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(generated from captions) in a head-to-head battle and one group will find themselves

and their dominant male, Hannibal. with the Commandos (Meerkats chatter) Next time on Meerkat Manor, the hunt for scarce resources on a collision course, puts three rival groups the Commandos make a vicious raid. and tragedy strikes when Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. welcome to Ten News. Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling, for mums on Mother's Day - Tonight - a win for the first time in 30 years. paid maternity leave and respect for women. This is all about dignity for Australian passengers The desperate hunt who may have contracted swine flu. as an orang-utan escapes. And a zoo goes into lockdown and throwing them Breaking branches off trees and going a bit crazy. But first tonight, for thousands of Australians a maternity leave win from the Federal Budget. just days out The Government has promised

at the minimum wage 18 weeks paid leave for low- to middle-income earners. It will be introduced in 2011, should be up and running Taxpayer-funded paid parental leave in just over 18 months. (HORN BLOWS) Tuesday's Federal Budget It'll be part of and will be limited to families earns no more than $150,000. where the primary carer to low- and middle-income families, This will be of particular benefit to low- and middle-income mums. Should have been done years ago. $260 million annually, It's expected to cost the Government work full- and part-time or casual. and will be available to women who Paid maternity leave by women right across Australia. after 30 years of campaigning but who's going to pay for it? Great policy, The Baby Bonus will stay,

but mums will have to choose stay-at-home mums We will continue to support or paid parental leave. between the cash payment

or paid parental leave. between the cash payment stay-at-home mums We will continue to support with the Baby Bonus, and Family Tax Benefit Part B. with Family Tax Benefit Part A The Opposition believes will remove the incentive publically-funded parental leave to introduce or continue with for big businesses their own maternity leave schemes. that the Rudd Government, Because now they know with taxpayers' money, they don't need to do anything. is going to step into the breach, The new national scheme is due to start on January 1, 2011. It provide 18 weeks leave of $543.78 per week. paid at the minimum wage Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

one-hour budget edition And we'll have a special of the Late News on Tuesday night. Paul Bongiorno will be interviewing the Treasurer. a question, If you would like to ask Wayne Swan and follow the links. go to our website have raised serious concerns Anti-abortion groups about a home kit which can determine the sex of a baby just eight weeks into pregnancy. can be purchased over the counter. The controversial test After birthing two boys, the sex of her third child. Jane Davis couldn't wait to find out And with a world-first home kit, she was able to welcome baby Nina within weeks.

and very exciting It was really fun all our friends and family. and nice to be able to tell over the internet. Jane bought the IntelliGender test

But from today it will be available over the counter at pharmacies across Australia. that's done at home. A simple urine kit clear result - boy or girl result - It takes about 10 minutes to get a and it's about 90% effective. is usually the only chance A routine 18- to 20-week ultrasound

of an unborn baby to determine the sex can still be left disappointed. but parents-to-be what the zincographer has told them Where they're not confident with and they couldn't find the sex. or the baby was facing the wrong way Even having to wait till 19 weeks - to wait. it seemed like an awfully long time in America for three years IntelliGender has been on the market and millions of tests have been sold. But the test does have its critics - it it's not scientifically sound some doctors claim are concerned while anti-abortion and family groups

it could lead to gender selection. It can encourage parents about terminating pregnancies early, to make decisions based on gender, and that's not helpful to children. trust the test won't be misused. But mothers like Jane I think babies are precious. I can't imagine it -

Hermione Kitson, Ten News.

to test passengers Authorities are desperate

who shared a Qantas flight with the woman first confirmed swine flu case. who's become Australia's complete privacy, While she's maintaining health experts are appealing

from L.A. to come forward. for others who arrived in Brisbane confirmed swine flu case Three days ago, Australia's first But if these passengers were worried, area of Brisbane airport. walked through this same arrivals

area of Brisbane airport.

But if these passengers were worried, their best poker faces. they were wearing A little bit - but it didn't really worry me, no. it's been on the news a lot, in New Zealand. No, because we've got far more personnel and in-bound flight crews. Not as relaxed - border security who had one of the masks on And they came and talked to somebody

sitting on a plane all this time and I thought, "Oh my God, I've been who might have had swine flu." "with somebody than maybe we need to be. It makes you more scared The 28-year-old woman from NSW who returned the positive for swine flu is keeping low. on the same Qantas flight from LA 19 other travellers for health assessments. were being sought and 10 have so far been contacted. 12 are from Queensland The 7 other travellers are from interstate, but it's still unclear or checked for swine flu symptoms. how many of those have been located is a distinct lack of passengers And what we are noticing now the preventative surgical masks now wearing compared to a fortnight ago. Australian health authorities say if our first swine flu case was tested

as she left Los Angeles airport, she'd still be State-side. Departure testing is quite difficult and when you get to that stage,

you would be actually closing the borders. And tourism operators here are now worried the first swine flu case could ruin their bottom line. But I think this is something that's affecting worldwide tourism - anything that's effecting people's confidence is of great concern. Overseas, the toll from swine flu has now topped 50, with a third death now confirmed in the US. Tim Collits, Ten News. Hundreds of zoo-goers were evacuated today after a wily orang-utan broke out of her enclosure. The ape, with the intelligence of a 5-year-old, outsmarted staff by short-circuiting perimeter wires. A member of the public saw 27-year-old Karta plot her great escape. Breaking branches off trees and throwing them and going a bit crazy. The 62-kilo ape short-circuited wires by twisting them with a stick, then built a ladder out of branches. She then climbed a tree within the enclosure fence, but just metres from the public. She's an ingenious animal. We've had issues with her before in normal day-to-day operations where she tries to outsmart the keepers and she will watch and focus on what we're doing. Keepers say she's not aggressive, but the grounds were evacuated.

It was scary because I didn't know what animal it was - could have been a lion - could have been a meerkat. After an hour of freedom, Karta returned of her own accord. She was worried.

It's almost like she's that intelligent she realised she did something wrong and, "I'm gonna get told off "so I'm going to climb into my home really quick," and she's actually sitting in her enclosure looking guilty that she's caused such a ruckus. Vets and zoo staff prepared for the worst with tranquilliser guns on stand-by. It was a last resort, given she was at the top of a tree, but thankfully that plan wasn't necessary. Frustrated zoo-goers waited two hours, only to be refunded and turned away. I decided to bring the little one for her first visit to the zoo - it's memorable. Handlers believe her behaviour wasn't related to the recent death of long-time partner Pusung. Her natural habitat will be reviewed. I don't think that we feel the least bit foolish, but we'll certainly going in and pruning a bit. Brett Clappis, Ten News. A young kangaroo is expected to make a full recovery from a shocking arrow attack. A warning - these pictures are confronting. The young male eastern grey kangaroo was found yesterday with a metre-long arrow through its head. Wildlife Victoria volunteers captured the roo

and took it to the Melbourne zoo where the arrow was extracted. Despite the nasty wound, the kangaroo escaped serious injury. A $10,000 reward has been offered to anyone with information that leads to a prosecution. Sharks are once again causing problems

off the West Australian coast, with two close calls for local fisherman. Three men in a boat took video on a mobile phone of a white pointer as it circled their boat for three hours. In a separate incident nearby, a fisherman came face to face with a 4.5m great white after falling overboard. The shark circled the 35-year-old several times before leaving him alone. The encounter was just a few kilometres from where a scuba diver was taken by a shark last December. Fashion bad boy Wayne Cooper is back with the de facto he assaulted. Dodgy contractors exposed in a building industry crackdown, that's next. And the Black Saturday baby bringing Mother's Day joy. He virtually came out of the ashes, he's here in the ashes.

(ITALIAN MUSIC) The trouble with the food and drink you love

is that it can come back and hurt you as heartburn or reflux.

But now you can ask your pharmacist for sustained relief that can last for weeks, and make heartburn a distant memory.

This program is captioned live. A crackdown on the home building industry has uncovered an alarming number of dodgy contractors.

It's come too late for one family, whose unlicensed builder skipped the country with $70,000 of their cash. Breaking in was the only way George Zagas and his wife Kathie could get back into their own property. The keys disappeared six months ago, along with their builder, Justin Zappacosta. The couple paid him $70,000 up front to renovate an old family shop front. They were left with nothing but a concrete slab. He took off with the money and so now I'm left with nothing. If interest rates go up I'm gonna have no choice - I'm gonna have to sell. To make matters worse, the builder had been unlicensed, which means Kathie and George Zagas cannot lodge an insurance claim. Oh, conned. He was a friend of a friend so I trusted that he'd do the best by us and he didn't do it. For Kathie and George to get back their $70,000, Mr Zappacosta must return to Australia. Even then, they'd need to have the dodgy builder declared bankrupt, a very costly legal battle in the courts. A recent blitz at Campbelltown in Sydney's southwest uncovered 42 unlicensed traders or companies in just the one suburb. Dodgy tradespeople - if you can call them that - but they are they are just trying to make a quick buck at the expense of consumers out there. Please check the license of any builder who comes to do work for you. Make sure they have the appropriate qualifications. Authorities want to introduce national laws to ensure any shonky builder who flees across a state border can be traced and stopped before other homeowners are ripped off. James Boyce, Ten News. More than 30,000 people have been allowed to return to their homes in California after a change in the weather brought relief to firefighters. A blanket of cool, moist air from the Pacific Ocean helped tame a massive bushfire near Santa Barbara, which has destroyed more than 80 homes. The community just pulls together right now and hopes for the best, and we got a break on this weather. Fire crews and helicopters are still dropping water on hot spots to stop the fire from flaring up again. Barack Obama has poked fun at himself - and his rivals - at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington. The US President assured the audience of journalists and celebrities that he'd patched up his relationship with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. We had been rivals during the campaign,

but these days we could not be closer. In fact, the second she got back from Mexico, she pulled me into a hug and gave me a big kiss. Mr Obama said his next 100 days in office would be so successful

he'd be able to complete them in 72. 42 kilometres is a long way to walk for anyone, and for a British soldier left paralysed in Iraq,

completing a marathon seemed like an impossible dream. But earlier today, on crutches and in constant pain, Major Phil Packer crossed the finish line two weeks after he started the London Marathon. Constantly trying to prove that, with a disability, I can still do things. I still have a future, wherever that future might be.

The 36-year-old has so far raised more than $1.3 million for injured soldiers. Next month he's planning to climb a 900m vertical rock face in America. Across Australia, thousands used Mother's Day as an opportunity to get outdoors and raise money for charity. The National Breast Cancer Foundation hosted walks at 26 locations across the country. In Canberra, one of our most famous mothers, the Governor-General, participated for Breast Cancer Research. In Melbourne, 5,000 participants walked in cool but clear conditions to St Kilda Road. But Sydney's mums weren't so lucky - it rained during their walk. Still, the event was a huge success, with a record 9,000 women taking part. And in Brisbane, the Mater Mothers Hospital received a $1 million cheque from Golden Casket to fund research projects relating to mums and their babies. A baby born out of the Black Saturday fires has given his mum an extra special Mother's Day. At just three months,

little Phoenix has become a symbol of hope to his family and Victoria's fire-ravaged town of Kinglake. Mother of two Bec Skepper doesn't need flowers or breakfast in bed to feel special today. We had planned to get up early, myself and Zander, and make Mum breakfast, but we slept in a little bit. Thankfully, just being surrounded by loved ones and new baby Phoenix is all she wants. Don't hide your face! Three months ago the family escaped the Black Saturday inferno as Bec went into labour. We left to go down to the hospital and found out once we got down to the bottom of the mountain that it was sort of on fire. But he didn't arrive for another seven days, a tense time

as the fire's devastation was only just being realised. The Maceks had no idea if their home still stood

and if friends and neighbours survived. But immense sorrow was replaced with the joy of Phoenix, who was to be called Cooper, but instead was named

after the mythical bird that can be reborn from its ashes. He virtually come out of the ashes - he's here.

It was really exciting knowing I was having a new brother and it changed my whole life. He's not only brought joy to the Maceks, but an entire town moving on with their lives. And we've become a family, after the fire, and just for him to come back was a really good distraction for everybody. And while breakfast has been long forgiven, tonight the family will celebrate Mother's Day with a roast. Elisa Throwden, Ten News. All the sports news is next. Stay with us here on Ten.

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(SPEAKS SOFTLY) Nanny. There she is. That's Nanny holding me. Yes, your Nanny holding you. That's right. (BOTH CONTINUE TALKING SOFTLY) (DOOR OPENS) That's right, that's right. (GASPS) Who's home? Who's home? Nanny! (SQUEALS WITH DELIGHT) How was it, Mum?

No-one looks forward to a mammogram, but while they can be uncomfortable, finding and treating breast cancer before it spreads gives you your best chance of being around for those who need you.

If you're 50 or over, call BreastScreen today: Take the elivae 14-day challenge and feel the difference for yourself. or we'll give you your money back. Yoplait elivae. Feel the difference. This program is captioned live. Hi, I'm Adam Hawse, welcome to sport. The Newcastle Knights have held off a late surge from the Gold Coast to score a controversial win this afternoon. The Titans were fuming after they had a try disallowed with just 90 seconds left on the clock. It was expected four versus five would be an arm wrestle on a heavy Newcastle surface. And it was the visitor's first to flex their muscles. COMMENTATOR: Walker down the touchline - the pace of Chris Walker got him home! The Knights hit back almost immediately. Houston straight and hard and straight under the posts! No problem for Houston, but Test star Anthony Laffranchi will have some sleepless nights ahead after using the forearm. UMPIRE: You make a tackle, I don't want you coming down with your arm, alright? It's on report. Further Titans ill-discipline handed the Knights good field position and they capitalised. COMMENTATOR: He steps inside Campbell and the Knights have woken up! When Taia crossed six minutes later it threatened to be a blow-out. Titans skipper Luke Bailey put a stop to that. Bailey straight and hard. Did he get it down?

He did. The Gold Coast then went back to back right on half-time. Gordon for the corner - he reaches out and gets there!

Isaac De Gois put a big hit on Walker. Walker put a big forearm on De Gois and put himself on report. Newcastle kicked six clear when James McManus won the race to the ball. They made it seven with a Jarrod Mullen field goal. A Scott Prince penalty brought the Titans back within striking range. And when Zillman crossed at the death they thought they'd pinched it. But Prince was penalised for taking out the marker, the Knights home in a thriller. Rob Hazel, Ten News. Jamie Lyon has scored a hat-trick in Manly's stunning 22-20 comeback win over Brisbane this afternoon. The Broncos raced out to a 16-0 lead, Joel Clinton the unlikely man on the spot to chase through an Israel Folau grubber. COMMENTATOR: And I think Joel Clinton has scored! But Lyon led a miraculous revival,

finishing with a personal haul of 18 points.

And what a 24 hours for Johnathan Thurston - He's backed up from Friday's Test to lead the Cowboys to a 24-20 win over St George Illawarra. COMMENTATOR: He grabbed a double last night, and the first one of the game here for the Cowboys. Thurston scoring 20 of North Queensland's 24 points, while Brett Morris scored four tries but still ended up on the losing side. New South Wales has kept its slim Super 14 semifinal hopes alive with their second straight win in South Africa. The Waratahs defeated the Sharks, 16-12, in Durban leaving them 1 point adrift of the top four. The Brumbies are also a chance of making the playoffs.

A bonus point 37-15 victory over the Blues

leaves them in joint fourth position. Matthew Hayden has narrowly won bragging rights over former team-mate Shane Warne, with Hayden's Super Kings beating the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL overnight. Hayden struck an impressive 48 to lead Chennai to a 7-wicket win. But Warne had the last laugh, dismissing Hayden off a wide. It's always fun, thought, playing an ex-team-mate because you know there're sheep stations on it - just that one scalp there and it turns that beer very sour. I must admit, it's always good to get one up on the King. In the other match overnight, Brett Lee hit the winning runs as the Kings XI beat the Deccan Chargers by three wickets. Formula One championship leader Jenson Button has clinched his third pole position of the season, with a last-minute hot lap during qualifying for tomorrow's Spanish Grand Prix. COMMENTATOR: Is this going to be good enough? The odds are his. Yes it is! Jensen Button has done it! Amazing! Red Bull's Sebastian Vettle was second fastest with Button's Brawn team-mate Rubens Barrichello third. Australia's Mark Webber continues to impress - he qualified fifth fastest. Liverpool is back on top of the Premier League table after a 3-0 win over West Ham last night. Reds skipper Steven Gerrard netted the first two goals, before Dutchman Ryan Barble sealed the win. COMMENTATOR: Floated in to Barble, and Barble again!

Liverpool have yet another three goals in the top flight. It was a horror day all round for the Hammers, who slip to ninth on the table. Manchester United has the chance to regain top spot when it plays Man City tonight. You can see more of that on Sports Tonight's Weekend Wrap at 7:00 on ONE HD. Thanks, Adam. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

This program is captioned live. Looking at the weather around the nation for tomorrow. Before we go, some good news for AC/DC fans. The veteran band is following its highway to hell, back down-under to a long-awaited tour. On the back of the 'Black Ice' album, the veteran rockers have announced a series of capital city concerts for February and March next year. It will be 10 years since the band's last shows on home soil and 36 years since the band's debut in Sydney. That brings you up to date with all the news.

I'm Natarsha Belling. Thanks for you company. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by It's positive. I'm pregnant. Are you going to tell Paul? I don't know. She didn't tell you? Didn't tell me what? Gabby. She's pregnant, Paul. When were you planning on telling ME? Please don't do this, Paul.

I have every right to have a say. I'm the father. You know what? I think you should go. Superintendent Handlon. Didn't know you were in the area. Deborah McManus came to see me this morning. She's made a formal complaint about the investigation. Well, you've got two weeks, Simon. If you can't get a conviction by then, you're off the case.

It's me - Tiger. Have you seen the posters? The cops have put my picture up all over town. I want to see you. We need to talk.