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Tonight, a quadriplegic, who says

his life is a living hell, wins the

right to have his feeding tube

removed. I am Christian Rossiter

and I'm happy that I won my right

to die.

Overwhelming grief as the first

bodies are brought down from the

Kokoda plane crash.

And home-buyers told to prepare for

a 2% rise in interest rates Exactly

when that begins, you won't be

surprised to hear me remain a

little coy about that. little coy about that.

Hello, I'm Kath Robinson and

welcome to Ten's Late News.

Also tonight - his name is forever

linked with the electric guitar -

now Les Paul is joining the choir.

In a landmark legal decision, a

Perth man has won the right to

choose to starve to death. Quadriplegic Christian Rossiter

can't live without the help of

others, and wants his nursing home

to stop feeding him so he can die.

I am Christian Rossiter and I'm

happy that I won my right to die.

Speaking from his nursing home just

hours after the Supreme Court decision, Christian Rossiter says

he'll now seek medical advice about

the effects of starvation. I want

to end my life, but after I speak

to a medical professional, he could

dissuade me. Suffering spastic

quadriplegia after being hit by a

car, Mr Rossiter can't move, is fed

through a tube and has difficulty

talking. He has repeatedly asked

his carers to stop feeding him.

This morning, it was an arduous

process to get Mr Rossiter to court

- a van transporting him and his

carers from the nursing home to the

city, so he could be present at the

hearing. There, the operators of

his nursing home, Brightwater Care

Group, sought a declaration from

the court about their care

obligations. When Mr Rossiter was

given the opportunity to address

the Court, he told the Chief

Justice he would like to be made

drowsy with painkillers during his

final moments and to watch

television to make the time pass

more quickly. Chief Justice Wayne

Martin took the unusual step of

leaving the bench to be closer to

Mr Rossiter when giving his

decision. He ruled it unlawful for

the nursing home to continue

feeding the 49-year-old against his

wishes, and also said the carers

would not be held criminally

responsible. The whole organisation

has been most concerned for Mr

Rossiter, but also concerned for

our own legal standing and this has

clarified things greatly. He's been

incredibly brave throughout the

whole process- and he has now set

some parameters in WA through which

doctors can now deal. Euthanasia

advocate Philip Nitschke welcomed

the decision, but said starvation

would be a grim process. Other

nations have had the courage to

take this on and do something about

it, but Australia still languishes

back in the dark ages.

Authorities in Papua New Guinea are

confident all the victims of the

Kokoda plane disaster will be

retrieved tomorrow. The first

bodies found at the crash site were

removed today and their remains

taken to Port Moresby. Late News

reporter Max Futcher is in Papua

New Guinea. Clear whether today

meant Australian and Black Hawk meant Australian and Black Hawk

helicopters could excess of the

crash site. The remains of six

victims had been pulled from the

wreckage and returned to the

capital. The same authority says

all going well, the last of the

victims could be returned to ports

-- Port Moresby by task tomorrow.

Today the people of Port Moresby

came out onto the streets and

showed their respects.

A grim procession leaves Port

Moresby airport with the first of

the bodies from the doomed Kokoda

flight. Along much of the short

ride to the funeral home, locals

line the route in their hundreds,

coming to pay their respects. coming to pay their respects.

Relatives of the Papua New Guineans

victims are waiting. They don't

know if these first two bodies are

their loved ones, even so, their

grief overwhelms them. There'll be

more scenes such as this as the

retrieval process continues. Clear

weather has meant helicopters are

now on frequent relay to the remote

crash site. New footage shows the

extent of the destruction, the

impact tore the fuselage apart and scattered wreckage across the

mountain side. The chairman of

Airlines PNG flew in this morning,

correcting reports there were more

than 13 people on board the twin-

Otter. We have no information to

support that allegation. We have

checked all our records, including

the officer who closed the door on

the aircraft. Flights to Kokoda are suspended with the investigation the aircraft. Flights to Kokoda are

suspended with the investigation

ongoing. Everything that is coming

out from us will be the absolute

truth. Those who mourn here will

soon want answers to how their

loved ones were lost. For the nine

Australian victims, this funeral

home will be the first step on

their repatriation to Australia.

For the three locals, this is very

near to journey's end. We are very

sad about the pilot as well. We are

really sad about it. It's a sadness

which has just begun, as Kokoda

once more takes a tragic place in

the Australian psyche.

A Sydney priest has appeared in

court accused of trying to lure a

child for sex over the internet.

Father Robert Fuller was arrested

after a police sting. He's been

stood down from his Liverpool

parish, after police allegedly

tracked him to a meeting with what

he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Police allege Father Robert Fuller

is a sex predator who was caught

before he could molest a child. The before he could molest a child. The

54-year-old parish priest from

Liverpool is facing two serious

charges, grooming a child for sex

over the internet and procuring a

child for sex. He faces 15 years

jail if convicted. Father Fuller

was arrested at Parramatta Park

where police allege he was hoping

to meet a teenage girl he'd

allegedly been communicating with

for three weeks. Instead he was

talking to police from the Sex

Crimes Squad. The clergyman was

attending a meeting with what he

thought was a 13-year-old girl. I'm

glad, as a parent, it was police

waiting there for him and not a 13-

year-old girl. I can only assume

what may have taken place.

Fairfield priest Father Terrence

Bell gave evidence he was shocked

at the allegations but said Fuller

was well regarded. He had served as

parish priest at Liverpool for six

years and lived at the presbytery

next to a Catholic primary school.

Police allege the priest was told

several times the girl was just 13

years old. They claim he performed

a lewd act on a live webcam and a lewd act on a live webcam and

then arranged to meet her for sex.

Police recorded 25 internet

conversations and five web-cam

transmissions in which the priest

allegedly showed his face and his

partly naked body. In a statement

Cardinal George Pell said:

The church is arranging to post

bail of $25,000.

Questions have been raised about the circumstances surrounding the assault case involving rugby

league's Greg Inglis. It's been

reported girlfriend Sally Robinson

has given a statement to police

indicating the Storm star was

apparently coming to her aid at the

time of the alleged incident.

REPORTER: Got anything to say on

this morning's developments? No.

Anything at all? Nothing, sorry.

The NRL poster boy remains

suspended from the Storm and is on

bail, due to front court again

later this month. Police say the

investigation is continuing and the

charges still stand.

A court case is poised to have huge

ramifications for the nation's

gossip magazines. Bec Hewitt's

trying to unmask the unnamed source

of a story that wrongly claimed she

was cheating on husband Lleyton.

Her lawyer calling it grubby

journalism that deserves no

protection from the courts.

Anonymous sources are gossip

magazine regulars, Something the

parents of Lleyton Hewitt know all

too well. I think I'd just like the

truth to come out. They were in the

Supreme Court for the first hearing Supreme Court for the first hearing

of their daughter-in-law's case

against 'New Idea'. Bec Hewitt

wants to sue the magazine and its

unnamed source over an article

published last April. It purported

to reveal details of Mrs Hewitt's

secret life with her other man, a secret life with her other man, secret life with her other man, a personal trainer the magazine

called 'Minder Mark'. Unfortunately

for 'New Idea', Minder Mark is in

fact Mrs Hewitt's brother - Sean

Cartwright. Mrs Hewitt's lawyer

told the court the article's

clearly defamatory because of its

suggestions of an affair. 'New

Idea' has already twice apologised

for the mistake. The latest apology

just this week. But it will not

reveal the anonymous source quoted

in the article. If the judge rules

the magazine has to, it's expected

there'll be implications for all

magazines that run stories of this

type. The magazine insists the

article was in the public interest.

The judge has yet to decide whether

Mrs Hewitt can sue the unnamed

source and learn their identity.

Still to come, the baby joke that's

backfired for a clothing giant.

And the death of a legend - rock

and roll engineer Les Paul dies

aged 94. (ALL YELL) Kids just want to have fun! want all kids to have fun and be active. But you have to be at least five.

This program is captioned live.

Australia has a new top cop. Tony

me guess, a 27-year veteran of the

strain they replace, will place

Mick Keelty next month as AFP

Commissioner. Mr Meacher says he

was to put more officers in the

front line. And also bring up the

skills of our people to where they

need to be for the next decade need to be for the next decade

really to deal with organised crime

and terrorism. He has paid tribute

to his predecessor, say Mick Keelty

has left that they will place in

good shape. A Melbourne man has

been killed in a fiery high-speed

crash after an argument with his

fiancee. Police have called off at

a specific just before the car

ploughed into shops. Careering down

a shopping street at 160 km/h, the

driver Sandy to a power pole, to

that for shopfronts and burst into

flames. If the impact just before

2am, jolt of neighbours awake. One

recorded the whole horror.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene,

but nothing could be done to save

the driver. As it is above the

flames, how ferocious it was and I

have never seen anything like it.

Police had been in pursuit but

claimed they poured out minutes

before the crash. What you do? We

called it off because we want to

protect the public and as a result

this has happened anyway. Is just

an unfortunate incident. The damage

bill is estimated at $500,000 and

some days before the stores reopen.

But also for the deceased person, I

also have to the police, but that

is just how it is. His family said

his behaviour was extremely out of

character. He has a wife and he was

planning to have a family. Family

members say he argued with his

fiancee and he left a loving a

voice message on his fire before

the fatal crash. A baby's T-shirt

with the slogan 'they shake me' has

sparked angry responses from

parents and child welfare groups.

The slogan is on a range of T-

shirts from Cotton On it, which

decided to withdraw them today.

They are meant to be a joke - a

snappy slogan on a T-shirt, but

Cotton on's they tend to be funny

has inspired a rate. They are

making light of shaken baby

syndrome so stop there is nothing

funny about a shirt for a baby that

says 'they shake me'. Shaken baby

syndrome kills babies, it is babies

brain damage. They refuse saw the

funny side. That is quite wrong.

Perez websites were swamped with a

very sponsors, some even that to

boycott the company. This is not

the first time this company has

called off controversy with its

children's T-shirt range. Other

slogans have included sexual innuendo and raised widespread

criticism. Cotton On it has even be

been a target set by global

campaigns. The Bennett to lift

their game and be responsible to

children and show that by

withdrawing the slogan T-shirts.

Lay this afternoon, Cotton On a

buckled and apologised. It said Colin.

The company of this the shaken into

acting. Reserve Bank governor when

Stephen's comments that we should

expect a gradual rise in interest

rates was the main talking point in

financial circles today. What

impact they have on the market's?

Let's find out from, sex Tom

Piotrowski. The Reserve Bank's

governor comments were taken by the

markets in their in their stride.

In the last couple of months, the

news flowed both locally and

overseas has been improving. Only

last night we saw stronger than

expected growth in numbers from

France and Germany, bringing the

year-long recession from those two

European economy is still an end.

If today will say so and a

continuation of good news from the

local reporting season with

companies locally Haddin shares up.

As is good news flow continues,

expectations of the rate rise in

any tenor rather than later had

increased. There is the belief now

that we shall see that first rate

rise in the first quarter of next

year. Not too many surprises. The

mass market impact was in the

currency markets, were the Aussie

dollar raised to was 85 US cents.

It really was their day of consolidation of the stock market

was concerned. At the cost of five

days it has improved by 3.8%. The

industrial stocks really improved

today. The worst-performing Brit to aware the consumer staples.

The man credited with share in the

sound of rock and roll has died, at

94. Les Paul dropped out of school

to join a band and ended up in

Bentinck the electric guitar. It

said that Les Paul could make any

guitar scene. But it is the his

electric invention that has been

revered as the father of modern

sound. I don't believe it entered

my mind that it would be as big as

it is. They has Paul was a

professional musician by the age of

13, after a car crash be reclaimed

his life he convinced his doctor it

is set his shattered arm at a right

angle to keep plane. He did tell

the doctor to please break his arm

inserted in a way that he could

play. The end he set his sights on

improving the hollow it guitar. I

poured plaster of Paris into and it

was better and I knew the way to go

eventually was a solid body to

guitar. In 1949 - 1941, he invented

the guitar and then 10 years later

a his invention was all but it's

the music a call the Les Paul

Guitar. He also invented

multitracking, allowing bans to mix

layers of that of sound. Les Paul

inspired many of Rock's great names

and leap into his 90s, plane to

shows a week. A few have a reason

to get up in the morning and do

something besides go to the

bathroom. The Les Paul Guitar of

complications from pneumonia. He was 94.

Next, a police chase ends up in

tragedy as a stolen car crashes,

exploding in a deadly fireball. And

kicking a habit - what one man is

still in to give up smoking. Introducing the revolutionary Snickers More Nuts system. The first nut sends micropulses to your tastebuds. Nuts two to five neutralise hunger. Now, welcome nuts six to infinity. That's more than a billion. And they were only $35, and guess where I got them from. Huh? Guess. Guess where I got them. Um... Ah.

With two rashers of bacon, you can't walk past a delicious Double Bacon McMuffin for just $2.45. McDonald's new Value Picks menu - Macca's makes it easy. Nothin' stuns me these days, Tony. Nothin'. What's that? small fries, small Coke and a sundae for just $4.95.

This program is captioned live.

A police chase has come to a fiery

end in the US city of Detroit.

After a lengthy pursuit, the stolen

utility crashed into a minivan,

before hitting a powerpole and bursting into flames. Debris

scattered across the road, as

police ran to the flaming car. But

there was nothing they could do for

the driver, who died at the scene.

The woman driving the minivan, was treated at the scene.

A British man has gone to desperate

lengths to give up smoking. To

avoid temptation, Geoff Spice has

turned his back on his life to

spend a month in exile on an uninhabited Scottish island.

For pack-a-day smoker Geoff Spice,

it's a holiday from hell. With

seals instead of cigarettes for

company, the former banker is

spending a month in self-imposed

exile - on an uninhabited and

remote - make that very remote -

Scottish Island. A place even the most resourceful addict can't

scrounge a single smoke. He did it

to save himself and his friends and

family. I'm not going to be the

most cheerful person in the world

when I'm not smoking. I didn't want

to have to have conversations with

other people. I just want to

quietly be miserable, give up

smoking, and then get back to

normal again. Patches and self-help

books weren't enough to stem a 43-

year habit, so to quit his vice he

had to quit his life - for a while

at least. And so far, he's going OK.

Although the blustery fresh air he

hoped would cure him is keeping him

up at night. I was slightly panicky

at 2:00am in the morning, when I

first was here but my tent was OK,

didn't get ripped or blow away by

the wind and I'm still here. So I'm

more confident now about the

situation and the weather, and I

find each day is easier and I'm OK

with it now. Being as OK with not

smoking may take a lot longer.

Luckily, out here, Geoff has plenty

of time on his hands.

An Australian professor has proven

what every tea drinker has always

known - a cuppa is an excellent way

to de-stress. The new study shows the drink significantly lowers

anxiety levels, and promotes calm.

It's not just the drinking of the

tea, I think it's the ritual

associated with it. So taking time

out taking a break and physically

making a tea or having omeone do it

for you, really does have potential

benefits. The research found the

most common response for Brits

feeling tense is to put the kettle on.

Sports Tonight is next with the

tee-totalling Rob Canning and Rob,

Tiger Woods is on top in the year's

final major? He's yet to win a

major this year but is well on his

way, the details coming up, plus

tonight's footy.

We'll have the battle of the birds

as the Hawks and Crows get it on.

In rugby league - the Dogs and Cows face off.

And the F3 Derby - Newcastle versus

the Mariners. Fitting in a big cafe-style brekky with eggs, bacon, sausage, a hash brown, cheese and barbecue sauce is easy with Hungry Jack's new Big Brekky in a Wrap -

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Hello, I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to

Toyota Sports Tonight. We've got a

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news, loads of action!

We'll run through all of tonight's

footy results. We'll start with the

AFL. Head to the NRL. And end up in

the A-League. From there - we'll

get tough with Danny Green, the

V8's, and big news for the Olympics.

Our international segment will

knock you over, because golf's

final major is under way, and guess who's up front?

We'll hit up at the Montreal

masters, and czech out the Czech GP.

It's a fast show. Like a lightning

bolt. Sports Tonight.

AFL first - and Adelaide and

Hawthorn faced off at the MCG tonight. The defending premiers

were looking to keep their finals

hopes alive.

It's been said plenty of times this

season. You do feel it's their last

chance. And that feeling was