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Thank you so much for coming. for being here now. Thank you so much I love you so much. Don't you ever doubt that. Oh, and I you. Don't ever doubt... much I love you. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, Bush's bail-out - to the world. the American President's dire warning Our entire economy is in danger. Fears of another horse flu outbreak from the Spring Racing Carnival. just days out It would send shivers right throughout the industry nationally.

And the national sporting champion in a multimillion-dollar drug bust. caught up Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Also, open one day, closed the next - over another hospital bungle. the Government shamed And Melbourne storms into Sydney, without their captain. facing the final

But heading the news at 5:00 - dire financial warning the American President's is in danger that the entire US economy rescue plan goes ahead. unless a multibillion-dollar In a rare live address to the nation, to approve the bail-out immediately. George W. Bush called on lawmakers $800 billion rescue plan in jeopardy, With his administration's George W. Bush returned to Washington to the American people. to argue his case

Our entire economy is in danger that the Federal Government so I propose

posed by these troubled assets reduce the risk and supply urgently needed money. who must approve the plan Congressional leaders are now sceptical it will work, it amounts to financial socialism. some arguing puts the US at risk Mr Bush says doing nothing of a long and painful recession. by Congress, a financial panic. America could slip into

John McCain believes Republican presidential hopeful he can help broker a deal. In a surprise move, suspended his campaign the Arizona senator and work on the bail-out plan, to go to Washington

must take priority over politics. arguing solving the crisis that the plan on the table I do not believe and we are running out of time. will pass as it currently stands, The senator also called on Saturday to be postponed. for the first presidential debate has no plans to suspend his campaign Democratic rival Barack Obama and wants the debate to go ahead. the time when the American people It's my belief that this is exactly

need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, for dealing with this mess. will be responsible where the debate is to be held, says The University of Mississippi, to host the face-to-face showdown. it's continuing preparations Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States, to George W. Bush's bail-out address. And local stocks responded positively by RBA comments The market was also boosted system is placed better than most confirming Australia's financial to weather the Wall Street crisis.

in Sydney tonight is $1.55 a litre. The average price of unleaded petrol Ashfield and Croydon Park. We've seen it for $1.43 in Blacktown, horse flu has broken out again. There are fears waiting for tests to come back The racing industry is nervously a positive result after a horse returned just days out from the Spring Carnival.

the racing industry wanted to hear - It's the last thing the Eastern Creek quarantine facility one of 74 horses at testing positive equine influenza. to the highly contagious at Eastern Creek If we did have an outbreak throughout the industry nationally. it would send shivers right in Australia It's the first positive test 13 months ago. since an outbreak of EI in NSW and Queensland That shut down horse racing being vaccinated. and led to 55,000 horses lost $1 billion. The industry, on the last outbreak, It was catastrophic. than what we did We couldn't have gone any worse and it won't escape Eastern Creek. and I'm hoping this time it isn't EI

this thing can be It just shows you how insidious in the horse industry and, frankly, our constituents

another amount of disruption couldn't possibly face like we did last year. was negative on the second test. The horse, from overseas, to Victoria. A third sample has now been sent The results of the final test until later tonight at the earliest, won't be known but if it does prove positive, swings into action then a major operation to trace anyone or anything with the affected horse. that may have come into contact is being decontaminated. The quarantine facility of last year's outbreak. It was the source as a government, We have to make sure, there's the slightest chance that even if that we're dealing with EI again and we take the risk seriously. that we take every precaution the Federal Government The industry wants is a major loss A billion-dollar loss it's a small insurance policy. and for a $16 vaccination Despite today's scare, will go ahead on Saturday. the Spring Racing Carnival Eddy Meyer, Ten News. a no-confidence motion The State Government has survived over yet another hospital bungle. only to be shamed in the Blue Mountains has been shut, A maternity ward with much fanfare. just four weeks after being reopened The sick state of hospital funding at question time. again took centre stage Blue Mountains were today's focus. Expectant mothers in the

that reveals the unit is now closed, How do you explain this leaked memo

to travel down the mountain forcing women in labour to have their babies? was first closed in April. The Katoomba maternity ward at the start of this month. Fiery protests saw it reopened there aren't enough staff. But three weeks on, It was shut for at least 36 hours and if more employees aren't found, the ward will only run part-time. The maternity unit at Katoomba has been a difficult one to staff for close to a decade now. In the same chamber just before midnight, a win for Nathan Rees. The result of the division is ayes 46, noes 36. I declare the motion carried. The Opposition's no-confidence motion not only failed to win over the Independents but also four Labor MPs needed for it to force an early election. Same old Labor, hates accountability, hates being held responsible even to the very chamber in which it forms government. That a leader of the opposition who moves a no-confidence motion is really resorting to desperate tactics. he is seeking extra perks. Having served for three years, he's entitled to a annual package of up to $500,000,

but he may not get an office, driver and an assistant like longer-serving leaders. The arrangements will be confirmed next week. Having been in the job only three weeks, I can say it gets pretty hard, and for people who have done it for an extended period Kevin Wilde, Ten News. The RTA's has been caught out in a new scandal over the M5 East tunnel. Drivers are being put at risk because vital pollution detectors have been failing or not even switched on at all. The M5 East tunnel is a toxic mix of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide

and cancer-causing particulates of carbon.

The tunnel is still very dirty. It's might have improved a bit while the petrol price crisis was on. Now a leaked RTA report, dated July last year, has revealed pollution detectors were prone to failure. They'd broken down 11 times in 6 months. The report says: But Roads Minister Michael Daley says the RTA can't find the report and has told him the system is in good working order. I've seen this document, it does exist. There was no light beam visible from the detector in the Cooks River tunnel when Ten News checked today. They are reliable if they are properly maintained, but these are getting pretty old now. They have broken down in the past. The Premier is concerned about the tunnel's performance. It's been shut twice this week. It's not good enough, it's as simple as that. For years the RTA has insisted there was no need to install filters to clean up the polluted air inside the M5 tunnel. Now work is under way on a $65 million filtration system to improve the air quality and make the toxic tunnel safer for motorists. John Hill, Ten News. A former kickboxing champion has been arrested, accused of plotting to put millions of dollars worth of the drug ice on Sydney streets. He's one of two men police believe tried to import more than 200kg of chemicals as part of a global drug syndicate. In the ring they called him the 'Aussie Sniper'. The Sydney boxer was a force to be reckoned with. ANNOUNCER: Adam Watt is, yes he is, the new Commonwealth cruiserweight champion! Trained at one time by legendary fighter Jeff Fenech, 40-year-old Adam Watt is now facing serious drug charges. He's accused of planning to import 210 kilograms of ephedrine, the chemical used to make the deadly drug ice. According to Federal Police, the drugs would have been sold by criminals on Sydney's northern beaches for more than $50 million. Watt was arrested by the AFP in Manly this morning after an international investigation At a nearby home they picked up his alleged partner in crime, 43-year-old Radoslov Spadina. It's alleged the pair attended meetings around the world, planning to import the drug from the Congo, the operation run by a crime syndicate in the Netherlands. Their lawyers foreshadowed bail applications next week during a short appearance in court today. According to court documents, the syndicate imported three test or decoy packages containing tins of coconut milk, but the real shipment never went ahead because of civil unrest in the Congo. The pair face up to 25 years jail if convicted. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Let's take a look at sport now with Brad McEwan, and the Melbourne Storm are reeling from the loss of their skipper. Yes, Cameron Smith's season-ending ban has severely impacted on their premiership hopes. The Storm arrived in Sydney today for the preliminary final against the Sharks knowing their winning record without Smith is only 50%. And what about these celebrations in France as Aussie surfer Adrian Buchan stalls the world championship charge by American great Kelly Slater. Plus, thousands turn out to watch Geelong and Hawthorn train ahead of Saturday's AFL Grand Final. The radical move to prevent drownings in public pools - that's next. Also tonight, a political heavyweight takes the stand in a high-profile murder trial. And turning rubbish into power - the new plant lighting up Sydney homes. WOMAN 1: Labor has already reduced class sizes to 21 in the important early years. WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're reducing average class sizes to 21 for every single year of school! That's great! VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: (COMICAL MUSIC) You want to quit, but giving up all your cigarettes at once can seem impossible. That's because the receptor beasts in your brain will put up a fight if they don't get their hit of nicotine. With Nicabate's new Pre-Quit, you can continue to smoke for two weeks. reduces your urge to smoke, so you can gradually cut down and quit for good with Nicabate Patch. To triple the chance of success, ease into quitting with new clinically-proven Nicabate Pre-Quit.

This program is captioned live.

Former ALP powerbroker Graham Richardson has taken the stand at the Caroline Byrne murder trial. He's told the court he urged Gordon Wood to leave Australia after his girlfriend's death, but not to go into hiding. Another day and another famous face fronts court. Former Labor senator Graham Richardson says he was on friendly terms with Gordon Wood, who was a chauffeur for stockbroker Rene Rivkin. Wood often drove Mr Richardson to lunches. He says he may have told the accused to leave the country after Caroline's death, but not to avoid investigators. Richardson was his alibi for the day Caroline died, but today Mr Richardson said he was lunching with someone else. Wood's friend photographer Brett Cochrane gave evidence by video link. He took photos of Wood at the Gap three days after Caroline's death. Also tendered in evidence, a naked photograph he took of Wood for a magazine, the prosecution highlighting his muscular physique. The jury was also read a letter written by Gordon Wood to his friend after Caroline's death. and says the police investigation may be the reason Mr Rivkin cut contact. Wood's letter also criticised Mr Rivkin for failing to hand over profits from a business deal. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Children swimming in council pools might soon have to wear coloured wristbands showing their level of ability in the water. The recommendation is expected, following an inquest into the drowning of an 8-year-old girl in the Blue Mountains. Ten reporter Catherine Kennedy has more from Westmead Coroners Court.

The 8-year-old girl died during a

school excursion in December 2006.

During the inquest at this week a

number of her teachers at the

Public school and also police officers have given evidence. The lifeguard who was on duty at the

time of her death also give

evidence. He described how he could

not tell which kids from the school

could swim and which kids could not

swim. The wait to get around this

was for children to wear coloured

wristbands - - way. The coroner

said he would look at ways at such

tragedies could be avoided in the

future, including looking at

permission forms. The Life Guard

admitted to leaving the pool deck

for a number of minutes on the day

that the girl died, describing it

as a lapse in judgement. Family

members say they do not want their

- - other families to go through

the same thing. She was my princess and Angel.

I have her picture in my room. The

deputy Gerry - - Deputy state

coroner will hand down his findings next month. A 5-year-old boy has been killed by a falling palm tree in North Queensland. The freak accident happened in the main street of Port Douglas outside a busy resort heavily booked for the school holidays. Police, fire and ambulance crews were quickly on the scene, but were unable to save the boy's life. The Government's making another attempt to give Medicare tax cuts But the Opposition is standing firm, saying the plan could wreck the health system. I move that this bill now be read a second time. The Health Minister brought the Medicare bill straight back to Parliament today, just hours after it failed by one vote to get it through the Senate, when Family First joined the Coalition to block tax relief for middle-income earners who don't have private health insurance. Well, Family First is families last. The surcharge was meant to hit the wealthy, earning $50,000 or more. Unchanged for a decade, it now catches workers earning below-average wages. Certainly not a high salary, indeed. It is a working salary, I understand that. The Government seized on the Liberal Senator's words to back its case for raising the threshold to $75,000 and says it's a message for the Opposition Leader. He needs to be able to look those 333,000 Australians in the eye to support a tax cut for them. and explain why he refuses But the Liberals say it is bad policy.

If you want to undermine the private health insurance industry in this country, and you want a crippled public health system, then you follow the Roxon model. The Government's hoping Senator Fielding will have another change of heart before Parliament resumes in a fortnight. There was better news for the Budget bottom line when the Senate agreed to end a tax exemption for WA gas producers worth around $2 billion. This time, the Greens and two Independents voted with Labor after minor amendments. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. It's a place more commonly associated with nuclear power, but now its leading a rubbish-to-energy revolution. Landfill at Lucas Heights is being transformed into enough electricity to power 16,000 homes. It may not smell like it, but this pile of garbage is a green energy source. 500,000 tonnes of rubbish pours into landfill at the Lucas Heights Waste Centre each year,

giving off potent methane gas as it breaks down. But instead of polluting, the gas is generating power. We're not just stopping the methane going into the atmosphere - it's not dead and buried - we're actually using it to create renewable energy.

Methane gas is sucked into wells drilled 30 metres down the landfill. It's then shipped through 5km of piping to the Lucas Heights power station. Here the gas is filtered and fed into power generators, where it's converted to electricity... ..and fed back into the grid. The power in the local suburbs would be supplied and not those that are hundreds of kilometres away. The technology helps reduce the amount of dangerous methane stored underground. This month dozens of families fled their outer Melbourne homes after explosive methane gas levels were detected from a nearby dump. Lucas Heights isn't alone in this technology. Two national companies have installed waste-to-energy projects in landfills across Australia. And in the UK, almost 1 million homes run on renewable rubbish, proving one man's garbage is another man's gas. Emily Rice, Ten News.

Here is Tim Bailey with the

weather.. The disposition of Tim

Bailey matches the sunny

disposition of the weather. Rather

Rather cold last night. Calder has

night for Richmond in about two

weeks. - - coldest night. The only

words I have for you on a Thursday

afternoon as we roll into the

weekend is mainly sunny. I will see

you again in about 10 minutes. Up next, the disturbing new links between Finland's two mass murderers. And America's upside-down thrillseeker left dangling by the President. WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know. My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21! And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best. That's gotta be good for learning. Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools

in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing and putting new IT equipment into every school. Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

(UPBEAT PERCUSSION MUSIC PLAYS) A Brekkie Snack Wrap is big value for small change at just $2.45 on the new Value Picks menu at McDonald's. Grab one for breakfast today. (McDONALD'S THEME)

Here is Vic Lorusso with the

traffic. He says that he is over traffic. He says that he is over

their country of God tonight. their country of God tonight.

I hopefully next week my team will

be in the NRL Grand Final. No

problems over Manly tonight. There

were problems over the Harbour

Bridge but unfortunately we cannot

get there. Finland has observed a national day of mourning for the 10 people shot dead in the latest school massacre. Police are now investigating a link between yesterday's crime and last year's school shooting, which claimed eight lives. Tonight this startling new link has emerged that connects the two massacres that have so shaken Finland over the last year. Police say the guns used last November and yesterday were purchased in the same shop. Did the two killers, Pekka-Erik Auvinen and Matti Saari, know each other?

Were the two men a deadly team? the previous attack? Or was Saari just precisely copying We have also learned that Saari left a suicide note, saying that he had planned yesterday's atrocity for six years. His self-declared motivation was a hatred of mankind and his legacy are these deeply disturbed videos that he placed on YouTube. You will die next. How could police view that footage? How could they interview the 22 year-old and still reach the conclusion he was not an immediate danger to the community? Every Finn wants an explanation and now 10 grieving families demand one. They could have removed and taken away his weapon? Yes, they could have. Why didn't they? Look, that is the case we are investigating later. Politicians here are promising to tighten Finland's gun laws but those promises at the time of the last massacre

and nothing happened. A ferocious typhoon is hammering southern China. The winds are so powerful they're blowing people off the streets, some unable to stay on their feet, others struggling to balance on their bikes. Authorities evacuated more than 100,000 people

from the densely populated area before the storm struck. Three people have lost their lives, two are missing. Sir Paul McCartney has paid a visit to Bethlehem ahead of his first ever concert in Israel. The event has drawn criticism from some Palestinians, while others were keen to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

For a moment, Sir Paul McCartney was just another tourist at the Church of the Nativity, the place where Christ was born. Then, on what was supposed to be a hush-hush visit to the Palestinian territories, he was engulfed by fans. Sir Paul's decision to play a single concert tomorrow night in the Israeli heartland city of Tel Aviv has come under fire from Palestinian activists. One told me that the singer is making himself an accomplice in Israel's occupation of the West Bank. If he chooses to stand against the oppressed and with the oppressor, that's a moral choice that he's making, but we condemn that. There are some Palestinians, though, Sir Paul, You must be aware that some actually asked you not to come. Yes, that's right. I get criticised everywhere I go, but I don't listen to them.

I think it's best to come and find out for yourself.

It's 40 years since John Lennon infamously declared that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Today in Bethlehem, there was no such arrogance from this ex-Beatle, only a professed desire to hear the views of all sides and a determination to play his music his way. Julian Manyon, Ten News. American daredevil David Blaine is finding his feet again after spending 60 hours hanging upside down. Blaine began his latest bizarre stunt on Tuesday, dangling in New York's Central Park. When it was time to come down, he was carefully turned upright, while still in his harness. Finally up the right way, he said he thought his head was about to explode. Blaine actually spent an extra 15 minutes in the air, with the end of his stunt delayed by 15 minutes because it coincided with the American President's address to the nation. Next, the man who killed off a tax break for almost 500,000 Australians. Also, fact or fiction - actor Michael Douglas on whether greed is still good on Wall Street. I'm not saying that - my name is not Gordon. And Delta Goodrem impresses America. Beautiful. Thank you very much. Good to have you with us. Lovely! Delta Goodrem, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to Zyrtec, allergy days can get turned around fast. (LIGHT MUSIC) The sneezing...

(SNEEZES IN REVERSE) Whoosh! Whoosh! ..itchy eyes and runny nose all go - like a Zyrtec.

You feel like you can perform at your best without that allergy cloud in your head that drags you down. Zyrtec can get you back to normal fast. Allergy symptoms go... a Zyrtec. WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know. My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21!

And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best. That's gotta be good for learning. Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing and putting new IT equipment into every school. Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: It's springtime, and a man's thoughts turn to...hardware. Two-piece Pope pruning set: Australian Super is an industry fund over 3, 5 and 10 years. WOMAN 1: Labor has already reduced class sizes to 21 in the important early years. WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're reducing average class sizes to 21 for every single year of school! That's great! VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a former national and Commonwealth kickboxing champion has been arrested, accused of plotting to put millions of dollars worth of the drug ice on Sydney streets. Adam Watt is one of two men police believe tried to import more than 200kg of chemicals as part of a global drug syndicate. There are fears horse flu has broken out again at the same place the first outbreak occurred, the Eastern Creek quarantine centre. The racing industry is nervously waiting for tests to come back after a horse returned a positive result just days out from the Spring Carnival. And US President George W. Bush has issued a dire financial warning that the entire American economy is in danger. In a rare live address to the nation, Mr Bush called on lawmakers to immediately approve his $800 billion bail-out. The US financial crisis continues to dominate the Prime Minister's visit to New York. Kevin Rudd has held talks with world leaders and financial experts, but it was a Hollywood star who stole the show. As ruthless banker Gordon Gecko in the 1987 movie 'Wall Street', Michael Douglas uttered the mantra which now haunts the markets. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. The Hollywood actor is now a UN messenger for peace, but amidst the financial chaos couldn't escape his past as he joined with Foreign Minister Stephen Smith to promote nuclear disarmament. My name is not Gordon - it's a character I played 20 years ago. The greed of Wall Street dominates Kevin Rudd's visit to New York, casting a cloud over high-level meetings on Australia's plans for a low-carbon economy. It's an even greater difficulty at the time when the global economy is under great global financial stress.

It's also overshadowing Mr Rudd's meeting with world leaders to lobby for support for Australia's bid to join the UN Security Council. Key issues were also discussed with former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger. We talked mostly about Asia, the future of China, of an Asian community and the role of Australia. Mr Rudd gets his moment in the world spotlight tomorrow when he addresses the UN General Assembly. Brad Hodson, Ten News. And another Australian busy in the US is Delta Goodrem, on David Letterman's show. who nabbed a coveted spot The 22-year-old performed in front of millions of late-night viewers. (SINGS) # You give me life You give me love # You show me everything that's been happening # You've opened up my eyes. # The host seemed genuinely impressed by his Australian guest. That was beautiful. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Good to have you with us. Delta Goodrem, ladies and gentlemen.

Delta continues her US assault, performing at a festival in New York's Central Park this weekend.

Here is Tim Bailey with the weather.

Our final snow report for the year?

That is correct. The season looks

like it will wrap up on Monday. Our

first blast of daylight savings

which will last six months in NSW.

The white stuff keeps coming. The white stuff keeps coming. Off to Thredbo. The white stuff keeps coming. Off

to Thredbo. We are giving the whole

thing up five ugg boots. It thing up five ugg boots. It is

springtime. Go and enjoy it some springtime. Go and enjoy it some of

the white sugar. Just the odd

snowman to assemble. If you have a

spare weekend appeal sleeve,

enjoyed the last of the snow season.

The monthly Environment Award

winner on your television Imagine training at high intensity in this heat and going the whole day without food or anything to drink. That's what two Sydney sportsmen are enduring this month. They're among around 500,000 Australian Muslims observing Ramadan. As the sun sets over the Harbour City dinner is being served in the Khawaja home. They're one of thousands of Muslim families in Sydney observing the Ramadan fast. It's been a long day - nothing to eat and nothing to drink from sun-up to sundown.

I remember back in school it used to be really tough too when everyone used to go out at lunchtime and eat, but, I guess, over the years you just sort of develop strength against that. Usman plays cricket for NSW, and this year Ramadan has fallen during preseason training. I actually forgot for a day that he was there and we did some pretty exhaustive fielding sessions, and by the end of it he was cooked. With temperatures already hitting summer levels, it hasn't been easy. Five years ago it was smack bang so that was pretty tough too. There's been various studies in recent years on an athlete's body. into the toll of the Ramadan fast Now, what they all agree on is a significant decline in speed, agility and endurance. But, perhaps even more crucially, it's thought a month of fasting could have a long-term impact on performance. We monitor him pretty closely and he knows within himself how hard he can push himself. It's the month of generosity too. How you managing? Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. Throughout his 13-year career in the NRL, Hazem El Masri has used Ramadan for charity work. Earlier this month he played a game for the Bulldogs... COMMENTATOR: He'll go himself and score! ..80 minutes of rugby league with no water.

It's like cheating yourself. You know yourself and your intentions, that you're not doing the right thing, so you're only playing games with yourself, and God knows. Two men making small sacrifices in the holiest month on the Muslim calendar. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Sport now with Brad,

and Melbourne Storm refuse to concede Cameron Smith's season is over. Yes, if they can beat Cronulla to make the Grand Final, they'll appeal. More shortly. But it's a penalty that's split the league world. Ahead, the players who say Smith got what he deserved. And what a celebration - the Aussie surfer who's stalled Kelly Slater's charge towards a ninth world surfing crown.

WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know.

My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21! And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best. That's gotta be good for learning. Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools in high-demand areas.

They're also refurbishing and putting new IT equipment into every school. Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

VOICEOVER: Recently moved to Canberra?

Then you could win one of four $5,000 Service One Members Banking accounts simply by updating your Medicare address. The Australian Government uses population numbers to decide how much funding each community receives. And Medicare addresses are one way the population is counted. So update your address today by calling Medicare Australia on 132011. Then enter the draw at a Service One Members Banking branch or at and you could win $5,000 and help your community.

This program is captioned live. The Melbourne Storm are set to launch a judiciary appeal over Cameron Smith's ban tomorrow night. But in a day of dramatic fallout fellow NRL stars say Smith got what he deserved.

The Storm arrived in Sydney still smarting from the suspension of the skipper. was obvious, But while the disappointment there might be hope. A club official appeared to let slip that the Storm will make a call on appealing Cameron Smith's 2-match ban if they beat the Sharks. to make a decision - sorry, a statement - in regards to the Cameron Smith situation immediately after the game tomorrow night. All teams have seven days to appeal the panel's verdict. Smith spoke only of his disappointment last night. I still feel when I play the game - the game that I love - He had support too at a golfing fund-raiser for the Men of League foundation. Some say he's a victim of a grapple tackle crackdown. I mean, if it's happened all year and they're making an example of him now it's pretty poor on behalf of the NRL judiciary, on the NRL. He's a bloke who's captain of our country and he's been basically a scapegoat. But rival players claim Smith had to be punished because the grapple has to go. Probably thought he deserved it. It's something we want to eradicate out of the game. It's disappointing for him that it happened in this circumstance and he's going to miss - but it's something we really want to get rid of. I think it's a shame for him to have to miss out on games at this time of the year but grappling is something we have to stamp out of the game. The Warriors flying out for their clash with Manly trying not to get carried away with all the attention.

It is a fine line. I think it is

important that we do so go up the

atmosphere and make the most of it

but there is a hell of a task ahead of us. Thousands of Geelong and Hawthorn fans have flocked to their teams' final training sessions ahead of Saturday's AFL Grand Final.

It was a sea of brown and gold at Waverley Park to watch the Hawks' hit-out. Their team will go in unchanged. Down at Geelong, the Cats faithful at back-to-back premierships. ahead of their tilt We enjoy a bit of the atmosphere and soaking it in a little bit but, at the same time, our minds are well and truly on Saturday afternoon and getting the job done there. Geelong has made one change to its side - Paul Chapman returns, with David Wojcinski the unlucky player to miss out. 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has warned fans not to expect too much when he returns to racing in Adelaide in January.

The 37-year-old insists to raise awareness for cancer, and not because he craves an eighth Tour crown. Well, this will not look like any other Tour de France preparation. The fact that I'm starting the season down-under, in Australia, looking to events in South Africa, looking to training camps in South America - this won't resemble any of the other seven victories, which is slightly scary. After a 3-year absence, Armstrong will get back on his bike for the Tour Down Under. While Australian athletics celebrated a resurgence at the Beijing Olympics, there was a limited impact from NSW athletes. Hopefully that will soon change, with the current State All Schools Track and Field Championships

looking to unearth a new generation of stars. Our track hopes of tomorrow were today pushing their youthful frames to the edge of teenage endurance. Aged under 14, these competitors will be too young to be considered for London 2012, but the 2016 Games are a strong possibility. Yes, it is, certainly, for some of the older kids. They'll be aspiring to the Olympics, obviously, after our success at Beijing this year. A Games that provided our first since 1968, in Steven Hooker. Walker Jared Tallent was the first man to win two medals in over 100 years. Sally McLellan is the new star of the women. Well, for me it's like when you see someone do that well and do stuff like that. it really inspires you to go on

Here is where it gets interesting.

Not a single person from NSW among them.

in Beijing, In fact, in a team of 41 athletes only 7 were from NSW.

Somewhere along the line, our most talented youngsters seem to slip through the cracks. But Boegman-Stewart says that's all about to change.

Well, I think we've got a good junior program now, especially in NSW.

Is also about educating the coaches

and we're getting better at doing that. If so, Ella might be one our stars of the future. Andrew Blow, Ten News. Surfing great Kelly Slater will have to wait for another tournament to wrap up his ninth world championship after he was defeated in the final of the Quiksilver Pro in France by Australia's Adrian Buchan. 26-year-old Buchan posted his inaugural ASP men's world tour victory to narrowly defeat the American. I'm so happy and I just want to thank everyone that's helped me out. I've got a heap of friends here this week and yeah, just really, really stoked. Buchan earned US$30,000 plus a car and climbed to ninth on the tour ratings. Ahead in Sports Tonight, why Adelaide United is hoping for favours from the Football Federation after becoming the first Aussie team to reach the semis of the Asian Champions League.

Either stoked or radical. Here is

Vic Lorusso with the traffic..

Trouble in another Sydney tunnel tonight?

You would not read about it. An electrical

electrical fire. Unfortunately we

could not go in there to see the

delays. We are in another spot. A

busy Thursday night. This fantastic weather is set to continue, but for how long? Tim Bailey's forecast is next.

WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know. My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21! And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best. That's gotta be good for learning.

Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools

in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing and putting new IT equipment into every school. Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

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WOMAN 1: Labor has already reduced class sizes to 21 in the important early years. WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're reducing average class sizes to 21 for every single year of school! That's great! VOICEOVER: ACT Labor:

This program is captioned live.

Here is Tim Bailey with the weather.

Winners are crooners. You should

have smiles all over the place tonight.

I have a lot of smiles here. You

have won a whole heap of money. On

your television this man is from

Telstra. The Telstra Environment

Awards are called that because

people like this man get behind it

and give us awards. We have really

touched a nerve in the community.

People are getting behind this

award like you would not believe.

It is fantastic. It is fantastic.

To he is the man up with the To he is the man up with the money.

Lead has give him of a round of

applause. He has an award as well.

Channel Ten is proud to give these

to the principle of the Sydney

secondary college. I have got a

cheque for $2,000. What really cheque for $2,000. What really

bothers me is that I had been

working for Channel 10 for 16 years.

When I finally see a cheque for

$2,000, I have to give it to you.

We had been saving the planet. We

had been planting trees and same

thing - - saving water. We have had

the most fantastic environment date the most fantastic environment date

ever here at the college. - - day.

It was a very big day. Peter

Garrett was here and we put it on the television. You could win

$5,000. If you would like to get

involved, go to the website. Fine

and sunny. They are the only words

I have to use. It is school

holidays. A happy wedding to Myra -

- Kyle. I did that so I did not

have to give - Kyle. I did that so I did not

have to give him a present tomorrow.

It northerly winds on the mat for

tomorrow. Don't worry about the

umbrella. Increasing sunshine in


See you tomorrow night. Cheers all round. This program is captioned live. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll have updates before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. # Hey!