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(generated from captions) Sydney's bushfire emergency. But first, remain on high alert Tonight, residents and fire crews after battling 10-metre flames and destroyed cars, trucks and sheds. which threatened homes The heatwave fires flanked the city. a dozen homes could be lost, At Londonderry, there were fears at Mount Kuring-Gai, while north of the city of an industrial complex. fire forced the evacuation knowing there's no way out. A man fights to save his home, in Sydney's west, Residents of Londonderry, it was too late to leave had been told until the danger passed. and were advised to stay indoors Late tonight conditions eased. 15 homes and claimed sheds and cars. At its worst, the bushfire threatened fortunes to those on the frontline. Earlier, a cool change brought mixed swept the flames further east Southerly winds was a welcome help in the battle. but the drop in temperature were sent to help 50 additional firefighters under the punishing conditions. and replace those suffering have been taken to hospital A couple of firefighters of the 43 degree heat suffering from the effects we've had here this afternoon. The area is considered a bushfire emergency

throughout the night. and the fight will go on the night, mopping and patrolling. Fire crews will be here into

relief at Mount Kuring-Gai, The cooler conditions also brought in Sydney's north, helping crews rein in a blaze at the back of a factory complex. which began were evacuated, Workers from 15 factories at risk. but the area is no longer considered are now under way Efforts to attack the fire directly and, subject to further wind changes, to have the burning area controlled authorities are hoping by the morning. aren't known, The causes of both blazes lightning strikes across the State. although there have been Away from the fire front, heatwave temperatures. residents sweltered through the best option and hit the pool. Those who weren't at work took whichever way they could. Everyone else was forced to cool down with the airconditioning on. Try and sit It's too hot to do anything. New South Wales' hottest temperature sparked a full-scale evacuation A discarded cigarette butt today. at the Perth International Airport Thousands of passengers were delayed tried to find the source of smoke while authorities which had filled the terminal.

and delay another hour - Every hour they just come out it's just like a normal plane delay. on board three flights Incoming passengers

for several hours. were left stranded on the tarmac the root of the chaos - Fire crews finally located a cigarette dropped down a drain. smouldering plastic caused by have been jailed Five middle-aged Australians into Indonesia. for illegally flying a plane in Far North Queensland The group from Cape York to the Papua region last September, made the ill-fated trip they could get visas on arrival. mistakenly believing a sight-seeing adventure. It was meant to be two and three years behind bars. They'll spend between The Federal Government is predicting lose their jobs in the next 12 months tens of thousands of Australians will due to the global financial crisis. at its highest in two years Latest job figures put unemployment out of work. with more than 500,000 Australians Mitsubishi just before Christmas. Neville Ruddloff lost his job at it could have been earlier. We thought that actually stayed. but I was one of the lucky ones But now his luck's run out, Australians in the past month. along with more than 1,000 other unemployment is up to 4.5%. Today's job figures show the highest in two years. That's 500,000 people - put off work in December alone. 1,200 Australians have been is that the Australian economy What these figures are telling us from the global financial crisis. is not immune The figures also show have been downgraded more than 40,000 workers

from full-time work to part-time.

end up being temporary jobs. Those part-time jobs The Federal Government is expecting by next year. unemployment to climb to 5.75% tens of thousands of Australians That translates into losing their jobs. the lights are just blinking amber. So far on the job market. We know there's trouble ahead how bad it will be. We don't know

that add several more months It won't show up yet, but I fear the light will go from amber to red. at record lows, And with job advertisements the accumulating unemployment queue. the future looks grim for We stand ready to act further circumstances deteriorate further. should the international

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To the market now - its worst performance of the year. the All Ordinaries recorded

have been seized from a van Molotov cocktails and fuel drums ending in Sydney. after an 80km police pursuit to find the explosive cargo Officers were shocked two men and a woman. after they detained spotted with stolen number plates. The chase started when the van was the police called off the chase When the driver dodged road spikes, but continued to monitor the van at a service station. until it stopped has ended peacefully A bizarre rooftop siege in an exclusive Melbourne suburb. held heavily armed police at bay A semi-naked suspected burglar perched atop a gargoyle on a home. for 2.5 hours, The 31-year-old stripped

he wasn't carrying any weapons. to show police special response units Officers, helicopters, police dogs,

and the fire brigade before negotiators coaxed him down. were all called to the scene He was taken into custody and his welfare's being looked after now. He was taken away for assessment. A wild brawl that left a security guard needing facial surgery has been captured on camera. The guard was set upon by a group of men at Melbourne's Bridie O'Reilly's pub. Staff and patrons who came to his aid were pounded aside. The onslaught only ended when the attackers left the premises. A man and a woman have been questioned. No charges have yet been laid. Calls for Muslim burqas to be banned from shopping centres have been embraced with open arms. A shock-jock says if motorcyclists have to take their helmets off, why shouldn't veiled women? Back on the air at 4BC, offensive or not. We're talking about face coverings. It's the topic that caused a storm after Michael Smith told listeners how the sight of a woman in full burqa frightened his daughter inside a Sydney shopping centre. I found the behaviour of those people to be offensive and, honest to God, if I'd still been a copper I'd consider charging those people with offensive behaviour. That comment drew fire. That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. We live in a free and democratic country - whatever we want to wear. surely we can wear

Just not in the shopping centre, says the Brisbane shock jock who wants burqas banned to protect security at banks and post offices. I'm talking about covering your face - very simple, I'm talking nothing about religion, nothing about race, ethnicity, simply the covering up of your face. It would be easier if that was the law. And for that he's receiving widespread support. If it's a requirement that you've got to take off your motorbike helmet, a requirement for women I don't see why it wouldn't be

to have to remove the veil from the front of their face. Retailers too want the power to refuse entry. Any piece of clothing that anyone in our society would be wearing that could potentially be used to distort their identity, should be able to be removed. Listeners also suggested driving in burqas be banned. The acting Premier says the station should tone down. Look, name-calling doesn't help. 4BC could face losing their licence for breaching the broadcasting code. but only if an official complaint is made. So far, there's hasn't been one. As for Michael Smith... Is it the end of a career shot? ..he has the station's full support.

Emma Dallimore, Ten News. A military boss is in hot water after suggesting the Navy needs hot women in bikinis to attract the right demographic of men. Feminists are outraged, saying it proves a culture of sexual discrimination still exists in the military. It's just a really naive, silly set of statements

and, if somebody's a commander of a submarine, I expect better of them. Politicians say the remarks, contained in a men's magazine, are unacceptable and do not reflect the attitude of the Defence Force. The freelance journalist who wrote the article has apologised saying

the Commander was just responding to his inappropriate questions. There's no shortage of applicants for Queensland's offer of the best job in the world. All walks of life have expressed interest - so many, in fact, the website's struggling to keep up. Oh, my God. I can't believe I'm going to do this. In a Brisbane tattoo parlour, the world's most unusual job application for what's increasingly the world's most sought-after job - Queensland's Hamilton Island is looking for a caretaker - the 6-month stint will involve island-hopping and sunbathing and it comes with the $150,000 paycheck. So now it doesn't matter if I'm snorkelling, swimming, If I'm at work, I'm a permanent advertisement for the islands and the reef. Very clever way of bringing the Barrier Reef and Queensland's tourism destinations to the attention of the world. 2,000 people have already applied and even Outer Mongolia.

A Greek woman's thrown her hat in the ring too, promising to do laundry for everyone in Australia.

How you doing Australia? They've been lucky enough to access the site to apply - the job's so popular, the website is constantly crashing. The ultimate aim of the worldwide job search is to insulate Australia's tourism industry from the global downturn. What we really have to do is protect jobs in the next 12 months, particularly in regional Queensland, and that means coming up with creative, aggressive ways to tell the world we're still here and we're still open for business. Yes, it's a stunt. The job winner has to video-blog their adventures for the rest of the world to see. 11 will make the shortlist to be flown from around the world for interviews. The winner's announced in May. I better get this job. Meg Palmer, Ten News.

After the break, Osama Bin Laden re-emerges with a deadly new demand. Plus the dog fight to save a classic breed.

He's still British and now the bulldog is facing his own battle.

The body of the second Melbourne man

killed in a glacial collapse in New Zealand has been located. Grieving parents Ronnie and Winnie Miranda

made the painful trip home yesterday, forced to leave the body of one of their sons behind. But 22-year-old Akshay Miranda's body was found this afternoon, a week after he and his brother, 24-year-old Ashish were crushed to death at Fox Glacier. The family is now hoping to bury their sons together after autopsies have been completed. There's hope an end to the war in Gaza could be in sight. Hamas has accepted an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire, with Israeli negotiators heading to Cairo to discuss the deal. It comes as the Palestinian death toll passes 1,000. Thick smoke blankets part of Gaza as Israel fires more white phosphorus shells. The Israeli Army is reportedly using these controversial weapons to create smokescreens for its troops. But pieces of burning phosphorus fall to the ground.

They're difficult to put out, and some civilians have been burned. Israel is also using some of the heaviest conventional bombs in its arsenal. Whole buildings have been virtually erased. Districts near the border have been ravaged by ground attacks.

This is the village of Khoza'a after a 24-hour battle between Israeli troops and militants. Really, what happened is unbelievable. I couldn't believe what happened here. It's scenes like these that have prompted the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, who's now in the Middle East, to call once again for a cease-fire. Israeli officials reject the idea that international pressure for a cease-fire could force them to wind down the operation.

"No-one should stand here with a stopwatch "or put a pistol to our head," one official was quoted as saying. But the truth is there is international pressure, and it's building. Israel has now announced that more elite troops have been sent into Gaza. This lopsided conflict has now caused more than 1,000 Palestinian deaths. And still there is no agreement on how to end it. Julian Manyon, Ten News. And Osama Bin Laden has re-emerged, calling on Muslims to launch a holy war against Israel. The al-Qaeda leader has released a new audio message, promising to open up new fronts against the West beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.

The man whose name will be forever linked with that of George Bush took his parting shot not with a terrorist attack but an audiotape.

Breaking an 8-month silence, Osama bin Laden also warned the incoming president he has inherited a war he cannot win without making the economic crisis worse. He's trying to take a victory lap here. Does he deserve to take a victory lap? Yes and no. has taken some serious hits. In some ways, his organisation But, at the same time, it's survived in the face of a massive US onslaught and in some parts of the world, especially Pakistan, it's grown stronger. The Pentagon keeps commandoes on constant alert in Afghanistan, waiting for a tip on bin Laden's whereabouts, but has not has a good shot at him

since he was cornered in the Tora Bora mountains in December of 2001. Daniel Byman, of Georgetown University, says bin Laden himself seems surprised to be alive.

From his point of view, there's an expectation of martyrdom that could come any day now, and he must see his survival as a sign of divine favour. And he remains, in everybody's eyes, the number one threat to the United States. Actor Ricardo Montalban has died at the age of 88. He rose to stardom in flashy MGM musicals and then hit the small screen as Mr Rourke on the hit series 'Fantasy Island'. Montalban's character presided over a tropical island resort where guests were able to fulfil their life dreams, but at a cost. He died at his home overnight. The cause was not been revealed. Apple founder Steve Jobs has been forced to take extended sick leave. In an email to employees, the Mac chief executive said he'll be off work until June

because his health problems are more complex than originally thought. Earlier this month, Mr Jobs announced he was being treated for a hormone imbalance which had caused dramatic weight loss. Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook, will take over the day-to-day running of the company. Tennis fans are being put on notice, with extra police to patrol crowds at next week's Australian Open. Bad behaviour could see troublemakers served with 24 hour bans and costly fines. The two Andys - Murray and Roddick - tested out the surface at Melbourne Park this afternoon, the cool weather a welcome surprise in an Australian summer. that has police concerned. But it's action off-court If people misbehave it's most likely they'll find themselves on the outside of the arena with a $227 ticket in their pocket. Police used capsicum spray on unruly fans last year. Organisers are keen to avoid similar ugly scenes. It's our goal every year not to have any, and if we are in a situation where there is an incident, it will be dealt with immediately. Every officer will carry new capsicum foam, replacing spray canisters. The effects are exactly the same. The only difference is that with the foam

you're able to target particular people more accurately. at the cricket, After this week's laser incident tennis security staff will be watching for the dangerous devices. And anyone leading a Mexican Wave could be banned. A man caught upskirting, and a racial brawl and a child sex attack

in the past two years have dented the image of the 104-year-old championships. With Middle Eastern and Asian nations interested in hosting a Grand Slam event, tournament organisers say it's vital its safe, fan-friendly reputation

the Australian Open maintains if the event is to remain in Melbourne. We are known as the players' Slam - we're known as the players' favourite place to play and you ask the players, "Why is that?" Well, because of the friendly environment and enjoy the tennis. Ben Lewis, Ten News. Sports Tonight with Adam Hawse is next, and Adam, Lleyton Hewitt out of the Sydney International?

Yes Belinda, but he didn't go down without a fight.

Hewitt showing he's not far off his best in a tight tussle with David Nalbandian. We'll have more next and plenty more. Michael Clarke cleared to face the Proteas. The Scud in action at the World Tennis Challenge. And the San Antonio Spur who stood up the NBA's MVP. was the breakfast of champions How good is this?! A flame-grilled sausage, bacon, egg and cheese wrap...toasted! Plus a real cappuccino made from freshly ground espresso beans, with all that fluffy chocolatey stuff. Ooh! I feel like I'm part of the in-crowd. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's.

This program is captioned live. Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Australian batsman Michael Clarke has been passed fit for tomorrow's opening one-day clash against South Africa at the MCG.

But the vice-captain's good news is bad news for young gun David Warner - he's been cut from the squad. A bandaid was the only telltale sign of Michael Clarke's sore right thumb.

In the privacy of the indoor nets at the MCG, the Australian vice-captain padded up to a bowling machine, a fitness test lasting exactly half an hour, with the team physio and doctor. before deliberations

And he was given the all clear to advance outside. How is it, Clarkey? It's going OK, thanks. From there, the bandage was reapplied. And, with the skipper and his selectors watching on, the 27-year-old proved he was good to go. Completed all his training well today. He's still got a bit of discomfort in his thumb but he's had that from the start of the Perth Test match and got through really well - good signs for us that he's fit for selection. Good news for Clarke is bad news for young gun David Warner. He's been cut, to return to domestic duties. When told, it proved music to the ears of the South Africans.

He's obviously a dangerous player - we saw that at the MCG last week, but Australia have got quite an established one-day team. Brad Haddin returns to keep wicket. Nathan Hauritz is Australia's likely twelfth man. Ricky Ponting is happy to pour the acid on the visitors. After a long tour, he says they've lost their way without injured skipper Graeme Smith. Yeah, I think we did notice that, even probably more so at the end of the game than the other night

when there seemed to be three or four skippers out on the ground, up in Birsbane the other night, trying to run and control things. If we win tomorrow night we're 1-0 up. As a sign of the times, just 45,000 are expected for game one of a tournament that will find it tough to top a Test and 20-over series. I'm confident that both Twenty20 and 50-over cricket will survive together. I've got no doubt about that. Roger Federer has continued his unbeaten run at the Kooyong Classic, but only just. After a great start, the world number two was less than convincing against Fernando Verdasco. He's no longer number 1 in the world, but Roger Federer remains an imposing figure. early on against a nervous Fernando Verdasco. COMMENTATOR: Gee whiz, how confident does Federer look? Federer cruised through the first set 6-3, but the young Spaniard bounced back in the second. to reverse the scoreline in the deciding set, The tight tussle continued in a tie-break. Federer eventually clinching it Down the middle with the ace. to the final. And Federer goes through and get used to the court. It's good to be out there at this stage. Long matches don't bother me After yesterday's disappointing loss, was looking for a return to form. crowd favourite Marcos Baghdatis win over Ivan Ljubicic. And he got it with a straight sets for Marcos Baghdatis. A confident way to finish Nathan Templeton for Sports Tonight. Federer given a fright, of the tournament in three sets. but claimed his second match with a straight-sets win, Bagdatis back in form swept aside Carlos Moya. while Marin Cilic of the Sydney International. Lleyton Hewitt has been knocked out 7-6, 7-5 by David Nalbandian, The Australian number one defeated in a rain-interrupted quarterfinal. Elena Dementieva also ended Serena Williams' tournament in straight sets.

COMMENTATOR: Game, set and match, Dementieva. first Sydney International final. The Russian advancing through to her She'll meet compatriot Dinara Safina Beijing Olympic final. in a replay of last year's

Hewitt says, despite his loss, for the Australian Open is on track. his preparation I am as ready as I think I thought I would ever be coming into this situation. knew what to expect, You never really especially before the Hopman Cup, after having so many months out. going in there and next week. This is where it starts now

And for a stroll down Memory Lane, have played a rematch Pat Cash and Mats Vilander

of the 1988 Australian Open final. World Tennis Challenge, Playing in the veterans class and won in straight sets. Cash donned his trademark headband We're great mates. I don't take it as a win. or anything, And it's not like I got revenge

although, I did, didn't I? A little bit. and Frenchman Henre Leconte Meanwhile, American Jim Courier fought out an entertaining battle. went to a super match tie-break, At one set all, the match where Courier took the honours 10-7. been forced to reprimand Tennis Australia has once again of rising star Bernard Tomich. the volatile father to walk off court mid-match, A month after he instructed his son a stinging attack John Tomich has now launched Roger Rasheed. on Lleyton Hewitt's former coach We have spoken to him if there's issues in anything, and we've told him that in a different way. then deal with it tumble from number two in the world Tomic blamed Rasheed for Hewitt's to number 60. Gael Monfils should be very careful. He thinks his new charge displayed the devastating power Lance Armstrong today seven times. that won him the Tour de France

Armstrong blitzed team-mates during an afternoon ride The veteran made light work of for his comeback ride. as he ramped up preparations on each stage of next week's race Armstrong has been testing himself is the toughest grind of all. and Willunga Hill for the team-mates, yeah. It's not a surprise to me - I mean, when you look at that, they must have a bit of an inferiority complex,

but there's nothing you can do.

off peak fitness. Armstrong insists he's still 10% any favours in his comeback race. And Armstrong won't be receiving one of his former cycling team-mates In fact, is busy plotting his downfall. George Hincapie played a pivitol role Tour de France victories. in all seven of Lance Armstrong's against his good mate. Now he's racing

Very strange, very odd for me. We have a lot of history together, we're both professionals but at the same time so we'll do the best we can at that. and we have a job to do is loaded with talent. Hincapie's team Columbia Andre Greipel Last year's Tour Down Under winner is one of four powerhouse sprinters, Australia's Mark Renshaw. including new addition, form to go for the win, Everyone's probably in good enough I get a chance during the week but hopefully but hopefully I get a chance. and if not, we'll go with Andre, The only thing is the domestics work for the team. who's going to be doing from Credit Agricole, Renshaw joins Columbia after a rider tested positive which was disbanded during last year's Tour de France. of several drug scandals That was just one to once again stain the event. of cycling's premier challenge Many riders believe the future is now at stake. coming to the end of its chances. I mean, cycling is probably

Desperate to deter cheats, the maximum ban to four years. authorities have doubled four riders get tested each day. During the Tour Down Under, So far, the event is drug-free. I still believe that cycling does

and tests their athletes more than any other sport in anti-doping effort. Nicki Barnet for Sports Tonight. the biggest victory of his career, Just five days after celebrating Jason Holder Magic Millions winning jockey in an induced coma. lies in a Brisbane Hospital is described as serious but stable Holder's condition Oscar the Great after a fall involving his mount at Brisbane's Eagle Farm. The 32-year-old lost consciousness injury to the back of his head, and was treated on track for an before being taken to hospital. Last Saturday, Holder won the Magic Millions

aboard 100-1 outsider Phelan Ready. Melbourne veteran James McDonald has been handed one of AFL's most daunting tasks. He's been named captain out of the cellar. as the Demons try to work their way more than a decade ago From a rookie list risk to captain of the oldest club, for James McDonald. it's been a long journey Robbie Flower, Norm Smith, Ron Barassi, Todd Viney and David Neitz - then I was captained by Gary Lyon,

huge honour and I am very proud. amongst his team-mates, He's incredibly well respected to the extend where you can hear a pin drop. when James talks, McDonald filled the role early last season. after the retirement of David Neitz in his own right, Now entrusted with it he has the unenviable task head to new heights. of helping the Demons they want results, Members and supporters,

but it does take a bit of time. there's no doubt about that. Last year I think we hit the bottom, The cash-strapped club is still without a major sponsor for the 2009 season. The new skipper aware on-field success is a key to financial gain. I don't think the whole pressure should be put on the playing group to the football club but we have to play a part in that. The 2008 wooden-spooners began preseason training in early October. That hard work to be put to the ultimate test

when they begin their NAB Cup campaign against reigning premiers Hawthorn in 37 days. Roger Oldridge for Sports Tonight. The St George Dragons have returned to their spiritual home - a redeveloped Jubilee Oval. The main grandstand is still under construction, but, so far, the former Broncos mentor likes what he sees. The facilities they've now made available, it's certainly matching all the major grounds in the country. That's what the fans are looking for. Hopefully we can produce some things on the football field for them too and make it a great day out. The Dragons will play six games at Kogarah and six in Wollongong. Sydney FC is searching for two of their own fans after they attacked midfielder Robbie Middleby following Sunday's A-League win over Wellington. The men, who were wearing scarves around their faces, approached Middleby and his wife in the Sydney Football Stadium car park, apparently upset with his decision to join a rival club next season. Approached me and started throwing punches, saying disappointed that I'm leaving to go to North Queensland. If caught, the attackers will face life bans from the club and possible legal action. Manchester United has moved closer to the top of the Premier League table with a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Wigan. The Red Devils now just two points behind Liverpool with a game in hand. The night began with yet another honour Cristiano Ronaldo. for Manchester United's

The Premier League's first World Player of the Year. COMMENTATOR: Best club side in the world the best player in the world among their number. The north-west derby against over-achieving Wigan loomed as a danger game for the Red Devils but Ronaldo took just 51 seconds to stamp his authority on the match. And Manchester United have not taken long to pick up where they left off. And Ronaldo, and Rooney strokes it home. Wayne Rooney with his fifth league goal of the season but just six minutes later, he limped off with a hamstring injury which will keep him sidelined His replacement, Carlos Tevez, should have doubled the lead midway through the first half. Has he taken it too far? He has. That is an enormous let-off. It mattered little. United completing 14 hours of Premier League football

without conceding a goal and moving to within one win of Liverpool's top spot with a game in hand. Nathan Templeton for Sports Tonight. One of the all-time great finishes today between the Lakers and Spurs. A third-quarter buzzer-beater by Manu Ginobili caused a Kobe Bryant tantrum, but that was just the beginning of the drama. As he does so often, Bryant stood up in the clutch, this 3-point bomb looking to have wrapped up the match. But very next play, Spurs guard Roger Mason sent up a prayer. COMMENTATOR: And he makes the shot - wow! Mason went on to nail the ensuing free throw, closing out an absolute thriller. See ya. MAN: Need a cab, sir?

No, I'm right, thanks. Cheers. SONG: # I wasn't doin' nothin'... # Catch you, Johnny. (Laughs)

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When asked to try it again, Alabama teen Jake Lee almost did it again. But even if he does it just once in his life, this match-winning miracle wins Jake our Play of the Day.

How popular would he have been

How popular would he have been at

school? Absolutely. Joe will freed

some there is in doubt for the

Australian Open stop he has a back injury. The weather.

Cloud crossing the south-east with a front is bringing virtually no rain. Patchy cloud over New South Wales in a trough is causing the odd shower and storm. in a weakening trough Cloud across northern Australia is generating showers and storms, and the far northern tropics. mainly in central Queensland will generate hot northerlies A trough

and northern New South Wales in southern Queensland but just a few storms. trough will affect New South Wales Cooler southerly winds behind the and the south-east but only bring a few showers

to the coasts. A high will keep South Australia dry. for Western Australia. Hot northeasterlies Brisbane - mostly sunny and 34. So tomorrow,Cairns is heading for 31. 27 is the forecast high. Sydney will cool down significantly. Windy with showers in Melbourne. Sunshine for Canberra. but a top of just 17 there. The same for Hobart, Perth sunny and 40. Adelaide - sunny and 27. And 38 for Alice Springs. 32 for Darwin. over the famous British bulldog. A dog fight's been unleashed Breeders are fighting calls to slim down the portly breed, playing down concerns about the dogs' breathing problems and ballooning body shape. For centuries, the bulldog has been a symbol of the nation. He's still British and best. (NEWSREEL)

its own battle. Now the bulldog is facing or I could become ill - You could become ill you can become ill. there's nothing wrong with the fact between becoming ill naturally There's a difference because of the way you're bred. and become ill of the fact that they've become ill Yes, but I've got no examples because of the way they're bred. by the Kennel Club A shake-up of breeding regulations they will effectively cease to exist. means skin and breathing problems The breed are prone to and have to be born by caesarean section

and slim hips. because of their large head The new Kennel Club rules original form, found in the 1800s, will lead to the bulldog's an almost unrecognisable leaner body and protruding nose. These bulldogs will be happier, healthier and, as an iconic British breed, really showing the future of British breeding. The breeders argue the loss of this iconic dog is going too far. They plan to fight the decision with British bulldog spirit.

Chris Rogers, Ten News. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00. From the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Belinda Heggen. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions