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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - Premier Iemma's deepening crisis

vows to fight child-sex charges. as his former minister How could this happen? dumped in a Sydney schoolyard. Asbestos-contaminated soil

a cervical cancer vaccine. A Government U-turn on subsidising in a race fall And a jockey knocked cold wins the Oaks. before Alan Jones's Miss Finland

with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. the Iemma Government The crisis gripping could be about to get worse, State Parliament with rumours sweeping for serious offences. of a second MP being investigated on any impending charges Police refuse to comment a Labor politician faced court just a day after and drug crimes. accused of child-sex of an unprecedented crisis, Morris Iemma faces the second day

alone except for his bodyguard. details He's still digesting the lurid against teenage boys. of Milton Orkopoulos' alleged crimes

How could this happen? Iemma admits Minister knew of the investigation his chief of staff and Police a full day before him, Minister's water summit but says he was busy with the Prime confirmed charges would be laid. and was told as soon as police at all. I see no, no, relevance in that as Premier. I was attending to my duties

to believe that I find it very difficult on Tuesday night. the Premier was only told

I think that's inconceivable. nothing was, Regardless of when anyone was told or was done nothing could be done to do their job. except allow police Mark Arbib Labor Party General Secretary today denied over the phone he knew about the investigations, any rumour saying he only found out yesterday. that another MP is involved. But now rumours are swirling I've been told who that MP is.

Is It was cancelled at the last

minute and hasn't been contact ibl

since. A is a former spin

it is. says we can't reveal who the of who since. A is a former spin doctor

or see the light of day, Whether they're true

to run hard on issues parliamentary privilege allows you

which are half baked. Meanwhile, of Penrith pounds the pavement, the member for the marginal seat despite the political storm. hoping to win over consituents the people of Penrith, I'm focusing on what's important for

doorknocking and that's why I've been what's important to them. premier Iemma up until two days ago. The maths looked very strong for may not save him. The maths, now, comprehensively, minister Milton Orkopoulos The family of disgraced former is standing by him, saying he has their full support. He isn't talking, declaring he's innocent but has put out a statement and will vigorously defend himself. night at a family member's home The sacked Minister had spent the where he was comforted. overnight saying Mr Orkopoulos had issued a statement and drug charges, he's innocent of 30 child sex defend his reputation. and he'll vigorously to say sir? REPORTER: Have you got anything the statement. But he wouldn't repeat what've you got to say? REPORTER: Mr Orkopoulos, a short time later with a wave, The father-of-three arrived home but again nothing to say, could be heard from the garage. but loud sobbing Also not talking publicly, his former office assistant

to a Labor Party official. who passed on the sex allegations who says she feels terrible that Seven News has spoken to the woman straight away. the allegations weren't investigated with questions over who she told. She now feels under siege herself in court at the end of January. Mr Orkopoulos is due back

Afrjts year ago I was pretty ill.

She might have told you but you were

pretty under the weather. I was pretty ill. In breaking news, have been made fresh child sex allegations connected with the Labor Party. against another person Chris Reason joins us live from Newcastle

Chris what are the claims? a Newcastle mother who claims Ian, Seven News has spoken to

sexually abused her child. a local Labor Party figure to police She says she has reported the matter whether charges will be laid. and has not yet been told we can't name the man involved, For legal reasons and he denies the allegations. but I have talked to him today, Even so, it's more bad news of the Labor Party. for the already battered image

Ian. asbestos-contaminated soil Tonnes of of a Sydney school. has been dumped in the playground A parent noticed the crushed fibro today. at Panania North Public School excavated for a nearby swimming pool It was in soil,

as free fill for a new garden bed. and given to the school covered and fenced-off, The soil was watered down,

to be removed after school hours. asbestos products Victims of James Hardie's in their battle for compensation. are welcoming a breakthrough has won a favourable tax ruling The building products company

on its $4.5 billion payout fund. It was at 6:45 that Bernie Banton received the text message he'll never forget. and it's a very positive move. Tax ruling for Hardie

A ruling from the tax office hurdle removing the final compensation for tens of thousands of asbestos victims,

the campaign for justice. including the man who's symbolised Hardies have finally woken up to get the deal done. to the fact they have People power shamed James Hardie

payout into making the largest voluntary

in Australian corporate history - a $4.5 billion fund. for a tax exemption. But still it argued Both James Hardie and the tax office details of their arrangement. refuse to disclose the precise we may never know what tax, It is a private ruling, which means if any, the fund is subject to. John Howard was claiming credit. That it was my suggestion that the tax office and Hardies and the NSW Government put their heads together.

That may well have brought this about. His Treasurer's appalled it's taken so long. This is a company which tried to avoid its obligations, its liabilities to victims who were stricken with a fatal disease. It's been an epic tale. Now there's talk of a movie but money comes first. No, the campaign's not finished until we get the cheque.

Australia's unemployment rate has hit a 30-year low, giving the Government some good news

after yesterday's interest rate rise.

The jobless rate for October was 4.6%, down 0.2, largely because fewer people were looking for work. It has never been a better time for a job seeker in our generation.

Analysts are divided over whether the figure will put further upward pressure on interest rates. The family of a missing Sydney toddler has made a new appeal for information, a year after she disappeared.

Police are convinced Rahma el-Dennaoui was kidnapped and didn't just wander off. We won't show their faces, but Rahma el-Dennaoui's sisters haven't given up hope of seeing hers again.

She has a little brother she hasn't met and she doesn't know that my mum like named him Abdul. We like to talk to her a lot and that we really miss her and we really like her. Today, Rahma's father pleaded for help. Please, if anyone knows something or anything to tell the police. Police say Rahma was snatched from her bed early on Thursday the 10th of November last year. Asleep with her sisters, the 18-month-old was directly under the bedroom window. The flyscreen was cut. We certainly entertain full hope that she is alive

and we hope in our hearts that she is alive. There are no leads, but police have ruled out family involvement. They have cooperated with us from day one and I can put my hand on my heart and say that I would be the most surprised if they were involved and I can categorically rule them them out. On the eve of the first anniversary of Rahma's disappearance the family has asked to be left in peace to grieve and to pray. The sisters have also written an open letter to Rahma, saying they just want to hug and kiss her. My mum was always crying. She'd never stop because she was scared about her. America's political back-lash over the Iraq war has claimed its first major casualty - US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. He fell on his sword as voters delivered the opposition Democrat Party

control of both houses of Congress. After a political battering like this, George Bush was left with little choice but to remove his chief architect of the Iraq war. I am making a change at Secretary of Defence

to bring fresh perspective as to how to achieve what Americans want. And what they want is a change in policy on Iraq. The man now responsible for achieving that is former CIA director Robert Gates. While Donald Rumsfeld was blamed for not sending enough troops and underestimating the insurgency, today he defended the Bush Administration's record. I know with certainty, that over time, the contributions you've made will be recorded by history. But Rumsfeld wasn't the only scalp - the Republicans suffered a catastrophic loss as Democrats seized control of both the House and Senate. It was a thumping! While President Bush has promised to work with Democrats over the next two years, there's one issue he will not budge on - leaving Iraq without a victory.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi

will become the first female Speaker of the House.

That could also help Hillary Clinton's presidential bid in 2008. This is a big night for the Democrats. There was some good news for Republicans - Arnold Schwarzenegger re-elected Governor of California. I love doing sequels, LOVE doing sequels.

is celebrating sporting success Sydney radio host Alan Jones

with his horse Miss Finland winning the Crown Oaks. Matthew White is at Flemington. And Matt, they've made racing history. Roscoe, the David Hayes-trained champion is the first filly to win the Golden Slipper and VRC Oaks double. Today was Ladies Day and the warm weather proved perfect conditions to showcase Spring fashions.

Oaks Day is all about the ladies. # Where you from, you sexy thing? # It's important to look your best. (All) Cheers! As always, nothing gets past security. BEEPS

This is the day the men play second fiddle. REPORTER: Spent a lot of money on the suits, quite obviously a lot of work gone in. No attention whatsoever to the hair. What's going on?

Oh, we've spent hours on this mate. Inspiration for fashion can come from anywhere -

Elton John, Little Bo Peep, your local fire station and - well, who really knows? It's obvious where Fashions on the Field winner Sarah Schofield found hers. She's not moving house,

just trying to get a good spot on the lawn. And this is the reward -

a birds-eye view. If the lawn's not your thing try living it up in the nursery - drinks from the Range Rover and private catering,

even your own jazz band. BAND PLAYS

Very glamorous. On the track it was another Little Miss who stole the show in the $750,000 Oaks. RACE CALLER: Miss Finland in front. She's out by two in the 100 meters from Tuesday Joy, Anamato, and Miss Finland the champion filly

scores by 2.5 lengths to Tuesday Joy. Owned by Alan Jones, trained by David Hayes, Miss Finland is the first filly to win the Golden Slipper and the VRC Oaks. And Roscoe, I'll be back later with an update on jockey Kerrin McEvoy who was injured in a nasty fall here earlier today. Ahead in Seven News, our report on the subsidy battle over a cervical cancer vaccine. Also, how stem cells gave sight to three blind mice and could do the same for people.

And the Sydney launch of Kylie's perfume.

It's a little bit showbiz, darling. (laughs)

Burns survivor Sophie Delezio went back to hospital today,. but not as a patient. Sophie helped open a new million-dollar operating theatre at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. It's designed specially for treating young burns patients. We need to give these people, these children, who are our future of course, the best opportunities that we possibly can. The theatre was partly funded by the Delezios' Day of Difference charity. The Prime Minister has promised women a vaccine against cervical cancer will be made affordable. He says the drug Gardisil will be approved for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, saving women hundreds of dollars each. If an agreement can be reached fairly soon, that mass campaign can still start on 1 June 2008. Mr Howard's intervention has been welcomed by the drug's creator, Australian of the Year, Professor Ian Frazer. A huge wind farm has been given the go-ahead as part of the State Government's plan for more renewable energy. It will comprise more than 60 giant turbines in a notably windy area near Canberra.

All the arguments about wind farms - they're noisy, ugly, expensive, kill birds and property values.

But down around Bungendore today, in the Southern Tablelands, everyone seemed green. It's going to do something for the good old planet and if it does something for the good ol' planet, it will do something for us. The Government has approved what will be the State's biggest wind farm. 63 turbines stretching from the shore of dried up Lake George to the Great Dividing range. Bungendore is 12 kilometres away. It seems to be a way of fixing up the energy problems of the world and that so may be that's the way we've got to go. Enough green power to supply 52,000 homes and eliminate 300,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.

They're beautiful things.

They're like giant sculptures and as a matter of fact I'm going to design a house so my windows look out on it.

The Government's set new targets for green energy.

Within three years 10% of electricity in New South Wales will have to come from renewable energy sources like solar and wind. 15% by 2020.

You can't get any better than wind sitting on those hills. have used stem cells British researchers

to make blind mice see in a breakthrough that could one day give sight to human patients. They transplanted stem cells into the eyes of mice that were born blind.

The cells developed into mature photoreceptors able to transmit light signals to the brain. It's given new hope to people with genetic or age-related blindness.

Obviously, it's a few years off yet but it could make a huge difference to me and other people suffering retinal degeneration. Scientists hope human trials could begin within 10 years. Kylie Minogue is hoping for a new number one - this time in the highly competitive perfume world. Last night at Vaucluse, the pop princess launched her own fragrance.

She says Australians will probably call it 'Darl', but its real name is 'Darling'. I use it with friends, my mother uses it with me - you use it with all sorts of people

and it's a little bit showbiz - darling. (laughs) Kylie's first concert since cancer treatment Time for sport with Matthew White at Flemington,

where we've had another great day of racing. Roscoe, Miss Finland took out the Oaks but the day was marred by a nasty fall. Kerrin McEvoy knocked out when his mount went down in the first race. The latest on his condition shortly. And what the Indians really think about Damien Martyn.

because it's not a hardware store, it's actually an adventure. And that's why those of us in the red shirts are here as tour guides. Jumbuck 4-burner barbecue, $399. GMC line trimmer, $96. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Cricket Australia has ruled out

charging batsman Damien Martyn with misconduct for pushing an official at the Champions Trophy presentation. Ricky Ponting is still to apologise for the incident which continues to overshadow the build-up to the Ashes. The captain suited up for his latest book launch but the look the locals in India gave Ricky Ponting's men is not flattering. Yeah, Marto looks a bit different from last time I saw him.

But that's the way outraged fans see the Australian team after Damien Martyn pushed an official at the champions Trophy presentation. Ponting hadn't seen it properly until today. Yeah, it didn't look good, that's for sure. It's not a good look and I didn't like seeing it the first time or the second time. But Martyn won't face any penalty. I wouldn't want anyone jumping to conclusions about players being charged under the code of behaviour.

I don't think that's gonna happen. Cricket Australia has announced tough crowd control measures and a security guard has been assigned to both the Australian and England teams for the Ashes.

I I think that's the changing

I I think that's the changing vibe in which we live. Safety and

security concerns around the

security concerns around the world have heightened over the last couple

of years: What has changed is the

Australian team's desire to be

Australian team's desire to be the best in the world. We want to redeem

ourselves a little bit and ourselves a little bit and ourselves a little bit and show ourselves a little bit and show the rest ourselves a little bit and show the rest of the

rest of the world or part of the

world how good a team we are. They

would like to see Mitchell given

would like to see Mitchell given a shot. At the end of five test

matches you might have something really special. And New South Wales has won its one-day Cup match over South Australia in Adelaide. 4-wicket win for the Blues. The National Rugby League has announced its draw for next season with defending premiers Brisbane kicking off with a Queensland derby against the Cowboys. The Gold Coast Titans will play their first ever NRL match against the Dragons on the Sunday. But it will be the Broncos and the Storm hosting the two Friday night matches.

I think today we've been put to bed. The fairly silly notion that some people have put out there

that the game is Sydney-centric - Queensland's hugely important to us. The Roosters will host South Sydney in the return of Monday night football. A day for the fillies here at Flemington and it was Miss Finland winning the $750,000 Oaks. But the racing was marred by a horrible fall in the first.

Former Melbourne Cup winning jockey Kerrin McEvoy was knocked unconscious after his mount Butterfield tripped on the heels of another runner. This time last year, McEvoy needed plastic surgery after a bad fall. strike twice in the same place Lightening doesn't usually

but it basically has. for spinal damage McEvoy is having tests and bruising on the brain trauma unit. at Royal Melbourne Hospital's

Frmgts we wish him all the bets F my

luck doesn't change I could be

walking back to Sydney. Bound to get

better. Thanks Matt. Checking finance now.

after the break Nuala has the weather details

and tonight she's on the nose.

by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. This weather report brought to you We'll keep you running. CAR REVS

grab your camera or video phone When you see a big news story, Good Evening. to escape this cool weather, If you're looking for somewhere might be a little on the nose. I've found the perfect place but it Gardens tropical centre I'm here at the Royal Botanic Titan Arum - where not one but two of the affectionately known as the giant stinky plant - are on show. This one has already bloomed. And the second one is expected to in the next few days, emitting a smell of rotting flesh. As if our weather couldn't get any weirder. New England Highway near Armidale Last night a hail storm blocked the for two hours. on the paddocks, The ice was 25cm thick in 40 years. the worse hailstorm they've seen

Some light showers fell overnight, to break up this afternoon. but the cloud did start And it should start to warm up soon helps to turn winds more northerly. as the high in the Tasman

the storm near Armidale The trough line that triggered bringing very hot temperatures will move further inland, to the interior.

will hit 39 degrees. Where Alice Springs

33 with late storms in Darwin, and Perth, a shower or two in Brisbane and Hobart. mostly fine in Canberra

typical November weather tomorrow. We should see some more Mostly sunny with northerly winds, up to the mid to high 20s. warming tops

And the only way is up after that. 28 on Saturday, 29 Sunday. Ahead of stormy showers Monday. Our catchments did much better this week.

Roscoe, smell you later. They are

fairly paout rid.

And that's Seven News to now. Don't forget, for us to investigate, if you have a story and click on the news tips link. go to our website thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross, Goodnight.