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Welcome to Ten News. Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson. was mishandled by authorities. claims Victoria's bushfire emergency Tonight -

South Australia's deadly heatwave. A new threat emerges from that's defying the downturn And the recession-proof industry because brides refuse to compromise. outside the wedding They're cutting back on things to make sure they can afford

they've sort of always planned for. the dream wedding Good evening. First, there's growing criticism over the way has been handled by authorities. Victoria's bushfire emergency responsible for the blazes, Police are now hunting those

devastated locals counting the cost, to the flames. with at least 30 homes lost A shock for returning residents. for the first time in our lives. to know we're now homeless accepting their losses, But they show remarkable stoicism already planning to move on. will be coming up Monday, Tuesday The assessors which will be the big job. and then I'll get into cleaning up, Try to get things going again.

but there are many more, The official count is 29 homes lost, came perilously close to going. and an even greater number are suffering survival guilt, Some locals

mourning their neighbour's losses. built this house for her parents, They built that first, and then they to retire to beautiful Boolara. and they moved from Sydney fire chief Lou Sigmond, One of the real heroes is the local

galvanising the town into action, who has been credited with losing half his property, but even he didn't escape unscathed, working to douse the flames. fire crews still Burnt patches like giant footprints across the valley. show how the winds hurled the flames be standing at this stage. We shouldn't be here - we shouldn't just to be part of it, For me, a very emotional experience

but very hard work. continues, While the search for the arsonist figures show deliberately lit fires cost Australia $1.6 billion a year.

We estimate across Australia are deliberately lit, up to 50% of bushfires so that's 20- 30,000 bushfires a year.

and water-bombing continues. Fire are still burning

the blazes are being contained. At this stage without firefighting qualifications that bungling bureaucrats that lead to heavy losses. made decisions we will learn them If there are lessons to be learnt to pick up on those lessons. and the systems will be changed Andrew Leahy, Ten News. more lives in South Australia Blistering heat has claimed as the record heatwave continues. For the first time in six days, fell short of 40 degrees. the maximum temperature But a new threat has emerged. from Adelaide's searing heatwave. The toll is rising suddenly today, More than 20 people died including a 90-year-old woman by a neighbour. found in her unairconditioned unit more than usual related to the heat, We don't know if there's but there have been sudden deaths. In an unprecedented move a health warning via text message the State Government sent out to Telstra customers. called on the elderly. Red Cross volunteers

a working airconditioner? Do you have

that airconditioner? And are you using And overnight, a new danger emerged. dried-out tree branches, 70km/h winds brought down and blocking roads. during the evening, Petey and I, I heard a kind of a crack

Petey looking at me. at 8:00, I saw the damage. And this morning when I got here to more than 120 calls for help. The State Emergency Service responded If a tree was to fall on somebody parking under a tree, through either camping, or possibly death. it would cause an injury

electricity market manager. on the national Mike Rann's asked for an inquiry of load shedding into why there was no warning homes during the heatwave. that cut power to more than 200,000 30 for next Saturday. A cooler change is finally in sight - Kimberly Harper, Ten News. to plunge the budget into deficit The Federal Government is willing from the sick global economy, to resuscitate the nation Monetary Fund says but the International from recession. nothing will save Australia

this morning, Showing his compassionate side a parish member Kevin Rudd helped carry from heat exhaustion. who'd collapsed in church the Prime Minister will need It's that resolve through the global recession. to carry the country and I pride ourselves on, There's one thing that Kevin Rudd which is being ahead of the game.

around the 'D'-word for months. The Government has been dancing forced the Treasurer to come clean Now crashing global markets have on just how bad our Budget's looking. a temporary deficit is required. In the circumstances the country needs It is actually the medicine of this global recession. to deal with the impact We'll still be billions of dollars in debt,

spend another cent. even if the Government doesn't

much as $50 billion over four years. is expected to be announced Another stimulus package when Parliament resumes next week. around infrastructure and saving jobs It's likely to revolve for low-income earners. as well as early tax cuts

just days after the Government said That news comes the appropriate stimulus. that tax cuts aren't

real Kevin Rudd please stand up?" Well, all we can say is, "Will the tax cuts are needed across the board. The Opposition says will play an important role We believe that tax cuts the incentive, in giving Australians the stimulus, to keep employees on the pay roll. to invest, hire,

Natasha Exelby, Ten News. that appears to be recession-proof. Evidence tonight of one industry

is booming in Australia - The business of weddings with retailers reporting record sales for a dream day. as brides stick to plans When it comes to weddings, for every taste and budget. there may be something is braced for hard times, But while the rest of the economy the downturn for their one big day. brides are simply defying no. Not at this stage.

It's not going to impact on our day,

We're doing it over a year so we've got a lot of time to pay it off. anyway, for the time being, If you know that your job's secure, you know you're going to be able to plan, save monthly, and get to the figure that you need to get to. At this bridal exhibition, organisers report record sales -

and no indication couples are skimping. They're cutting back on things outside the wedding to make sure they can actually afford the dream wedding they've sort of always planned for. So they'll cut back on annual holidays,

they'll cut back on going out and doing private parties and things like that. And they are cutting back on bridesmaids and guests but spending the same amount. The average cost of a wedding in Australia is around $30,000 and that figure hasn't changed in 10 years. What has changed is that in the past parents would have picked up the whole bill. Now brides and grooms pay for most of their own big day. While prices for items like gowns have gone up, boutiques say it's had no impact. are not worried, We're just finding the girls

they're just coming in, buying their dresses, not worried about price. Standing room only on Saturday - it's that flat-out and busy. You've got girls waiting to go into rooms to buy gowns. And they're certainly not alone. The girls are ordering but they want their money's worth, they really do. I'm quite busy, actually. With 130,000 weddings nationally each year, it's little wonder it's now a multibillion-dollar industry. Eddie Meyer, Ten News. Queensland is on a cyclone watch - low-category Tropical Cyclone Ellie currently off the Far North Queensland coast. Cathy Border reports that preparations are under way. From Cairns to Ayre, Cyclone Ellie is making its presence felt. Here in Townsville there's a bit of a break in the weather. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and her Cabinet

They're keeping a close eye on events. It is certainly carrying a lot of water in it and we can expect, I think, to see to some very heavy rain. Already there have been some major road closures and some flooding. Of course, Cyclone Ellie is just the latest event to hit this region. There was the other storm - the storm 'financial collapse'. There's also been hundreds of jobs lost in the resources sector,

the regional airline MacAir has gone belly up

and there's been an outbreak of dengue fever. So far 257 cases have been reported and the Queensland Government is upping the ante today, announcing that all schools will get free insect repellent. Depending on how long we need to maintain that repellent in schools - and it could be up to four months. Yet again, Queensland is on cyclone watch. In Townsville, Cathy Border, Ten News.

Up next, the party's over - to combat alcohol-related injury and illness. Plus, top-selling soul songstress Duffy sneaks into Australia for a secret gig. (SINGS) # I'm going to rain on your parade... #

This program is captioned live. With alcohol-related illness and injury on the rise, authorities are taking drastic action setting new drinking guidelines. No more than four standards drinks on any one occasion. The guidelines are based

on the latest research from across the nation and around the world.

This evidence that we are now accumulating I think would make me pause about how much I drink in the future. The National Health and Medical Research Council is set to recommend that people never consume more than four standard alcoholic drinks at any one time - and that drinking less than two a day reduces the risk of alcohol-related disease and injury.

I think it's a great idea. I think we need some sort of guideline. A lot of the alcohol-related crimes that are happening are getting beyond a joke. It also recommends no alcohol for teenagers under 18 - even if supervised in the home by parents - to prevent dependency and to reduce violent, alcohol-fuelled crime. If we drink too much and act stupid, they'll just copy,

and if we put rules and regulations in place they'll want to do more.

We were told when we were young that it kills brain cells off very early on if you drink too much, and yes, it does concern me as a parent. The World Health Organisation has linked alcohol to 1.8 million deaths, cancer, liver disease, epilepsy, brain damage and motor vehicle accidents. It estimates alcohol-related injuries have wiped a combined 58.3 million years from people's lives. It's easy to come across as a wowser at times like this.

We'll put the evidence out there, very sound evidence, and then people can make their own choices. The guidelines will now be reviewed and released in the coming weeks. Tim Potter, Ten News. It's a case of double trouble at one Melbourne school for the start of the new academic year. They'll join 43,000 other prep pupils

Cara, what do you think you'll do at school? Play. Come morning, the holiday's over for around 500,000 Victorian Government school students.

Colourful Chinese new year parades are being held around the country

to ring in the Year of the Ox. After Melbourne's heatwave, cooler conditions enticed thousands into the city to celebrate.

Crowds squeezed into Melbourne's Chinatown, ringing in the lunar new year with plenty of noise. Dragons and drummers among the many spreading good fortune for 2009. Chinese New Year always bring good luck, so I hope good luck for everybody and happy Chinese New Year! Despite the uncertain economic times,

But there'll be no time for rest - it also means 12 months of hard work. Ox mean you're going to work harder but it's full of energy. Been working already extremely hard. Joining in the festivities, local politicians put their foreign language skills to the test. (SPEAKS CHINESE LANGUAGE)

(SPEAKS CHINESE LANGUAGE) New year celebrations are being held around the country. Getting to meet up with family, like the reunion and stuff, and getting money. But the party proved too much for some. Happy new year! Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. One of the world's top-selling singers has snuck into Australia for a secret gig. Welsh crooner Duffy crammed in the brief visit

before attending next week's Grammy Awards where she's up for three gongs. She's the little Welsh girl with a big hit on her hands.

(SINGS) # You got me begging you for mercy... # for Duffy's secret gig in Sydney. And these are the fans who lined up Because she's amazing. First in line! I said, "I'm coming too." Kelly said, "I'm going to Duffy," (SINGS) # You think you're loving but you don't love me... #

The last time the 24-year-old soul singer performed in Australia slightly different circumstances - was under she was unknown backpacker singing karaoke-style at a bar. It was so much fun, actually. After a few cocktails, I've got to admit it got a bit wild, but you Aussies surely know how to party. That was two years ago, before she released the album 'Rockferry', which has now sold 4 million copies

and seen her nominated for three Grammys at next week's awards. I just bought my Grammy dress today! Oh, you bought an Australian one? Yeah. Who's it by? It's vintage. It cost me next-to-nothing at a great vintage shop. on your parade... # Duffy returns for some not-so-secret gigs in March. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Up next, the country's best baristas battle it out for the coffee crown. Plus, a million homes without power

as Midwest America suffers a winter white-out.

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This program is captioned live. to the polls The people of Iraq have gone since the fall of Saddam Hussein. in the most peaceful election test of Iraq's stability The vote was seen as an important and passed off without any major attacks.

They may not have been voting

or parliament, for a president, prime minister were historic. but these provincial elections "We came here willingly we have trust in," said this voter. "to choose the people who they will offer good things." "God willing, So, does a peaceful day of polling show Iraq's turned a corner? Well, it wasn't left to chance. Troops watched on the ground and from the sky.

This border with Iran was closed, airports were shut, many women were recruited to search other women voters after a recent rise in female suicide bombings.

Early on there was a mortar attack, although no-one was injured. Eight candidates were shot dead during campaigning, on the bloodshed of elections past. but it's still an improvement to stop fraud. There were tight measures, too,

in indelible ink Each voter dipped a finger to a polling station. to stop them returning for the Iraqi Prime Minister. The election is seen as a test in a few days. The results will be known

If peace holds, it bodes well the withdrawal of coalition forces. for life after killing at least 111 people. An oil tanker has exploded in Kenya,

The truck carrying petrol near the central town of Molo, crashed

spilling fuel onto the road. Witnesses say the wreck in search of free fuel scores of people were crowded around when a fire broke out. There are claims the blaze may have been deliberately lit by someone angry at being blocked access to the fuel by police. Close to a million people are still without power in the United States after a crippling ice storm across the Midwest. Kentucky has been worst hit by the freezing conditions -

the state's entire National Guard has been called into action to help with the clean-up. The storm has been blamed for more than 40 deaths across the country. is forecast for tomorrow. Another blast of cold air greatest sporting events The kick-off to one of the world's is just over 12 hours away. gearing up for the clash Super Bowl fans have been between the Arizona Cardinals by showing off their true colours. for American football glory is on. The countdown to the battle

Here we go! ALL: Here we go, Steelers! (CHEERING) BOY: Cardinals! Cardinals! Just a day out from the big game, their passion and pride thousands of fans showed off dedicated to all things gridiron... at a theme park

(APPLAUSE) the next generation of footballers, ..the training drills inspiring although clearly some don't have all the skills down just yet.

The odds are against the Arizona Cardinals - the team has never won the Super Bowl, while their rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are striving for a sixth title - a feat no other team has achieved. We're in the minority but we're going to win the game anyways. It means the world to us. When I die I'll still be a Steeler fan. Those not in the mood for try-outs - or a little art appreciation. a spot of shopping that's not for the Steelers? Is there anything you're carrying

everything down to my underwear. No, there's not - but I'm not going to show you that. And my bellybutton ring is too, the Vince Lombardi Trophy satisfied, The hunger for by some footy food classics. at least temporarily, What's most popular? The ribs - without a doubt the ribs. Cards and Steelers fans will get This is as close as many of these to the actual Super Bowl game of one last play for tickets. but some haven't given up hope

We must get in. We'll find a way in tomorrow at some point.

and going into the bathrooms and waiting for 24 hours,

if that'll work. But we are trying to buy tickets here.

Definitely off the market - spots for Super Bowl television commercials. US broadcaster NBC has sold all 69 for a record total of $323 million.

In Tampa Bay, Florida, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The Super Bowl countdown continues in Sports Tonight with Rob Canning.

With Ben Graham involved, there's only one team to barrack for! and their Aussie punter. Yes, Kath - Arizona amazing path to the Super Bowl, We'll bring you Graham's plus plenty more. her 10th Grand Slam title. Serena Williams celebrates

looks to regain confidence. A rattled Australia And Bogut bucks the Hawks.

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This program is captioned live.

at tomorrow's weather - Looking around the nation

of Australia's coffee makers Finally tonight, the cream for the title of best barista. are battling it out

to prepare the perfect brew, They each have 15 minutes judged by coffee connoisseurs, who say it takes more than frothing and grinding to become the country's number one. The judges are looking at the technical aspects -

the presentation of the barista, their personality and of course the quality of the cup - the taste in the cup. The national champion is crowned tonight and will go on to compete for the world title in the US in April. with the latest news. That brings you up to date through the evening. We'll have updates with Rob Canning. Stay around for Sports Tonight I'm Kathryn Robinson, good evening. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext captions

This program is captioned live. last night. Serena was simply stunning to Toyota Sports Tonight. Hello and welcome I'm Rob Canning. we're celebrating true champions. At this time of year, It was a 59-minute demolition.

once again. Serena - the queen of tennis in the men's final? But who will reign Nadal versus Federer - it can only be special. Also today, New Zealand looks to break a vulnerable Australia