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This morning - An island's fury. in their fight to banish terrorism. Balinese take to the streets now shortened sentence Schapelle Corby's Indonesia's highest court. to go before And the cry for help. to Pakistan's devastated villages. The rush to get aid with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News Good morning. Tensions have erupted in Denpasar anniversary of the Bali bombings with Indonesians marking the third with a violent protest. of the three bombers on death row They demanded the immediate execution over the 2002 Kuta attack. says But a former Indonesian president may also be to blame. the police and military

banish terrorism from their island. The Balinese are desperate to SHOUTING stormed Denpasar's Kerobokan Jail Around 1,000 protesters calling for the immediate executions behind the attacks of the convicted bombers on the Sari Club and Paddys Bar, including 88 Australians. which killed 202 people, SHOUTING But a former Indonesian President

are condemning the wrong people. has implied protesters belongs to the government. Every bomb there until now the Indonesian authorities, He fears there are links between

blamed for the 2002 attacks. and the fundamentalists to do this, to do that Who knows that the orders

not from the culprits. came from within our Armed Forces,

In Jakarta, has dismissed the comments. Australia's Foreign Minister Just rubbish. counter-terrorism laws. Indonesia is planning to boost its experts to help with the reforms. Mr Downer says Australia will send

We agreed that this team will come

here to Indonesia very soon and

talk to the experts group here in

Indonesia which is also doing work

at the moment. On reforming Indonesia's own counter-terrorism

laws. and Seven reporter Paul Kadak. To Bali now last night. Paul, you were in the thick of things known for their peaceful nature. Amazing scenes from people generally

That is right. What started as a

fairly peaceful if vocal

demonstration, less than 100 people

were rallying for the execution of

Amrozi but it swirled into a

protest of more than 1,000, some

say 2,000 officials confronting

prison officials. The front gates

were torn off and thrown in the

street. A kob Crete fence was

attacked. The - it seemed they were

prepared for a vocal protest. They

stopped them at the main door but

all of the sudden truck loads of

Indonesian police arrived. There

were 250 Indonesia police who

arrived with tear gas guns but

they weren't used. The police kept

calm in ft face of very vocal

protests and they were able to

restore some calm. It took several

hours for them to disburse. Am Rosa

and Mukhlas were not there. They

were transferred. It wasn't enough

to quell the frustration Things

were a little quieter at Kuta

Square ? Yes, quite a contrast. We

saw the service last night to mark

the exact time when the bombs went

off. There were probably 2,000

people who turned out, a very good

turnout. Unlike previous ceremonies,

there was almost a festival

atmosphere. The crowd joining in

the singing. There were mainly

locals but there were Australians

there, tour tifts from all over the

world, from Ireland and Germany

Let's talk about this month assist

bombings. What is the latest? As we

reported first on the morning news

yesterday, some doubt started

arising over this man named Hasan

who authorities first arrested.

Some doubt as to how significant he

was. As the day progressed ha son

was released by police. All they

would say is they finished

questioning him. In other

development, they announced that

they arrested two other suspects in

West java. They have been

questioned in relation to the 2002

and 2005 bombings. They are being

held under the terrorism laws Two

more Aussies are due to appear in

court today? Yes, Scott Rush and

Andrew Chan. Chan has been

featured heavily and described as

the gang's enforcer, accused of

recruiting several of the drug

couriers and strapping heroin to

their bodies. Scott Rush is one their bodies. Scott Rush is one of

those accused drug couriers. He

and Renee have been in Darwin

Supreme Court. Australian police

are helping Indonesian authority

it's and you remember that Scott's

father made headlines when he tipped

police that his son may have been

involved in committing drug

offences in Bali. We will leave you to get inside the court.

To the case of Schapelle Corby now. says Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has done all it can the Australian Government to help secure her freedom. with Bali's Chief Justice Minister Today Mr Downer will hold talks Today Mr Downer will hold talks

a prisoner transfer program. to propose have vowed to continue fighting Lawyers for Schapelle Corby jail sentence quashed. to have the 28-year-old's Bali's Appeal Court has apparently smuggler's 20-year term to 15 years. shortened the convicted drug So we got progress made. that's not good enough. But Corby's legal team and family say and fighting We're just going to keep on fighting until Schapelle comes home. She's innocent. Corby's lawyers and family to Indonesia's highest court. have vowed to take her legal battle to the Supreme Court in Jakarta. That could mean an appeal Pakistani officials say to some remote villages aid is finally getting devastated by the Asian earthquake. But millions of people for help to arrive in Kashmir, are still waiting and medical supplies are running out. where stocks of food, clean water No anaesthetic for this little one. just not seriously enough. He's seriously injured, are trying to cope with alone. This is a crisis that the people here in an earthquake-shaken school. A handful of doctors is the operating theatre. The top floor hasn't stopped since Saturday. The stream of emergencies there are patients. On every floor in every room there are patients.

are hopelessly inadequate. Medical supplies Everyone working as a volunteer, in the earthquake. everyone has family lost or hurt hasn't got here yet. The outside world It's worse outside, to a degree. to cope with the overflow. Field operating rooms their first treatment in five days, Patients with infected injuries

among death and destruction but they are living they're still in danger. and that itself means

Other fears that there will be an epidemic of infections. This is desperation. They are scrambling for rotten dates on the back of a truck. There's nothing else here. Nothing at all. The main high street is split in two by a collapsed hotel. 100 people were inside. 100 people were inside. They're still there. This is the only way to go from one side of town to the other. What is striking is how little is being done. There are thousands of people. They seem almost resigned to being forgotten. They aren't but it's taking a long time for help to arrive. The only people we saw working were those who knew where their family are buried. A Dutch rescue team is told that survivors have been heard crying beneath a building. Sniffer dogs search for the scent of life. Since they've been here, though, they've found only death, and that's unlikely to change. Residents in Queensland's South-East are counting the cost this morning after a freak hail storm pounded the Gold Coast. Heavy rain and massive hail stones left a trail of destruction late yesterday. I nearly got hit by one half the size of a house brick. Hail the size of cricket balls smashed holes in roofs and car windows, and caused chaos on the roads. More storms are predicted this afternoon. The Federal Opposition says a Senate inquiry into proposed industrial relations changes will be quick and dirty lasting as little as 12 days. The government caved into pressure for an inquiry into the changes

but is under fire for limiting its terms of reference. The overhaul of unfair dismissal laws, for instance, won't be reviewed. So the government is seriously suggesting that the Senate look at this matter and exclude the fact that four million Australians will have their unfair dismissal rights removed under this legislation. While the Senate inquiry will last about two weeks, Labor is also complaining that the government's Work Choices advertising campaign will run for 12 months. 100 seedlings from one of the world's rarest plants, the Wollemi Pine, are to be auctioned to the highest bidder. They have been nurtured from the ancient trees discovered in Sydney's Blue Mountains 11 years ago. To tell us more is David Noble, the ranger who found the rare pine. Good morning, David. Why an auction of this collector's edition of trees?

The auction is to get them out to

the public. They are on sale and

all the money will go to help

preserve the trees in the wild How

significant is it that you were

able to grow them? Quite

significant. They are being

produced en masse by a nursery in

Queensland and they will be

available to the general public in

April next year Were they difficult

to grow? They are difficult to grow.

That is why it has taken 11 years

to get this far. There tl be a

million trees available next year

What is the secret to getting them

to grow? Cuttings and nurturing

them from a young age If you buy

one, how do you make sure it ur

viefs? The ones in Sydney are five

to six years old. If you are going

to be buying them, look after them

carefully Do you need a greenhouse?

No, in the average Sydney backyard

How big will they get. About three

to four metre nz height Who are you

expecting to bid for them? It is a

world-wide auction, collectors from

across the world and maybe bow

tannic gardens across the world You

found the tree 11 years ago. It

must be pretty exciting for you.

It is. It is a great honour. To

have a tree that I found to get

this much publicity and spread

around the world Thanks for joining

us this morning. Next in Seven's Morning News, business and finance, the humanitarian side of Angelina Jolie and the new blond taking on super spy 007. (Growls) Eat me. Look into my apple & cinnamon Swirl. Know that I will taste amazing. Mmm! New Tip Top Swirls. Hypnotically delicious. HAPPY MUSIC DOOR SQUEAKS SONG: # I see # I spy... # Well, it does again. Come and see what's changed and feed your inner child. DOOR SQUEAKS A new report has revealed domestic violence is the single-biggest health threat to Australian women. The United Nations study has described gender-based violence as the most widely spread and socially tolerated human rights violation. The United Nations has presented American actress Angelina Jolie with a humanitarian award for her work to champion human rights in developing countries. The mother-of-two was keen to show her appreciation in her acceptance speech. Jolie thanked the UN and the refugees she has met for changing her life. Spending time with refugees and other persons of need around the world has been the greatest gift. It's been the greatest life lesson I could ever receive. Since 2001, the Amercian actress has campaigned for the protection of refugees across five continents. Punters are tipping that Princess Mary's baby will be a girl. Almost 65% of Danes, betting on a local web site, have put their money on Mary adding another princess to the royal family. Denmark recently changed its constitution to allow female succession to the throne. Traditionally, James Bond has been tall, dark and swarthy but no more. Current 007 Pierce Brosnan is all-but set to be replaced by a blond. It has Bond fans around the world in a spin. JAMES BOND THEME MUSIC There may be not only a new actor playing James Bond but also there could be the first-ever blond Bond. MOVIE CLIP: My name? If you knew that, you'd be as clever as me. Meet Daniel Craig, a 37-year-old Brit, 34 movies to his credit but largely unknown outside the UK. More tough guy than pretty boy and the leading contender to become the sixth 007. I think that he's a different enough actor and a good enough actor to put his own stamp on the role. If Craig gets the job and replaces Pierce Brosnan, he'll beat out bigger box-office draws like Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom. Experts say the iconic series with 20 films that have reeled in some $3.5 billion is bigger than any one leading man. Generally speaking, you're looking at a 10-year commitment from an actor and for their career to almost forever be associated with this role.

My name's Bond, James Bond.

James Bond.

Though there have been a couple of secret agents that disappeared from screen relatively quickly, remember Timothy Dalton?

How about George Lazenby? You just killed James Bond. Fans will always debate who was the best Bond, a comparison that could await the new blond Bond. I think that he'll definitely have to dye his hair. The new Bond movie is set to film in January so producers are expected to name the new Bond soon or risk costly delays leaving the entire production shaken, if not stirred. Perfect. To business and finance news. Joining us is Kylie Macdonald from ABN AMRO Morgans. Good morning, Kylie. US markets are off a little but oil is up slightly after huge rises yesterday. What impact is that having on our market?

US market fell to five-month lows

now down six of the past eight

sessions. People are definitely not

in a buying mood and there is a lot

of apprehension before the buying

season. They are currently down

about 8%. All sectors are affected

and it is across the board There is

talk of higher inflation rates. Is

that have sing a negative effect?

After all the talk of inflation

rates , some say the A BA will ing

cautious Number are due out. We are

expectingen increase of 5 nous jobs

pretty much in line with market

expectations. We have seen a strong

run of numbers especially in full

time employment. All in all we

should not see too many surprises. Next in Seven's Morning News, Queensland's new State of Origin coach and all eyes on the competition ahead of this week's Super Test. Officials are warning cricket's Super Series concept could be scrapped, if this week's Super Test is not competitive. The International Cricket Council admits the World XI's 3-0 loss in the one-dayers was disappointing starting tomorrow. but says the team can redeem itself,

It's got 22 of the World's best players on show. ICC boss Malcolm Speed says that for tomorrow's Super Test to work is reason enough and the players agree. in the World XI side We got some unbelievable players

as well. and some great players in there like Brian Lara down for to long. You don't keep those players

and you're one of the great players. You don't 0, 5 and 0 you will get wickets If you bowl well

are also a very good side. and the opposition and will try our best to win. Both of us will be up for it, of the lop-sided one-day matches They had many critics but a player that didn't even play didn't come as a shock. says the Aussie's dominance I don't think I was surprised. I think the way the guys played, one-day cricket for a long time. they played pretty good that they lost in one-day cricket. I'm not sure when the last series is was the Ashes against England One series that they did lose but didn't play and a player who was on the tour, Australia's greatest bowler. is primed to fire along side I thought his effectiveness over there. probably was opening a door for me Unfortunately it wasn't to be. But now you're back at my house, very, very different. I think the story will be

Queensland Rugby League officials former Maroons captain Mal Meninga are expected to name of the State of Origin side. as the new coach Meninga will replace Michael Hagan putting him head-to-head team-mate Ricky Stuart, with former Canberra Raiders the current New South Wales coach. Jeff Miller Queensland Rugby Union coach will not be required next year has been told his services the Super 14 competition. even if his side wins for the team's tour of Argentina Miller was told before he left and QRU board member Dan Crowley. by former team-mate In the National Basketball League, the West Sydney Razorbacks 112-101. have upset the Cairns Taipans A final-quarter point-scoring blitz and Jermaine Blackburn by club imports Joel Cornette just their third win of the season. secured the Razorbacks Alisa Camplin Australian aerial skiing star

will undergo knee surgery today at the Winter Olympics in Turin. in a bid to defend her title The 2002 gold medallist her knee to try to regain her form. is having a tendon inserted in Adam Scott Australia's highest-ranked golfer his Johnnie Walker Classic title is set to return home to defend next year in Perth. US Open champion Michael Campbell, The world No.7 will join

other Australians in the tournament. Colin Montgomerie and a host of will seek wildcard entries Mark Philippoussis into every local tennis tournament to next year's Australian Open. in the lead-up to gain a place Philippoussis had hoped in next January's Hopman Cup team but was overlooked by selectors. the latest weather details Next in Seven's Morning News, and straight off the assembly line. in town. We'll take a look at the hottest cars at the weather now. Let's take a look will produce rain and storms Humid northerly winds and Queensland. across the Top End across the south-east, A cold front will bring showers mainly in Tasmania. onto the New South Wales coast. It will also push moist onshore winds to a mostly dry day across WA A ridge of high pressure will lead after a cold morning. That's Seven Morning News to now. throughout the day We'll keep you up to date at 4.30 and 6.00. and in our bulletins I'm Chris Bath. Hope you enjoy your day. For all you rev heads out there, the flash new cars on display here's a peek at some of Motor Show in Sydney. at the Australian International Email - Captioned by Seven Network