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Tonight - Obama mania as

Washington prepares for a new

era. One of the happiest

occasions in my life, and I'm

70. Israel's deadline for a

complete Gaza withdrawal. The

PM hints at another big

stimulus package. We believe

that the right course of action

is to is to implement a carefully considered stimulus strategy. Lleyton Hewitt's

early exit from the Open.

Good evening, Lisa Millar

with ABC News. There may be no

specific threat, but the centre

of Washington has become a

hyper secure zone in the

lead-up to tomorrow's presidential inauguration.

Still the unprecedented Still the unprecedented

security and winter chill

hasn't dampened the spirits of

the crowd gathering in the US

capital. 2 million are expected

to line the streets of

Washington to see the swearing

in the nation's first African-American President.

Washington correspondent Mark

Simkin reports. One day before

moving into a new house Barack

Obama brushed up on his

decorating skills. This isn't decorating skills. This isn't

like rocket science. You take

the roller there, and then you

roll. President-elect helped

renovate a homeless shelter.

The refuge an embodiment of

economic and social

problems. Given the crisis we

are in, and the Hardships so

many people are going through,

we can

we can - we can't allow any

idol hands. Everybody has to be APPLAUSE involved.

The country commemorated

Martin Luther King Day. How are

you. Appreciate you

guys. Barack Obama urged

Americans to embrace public

service like the assassinated

civil rights leader did. I am

making commitment to you as

your next President that we are

going to make Government work. The Vice-President-elect going to make Government

did some renovating of his own.

The entire day was carefully

choreographed but Joe Biden's

wife departed from the

script Joe had the choice of

being Secretary of State or

Vice-President. I said, "Joe",

well, he did. The slip won't

spoil the party. It's, perhaps,

America's most anticipated America's most anticipated

inauguration, hundreds of

thousands of Obama pilgrims

pore into Washington. Many drove thousands of kilometres

to be here Why did I come here?

I'm here for history,

baby. This is exciting. I mean,

this is historic. I had to be

here. I'm so excited. I wish my

father would have lived to see

this day. I can't believe it.

Obama used to live three blocks Obama used to live three blocks

frommy tuffed live in

Jakarta. This wom -- from where

I used to live. This woman

grew up in Mississippi. One of

the happiest occasions in my

life. I'm 70. Did you think

you'd see a day like this. Not

at all. One man said he missed

the birth of his son so he

could be a part of history I'll

tell him I was at Washington DC tell him I was at Washington DC for Obama's inauguration for

the 44th President of the

United States, I can say I was there. There's also

trepidation, more than 1

million will gather before dawn

in temperatures well below

zero, no-one is sure if the infrastructure will cope with

the biggest crowd the city has

seep. It wads adds up, the

inauguration -- all adds up, the the inauguration spected to

cost $2 million. It will be the biggest inauguration in

history, and the best

protected. Tens of thousands of

police officers, Federal agents

and National Guards men are

being deployed to protect the

newly employed President and

the crowds turning out to see

them. It will be the largest

security operation of any

presidential inauguration. Up

to 2 million people could be

there, four times the size of

the crowd at the Lincoln

Memorial concert. There'll be

fighter jets overhead,

thousands of police, FBI agents

and military personnel on the

ground, and armed boats ground, and armed boats

patrolling the nearby river. We

want to be prepared for the

maximum possible crowd size,

and that means we want to take

extra steps with the perimeter. We are still in a war We are still in a war situation

obviously. This is the first presidential transition since

the September 11 attack, and

Washington will be locked

down. We have to give it 100%

there is no room for

mistakes. A 9 square kilometre

secure zone surrounds the

capital and White House.

Spectators will have to pass

through metal detectors. Roads through metal detectors. Roads

and bridges leading to

Washington are blocked. Snipers

will be on the rooftops. They

are very good. I'd put them

among the best in the world

what they do. The Secret Service snipers operate in

pairs, only one shoots at a

time, the other gauges the

wind, which can change a

bullet's path, they train for

nine weeks and requalify each month. Barack Obama will also have the protection of

have the protection of a new

limousine. Nicknamed 'The

Beast', it boasts heavy armour,

tyres that can run when flat

and a sealed interior in case

of biological or chemical

attacks. The Secret Service

knows no credible threat

against Obama's inaugural

ceremony or parade but is aware

of challenges of protecting the

President. In case of first African-American

President. In case of a

catastrophe, there's a Cabinet

member kept at a secret

location ready to take over.

This time it's the Defence

Secretary Gates . Mark Simkin

joins me live from Washington.

Mark, how is President Bush

spending his last 24 hours in office? ... Out of respect office? ... Out of respect for

Barack Obama, and partly to

reflect the fact that George W.

Bush will be the most unpopular

President to leave office since

Richard Nixon, a few hours ago

there were crowds outside the

White House hurling their shoes

at the front gates, and not far

from here is a giant inflatable

George W. Bush in the middle of

a road, and people are pelting

it with their shoes as well.

George W. Bush is still the

President though for a few

hours at least, and he used his

last few hours in office to

commute the sentences of two

border guards who were going to

spend 10 years in jail for

shooting a drug dealer and

called a dozen or so world

leaders to say goodbye. We are

told Australia's leader was not

among them ethem. The shadow of

Guantanamo Bay continues to

follow President Bush, I

understand there was drama

there today as there today as well. A dramatic

and chaotic scenes - five of

the men accused of plotting the

September 11th terrorist

attacks appeared before a judge

at Guantanamo Bay, they

constantly interrupted the

proceedings, the translators

couldn't keep up. Unruly

scenes, one of the men screamed

out, "We are proud of 9/11",

Khalid Sheik Mohammed the mastermind said, "We don't care about the about the death penalty, we

were doing God's work, we were

doing jihad", this could be the

last time these men appear

before a judge at Guantanamo

Bay, Barack Obama vowing to

shut the facility. It's not

clear what he'll do with the high-profile prisoners and

dangerous prisoners. Mark

Simkin in Washington, thank

you. And you can watch the

inauguration live from 3:25 tomorrow morning tomorrow morning on ABC1.

Israel says most of its troops

will be out the Gaza Strip by

the time President-elect Obama is sworn into office tomorrow

morning. As the troops leave

the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

will be arriving to assess the

damage for himself. In the

meantime the two-day ceasefire appears to

appears to be holding. The

ABC's Philip Williams reports

from Jerusalem. Day two of the

ceasefire and more Israeli

troops were heading home. More

residents of Gaza found they

had no home to return to. In

some areas there is simply

nothing left standing. Four

months ago I bought this house

take a look at it and the

furniture, all destroyed. I'll

use it as firewood to keep

warm", says this man. For many,

what is lost cannot bereplaced,

bodies still recovered. The

shock and sense of loss

rules. More aid is getting

through, 80% of the population

here was dependent on aid

before the war. Now the task of

rebuilding, helped by a Saudi offer of offer of $1.6 billion in

restriction aid. Every bit of

that and more will be needed.

With Hamas armed it's not clear

who will end up in control of

Gaza. Hamas claimed it had

achieved total victedry, the

Israeli -- victory. The Israeli

objectives were thwarted. Not

many would describe this as a

success, "All our homes have

been destroyed, this little boy

doesn't have a home, what was doesn't have a home, what was

his fault", says this woman. To

the north at an Israeli air

base the pilot of one of the

attack helicopters used in Gaza

has no doubts about the war,

the death of civilians,

including children the fault of

Hamas. His identity is hidden

for security

reasons. Personally, as a

father to three daughters, I

feel very, very sorry about feel very, very sorry about

children being killed. Again,

the Palestinian should blame

the Hamas that lead them into

this situation. Our welfare,

duty, is to protect our own

kids. The machinery of war

remains at the ready just in

case. There is no doubting the

immense power of the Israeli

military, it's hoped in the ceasefire holds ceasefire holds machines like

this will stay on the

ground. The Prime Minister has

foreshadowed more Government

spending to stave off the

effects of the global financial

crisis. Mr Rudd says the impact

on the economy is bigger than

expected and the Government

will respond accordingly. But

he'll have to convince some,

one of the country's leading

retailers doubts whether the

first stimulus package did any first stimulus package did any good. Another warning of

economic gloom. This is going

to be a hard year. It's going

to get harder. Another hint

more help is on the way. The

impact will be big. So, too,

will our response. It's Kevin

Rudd's strongest signal yet,

another economic stimulus

package is just around the

corner. So far he's not revealed what shape another package would take, but package would take, but one of

Australia's leading retailers

questioned the wisdom of the

first, the Government's $10.4

billion cash bonus dished out

before Christmas. Now we are in

January, it's all sort of dead

and buried. We are back to

where we were. Here is the

front line of the economy, with

one of the biggest retailing

businesses in Australia, and

his comments, I think, would send

send a cold shiver down the

spine of Mr Swan and Mr

Rudd. Kevin Rudd is pushing on

selling the need for another

round of measures, giving a

series of addresses this week

about the global financial

crisis, how it will hurt

Australia and what he has in

store. He's warning employers

and unions to do their bit. In

this these times employers must

do their utmost to protect

their workers from dismissal knowing

knowing that these workers will

serve them well when times turn

good again. Workers, too, must

restrain their wage claims. It

appears that message is already

getting through. Hundreds of

workers at WA's Alcoa aluminium

plant voted to defer a pay rise

avoid redundancies. An

experienced pilot was killed when his when his plane crashed while

performing aerobatics in

southern NSW. The plane came

down halfway along the runway

is the tair rsh, 80km nord of

Wagga Wagga, the Extra 300

model plane was on fire when

emergency crews arrived. The

pilot Tom Moon was a two-time

National aero battics champion,

representing Australia, and was representing Australia, and was the Treasurer of the Temora

Aviation Museum. It's been a

thrill a minute when Tom is in

the air. That's the legacy he

leaves me. As a community we've

been thrilled by that

performance. Police are

investigating what caused the

crash. Police say they are

closing in on those responsible

for eight unsolved murders

across NSW and Queensland. It

follows the dramatic arrest

yesterday of two men at yesterday of two men at a cafe

in North Sydney. Anthony John

Perish, and Sean Waygood

appeared in court today charged

with plotting the murder of a

prisoner seven years ago. The

charges relate to the 2001

murder of Terry Falconer, who

was abducted from a south-west

Sydney business while he was on

day release from prison. His

body was later found by

fishermen on the banks of the

Hastings River on the North

Coast. The arrests are Coast. The arrests are part of

a wider investigation. The

father of a 28-year-old who

died in an inner Sydney fire

told the coroner's court he

blames the owners of his son's

flat for his death. Musician

Nathan Bridger was dragged from

his burning Redfern home in

November 2007. He died later in

hospital. Today his father Ian

Bridger broke down in tears as

he told the coroner the building was

building was a firetrap and he

had worried constantly about

his son's safety. Mr Bridger

said the owners were taking

advantage of his son, charging

him $1200 a week in rent for a

place that was barely

habitable. There's strong

criticism of the State Government's move to appointed a private whale watching

company to run the Manly ferry

service. The Maritime Union says the says the company selected has

no credibility in the industry

and it won't succeed. As they

prepare to replace the failed

Manly JetCat service, the

owners of this cruiser admit

they are tense. There's a lot

of pressure on us, we are a

small family-run Australian

company. They plan two large

catamarans to run eight

peak-hour services between Manly and Circular Quay next

month. During the middle of the day they'll day they'll be used for whale

watching. The high usage of the

vessels we hope to offer

cheaper ticket prices. The

company is given a 12 month

contract by the State

Government, as it tries to

reform Sydney Ferries. The

piecemeal approach in Manly

means the commuters have a 12

month assurance of the

continuation of high-speed

services, it's not

acceptable. Unions say it's a shocking appointment because

there hasn't been there hasn't been a successful

private ferry service in 60

years. It looks like a brain

explosion, some sort of

short-term fix. The new service

won't operate on weekends, the

bisiest time of the week.

Passengers in their hundreds

are crowded off the ferries

after the State Government

discounted fares last month.

The failure of the State

Government to ensure there's

not overcrowded ferries on not overcrowded ferries on a

Sunday demonstrates a lack of

attention. If anybody wants to

run other service, they can

come forward. Summer patronage

soared by 200,000 passengers.

Hopes of resurrecting a

power-sharing deal between Zimbabwe's two main political

parties are fading. President

Robert Mugabe, and the Opposition's Morgan Tsvangirai,

were locked in talks for 12 hours, once

hours, once again failing to

agree on how a Unity Government

would work. Both sides said the

meeting was the last chance of salvaging September's

power-sharing agreement.

Regional leaders brokering the

talks plan a summit next

week. To finance, and a big

bank loss and bailout. This

time in Britain, sending a

shudder through global share markets, pushing the Australian

dollar lower. Here dollar lower. Here is Alan Kohler. The Royal Bank of

Scotland was founded in 1727.

In Edinburgh by Royal charter.

In 2007 it made a right royal

stuff-up, buying the dutch

investment bank ABN Amro for

$60 billion, one of the world's

least successful takeovers and

in the rich recent tradition of

bad banks taking over worse ones. $20

ones. $20 million had to be

written off making a loss of

$28 billion, or $61 billion.

The British Government was

forced to nationalise the bank

and set up another bailout fund

for the country's other banks.

A shiver went down the spine of

financial markets, and the

pound, which had already fallen

from $2 to $1.50 dropped to 1.4

2. The Australian dollar was pounded as

pounded as well. Down 2 cent in

24 hours. It's up against the

pound, of course. The

Australian share market fell 3%

to bring to 9% the fall over

the past two weeks. The action

today was mostly around the

back, NAB, which has a big

operation in the United Kingdom

fell the most. 5.4%, ANZ 5%, Andrew Mwanguara

Andrew Mwanguara 4.3%. Rio

Tinto losing -- Macquarie Bank

4.3%. Rio Tinto losing all of yesterday's gains.

Underlying the latest banking

shock is the fact that

Britain's property collapse is

worse than America's.

Residential and commercial real Residential and commercial real

estate values collapse ed taking most of the banks with

them. They don't have a new

President to cheer them up. Two

men rescued in the Torres

Strait say they drifed in a

commercial ice -- drifteded in

a commercial icebox for 28

days, they were released into

the hands of immigration

officials. Authorities say it's

amazing the men survived at sea amazing the men survived at sea

for a month in a fishing

cooler, the sailors were

rescued by helicopter off Horn

Island after being spotted by a

coast watch plane, the thirty

pair say they survived on

rainwater, downing more while

flown to Thursday Island

hospital. There were two

fellows found in an esky that

had been floating for a

considerable period of time.

The number of days there

doesn't take away from the fact doesn't take away from the fact

that it's a miracle and a

situation that you never want

to get yourself into. The

Immigration Department says the

men, believed from Burma, will

be detained while identitieses

are established. Importantly,

as well, given the

circumstances in which they

were found when rescued, how

they ended up in the first

place. We want the facts, to

the bottom of the story. The

men say they were in Indonesian men say they were in Indonesian

waters with 18 others when the

boat sank. There'll be no

search for survivors. At this

stage our obligation is to

their welfare and

accommodation. We need to keep

them in that alternative place

of detention under guard while undertaking the interview

process. The pair will be

interviewed over the next few

days before a decision is made

about their future. New

European research reignited one

of the oldest debates in mental

health, a study of the

population of Sweden reveals a

genetic link between

schizophrenia and bipolar

disorder, indicating they may be variance of the same

disease. If accepted the theory

means profound changes in the treatments available for

patients. Not everyone

agrees. More than 100 years ago

German scrist Emil German scrist Emil Kraepelin

identified schizophrenia and

bipolar disorder as separate

conditions. But new research

has challenged that

distinction, suggesting they

come from the same gene. This

new research is a breath of

fresh air in this area. Some

psychiatrists have welcomed the research, saying the traditional classifications created problems for

patients. Firstly there's been

a stigma around different sets a stigma around different sets

of illnesses it's OK to have

Basil Zempilas r but terrible

to have schizophrenia, --

bipolar disorder, but terrible

to have schizophrenia. Susan

Allan is confused by the many

illnessness she's been labelled

with. I have had depression,

bipolar disorder 1, manic

depression, bipolar disorder 2,

scitso effective, schizophrenia

boarder line personality

disorder. Some definitions

preventing her from accessing

certain medications Antipsychotic, if

you are labelled schizophrenia

is going to be $3.50 or $5

instead of $78 for two weeks if

you just are bipolar disorder. Other research

institutes prefer to stand by institutes prefer to stand by

the traditional classifications. To lump them

together runs grave risks,

particularly people, say, with

bipolar disorder who are not

psychotic receiving

antipsychotic medication.

Professor Parker describes the

research as a backward step in

the science of

psychiatry. Lleyton Hewitt's

attempt to win the Australian

Open is over almost before it Open is over almost before it

began. The former world No.1

lost his first rounds match to

13th seed Fernando Gonzalez, it

was the first time he lost a

five set match at Rod Laver

Arena since 2001. Top fop Chris

Guccione and Jessica more were

the only Australians to

advance, Andy Murray had an

early afternoon after Andre

Pavel retired hurt. Two

Australian Open finalists were

going head to

going head to head in the first

round. Lleyton Hewitt, and

Fernando Gonzalez. Neither

player could make an inroad

against serve until 6-5 Hewitt

manufactured a set point manufactured a set point opportunity.

On taking the first set 7-5

Hewitt sounded like the Lleyton

of old. Come on. But the

Australian wasn't the only one in fine voice, Fernando

Gonzalez got the early break in

the second set. The 2007

runner-up then produced a

relentless display of power and

precision to win the set

6-2. Oh, my goodness. Great

point. Hewitt hadn't lost a

first-round match at Melbourne

Park for seven years, but

Fernando Gonzalez had him on

the ropes. This is awesome

stuff. Fernando Gonzalez also

took the third 6-2. Hewitt's

renowned for his ability to

fight his way out of a tight

corner and a fourth-set break

produced signs of life. After

an epic struggle he forced the

match into a decider. At crunch

time Fernando Gonzalez power

again came to the fore. Lleyton Hewitt's Australian Open dream

is at least another 12 months away. I gave him too away. I gave him too many chances to dictate with the

forehand. That was the telling

point. Chris Guccione looked

the goods against Nicolas

Devilder, with support gave his

home town fans plenty to cheer

about. Unbelievable

pick-up. Chris Guccione

finished the job in straight sets. Unbelievable. Great

support. It's great they get

behind me. Chris Guccione behind me. Chris Guccione will

play Gilles Simon in the second

round. Defending champion

Andre Greipel won today's first

stage of the Tour Down Under,

Lance Armstrong finished in

120th finish, Baden Cooke was

the best of the Australians in second, Stuart O'Grady was

fourth. Top sprinter Robbie

McEwen injured his arm after

hitting a spectator's hitting a spectator's

camera. The peloton left the

eastern Adelaide suburb of

Norwood late this morning

making its way north through

Mawson lakes into the Adelaide

Hills, Silence Lotto Oliver

Kaisen, and Euskaltel-Eskadi

Andoni Lafuente made an early

break taking a 6.5 minute lead

riding together for two-thirds

of the race. Oliver Kaisen won

both of today's sprints while Andoni Lafuente took Andoni Lafuente took out the

King of the Mountain climbs,

Lance Armstrong stayed in the

peloton for most of the race

choosing not to attack. The

finish was still what we

suspect, a group sprint, so

same thing's apply, you have to

stay out of trouble, out of the

way and make it in one

piece. The 7-time Tour de

France is expected to make a

charge later. Jack Bobridge, young Australianed led

young Australianed led in the

latter stages but was swamped

in the charge to the finish

line, with Andre Greipel first

over the line. Baden Cooke from

the University of South

Australia team finished second,

and Stuart O'Grady was third

over the line, but dropped to

fourth after all today's bonus

points were added. Robbie

McEwen hit a spectator as he

sprinted to the finish line. I took

took robbie's wheel. He had a

bit of bad luck in the sprint,

hitting a camera before, and

yeah, I just passed him. McEwen

was cleared of a broken arm but

could miss tomorrow's second

stage because of severe

bruising below his right elbow.

Andre Greipel is confident to

protect his lead. protect his lead.

A pair of Chinese leopard

clubs made a much anticipated

debut at a Paris zoo. The 6

week olds Way and Sun posed for

onlookers before their mother

took them for a time out. The

cubs were born as part of a

Europine breeding plan where

zoos exchange animals to

maintain a diverse gene poop.

They were members of a rare

species of leopard found in the

mountain and forest of Northern

China, there's only 2,500

Chinese lep ards left in the

world. Looking at the weather,

a hot day across Sydneyment the

Americaurery hitting 40 in

Penrith. -- Americaurery

hitting 40 in Penrith.

Temperatures were up all over

NSW, to a lesser extent in NSW, to a lesser extent in the

north-east. Thunderstorms were widespread across the

south-east, extending inland to

the Riverina and south-west

slopes. In the southern

Tablelands the thunderstorms

were severe with strong winds

heavy rain and hail. There was

some rain in the upper western

region as well. In the 24 hours

to 9am 5mm of rain was recorded

at Cobar. In the following six

hours to 3 this afternoon

Tuggeron saw 8 millimetres of

rainfall recorded. In the

capital cities:

The satellite shows a band of cloud across the north-east of

the country, with patchy cloud

developing over the north of

NSW. The synoptic chart shows

the progress of the trough causing showers and thunderstorms in the south-east

of the state. Another trough

developing inland triggering

widespread showers and storms

across northern NSW. They can

be seen on the rainfall

prediction chart for tomorrow,

heavy rains continuing across

northern west Australia,

Northern Territory and northern

Queensland. It will be cooler

for the tennis in Melbourne, at

29 degrees. Brisbane hitting

31. Looking at the forecast

around NSW - there are likely around NSW - there are likely

to be isolated showers and

thunderstorms in all areas

except the south-west. That

will remain fine and warm. The

south-east will be especially affected by those

thunderstorms, and it will be


Hotter in the east of Sydney,

cooler in the west.

A reminder of the top

stories, 2 million are expected

to line the streets of

Washington in a few hour's time

for the inauguration of Barack

Obama as American President. Israel says Israel says its troops will have completely withdrawn from

Gaza by the time Mr Obama is

sworn into office. The Prime

Minister has hinted he'll

introduce a second spending

stimulus plan to boost the

Australian economy. That is ABC

News for now, I'll be back with

updates during the evening. The

'7.30 Report' is next. You can

keep up to date on ABC News

Online and for the latest news

tomorrow morning, don't forget

'ABC News Breakfast' on ABC2.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

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