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(generated from captions) to family members... I'm here to speak on notice for a number of years ..department's been and inhumane system. that it's an unsafe response was made to those... Do you accept that an inadequate

was to say sorry to the family, What I came here today for not to have a media event, to say sorry to the family for the department, that's me. about who's responsible and when they asked me a question about responsibility? Can I ask you a question That's all I have to say. to the Ward family Do you feel you can say of care in relation to Mr Ward? that the State did exercise a duty No, I think we were negligent as personally responsible and I myself regard myself even if I'm not legally responsible. Have you met with the family? the Coroner's inquest No, I was waiting until after onto them on my behalf and I certainly had messages passed but, no, I haven't.

Of course they're saying sorry. Are those messages saying sorry? I'm sure that she was upset. where does the buck stop? But in the end, It's got to stop somewhere. (CHANTS) the West Australian Coroner Three days ago to the death of this man, handed down his findings in relation Mr Ward. The findings were damning.

and Graham Powell, The Coroner found that Nina Stokoe and the company GSL the Department of Corrective Services had all breached their duty of care to Mr Ward's death. and each had contributed a criminal offence may been committed The Coroner indicated he believed

and would refer this to the DPP. Finally, he put this question - like to think of itself as civilised how could a society which would in the way that this man was? allow a human being to be transported ABORIGINAL MUSIC .

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CC THEME MUSIC they took away its gun. And after they shot it, shooting up the tourists. They didn't want some other dingo I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch. brought to you by David Jones, Here's a bit of good news, Channel Nine's, Today Show. which also brought you by David Jones' clearance, Today, brought to you starts Wednesday. Huge savings right across the store, like a David Jones clearance... There's no genuine clearance quite carried no fewer than 13 ads That morning, the Today show in the space of 2 hours. for the David Jones clearance sale like David Jones # JINGLE: # There's no other store

on the next morning's Today Show. There were 13 more DJs ads Karl and Lisa didn't bring us And blow me down if at 6:58, 'something extremely special'... what Lisa called, DJs' Bourke Street store. ..the lovely Megan Gale live from and they're coming down here, I think so. Everyone's very excited crisp Melbourne morning bright and early, on the beautiful

bargains we've got here so... to take advantage of all the Woo. Ding, ding, ding. later to DJs' newest ambassador, We had another live cross an hour Miranda Kerr, in Sydney. winter clearance sale. Not a mention all morning of Myer's the other lot over on Seven. Well, Myer was sponsoring Sunrise, brought to you by Myer.

a dutiful cross to a Myer PR bloke And just after 7am, Kochie did

outside its Sydney store. as well as Myer. But Sunrise ran ads for DJs the difference And at least Seven knows between promotion and news. Natalie Barr reported: At 8.30, still on Sunrise, clocks not going off this morning, Blame the recession, or alarm to the mid-season sales in Sydney. but it's been a slow start turned up to Myer - Just a handful of bargain hunters department store stampedes. a far cry from the typical with that one - but you know what? Don't suppose Myer was too happy It's called reporting. at DJs too. Other networks reported a slow start never got around to mentioning that. But somehow, The Today Show, crosses to Megan and Miranda Today assures Media Watch that its were not part of any commercial deal.

No cash for comment. morning on Melbourne's Nova 100, But as it happened, that very exercised about what they thought Hughesy and Kate were getting all A Current Affair. were constant advertorials on Nine's,

Affair reporter, Ben Fordham, A few minutes later, A Current was on the line...

You get the picture. advertisers, no cash for comment. No payments, no deals with DJs' winter clearance sale, Yet that very evening, the first of what should turn up on ACA, but this: Are you ready to shop? Yes, it was our Megan again helping us find the bargains. and ACA's, Sarah Stewart,

Despite the economic downturn,

crammed with bargain hunters. both Myer and David Jones were Actually, DJs looked yawningly empty. But the bargains on offer. It's actually from Denmark, Well this is Scan Pan. um, fry pans. it's one of our best-selling, retailing for $399, In fact, a set of two normally

Happy shopping. so a really great deal. 60% off, at $147.60,

bargains. Bye. Come in and take advantage of the

on the best deals, And for more details

simply visit our website. never dream of hinting Well, Media Watch of course would the remorseless sales pitch, that the choice of store and advertising spend on Nine. had anything to do with DJ's massive once. After all, Sarah did mention Myer - the next morning, As for Kate and Hughesy, they just had to bow to the evidence.

So you should. Quite right, Kate and Hughesy. there's no dispute that there's Mind you, a commercial arrangement behind this: 7 metres wide of half-way Manly's feed and loose head about

as our wider shot shows you. Sportsbet - The betting has changed with TAB Manly $2.50. Melbourne $1.50,

And you can bet live on 1333 90... on Nine's, Live Friday Night, It's been going on all season coverage of Rugby League. odds and invitations The commentary is spattered with

to lay a bet while you watch. Though of course... bet responsibly, please. As we always tell you,

are fed up with it. A number of Media Watch viewers it's all a part But TAB Sportsbet is quite open that of its deal with Nine. It has deals with numerous radio stations too. But Nine's Rugby League coverage is the only place on television

where commentators spruik for TAB Sportsbet during actual play. You won't hear anything like it in live telecasts of the AFL.

The State of Origin games are huge, of course, in New South Wales and Queensland. And plenty of time for live betting with TAB Sportsbet.

It's a new record hold for Origin at $4.6 million prior to kick off. That is lifting all the time. As I said you can bet in running, but bet responsibly. TAB Sportsbet is thrilled with the result.

And Glenn Munsie adds: Which is true. Anti-gambling activists are concerned about problem gamblers, and for that matter under-age kids, being encouraged to bet. But in January this year, the Advertising Standards Board ruled on a complaint about similar spruiking for online gambling company, Betfair,

during Nine's live cricket commentary. It dismissed the complaint, finding that: And the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice says that:

Whether Nine's spruiking for TAB Sportsbet is clearly distinguishable from the rest of its commentary, seems to me pretty dubious. It's a matter for the broadcasting regulator, ACMA. But so far, it's received no complaints, so it's given no ruling. And commercial TV's lobby group, Free TV, told Media Watch that as long as the sponsor is clearly identified

at some point in the program - like this... The 2009 State of Origin brought to you by TAB Sportsbet, open an account with TAB Sportsbet now. ..Its members are covered for any commercial message that the program itself might contain. Declare your sponsor and you can receive cash for comment. Though of course, the Today show doesn't. Confusing, isn't it? Derryn Hinch, as we all know - and he's not slow to tell us -

can't be bought and is a hard man to fool. He's got an old journo's nose for a phoney yarn. So what smelled bad to the old dog back in November? Well, a Victoria Police media release issued the previous day about... According to the police, a woman with a baby in the back of her car had accidentally pulled across in front of a motorcyclist. The bloke on the bike reacted badly. Well, Derryn Hinch smelt a rat and went on about it at considerable length. And as Derryn all too accurately predicted when he first brought the subject up... Ah Derryn! How true! We haven't forgotten. Last Thursday, this story popped up on everyone's news websites: The youth had pleaded guilty. The original story, it turned out, was quite correct. And Derryn Hinch has been true to his word. He told us:

Derryn, here's a tip from one old reporter to another if your nose tells you one thing and your wife another, go with the wife every time. Just time to complement Sydney's Sun-Herald on some astonishingly inaccurate political reporting. Following the Cabinet reshuffle last weekend, The Sun-Herald summed it all up for us in this neat little box: It could have done with a few changes itself. Wrong. Before the reshuffle Chris Bowen was: Next we had:

Wrong. He was already: What about: Wrong. He was: And then The Sun-Herald listed: Wrong again. Mr Combet was already:

Mark Arbib, Gary Gray and Brendan O'Connor's previous posts were all wrong too. Seven mistakes in 17 entries. Ah well, these politicians and their long, complicated titles. Perhaps The Sun-Herald had better stick to crime and celebrities. More interesting, anyway. That's it for this week. Don't forget, you can watch the program online and post a comment on our website. Till next week, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

(GENTLE MUSIC) To get Freeview with more channels, you'll need a high definition set-top box or digital TV. If you don't have one, see your nearest retailer for Freeview-endorsed products. If you do have one, you're ready to go. SONG: # The world still astounds you # Each time you look at a star... # Freeview - more for free. This Program is Captioned


Good evening. Peter Costello

has ended the guessing game

over his political future. The

former Federal Treasurer will

quit politics at the next

election after what he calls

the 20 best years of his life.

Both sides of Parliament have

paid tribute to Mr Costello's

achievements. Melbourne's gangland war has flared again

with the murder of another

member of the Moran family.

Desmond Moran, the brother of

slain underworld identity Lewis

Moran, was shot dead in front

of dozens of witnesses at a

Melbourne cafe. Police are

hunting two gunmen who sped off

in a car after the shooting. Health authorities are warning

that people with asthma are

particularly vulnerable to

swine flu. The number of cases

across the country is still rising. Two Victorian swine

flu patients in intensive care

are using ventilators to help

them breathe. And, Australian

researchers may have discovered

a cause of auto-immune

diseases. They found a link

between a person's DNA and the

risk of having Multiple

Sclerosis. It's hoped the

discovery will lead to new

preventative treatments for

people with MS and other

diseases like arthritis and diabetes.

diabetes. Tomorrow's national


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