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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. under pressure over claims Tonight - the Prime Minister of not doing enough in Iraq. US troops are accusing our soldiers in a savage home invasion. A man killed and a woman injured

finally be solved. And a 66-year-old wartime mystery may I couldn't believe it. And when they said, "Allan Wilson," Claims tonight Australian troops counterparts on the ground in Iraq, are being taunted by their US for not pulling their weight.

to admit It's forced the Prime Minister in the Iraq war Australia's involvement after the initial offensive in 2003. was to end

US troops comb buildings crawling with al-Qaeda militants. in an Iraqi province believed from the clearly volatile front line, A long way from coalition counterparts. Australian troops endure ridicule

It certainly can be argued in these conflicts Australia is not carrying its weight and that there's a very real sense from actual combat roles. that our forces are being withheld of our coalition partners I think that some make comments are starting to certainly to soldiers about that. on the ground our position The PM forced to justify

ministerial grilling. in the wake of the embarrassing is very important. What they're doing in southern Iraq

It is helping to provide stability. to accept responsibility I think getting Mr Howard is like getting blood from a stone. for his Government's actions

has changed along the journey Mr Howard today conceding policy timetable has blown out considerably. and Australia's original withdrawal

we had with the Americans Well, the understanding when we originally participated after the sharp end was over, was that any troop presence. we weren't going to have will serve to further muddy history's judgment of the conflict.

misfire and miscalculation This has been the greatest single since Vietnam. of Australia's security interests Luke Waters, Ten News. in a critical condition in hospital Police are hoping a woman who remains track down those responsible will be able to help them at her home in Sydney's north-west. for a savage home invasion

in the attack. The woman's partner was murdered

in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac, Asleep in their home this morning by an intruder. a young couple was woken early was savagely attacked and killed, Moments later, the husband but managing to escape his 27-year-old wife injured

and run to neighbours for help. to track down the killer. Police appealing for help

in a car or loitering, Anyone seen in that area probably just before 4am,

to come forward. we would really really like people Locals stunned by the killing.

in the street, facing this way There was actually an ambulance

move into the house and I saw someone "Well, someone was ill." and I thought,

the couple were quiet and friendly Neighbours we've spoken to say with absolutely no indication victims of a random home invasion. they could be anything but the

identify her husband's killer. Detectives hope the woman can help any motives. We are trying to establish

or anything like that at the moment. We don't have any motives James Boyce, Ten News. a Sydney court A US serviceman has faced for sex. accused of procuring a teenage girl

The 28-year-old navy seaman military exercises in Rockhampton. is in Australia for It's believed he made contact a 14-year-old girl on the Internet. with a police officer posing as after arriving at Sydney airport. He was arrested A woman is fighting for life have suffered minor injuries and another two people

ploughed into them in Sydney's CBD. after a four-wheel drive appeared in court today A 30-year-old father of four and driving whilst disqualified. charged with drink driving

city's south-west was granted bail. Poasa Logova from Punchbowl in the will face court tomorrow And a teenager charged with assaulting a policeman near Brisbane. The 18-year-old over the head of the officer, is alleged to have smashed a bottle

and fracturing his skull. knocking him unconscious

an extra 500 Federal Police Kevin Rudd has promised to help address problems facing Indigenous communities, like the violence

his pledge coming the first phase of its radical plan as the Government rolls out

in the Northern Territory. to stamp out child sex abuse a national emergency. John Howard called this

officers will fly to Darwin are scared to death The women and the children the violence and the molestation of complaining about

ground, nothing is going to change. and unless you get police on the remote communities within 10 days. Police and army are expected in The military will be paramount communications and logistic support. to be able to provide the Restoring law and order is the first stage

of the Government's ambitious plan. improving health and education. The second, stealing a generation - We're not talking about Well, the doctors did - saving a generation. ..we're talking about to provide 10 extra police Victoria and NSW have agreed

to boost Territory ranks. The other States are yet to commit. we have got 10 spare police officers If we ever get to the point where then we'll consider it. Kevin Rudd has promised $200 million

by 500 to boost Federal Police numbers if he wins government. equivalent of a national war cabinet, He also wants to establish the

working together with both sides of politics

I think the nation is so fed up at each other on this. with us all taking pot shots assistant commissioner Shane Castles Meantime, former AFP have been named to join magistrate Sue Gordon Indigenous expert

to implement the sweeping reforms. on the task force Leonie Mellor, Ten News. has taken another swipe at Labor The Federal Government allegations of thuggish behaviour. over its union links, after fresh

CFMEU officials It has released video showing entering a construction site. Mick, that's assault. That's assault, that's assault.

It's not good enough for Kevin Rudd from the Labor Party to simply expel these people Labor severs all ties with trade unions. State Governments have released a scathing report on Australia's public health system. The study accuses Canberra of underfunding public hospitals by more than $1 billion and claims GPs are becoming less accessible and more expensive. Plainly, this is just a pre-election stunt.

The Government says it has honoured all its healthcare commitments. Our politicians are under pressure tonight to agree to similar random drug testing to our sporting stars. The call has come from controversial Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan, one of the Prime Minister's closest confidants. If there's evidence that there's a problem with politicians then they should be treated no differently from anyone else. I'm not quite sure what tree Bill's barking up here at the moment and Bill's barked up a few trees in recent times. Senator Heffernan says he has no evidence of illegal drug taking in Parliament. A war-time mystery which has baffled military minds for decades has been solved tonight. He'd been the faceless sailor of HMAS 'Sydney'. Not any more. This is chief engineer Allan Wallace Wilson. 645 sailors lost their lives when the 'Sydney' went down off WA on November 19, 1941. Naval officials have not been able to work out the identity of remains returned last October from Christmas Island, Allan Wilson's relatives still shocked to learn the remains could be his. My ears always prick up when I hear the 'Sydney' being mentioned and when they said Allan Wilson, I couldn't believe it. reduced possible matches to 300, Dental records

skeletal examinations breaking that down another 200. The man was buried in white overalls with press studs - only three were issued. Photographic evidence of the three men was needed. Pictures were found of sub-lieutenants Allen King and Frederick Schoch. These images of Allan Wilson complete the puzzle. It was such a tragedy that he went down and he was such a young man. He was such a handsome, debonair young man, who had just become engaged. While the identification process still has some way to go, authorities are at least suggesting that the sailor was an officer. Forensic experts believe the distinctive smiles in two of the photos, aligned with dental records, could solve the mystery. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Still to come - DNA puts the bite on dangerous dogs. A man charged over the desecration of a century-old church. And Greg Norman out and about with new flame Chris Evert now his divorce is complete. Yeah, the settlement has been agreed to.

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Now - smashed to pieces by a stranger. Well, it means everything. I designed it myself and it's a family window. can never replace. Something insurance

The remainder of the 130-year-old church is in ruins. Pews and windows demolished, walls gouged, the front door torn apart. Neighbours alerted police.

It's absolutely horrible to see, it really is.

The place is devastated. A 24-year-old man has been charged. Does he realise what he's done? And does he feel sorry for what he's done?

Already the church has been inundated with offers of kindness from the community. First and foremost - a few old donated doors to board up the building until it can be fixed. from a temporary room. It's only a physical thing, it's only a building. The church is the people. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. More stories tonight of sexual abuse of Aboriginal children as young as four. South Australia's leaders have admitted it would be naive to think the problem stops at the Northern Territory border.

700 children live on 100,000 square kilometres of traditional land in the northern-most reaches of South Australia. Today they celebrate a new school opening. (All sing) I am, you are, we are Australian. But sadly the young people of the APY Lands aren't immune to the sexual abuse occurring just across the Northern Territory border. It's a big problem for young kids and young 16s. But John Howard's radical plan won't apply here. Instead, the SA Government's sent in a team that will spend the next three months investigating. The preliminary indications are there is significant abuse on the lands. Already investigators are hearing horror stories of abuse on children as young as four. But these people have a kinship that goes deep, making it hard for many to come forward. Obviously these matters are very difficult to talk about and it has to be done in appropriate ways, But the clear message is people want to talk and tell their stories. But it's education that's seen as the way forward. Here at Amata, where new school facilities have just been opened, daily tuition is slowly becoming the way of life. In fact, in the past eight years, attendance has risen to 75%. That's our future for all the people in these communities. In the APY Lands, Brett Clappis, Ten News. In a world first, DNA evidence is to be collected at dog attack scenes in Australia. Rangers will become forensic scientists in an attempt to stamp out the problem of vicious dogs.

These two dogs were the first in Australia to be put down but more dangerous animals could follow their fate. A Melbourne council is now arming its officers with DNA kits, frustrated by owners who fail to take responsibility. Sometimes, you know, "It wasn't my dog."

Other times, "They've never done that before." We want to make sure that if we are going to take it to prosecution, that we've got the confidence to do that and get a good result. Dog owner Andie Talbot has welcomed the initiative. Her terrier, Ivy, has been set upon by the same dogs twice, their owner refusing to keep them on a leash.

I had approached him and said, "You know, you need to do something about your dogs,"

and it's got to the point now where his dogs come in and everyone leaves. There are more than 100,000 dog attacks in Australia each year and half are by repeat offenders. For children it's more likely that a child will be hospitalized as a consequence of a dog attack than as a consequence of a motor vehicle accident. Researchers hope other councils will follow their lead. If people know that their dog can be linked back to a crime scene,

they'll take more effort in making sure their dog is in the backyard and not walking aimlessly around the streets. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. A surprisingly low-key end to an ugly divorce for golfing great Greg Norman and wife Laura. The Shark, who agreed to a $100 million settlement, insists he now wants to get on with life with new girlfriend Chris Evert. A stolen kiss with his new love match, former US tennis champ Chris Evert. Golfing great Greg Norman steps out a single man on the day of his $100 million divorce. Yeah, the settlement has been agreed to,

and that's all I can say. Married to wife Laura for 25 years, they'd fought a bitter battle over the Shark's $300 million business and real estate empire. Nobody likes to go through what you've gone through for the period of time you've been through it, but that's life, and it's over and the terms have been agreed to, and let's move on. to come out swinging, While some expected him

it's believed Norman agreed to his wife's demands partly to spare Chris Evert an embarrassing court appearance. She'd been a long-time friend of the couple. The lovebirds were in full flight on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula, where he's designing a golf course for a new multimillion-dollar resort, Evert clearly relishing her man's new-found freedom.

Oh absolutely, she's enjoying the trip that we've been on. We've been in Korea, we've been in Vietnam. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. One of the great railway engineering feats of the last century has been celebrated in Victoria. It's 150 years since the first long-distance country railway track from Melbourne to Geelong was opened. The 64km line paved the way for the massive Australia-wide rail system that followed. We see the way the railways are constructed these days with great big machines and whatever, it would have all manual and horse labour. Hundreds turned out for the event to enjoy a step back in time. Coming up on Ten News - a police officer charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

The Hollywood starlet who committed a major fashion crime. And the mud bath that attracted hundreds of thousands. OK. I'm back in a couple of hours. I'll finish up out the back and I'm done. You be good, Bonnie. (Yelps) CRASH! ELECTRICAL BUZZ The whole thing's gonna have to be replaced. BUZZING What's that? Just wasps. Get inside! WASPS BUZZ There you go. WASPS BUZZ LOUDLY (Barks)

There. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. Hello. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. That was quick. Look for the walking fingers. As a doctor I've seen lots of mums. Now I'm one myself. Mothers' group taught me things only a mum could know. But when it came to relieving their babies' pain and fever, many mums were in the dark. So I told them about Children's Panadol.

Nothing works faster or is more effective, and it can be taken from when they're just one month old. I'm not quite used to being a mum yet... Whoo! But it's growing on me. This program is captioned live. You're watching Ten's 5:00 News. A police officer's been arrested in connection with the murder of his heavily pregnant girlfriend. Jessie Davis's body was found dumped on a farm near her home in America's mid-west. from giving birth to her second child She was just weeks away when she disappeared. Her boyfriend, a local policeman, with murdering the 26-year-old is expected to be charged and their unborn child. a small town in central Canada, At least three tornados have struck destroying several homes. Amateur video shows the twisters slamming into farm buildings

and throwing up a cloud of debris. with trucks lifted and tossed. Vehicles were also damaged Outgoing British PM Tony Blair Actress Cameron Diaz a major fashion crime in Peru. appears to have committed of Machu Picchu, On a visit to the ancient Inca city was seen carrying a bag the Hollywood star of Communist China, the red star, emblazoned with the symbol written underneath, Mao Zedong's favourite political slogan, "Serve the people."

The problem is the people of Peru suffered decades of violence at the hands of Maoist guerrillas. The original Pink Panther car is going under the hammer in London. The 7m-long limousine, the only one ever made, is expected to fetch around $190,000. Everybody remembers the Pink Panther car want to own it. and an awful lot of people Built in 1969, has only 16km on the clock. the extraordinary looking vehicle is on this weekend, The world's biggest music festival

on a muddy farm outside London. with 200,000 people converging

has lost its original hippy spirit. But some critics say Glastonbury and not because of the mud - They're calling it 'Bog-henge'

portable toilets, Glastonbury's infamous in a mock ceremonial circle, now arranged

the latest tongue-in-cheek creation

Banksy. from the allusive graffiti artist it's really good fun. I think it's great, can be anything you want to be - This is the place to be, where you do it here. desecration. But others are calling it

For decades, coming here to the stone circle Glastonbury's old guard have been to enjoy the serenity of the view of the site. Now, though, they say that view has been obscured. Some see it as another sign that Glastonbury has lost its hippy spirit that after 37 years the festival has become too big, too commercial, even too organised. are to recharge your mobile phone. These days the longest queues

Some things haven't changed. tonnes of mud, Today, they were scooping up for it to stay. although some people were quite happy 'Sports Tonight' with Brad McEwan. The weather's next and then it's

Brad, the Swans' slide continues? a young Irishman will never forget. Bill, Sydney beaten on a night have enjoyed a pint of...Powerade? No doubt Magpie Martin Clarke will

for the Titans. Matt Rogers saves the day And the V8s back up in Darwin. for tomorrow. Taking a look at the national weather Showers forecast for Cairns, and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. showers increasing in Brisbane Sydney, Showers also on the increase across cloud is increasing in Melbourne. rain developing in Canberra, while then sunny in Hobart. It will be foggy To South Australia, and there's a late shower Showers expected in Port Lincoln.

And across to WA showers in Perth and it will be mostly sunny in Broome. In breaking news - several Australians have been arrested in Lebanon. Consular officials are seeking access to the group, but at this stage, it's unclear why they have been detained. and I mean every dog. Now, every dog has its day, Even this dog, whose name is Elwood. part Chinese-crested pooch, The part chihuahua, and hairless body, with an oversized tongue has been named the world's ugliest. their first reaction - shock. People see Elwood and that's They go "Oh my God!" what it is half the time - They don't even know they think he's a monkey or a gremlin.

That face is now famous in the US. with the latest news. That brings you up to date throughout the evening. We'll have updates with Brad McEwan. Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' I'm Bill Woods. Glad you could join us - goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Hello, I'm Brad McEwan. this is Toyota Sports Tonight. Over halfway into the footy season we start to work out the contenders from the pretenders. The Storm are on top, the Dragons the bottom. We're still not sure about the Bunnies and Sharks. How about this titanic tackle!? COMMENTATOR: A try-saving tackle! but last night, 13 may have been 14. Don't mean to confuse you, they have 14 players there. At the moment Robert Harvey's a champion You can't argue the Swans are on the slide. but you might argue

Can the Wallabies beat the All Blacks who beat the Wallabies? who beat the Springboks Confused again? We'll keep it simple.