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(generated from captions) Tonight - after her deportation from Indonesia. Michelle Leslie speaks out I'm really excited to be going home to be out of Indonesia. and I'm just really relieved

to save her son, A mother prays for the government facing execution next week. The Immigration Minister under fire on terrorism. for controversial comments may have been solved. And claims a Sydney Harbour mystery This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ann Sanders.

Welcome to Seven News. Hello.

has been deported from Indonesia Michelle Leslie and told never to return as a convicted drug user. after her release from prison she is glad the ordeal is over The Sydney model says on her career. but won't talk about the impact

A new country and a new beginning. Bali's Kerokoban prison, Ten hours after leaving with her minder. Michelle Leslie jetted into Singapore I'm really excited to be going home I'm so exhausted, to be out of Indonesia. and I'm just really relieved The convicted ecstasy user on the first possible flight. was ordered to leave Bali watched her every move. Immigration officers Michelle has received the decision of Denpasar. from the Immigration Office after a day of high drama - Her ticket to freedom came her release delayed by several hours. The Muslim head-to-toe covering since converting to Islam she has worn at court a revealing tank top and thongs. was replaced by tight jeans, on Flight SQ147... All remaining passengers from the runway, As the plane lifted she waved goodbye to Bali was terror behind bars. and to three months of what she says no, it was amazing to walk out. Yeah - but yeah - It was a little bit overwhelming no, it was good, thank you. On the flight, smiled a lot, talked and laughed - she read fashion magazines,

and why not? in business class The chardonnay and salmon from where she's come. is a long way helped her survive. She says support from home the people that have supported me I'm really thankful to all

and phone calls. and sent emails and letters with her Adelaide-based parents Her first priority, a reunion Sydney boyfriend, Scott Sutton. and the man she plans to marry, Yeah, really excited, thank you.

all day for her in Sydney A large media contingent was waiting she is still in Singapore. but tonight, we understand

Michelle Leslie came to Singapore It is still unclear exactly why unfinished business here. but there is some they still want to talk to Mia, Her lawyers have revealed tablets in Michelle's Gucci handbag the woman who put the two ecstasy

or heard from since. but has never been seen he's done everything possible Prime Minister Howard says Australian on death row in Singapore. and can't save the life of an are demanding more action But supporters of Van Nguyen

to stop next week's execution. This is Kim Nguyen's local parish. with her twin boys. She used to come here for one of them. Today, the congregation prays bring back the stray. I shall look after the lost one, Van Nguyen won't be coming back. turning to God for guidance. And his mum is not the only one state of mind. He was in a genuinely beautiful He's now quite a religious person. He's spiritually preparing himself. Lex Lasry is home from Singapore in the cell of his condemned client, after spending two hours yesterday 370 grams of heroin. convicted of smuggling He wants the government to take Van's case to the International Court of Justice. not for individuals, It's a court for countries, and, as I understand it, to consent to the jurisdiction. Singapore would need Not likely, now extremely stained. with relations between our countries any further discussion of substance I have not had we can go. because there is nowhere further

by parishioners today - Kim was hugged and kissed with her son this week something she won't be able to do something she won't be able to do

to say goodbye. when she flies to Singapore by a glass wall. They will be separated treated Australia with contempt. The Singaporean government has and knows he should be punished. Van is guilty of drug trafficking Friday week, by hanging, But it's the brutal way he will die

that has shocked Australians, and caused this diplomatic rift. is under fire The Immigration Minister for undermining battle against terrorism. the government's billion-dollar Amanda Vanstone has told a conference

that many of the measures are about making people feel better rather than stopping an attack. around 1.4 billion a year The government spends from terrorists. trying to keep us safe at least one minister believes It appears is more about public relations. that money Amanda Vanstone was speaking at a Rotary function in Adelaide last week. she is well aware of security issues As our Immigration Minister, at airline measures, but she still poked fun including the ban on metal knives. Labor says credibility on terrorism. the comments shred the government's To suggest that the measures taken for aviation security are just a public relations sham is a disgrace. But terror experts agree hurt passengers or flight crews. there are items on planes that could to get through the cockpit door and that's the main concern. It's not the first time

has made controversial remarks. Senator Vanstone wouldn't help struggling families. In 2003, she admitted tax cuts hell, what will that buy you? Five dollars, if you're lucky. A sandwich and a milkshake Labor says she's gone too far. This time,

She should apologise to the Australian people she should tender her resignation. and then Senator Vanstone says in the context of her speech. her comments were appropriate by Australia and the United States A secret counter-terrorism operation stolen passports in just one month. has caught almost 100 people using The startling results are being used to push for a crackdown on travel crime

in the Asia Pacific region. John Howard's final appointment in Korea - a visit to the final resting place for Australian soldiers killed in the 1950s Korean War. You might have a few things missing by the time you leave here. (laughs) There's your poppy gone already! But it was the so-called war on terror that most exercised the APEC leaders' minds, particularly the disturbing results of a secret Australian and US operation on stolen passports.

An APEC document reveals a trial linking the countries' immigration computers for the first time. It nabbed 82 people using stolen passports in just six weeks. Even more startling for officials, revelations that there are - Recent terror raids in Australia have heightened concern

about who is coming into the country on stolen passports, and why. Australian officials are pushing for the trial to be extended and eventually link the databases of all APEC countries, including Russia and China. The Prime Minister emphasised the need for continued vigilance. No country can imagine that it's immune from the possibility that people might be planning terrorist attacks. John Howard now heads to Pakistan where he will meet with President Musharraf and announce another contribution to that country's earthquake-devastated regions. 160 Australian medical and support staff are already helping the relief effort. Telstra has admitted a million mobile phones will become useless when it upgrades its cellular network. But the telco denies reports the number will be as high as eight million phones. Telstra is to shut down some of its current networks and replace them with new technology. We'll be offering every incentive so that our customers won't be inconvenienced. It's a very competitive market and we don't want to see anyone going to our competitors. Users in country areas will be worst affected. The biggest schoolies crowd ever has descended on the Gold Coast for a night of fights, drunken behaviour and arrests There was also a fire in a 10th floor unit, however, the alarm was ignored by some who thought it was a playground prank. Eventually, hundreds of teenagers were evacuated from the building. Lots of smoke, everyone was freaking out really bad. Elsewhere, police arrested 65 people, but only nine were schoolies. In one violent incident, the son of a Brisbane radio host suffered facial injuries, causing his father to call for an end to the annual celebrations. Police estimate 35,000 people were there last night. One of Sydney's great harbour mysteries could finally have been solved.

Since World War II, searchers have been looking for a sunk Japanese submarine

and now it may have been found. Documentary maker Damien Lay thinks he's found something people have been looking for for 63 years - but he's holding out. REPORTER: Damien, can you tell me where you believe the third submarine is? No. (Laughs) NEWSREEL: The salvaged remains were a stark reminder that the war was on our doorstep. On May 31 1942, three Japanese midget submarines snuck into the harbour. Two were caught but the third known as M24 fired its torpedoes, hitting HMAS Kuttabul and killing 21 servicemen. M24 was last heard on sonar leaving the heads but it never rejoined the Japanese fleet. Damien will talk about how he spent three years searching for it. It was just this continual building of evidence

and slowly over time everything just kept pointing to this particular location. He says that location has been difficult to inspect but he's pretty sure M24 is there beneath the sand. Side-scan sonar, magnetometres, visual inspection of the site, those types of things and we certainly have, what I believe is overwhelming evidence, to suggest this may be the site of the midget submarine. Damien says he's taken this as far as he can because if he's right, it opens up a whole bunch of sensitive issues. This isn't just a shipwreck, it's potentially a war grave, and if so, it falls to the governments of two countries to work together and decide what to do next. Damien will reveal his theory in a special pay TV broadcast next week. I think people will be very, very surprised. Ahead in Seven News - Little Andie Kearns out of hospital. Also, bigger discounts as the petrol price war starts again. And a world record for eating the most hamburgers. Our water situation has taken a positive turn. But conserving water is still a priority. Stage 1 water conservation measures are in place. How would the measures work for you if applied permanently? To have your say, call ACTEW or visit the website.

FOXTEL's 10th birthday means a big deal. For a limited time, you can get FOXTEL Digital installed from just $10 in metro areas.

That's a big saving. And you get your first month for just $10. Very big. Plus, with a choice of offers on 6, 12 or 24 month plans, there's never been a better time to get FOXTEL Digital. A deal this big only comes around every 10 years. FOXTEL Digital. Call 131 787 now. A horrific crash in Sydney's west has killed a woman and seriously injured four other people.

The 45-year-old died when the car she was in collided head on with another vehicle at high speed. Ambulance officers freed four people trapped in the wreckage. A woman suffering serious head and spinal injuries was airlifted to Westmead Hospital. The daughter of former Wallabies captain, Phil Kearns, has returned home four weeks after being run over by the family car. Andie Kearns was expected to remain in hospital until Christmas after suffering extensive abdominal injuries. Doctors at Sydney Children's Hospital Doctors at Sydney Children's Hospital say the 20-month-old will make a full recovery. A new petrol price war has begun just in time for the summer holidays. Coles service stations are offering a discount of 14c a litre but consumer groups are not convinced it is a bargain. In the petrol discount war, the ante has just been upped - Coles Myer offering a 14c discount per litre of petrol, but only to FlyBuys cardholders. I don't think our customers ever tire of ways of either saving money on shopping or particularly on fuel.

And here's how it works - It's just so confusing.

These things change all the time, and I think the main purpose of them is

to take our focus off what is the cheapest product, what's the cheapest store and what's the cheapest credit. And with specific products on the supermarket shelf

now attracting bonus FlyBuys points, beware. Two of those, 300 points. The Just Right, two of those, 300 points. In those products alone, there's 600 points.

I doubt that it's the cheapest products in the store that they're offering bonus points on, and again, it stops people focusing on comparing prices and gets them all caught up in the hype of earning points. And the RACV agrees. Sometimes you may need to spend too much money just to get a very small discount. The offer will end on 31 January.

A man who contracted cancer from passive smoking at work has refused a confidential settlement so he can speak out.

The former barman wants his suffering to be a reason for smoking to be banned at public venues.

29-year-old Phil Edge is a survivor. In 2001, he was diagnosed with tongue cancer

and had to have it removed in a radical operation. Doctors discovered it was caused by cigarette smoke he had been exposed to while working as a bar and gaming room attendant for just 18 months. There's so may people out there now that are still working in the industry, still being exposed, and, you know, could be walking the same path that I have that don't need to. Mr Edge sued WorkCover for compensation. The insurer attempted to settle out of court on the basis he sign a confidentiality agreement. But, he refused to be gagged, and WorkCover finally agreed to pay his loss of earnings, medical costs and damages in a landmark deal. I've been through something I've been through something that's been pretty horrible,

and yet something better has to help me -

has to come out of this. I don't think WorkCovers in all States and Territories Although Phil is now in remission, his life has dramatically changed. Eating and speaking will forever be daily challenges, he can't drink alcohol and going out to pubs and clubs with friends is basically impossible. There is no lower limit that cigarette smoke can be inhaled at. There must be a complete stop and exposure to people like Phil. Suicide bombings overnight in Iraq have claimed at least 50 lives, including five US soldiers. In the deadliest attack, a car bomb exploded at a funeral for a Shiite cleric north of Baghdad, killing 36 mourners. Earlier, another car bomb killed 13 shoppers in a crowded Baghdad market. The violence followed yesterday's attacks on two Shiite mosques. Authorities fear the violence will escalate in the run up to elections next month. Big eaters have lined up for the World Hamburger Championships. Contestants had eight minutes to wolf down as many as possible. And with $13,000 up for grabs, the stakes were high. CHEERING 27-year-old Takeru Kobayashi of Japan took the money after chowing down 67 burgers. A series of giant stone masks has taken out the "Sculpture by the Sea" People's Choice Award.

Called "Time and Space .. Facial Deconstruction", they were created by South Coast artist, Michael Purdy who wins $1,000 for his artwork. I'm absolutely stoked to be the winner. Voted by the public, by so many people, thank you! A mosaic combi van took the Kids Choice Prize.

100 artists from 16 countries took part in this year's event. Time for sport with Nick McArdle, and almost a hat-trick of Tests for Australia.

Yeah, close to it. The Kangaroos beat Great Britain. And finally the Wallabies got a win. But a century from Dwayne Bravo has stopped our cricketers completing the hat-trick. You'll find everything you need for your next project in the Bunnings Warehouse catalogue. Coolaroo knitted shade cloth - from $6.80 per metre. Single-outlet safety switch - a low $19.98. Garden hose with trigger - only $11.97. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. #

A big partnership between Dwayne Bravo and Denesh Ramdin has saved the Windies from complete embarrassment in the second Test in Hobart. The pair put on a record 182 for the seventh wicket with Bravo scoring a gritty century. But Australia will start their second innings tomorrow needing only 78 runs for victory. The Aussies were after six wickets to wrap it up and they nearly had one in style early on. COMMENTATOR: What a magnificent effort! That would have been the classic catch of the summer! It wasn't looking like Warne's day with the ball either -

the Windies fighting hard to make the Aussies bat again - but Warney had his man soon after. APPEAL

Big shout this time, and this time Koertzen is nodding his head. Brian Lara gone for 45 while Marlon Samuels wasn't far behind as the Windies went 6 down for 140.

That brought Denesh Ramdin and Dwayne Bravo together for the visitors' best partnership of the series - Brett Lee firing up as the Windies passed 200. Oh, that's a good delivery, and it's hit him! But the second session was a good one for the Windies - Ramdin and Bravo unbeaten as they took the total into the black. Ramdin, the second past 50 as the partnership closed in on 150. A very good performance. Might even be a match-saving performance.

At the other end, Bravo's third Test hundred was one to remember. Full toss, and he's got his century! That's beautifully done. Ramdin eventually fell to McGill for 71 - a brilliant partnership over at 182. They were eight down when Powell went for a duck before Warne claimed the danger man, Bravo for 113, the Windies all out for 334, meaning the Aussies need just 78 runs for the win tomorrow. Got him! It's all over. They're all out, they're bowled out. And New South Wales has destroyed Tasmania in the Pura Cup at the SCG

winning by an innings and 90 runs. Australia will play New Zealand in the final of Rugby League's Tri-Nations next weekend Great Britain's campaign overnight. after ending three second-half tries. The Kangaroos ran in a leg injury to Craig Gower. The only concern for the tourists, wasn't going to be good enough Great Britain had the win so close as hooker Kieran Cunningham found out went to Brian Carney's wing just before the Kangaroos where King got the tap back to count. spilled and backwards COMMENTATOR: And the ball was and Matt Cooper picks the ball up. they unleashed Morley. When the Lions needed a lift O'Donnell down and then Barrett out tired of the Aussies tactics, after referee Steve Ganson as Carney hit the corner. and against 12 men the gaps opened It's Carney who will score! Minichiello made the big play Then on half-time turned juggler to make it pay. and Mark O'Meley as Brent Tate took them on out wide Their class showed in the second half to win the race and beat the Brits with pace as he put on a 70m special. for Australia. And Brent Tate will score getting one back, And when the Lions looked like Barrett took out the opposition which saved a try but earned him an early shower. much at all, I haven't really been sent off

so a little bit embarrassing don't leave here unscathed, The Australians

their halves combination and yet again may be forced to change left the field with a thigh injury. after Craig Gower See how it pulls up tomorrow for next weekend. but hopefully it will be all good next Saturday, boys, We have got a big game coming on a big game. You played well, well done. After months of nightmares, can finally get some sleep. Wallabies' coach Eddie Jones losing streak this morning, The Australians snapped a seven-game beating Ireland by 16 points. at Landsdowne Road, Big hats and big voices to avoid eight losses in a row. but the Wallabies needed big hearts They had fire in the belly... grabbing hold of each other COMMENTATOR: A lot of people who are a little bit too tense. Ahhh, down it comes! ..and they put on some tough tackles, near the try line in the first half. but Australia didn't get anywhere Passing was a problem. The line-out was shaky as well. 6-3 to Ireland at the break. The Wallabies stole the lead when Drew Mitchell burrowed through. five metres from the line Mitchell, have almost driven them over. and Australia He's giving it! Oh, yes, he's giving it! to put the Wallabies ahead by 11. Chris Latham used speed

he's past him! Latham, facing Murphy, Latham! Chris Latham! Try, Australia! and was sent to the sin bin. George Smith got too defensive he did catch him Oh, I mean, you know, okay, to stick out your foot. but that's a natural reaction, the Wallabies put on points. But even a man down, Tommy Bowl! He's away, Tommy Bowl chasing,

He did catch him, got him down all the way there! but momentum has taken him but momentum has taken him

with numbers on the wing. The Irish got their first try Morgan for the line - consolation for Ireland. Shane Morgan, their first win since July. But the Wallabies were too far ahead, to win a Test match. It's just a nice feeling Test matches are hard to win. And in other Tests overnight, New Zealand were pushed all the way by England, were too good for Wales. and South Africa

The expected A-League blockbuster Sydney FC and Perth last night between never eventuated. attacking sides couldn't land a blow. The competition's two best It finished in a 0-0 draw. proving unstoppable in the pool Libby Lenton is again at Homebush. at the World Cup short-course event

of the 100m freestyle, She has cruised into tonight's final in the 200m last night. after smashing the world record The world record, 1.54.04. Here comes Libby Lenton. What a star! Libby Lenton, world record! by three-quarters of a second. Libby lowered the old mark

Chelsea Georgeson And Australian surfer rankings with a win in Hawaii. has leapt to the top of the world

from Western Australia in the final, She beat Claire Bevilacqua posting the event's only perfect 10. The 22-year-old from the Gold Coast for the world title, is now in the box seat with a good lead over her only rival, Peru's Sofia Mulanovich. reigning champion,

Okay. Been a good couple of days

for the girls Possible world champ

the that is looking good . across Sydney tonight. We can expect a few showers and the seven-day forecast Those details next in Seven News. MINIMAL ORCHESTRAL MUSIC Imagine a sports saloon it embraces them. Lexus IS250. The new Direct Injection V6 Move as one. Tomorrow on Sunrise, with Sarah Murdoch. out tell-all interview conceiving and life with Lachlan. She talks openly about problems about Only on Sunrise. last night - as we promised - A gusty, cool change moved through and that made today much milder. minimums falling too low. Cloud cover stopped overnight, Temperatures stayed below average... didn't eventuate. ..but the promised rain

tonight, The cloud will hang around Sydney tomorrow morning. with the chance of showers though, later in the day. The sun is expected to break through, or 25 near the coast We're expecting highs around 24 and up to 27 in the western suburbs. just a chance of a shower Looking ahead, and through Wednesday. late on Tuesday on Thursday. But it should fine up again And that's Seven News to now. I'll be back with updates later, next weekend. and look forward to seeing you again I'm Ann Sanders, goodnight. of captions. We apologise for the temporary loss