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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight, Tonight - what were they thinking?

The women who found Heath Ledger instead of an ambulance. called a starlet first returns home, As his grieving ex-fiancee about the drugs involved. new questions I almost drove off a cliff. I warn people about Ambien. now looted - Also flooded - in the Queensland deluge. victims ripped off

Very, very un-Australian. Australia's living medical miracle.

We didn't believe it. The transplant patient who's rewritten science.

Forget the man on the moon, try the man on Mars -

from the Red Planet. the strange new image And, the Australian Open 'Glam Slam' with Mark Aiston. headlines Sports Tonight Deb, and I might even tape it. Really looking forward to this one, Maria Sharapova in the final. It'll be Ana Ivanovic versus A battle of the beauties. Tsonga against Nadal. Also - the first of the men's semis - That is special. Also - a little master class. innings in the fourth Test. Sachin Tendulkar's magnificent under fire already. The Socceroos coach from overseas Don't need credible coaches bagging the local competition.

the cause of Heath Ledger's death But first, remains a mystery tonight, and it could be up to 10 days of toxicology tests. before we know the results

are emerging, More details of his final moments the woman who found the actor's body including claims

before she called an ambulance. phoned a Hollywood starlet is outside his apartment in New York. Late News reporter Nicole Strahan

there today Nicole, a devastating arrival for someone very close to Heath? to New York for Michelle Williams, Certainly an emotional return and mother to his daughter. the one-time fiancee of Heath Ledger where she'd been filming, She flew in from Sweden, arriving in New York earlier today. The focus has turned Michelle Williams, to Heath Ledger's ex, returning from Europe Matilda. with their 2-year-old daughter,

The cameras are also surrounding in the heart of Manhattan a growing memorial as more details start to emerge the 'New York Times' Manhattan police told the 28-year-old face down in bed Ledger's masseuse found and she picked up his mobile phone on speed dial. to call the actress Mary-Kate Olsen then called an ambulance. The masseuse

Olsen responded to the emergency three of her private security guards, by sending over who are now cooperating with police. supermodel Helena Christensen, Another female friend, told a fashion magazine to the actor's apartment she was on the way when she heard he'd died. late Aussie rocker Michael Hutchence The 39-year-old former lover of to the 'Brokeback Mountain' star was linked Michelle Williams late last year. after he broke up with

New York police say in the actor's apartment, they have found no illegal drugs raised suspicions although a rolled-up $20 bill he may have been snorting cocaine. of any substance. Tests found no traces there was no criminality. The medical examiner said today for the toxology report. Of course, we have to wait That could be as long as 10 days. in London Jack Nicholson told reporters

he didn't know the Oscar nominee but had used the sleeping pill reportedly found in the star's apartment -

Stilnox, called Ambien in the US. I almost drove off a cliff once. I warn people about Ambien. has also had an impact The Australian's death on the White House,

against prescription drug abuse. President Bush cancelling a campaign ..the White House saying to link the campaign, in any way, it did not want

of actor Heath Ledger. to the sudden death Police say they are prepared to the Ledger family to release the body is known before the official cause of death in his home town of Perth. so a funeral can be held of Heath Ledger's death While the cause is still being investigated, be handed over to his family it's understood that his body will could arrive here in New York and we believe that his family as early as tomorrow for a funeral service. so that they can take his body home where you are, Nicole, Heath's apartment, of a major investigation. was yesterday the centre a strong police presence there? Is there still This is no longer a crime scene.

that they need Police have gathered all the evidence from inside Heath Ledger's apartment. outside his apartment in Soho, But what is still happening here

The last goodbyes to Heath Ledger where his road to stardom began. might be at the place for its most famous former student. offering to hold the memorial just this Christmas. Heath Ledger was at home

He'll return one last time, is likely to end here, and that final journey

at his old school. where his love of acting was sealed The place the historic grounds has now offered the Ledger family to celebrate his life. some time And I just need to give them to deal with the priority issues right now that are having to be dealt with in due course, I'm sure. and they'll come back to me Wherever it is held, it'll be a memorial with many things to treasure.

to the arts was a portrait One of his final contributions

It took three weeks, Heath died in New York. and was finished the day before He was really excited about it, about seeing the finished work. really excited exuberant, positive person. He was a very excited,

in his final weeks is argued over, While his state of mind life at the top was often tough. his family admit But they're now focusing would play jokes on his grandfather like when Heath in his younger days when he was dressed as Santa Claus.

in exposing old Poppa Heath used to pride himself Christmas time by pulling the old beard down at and letting the young ones know, a bit of a prankster. so he was always There were never, ever any boundaries,

never going to be, and I think that's the way Heath lived his life. No boundaries - nothing was impossible. Josh Murphy, Ten News. The only person to survive the car crash that killed Princess Diana has appeared before the inquest into her death. has cast doubt on the evidence. But a psychiatrist The only one to wear a seatbelt was the only one to survive.

Trevor Rees literally had a front-row seat in the crash that claimed the lives of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, but he's unable to give the inquest any details into their deaths.

The former bodyguard remembers very little about the accident, his psychiatrist says can't be relied on. The first - a photographer on a motorbike pulling up alongside them at a set of traffic lights. The second - hearing Diana cry out for Dodi as she lay dying in the seat behind.

Mr Rees does recall having one conversation with the couple before leaving, where Dodi suggested he and Diana leave alone, with no security, out of a back entrance of the hotel. But the bodyguard talked him out of it, saying it was duty to accompany and protect them. but the bodyguard insisted he accompany them. He also recalls Henri Paul was not behaving as if he was drunk. Mr Rees told the jury he has only ever told the truth about what happened that night, or at least what he can remember. But Mohamed Al Fayed, for one, is unconvinced. He's alleged the bodyguard knows a lot more than he's saying, but has been pressured by the British secret service to keep quiet.

Two Australians have sparked a red alert in Singapore, with fighter jets scrambled.

of the world's busiest airports Commercial air space over one was locked down after the Australians took a light plane into the area without permission. They're still being questioned, but no charges have been laid. A man has ended an hour-long police chase by driving to a police station. the driver sometimes cruising at about 40km/h,

criss-crossing Cairns, even taking detours into suburban streets. MAN ON RADIO: He's turning He's turning into Springfield Crescent. After speaking with negotiators on his mobile phone, the driver then delivered himself to the local police station.

He's facing up to 70 charges. Another blow for flood-stricken residents of central Queensland - many now being targeted by looters. This week's floods brought out the very best in Emerald,

but now, as the waters recede,

it's clear the community spirit doesn't extend to everyone. These shattered windows are the legacy of looters, taking advantage of homeowners who've been forced to higher ground. It's absolutely disgraceful. Very un-Australian, I think. People have got to come back to a foot of water through their houses and find half their electrical goods are stolen. It may be weeks before everyone can go home.

The clean-up in the streets is accelerating. A lot of stuff, it's probably not even worth trying to save it.

We're just gonna throw a lot out and just try and start again. To the east, the capital of central Queensland, Rockhampton, Is playing the waiting game. It's coming - it's a just a matter of time and how high the river rises. Already the brown waters from upstream are dragging foliage, like hundreds of small moving islands, from the floods in Emerald.

In places, the Fitzroy has crept over its banks The experts say somewhere up to 8.4m. I've heard it could go as high as 8.3m. But I think everybody's just a bit uncertain. It's expected to peak at about 8m by Tuesday, the last risk of property damage before the floodwaters finally reach the sea. Max Futcher, Ten News.

Politicians past and present have shown they're not shy

when it comes to spending taxpayers' money on travel. A report into pollies' expenses sparking calls for the scrapping of the controversial Gold Pass. While the Federal Government's looking to cut spending, a new report shows the gold pass given to former parliamentarians Taxpayers probably don't realise how incredibly generous the gold card system is.

domestically as well as internationally is extremely excessive. In just six months former pollies spent $500,000 on domestic travel. The biggest spenders racking up bills of around $15,000 each. Critics of the gold pass say Kevin Rudd should restrict it. I don't think the gold card system loopholes will be closed, because the cuts in politicians' superannuation mean

that pollies like to keep some rorts open for them. I think it should be confined only to retired prime ministers, former prime minister. I think it's fair enough. Everybody else, they can pay for themselves. Of our past PMs, it was Malcolm Fraser who had the biggest travel bill - $23,000 over six months. Paul Keating with $17,000 for the same period. It's a question of what are they actually doing with that travel

and to what extent is it best serving the best interests of Australia and of Australians. The report also shows the overseas travel bill for the Coalition government was huge - almost $1 million in six months for just three senior politicians. And that doesn't include the cost of using the government's own fleet of jets. Pollies from all sides also taking so-called overseas study trips.

And here's what taxpayers get in return from their travelling politicians - reports on their study trips, some barely a page long.

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. An Australian is making medical headlines after an extraordinary reaction to a liver transplant. In a world first, the teenager has taken on the donor's immune system. Doctors are amazed, saying it could have huge implications.

15-year-old Demi-Lee Brennan has everything to smile about - she is a living medical miracle. At age 9, critically ill from liver failure, an organ transplant saved her life. She's done really well, I'm really proud of her. She's my little hero. I just can't thank them enough. It's, like, my second chance at life. This was no ordinary transplant, though.

After receiving the donor organ, doctors noticed Demi's body had adopted the blood type and immune system

of the donated liver, a phenomenon never before seen by doctors. We didn't believe it. We thought that this was just too strange an occurrence to occur. First of all we thought we must have made a mistake - the blood group wrong - Incredibly, Demi will never need to take medication

to stop her body rejecting the donated liver - a dream outcome for doctors. What seemed to have happened was that the cells from the liver had gone into her bone marrow and then started a whole new immune system that was taking over her body. For Demi's family

Seeing her now, grown up and going to high school, is just so great 'cause, like, we honestly thought, like, at one point she wasn't going to make it. The implications of Demi's case are far-reaching.

Doctors around the world will now work to determine exactly what happened in the hope of producing similar outcomes for other transplant patients. We don't have a good answer for why it occurred and we're just amazingly glad that it did. Disappointment for fans of unusual Icelandic singer Bjork, forced to cancel her headline performance at tomorrow's Big Day Out festival in Sydney. Doctors ordering rest after her sell-out show on the Opera House steps last night, the singer suffering swollen vocal chords. No problems though for The Police, continuing their comeback tour down under. Sting leading the reformed rockers in Sydney on their first Australian tour in 23 years. The trio a little greyer,

but still delivering an arresting performance.

After the break...

There is a combination of rocks and shadows, different varieties of rocks. ..the bizarre picture from the Red Planet that's left conspiracy theorists red-faced.

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This program is captioned live. A wild ride for thrill-seekers after a rollercoaster malfunctioned. The group was left stranded for more than 20 minutes when the 'Metropolis' attraction at Luna Park in Melbourne came to a grinding halt. We were halfway through the ride, and it all of a sudden just stopped,

and at first we just thought it was part of the ride but then, after a while, we realised it wasn't. Firefighters eventually helped them from their lofty perch to solid ground. It's believed a part of the rollercoaster had come loose. It's the end of an era in Australian publishing, with the sudden closure of 'The Bulletin' magazine. A literary and journalistic icon for 128 years, the magazine has fallen victim to the Internet.

The latest issue of the 'Bulletin' will be the last. While it proclaims "Why we love Australia", the magazine's website is telling another story - why we're closing it. It seems the Internet is the culprit, carving into news magazine sales. As the Bulletin's publishers put it: It was killed, partly, by the Internet, it was killed, partly, by the rise of other magazines - there's weekly magazines now in the Saturday papers and in the Sunday papers - and it was killed by television. In its early years the 'Bulletin' was characterised writing and cartoons. It changed with the times and under the ownership of the Packers carried a political punch. According to some, Kerry Packer's death spelt doom for the 'Bulletin'. Once he died and then private equity got involved, which is interested only in profits,

not in what the 'Bulletin' means to Australia, it was over. The current owners, PBL Media, said the Bulletin was:

When they do a post-mortem on the 'Bulletin' magazine they will find that it was death by numbers. From the highs of over 100,000 circulation in the 1990s it's plummeted to a paltry 57,000 sales on the latest audit.

It just seems as though it's the end of an era and people aren't buying these kind of magazines in the numbers that they once did. The 'Bulletin' magazine - born 1880, passed away 2008.

Greg Turnbull, Ten News. And a denial tonight from the owner of Channel Seven - Kerry Stokes ending speculation that he planned to buy 'The Bulletin'.

A look at finance now with CommSec's Juliette Saly. Juliette, an astounding story - a single rogue trader ripping off a bank to the tune of $8.2 billion.

This is a very big story coming out

of Europe. France's circus second largest bank

largest bank posted Europe's

largest ever Trading lost. The Bank

has issued tonight and e-mail

statement saying one of its traders

has been caught selling positions

on the futures market. The bank now

needs to raise 5 billion euros to

cover this loss. The head of the

bank has offered to stand down, an

offer that has been refused by the

bank's board. The bank's shares

have been placed tonight in a trading halt. None

trading halt. None of this has affected investor sentiment affected investor sentiment in

Europe, with all major indices

higher tonight. To the figures in detail:

what should you do with your money? We asked the experts about the best longer-term investments.

The past fortnight may have left many investors spooked but those in the know say it's time to diversify. The advice this year is to spread your money around - put a bit of money in the bank, a bit of money in property, a bit of money in shares, because the sorts of returns we're going to see on the asset classes are going to be very similar this year. For the first time in many years, though, cash is king. We can see returns on bank deposits somewhere in the order of 6-7%,

which is quite healthy. Put it in the bank. There's a great short-term rate in the banks at the moment, but also get into property, naturally, because you are the master Angus Raine insists buying property in bigger towns is an affordable, profitable option. Population here in Australia is growing at the fastest rate in 18 years, so demand for property is strong but we're not building enough units and apartments. ..making investment properties hot property.

The national rental vacancy rate is just 1.5% - the lowest in 25 years. Although the past two weeks' turmoil on the share markets makes it difficult to focus on longer-term prospects, analysts say that's exactly what they'll be doing here at the Reserve Bank of Australia, with many now tipping at least two interest rate rises this year. You should also do your sums that you're comfortable and make sure with your monthly repayments.

If you're looking for even higher guidance, it's time to be cautious... The planet Jupiter, which rules money, is moving into a much more conservative, fear-stricken sign. ..which means it won't be so easy to borrow money. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Is it life or just a pile of rocks? A fresh mystery has emerged from the Red Planet, thanks to a new NASA photograph.

It's the scene from outer space that's got cyberspace buzzing. Does this picture hold final proof life exists on the Red Planet? This image, taken by NASA, seems to show a human-like figure in the rocky Martian landscape, perhaps crucial evidence of inhabitants. Excited Internet bloggers have pointed to an apparent arm outstretched by the figure. "Is it Bigfoot?", asked many. Or is it, said one, "Just a rock, Stupid."

So, Sir Patrick - what, in your considered opinion, is that? I showed the image to a real space expert. Of course there is a combination of rocks and shadows,

Remember the face on Mars? Yes. That's far more like a face than this is like a man.

So it's definitely not Bigfoot? Definitely not. I'm afraid not. No buses on Mars. If there are, I hope they run better than ours.

Three decades ago NASA's 'Viking' spacecraft gave us this image - an apparent human face two miles long on the surface of Mars... THEME PLAYS '2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY' ..and now this picture, adding support to the theories of life on the Red Planet, more in hope, of course, then expectation. It is, after all, just a pile of rocks, isn't it? Nina Nannar, Ten News.

Sir Richard Branson has unveiled the final design for his space tourism venture, Virgin Galactic. The entrepreneur is planning to take paying passengers on sub-orbital joy rides

on 'SpaceShipTwo'.

It's exhilarating to have got this far and I think people can now realise that it's going to be a reality, so we're not far off now.

Test flights will start later this year. Sports Tonight is next with Mark Aiston, and an incredible result at the Australian Open? Unbelievable, Deb - Rafael Nadal bundled out in straight sets by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. All the highlights coming up.

Also, the countdown to the A-League finals. A new-look Roosters ready to crow in 2008. And from bull riding to boxing - we meet one of Australia's new hopes in the ring.

This program is captioned live. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. Well, what an extraordinary night at the Australian Open - world number two Rafael Nadal thrashed by a rising star.

His name - Jo-Wilfied Tsonga. Ian Cohen is at Melbourne Park. Ian, this Tsonga bloke looks like Mohammed Ali.

Tonight he stung like a bee.

He certainly did. You might as He certainly did. You might as well

add floated like a butterfly. His

court coverage was exceptional.

Rafael Nadal could not lay a glove on him.

on him. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, it is

all about him. Everyone is starting

the dense because he has got the

romance of the Israeli unopened. It

is hard to believe this is a man playing such audacious tenors

injustice if the Grand Slam.

That's nearly a flawless set from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The second started much the same. But that is just absurd. The 22-year-old showing touch to belie his 90 kilo frame. This is just a joke. You can't do that, can you? Nadal throwing everything at his opponent, but Tsonga's court coverage was irresistible. Nadal throwing everything at his opponent, You've only got to look at the crowd to appreciate this man.

but Tsonga's court coverage was irresistible. You've only got to look at the crowd to appreciate this man. Tsonga converting his first chance to break Nadal in the second, before serving out the set. That is total domination by Tsonga. There's some standing ovations going. Nadal showed signs of comeback early in the third before an all-too-familiar reply. You can't even hope to contain it. You can't stop that. Tsonga making the world's second best player

look utterly useless en route to his second break of serve, leaving the commentators to search for superlatives. Goodness gracious. I know we're in the moment right now, but I'm not sure I've ever seen tennis like this. The 22-year-old sealing the match with an ace and in just his fifth Grand Slam sealing one of the biggest upsets in Open history.

High as a look at the scoreline. It

is quite amazing. Ned Rafael Nadal

anime 12 areas. Today I played unbelievable.

unbelievable. Nothing can stop me

today. I am just happy. unbelievable. Nothing can stop me today. I am just happy. Not so

happy for Rafael Nadal. This has

been dubbed the happy Slam, but on

Saturday afternoon it will be the glamour Slam. The two

glamour Slam. The two women's

finalists are Maria Sharapova and

Ana Ivanovic. It will be a Grand

Slam. Saturday's match, some Slam. Saturday's match, some may

call was a perfect match. The roof was closed over centre court, Right hand, left hand, it didn't matter - she dominated the third seed during a lop-sided first set. COMMENTATOR: Look at this defensive shot - left hand there.

The glamour Russian's picture-perfect start continuing as she unleashed a sizzling array of shots that impressed her dad and won the set. And she's done it. when Jankovic's back flared. Injury was added to insult She was in tears during one break and Mum was sharing her pain. The winners kept coming from the Sharapova racquet as she set up a tilt at a third Grand Slam crown. UMPIRE: Game, set, match, Sharapova. And it's all over.

From the beginning of the tournament you want to go a step further than you've done in the past. One down, one to go -

Ana Ivanovic was the next Serb in action, taking on Daniela Hantuchova. The ninth seed bursting out of the blocks with the first six games to stun Ivanovic. The fourth seed losing eight games straight

before getting in the game, but she soon found her range and worked her way back into the match. The decider was close and tense as the breaks dried up, and Hantuchova rediscovered her power game. Ivanovic eventually breaking serve and winning the game.

I'm starting to believe I'm one of the top players and I think that's the biggest difference in my game. And also, when I'm out on the court, I just believe I can beat anyone. Dave Adamson for Sports Tonight.

Speaking of glamour, I should say a

big hello to all the girls at the

media desk. While the men may have

their favourites, the girls have

their favourites to, and one of

them came in today by the name of

Pat Rafter. He was walking the

holes at Melbourne Park. It was

part of his induction into the Hall

of fame. I think the Australian Hall of Fame is sort of inevitable after a while.

and another recognition, So it's another nice one to have so it's really nice.

We will wait and see whether we

will be Roger Federer or Novak

Djokovic to take on Jo-Wilfried

Tsonga. We will have you up-to-date

on sports tonight tomorrow.

Ian, as always, pleasure doing business. Ian Cohen at the tennis. The 'Little Master' Sachin Tendulkar belting his 39th Test ton to steer India out of trouble on day one of the fourth Test in Adelaide. It came after Australia's bowlers had the tourists in early strife. Patriotism everywhere, the Adelaide Test back as part of the Australia Day long weekend for the first time in more than a decade. Even the Indian fans splashed out in green and gold.

(Sings) # Our home Matthew Hayden back, Brad Hogg as well. India plumped for Irfan Pathan at the top of the order. COMMENTATOR: Oh, good start. Four runs. But it was his partner setting the tone. Sehwag goes bang. His timing a feature square of the wicket. That's through. That'll be four more. Sehwag in good touch. But so was Mitchell Johnson. That's out! Caught behind.

The Queenslander's best spell of the summer removed Pathan. He should have had Dravid too. That looked to be taking middle and leg. Eventually he got his man.

Good cricket. Oh, Mitchell Johnson, you really do deserve that wicket. Warm applause for Tendulkar. Special reception for a special player. But it was the Australians getting stage fright. Oh, dear.

Johnson losing his way as the 'Little Master' put on a post-lunch clinic. Oh, good shot. Sehwag tried, but couldn't match it. That's out, it's caught - beautifully caught too. Tendulkar continued to target Hogg. He's gone all the way, has he? Yes, he has.

The spinner continued to dismiss Ganguly. That's a good call for lbw. That's out lbw.

And again! Gilchrist's keeping yips resurfaced. Oh, dropped it! Created by Lee and missed by Gilchrist. Tendulkar powered through the 90s... That is brilliant ball striking. ..and onto a 39th Test ton. This is the most wonderful batsman. Brian Lara's run-scoring record now in his sights.

Laxman got to 51 - it ended softly. Could be a shout here. Brett Lee thinks he's gloved it and Laxman's walking. Straight off the glove - it's an absolute sitter. And now they can kiss and make up, those two.

India five down at stumps, but it should have been better.

No! Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. Tendulkar's brilliant century means honours are perhaps with the tourists at stumps. It could have been a different story

late in the day. if Australia had held their catches Oh, look, it's always frustrating

to have a couple of catches that are dropped.