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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the devastated city of New Orleans. Five killed as gun battles rage in

Father's Day tragedy -

in a freak car crash. three brothers killed And how one lucky surfer from the jaws on a great white. managed to free himself Ten News with Ron Wilson. Good morning. a deadly gun battle has erupted - Firstly to New Orleans where

police killing five people. The officers opened fire started shooting at workers when a gang of armed men to start repairing a canal. trying to cross a bridge RAPID GUNFIRE None of the workers was hurt. New Orleans is now almost deserted

thousands of survivors to safety. after a massive military airlift took in a sea of rubbish, Like a giant flying saucer now stands empty. the infamous Superdome A monument to human squalor. 60,000 people took shelter here. In the last week, Refugees in their own city.

And this is what they left behind.

has completed one task. The National Guard with complete exhaustion. They face the next now rules the streets here. The mighty Mississippi The Big Easy has become a big stink.

before the hurricane. Populated by the ghosts of life of New Orleans This used to be the business district into Venice from hell. and it's now been turned

devastated this place, Six days after Katrina and finding survivors the boats are still going out but they're also finding bodies. the gates of the university. Like this one floating outside how many people died here. Even today, no-one knows thousands - not hundreds. But the authorities are guessing of the parking garage now. 10-40, sitting right in front

are keeping David and his colleagues But for now, it's the living that Department very busy indeed. from the Wildlife and Fisheries we found the remaining guests On Cleveland Avenue, the Park Plaza Hotel, of what used to be

undiscovered until yesterday. Since Sunday morning. How long have you been here? Sunday morning. Sunday morning?

The evacuation is difficult. are too ill or old to walk. Many of the survivors And there's no shortage of confusion. rubs shoulders with the bizarre. And wherever you look, the traumatic The sheriff turned gondolier.

up to his belly. The Japanese photographer with defiantly pink curlers. The grateful evacuee

has become a helicopter launch pad. The motorway fly-over with anger in the relentless heat. Here we find people seething It is 100 Fahrenheit and rising. let me tell y'all something, Let me tell y'all something, about five (bleep) days. you know we've been on this bridge

Most of them are black and poor. America's under class. of what has become a human storm. The real victims Helicopters now buzz like flies. evacuation of a major US city. Your witnessing the complete One for the history books. of normality turned upside down. To end the day, a fitting image

a deserted motorway to nowhere. Horses sauntering down for two Australians Fears are mounting believed to still be in New Orleans. is in the devastated city. Ten reporter Leisa Goddard-Roles about the missing Australians? Leisa, what can you tell us

What can you tell us about the

missing Australians? As you just

heard, the major evacuation centres missing Australians? As you just

are empty but the officials have

confirmed that two people are

missing. One is believed to be a

tourist, possibly from Sydney. The

other is an elderly man who we now

believe is a US citizen. There's no other is an elderly man who we now

word on whether they think they

survived the tragedy. A lot of

criticism of the Australian

authorities and the US authorities

for not allowing them in. What is

the Australian Government doing at

this stage to find these people? the Australian Government doing at

They've finally pressured the US

Government into allowing one

Australian consular official to

come into New Orleans to search for

victims or survivors. But they

have to be out by sunset. So really

we're in the seventh day of the

disaster now and only having a few

hours to do that seems like an

impossible task. Nine Australians were evacuated

were evacuated to Dallas yesterday impossible task. Nine Australians

and there was not one Australian

consular official there, it was a

Ten reporter who had to find them a

hotel and put their hotel charges

on her credit card. The latest

development we've had there is a

rescue helicopter has crashed in

New Orleans? Yeah, the helicopter

is a coastguard helicopter. It is New Orleans? Yeah, the helicopter one of 50

one of 50 helicopters. The two crew is a coastguard helicopter. It is

survived so they were very lucky.

Also very lucky that there were no

evacuees onboard. It is tough for

the emergency crew, they're

starting to feel the pressure and

we've heard reports that two of

them have suicideed in the past day. specialists are heading to the US Australian emergency management recovery effort. to help with the New Orleans their American counterparts The group will meet our Government can offer. to assess what expertise

in America We want to talk with our friends on the ground and how we can help. and find out what's happening offer of Australian assistance. The aid mission follows the PM's to the Boxing Day tsunami Experience gained from our response considered of vital importance. of incompetence There have been scathing claims diplomatic officials against Australian stranded in the flood crisis. dealing with expats

managed to get to the effected area. An Australian official has finally But the Opposition says on Australians in trouble. the Government has turned its back services for Australians in Dallas Channel Ten crews did consular to give them consular services. because the Government wasn't there

to get to that. It should never have been permitted itself into a position The Government should have got themselves into a position and ensure that officials got where they could deal with that. Ambassador to Australia says America's acting for our diplomats it's just too dangerous flood-effected areas. to be allowed into he realises that tempers are fraying Bill Stanton says but the US doesn't have the resources

diplomatic staff. to protect Australian our nationals to danger. We just risk further exposing We just don't want to do that. But Mr Stanton admits the initial US response to the crisis was unacceptable.

The day's other news after the break, including the Father's Day tragedy that claimed the lives of three young brothers.

And how one very lucky surfer managed to fight off a white pointer.

This program is captioned live.

A Father's Day outing has ended in tragedy in Victoria. Three children drowned when their car crashed into a dam,

their dad helpless to save them. Local residents waded into the dam's murky depths but to no avail. Search and rescue divers eventually taking to the water to confirm the location of the car before dragging it out. Still trapped inside the three boys. 2-year-old Bailey Farquharson, Tyler, 7 and Jai, 10. The children were returning from an access visit with their dad, Robert,

for Father's Day, when it's believed the 47-year-old lost control of the car. The vehicle clipped a tree before it ploughed into the dam. Unable to save his children, the father rushed to the road for help waving down a passing motorist. They were trapped in the car and there was no way that they would have got out of the car. It would have happened pretty quick. It filled with up with water pretty quickly the car.

What caused the father to lose control of the vehicle is unclear. He was taken to hospital but suffered only minor injuries.

The father is, as you can imagine, I mean, he's speechless and he doesn't know what is going on. The task of recovering the childrens' bodies made even more harrowing for volunteer rescuers who knew the family. You don't wish it to happen to anyone

and it's probably worse that you do know them. A tragedy certain to rock the family's home town of Winchelsea where they were well known through local sporting clubs. The main thing is that we pull together as a community. It is a tragedy. We all knew the family very well. The boys have been here since prep. The children's mother is believed to be in hospital under sedation. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Witnesses have told how a South Australian surfer amazingly escaped the jaws of a shark.

The 40-year-old repeatedly punched the white pointer before he broke free and a wave brought him to shore.

He's now recovering in hospital. Chilling evidence of a SA surfer's brush with death. Friends say Jake Heron is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a white pointer. A shark knocked him off his board, probably knocked him a couple of feet out of the air

and came back and had another go at him. The mates were surfing in popular Fishery Bay, 30km southwest of Port Lincoln, yesterday afternoon when the shark struck. We could hear his cries for help and paddled towards him. Jake was lucky.

He fought it off, pushed it and punched it with his hands. Lucky a wave washed him in and he clambered up the rocks.

Bleeding from his arm and thigh, the 40-year-old managed to run to his car. He was then taken by ambulance to hospital where he's now recovering. The shark attack has rocked the tight-knit fishing community. Police have also warned surfers to stay out of the water. Especially with tuna harvest coming to a halt in the next week or so, so yeah, it's not surprising there are sharks in the area.

The attack comes less than two weeks

after a young marine biologist was taken by a shark off Adelaide. 23-year-old Jarrod Stehbens had been diving with university colleagues at the time. His body has not been found. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Embattled Health Minister Tony Abbott has described his offensive comments after John Brogden attempted suicide

as tacky. He's told Ten News exclusively

he's tried to contact the former NSW opposition leader to apologise. Condemned by all sides, Tony Abbott delivered his mea culpa. I'm very happy to apologise. I don't like upsetting people. And obviously the comments on reflection were tacky and I shouldn't have made them. When asked at a function about a particular health proposal,

Mr Abbott responded: It was just 12 hours after John Brogden attempted suicide. I left a message on what I believe was the best number for him yesterday indicating that I was very sorry if I caused any additional offence. I think the Australian public doesn't believe that Minister Abbott with his gross insensitivity

is fit to be Health Minister.

But he has no plans to step aside. I would be the first person to admit that I have many flaws but I think I'm doing a reasonable job as Health Minister. Still, recriminations are flying. Some of the strongest from within his own party. a disgusting thing to do.

I think it was certainly inappropriate and my understanding is that he has apologised.

It wasn't the only tasteless remark. At a Liberal Party branch meeting that same day Mr Abbott also stated: reference to Mr Brogden's indiscretions which led to his resignation. Mental health groups have slammed the comments as appalling but the very fact they came to light at all shows just how acrimonious divisions have become

within the NSW Liberal Party and the risk is, they could get worse. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Ahead - the finals fallout in both AFL and NRL, that's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, how Lleyton Hewitt battled back to advance to the US Open 4th round.

This program is captioned live. In finance news - the Australian share market has opened slightly weaker.

Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities. Inflation data out today may influence the interest rates tomorrow? The market had

The market had all but closed the

books on the interest rates staying

the same when the Reserve Bank

meets tomorrow. But inflation data

may rock the boat. Inflation for

August was 0.4% taking the annual

rate to 3.1%. This is significant

rate to 3.1%. This is significant because it is the first time in

three years that inflation has

risen above the Reserve Bank target.

Of course the cost of fuel has been

helping inflation, but also

Of course the cost of fuel has been helping inflation, but also the

cost of holidays as well as

property rates and charges. But the

good news for home owners is that

most economists still have interest

rates staying the same Thank you Julia at Commsec. Lleyton Hewitt has survived a huge scare against big serving American Taylor Dent to squeeze into the fourth round of the US Open. The Aussie third seed had to fight back from two sets to one down. In other matches, Wimbledon champion Venus Williams beat her little sister to reach the quarter-finals.

It took an ace for Hewitt to end his first three hour slug fest since the Australian Open. COMMENTATOR: It's an ace!

And with victory secured, an unexpected barrage.

He exposed the weakness in your game. Does that concern you

as you head into the second week of the tournament. Ah, I don't know. I feel pretty confident. Earlier, Hewitt looked primed to run through his opponent Taylor Dent,

winning the opening five games before eventually claiming the first set 6-3. That'll do it. The platform for a enduring encounter was set in the second as Dent backed his game plan. Finally he does it - Dent. The 25th seed's serve and volley focus had Hewitt facing his earliest exit at Flushing Meadows in seven appearances. But the lone Australian left at the Open refused to wilt

But the lone Australian left at the Open refused to wilt to send the match into a fifth set.

At 5-all in the decider, Hewitt found the timely break

and then needed to improvise against Dent's tenacity to set up a fourth match point. A serve volley for the first time in the match. The 2001 champion to play Dominik Hrbaty tomorrow for a place in the quarter-finals. I just had to wait for my chances

and you know, buy my time a little bit and take 'em when I got 'em. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. An AFL semi-final next Saturday night is being billed as the biggest sporting event in SA's history. Port Adelaide's resounding victory against the Kangaroos yesterday has set up a tantalising showdown with cross town rival Adelaide. As one champion bid a teary farewell to the game, Port Adelaide's Premiership defence stepped up in intensity.

Port Adelaide's Premiership defence stepped up in intensity. A stunning 87-point win has left the Power's confidence bristling. We've won a lot of games and we've played pretty well in the last two games, which is probably our best two in a row. So it is outstanding. The commanding elimination final win... COMMENTATOR: He will load up. And will he kick another? Of course he will.

..has set up a mouth-watering cutthroat showdown next Saturday night against cross town rival, Adelaide. The expectation of our supporters and their supporters

is going to build. But at the end of the day, with the 22 players that take the field from our side, we'll be giving everything we can and hopefully continue on with our good form. The Roos and Demons bow out after week one of finals. But the biggest winner from the weekend is the Saints.

Knocking off the Crows, their flag gods have further tightened. The leadership group will be really keen to make sure that we don't get too far ahead of ourselves. We still have an important game to get over before we get to a Grand Final and we're all very much aware of that. Only Victorian side in the top four, so hopefully Victoria gets behind us and cheers for us come two weeks. And it's a nervous day ahead for Cats skipper, Stephen King. The AFL's match review panel investigating this horror clash

with Melbourne ruckman Jeff White. The Demon has had five plates and 14 screws inserted to repair multiple facial fractures including a broken jaw and broken nose. Tim Hodges, Ten News. on Friday night The NRL finals series kicks off the North Queensland Cowboys. when the Wests Tigers host a worrying loss of form. But the Tigers have to turn around

was their second in succession. Yesterday's upset loss to Penrith and away game The Tigers started their final home a club record 8 consecutive matches. with the kind of footy that won them they fell to pieces. But after racing to a 16-nil lead Penrith scoring 32 unanswered points. his young team's inexperience The Tigers' coach conceding

in yesterday's upset result. was a factor

this week on Friday night We're in for a big shake-up to be ready if we don't steel ourselves with a lot more determination. to tackle for their Friday night opponents. Some anxiety too State of Origin prop Carl Webb North Queensland's punching Melbourne's Ryan Hoffman. facing a suspension for wrapped up second place on the ladder Meantime, St George-Illawarra

over Newcastle. with a hard-fought win making up for a dreadful start. Their powerful end to the season out of a massive hole - We dug ourselves a lot of heat on the coach, a lot of criticism,

the captain, the players - to equal first. and we've come from dead last captain's fine and public apology The Dragons making fun of their

during a night out on the town. for stripping down to his undies in Wollongong next Saturday night. They'll play out-of-sorts Cronulla the Bulldogs and the Roosters And last year's grand finalists both missed the play-offs, their retiring captain Luke Ricketson but the Roosters gave a winning send-off.

Leanne West, Ten News. enough to retain his place Matthew Hayden is hoping he's done Ashes decider at the Oval. in the Australian side for Thursday's The out-of-form opener English County side Essex. blasted a timely century against as the 2-day match ended in a draw. A host of batsmen among the runs in Tour matches this series. It was Hayden's third century to play the fifth Test But his place in the side

needing a win to retain the Ashes. is still being debated with Australia coming on England. Gradually more and more pressure's are gonna win this game The expectations are that England and crush us. Australia's chances. Glenn McGrath is talking up elbow injury in time for the match. He's also confident of overcoming an become the youngest Fernando Alonso will almost certainly Formula 1 world champion Montoya at the Italian Grand Prix. after finishing second to Juan Pablo

Australia's Mark Webber finished 14th during a multi-car tangle after suffering damage at the second corner, of world championship contention while Kimi Raikkonen all but spun out in the closing laps. led home the field. He finished fourth as Montoya his second Italian Grand Prix. COMMENTATOR: He's gonna win and Giancarlo Fisichella The Renault pair of Alonso completing the podium. at the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News - a look

This program is captioned live.

weather and for the rest of the day. Now for a look at the national

with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates of a very pregnant Princess Mary We leave you with pictures at bicentennial celebrations wowing crowds in Denmark

Hans Christian-Andersen. for fairytale writer

I'm Ron Wilson. Good afternoon. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions