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Hello, everyone, I'm Ron Wilson.

Welcome to Ten's Morning News. The

headlines - a world first.

Australia's plan to kick smoking in

today. the butt will finally become law

Wild weather lashes Victoria. Emergency crews received more than

a thousand calls for help.

And the tiger roars. Golfing greats

ready to tee off for the start of

of the Australian Open.

Also today - there's a secret or

two to share.

We're with the Australian

supermodels bearing - well, almost

show. everything for an underwear fashion

Plus - KD Lang answers Australia's

constant craving with a new gig.

Hear more in our entertainment news

with Angela Bishop later in the program. Today's weather...

Our top story - Australia will

today score a world-first, with new

laws being passed to ban all

branding on cigarettes.

Soon, they will only be sold in

plain, olive-brown packaging. The

new legislation will pass the

Senate to become law effective from

For December next year.

putting their election funding the election campaigns. They are funds from the tab co industry for parties that I know that takes that - well, one of the only business, the Coalition as a party us. A Coalition as a party of big not be allowed to be removed from that intellectual property should selling a legal product. We believe morning. We are a legal product of the reaction to that this reaction to that -- listen to some let's have a lipz to some of the associated trademarks bill. So Coalition is opposed to is an rates of smoking in this Well, not on wanting to reduce the rebellion? any chance of a last-minute Hart live from Canberra. Is there Ten's political reporter Amanda For more on this, we are joined by

before the health of children in

this country. I think it is

absolutely outrageous. I want to

make sure that it doesn't become a

mechanism for illegal tobacco to make their way in.

It is a generic system that anybody

can copy. We have another battle

looming. This one could be layed looming. This one could be layed

out in court between -- played out

in Qantas and the unions? The

Transport Workers Union is meeting

today whether to take legal action

against Fair Work Australia's

ruling that the unions could not

take industrial action any more

against Qantas. If successful, it

means more disruption for Qantas

passengers, badge handlers could go

on strike again. Qantas could

potentially ground the airline

reaction. again. Let's have a listen to more

All this mess and ongoing

uncertainty is going to do further

damage to public confidence in

Qantas as a result of which there

will be further damage and

disruption to the travelling public.

In all fairness, both parties have

every legal option to challenge any decision all the decision all the way through. In

fairness to the members of the TWU

of Qantas, I would want want them

to pursue that. It seems to be at odds with what the Deputy Prime

Minister, Wayne Swan, says, who

says that the Government is

this. strongly opposed to any appeal to

Thank you.

The Afghan ambasador to The Afghan ambasador to Australia

says the Taliban and al-Qaeda will

do anything to shake the resolve of

security forces ahead of the

transition from coalition to local

troops. Nasir Andisha says the

serious wounding of three

Tuesday Australian troops in Afghanistan on

Tuesday shows the insurgents are

trying to prove they're in control.

A rogue member of the Afghan

national army turned on the mentoring taskforce.

The allies will do everything

possible to show that they are in control.

Meantime, hundreds of soldiers have

gathered to farewell Corporal

Ashley Birt, one of three soldiers

killed in the earlier shooting Afghan soldier. incident involving another rogue

A man is due in court this morning

after being found with a home-made

pipe bomb at a busy Sydney railway

station. The 33-year-old was

arrested at Lidcombe station last

units night. The rescue and bomb disposal

units were called in, and experts

took the bomb away to a safe

location for detonation.

The man allegedly told police he

intended to set it off somewhere in

the city centre. He will appear

before Burwood local court later

today. Two people were treated in hospital last night following

another gas leak from the Orica

chemical plant at Newcastle in NSW.

difficulties after The pair suffered breathing

difficulties after inhaling ammonia

fumes which seeped from a release

valve on a storage tank.

Emergency crews were called in to

contain the leak. Nearby residents

notified. Nobody's known anything are frustrated they were not

about it. I was angry before, and

now I'm apgery and astounded.

Orica is facing legal problems,

after hundreds of Newcastle

substance residents were exposed to another

substance in August.

Victoria is on flood watch today

after being lashed by one of the

wildest storms this year.

Last night, emergency crews

responded to more than a thousand

calls for help.

Hail and flash flooding damaged

homes and downed trees.

As dark clouds rolled in, emergency

services braced for a busy night,

and busy it was.

We've had to call in other crews from other areas to give

from other areas to give us a hand.

Frankston was hardest hit,

receiving ard 30ml of rain within an hour.

The downpour failed to dampen

spirits. Traditionally for cars in

my opinion, not for water. SES

received more than a thousand calls.

One gentleman had to be evacuated

and relocated and also a lady

needed to be rescued from her car,

which was stuck in floodwaters. Oh, look, it

Oh, look, it was maybe only a

couple of minutes between, I guess,

deciding to move the car and not

moving the car that the tree fell.

So I guess it was a pretty close

call. While flash flooding closed

several major roads. Finer

conditions are forecast today, as

the soggy clean-up begins.

Meantime strong winds hit Sydney's

thousands south last night, cutting power to

thousands of homes. Around 6,500

residents in Caringbah and Miranda

lost electricity just after 8pm, as

stormy weather lashed the area.

Police were kept busy directing

traffic at major intersections with

most lights blacked out.

Technicians worked to fix the

shortly after 10pm. problem, and power was restored

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr

in the is preparing to take centre stage

in the Victoria Secret Fashion show,

strutting her post-baby body in a

few hours. She has some competition,

though, from a new face out of

Melbourne. US correspondent Emma

Dallimore caught up with the ladies.

Well, we are here in New York

backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion

Fashion Show, while all these

beautiful ladies start getting

prepared for the cat walk in just prepared for the cat walk in just a

couple of hours' time. It is a

massive show. 38 models, 69

costumes and a $12 million budget,

right in the middle of that will be

Australia's Miranda Kerr. 10 or so

months after the birth of her son,

Flynn, she will be centre stage,

wearing a $2.5 million jewel-

encrusted bra, strutting that body, with her

with her husband, Orlando Bloom, in the crowd.

How on earth do you look like this

10 months after having a baby? You

worked hard? I've been working out

five days a week. I do yoga and pilates.

You know, I've been doing strength-

training and resistance training.

Miranda will have some Australian

company. There are new Australian

faces in the Victoria's Secret Show.

This year is 20-year-old Shanina

from Melbourne, making her debut a

little nervous but mostly pretty excited.

I've been trying for three years

now. It is a dream of mine, and it

has ticked off the list. I cannot

believe - I'm so blessed and lucky that

that it is happening to me. As always,

always, it is a spectacular

production. Kanye West and nicky

Minaj will be performing, as

Miranda leads her angels and models

out on to the cat walk in a couple of hours.

Thousands of fans have arrived in

Sydney to watch nine of the world's

top golfers in action. The Australian

Australian Open tees off at the

Lakes this morning, and joining us

now from the course is Paul Gow. No

surprises - he is worth his

appearance money, all eyes on Tiger

Woods, as usual. Absolutely, you

know, this is a tournament for him

to show what he's been doing the

last few months. He has been in the

gym, getting fitter. What a better

place to do it - in Sydney, the

Australian Open, at the Lakes Golf

Club. Conditions are not great for

him at the moment. Paul, the whole

saga involving the racial slur by

Steve Williams. It's been the

centre of attention over the past week.

week. Will that have any effect on

Tiger? No, it won't have any effect.

Steve and Tiger have come together.

They have spoken about it. Steven

has apologised. There was a tongue-

in-cheek comment. They will move on

from this. They have been good

mates over the years. Steve now works

works for Adam Scott. I hope it

doesn't take away the importance of

this tournament and how it is

important to the Australian golf

tour. But Tiger will - as soon as

he gets in that Rihanna, he will be off.

-- arena, he will be off.

-- arena, he will be off.

Who do you think is Australia's

best chance of taking out the event?

Yeah, you know, you cannot go past

Geoff Ogilvy. It will be similar

conditions. Adam Scott has every

right to talk himself up. He has

had a great year, a second in the

Masters. The other one to look at

is Jason Day. We have a bunch of a

great Americans out here, taking on

the Aussies around Australian

the Aussies around Australian golf

courses. So we expect a good

showing. We were just having a

story a moment ago on the weather

conditions down the east coast,

appalling over the last 24 hours.

Will it affect play? I think it

will. The umbrellas are up, it is

starting to come in heavyier. I

believe the storms are coming from

the south. This golf course is

difficult when the weather comes

from the south. There could be a

stoppage in play at some time this

morning. Into the afternoon, we

will have to wait and see. But it

is difficult, you know? You have to

put your rain gear on and take it

off. It is tougher for the caddies,

I believe. Get the slick wheels on early.

Of course, you can catch all the

action from the Lakes live and

exclusive right here on Ten from

midday Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Is

Up next - a whale of a time!

Sydney whale-watchers get more than

they bargained for as a young calf

decides on a close encounter. We

will see you after the break.

You are watching Ten's You are watching Ten's Morning News.

There's been another earthquake in

Turkey. The 5.7 magnitude quake

caused a hotel and other buildings

damaged in last month's deadly quake to collapse.

It struck just 15km from the other

quake, which killed a 600 people a

fortnight ago. The six-storey hotel

was used by journalists and aid

workers covering the disaster.

Locals are frantically trying to rescue people trapped in the rescue people trapped in the rubble.

Iran's President Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad has dismissed claims

his country is working to build an

atomic bomb. President Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad says a report by the

international atomic norge agency

claiming Iran had tested devices

used in nuclear weapons was wrong.

He said that Iran will not alter

its behaviour and will continue to develop a

develop a nuclear energy program to

generate electricity. Israel has

threatened to bomb Iran's nuclear

sites. Thousands of students have

marched through central London to protest against big increases in

tuition fees. 4,000 people police

were deployed along the route,

which wound from the University of

London to the financial district. A

similar protest last year, ended in violence,

violence, including an attack on a

car carrying Prince Charles and his

wife, Camilla. 20 people were arrested.

arrested. An amazing story out of

the United States, where blind

people are being taught to see using sound waves.

It is called Echo Location, the

same way that bats see, by using clicks to locate objects.

I've been Echo

I've been Echo Locating for as long

as I remember. I first my first eye

at seven months, I was clicking by

the age of 15 months. I don't

remember learning to click. I don't

remember really learning to Echo Locate.

Around here, there is not - I mean,

lots and lots

lots and lots to detect. But

immediately, there's this pylon

here. I can think - there it is.

And then there's an object about 20

feet away, here, and another one

about, I don't know, 50 feet away.

The process of Echo Location in

humans is very similar to the process

process in bats. In fact, it is

virtually identical. The physics is

the same. We are talking about

airborne sown in a, either way. A

bat can detect an object the size

of a mat from so many metres away.

For me, the object has to be at

least the size of a softball.

We tend to teach the youth of a discreet

discreet tongue click, which can be

quiet or a loud one, or even louder,

as the need arises. It is like

seeing with dim flashes of light.

Our approach is well supported in

many arenas in many respects.

At the same time, there is a lot of controversy

controversy and scepticism relative

to our approach.

to our approach. It takes time for

the established qenction to

recognise and to embrace -- convention to recognise anything

that is new.

Convention, by its nature, adheres

to itself and reject what is is not conventional.

Quite frankly, it is not that

difficult to teach. It really isn't.

So I believe that the brain is already already at least

already at least partly wired to do

this. All that has to happen is

that the hardware needs to be

awakened and activated. We believe

we have found ways of doing this.

Just amazing.

Well, here is a scary statistic for

Australian surf-lovers this summer.

The busiest beaches attract the

most sharks. But marine experts

want to let people know want to let people know they are

not as terrifying as they seem. On

every beach in Australia, every

second surfer as a shark tale. I

was at Byron, a shark came cruising

across. He didn't do much. Yeah,

petrified. The highest number of

sharks spotting have been at Harvey bay

bay and Perth. Busier beaches tend

to have a higher incidents. Just

because they are there, doesn't

mean you are in danger. Marine-

lovers sent me on a shark dive just

to prove it. I have been told that

the sharks have not been fed since

Monday. Apparently, they are doing

the feed after I go in the dive

with them. They looked hungry.

This is a grey This is a grey nurse, and while

they are intimidating, they are

harmless. But great whites have

killed three people in Perth in the

past month. Sperlts insist it is an

-- experts insist it is an accident.

It is generally a case of mistaken

identity. Three shark attacks in a

couple of months is scary, but the

figures on car accidents in that

time would be four, five, 10 time would be four, five, 10 times

that amount of deaths.

Is sharks are more afraid of us

than we are of them. Many are now endangered

endangered species. Especially the

grey nurse shark, was hunted severe

in the '60s and '70s. There are

less than 2,000 grey nurses left on

Australia's even though coast.

There is a massive demand.

There is a massive demand. It is

not well regulated.

The real question is whether sharks are

are safe with Natasha exleby in the

tank! Whale watchers in Sydney got

more than they bargained for.

A boat was just outside the harbour

yesterday when those on board were

treated to a close encounter of the marine kind.

marine kind. Experts say it is

unusual for a month to let its calf

so close to passing boats, but

obviously the whale was just as

intrigued by the people as they were with him.

And from a jient on the rocks to

giant of rock. We are with Cold

Chisel on their latest tour.

They still have it - They still have it - pictures from

their concert in Sydney last night,

when Ange Bishop joins us with the entertainment news.

Welcome back. Now to today's

finance news, starting with the

figures in a little detail.

The all ordinarys closed 49 points hire yesterday.

The Aussie dollar lower, at 101 US cents.

Italy's economy has been on the

brink for months now, and the Prime Minister's

Minister's promised to step aside

has not helped.

Markets have lost confidence it

will be able to repay its massive

debt. That is bad news for the already stretched Eurozone.

already stretched Eurozone.

The eternal city has rarely looked

lovelier, but the autumnal sunshine

belies the fact that 1,600 years

after the first sack of Rome, the

Barbarians are at the gates once

again. Any hopes of Silvio

Berlusconi's slow departure last

night would calm the money markets were dashed.

The Italian Government was paid The Italian Government was paid to

borrow money shot above 7%, a level

experts long predicted would send

Italy begging for a bailout. With a

team of UN inspectors now here in

Rome to oversee the policy of another sovereign Government,

everyone knows there is not enough

money to bail out the world's eighth biggest economy.

Next year, they

Next year, they will have to borrow

$360 million, and pay a much higher interest rate.

A big test awaits tomorrow, when

they will try to sell bonds worth 5 billion euros.

As they change the honour guard

outside the palace this morning,

Italy's President, normally a

largely ceremonial figure, was

urging the country's politicians to

get a move on. get a move on.

TRANSLATION: We must act now if we

are to escape from this very

dangerous situation. A senior

opposition politician told me they

are ready to heed his words. We are

trying to have the budget delivered

by Sunday, Monday at the latest.

REPORTER: So Mr Berlusconi will

resign. Will that be the end of the

crisis? That will be the end crisis? That will be the end of the

Berlusconi part of the crisis. Then

we need to either try to form

another Government with the large

majority in parliament, or very

quickly to have elections.

It is traditional in Rome to throw

a euro into the Trevi Fountain and

make a wish. It is not much of an

economic policy, but right now it

seems as good as any. Toyota is recalling

Toyota is recalling about 25,000

vehicles in Australia and New

Zealand as part of a worldwide

operation due to possible steering

problems in its cars. 550,000

vehicles are being recalled

worldwide over problems with a

crank shaft pulley on the engine

that could make it harder to steer.

The recall includes the Camry, the

High ding Lander and Sienna.

The ACCC has been called into The ACCC has been called into

investigate soaring petrol prices

in Brisbane. The RACQ has written

to the comurm watchdog demanding an

explanation. It says profit margins are

are close to an all-time high.

Retailers claimed almost 17 cents a

litre. We are deep into the fuel

cycle, the margins are over 10

cents a litre. Too much. Last month

in Brisbane petrol was on onch 4 cents a litre

cents a litre higher than Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Stay with us.

A golfing great - crowds out in

force to see Tiger Woods as the Australian Open opens.

We are live again at the Lakes when

the Morning News

the Morning News returns.

Is Updating the main stories.

Australia will score a world first

today, when new laws passed to pass

all branding on cigarette. The new

legislation will pass the Senate to

become law effective from December next year.

The Afghan ambasador The Afghan ambasador to Australia

says the Taliban and al-Qaeda will

do anything to shake the resolve of

security forces ahead of the

transition from coalition to local

troops. Nasir Andisha says the

serious wounding of three

Australian soldiers by a rogue

Afghan soldier shows the insurgents

are trying to prove they are in control.

Victoria is on flood watch today

after being lashed by one of the

wildest storms this year. Last night, emergency

night, emergency crews responded to

more than a thousand calls for help,

with hail and flash flooding

damaging homes and downing trees. The weather...

Time now for all the entertainment

news. Well, you know, it doesn't

surprise me. I wasn't a big fan of this,

this, anyway. The guy that was

supposed to host the Oscars has pulled

pulled out? Indeed. And they are in

trouble. They are not that far away.

Ed you Murphy has morning pulled out

out of hosting the Academy Awards a

day after the producer of the show

was forced out for making a gay

slur. Murphy released a statement

saying that he was truly looking

forward to being part of the show

but he is sure the new production

team and host will

team and host will do a great job.

Brett Ratner was shamed out of

producing the ceremony after he

used a gay slur at a screening of

his new film 'Tower Heist', which

stars Murphy. The pair were seen as

a chance to liven up the Oscars

with the show also being an

important step back into Hollywood for Murphy.

The stars were out in force last

night for the launch of Versace's

collection for H & M. Alalal. Doug Aberle.

There were a lot of requests for

our young people. It was rock and roll,

roll, fun. Sexy and everything that

you want from Versace. After the

show, guests were treated to

performances by Prince and Nicky Minaj.

Cold Chisel has kicked off the Sydney

Sydney leg of its Australian tour.

It played at the arena last night.

The tour will finish in Brisbane in


Meantime, across town, KD Lang began her Australian tour at Sydney's State Theatre.

Lang will visit Melbourne, Adelaide

and Brisbane before the tour wraps

up on 22nd November.

A demo of Madonna's new single has

leaked online and has mixed reviews.

'Gimme All Your Love' had fans talking on the internet

talking on the internet straight

away, with one congratulating

Madonna for repeling the massive

asteroid to zoom past earth yesterday. Take

Take a listen for yourself.

# Candle girl # Every record #

Sounds the same # You gotta step

into my world # Gimme all your love

# Gimme your love # Gimme all your love

love today # The song is expected

to be the first from Madonna's new

album. It is believed that Madonna

may rush the release of the new

single now it is leaked so early.

Duran Duran's new video has reunited supermodels.

It stars Naomi Campbell, Helena

Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Eva

Herzigova and Yasmin Le Bon in Herzigova and Yasmin Le Bon in 'Girl Panic'. The

The real band makes cameos as bell

hops, waiters, chauffeurs and


Nice to meet you. I'm Roger and I

play drums in a lot of the coolest

ban bands in the world.

Simon Le Bon said it was not easy

getting the super

getting the super model to make the

video, apart from his wife, I guess.

Michael Bolton has been making muse

for almost 40 years. He's Down

Under as part of a world tour,

bringing some home-grown superstars with him.

# Tell me, how am I supposed to

live without you # Ms. Don't worry,

live without you # Ms. Don't worry,

you don't have to!

Michael Bolton is heading our way.

He describes his upcoming world

tour as a soundtrack to people's

lives. Their best times in their

lives, and some of those powerful

moments in their lives, and they go

through the toughest times, with your

your music being the backdrop. He

will tour 115 cities with a symphony orchestra symphony orchestra and home-grown talents.

Aussie song bird delta Goodrem and Michael Jackson's former guitarist

are tipped to join him. You have

been in the business for a long

time. How do you keep inspired?

Inspiration is like wind. As a

writer, your sails have to be up,

so you don't waste those moments.

Those become entire songs. Those become entire songs.

# How can we be lovers # The

Australian leg of Michael Bolton's

world tour starts on the Gold Coast in April.

Kate Winslet has become the latest

star to be immortalised in wax.

Madame Tussaud'ss unveiled the wax. She is wearing the

She is wearing the red dress she

has worn in the Emmy Awards. Kate

Winslet has been one of the most

requested figures here. We asked

our guests who would they like to

see in a poll. She came top of the

poll. So that is why she is here

today. She is in good company. Her

wax figure is on display next to

dame Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench.

Shakira has give an star on the

Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hollywood Walk of Fame. More than a

thousand fans turned up to

congratulate the singer, given the 2,454th star. You

You know, when I was 7 years old, I came

came to Los Angeles for the first

time. I passed by the Walk of Fame

with my mother and a friend of hers,

who is here with us today.

And I remember that my mum told me,

"One day, you will have your name on this place." on this place."

Now she does.

The singer is the highest-selling

Colombian recording artist of all time.

Next time you go to the movies you

could be the star. The latest trend

on the big screen is allowing the

viewer to be involved in the film

itself. Immersive cinema combines

trained actors and willing sets to recreate recreate scenes from

recreate scenes from Hollywood

classics. MOVIE REEL: I feel the

need. The need for speed! It was

one of the most popular films of the '8s.

But now 'Top Gun' has been

recreated on a plot of disused land

in London's canary wharf. 4,000 in London's canary wharf. 4,000

members of the public turned up

dressed as characters from the film

to mix with actors on replica sets

to live through their own 'Top Gun'

experience. It is the lieft

production by Future Cinema. I

think that things have become too

formulaic in the film experience.

Think think that cinema should be more more of an event and more of an event and social

experience. By creating these

environments, the audience are

letting go and becoming more

relaxed and connecting with each

other and meeting with each other.

Whereas I think in normal cinemas,

you don't get to have that social experience.

This multi-sensery recreation of Top

Top Gun is part of a wider trend of

immersive cultural experiences

sweeping the arts. It sweeping the arts. It is happening

not just in cinema but in theatre,

art galleries and even especially

created dining experiences. Its

root can be chased back to the live

action role-playing war games that

became popular in the a' 80s, and

computer games like online Virtual

World Second Life. Its potential

was taken to a new level by one pioneering theatre pioneering theatre company Punch

Drunk. It was set up in 2000 and

has had major hits in London,

Manchester and now New York. It

creates fictional roles, inviting

audience participation. But it

focuss on maintaining a high level

of individual interaction between

ierks and audience.

We live in an age where everything

is a couple of clicks away. You can

have whatever you want. But equally,

it is totally impersonal, no

emotional connection, or removed.

Maybe audiences are craving that

sort of inteerpbz that's theirs and

theirs alone. Most critics agree

that this immersion is one of the

most significant theatrical trends of the

of the last decade. But some point

out problems with the form. One big danger is maintaining a narrative.

With Punk Drunk, it shows quite

often you have holding on to the

story is virtually impossible.

Because it depends on which rooms

you chance upon, which actors you

encounter along the way. So there

is a big challenge with immersive

theatre to not only keep it fresh

but keep everybody in the same room, as it

as it were, even though you are in

100 different rooms. Even some

creators of immersive experiences

can envisage problems ahead. There

will be a tipping point. If it

scales too big, then it will - the

intimacy will be lost. It will lose

its power. It will diminish.

Is for now, at least, audiences

seem happy to immerse themselves in the experiences the experiences offered by this

weekend's 'Top Gun' event. Critics

of the immersive cultural

experience might be comforted to

know that it ends with a

traditional climax - an outdoor

showing of the film itself. Hugh

Hefner has revealed details of the

magazine's naked shoot featuring

Lindsay Lohan. He said that he was not

not happy with the original Kate Moss-inspired shoot.

He has described Lindsay's pictures

as classy, and says she does go

completely nude. The 25-year-old

will appear in the January/February

issue of plieb boy and was

reportedly - 'Playboy' and was

reportedly paid $1 million. Nothing

Nothing I can say will come close

to being PC-correct.

We cross to the latest from the

Australian Open.

With plus, is this the biggest wave ever

ever ridden? The nine-storey

Hello, person. Now, when I go from this place, I don't want any funeral, no announcements, no service -


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New Herbal Essences - soft, shiny hair, the way nature intended.

You are with the morning news on

Ten. The first of the groups have

teed off in the Australian Open,

and joining us from the and joining us from the Lakes Golf

Course is Paul. We have had a

tremendous build-up to the event.

How is everything going out there,

especially with the weather

conditions you are in? It is really blowing

blowing out here right now, the

rain has come down heavier.

The winds were swirling a bit,

supposed to be coming from the

south. The players are shooting

some good scores. I know you have to

to speak quietly. They are working

behind you at the moment. Tiger

Woods in the news over the last

couple of days. What can we expect

from him over the four days? I

wouldn't expect him to win this

week. He needs to get his game

short game sharp. I expect to watch

Tiger hone his game back, by

hitting a lot of irons off tees. As we

we know, the irons is the one that gets him

gets him in trouble. A lot of

people out there are fancying Adam

Scotts chances in this event. Is he really

really Australia's best chance of

taking out the event? He is. He has

come of age. He is using a long

putter these days. We have Jason

Day, who has had an extraordinary

year. Geoff Ogilvy won here last

year. You might want to

year. You might want to keep an eye

on Jake Higgin bottom and Jared


Finally, there's something for the

baby boomers to look forward to - a

couple of old - I don't know if I

want to call them old, but former

major winners will be teeing off as

well? Yes, John Daly and Greg

Norman. It is interesting to watch

The Shark go round. I saw him come The Shark go round. I saw him come

through on 18. He probably won't figure

figure in the event. He is getting

ready for next week. One of the old

guyings held a putt?

Of course, you can catch all the

action from the Lakes live and

exclusive right here on Ten from

midday Eastern Daylight Savings

Time. As always, check your local guides for details.

guides for details.

An unbeaten century from captain

Michael Clarke has saved Australia

from an embarrassing star to its

two-test series against South

Africa. Clarke finished a rain-

interrupted first day on 107 not

out, exactly half of Australia's day one score.

From the outset, everything was

working against Australia, a two-

hour rain delay, another lost toss,

a ripe green pitch and the world's a ripe green pitch and the world's

best test bowler taking advantage

of all of the above.

Watson gone for 3, Phil Hughes

didn't fair much better.

Australia 2/13 and on the back foot,

so, too, was Ricky Ponting.

COMMENTATOR: Beautiful shot! Shaun Marsh didn't see it

Marsh didn't see it quite as well.

Ponting's innings ended in second

over after lunch, an convincing

appeal confirmed by video review.

It brought Michael Clarke to the

crease. The skipper, a man on a mission.

COMMENTATOR: Beautiful shot. He

combined with Marsh for an

invaluable 103-run stand before the

rookie No. 3 fell for 44. A

A rare failure from Hussey.

It left Australia 6/163. The

captain soldiered on and on to triple figures.

COMMENTATOR: A beautiful shot to

bring out 100. A captain's knock

when his country needed it most.

NRL and Manly has held a marathon

board meeting deciding to stand down

down coach Des Hasler for what they say are say are serious breaches of contract.

Just five weeks after winning the

Grand Final, the Sea Eagles club is

on the verge of a mass exodus of staff and players.

Manly's board emerged from the

seven-hour meeting with a damning statement against Des Hasler.

There have been serious breaches of contract by coach Des Hasler.

The board has invited Des to

explain his actions, and in the meantime he has been

meantime he has been stood down.

It is believed the breach notice

was issued to Hasler for allegedly

encouraging players to break their

contracts. Can you expand on the

breachs? I'd prefer not to at this stage.

Is it to do with taking out the

players to the Bulldogs?


I'll leave that to you.

Star five-eighth Kieran Foran is

Star five-eighth Kieran Foran is

considering activating a get-out

clause and following Des to the

dogs. We will not be making any

further comment until Des has had

the chance to respond.

Just five weeks after winning the

Grand Final, Manly are in total


17-year-old kun kun kun has added

the 100 m freestyle frm crown to

the 100 m freestyle frm crown to

the 50m. McCune touched out Cate

Campbell. And Libby Trickett showed

improvement to finish fit in the

vin. It was one of five Australian

gold medals with Leiston Pickett,

Blair Evans, Christina Springer,

Kyle Richardson all taking top spot on the podium.

And finally - is this the biggest

wave ever surfed? Hawaiian big-wave

surfer Garrett McNamara has been

awarded the world record for

tackling this 30m monster off the

coast of Portugal. He had to be

towed into the wave, and came out,

unbelievably, completely unscathed.

An update of the headlines plus the national

national weather details when the Morning

A final update of our main stories.

Australia will score a world first today, with

today, with new laws being passed

to ban all branding on cigarettes.

The new legislation will pass the

Senate to become law, effective

from December next year. The Afghan

ambassador to Australia says the

Taliban and al-Qaeda will do

anything to shake the resolve of

security forces ahead of the

transition from coalition to local

troops. It comes after a rogue Afghan soldier seriously injured three Australian soldiers on Tuesday.

Tuesday. And Victoria is on flood

watch today after being lashed by

one of the wildest storms this year.

Last night, emergency crews

responded to more than a thousand

calls for help, with hail and flash

flooding damaging homes and downing

trees. Now let's take a look at the national weather. Firstly for the rest of today.

That is all from the Morning News

for now. Thanks for watching and it

is over to Chrissie. People

sometimes ask me if I like to watch

'The Circle' and I say indeedy, I

do!! Thanks, Ron, we will check in

with you again in an hour. That was

Ron's lame attempt at humour. We

are joined by our delightful guest

host today!! (APPLAUSE)

I can only be cheeky about him

because he is in a different studio.

We have a great story that has just

broken. Mexican police conducted a

bit of a surprise attack - A raid.

Inspection at a jail on the weekend.