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(generated from captions) Because of YOUR daughter, Phoebe. You know how fragile she is. (Sniffles) If you go to jail... ..this would devastate her. of connecting what happened to you. The police have no way

We are into something here. And there's no turning back. No turning back. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - the teenage flag burner on Anzac Day. chosen to carry our national symbol Look - no hands. their mobiles behind the wheel. A new blitz on motorists who use in Sydney And the Irwin family arrives to keep a promise made by Steve. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. from North Korea. Also tonight, the sinister new threat Also, car after car after car - on a senseless rampage a window-smashing vandal in the eastern suburbs. And the bushfire menace -

in two States. wild flames threatening homes But first this evening, an Australian flag a teenager who helped burn during a Cronulla revenge attack in the Anzac Day parade. has now agreed to march a flag bearer, The 17-year-old will be it's such a good idea. but not everyone is convinced It's a sacred Australian tradition - lives in the service of our country. honouring the diggers who gave their set fire to an Australian flag Now a teenager who stole and helped in a Cronulla revenge attack returned servicemen and women, will march alongside holding the flag high. It's a way, the RSL says, the hurt and anger he caused. of helping him understand those prejudices If we can help him overcome

and the Australian flag, that he may have had about Australia then that's a good outcome. After being ordered by a magistrate, the 17-year-old apologised Brighton-le-sands club last month to a handful of members of the but wants to go one step further. when I mentioned it to him. He was very enthusiastic about it He was very keen to do it. reaction among members of the club. But the idea has sparked a mixed I don't think it should be allowed. to volunteer to do it The lad is pretty game and he must get some marks for that.

give him a go, If he really means it, that's what this country's about. with complaints today. The RSL office bombarded as downgrading Anzac Day, Obviously some of the members see it as that. but I certainly don't see it But isn't it appropriate great generosity of spirit, to have the RSL showing to this young man? holding out a hand some logistical problems. The plan does have targeted by unhappy crowd members The RSL admits the boy could be as he marches, and, as a juvenile offender, during coverage of the march. he may not be able to be identified the boy won't lead the march The RSL says

he'll be marching. and they won't reveal with whom Daniel Sutton, Ten News. is believed responsible The same gang of bandits major fast-food chains across Sydney. for a string of armed hold-ups at with machetes and knives, The brazen thieves are armed their loot in less than a minute. in some cases escaping with the fast-food bandits - They've been dubbed three solid males in their 20s, and two Middle Eastern men an Islander 12 fast-food restaurants who have held up in the past six weeks. The bandits are brazen. Armed with large knives and machetes, just before closing time, they burst in to fast-food outlets leap the counter and rob the tills. in late August. This Hungry Jack's was hit a Minto bottle shop. The same gang robbed The owner told police the store before as customers, he thought the masked men had visited they held a knife to his throat. but this time

Yeah, he put the knife here, he, like, put on my head, and other one, he have a big knife say, "Give men the money." One come to here, another one there. fast-food restaurants across Sydney. But their main targets are was robbed last month, This Pizza Hut at Belfield

by men with large kitchen knives. once again the manager confronted the level of violence will escalate Police do have concerns that

seriously injured. and someone could get at Wentworthville last week The gang struck here to the ground in the robbery. where an older man was knocked

In each of the raids with less than $1,000. the bandits have escaped refusing to comment The fast-food chains customers could be scared off. because they believe who recognises the bandits Police want anyone on 1800 333 000. to call Crime Stoppers John Hill, Ten News. who use hand-held mobiles - A warning tonight to drivers the police are coming after you. a massive crackdown There's going to be involving every officer in the State. The risks are well known, but some drivers still believe than road safety. a phone call is more important A quick sample of a city street using their hand-held phones. found several drivers most will only learn the hard way. Experts concede

What makes a difference while on their mobile phone is someone having a crash or running someone over. That would make a difference. are being booked than ever before. More phone-talking drivers just over 13,000 drivers were fined, By the end of September 2004, but by the same time this year by almost 6,000 drivers. the number booked had risen 10,000 more police The fact is if we had every day of the week we'd probably catch the same or more using their mobile phone. hands-free devices It is still OK to use such as car kits and headsets make it safer to talk and drive. but research has found they don't while making a phone call, When you're thinking on your ability to drive safely that has as much impact as holding the phone to your ear. it's just as unsafe That's why we think to use hands-free and hand-helds. Police are ramping up the pressure

their mobile phones. on drivers continuing to use

will be involved Every police officer across the State later this month. in a 1-day mobile-phone blitz Police expect the operation will net around 700 drivers breaking the law. A warning for motorists - if you're going to use your phone hand-held in your car we're probably going to catch you and be looking at you to make sure you get the fine and lose your points.

James Boyce, Ten News. Hobart is facing a bushfire crisis, with blazes fanned by hot northerlies burning just 2km from the centre of the city. It's feared up to 1,000 homes are in the path of the fire front. It's a race against the clock for residents in the path of the fire burning through tinder-dry scrub and bushland. The fire started just after lunch, with temperatures in the 30s, gusty winds pushing the fire front towards the inner suburb of Dynnyrne. Late this afternoon, it was just 2km south of the city centre and rapidly approaching the University of Tasmania reserve. The fire service is advising residents to stay with their homes and has a total fire ban in place. So far, no houses have been lost. The flames have reached the backs of some properties. Fire services will battle to build control lines overnight with more severe weather forecast for tomorrow. In SA, residents are battling to save properties near Port Lincoln where nine people perished in bushfires last year. Hundreds of firefighters are working to contain the blaze on the ground and from the air. Around 200 hectares of scrub has been lost. Many residents already starting to count their losses. Keiva Matheson, Ten News. Tension over North Korea boiled over today, with reports the rogue state had detonated a second nuclear device. It turned out to be a false alarm,

but the news sent a shudder through the United Nations, now under pressure to pull Pyongyang back into line. On the Chinese border with North Korea, life goes on as usual. But even North Koreans must now understand the dangerous journey upon which their country has embarked. A world away in New York, the United Nations continues to talk. At the moment, that's all its doing. Australia is among those members demanding a swift response.

This is a huge test for collective international action. Mr Howard was hosting Cambodia's prime minister when word of a possible second test came through. The most useful thing I can do is to work closely with our partners in the region, which we are doing. While Japan and the US now believe the report to be false, further tests might only be a matter of time. The Foreign Minister warning Pyongyang against a second blast.

If they go ahead with further tests, that this is a regime really out of control. North Korean officials threatening to fire actual nuclear missiles unless the United States sits down for face-to-face negotiations. The US ruling out a first strike. So that leaves sanctions. China's cooperation will be crucial in bringing Pyongyang to heel. But Beijing so far is being cautious, fearing it could tip its volatile neighbour over the edge. And true to form, North Korea says sanctions would be seen as an act of war. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. Terri Irwin has arrived in Sydney with her children for their first public appearance since the Croc Hunter's memorial service. Terri decided to honour a commitment made by her late husband

to take Bindi to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards so she could meet her favourite stars. Tonight she and Bindi will present the top prize at the event. Despite their struggle to come to terms with Steve's death, manager John Stainton says Terri agreed to attend as a tribute to the Crocodile Hunter. A look ahead to sport now with Neil Cordy, and Pat Rafter puts up his hand to help Australian tennis. The game is in big trouble in this country,

and Rafter's negotiating with Tennis Australia

to take on a role developing young talent. Also, Layne Beachley's teenage prodigy steals her mentor's thunder in the Layne Beachley Classic at Manly. And the Kangaroo the Kiwis wanted set to terrorise New Zealand in the Tri-Nations. Also later, we preview the Socceroos' Asian Cup clash with Bahrain. Shots fired during an armed robbery in Sydney - details next. Also tonight, a senseless rampage - vandals trashing more than 20 cars in the eastern suburbs. And are the kids becoming a handful? We'll check out a godsend for parents at their wits' end. A lot of people wonder about the chicken used at KFC. Well, I can tell you, it's delivered fresh, not frozen. How would I know? SONG: # Can't beat it... # I drive the truck. # Can't beat that taste Doo-doo... # This program is captioned live.

A wild rampage in Bondi overnight - a man with a hammer smashing dozens of cars. Angry residents are now calling for more police patrols during the school holidays. This is what the residents of Curlewis Street, Bondi, awoke to this morning - a street full of smashed cars and shattered glass all over the road. It's just been damaged. There's a bit of a dent on the side as well. The aftermath of one man's 2am spree with a hammer, 22 vehicles in his path of destruction. I just can't believe that some idiots go around doing this for no reason at all. They're just smashing windows. They haven't taken anything. Police confirm no property was stolen. It was most likely a random attack. Some of the residents along this street say crime in the area tends to escalate during the school holidays, and they're calling for more police to patrol the streets in order to prevent acts like these from happening again. I just think this has happened far too many times.

We definitely need more police presence around this area. It's just ridiculous. It seems to be a school holiday thing when most of these things happen in this area down at Bondi. The inconvenience leaving others even more furious. I can't go to work now. I've lost a day's pay. It's a fun little expedition for a few minutes but it actually causes people, like, hours and hours and days and days of people going through insurance and window repairers. Witnesses describe the culprit as tall and thin, wearing blue jeans, a cap and a red jumper tied around his waist. Anyone with information should contact police. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Bail tonight for a South Coast man charged with fatally running down a 16-year-old girl then fleeing the scene.

33-year-old tradesman Michael Shumack was released

under strict conditions. He's charged with dangerous driving causing death after allegedly hitting the schoolgirl south of Wollongong last month. The magistrate told the court he's now worried about local vigilante justice, warning any members of the community upset by the case not to take matters into their own hands. Two robbers have shot up a service station on Parramatta Road. The pair pulled up on a yellow motorbike,

bursting into the Auburn BP wearing helmets. They demanded cash, then fired a number of shots before speeding off towards the city. Nobody's been injured and it's unclear if any money was handed over. Police are appealing for witnesses.

These security pictures might prove crucial in solving a Sydney murder. Peter Dando was fatally bashed in an unprovoked attack, The 45-year-old seen here apparently buying pies for the men who police want to question. Detectives also want to speak with a witness who caught a bus outside the shop shortly after the bashing. The Nationals say they've protected regional Australia under sweeping new changes to media laws. Most predict the laws will lead to big changes in who owns what and how we watch TV. Accused of selling out by agreeing to support the new laws, the Nationals have hit back. If I have softened, then I hate to think what the others have done. The outcome that we've seen here with the amendments is in the best interests of rural and regional Australia. Those amendments include allowing companies to own only two of the three main media in an area and minimum local content for radio stations. This media law is a complete dog's breakfast. Industry experts predict the big winners will be the dominant media companies who are now free to consider mergers. This is an almost once-in-a-lifetime, certainly once-in-20- or 30-year opportunity. I think that those dire predictions really show that 20-year-old laws need to be updated to take account of technology and the move to the digital age. So what will it mean for us? The new laws mean free-to-air TV will be able to broadcast new multi-channels from next year, and soon we'll also be able to see 30 channels on our mobile phones. But will that mean lots more shows? The government's theory is it'll be lots of new, fresh Australian programming, but I think a number of people, including myself, fear that it will be more of the same, just distributed on more platforms. And we'll all have to go digital - the current analogue system will be switched off within six years. Sports will also be affected - there'll be a use-it-or-lose-it clause on anti-siphoning laws, which means if free-to-air channels don't broadcast sports, the rights may pass to pay TV. Laurel Irving, Ten News. A 19-month-old boy has given his parents the fright of their lives. Little Blake wandered away from the family farm last night and was found six hours later 2.5km away. Mum was in the shower, Dad busy in the shed and young Blake Manthey knew the time was right for a bit of exploring. So, out through the fence, best mate Tilly in tow, and don't worry about the grown-ups. Just not being able to find him, it was just a horrible feeling. The bush telegraph swung into action when Blake and Tilly couldn't be found, Nanango SES combing the bush with torchlight their only guide. Some of the gullies our members had to go through was in excess of 2m, up around 3m deep. Blake's dad, Shaun, meanwhile, searched the 30 odd dams in the area. There was about 10 dams I did cover - just kept going from dam to dam to dam to make sure he wasn't there. For six hours, nothing, then one of the neighbours thought he'd check a bush track just one more time. He spotted Tilly first. He was sound asleep, sound asleep on his belly. And the dog? The dog - he wouldn't leave him. He was there, and even when we got in the ute he wanted to get in John's lap,

right alongside him. Mum Danielle did what all mums would do - cried with relief. He had dirt all over his face, and there was blood all over his face, and I just burst into tears, and Blake stuck his arms out. Blake's still wearing some of the scratches and bumps from his trip outside the house fence, and you just get the feeling Blake's wanderlust isn't over yet, with plenty more places still to explore. Tim Collits, Ten News.

Tim, we've seen in the news tonight

a lot of very extreme fire weather

conditions down around South

Australia, in Tassie as well. Is

any of that headed our way?

Temperatures 31 to 33 degrees

tomorrow in Sydney. And then

escalating. Real heat wave

conditions across Friday and

Saturday. 33 to 36 degrees.

Touching back down in Tasmania,

crisis time down there with

temperatures hitting 30 degrees and

extremely windy tomorrow. Likewise,

South Australia. Temperatures

expected to exceed 35 degrees. Fire,

the fiegs for the next 72 hours in

-- fire the next 72 hours. So is

fire for your weather photos. The

national park around the lake of

Narrabeen there. That's a brilliant

shot there. That is smoke clouds

billowing over the lake at

Narrabeen. Fire crews just putting

aout some more flames along the

side of the road there. 33 degrees

tomorrow. A quick look at Skywatch

for you. Current temperatures, a

bit of a story there - 23 in Sydney.

Copping the northeaster and 27

degrees out otCampbelltown and

Penrith not getting a breath of it.

Off the roof of the Ten News centre,

we'll see you in around about 10. Enough is enough - next, the mums who've had a gutful of food ads and are doing something about it. The message we're trying to give is stop undermining parents.

Plus, Mel Gibson on THAT night. It was just the stupid ramblings of a drunkard. A lot of people wonder about the chicken used at KFC. Well, I can tell you, it's delivered fresh, not frozen. How would I know? SONG: # Can't beat it... # I drive the truck. # Can't beat that taste Doo-doo... # This program is captioned live.

Let's check the traffic now with

Vic. After a week and a half of

great conditions because of the

school holidays, it's all fallen

over tonight. Especially for

traffic heading out towards

Greystains. The RTA fire brigade

have cleared the vehicles involved.

We're over the mess that exists

there. The traffic delays for

motorists at the toll gates. These

extend past the tolls and through

to Homebush Bay. Avoid the M4, take

Victoria Road or the Great Western

Highway. More traffic after sport. A group of mums is taking on some of our biggest advertisers in the battle against childhood obesity. The Parents Jury giving their verdict on the worst food ads on TV. They're the ads that parents say drive them mad and have things like children kicking fruit instead of eating it.

This McDonald's ad has just been labelled one of the worst, winning the parents' Pester Power Award, using free toys to lure the kids. AD: With different action vehicles and ponies available each week. Their friends with it - it's like, "How come they've got it and I haven't got it?" Trying to protect children from the obesity epidemic, 12 parents began the Parents Jury two years ago. Now 1,400 mums and dads across the country are waging war against the advertising bigwigs who claim all of this is responsible advertising. The message we're trying to give is to stop undermining parents. We're trying to instill values in our children about healthy diet and lifestyle and we're being terribly undermined by the message you are sending our children. Some are angry junk food ads aren't being banned. My message to the Government would be to look after the children of Australia. Concern too about smoke and mirrors making products appear healthier. Nutritionists say this ad dismisses giving baby cow's milk, but... Gives the child a product which is made from cow's milk but has added sugar. Australia and the US have more junk food ads than anywhere in the world and more obesity.

A recent study showed a child will eat an extra 700 kilojoules for every extra hour of TV watched. This is what parents want advertisers to aim for - Sanitarium's Breakfast with the Socceroos, given the Parents Choice Award, for healthy role models promoting good food. Your energy united the country. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Four people have been killed in a fiery plane crash in Norway. The domestic charter flight skidded off a runway and burst into flames. 12 people were pulled from the wreckage without serious injury.

One person is still unaccounted for. Officials are investigating the cause of the crash. Mel Gibson has referred to himself as a monster, dismissing his drink-driving rampage as the stupid rambling of a drunkard. The Hollywood star making his confession in an exclusive interview. Finally, from his own lips, an explanation for the words and actions that shocked the world. What do you think it was? It was just the stupid ramblings of a drunkard. More than two months after his arrest for drink-driving, Mel Gibson's allowed himself to be grilled on camera by celebrity journalist Diane Sawyer. What I need to do to heal myself and to be assuring and allay the fears of others and to heal them if they have any hard wounds for something I might have said. For over an hour the Oscar winner answered tough questions about the infamous night when he allegedly resisted arrest, threatened officers and hit out at a Jewish policeman by suggesting Jews are responsible for all the world's wars. Is there hate in your heart? Is there anger in your heart? Gibson's already apologised in two written statements. Now he's completed alcohol rehabilitation, he's revealed the extent of his shame at the effects of his addiction. It's the last thing I want to be, is that kind of monster. The interview comes as Mel Gibson begins promotion for his new film, 'Apocalypto', and critics are suggesting he's more concerned with publicising the film than making amends. Jewish leaders are adding to the criticism, complaining that Gibson found time to do an interview

but failed to act on a promise to meet them to learn more about their religion. I doubt his sincerity, and he has to prove more than what he's done. The full interview will air in the US on Friday. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. One of the world's most recognised pieces of clothing is about to be sold off. The little black dress made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' will be auctioned in London in December. The opening scene of the film was recreated by a model outside the famous jewellery store in New York City. The little piece of cinematic history is expected to fetch about $200,000. Sydney's bandit-tackling dog on the road to recovery - that's next. Also, the dummy-spit - Barbra Streisand gives a heckler a mouthful. And they don't come with an instruction book - a new way for parents to learn how to tame their kids. This is the size of a breast cancer that can be detected by physical examinaton. This is the size of a cancer by a screening mammogram. So, early detection is vital. Breast cancer affects one in eight women in Australia. If you're between 50 and 69,

see your doctor or call BreastScreen for your appointment on: Do it every two years and it could save your life. A lot of people wonder about the chicken used at KFC. Well, I can tell you, it's delivered fresh, not frozen. How would I know? SONG: # Can't beat it... # I drive the truck. # Can't beat that taste Doo-doo... # This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - Hobart faces a bushfire crisis, with blazes fanned by hot northerlies burning just 2km from the centre of the city. It's feared up to 1,000 homes are in the path of the fire front. Police to launch a blitz on motorists using their hand-held mobile phones while driving. More people are being booked than ever before. The blitz is aimed at turning up the heat on people who still haven't got the message.

And the Irwin family has arrived in Sydney to honour a commitment Steve made before his death. Terri and daughter Bindi will present the top prize tonight at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. A family dog shot during a violent home invasion is expected to make a full recovery. Rocky has been labelled a hero after trying to defend his owner during the robbery. He was shot twice - one bullet shattered his leg, the other narrowly missed his brain. But surgery this afternoon was successful. He's so tolerant, and even this morning he let us move and prepare him for surgery. He's just a terrific dog. If he avoids infection, 2-year-old Rocky will be fine. His operation was also made possible by another super-pooch, Zap the Rottweiler, who donated blood for the cause. The Australian share market has finished stronger, with resources leading the march. If children are stressing you out, then this is a story for you. Mums and dads across America have found a new way to cope - parent coaches. Look familiar? Stop it! Well, just like on TV, American mums and dads are relying on super nannies

to turn the tears and tantrums off. As much as Sharon Peters looks and sounds like one of the family... I've already told you twice, that's enough. ..she is a parent coach - the newest creation in the lucrative and booming self-help industry. Sharon is paid $1,600 a day to travel the world helping families and now it is Monica and Al's turn. We couldn't even go on vacation.

Every time we went on vacation to the grandparents' house, the grandparents at the end of vacation, instead of come back next year - don't come back. One of the most common problems - sleeping habits. That means you are going to have to sleep in your big girl's bed. A problem Dad was happy to pay more than $11,000 to fix. The sleeping arrangements have never been better. I haven't slept in my bed for three years, I didn't know what it was like. Here you go, Lenora. Then there is the matter of manners or lack of. What do you say? Thank you. You're welcome. For those who can't afford their own personal super nanny, there is the Internet. For around $30 a month, parents are given coaching via email. Parents lives are much more stressful and frustrating,

so they need as much help as they can just to ease the burden of child rearing. For Monica and Al, a typical morning is now this. Perfect, everyone is ready. Children are born into this world innocent little human beings. When your child is very young, you need to train them. Think of it as family outsourcing. There's the bus. I love you.

In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A diva like Barbra Streisand isn't used to being heckled, but that's what happened during a performance in New York last night. The well-known anti-Bush campaigner was joined on stage by a familiar face. I am your biggest fan! Not the man himself, of course, but a look-alike. Some of the audience didn't get the joke, though, shouting out for her to just get on with the show. That's when Babs let loose, telling the heckler to shut up in no uncertain terms. She later apologised for her language, but with an audience full of Hollywood types, it's unlikely anyone was too offended.

Weather check now with Tim Bailey.

Not good conditions on the way for

firefighters, Tim? A scorcher on

the way. A scorching 72 hours, as

hot north-westerly winds build

across south-east Australia,

delivering 31 to 33 degrees in

Sydney tomorrow. 33 to 36 on Friday

and Saturday. We'll just be

crossing our fingers that southerly

arrives on Saturday night.

Conditions on Sunday, an amazing 12

or 13 degrees down that way with

some showers, 21 on Sunday, after a

scorching three days. Alright,

let's have a look at Tim's top temperatures today.

Dangerous fire conditions for the

next 72 hours. We'll have more

details for you at 5 to 6. Back to

the desk where Neil has stepped in.

He's always on the bench as a

footballer and he's there now. Sport now with Neil Cordy, and the Socceroos ready to go in the Asian Cup qualifier. Yes, Deb, and so are the fans - a full house expected at Aussie Stadium tonight. Also, Layne Beachley makes way for a new generation as Stephanie Gilmore wins at Manly. And an amazing recovery for the Wallaby winger who broke his jaw yesterday. This program is captioned live. The Socceroos will be aiming for top spot in their Asian Cup group

when they take on Bahrain at Aussie Stadium tonight. Ten reporter Scott Mackinnon is there. Scott, this is the Socceroos' last match in Australia this year. Hopes are high for plenty of goals.

That's right. I can tell you

thousands of fans are filing in

here at Aussie Stadium to send off

the Socceroos stars. It's been an

absolutely amazing year for the

sport as well, highlighted by that

World Cup campaign. It is tipped

toon a full house here at Aussie

Stadium and plenty of goals could

be on offer with most of those

World Cup heroes starting the match.

The team warmed up with a stroll

this morning along Bondi Beach. The Socceroos took in the magic Sydney weather in the lead-up to tonight's Asian Cup qualifier,

and they're confident their performance will be just as stunning after last week's 1-1 draw against Paraguay. It was a very, very good performance technically against one of the better sides from South America, so they are keen to go on with it. It's the first game in Sydney since Germany, and there's a point to prove. They want a good performance and a good result. Earlier this year, the Socceroos smashed Bahrain 3-1 away from home and despite the visitors flying in a young and inexperienced side our World Cup heroes remain wary. Young guys are an unknown quantity.

You know that young blokes are always going to come out and have a decent go at you. We have no idea what these players are like, so you've got to go in with a bit of caution and a bit of trepidation. And some of Australia's new generation may also get a run, with Brett Emerton and Mark Bresciano both carrying slight injuries into tonight's clash, a game which could seal the Socceroos' place on top of their Asian Cup group. Once you're top, you get seeded, then it makes the path through to the finals a little easier. Young defender Michael Beauchamp is expected to be named in the team and given a chance to atone for his horror own-goal last Saturday.

Lucas Neill will skipper the side

in front of his home crowd for the

first time and he's described that

as the pinnacle of his career. It

should be should be a ripper tonight. Thank you. Kangaroos lock Reni Maitua says he shouldn't be singled out for special attention in Saturday's Tri-Nations opener despite controversially rejecting the chance to play for New Zealand.

Maitua angered the boss of the Kiwi league when he not only said he didn't want to play for New Zealand but he didn't even like the country. He says he's 100% Aussie. I'm not Kiwi. I've said before I was born in Sydney and my dad's a full Samoan. He lived here for a few years and there's no reason why they should target me more than the others. Anyone with the ball in their hand is a target, I think. Maitua and Australia's three other new caps

expecting a tough time regardless. AFL and Swans assistant coach Ross Lyon is the surprise appointment as St Kilda coach for the next three years. The 39-year-old has been at the Swans for the last three years and replaces Grant Thomas, who was controversially sacked after the Saints were bundled out in week one of the finals.

Incredibly proud, excited, and a little bit nervous about what lays ahead. I know what I want to implement, and it's going to take time, but I'm confident we'll be successful. Lyon played 129 games for Fitzroy and the Brisbane Bears. Josh Valentine has come into the Wallaby touring squad to replace injured halfback Sam Cordingley. Cordingley was set to replace resting skipper George Gregan but has succumbed to an ongoing foot injury. It was an opportunity to probably get four Test starts but there's no point going into Test matches when you're 70%. Australia now without its top two halfbacks, coach John Connolly is considering Valentine, Brett Sheehan and Matt Giteau. Drew Mitchell should be fit for the tour despite suffering a fractured jaw at training yesterday. Scans showing the damage is not as bad as first thought, thanks to his new mouthguard.

Tennis Australia has confirmed they're recruiting former greats, including Pat Rafter, to help rebuild the sport. The news coming just days after the former world number one said Australian tennis is in crisis. From Lleyton Hewitt's coach, a stark admission about the state of Australian tennis. Oh, at the bottom. And let's be honest, that's where we're at. Rasheed says our rich history of success, which stretched from the legends - Rosewall, Hoad, Laver and Newcombe - to the modern-day stars, led to a head-in-the-sand mentality. Pat Rafter last night threw his hat in the ring to lend a hand. When you go on the tour you sort of get focused on yourself and since then, I haven't been involved with it afterwards but it's something I'd like to get involved with now. You know, if Pat Rafter was to help tennis in this country, well, that's just a win-win for everybody, I think. We're still just in discussions with Pat. He has signalled he's willing to free up some time and we're delighted. We're looking to formalising something with him shortly. Tennis Australia is earmarking the 2-time US Open champ for player development and participation programs, hopefully finding some company for Hewitt in the world's top 100. If we have a pool of players that are pushing and driving each other, like the Spaniards and the French and the Argentinians, there's no doubt that's the recipe for success. Feeding talent through to the AIS, There are the usual warnings that the process will take time, but we've already waited 30 years for a home-grown Australian Open winner - what's a few more? Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. The Australian cricket team is training in Mumbai today in the lead-up to their opening match of the Champions Trophy in India. Following the recent terrorism concerns, it was no surprise to see the Aussies surrounded by security as they arrived. They play practice matches tomorrow and Sunday ahead of their first Champions Trophy clash against a qualifier next Wednesday. South Africa also touched down, but without batsman Hershelle Gibbs. Tomorrow he faces questioning from Indian police in New Delhi over a 6-year-old match-fixing case. The world anti-doping agency has put China on alert ahead of the 2008 Olympics. President Dick Pound has told the Beijing Games host to step up its anti-doping controls, citing Australia as the benchmark. China increases its test level

something in the area of about 7,000 tests per year. Australia does 8,000, and that's an imbalance not commensurate with an effective anti-doping program. China began cracking down on drugs after a string of doping scandals in the 1990s but is still struggling to shake off a reputation

for drug use among its athletes.

Australian wild card Stephanie Gilmore has surfed herself into the history books, defeating 6-times world champion Layne Beachley at the event which bears her name, the Beachley Classic at Manly. A happy Gilmore collecting the richest prize in women's surfing,

the 19-year-old drowning Beachley's hopes of winning her own tournament to become the first-ever wild card to claim two championship tour events. She's an awesome competitor, she's put on the event, it's just been an amazing couple of days. Gilmore opened with a 6.5 ride, forcing her opponent to play catch-up for the rest of the final, the natural footer sealing the win with a 7-point finish, a bittersweet moment for Beachley,

who invited the youngster to the tornment. It's a win-win situation. I came so close to a fairytale ending. I was bitterly disappointed not to win, but so relieved it's over. Beachley's second placing means she retains the number one ranking and remains on target for a seventh world title. In northern Spain, Kelly Slater has moved one step closer to an unprecedented eighth world title, unleashing some big turns on the Mundaka left handers, the world number one defeating local hope Hodei Colazoer to set up a round four clash with fellow American Corey Loepz. I'm sort of hoping for more open-facey, mid-tide waves, because Corey can fit in those barrels really good. Ride of the day honours going to Bobby Martinez, threading this tube and taking off at pace down the line, the Californian rookie scoring a 9.0 to overpower Brazilian competitor Peterson Rosa in his quest for a second event win. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Great Britain's Tri-Nations team arrives, and we'll have a full wrap of the Socceroos' match against Bahrain on Sports Tonight.

I think they might do it. Traffic

check now with Vic. A pretty bad

crash on the M5? This has occurred

right at Bankstown. It has closed

the M 5 in both directions. Both

east and west-bound traffic blocked.

Motorists barely moving. Unfortunately, these traffic delays

go all the way back towards Mascot.

The M4 and forbgs 5 hopeless for

outbound -- M 5 hopeless for

outbound traffic. Tim next.

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You're watching the news add 5.

We're in for it over the next few

days, Tim says, with those wind.

Are any of those hot, fire-thirsty

winds headed our way? That amber

sunset, a warning for the next

three days across Sydney. Yes,

we're getting host north-westerly

winds. The northeaster piping down

the coast at the moment will be

replaced by those real warm ones,

out of the north, north-west. 31 to

33 degrees in the city tomorrow. Up

33 degrees in the city tomorrow. Up to 33 to 36 degrees on Friday and

Saturday. Before thankfully a

southerly change. We'll get

temperatures back down around 22

degrees and showers. A high fire

danger across all of the State. In

Hobart, fires raging as we've seen

earlier in the bulletin. Tomorrow's

forecast, windy and 30y down there.

35 degrees in Adelaide tomorrow. So

south-east Australia in for a

torturous time as far as

tetchratures are concerned. Let's

get floot your brbgyard at the

moment: -- temperatures are

concerned. Let's get into your

backyard at the moment.

A cloud band crossing south-west

Western Australia, with an intense

cold front is bringing a burst of

heavy showers. Clear skies across

southern Australia, in hot, dry

northerly wins. Cloud on the

Queensland coasts, in strong south-easterlies, is causing

showers. It's a nightmare for

firefighters. Hot, dry northerly

winds will blow across NSW, Victoria and South Australia,

generating very high fire danger. A

trough will ease winds and bring a

weak cool change to the southern

coastline as a front maintains

showers in south-west Western

Australia. Onshore winds on the

Queensland coast will cause further

showers. Showers along the

Queensland coast. Neveriest in the

north. Isolated showers in the Top

End. Scattered light showers in

south-west Western Australia. OK,

as we have a look at the next three

days, temperatures starting at

around 31 degrees in the city,

moving to 33 degrees tomorrow. 33

to 36 on Friday and Saturday. As

that hot north-westerly wind and a

big high dry air just makes it a

nightmare for firefighters as I've

said. Some good news - the Springet

family have sprung a brand new

little baby girl. She was born

yesterday to two of the thirstier

people in the Australian wine

making industry, that is Scotty and

Jo. Congratulations to John, you

and your crew down at Cascades

picking up a restaurant win.

Alright, let's go interstate:

Extreme caution needed with fire

for the next three days as

temperatures head to 36 degrees.

See you again tomorrow night. Before we go, these pictures just in of Terri and Bindi Irwin arriving to cheers at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Sydney. Terri honouring a commitment made by her late husband to take Bindi to the awards so she could meet her favourite stars. Mother and daughter will also have official duties, presenting the night's top prize. Despite their grief and struggle to come to terms with Steve's death, manager John Stainton says Terri agreed to attend as a tribute to the Crocodile Hunter.

All the public support has had to have helped them. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:35. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Hungry Jack's just know you're gonna love this program. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING )