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Tonight, claims of a witch-hunt This program is captioned live.

plead not guilty as three school leaders to more than 100 child sex charges. of mass hysteria and moral panic. We are seeing here examples for a missing light plane. A tragic end to the search And the Broncos close ranks over a nightclub sex attack. while police investigate players Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Australia's biggest terrorism trial. Also, six men convicted in Sydney salutes our champions. And turning on the ticker tape - This is so much fun - cheering us on, lots of kids, so many people out here so it's just amazing. But heading the news at 5:00.

three men have come out fighting boys at a college in Bathurst. over allegations they sexually abused The suspects have pleaded not guilty. the victims of a witch-hunt. Their lawyers claim they've been Brian Spillane Former priest and school chaplain came to court to defend his reputation as a holy man.

for allegedly abusing 16 victims. He faces 93 sex charges

There could be dozens more.

Police are investigating claims St Stanislaus College in Bathurst boys at the prestigious during the '70s and '80s. were sexually abused Also charged - a former brother at the school, priest Peter Dwyer, a former dorm supervisor, and Brother John Gaven,

relating to three victims. who faces 28 sex charges All three have pleaded not guilty. of mass hysteria, moral panic. We are seeing here examples It's a witch-hunt. allegations bizarre and suspicious, Their lawyer has labelled the even raising questions about whether his clients will get a fair trial. In court today, one alleged victim. he's waited 22 years for justice. Now in his 30s, he says Finally people are looking at it, this sort of thing is going to stop. and hopefully now

have been implicated in the scandal, While no current staff or students attention is affecting students there are concerns that media and the reputation of the school, of academic and sporting excellence. which has a long history We haven't seen the evidence, hasn't seen the evidence the defendant lawyer

the DPP haven't seen the evidence. and it would appear that in November. The case is back in court Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. have died in a plane crash A man, woman and her young son in the Hunter Valley. Cessna from Sydney to Brisbane, They were flying in a single-engine a plane the man had just bought. delivered to its new owner, The Cessna 206 had only just been

Brisbane car dealer Scott Menrath. plane home from Sydney, He'd planned to fly the single-engine taking his wife, Monique Frazer, and her 7-year-old-son, Daniel, along for the ride. But just after lunchtime today trapped in the wreckage of the plane search crews found their three bodies in the Upper Hunter Valley. It's just unbelievable. to understand. I find it just too difficult There will be a recovery operation. is really turning bad. However, the weather this afternoon

may occur tomorrow. It's likely that rescue operation from Sydney's Bankstown Airport The plane took off at about 6:30 yesterday morning. It headed north to Scone, and spent time with friends. where the pilot refuelled en route to Brisbane, He then took off for Casino near Hanging Rock. but crashed just 55km away, to it as tiger country, At the club we sort of referred and heavily timbered so it's pretty hilly up where they would have been. wet, cloudy, and windy. Scone locals say conditions were The pilot was warned not to take off. Search crews say a flight plan north from Scone. the pilot had not registered when relatives became concerned. The alarm was only raised

I used to tell Scott, "Be careful." about 4-6 months ago. He only got his open licence

investigate the cause of the crash. The Transport Safety Bureau will Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Former ironman Grant Kenny in Western Australia has travelled to a remote site

company crashed, killing four people. where a helicopter owned by his Jessica Cousins and Sarah Thomas Friends Whitney Pinney, over the Bungle Bungle National Park, were on a scenic flight in the Kimberley region, when the chopper went down. as the helicopter burst into flames. The 40-year-old pilot also died it will take some time Investigators say to determine the cause of the crash. three Broncos NRL players Police have interviewed

in Brisbane. over a nightclub sex attack

temporarily forced a betting freeze but the allegations alone on the team playing in the finals. The Broncos' training this morning - attracted extra attention with their finals campaign much of it nothing to do at a Brisbane nightclub. but a weekend incident in the toilets at the Alumbra Bar that a woman was sexually assaulted on Saturday night. were questioned this afternoon. Three Broncos players not to jump to conclusions I would caution people

currently under investigation about the footballers who are on the weekend. over an incident at a nightclub he was drinking in the Valley Karmichael Hunt says claimed no knowledge Yesterday a Broncos spokesman they were saying little more. And this morning I just rocked up to training. I don't know anything about it, I'm just concentrating on football. for the team, It's an unwanted distraction in a home final this weekend. due to play Melbourne on Saturday night? Any comment? Any comment about what happened

I've got no comment to make, guys. The fallout has been immediate Some major betting agencies the grand final and Broncos matches have suspended betting on until the affair is sorted out.

likely to be protracted, With the investigation reopened betting this afternoon. Centrebet The NRL says

clarity from police and the club. it can't comment until it gets The Broncos have a long history on alcohol and misbehaviour of taking a hard line

coming during the finals campaign, but this allegation,

a drinking culture at the club. raises fresh questions about There wouldn't be a coach out there around the country at the moment who wouldn't be counselling their players

to be looking after themselves in the lead-up to the finals so they can play their best game. The woman behind the claims has been examined,

and police have been back to the bar today. No charges have been laid. Max Futcher, Ten News. Thousands of cheering fans turned the city into a giant party today at the Olympic homecoming parade. Under perfect skies it rained green and gold as the CBD came to a standstill.

Our Olympians may be back home, but they're not down to earth just yet - not with a welcome like this. as tens of thousands lined city streets for the first of the nation's homecoming parades. (BAND PLAYS 'WALTZING MATLIDA') How many people have got days off work? Wow!

Among the 200 athletes and officials, Steve Hooker had a characteristic spring in his step and even found some of the few creatures on earth who can jump higher than him. This is so much fun, so many people lots of kids and all that sort of stuff, so it's just amazing. It's kind of overwhelming, really. Everyone's here to see us. As ticker tape rained from office buildings above,

our own Madame Butterfly was lapping up the occasion. It's amazing, it's just blown me away here today, just to see everyone out here supporting us, taking time out from school or work? just to come down - it's wonderful. For the tens of thousands of fans here who willed the athletes home from the comfort of their living room, their appreciation in person. today was an opportunity to show Very exciting. I wouldn't miss it for anything

and I'm very proud of the girls and the boys. They loved the Olympics so I told them they could have the day off to come and cheer the Olympians on.

The parade culminated in a ceremony at Town Hall, where our athletes were still busy collecting silverware. To be able to walk up George Street and have the whole of Sydney, it seems, supporting us, was absolutely phenomenal. And it won't end there - celebrations will continue around the country into next week.

Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Sport now with Brad McEwan. What about the Warriors? Yes, they've certainly set the finals alight and forced an unexpected reshuffle of matches. And what a welcome they received a short time ago, when they arrived home from their historic victory over minor premiers Melbourne. The reception won't be as friendly for the Roosters

when they arrive in Auckland tomorrow. Also, Mad Monday for the Swans - ahead, why it's also likely to double as a farewell for some players

after an early exit from the finals series. Also coming up, a stunning return to the pitch for Socceroo Tim Cahill, and a shock winner at the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Still to come, shots fired in a terrifying Sydney home invasion.

Also, a Muslim cleric convicted in Australia's biggest terrorism trial.

And the unexpected outcome when a dog-training program goes behind bars.

ANZ is the 10-time Home Lender of the Year.

Mm. See, we do have the best mortgage. (FEEDBACK FROM P.A.) M-O-R-G-A-G-E, 'mortgage'. That is incorrect. (ECHOES) Incorrect...

This program is captioned live. A Muslim cleric has been found guilty of leading an Australian terrorist cell linked to plans to kill a thousand people. Five of his followers have also been convicted, while another four have walked free. 4 of the 12 accused walk from court free men after spending more than 2.5 years in custody awaiting today's verdicts. REPORTER: What's it like to have your freedom again

after all of that time imprisoned? Father-of-three Hany Taha, Shoue Hammoud, Majed Raad and Bassam Raad of being members of a terrorist organisation.

I'm glad for Majed Raad that the ordeal is over, and that he can now go home and resume his life. But prison remains home for six of their co-accused, the jury finding father-of-seven Abdul Nacer Benbrika guilty on three charges, including leading the terror cell. He has been, I think, very stressed throughout these entire proceedings. Aimen Joud, Fadl Sayadi, Abdullah Merhi

and brothers Ahmed and Ezzit Raad were all found guilty of being members of Benbrika's group. The judge asking the jury to deliver the verdicts, even though it is yet to decide the fate of Shane Kent and Amer Haddara,

jurors still deliberating on three charges. Federal investigators had accused the group of planning a terrorist attack on Australian soil. during seven months of evidence, The court told,

that Grand Final day 2005 and Crown Casino during the Grand Prix were possible targets. The case was largely based on secretly recorded phone conversations. Jurors were shown a video of a secret agent teaching 47-year-old Benbrika how to detonate a bomb. His lawyer had argued in court "couldn't lead ants to sugar".

An appeal yet to be decided. I'll speak to him in the next day or so

and he can let me know what he wants to do. But for the lawyers of those who have been set free... How will you celebrate tonight? A well-earned rest. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. Police have been searching a cemetery after the murder of a prostitute whose body was found at a nearby unit in Ashfield. Detectives wouldn't say why they've examined the graveyard for clues. It follows the arrest of 40-year-old Malcolm Robert Potts.

at his Ashfield unit He was taken into custody yesterday where the body of prostitute Emma Jane King was discovered. Today a friend of the woman came to the unit where she died, but was too upset to talk. Potts appeared in court today and was refused bail. A man has been bashed with a gun and a shot's been fired in a home invasion in Sydney's south-west. A man and a woman in their 20s were confronted by two men

at a Canley Heights granny flat. One of the attackers used a shotgun to club the man on the back of the head. A shot was then fired into the loungeroom wall before the two men ran off. The victim has been treated in hospital. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: We're interested in both photos and video.

The inspirational father of raped and murdered Sydney nurse Anita Cobby has died. Garry Lynch and his wife started a homicide victims support group

following the horrifying death of their beauty queen daughter in 1986. She was abducted by a group of men while walking home from Blacktown railway station, her body found two days later in a paddock.

Her father had the task of making the identification. The 90-year-old died at a nursing home in Sydney's west after a long battle with dementia. Hardened prisoners are having their lives turned around by an extraordinary program.

They're helping train pups for the disabled, and authorities are amazed by the effect it's having. Unruly behaviour is nothing new in a prison, so what better place to train a pup?

Good boy. Good boy. The only difference here, the prisoners are the ones left to discipline and care for their 4-legged charges for up to 16 months. You feel responsible for its actions, you know? Sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it? It's all part of a program that prepares the animals for careers as assistance dogs for disabled people. But prison staff find it also has an amazing effect on the inmates.

When they first come, they've all got the bravado and the, you know, "I'm the big hero," and you see these guys melt within hours of taking these dogs on. Well, it makes things better for me. Like, I've been locked up a while, you know, and he just brings you back to civilisation a bit, makes me feel more like a human. Lee is in for armed robbery of the last decade behind bars,

is enjoying giving something back. Bill won't say why he's in his dog stops him dwelling on it. and is just grateful You're always thinking about why you're in jail and the reason for being here and, when the dog comes along, it gives you something else to think about. Someone to look after. Someone to love you too, huh? Well, he's always happy to see me in the morning. Not surprisingly, it doesn't take long before the dogs become best mates with their new minders. In fact, the only sad day in the program is the day the two have to say goodbye. By then, the tales these dogs could tell... Go on, speak! Ten News. Speak, speak, speak! (BARKS) Speak! (BARKS) Quiet! Amber Muir, Ten News. A man's best friend has turned life-saver in the US. Buddy the German shepherd has been trained

to call the American emergency number, 911, when his owner has a seizure. 911 OPERATOR: Do you need police or paramedics?

(DOG WHINES) He doesn't actually sit there and dial 911, but whenever he picks up the phone one of his teeth inevitably hits the number, and if it's held down for more than three seconds it dials the police department. The dog owner's phone number has been flagged in the computer system

so operators know to send an ambulance.

A homely days ago we were talking

about the lowest temperatures in a

decade and now this. Will get this

- Sydney in springtime. We love it.

It was eight above average today.

It was eight above average today.

The north-west wind turned westerly The north-west wind turned westerly

but it could not budge the blue sky

high. The good news is that blue

skies will hang around all week.

Temperatures will be down tomorrow

but by the weekend 28 degrees again

at next Saturday's race. No complaints complaints for us. Next, rescuers put at risk after tens of thousands of Texans ignore Hurricane Ike evacuation orders. And funny business - the comedy shows quick to cash in on the presidential race. What's the difference.. Lipstick. ..between a hockey mom... ..and a pit bull?

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Let's check on the traffic now. Let's check on the traffic now. A

couple of little glitches for people

people escaping the city tonight.

Especially on the Harbour Bridge. There is a bit of There is a bit of traffic from the

Western distributor. Once motorists

pass the North Sydney exit it is a

pretty good run-up to the M2. It is

for the emerging from or the

expressway. They have been no accidents elsewhere.

There's more bad news for our superannuation funds, with America's fourth-largest investment bank, Lehman Brothers, filing for bankruptcy. The collapse sent shock waves through the world's finances. Australian bank stocks were hammered by the news and several local government bodies will lose millions of dollars after investing with Lehmans. A last-minute rescue plan failed to find a buyer

To the BankWest finance report. And with Wall Street spooked,

the Australian share market has taken a battering.

The average price of unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight is $1.50 a litre. Best price - $1.43 at Lewisham, Smithfield and Haberfield. 1 person is dead and 30 are missing after a ferry sank off the coast of Turkey. The ferry was carrying around 150 passengers and more than 100 trucks and cars to Istanbul. It started sinking about 300 metres from the shore. Some drivers were sleeping in their vehicles. The ferry captain told rescuers misplaced cargo probably caused the accident. Emergency workers have rescued more than 2,000 people

who ignored warnings to evacuate before Hurricane Ike hit Texas. The monster storm has already claimed 25 lives and the search for bodies has only just begun.

Emergency workers are going door to door looking for people who thought their homes would keep them safe from Hurricane Ike. Fire department. Anybody home?

Help arrived just in time for this 90-year-old woman. She was found dangerously dehydrated.

Where do you hurt the most right now? My shoulder and both my legs. Another day, and she probably wouldn't have survived. of the tens of thousand of people

She was just one who ignored a mandatory evacuation order to get out before Hurricane Ike hit. The road was dry and then, all of the sudden, a wave just hit me. Next thing I knew, I was hanging on to a tree all night. Those who did get out in time are anxious to get back and see what's survived the storm. The winds and waves were so powerful, boats were dumped on a highway. I predicted this would happen again? one of these days, you know? But what can you do about it? When you own a boat, that's the risk you take. Authorities have urged people to stay away. There's no fresh water and it could be weeks before power is fully restored. The damage bill could exceed $20 billion. We survived Ike. Now we gotta survive the power outage. The eye of the storm missed the area's oil refineries but it's likely they will remain shut for days, putting pressure on petrol prices. The federal government, along with the state governments, will be monitoring very carefully as to whether or not consumers are being mistreated at the pump - in other words, gouged. With only a few stores open, some have decided to leave the area, unsure if they'll ever return.

In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Supporters of US presidential hopeful Barack Obama have donated a record amount of money to boost his campaign. The Democratic candidate raised more than $80 million last month with the help of 500,000 new donors. As the senator put the money to use in television ads attacking his rivals, Republican vice-presidential contender Sarah Palin

also found herself the butt of jokes on late-night TV. I think women everywhere can agree that, no matter your politics,

it's time for a woman to make it to the White House! No, mine! It's supposed to be mine. The real Sarah Palin reportedly found Tina Fey's impersonation quite funny because she once dressed up as the comedian for Halloween.

the Sate's embattled Labor Prty - Kevin Rudd reads the riot act to the State's embattled Labor Prty - that's next. Also, why some public servants endure almost daily abuse.

Does anyone even work here? Can I please speak to a manager? Ignore me - you're the ones that keep stuffing up my pay. And where are they now?

The pantihose strangler and the helpless victim. Oh, my God! It's you. (SCREAMS)

This is a lure. It lures the fish in.

I think it's a wobbegong. To apply, call GE Money on 13 10 24.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - rugby league players have been interviewed by police over a nightclub sex assault. The assault allegedly took place in the toilets of a Brisbane bar on Saturday night.

No charges have been laid, but the allegations temporarily forced a betting freeze on the team in the finals. These pictures are just in from the scene of a plane crash in the Upper Hunter Valley. The pilot, his partner and her 7-year-old son died in the crash. They'd just bought the Cessna and were flying it back to Brisbane. And three former school leaders - a priest and two Christian Brothers - have pleaded not guilty to more than 100 child sex charges. Their lawyer claims they are being subjected to a witch-hunt. The offences allegedly took place at Bathurst's St Stanislaus College during the '70s and '80s. The Prime Minister has read the riot act to the embattled NSW Labor Party. Nathan Rees enjoyed some public support from school students today, but the pain was still fresh from the weekend, when Labor copped a hammering The people of NSW are saying loud and clear to the State Government of NSW that they have a very short time indeed to get their act together. That's my view as well. He's absolutely correct.

My administration is about the future. I think I have shown a decisiveness over the last week

that perhaps has been absent in the past. I think I've demonstrated that. He's expecting further voter backlash at by-elections next month.

Brendan Nelson has branded Kevin Rudd a disgrace for refusing to deliver an immediate boost to pensioners.

But Labor says the embattled Opposition Leader is exploiting pensioners to prop up his leadership. The sound and fury of an Opposition Leader battling to impress his backbench. That is reality for Australia's pensioners - baked beans, jam sandwiches. A reality that failed to convince the Howard cabinet to raise the base rate of the pension when recommended last year by then-minister Mal Brough.

Did you consider then you could live on $273 a week when you voted? No. The Opposition has been mobilising pensioner anger - one backbencher sending out 3,000 taxpayer-funded prepaid protest postcards. Your government is diminished, and you have demeaned our country by not delivery an immediate increase in the single aged-based pension. Disgraceful. Minister Macklin accused the Opposition Leader of a stunt to prop up his leadership. His promised urgent bill to raise pensions, she says, is not even on the notice paper. Using pensioners. How low can any politician go? The Prime Minister is promising a complete overhaul of the pension system next year - there are frantic efforts

to prevent any maverick MP from moving a spill against Dr Nelson. There were also calls today for Peter Costello to take his parliamentary pension early. That clear air will only come when Peter decides to stay or say, "I'm never going to be prime minister." It's kind of like a rolling 3-ring circus between Mr Costello, Mr Turnbull and Dr Nelson. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Government funding cuts are being blamed for an increase in attacks on Centrelink staff. A union survey has found a third of staff have been physically attacked, while 80% say they have witnessed abuse. WOMAN: Do your f---ing job and stop f---ing up my pay! 15 to 20 times a week, the police are having to be called to a Centrelink office But management has disputed the union's claim and says police are only called to each office on average three times a year.

As Ben such a gorgeous start to

spring. Will we have more of this

great weather? All I can see is a

blue sky until Sunday. 28 blue sky until Sunday. 28 degrees was above-average.

A mile a west-south-west change. 33 years ago, it was the cliffhanger that had Australian television viewers spellbound. Who was the pantihose strangler? We'll, we've found them, and a victim, catching up on old times in Adelaide.

Long before we asked, "Who shot JR?" Australian TV had its own big cliffhanger. and 'Number 96' fans were desperate to learn the identity of the pantihose strangler. Oh, my God! It's you! (SCREAMS)

It was a story-line they'd been following for a year and, when Tracy Wilson turned out to be the killer, no-one was more surprised than the actress who played her. It was a shock to find out that I was the pantihose strangler, because talk about not playing it that way at all. Pamela Garrick was really enjoying playing Patti Feather when she got some bad news. And they said, "Oh, look, we're very sorry.

"We're gonna have you murdered." So I sort of walked out of there in a bit of shock. My God! She's dead! That's the way it was back on 'Number 96', the show that kept the Channel Ten switchboards lighting up in the '70s. And 33 years on, as these two meet again for the first time, a new DVD is making them relive the drama. Oh, it's cruel... (LAUGHS) ..because you're watching yourself at 25

and, like, I'm nearly 60. For me it was interesting to watch it, because I had forgotten that we were all size eights and we didn't have any wrinkles. both live in Adelaide, both still in the biz, with Chantal also running the family restaurant business, at number 196. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Sport now with Brad, and the NRL finals not so straightforward. Yes, the New Zealand Warriors have turned it all upside down, and they've arrived home to quite a reception - that shortly. Also, the fresh-faced rookie who's rewritten the Formula 1 record books for the youngest winner.

And on the buses, as an Olympic Gold medallist heads in for the big parade. God! It's heavy, isn't it!

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This program is captioned live. As you may have seen earlier, police have interviewed three Broncos NRL players over an alleged nightclub sex attack in Brisbane. Players who were there say nothing happened, but the allegations temporarily forced a betting freeze on the team's final chances. Meanwhile, the New Zealand Warriors are back home, determined to make the most of their last-minute finals lifeline.

The Broncos trained before a massive media contingent. Hundreds of fans welcomed home the Warriors after their history-making defeat of minor premiers Melbourne.

The Roosters will face the frenzy when they fly in tomorrow. We're heading over there early just to get used to it. That starts tomorrow.

There was no love for the feel-good Warriors in Melbourne. They've slammed the New Zealanders as whingers and say the tactic may have influenced referee Jason Robinson. If they see a penalty should be given, then give a penalty. But I don't think listening to the opposition players cry out for penalties or anything like that

should sway their decisions. The Warriors' last-ditch win gives the Sharks an unexpected week off. The Sharks will play either the Storm or Broncos in the grand final qualifier. We haven't achieved what we want to achieve yet. We knew as a club and now it's time to go on with it. If we sort of get knocked out we won't put this year down as that much of a success. We want to make the grand final. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Swans defender Ted Richards believes veteran Leo Barry should be allowed to play on next season. The Swans today drowning their sorrows after being knocked out of the finals race by the Bulldogs on Friday night. Mad Monday provided the chance for some fun, but the serious business of players' futures

is never far from mind at this time of the year.

Surgery on the playing list might see Leo Barry's career at an end. Would you like to see him play on next year? Oh, yeah, against the Kangaroos last week he was the one that sparked us up. Yeah, we need his experience and leadership. While his team-mates want Barry to play on, coach Paul Roos remains noncommittal about his future. Look, I'm not sure.

Again, that's probably part of the process. I thought he finished off the year really well. We've got to assess, as you said, our whole list. Season 2008 has been the most challenging of Roos's time as a coach - allegations of tanking in the preseason competition, 19 men on the field against the Kangaroos and Barry Hall's suspensions, first by the AFL Tribunal and then the Swans. Peter Everitt announced his retirement on Friday night, Ben Matthews three weeks ago, but Roos is reluctant to make wholesale changes to the team, which has improved on last year. You just don't want to go down the bottom of the ladder just for the sake of it if you don't have to. So there's a lot of thought that'll go into the next two or three weeks is just to make rational decisions rather than emotional decisions. Roos today confirmed their interest in Daniel Kerr from the West Coast Eagles

and Collingwood's Alan Didak, should they come on the market. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Socceroos midfielder Tim Cahill has returned from six months out injured to head home the winning goal in Everton's dramatic 3-2 victory over Stoke. Everton led 2-0 before Stoke drew level in the 63rd minute, courtesy of an own goal, but 14 minutes later Cahill put the Toffees back in front.

COMMENTATOR: Headed in by Tim Cahill. Six months out, back with a goal. And is this not the winner? top half of the Premier League table.

Sebastien Vettel has become the youngest driver to win a Formula 1 race after he finished first in a wet Italian Grand Prix. The German edged out Heikki Kovalainen and Robert Kubica

for the historic victory. At just 21 years of age, Vettel takes over from Fernando Alonso - who won as a 22-year-old -

as Formula 1's youngest-ever winner - and didn't he celebrate? COMMENTATOR: He'll be an absolute rock star at home. For sure, the best day of my life. I mean, these pictures, these emotions, I will never forget. It's unbelievable, it's so much better than you might think. Vettel had already become the youngest driver in Formula 1 history to start from pole and the German held his position to lead the wettest race at Monza for 27 years. Behind him, the conditions took their toll on more experienced drivers, including Giancarlo Fisichella and Australia's Mark Webber. COMMENTATOR: Webber's gone round. He's lost it. He should survive on the tarmac through the exit. Webber did survive only to be run off the track by Lewis Hamilton with five laps remaining - he eventually finished eighth as Vettel claimed his and the Toro Rosso team's maiden victory, He's the youngest ever and that's one of the greatest things I've seen in Grand Prix racing. The lap back to the pits and then the whole podium ceremony was just unbelievable. resulted in plenty of chaos in the 125ccs. Valentino Rossi won the MotoGP from Nicky Hayden and Jorge Lorenzo

in a race cut short because of the heavy rain. I think the worst conditions Also a lot of water on the surface and at the end the bigger problem was the wind.

Rossi now has an 87-point lead over defending champion Casey Stoner, who finished fourth. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Australia's Paralympic swimming sensation Matthew Cowdrey has won his fourth gold medal in Beijing. Cowdrey broke yet another world record in the 50m freestyle for his seventh medal at the Games. On the track, Aussie sprinter Evan O'Hanlon added the 200m cerebal palsy crown to his 100m, with a dominant victory, while countryman Heath Francis won his third gold And our men's wheelchair basketball team

is through to the gold medal game against Canada after defeating Great Britain 67-54. Most of us will never win an Olympic gold medal or be part of a welcome-home parade. For Channel Ten's Leanne West, the next best thing was tagging along with Beijing sailing hero Malcolm Page. Malcolm Page's gold medal got him a seat in the pointy end of the plane home from Beijing, but today he had to settle for something much less glamorous - a big blue Benz to the Olympic welcome-home parade. He even had to pay the fare. I am in a Mercedes and I am getting driven, so this is not so bad. And those on board the bus weren't complaining either. Can I have your autograph, please? Yeah, sure, no worries. A chance to touch an Olympic gold medal.

It's heavy, isn't it? Photographs too. It is really special. It's something you don't expect when you go out there and do your thing. 28 years after he took up sailing as an 8-year-old, the 5-times world champion teamed with Nathan Wilmot to win the Olympic 470 title. You just start out loving something you do when you're a little kid and obviously we all have ambitions and we chip away at them

and sometimes you get to realise your dreams, as Nathan and I have. And right now that dream is never-ending.

For the next week he'll be on parade all over the country. This is also a very special day for Malcolm's family. There's four generations of them here in the crowd and they're making sure they won't be missed. 3-year-old nephew Alexander stood out like a Page family beacon.

Malcolm found his loved ones amid the noise, the streamers and the thousands of well-wishers. Well done, mate! Congratulations. Oh, this is pretty awesome. The feeling is amazing. It's amazing. And that's just what his 87-year-old nan thinks of her grandson, no matter what class he travels. Very proud. I think he's gorgeous and he's a good boy with it.

Leanne West, Ten News. Ahead in Sports Tonight, we'll find out which Swans, if any, made the AFL's All-Australian team.

There were several nominations There were several nominations but to pretend it from

to pretend it from Geelong. Some

problems from a broken down trucker. to pretend it from Geelong. Some problems from a broken down trucker.

It is all happening for the role

reasons at Liverpool. You can

in the middle of the bridge. reasons at Liverpool. You can see in the middle of the bridge. Stay with us - Tim Bailey has the latest on this sparkling spring weather next.

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Time for the weather details. It

another day like this and we won't

be able to handle the sick days. be able to handle the sick days.

Let's take the rest of the week Let's take the rest of the week off.

It might be a Monday but the

barbecue is on. I can smell

barbecues from all Round The place.

The shops are without chops and the

banks are forced max. It is 27

degrees here and we have degrees here and we have completed

out almost four-day strike since

March and there is more on the way.

The wind will change to west-south-

west but it will be sunny and 19

degrees. 22 or 23 degrees on

Thursday and then even at warm-up

on Friday and Saturday before on Friday and Saturday before a late shower on Saturday night.

It did precipitation. Showers

clearing and winds easing over

southern New South Wales and South

Australia. Showers eased over

Tasmania and a Victoria. I late

showers for south-west Western Australia.

showers for south-west Western

Australia. That would be a nice way

to be going home tonight. The

harbour putting on its a best springtime face.

It is absolutely superb. Go and

enjoy your evening. The first

Sunday of next month - daylight saving.

there's a novel new way to help attract the opposite sex. Why not advertise yourself on a billboard for thousands of motorists to see each day? A group of Sydney men and women have decided to take their search for a soul mate to the streets. And if Cupid's arrow strikes you when you see one of the pictured singles, you can make contact through a website. That brings you up to date on the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Our Top 12 has sung for the nation,

but now its over to you, as you decide who stays. In case you missed them, here are those performances again and the numbers you need to vote. # It's a beautiful day don't let it get away...# # ...don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep # cause I'd miss you babe...# # Hey, hey, hey, tell me 'bout it, tell me how you feel

# and if the feeling's real...# # Just walk away Renee, you won't see me follow you...# # Mr Jones and me look into the future... # yeah, we stare at the beautiful women...# # Feelin' alright, yeah, yeah, not feelin' too good myself...#