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sexual harassment scandal. the fallout from the Liberal's in Perth. A terrifying road-rage attack out in the cold for a cause. And Sydney's business leaders

This is Seven Early News VOICEOVER: with Ann Sanders. Good morning. will be under pressure today Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull during a parliamentary function. over a sexual harassment scandal Sophie Mirabella A staffer for Liberal frontbencher has been forced to resign at the Mid-Winter Ball. over a breast-groping incident from Canberra, And as Seven's Damien Smith reports to plague the MP. it's not the first such scandal Six women at the ball, a very senior government minister some of whom work for and one, a breastfeeding mother, sexually harassed them at the ball. say Anthony Scrinis Two say Scrinis actually groped their breasts.

The irony is part of Anthony Scrinis's job Sophie Mirabella was to advise Liberal frontbencher on women's policy. She wasn't impressed. I left the ball early has accepted that but my probationary staff his behaviour was unacceptable some of the allegations although he disputes

he has offered and I've accepted the resignation effective immediately. first controversy Now, it's not the shadow minister's with sexual harassment. Back in July '06, another of her staffers was accused in a young female colleague's chest of rubbing his face at a Liberal student function. has no place anywhere - That sort of behaviour not at the Leagues club, not here at Parliament House,

not at the High Court. not at the footy, If what we've heard is true, is completely inappropriate. the behaviour inappropriate behaviour And what some may call yesterday evening. happened in the Senate Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young brought her 2-year-old daughter Kora into the chamber during a vote. before the Senate President It wasn't long ordered the toddler to leave. Senator Hanson Young, outside for a division - you'll have to take the child here for a division. we can't allow children to be in

of Greens Leader Bob Brown Despite the best efforts to keep Kora in the chamber, she was taken away the locked doors of the Senate and can be heard crying just outside while the vote was taken.

(BABY CRIES) now read a second time - say aye. The question is that the bill be to Adelaide There's only one direct flight home as those of you from Adelaide know putting her in a car and I had five minutes before

to send her back to Adelaide. after the incident Kora was apparently so upset in Canberra. that she ended up staying the night Senator Hanson-Young says the incident highlights the need a more family friendly workplace. to make the parliament Kora's expulsion on Monday. There'll be a debate about A Perth man is fighting for his life

in a senseless road-rage attack. after being run down 57-year-old father-of-three Keith allegedly saw this Toyota Hilux at Heathridge weaving through traffic to slow down. when he signalled for the driver The driver cut him off.

to see what had happened Keith got out and he was run over.

He's accelerated. He's accelerated? He's accelerated to hit him, yeah. What sort of person does that? Oh, what can you say? then reversed over Keith Police say the Hilux driver as he lay on the road.

and will face court today. A man has been charged in a pool of blood An elderly man's been found dead

of Melbourne's gangland war say The few remaining survivors they fear for their lives. Lewis Moran was shot dead in 2004. Bert Wrout was wounded when of Des Moran shocked him He says Monday's execution but could be just the start. I have my reservations a gunman or two out there. and there's still Police are appealing for public help

from Monday's shooting to catch the second gunman as Ascot Vale returns to business. where Tuppence Moran died The owner of the Deli reopened yesterday. will begin work bans this morning Victorian paramedics for longer breaks between shifts. in their campaign they're suffering fatigue, Ambos say with just 8 hours break in between. often working 15-hour shifts broke down last weekend Talks with the State Government enforced 10-hour breaks from today. so paramedics will take to the media They'll also provide briefings about their working conditions. More than 200 business leaders away from their warm beds have spent a chilly, wet night for Sydney's annual CEO Sleepout.

And with a huge turnout this year,

to help tackle homelessness. they've raised big money sleeping out in the cold and wet For these people, a night is hardly something they're used to. to Sydney's Luna Park, But they turned out in droves raising $500,000 222 business leaders in all to help homeless people. is the least we can do. One night's sleep for a good cause And while it was only one night, certainly gave them a good taste the dismal weather of what it's like to sleep rough. (LAUGHS) Oh, I'm pretty well rugged up. of cardboard to go around There were plenty of sheets and no shortage of soup as genuine as possible. as organisers made the experience and many individuals There are many families away from eviction. who are just two or three pay packs ago involving just 20 bosses, And from a small event four years now gaining world attention. the Sleepout's rang me from Cairo on Saturday My former secretary what's on page 1 - and said, "You won't believe the Australian CEO Sleepout!" "the story about A chance also for business at the tough economic times. to get a firsthand look they really do. People do care, Princes William and Harry of intense military training may be in the middle the mickey out of each another. but they're still happy to take The pair has spoken affectionately about living together and their sibling rivalry. They've served in the armed forces for over four years

but until now, these brothers in arms have never been stationed together. It gives a new meaning to Royal Air Force training and today we got a rare glimpse of their life behind closed doors. We're brothers, not lovers. First time and last time we'll be living together, I assure you of that. It has been a fairly emotional experience. Harry told us the other week that he did all the washing up? He does do a bit of the washing up and then he leaves most of it in the sink and then it comes back in the morning and I have to wash it up. Oh, the lies!

Put these princes together and they're a bit of a double act. But there'll be no double measures at the local bars for these brothers. We've been into town a few times. Enjoyed watching Shrewsbury do quite well in the play-offs, unfortunately didn't manage the last final bit but, yeah, it's been good. We've really enjoyed it. I haven't had much chance to get out at the moment, so... It's the Army, we work harder. It's in the army that Harry's training to become a pilot. But William, who's in the Royal Air Force, has already got his wings. And wherever there's brotherly love, there's brotherly competition. It is still hard work but I'm better than William so it's fine. Ha-ha, yeah. William might already be a pilot and he might outrank Harry but it's only his younger brother who's seen active service. I didn't join the forces to be, like I said before, mollycoddled or treated any different. And as far as I'm concerned, in my eyes, if Harry can do it, then I can do it. He's definitely got more brains than me. I think we've established that from school. But when it comes to all that, I think I'm much better hands-on. You've got more brains than looks, as well. When are you flying solo? Baldness. Sorry? They talk to each other like only brothers can but they can't hide the affection behind this royal rivalry. I just said something nice. You could say something nice. He's great! Now for your first look at Friday's weather. Brisbane can expect a few showers today. Wet and showery in Sydney. It'll be fine and sunny in Canberra. Fine in Hobart. A sunny one in Adelaide.

Fine today in Darwin. Windy with showers in Perth. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00 -

couples renew their vows in the Season of Love ceremonies in Brisbane. But next on Seven Early News - Iranian protesters honour those killed in post-election clashes. And part of the Air France jet found intact.

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Welcome back. You're watching Seven's Early News. The mother of a Perth cricketer has rushed to his hospital bedside after a nightclub bashing in England. Chris Thompson was playing cricket for Clayton West in Leeds when he was attacked while out with team-mates.

He was bludgeoned with a brick and is now unable to talk. They were concerned because it wasn't only the punch that caused some damage, it was when his head hit the footpath and they were very concerned about his health then. UK police have released a security video image of a man wanted over the assault. Part of the kitchen from the ill-fated Air France plane has been found, intact, in the Atlantic Ocean. The galley still had a selection of meals wedged securely inside. Despite the extraordinary find, experts are adamant Flight 447 broke up in midair. Autopsies on some of the 50 bodies recovered have found fractures to their legs, hips and arms. Tens of thousands of Iranians have dressed in black to honour those killed in the aftermath of the country's controversial elections. Supporters of defeated opposition chanted "God is greatest". It comes as new amateur video emerged showing pro-government militia storming Tehran University this week.

At least five people were killed in the attack. 27 European leaders have arrived in Belgium for this year's EU summit. Economic issues will be high on the agenda with a new panel to be appointed to oversee the European Union's financial stability. They'll also have to contend with their fair share of protesters

during the 2-day summit. Overnight, hundreds of angry dairy farmers rode their tractors into the city, rallying against Europe's falling milk prices.

Your first finance this Early News - after three days in the red, Wall Street's back in the black today

with new jobs data reviving hopes the economy is stabilising. Live to the big board now.

The Dow Jones is currently sitting on 59. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00 - the Ten Tenors perform live. But next on Seven Early News,

Some positive injury news for New South Wales ahead of Origin 2. And wild weather in New York

delays the opening round of the US Open.

The stories we're following on the Early News - Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull will be under pressure today over a sexual harassment scandal during a parliamentary function. A staffer for Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella has been forced to resign over a breast-groping incident at the Mid-Winter Ball. A Perth man is fighting for his life after being run down in a senseless road-rage attack.

57-year-old father-of-three Keith was hit twice by a Toyota Hilux to slow down. More than 200 business leaders have spent a chilly, wet night away from their warm beds for Sydney's annual CEO Sleepout. The huge turnout raised big money to help tackle homelessness. To sports news now and in AFL, North Melbourne has confirmed

Collingwood legend Nathan Buckley is one of their prime targets to take the coaching reins from next season. Caretaker coach Darren Crocker has promised Kangaroos supporters the side will improve the back half of the season and isn't fazed by talk he's just keeping the seat warm for a high-profile coach.

I haven't even thought about what Nathan Buckley could have to offer. I think I've done the yards and I'm now well equipped to take on this role. At Port Adelaide, Mark Williams won't confirm he'll see out the season. if the club decides not to offer him a new deal. While in the West the Eagles have put a written offer to John Worsfold. Essendon welcomes back Andrew Welsh for tonight's clash with Melbourne four months after shattering his ankle. I was in here every day, getting physio, doing rehab work

to give myself the chance to get back as quick as I could. The Demons will show off a debutant with a difference tonight. Youngster Liam Jurrah was discovered playing barefoot

in outback Australia. New South Wales finally has something to smile about ahead of Origin Two with hooker Robbie Farah almost certain to play despite a rib injury. centre Michael Jennings yesterday who hadn't been able to train all week due to a calf strain. Joel Monaghan comes into the side. I was having fingers crossed that I'd get a game and it wasn't the way I would have liked it but it's come around now and I'm gonna get a go. The Maroons had a run in the mud in Terrigal on the New South Wales Central Coast yesterday. It's been Queensland's home away from home for the last three years. Monaghan's inclusion in the Blues side is welcome news for the Bulldogs. It means flying centre Josh Morris can rejoin the side

for tonight's encounter with the Panthers at ANZ Stadium. Morris was named on Monday as a shadow player for the Blues. Relentless rain has forced play to be abandoned on the opening day of the US Golf Open in New York. Four players were tied at 1 under when play was suspended. Tiger Woods was at 1 over, equal with Aussies Geoff Ogilvy and Michael Sim. Intense rain pounded Bethpage Black after just a handful of holes, rendering the layout unplayable. Officials are planning an early start tomorrow, weather permitting. Lleyton Hewitt has shown he won't be just making up the numbers at Wimbledon, upsetting Rafael Nadal in an exhibition match this morning. Hewitt won the match 6-4, 6-3 in 80 minutes at London's exclusive Hurlingham Club,

handing the world number one a less-than-ideal start

to his grasscourt season. The Spaniard has been struggling with knee soreness since being knocked out of the French Open and will play another exhibition tomorrow before deciding whether to defend his Wimbledon crown. Young gun James O'Connor is under a slight fitness cloud for the Wallabies return clash with Italy in Melbourne tomorrow night. The teenager was unable to train yesterday because of stomach cramps and Drew Mitchell's been placed on standby. The Wallabies plan to continue playing an expansive game.

It is really enjoyable to see the

guys enjoying themselves on the

paddock and that is the most

important thing to do as Wallabies. Italy's made 10 changes from the opening Test

but Australian-born pair Craig Gower and Luke McLean have retained their spots. The V8 Supercars hit the Top End this weekend as Darwin's Hidden Valley raceway plays host to Round 6 of the championship. Some daredevil drivers got up close and personal with the locals yesterday, perhaps a little too close with one of the crocs having a crack at his new playmates.

We were let off the hook a little

bit because they were weren't that

bit because they were weren't that

hungry. One had a grab at the cage. Hidden Valley holds some fond memories for Steven Richards and his team-mate Mark Winterbottom. Richards led home FPR's first-ever 1-2 finish at the venue last year. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at the weather in your area.

The stories we're following on the Early News - Now it's time to check in with 'Sunrise'. Kochie and Mel are in Brisbane this morning. Ann, we're here as 'Sunrise' celebrates the Season of Love. We're going to host two ceremonies later this morning. The first one will be for couples renewing their vows and the second one is a commitment ceremony. If you can't be with us here at South Bank,

grab your partner at home and express your love!

Bot renew your vows together. I got

Lib and she is at home standing in front of the TV. The Paris Opera Ballet is in Brisbane at the moment. So we sent along Beretts and James Tobin to pick up some ballet basics.

They got it. Some of them, maybe not ours. Plus, businessman Dick Smith will tell us how he spent time on the streets. And the Ten Tenors are our special guests performing live. See you soon for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up

around the country: Moist easterly winds will continue to bring showers to the New South Wales and southern Queensland coasts. A burst of mild winter warmth is expected in South Australia and Victoria with northerly winds. A large cold front will sweep through the southern west coast, bringing showers and strong winds. Around the capitals: Brisbane can expect a few showers today. Wet and showery in Sydney. It'll be mostly fine in Canberra. Fine in Hobart. A sunny one in Adelaide. Fine today in Darwin. Windy with showers in Perth. And that's Seven Early News for this Friday.

I'm Ann Sanders. Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia This program is captioned live. Inflight emergency - the pilot of this plane dies midair. The miraculous landing today on Sunrise. Also, a pollie's screaming child kicked out of the Senate. So, do children have a place in parliament or at work at all? Then, is it time to renew your vows? Or maybe to make a commitment to your partner? This morning, Greg Evans is a perfect match for our live Season of Love ceremonies. And two macho men try a ballet move. They're the ugly ducklings on 'Swan Lake' as you'll see on the Friday edition of Sunrise. # How do you measure? # Measure a year?