hey, boys. Check this out. Ah! Do it again, Dad! MOBILE PHONE RINGS Oh, hang on. Hello? See ya, mate. Barry doesn't always make the best choices, but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas. Have you got gas? Visit us at:

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Top stories this news hour - a government minister is at the centre of a dirty dispute over $60 worth of beach towels.

for the towels, used when he suffered an epileptic fit on their premises. His requests have so far fallen on deaf ears. Premier Morris Iemma has begun the hard sell of his $12 billion North-West Metro line. He went underground to show off the unfinished tunnels at St James Station

he hopes will be used in the rail link's construction. But residents will have to wait a year to see exactly where it will be built. And Tony Mokbel's girlfriend has lashed out at the media after the fugitive was ordered back to Australia to face trial for murder and drug offences. It took just three minutes for Greece's highest court to reject his appeal against extradition. His lawyer says his life is now in danger. A Perth man accused of murder has walked free from court after arguing he acted in self-defence against an intruder. 34-year-old Grant Hodgson maintained he was threatened with a screwdriver during a break-in at his business premises last year. The 39-year-old intruder bled to death after Mr Hodgson slashed him across the arm with a 'Crocodile Dundee'-style knife. Outside court he said he was extremely sorry for what had happened, but was only trying to protect himself. I'm shocked and it was just a tragic loss and something that should never been happening in the first place. He also apologised to the victim's family. A bold move to save the US economy - America's central bank has slashed its interest rates by 0.75%. The impact was dramatic,

giving Wall Street and our market an immediate boost. It was more than enough to lift spirits on Wall Street. Finally, something to cheer about after so much financial gloom. The US share market had its best single day rise

in more than five years, most of that surge even before the Federal Reserve cut rates

for the sixth time in six months. The effect here was immediate - up at the start, up all day.

We've seen rash of good news in a very short space of time - the investment banks in the US came out with earnings that were not quite as bad as expected, cut interest rates. the Federal Reserve When I was standing here just two days ago all that green on the board was actually red, reacting to bad news from the States. Which begs the question - why, after all this time, are Australia's economic fortunes and misfortunes still so closely tied to those of the US? This graph shows how linked we are - our All Ordinaries a virtual mirror of the S&P 500.

This despite the fact that only 6% of our exports go to the US. an economic linkage anymore, a direct economic linkage between Australia and the US. It's more because of a financial linkage, to the extent that the US is still the world's biggest financial market. So, with the US almost certainly already in recession, even our strong economy may not be able to avoid more pain. Yes, we've seen a bit of a bounce in the market, but the ride is going to remain fairly rough for some time to come. Later this year, I think conditions will start to improve. Share markets are already looking to be good value having fallen so far. That may ease the pressure on interest rates, but means continued pain for super funds. The losses since the beginning of the calendar year have been about 6% for a balanced superannuation fund. That equates to $84 billion in losses so far.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report for a closer look at the market's big bounce back today. Petrol prices jumped by anywhere up to 13 cents a litre across the city today ahead of Easter - Sydney's average price, $1.38.

We've seen it as high as $1.49 and as low as $1.31 at Dee Why. The family of the late Steve Irwin has been back in the headlines over rumours they were selling out of Australia Zoo.

But not only will the Irwins keep running the zoo, one of them wants to run the country. It's a sight we're used to seeing - Bindi Irwin performing for the crowds, even if she is in a city department store wrapped in a snake. Hi! Her new clothing range, Bindiwear, is the latest venture,

designed to simultaneously spread the message of conservation while raising money for it. But wait, there's more. I heard a little whisper that you're maybe interested in going into politics. Oh, yes, well, Bindi as president or prime minister or you know. While public sentiment is divided as to whether this is all too much to have on the shoulders of a 9-year-old girl,

when you actually sit and talk to Bindi Irwin it is amazing the scope of subjects on which she has an opinion and how much she likes to share it. Ask Bindi about the clothes range and she brings up human rights. that none of it is made in sweatshops or anything like that. And while I did have to submit a list of questions before the interview, her thoughts on the US presidential primaries wasn't among them.

There's the first woman and there's the first black man

running for president, but no offence to them, but none of them are really talking about conservation. I mean, it's about jobs and developing and money, money and more money. I mean, really! But then suddenly you're reminded she is only nine after all. You don't have a boyfriend yet, do you? No, not yet. No, I'm not worried about boys. Just making sure they wear the right clothes. Exactly. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Let's take a look at the weather.

We don't want our eggs to get soggy

over Easter or to melt in the sun.

I hate getting on the television

and telling you - as subtly changed

is going to go. 22 degrees all the

way through the holiday. Showers on

Good Friday and then a possible

shower through the weekend and public holiday.

A sunny field has been looking after people that

after people that need to be looked

after for 56 years. Do we like that sort of talk? Yes!.

Sport now with Brad McEwan, and claims league's going soft? Yes, Deb, despite the sight of Craig Wing's injury, some of the game's biggest names say don't change a thing. More shortly. And soaking it up - the Blues celebrate victory in the Pura Cup final.

And he shocked Americans on and off the basketball court - now Dennis Rodman is in Sydney. He tells us what he'll be getting up to.

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Manly has just announced they've re-signed coach Des Hasler for another two years, Meanwhile, there's been a backlash against the NRL's crackdown on the controversial tackle that sidelined Craig Wing. Some of league's toughest men help launch the representative season, but there are fears that tough factor could be lost after the NRL warned all players to cease the prowler tackle. "Prowler tackle" - it's stupid even creating a name for it. It's a contact sport, for God's sake. We don't want to take any of the physical side out of it and I think it's unnecessary in regards to having to worry about it. Even after losing a tooth in a head clash last weekend, Sharks prop Ben Ross isn't scared of prowlers. It's a contact sport. You're going to tackle someone, they're going to turn and they're going to get hit. I got hit by a thousand of them last year. People are overreacting. But, like South Sydney, some say the tackle has to go. Inverted comma "prowler tackle" should be outlawed. It's been happening in the game since day dot. I've been hit by prowler tackles before when I was playing and it does hurt. Darren Lockyer with some big news at the launch - great for the Maroons and Kangaroos, he's changed his mind about retiring from rep football after the World Cup. I've decided I'm going to play on beyond this year with rep football. I just think I've still got a little bit left in me. I think the break I've had with the injury and a bit of time away from the game has been good for me mentally. Danny Buderus wants to play for NSW and Australia until the end of this year and hopes he isn't cast aside because he's switching to the UK Super League. That's something the selectors will have to come up with but hopefully I'm just playing well and in their minds so then I can get picked. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie is convinced

his gamble to give Timana Tahu six weeks to recover from a hamstring injury will pay off. The former rugby league star has played just four games for the Waratahs since switching codes. Running coaches are hoping to ease the pressure on Tahu's hamstrings by changing his running style. Remarkably, the former Eels winger revealed he has not run flat out for seven years. To come out and say he's only been about 90%, it is surprising, but I can't wait to get him at 100%. The Waratahs have recalled lock Dean Mumm to the team which faces the competiton-leading Crusaders in Christchurch on Friday. NSW has claimed its 45th Pura Cup/Sheffield Shield crown -

the Blues thrashing Victoria by 258 runs. Reporter Paul Cochrane is amongst the celebrations at the SCG. Brad, this is a very, very dangerous room to be in at the moment - there's food being thrown around and beer and champagne being sprayed everywhere. As you can imagine, a very, very happy dressing room here at the NSW Blues. They've won the Pura Cup final, the 45th time they've won the State domestic title.

I had an opportunity to speak to a few of the players just before. Here's what some of them had to say. Very special feeling. The guys are pretty pumped right now and we've had a great summer. Playing first-class cricket is certainly important to me and I know it is to the rest of the guys, so it's special to win another Pura Cup final. In true cricket tradition I'll be very surprised if we leave here before the wee hours of the morning. As Brad Haddin said, a very, very long night ahead.

And why not? They played five very, very hard days of cricket. the result was very much assured. They came here today, NSW were so far in front they couldn't lose this match. The Pura Cup title was assured and the game well and truly broke open this morning. When David Hussey was out in the

first over of playing. Com mac that

is it! They have taken out a purer

Cup. Simon Catic got 92 in the

second. It has been a record

breaking the year - 1506 runs - an

all-time high for him. This is what

it meant to him. It has been it meant to him. It has been my proudest moment in cricket,

captaining this here and seen what

the boys have been able to achieve.

Now the season is over but not

before a night of celebration. A warning now - former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman jetted into Sydney this morning. The infamous party animal is out to promote his new extreme sports television show, 'All-Stars TV',

and seek out the city's liveliest night spots. He's one of the greatest players in NBA history.

He's probably also the worst-behaved, though, What happened? Did you have some trouble in Customs or what? Really? right now. That's why we have no luggage So we've been waiting for the last hour, so, you know, it's like, whatever. for his aggressive outbursts, his foul mouth and, of course, those tats, that hair and a tendancy to cross-dress. We see you in a wedding dress? No, come on. Madonna's not here, right? Rodman dated Madonna in the mid-'90s and he was briefly married to 'Baywatch' actor Carmen Electra. Last year 'Dennis the Menace' claimed he's slept with over 2,000 women in his life. And he's hoping to meet the local talent on the Sydney party scene. Dennis, how much partying are you going to get done? I'm going to do a lot, bro, a lot. I'll catch you, guys.

Rob Canning, Ten News. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight,

the Swans' team for their season opener against St Kilda on Saturday night.

A Uefa Rodman fan that? A Uefa Rodman fan that? It will be

interesting to see how it goes. Let's check the traffic now. A

second accident on the M5. Everyone second accident on the M5. Everyone

is slowing down to take a look and unfortunately another car has

collided in the same spot. These

are the delays and they are the delays and they are

significant, all the way past

Bankstown and through Riverwood.

Slow through the south-west and a

reminder that doubled demerit

points Aaron Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather wrap is next.

the salmon hurl themselves upstream. Given the countless hazards of this journey, Whoo-hoo! John West endures the worst

Time for the weather details. I can

see Kim Bailey has his personal

radar up to check on the the

showers but before that he has some

sunshine for the folks from sunny

field. We are celebrating a 56th

anniversary - a birthday for people

who look after those who need

looking after. Anyone like birthday looking after. Anyone like birthday

cake? Yes! Sunny field means

independence. To explain more we

have a spokeswoman, Annie. What

about the good work - just explain

to people what a wonderful job.

Weak support 1300 individuals with Weak support 1300 individuals with mental and intellectual

difficulties. We allow difficulties. We allow them to

create the environment they want to

live in. It is as simple as that and

and a really good thing. We have

20,000 people out there who basically can't find basically can't find suitable

accommodation. 20,000 people on the waiting-list for accommodation

places. As with all disabilities,

there is not enough services

available and we want to change that. Can wreck relations on 56

years of trying to change that -

congratulations. In this weather

report we will go through day-by-

day way you can expect. Right now

it looks like showers on Good

Friday. Saturday occasional showers and 22 and

and 22 and likewise the Sunday and

are mainly fine Monday. are mainly fine Monday. The detailed Easter report on the

weather tomorrow when your television.

Tomorrow's weather map - a cold

front will cross the south-east bringing core wins. front will cross the south-east bringing core wins. A week trough

should trigger storms across New

South Wales and eastern Victoria.

South Wales and eastern Victoria. Showers or thunderstorms in it is

that whilst many on the southern

coast. Showers on the southern coast

coast and elsewhere. 56 years of

looking after people with big

hearts like these guys. Ye! They

don't care what the weather is

doing across a start and that is

what I like about them because I

know you like dirty on me at know you like dirty on me at home

but we will try to fix it overnight. Interstate now:

A fall in depth Easter forecast

beaten every day for you tomorrow

night on the 5:00pm news. Thanks so

much for having me! Ye! That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30. Our Early News is from 6:00 tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.