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(generated from captions) Bevan. On tonight's program, fallout from the death of Osama Washington tries to limit the Washington tries to limit

bin Laden. Barack Obama says

al-Qaeda leader's body could releasing photos of the

generate ill-will against the

US. There is already anger in Pakistan where some view America's secret operation an attack on its sovereignty. America's secret operation as

You're watching The World. US. There sovereignty must sovereignty must have been

respected and it must have been

taken into Opposition and Government there taken into confidence. The

are united. They say Pakistan

could and should have been

trusted. Barack Obama, meanwhile, is preparing to head

to Ground Zero in New York to remember bin Laden's Victoria that Australian forces killed trims. Also

innocent people in

Afghanistan The search for a

Pacific Solution - Australia in

talks with PNG to take in asylum seekers. Workers enter

first time since the the Fukushima reactor for the

Manchester United to take on

Barcelona in the final of the European Champions US President has ruled out the

Osama bin Laden's body. Barack

graphic nature of Obama says he is concerned the

could incite violence and graphic nature of the pictures


US. Meanwhile, though, Pakistan Government US. Meanwhile, though, the

published photos of bin Laden's Pakistan Government has

associates who were killed b you were left behind in the correspondent Craig compound. North America

reports, and a warning - this story contains image s . His CIA director said image story contains some graphic

there was no question a picture

would be released. Those would be released. Those in Congress who have Congress who have seen images of the terrorist' leader's Obama says no. It is important corpse are split, but Barack corpse are split, but

for us graphic photos of somebody when was shot in the Head of the River not floating around as an incitement to violence, as a

That's not who we are. There is

also acknowledgement that are going to deny it. The fact of are going to be some folks who

walking on this Earth again. In is you will not see bin Laden

Pakistan, there was reticence about releasing Pakistan, there was no

gruesome photographs showing the bodies of bin Laden's men left behind after the raid. The

US is also pushing back at claims that the raid amounted

to a summary execution of Osama bin

bin Laden. The

killed was lawful. He organisation that had the attacks of September organisation that had conducted

Attorney-General says it not be take alive. The US

a kill Attorney-General says it wases

was a lawful, military far was a lawful, military far get. the quay Quay al-Qaeda leader

According to the was a lawful, military far get. According to the Navy According to the officials, the

treasure-trove of intelligence,

including flash drives, DVDs

and encrypted computer files.

Money and phone numbers were

found sewn into the clothes of

Obama has enjoyed a bounce in opinion polls. A 'New York

Times'/CBS rating shows his

approval rating jumped to 57%.

lower The same poll had him 11 points

lower last month. Tomorrow the

US President will make symbolic trip to Ground Zero lay a wreath at the base where symbolic trip to Ground Zero to

the Twin Towers collapsed 10 lay a wreath at the base where

years ago. He invited George

Bush but the former Pakistan, there is grow President declined. In

evidence of. Salman Bashir said Pakistan, there is grow ing

again any country that seeks to raid its territory

will face military consequences

and other politicians have sit

back from suggestions from US officials that Pakistani intelligence couldn't be

trusted in advance with details

correspondent Philip Williams of the operation. ABC

is in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. The compound where

Osama bin Laden lived so close

to a military base is

took what they could find. Then

the Pakistanis. And while the physical evidence is gone, residual anger over physical evidence is largely

raid is gone, residual anger over the

Minister here has hit back at those attacking his

intelligence services. Certainly we have

intelligence-sharing with the

rest of the world, the United States. So rest of the world, including

is some of the lapses from the somebody points out that there

is some of Pakistan

Pakistan side, that means there accusations the intelligence services can't be false, trusted. This is totally wrong,

false, and if there are trusted. This is totally wrong,

elements in the United States who say this, I totally. In a market Islamabad, the mood was mixed. This man tells me believes in peace. He say no, sir one should be for a show of hands if they

States, were angry with the United

attacks in Pakistan had created intervention has only intensified anger at what most see intensified anger at what most CHANTING. Pakistan's government

says this must never happen again. that assurance. Whatever the

sense of anger or frustration, effect beyond the Pakistan it's unleekly to have much

borders. What it will do very uneven relationship. fuel very much a sense of a

what effect will the death Afghanistan? Well, a short time

ago I spoke to Dr Amanullah

Jayhoon, the ambassador to Australia Amanullah Jayhoon, welcome to

The World. Thank you very much. Firstly, can you recall for us your reaction on Monday was a Laden had been killed? Yes, it guess, a very important news for us and it was, I

development and a important achieve ment for the government of international community, for killing the leader of killing the leader of the terrorist organisation,

special representative for

Afghanistan and Pakistan Afghanistan and Pakistan Mark

Ros man said the death of Osama bin Laden was a achievement, for your achievement, for your country, for Pakistan and achievement meaning? You see, we have fighting terrorism in Afghanistan, terrorism in terrorism in Pakistan, we are fighting tourism in the region.

I guess fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan cooperation, commitment sincerity of partners - Afghanistan, Pakistan and the international community. The bin Laden, the leader of these countries, but also for the world the world which he has

tourist organisation which around the world. When you two words there "commitment"

and "sincerity", there has been

a lot of questioning of the

relationship between relationship between Pakistan

and the US in the light of the operation that

operation that led to the

killing of bin Laden, a lot of

the questioning of the the questioning of the amount

of trust and faith between the

two. What are your main

concerns, what are your of this questioning of of this questioning of the US-Pakistani relations, and how that might impact on Afghanistan? You see, first Afghanistan? You see, first of all, the death of Osama bin

Laden was very important

development in this week, and also that is a significant

issue in this development is that Osama bin Laden not in Afghanistan, but he was the capital of is Islamabad, and also is Islamabad, and also very close to military installations there. So this is that Afghanistan always, for the last world that terrorism is being exported to Afghanistan, and Afghanistan and fighting terrorism in the region, terrorism in the region, we need a sincere and commitment and also cooperation. Unfortunately Afghanistan's

voice has not been heard over

Osama bin Laden being killed Osama bin Laden being killed in Pakistan, it showed, that Afghanistan's credibility in this fight. You see, in Afghanistan, or Pakistan or the

region, if you are not insear in fighting committed to fight terrorism, if you are not cooperating if you are not cooperating - I mean, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the international community it's Afghanistan, it's the region will region will be insecure. For security of the region and for security of security of Afghanistan and for

all of us we have to work

together, and to together, and to cooperate. But the last 10 years that

Afghanistan has been crying and nobody has been listening to Afghanistan's voice, it

that there has not been

sincerity and there has not been good cooperation in this -

in fighting terrorism because -

I mean, finding Osama bin Laden

somewhere very close to the capital and also very close military installations, it is

also disturbing. It also has to

be a lot of questions has to be important development for Afghanistan. What effect do think this will have on Afghanistan's relations Afghanistan's relations with Pakistan? Yeah, I mean, - saying that - I mean, the leaders of terrorist organisation like Mullah organisation like Mullah Omar or like others, they are inside Pakistan, they are sending they are staying in Pakistan, and I guess and I guess after this incident it is it is clear that the world should should listen to the voice of Afghanistan because we are not information that information that Pakistan needs to cooperate in fighting terrorism

terrorism with the international community and also with Afghanistan. That's why we are in the region why we are in the region - Pakistan is our neighbour and

we have to live with our

neighbour, and we want Pakistan should be peaceful, we want that Afghanistan be peaceful, and to be peaceful, we need cooperation. Beyond listening,

how do you think the world how do you think the world or the international coalition will change or should change

its strategy in

Afghanistan? Yes, this is what

we have been ask ing international community. You

see, the theatre of war is not Afghanistan because we

focus our attention more

carefully and more focus on the

safe havens of the terrorist organisations, and we organisations, and we have to disrupt their recruitment

places and also we have

resources and things like that.

I guess if we do that, I guess we have other side of the border,

to fight in the villages or the

cities of Afghanistan, because with fighting in the villages of what we are inflicting more casualties or

inflicting more casualties more problems to the Afghan

civilian. To avoid that, guess we have to focus organisations, on the leadership of guess we have to focus on the leadership of the Taliban,

leadership of the Taliban, which most probably are in Quata. So if we are focusing on the leadership which are on the leadership which are in

Pakistan, I guess we will be winning the war in because if you fighting in Afghanistan and fighting the fighting the foot soldiers, probably that will probably that will not help the situation in Afghanistan. Afghanistan's ambassador for your time tonight. Thank you you very much, thank you. And still with Afghanistan and the Australian Defence Force is investigating claims that SAS shot a civilian there by mistake. The man was killed during a during a firefight between insurgents and insurgents and Australian soldiers in March. An soldiers in March. An infant also died later from gunshot wounds. Relatives

victims say Australian troops took innocent lives. Afghanistan

correspondent Sally Sara has this exclusive the road to Sah Zafar the road to Sah Zafar in

Oruzgan Province. On March 27, Australian Special Forces

soldiers and Afghan police came under fire under fire from insurgents. 24-year-old local 24-year-old local Mullah, Lal Awar Khan was killed. infant nephew, Hekmat Ullah was standing next to him and died

of gunshot wounds TRANSLATION: Based on our information which we collected from village err s, they civilians. Australian troops believed Lal Awar Khan was an insurgent. While there was insurgent. While there was no weapon traces of explosives detected on his skin, but relatives say Mr Khan and brother, who was also at the scene, were not guilty. TRANSLATION: They TRANSLATION: They were innocent. He was not a nor do they them. He just used to work study. The issue of study. The issue of civilian casualties can be extremely volatile the fighting takes the fighting takes place in the area known as the Green Zone. is high and insurgents can

blend in and out of the local of Lal Awar Khan has requested compensation from

Australian Government, but is delivering a message. TRANSLATION: Innocent justice should be done. The Defence Force investigation final results of the final results of the Australian Defence Force investigation

not expected for several

months. Australia is looking

to the Pacific again to help

solve its detention centres. detention centres. Officials have begun talks with Papua New

Guinea on options to house asylum seekers in a regional processing centre. processing centre. It marks a drift away from the Prime Minister's much Minister's much vaunted Timor Solution. The Government isn't yet announcing a breakthrough, but political

Greg Jennett has pieced

together the facts so far. Too

many boats, not enough beds -

that's been the dilemma facing

the Government with 6,800

people in immigration Prime Minister's Timor Solution

has been faltering for has been faltering for a lack

of political will in Dili. Now, the Government is exploring a Papua New Guinea solution. The secretary of the Immigration

Department Andrew Metcalfe wept

to Port Moresby with Parliamentary Secretary Richard

Marles this week. The

department says they were there to progress outcomes from last month's regional talks in what's called the Bali

discussion in Port Moresby discussion in Port Moresby did canvas putting a throwback to the Howard Government's Pacific Solution. For just under two For just under two years asylum

seekers were held in a disused Navy base at Manus Island and back back then Julia Gillard derided the entire Pacific Solution with

with Nauru included as a farce.

The Minister Chris bow went isn't isn't commenting, but within the last 24 hours he was

hinting at developments in the search for a search

processing centre.

We've made process in terms

of the international framework and regional when it's appropriate A PNG solution will come as

relief to Labor MPs who have

been complaining that the asylum seeker issue is a political sore the political sore the Government must fix. detainees have appeared in court over last month's the Villawood Detention Centre.

The men are aged between 24 and with affray. Some are also accused of destroying property. Nine buildings wept detainees were transferred to Silverwater prison after the riots. riots. A barrister for the charged men charged men shows the case

shows the immigration system is broken It's primarily in my

experience the uncertainty of their future which is always

what causes the problems, and that system just to be getting to be getting any better. The Immigration Department says the future of haven't been charged will be

considered in due course.

continue to struggle with

unrest, there has been a rare and unexpected show of unity in the After four years

bitter division, the two main Palestinian factions, Palestinian factions, Fatah and

Hamas, has met in Cairo to Hamas, has met in Cairo to end their split and form government, but Israel says it is a victory Middle East Middle East correspondent Ben

Knight reports. One side backed

by the West, the other backed by still starkly different, but

necessity has forced these two

TRANSLATION: We want establish a free and

state in the West Bank and Gaza

whose Israel doesn't accept this Israel doesn't accept this new union today in Cairo is today in Cairo is a tremendous blow to peace and a blow to peace and a great victory for terrorism. CHANTING. In the Palestinian territories there were celebrations, especially in the

Gaza Strip where people have

probably suffered most from the split. I can remember standing on this street just over two years ago when Palestinians came together to protest against Israel's bombardment against Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip, about you the Gaza Strip, about you that rally descended into the Hamas and Fatah factions began taunting and

began taunting and then punching each other. Clearly

Palestinians are hoping that this will end that kind of

division. In five months from now, Palestinian leaders want

to ask the United Nations to recognise them as a state, but

quintsing the US and Europe

that Hamas is ready for peace

won't be easy. Its charter

still talks of destroying ing

Israel and this week one of its leaders Laden as an Arab warrior. Palestinian moderates may be prepared to overlook that, but

the West will not. The conflict

between Hamas and Fatah has pitted Palestinian pitted Palestinian against Palestinian. It has caused deep

divisions and left hundreds

dead. Nick Grimm explains lie Palestinians are united in

celebrations at the moment, overjoyed with the overjoyed with the deal that

has been brokered between Hamas and Fatah to end their five-year conflict. Hamas and

Fatah are the two parties that dominate Palestinian politic s. Their power bases are separated

geographicly by Israel. Fatah

is in the East and - Hamas is is in the East and - Hamas is

in the east and Fatah on the West Bank. Conquest

and is Angely Siced as the

Palestinian liberation moo..

Arafat and his Fatah allies eventually controlled the Palestinian Authority. Current President Bjorn Basson is a Fatah member and it's regarded

as the most pro Western faction

in Palestinian politics, but

Fatah lost power in 2006 at parliamentary elections after Palestinians became disillusioned with disillusioned with what they saw as

corruption and incompetence. It was

was those elections that was those elections that saw sweep to power and led Fatah's long-time rival

plins and caused hundreds of deaths from fighting and assassinates. Hamas is an acronym, meaning "zeal" Arabic. It's otherwise the Islamic resistance

movement. It is regarded as a terrorist organisation by the West Iran. The party's charter seeks

the destruction of Israel though currently observing a ceasefire in carrying out

attacks on its neighbour. But

while it champions

taens to Israel, Hamas has won over many supporters at home with with its commitment to welfare to ordinary Palestinians. Hamas leader has said

its armed struggles if Israel withdraws from the territory

war as well as right of Palestinians to return to their former homes. Well, now, as Palestinians now, as Palestinians celebrate,

Israel is denouncing the unity deal deal between fault ta and

Hamas. The former warring factions promised a election will be held within

year and they also hope it will bring about United Nations recognition as a political state. For mon Thai thousand

Libyans from Misrata have arrived in Benghazi by ferry. A ship chartered by the International Organisation for Migration waited for days off

the coast. It was being the coast. It was being blocked

by sea mines and heavy shellings in the port. shaken-up passengers had a

tense wait as

pummeled by the heavy pummeled by the heavy weaponry of Gaddafi's forces. Dozens of evacuees were rushed in Japan have for the first time entered the reactor building of the Fukushima power Fukushima power plant. They've had to masks and breathing apparatus and minutes at a time T and could only stay for 10 minutes minutes at a time T follows high levels of radiation being detected on the the plant. The country's may have been caused by

contaminated water leaking

between 100 and a thousand

times the normal readings xgt TRANSLATION: A radioactive substance has been detected from the seabed within the 30km radius from the nuclear plant. The government says monitoring the impact on marine life.

TRANSLATION: It's necessary to carefully observe the effects

on fish, shellfish and crustacean living crustacean living near the

seabed and it's very important to continue monitoring the

radiation levels of the seabed and marine products. Officials

are also looking into reports avenue suspected radiation leak

at the Sarag power plant about 450km west of Tokyo.

TRANSLATION: It's a really bad

sign that such an incident

occurred in Suraga as well, but

I'm not adequately briefed I'm not adequately briefed on

the incident, so I want the

nuclear safety agency to take a

close look at it and see what

measures we should take. It measures we should take. It has been almost two months since

the earthquake and tsunami but

the fallout continues. Radiation levels above Radiation levels above EU

limits have been fund limits have been fund in Belgium on a shipping Belgium on a shipping container from Japan. The

TRANSLATION: The containers

were picked up by a transporter which loaded The truck went through the

security doors and the alarm

went off. But the government says the overall says the overall radiation

level on the container is massive reconstruction task,

fears of a similar disaster linger across neighbouring

countries. South Korea has held

earthquake drills to prepare for a similar incident.

TRANSLATION: We're staging the drill under the awareness that our country conducting a tsunami drill coastal areas. Even school

students were happy students were happy to take part, learning what to do in fires are stretching

crews to the limit while a

prolonged period of dry prolonged period of dry weather and

many are the

one of so many areas where

has crept slowly, destructively

across the countryside. For fire crews, the work has been their skill and their training, and their stamina. Lancashire, water

piped some two miles to tackle

a fire in woodland near Chorley T has been a logistical nightmare. And here in Berkshire, at least 4 kilometres of the forest have burning for four days. burning for four days. On the ground, they've been desperately trying to create fire breaks by removing trees and

Andy Mansey has 200 men women working flat-out. Here

the fire crews that what they're fighting has have had unfortunately because they think it's clever

or because they think it is a joke. BBC viewer Gorden Glenn took these shots when he was

passing through Scotland, a take to the most remote areas which are which are beyond the range of regular crews. And tonight Fire Chiefs are warning that the threat level remains very high until there is

until there is widespread rain. Well, hot and dry in parts hot and dry in parts of the UK. Let's get the rest of the weather now with cede. Looking at relatively

clear conditions

the con nent. Exposed cloud in

the south east, a little more widespread across the northern

tropics. The only rainfall of

note will be around the southern Kimberley and the

Pilbara coast, that area is

under a low pressure system at

the moment but that system is expected to weak then expected to weak then the coming days of the a few showers about Western

Australia. A cold front moving through Tasmania is moving out in

in the Tasman sea, developing

in a low, starting to do that to the west of New Zealand. As

it does t extensive cloud across both the North and South Island. Looking

at fairly widespread showers

and rain periods and heavy

falls and unsettled conditions across most of the Pacific

islands. Similar story through

south-eastern Asia. Widespread

showers and thunderstorms

developing but again the

Philippines likely to Philippines likely to see the

heaviest of the falls. Today we saw the heaviest falls in the

south, more the central and northern parts of the northern parts of the country that will see the more

significant totals as we into Friday. Also fairly unsettled

unsettled condition as cross Vietnam, into Laos Thailand, but heavy rainfall

against southern coast of China but starting to contract a little bit further

the eastern parts of China and

the eastern parts we're expecting to see

Shanghai area as well. But Shanghai area as well. But a

high pressure system over Japan

should produce mostly dry

a little a little bit of cloud and cooler conditions and weather developing over Korea and nearby areas of and nearby areas of China.

India has seen India has seen isolated heavy falls about the South east, even Bangladesh looking at relatively the border areas, Pakistan, Afghanistan, looking at fairly widespread rainfall widespread rainfall and

showers. As we head across into

Europe, really just the eastern

areas looking at rainfall, so around Greece, spreading up into the western of Russia. Most other looking at sunny conditions. looking at sunny conditions. Although London Ireland looking at fairly widespread showers rain. Moderate fall as cross

of South Africa. Across the

central areas, a little bit shower and shower and thunderstorm activity, but very activity, but very isolated and nothing significant as far as rainfall goes. Also a US states are likely to see relatively relatively light rainfall. Also further showers about further showers about the Mexico coast.

stormy across all the northern

countries N the south, gale to storm-force winds continuing,

not as cold as it has

snow back to low levels as we head into welcome end. Well,

still ahead on the program, World sport World sport with Amanda Shalala

and Britain's vote on whether to adopt the Australian way in electing their will speak with our

analyst Antony Green, live from Our top stories: US President Barack Obama has decided Barack Obama has decided not to

release photographs of the body of Osama bin Laden. The al-Qaeda leader was killed in a

raid by US forces on his compound in Pakistan. Mr Obama says he says he has made the decision on security grounds. The

Australian Defence Force is investigating claims that the

SAS shot dead a civilian by

mistake during a raid in

Afghanistan. He was killed

during a firefight in March. An infant also died later from gunshot wounds. The ADF

believes the man was insurgent, but Afghanistan's independent Human Rights

Commission says it has evidence he was a civilian. The Department of Immigration has confirmed that its top official

was in Papua New Guinea this week for high-level talks. week for high-level talks. The

ABC understand that the Government is considering PNG

as an option for an immigration

detention centre. Well, there

is anger in Pakistan that the government wasn't told about correspondent Philip Williams is in Islamabad. He has speaking with Opposition spokesman Siddiqul spokesman Siddiqul Farooq who says Pakistan should be shown

more respect. Tell me your response to the response to the raid, what your feeling was when we first heard about it? Thank you. We were

all astonished as to how the sovereignty, and I think this action should have been action should have been conduct

ed our operation by Pakistan and United States should have

taken into confidence taken into confidence because

we are already cooperate ing with the operation against terrorism, and woo have suffered huge suffered huge losses. We have lost more than 30,000 lives. have lost generals, and we are cooperating with States since 1979, States since 1979, so they should have taken us confidence. But the CIA chief Leon Panetta said that Pakistan couldn't be couldn't

submitted their reports about weapons of mass destructions against Saddam Hussein, President Bush, I think, President Bush, I think, in July 2004, so how can on the reports they are

submitting now? So the CIA wrong? Yes, those reports were submitted by CIA MI6 So, so all those reports proved false Is

Laden was found in a has a has a heavy military presence? If this is not embarrassing for

the United States that Twin Towers, he blasted Twin Towers, he blasted the Twin

borders are adjacent, sints

since they are fighting since 1979, 1979, they have some

sympathisers here and there.

line of one border towards

Afghanistan and inside Pakistan, so it is not something astonishing. Would

you go so far as the US action as the US action as an outrageous sovereignty in No, I won't sovereignty in No, I won't say this. But we have registered, Pakistan has also protest, and if we are friends, if if Pakistan is the frontline

country against war on terror, I think Pakistan's sovereignty must have been respected into confidence. So are you into confidence. So are

saying then that the US is not

a friend now? No, I don't a friend now? No, I don't say,

but United States will have to improve the record. The United

has to improve its record in

terms of its commitment and also that suspicion,

particularly that the

intelligence service is

supporting in some way and the Taliban.? This is totally wrong, false, and if

there are elements in the United States who say this, I

reject toe Lally. Thank you

very much for talking to very much for talking to you. Thank you. That's our correspondent there Philip

Williams in Islamabad,

Pakistan, talking to Opposition

spokesman Siddiqul Farooq. Australian Federal

Police say they've seized a record haul of record haul of methamphetamine

and struck a significant blow

to a major international syndicate. 239kg of the drug,

ice, were seized in a series of raids

raids in Sydney and Perth,

following a tip-off from an AFP

officer based in Europe. The

AFP says the drug had a AFP says the drug had a street

value of $50 million. Four men,

including two Australians, were arrested following a lengthy surveillance operation. Police

say the record haul is just the

latest in a series of major busts. We have made unprecedented seizures in terms of cocaine, unprecedented seizures

now a very large seizure in relation to methamphetamines. Police say the operation is ongoing

they expect to make more arrests overseas. Britain

Britons go to the polls today

to decide whether or not change their voting system. referendum is the first big test of the strength of test of the strength of the Coalition, with each other in the campaign. The latest polling suggests that

David Cameron's "no to campaign is set for a landslide

victory. Europe Emma Alberici reports. A year into this victory. into this political marriage, and the

leader of the Liberal Democrats

wants to change the wants to change the voting system. The Prime Minister wants to was the price the

prepared to pay for prepared to pay for the Lib Dem's support government. I'm passionate that

no is the right answer. Nick is equally passionate that yes is. We must have that argument but makes sure once it's over Coalition is and remaps their MPs to Westminster first past the post system of the candidate with preference. The person preference. The person who polls last leaves polls last leaves the contest, and his or her distribute ed amongst the other David Miliband process continues until process continues until one candidate gets 50% AV is fairer system. Candidate

have to secure the support of

at least half the whereas under elected with just a third

the vote. The "no" campaign has

been accused of playing printing pamphlets that look

this look more like a vote for

or against Lib Dem

Clegg Why do we need to change

a system that has been for longer periods of time and we're perfectly happy with it. Bigger ish Bigger ish shies actually. No, I don't like change. The side is tipped to win this referendum, not because the

system is better but because

the no campaign led by

Cameron has done a preferentialal voting, the system for 80 years, is just too complicated. Well, no-one knows more about Australia's electoral system than Antony ABC's election analyst, but is

he currently in Britain,

observing all of this

also be taking part in the

BBC's coverage Green, welcome to The World. It feels funny talking to you from

London? Well t has been a good

summer so far. Good to hear. Why was Why was change from first past the post to an Alternative the post to an Alternative Vote that the Liberal Democrats got for forming a coalition. for forming a coalition. The British election last provided no clear majority for either side of politics, government was the Conservatives and the Liberal

Democrats to come into a coalition agreement,

coalition agreement, and the

price of the coalition that was

extracted by Liberal Democrats

was to hold a referendum on the

Alternative Vote. The Liberal

Democrats would have preferred a proportional system a proportional system but the AV system or optional AV system or optional preferentialal voting as we know it in they were prepared to concede

in the negotiations. So as we

just heard in Emma's report, there has been fierce cam papering by both the yes and no

folks and I believe both sides

have been citing Australia as

an example as to why you should

vote yes or no? Well, the yes

case say it makes MPs harder and they say Australian MPs work harder than British M ps. MPs were claiming expenses for duck houses and motes and there was a huge

scandal over that. The yes case

has been trying to tap into the

anti-politician element, and

one of the things is to attack

Australia, to a say that

Australians want to get rid of preferential votding which

there is no evidence of, that

profr rention voting was so

hard that they forced had to force people along to vote, that is only used Papua New Guinea, Fiji and ignoring the fact that currently in military dictatorship, so a fair dictatorship, so a fair few porkies

but they're split and with only

the Liberal Democrats, the Liberal Democrats, the third party supporting the referendum, it has has a very hard task of winning. How much harder has that task been made for the yes that task been campaign, given that that task been made for the yes campaign, given that for the past week there has been a

celebration of tradition in Royal Wedding? And Royal Wedding? And also the Osama bin Laden death which Osama bin Laden death which has also Des stricted. The

referendum is being Local Government elections in England England and with elections for dy deinvolved assemblies in Scotland and Scotland and Ireland. The turn out is likely out is likely to be low in England and

London. The turnout is likely to be 35% and as traditional, the highest turnout will be amongst Conservative voters and

they've got the message from their leader David Cameron that

sha vote that is in favour of the Tories and the Tories are solidly voting

Clegg forgoing into Coalition with they have tapped in to sernd

Nick Clegg a mess sack, "Say no to Nick Clegg," and that has also bitten

election. It won't affect the Coalition in the end. Do you

think it will? Well, there has been some talk that might cause the Liberal Democrats to Democrats to walk out of the

Coalition. That seems unlikely. That would produce a minority Conservative government and produce an

don't think any of the parties want an early two parties agreed last year to deal with the crisis. They've committed to

it. It would be very difficult for them to walk away at this stage. I would surprised if the Coalition lasted all the way to 2015 when

the next election is legislated

to be held, but I don't to be held, but I don't think

it's likely to break down

the short term. Antony Green,

thanks for your time

tonight. Thank you. Is is reporting a slump in profits. Its third quarter hasn't been able to match the year before became the biggest earning movie of all time. Nett income

fell 24% to just under $600 million. There were

in advertising revenue company's Australian and

British newspapers. News Corp reported significant losses

from its MySpace social

immediate ia site which FaceBook. Japan's Nissan motor

company has won a generation of New York's iconic yellow taxis. The Michael Bloomberg confirmed deal which is estimated to deal which is estimated to be around $1 billion.. Karsan around Ford were beaten to secure the

order. The Nissan NV 200 will be the safest convenient cab the city has more than 13,000 licensed and the first of the and the first of the new ones are expected to appear in 2013

with the ep tire fleet due to be replaced by 2018. Prince

Charles is on a visit to

Washington where he tone students about

pet projects organic pet projects organic farming. He said pet projects He said it made a nice change He He said it made a nice change from making embarrassing speeches about his oldest son at wedding receptions. at wedding receptions. The prince also met with US President Barack Obama who was Royal Wedding. In his speech, the prince criticised

government subsidies for large-scale agriculture, and he encouraged encouraged more business and government support for

environmentally friendly food

production. The US spends tens of billions of dollars a year

on such subsidies. The world is

gradually waking up to the fact that creating sustainable systems that creating sustainable food

systems will become paramount

in the future because of the

food production. If we do not

work within nature's work within nature's system,

then nature will fail to be the durable, sustaining force she has always been. Prince Charles speaking

there in Washington. Well, to

sport now with Amanda Shalala, and Champions League finalists

have been decided? Yes, and

what a match it is going to be, too, Scott. Manchester United

has easily earned a spot in the European Champions League final

later this month. The Red Devils thrashed sal being 4-1 despite

despite resting some of their biggest biggest names. The feeling around Old Trafford this would

prove something of a breeze, no

matter how tantalising the stake United felt confident

enough to their enough to start without some of their established names. But

when what amounted to a reserve side emerged, some may side emerged, some may have wondered if complacency may

have crept in. They have crept in. They need not have calmed any nerves as he quickly Schalke was kept in contention with this player, who proved he was human after all. Darren Gibson now firmly in now firmly in sight. Schalke's unlikely European campaign was

drawing to an end, and although

Jurado's finishing pulled it

back to 2-1. The United coach knew his team would be facing up in the final. United's 6-1 upon aggregate. The upon aggregate. The manager's selection duly vindicated a completed. United through to a third Champions League final in

just four years. Barcelona just four years. Barcelona and Wembley Wembley await. The English

cricket team has undergone a

slight shake-up with slight shake-up with new one-day and one-day and Twenty20 captains. Fast bowler Stuart Fast bowler Stuart Broad will retire retire from Paul Collingwood as the. Test captain Andrew Strauss stepping away from the one-dayers passing Alastair Cook. Justin Hodges is in doubt for tomorrow's Test in doubt for tomorrow's Test on the Gold has joined the squad has joined the squad on standby. Australian officials

sent an SOS to Willie Tonga after Justin Hodges after Justin Hodges complained about back spasms, but unexpectedly the centre his team-mates at their final session. Paul Gallen has off a calf problem and Matt Scott seems to ankle injury. The Kiwis are still sweating on at dam Blair's better this morning so hopeful. New

the ANZAC Test on the ANZAC Test soil and last held

soil and last held the trophy

in 1998 In the past it has been who is playing halfback or who is playing halfback or who playing where, whereas now we have the have the depth. Christchurch

earthquake victims and emergency workers flew emergency workers flew into the Gold Coast this wonderful because I have my

children and nephew, so a really great experience. When you can't do nothing, watching

it on TV, what we can do is

provide a couple of hours provide a couple of hours of entertainment. New Zealand holds the World Cup and the Four Nations title and the Test

is being billed as a battle of rugby

rugby league heavyweights. Can't claim the

title of the world's best if you've won a one-off game. Both

sides have welcomed the chance to take in 2015 Todd Carney could be a step closer to returning to the

step closer to returning to the NRL. He has been given the green light to resume training

with the side tomorrow. The with the side tomorrow. The

reigning Dali M Medallist was

suspended indefinitely last suspended indefinitely last month for breaching the club's no-drinking policy. Carney has

been involved in a number of alcohol-related incidents and

the club has decided he can

return to training. Now to the

American, American sports


2-0 lead in its Western Conference semifinal

after a win over the lakers in Los Angeles. Blake Griffin been named the NBA's Rookie of the Year. 292-year-old was the

u Nam mouse choice for

award in a poll of 118 media members. And in the Bay is into the eastern

conference finals. San Jose Sharks have taken a 3-0 their series their series with detective stroit. And Australian tennis player Samantha Stosur will her third-round matches are they likely to is the is the favourite to win her much, amab much, amab da. The man believed

to be the last veteran to see active service in both world

wars has died. He was wars has died. He was 110. Claude Claude Choules served in both Navies and witnessed the scuttling of the German became one of the world's oldest first-time the age of 108. You were part

of a landing party. Claude Choules joined the Royal Navy

at 14 to fight for King at 14 to fight for King and country. He was barely 17 when

Germany surrendered and he

witnessed the scuttling of witnessed the scuttling of the German fleet

Flow. After the war, Mr Choules emigrated to Australia, along the way meeting his wife-to-be,

Ethel. They were married for Ethel. They were married for 76 years and had three children. Yes, we had some good times. We certainly II broke out, Mr again answered the call, joining

joining the Australian Navy. demolition expert, he demolition expert, he wired up

Fremantle harbour in case the Japanese invaded, and Japanese invaded, and also helped helped train Z Force commandoes. At retired from the Navy and

settled down to a ooh quiet life in Western family says he spoke only of

his happy memories in the Navy I think if you asked Navy I think if you asked him his last dying wish his last dying wish would be the fact that please don't let

he hated them. He wrote his memoirs in the 1980s but the manuscript remained un-Deutsche touched for of the Last' was finally

published in 2008. longevity was longevity was credited with keeping longevity was credited with

keeping his family close I see

them often, sometimes every

day, so I see them often so

they never get stale for me and

I never get stale for I never get stale for them.

That's right, and we all love you. Australia's military Chief

Inspector s have described his

passing as a sad day It is a moment that does represent the

passing of a generation and it's something we should acknowledge and reflect acknowledge and reflect upon very carefully. Mr Choules

died in his sleep. And to keep

up to date on all the we're following, you can log

onto our website. The address - That is The

World for this Thursday evening. I will be back in a moment with news Scott Bevan. Thanks for your company.

Closed Captions by CSI. with the main stories following here at ABC News following here at ABC News 24. The US president has ruled the release of any photographs of Osama bin Laden's of Osama bin Laden's body. Barack Obama says concerned the graphic nature of the pictures could risks for the US. As Washington correspondent Craig

McMurtrie reports, some photos of others killed in some of the images in this

report are graphic. His CIA director said there director said there was no question a picture would be

have seen image also of the terrorist leader's terrorist leader's krorps are split, but Barack Obama says

no. It is important for us to make sure that very graphic