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That kid is very dangerous, Mother. He is not gonna have my daughter. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight, the swine flu crisis

worsens - the Government stockpiles

vaccines and treatments as the

number of cases tops 100.

A tragic accident - a woman's

boyfriend cleared over her

wheelchair death in the Blue

Mountains. Just feeling relieved at

the outcome. And armed bandits

escape with more than $1 million

Epping. after ambushing an armoured car at after ambushing an armoured car at

Good evening. I'm Sandra Sully. And

I'm Bill Woods. I'm Bill Woods.

Also, a major security breach

involving gang rapists at the Supermax jail.

And stem cell technology allows Supermax jail.

blind people to see. It's a significant improvement.

But first, fears swine flu will

mutate into a superbug. Doctors are

warning if that happens, Tamiflu,

our key defence, will become

useless. Today the number of

confirmed cases soared passed 100,

a third of them here in NSW. And,

for the first time, people have

been hospitalised. As the swine flu

death toll hit 100 overseas, the Federal Government ordered 10

million doses of vaccine. Qantas

has now quarantined 20 of its

flight attendants, while there's

ship 'Pacific Dawn'. been more bad news for the cruise

P&O has cut short its cruise to Far

North Queensland after three crew North Queensland after three crew

tested positive to swine flu. Two

passengers have been cleared of the

disease. Cruise organisers are

hoping it stays that way. It's very

frustrating for passengers and very

frustrating for us as well. But

we're working with public health

officials all over Australia. officials all over Australia. The

Queensland Government made the

demand that 'Pacific Dawn' not stop

in the Whitsundays after last

Monday's debacle where 2,000 people

were allowed home despite more than

100 passengers suffering flu

symptoms. Because the ship owners

are cooperating there is no need

for the Government to use any

quarantine powers. So when the

'Pacific Dawn' docks here ahead of

schedule next Monday, it will be

taking much tougher measures.

taking much tougher measures. It

just doesn't know what they are yet.

They're keen not to make the same

mistake as last Monday and not let

so many people sick with swine flu

back into the community. Knowing

what I now know, we would have

given people much clearer

information. I think that's been

the missing link. The Australian

Government has placed an urgent $40

million order with the makers of

Tamiflu and Relenza to create a stockpile of anti-viral medication,

enough to treat 10 million people

should swine flu spread. To be able

to ensure that a sufficient number

of the population are vaccinated to

stop the spread of the disease. But

health officials point out symptoms

amongst sufferers in Australia are

not as bad as overseas. A disease

which in most people will be very

mild illness, and therefore I don't

think there should be alarm of this

particular virus. Evan Batten, Ten News.

In NSW, 1,200 people are in

quarantine, and the number of

confirmed cases has doubled in 24

hours. Medical staff are being run

off their feet, and they fear it's

only going to get worse.

Busy GPs are bearing the brunt of

the swine flu fever. Most have set

up their own isolation units to

deal with a surge in people

presenting with symptoms. There has

been an increase in demand on our

services, both inquiries for

possible treatment and people who

believe they may have been in

contact with swine flu. I think

there is a degree of paranoia about

it. With 33 confirmed cases and it. With 33 confirmed cases and

12,000 people quarantined in NSW,

their workload is set to soar. So

too for hospital staff - they're

busy diverting patients to

isolation units separated from the

general wards. But it's too late

for the Marshall family. 5-year-old

Samantha and 3-year-old Danny

caught the virus from other

children on the 'Pacific Dawn'.

children on the 'Pacific Dawn'. 27

NSW victims caught the virus while NSW victims caught the virus while

holidaying on the 'Pacific Dawn'.

Among them is a Victorian family

holed up in a city apartment for at

least a week. Fighting the virus

promises to be a big financial

strain on the Government. From time

to time, clearly it will be

necessary for us to provide various

kinds of assistance to families and

individuals. As yet, no cases have individuals. As yet, no cases have

been locally transmitted in NSW.

But authorities say it's inevitable

that the virus will be passed from

person to person and spread rapidly

throughout the community.

Businesses and retailers are being

urged to upgrade their hygiene

practices. But the reality is this.

One would expect that some members

of community would expect to die

because of this. Emily Rice, Ten News.


The death of a wheelchair-dependant

woman who plunged off a cliff has

been ruled a tragic accident,

clearing her boyfriend of any blame.

Members of the victim's family ran

crying from the court as the Coroner made the ruling.

Three years on from her tragic

death, Sarah Rawson's family is

still battling with their grief.

She was a ray of sunshine, as part

in our hearts and the love of our

lives. We're proud of you, Sarah,

and will always love you.

Ms Rawson was 25 and recovering

from terrible leg injuries from a car

car crash when she visited

Hargraves Lookout in the Blue

Mountains for a picnic with her

boyfriend, Shawn Mullen. The pair

had been drinking, and when Ms

Rawson asked to be left alone to

urinate, she fell off the cliff

edge and 70m to her death. Today's

finding finally clears Mr Mullen of

any blame. I am just feeling

relieved. I just want to say to

me. make to everyone who has supported

Ms Rawson was on anti-depressants

and had a blood alcohol level three

times the legal driving limit when

she died. The Coroner concluded:

It was a tragic accident. He now

needs an opportunity to deal with

what has been very difficult.

The area of Hargraves Lookout where

Sarah Rawson fell is a particuarly

dangerous spot. The Coroner is

concerned that with no proper fence

along this part or adequate warning

signs, it leaves visitors at

terrible risk. The Coroner has

recommended the Blue Mountains

Council upgrade the safety at the

lookout and consider fencing it.

James Boyce, Ten News.

Shots have been fired in a million-

dollar armoured van robbery at

Epping. Terrified bystanders ducked

for cover, with the heist over in minutes.

The bandits wore balaclavas and

black clothing. Three of them

ambushed the crew of a Chubb

security van as it stopped outside

the Epping Club just after 7am.

Another bandit drove the silver BMW Another bandit drove the silve

getaway car. They raced out of the

car fully armed. I could see one

was carrying what looked like an

AK-47, a long magazine

semiautomatic. A newsagent saw them

running towards the security guards, running towards the security guards,

aiming rifles and yelling. I was

scared. That's why I quickly ducked

over there. I don't want them

seeing me or they going to shoot me

or something. The robbers took just

two minutes to take more than $1

million in cash. As quickly as they

left, they fired shots at the club

just to demonstrate they were armed

and meant business. One shot

shattered a glass partition.

Another was fired into the air. The

fact that the shots were fired

concerns us very much. Police are

calling this a textbook armoured

van robbery - heavily armed gunmen

overpower and disarm the guards,

then seize the cash and escape very

quickly. The Robbery squad is

trying to solve several van

robberies. On Monday, thieves

escaped with takings from the

canteen at Cranbook Private School.

And $4 million was stolen from a

Chubb armoured vehicle at Lane Cove

last month. John Hill, Ten News.

There's been a major security scare

at Goulburn jail involving two of

the State's most notorious gang

rapists. Authorities have confirmed

two mobile phones have been found

in a cell shared by brothers Bilal

and Mohammed Skaf. Prison staff

received a tip-off on Tuesday, and

the jail was put in lockdown while

a full search was carried out.

Corrective Services is now trying

to work out how the phones were

smuggled in. Bilal Skaf has now

been placed in isolation, while his

brother has been transferred to Lithgow jail. The Rudd Government denies

squandering $40 million by sending

stimulus payments to people who've

died or moved overseas. The

Opposition says reckless spending

is adding to the nation's budget woes.

The debt is at record levels and

the Shadow Treasurer pushed his

luck. Given an inch by the Speaker,

he took a mile.

he took a mile. Now the Labor Party

has a bigger debt.

Mr Hockey was riled at being ruled

out of order. The Speaker relented.

If only cutting the debt could be

so easy. The Opposition accused the

Government of recklessly adding to

the problem. There are millions of

Australians who are saying, "Why

are people sending out cheques to

people who are dead?" There are

also families of the dead who are

grateful. My wife passed away three

days earlier and we received a

cheque, and we used that to pay for

her funeral. I mean, she paid her

taxes. Not much sympathy from the

Opposition. The tax bonus went to

the estates of 16,000 dead people

who had filed a return in the

previous year, and 27,000 who had

since gone overseas, for a total

cost of $40 million. Around 99.5%

of the stimulus money went exactly

where we intended it to go. The

Prime Minister says Cabinet heeded

Treasury's advice to stimulate the

economy as quickly as possible and

claims jobs have been saved as a

result. But he accepts there have

been what he says are bumps on the

way. And after hammering the

Government all week on the actual

size of the debt, Mr Turnbull now

says this. It's not a question of

number. It certainly should be

lower. Hold the phones! What have

all those questions been about? Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Brad McEwan now with a look ahead

to sport. Brad, the Blues Origin

selectors forced to make changes.

Yes, Glenn Stewart's out after

being suspended, but his

replacement is arguably the most

versatile man in rugby league.

Penrith's Luke Lewis is preparing

to wear an Origin jumper. Today he

was wearing a Geelong AFL jumper.

He can play any position, but can

he play any code? We'll talk to him later in sport.

And as rugby league prepares for

Origin I in AFL heartland, the

rival code is in recruitment

overdrive here in Sydney. The AFL's

proposed Western Sydney franchise

is set to cause a stir following a

controversial move - details shortly.

Also coming up in sport, another

win for Lleyton Hewitt at the

French Open. And the Dally M winner

who recently spent two days in a coma.

Ahead, the NSW Government urged to

step up borrowing to stimulate the economy.

economy. Plus, the restaurant

fighting back after being named and

shamed. They don't have any heart,

they don't think of people's

livelihood and they don't think of

people's employment. And the stem

cell technology allowing blind

people to see. It's a significant improvement.

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Red Cross is about people helping people, and now we need you to play your part. Make a statement.


The man killed in the Sydney

airport bikie brawl was apparently

stabbed as well as bashed. Anthony

Zervas died after allegedly being

hit in the head with a metal

bollard. But the provisional

autopsy report seen by Ten News

blames the dead - death on a

combination of blunt force trauma

and stab wound to the chest and

abdomen. Comanchero boss Mick Hawi

we and other gang members are

already facing a freight charges

over the brawl. Today there were

also charged with riot. So far, no-

one has been charged over the death.

The NSW budget is coming up and it

appears we are heading brain large

deficit. A senior economist says it

is possible we will go into the red

by as much as $8 million, but says

it is justified. Our state

Parliament reporter joins us. Why

are the experts urging us to keep spending with so much debt?

spending with so much debt?

Access economics are concerned that

spending cuts that happened like in

last year's Budget will make the

economy worse. If no it the

spending cuts are taken in the

Budget which is coming up on of

16th June, the deficit could blow

out to between $6 billion and a

billion dollars. That is eight

times what was predicted last year.

There are a lot of unknowns in that

projection and the Economist said

that the incredible figure, if it

did reach that much, would be

justified, giving -- given the

handed down. federal budget that has just been

We have just seen a federal budget

of 5% of GDP, so it would have to

be within the bounds of possibility.

And access economics are not NSW Treasurer.

What does the treasurer have to say about this?

He would not release any figures,

only saying the deficit would be

larger than predicted and would be

used to help the economy through

these rough times. It is unlikely

that the deficit would reach $8

billion, because it would be

politically unpalatable and would

take a long time to pay off, given

the pressures on state revenues

will stop alarming new figures had

been relieved that show one in 10

food Ablett in NSW has failed food

hygiene test.

It has prompted a push for more

inspections and more shops to be

named and shamed.

Bill Choy has been serving Chinese

food in Randwick for 33 years, but

in December he was hit with three

fines - for a dead rat, are

traitors of vermin droppings and an untidy kitchen.

There is nothing in the restaurant

now. The way we were treated I do

bad name. not think is fair. It gives us a

His restaurant was one of 23,000

randomly expected across the state

in the past six months.

I would just check that against my thermometer. thermometer.

businesses fail. A alarmingly, one in 10 food A alarmingly, one in 10 food

Some quite shocking things, for Some quite shocking things, for

instance - cockroaches in the food,

heavy rodent infestations, unclean premises.

Nearly 3,500 warning letters premises. Nearly 3,500 warning letters were

issued - more than Nearly 3,500 warning letters were issued - more than 700 shops were fined and dozens prosecuted.

Many of the offences range in

severity, but one case that shocked

inspectors was at his Ashfield fish

markets. They found fresh crabs

stored in the toilet cubicles. Food

outlet that are caught habits

details put it on the internet or

at least 12 months.

Been named and shamed in the

internet I do not think is a very

fair for any business that is

trying to do the right thing.

Named and shamed businesses can be found on the tour operator's website.

Australian scientists are helping

patients with a blinding corneal

disease to see again. They have

developed a procedure that uses

themselves to replace damaged

sections of the eye.

Ben Barter was legally blind when

he was told a novel treatment could he was told a novel treatment could

restore his sight. It had never

been tested before, but he had no

hesitation in signing up as a pump

-- candidate.

He had to have confidence in your

doctors will stop a with good

reason - he was back at work within

days, but now could see as never

before, even simple things many of

us take for granted.

Looking at a time board for a train station and general function -

working. The technique is a world

first, but all it took was the

observations of Dr Nick di Girolamo

to be realised.

I took the contact lens back to the

lab and analysed it and learn and

behold there was cells.

He set about finding out whether

ocular cells could be transferred

back to her and I have a patient.

The procedure is so quick and

simple it is not be regarded by

surgeons as an operation and that

gives it great potential for using even the most remote communities.

Now researchers plan to refine

their technique and test whether it

may also be used on other parts of

organs. the RI and eat it -- even in other

What is up weather-wise - Tim

Bailey can tell us. Tim, some of

the recent rain actually fell in

the right parts of town?

Indeed it did. Yes - or a gambler

has collected 35 millimetres in the

last week. That is not an

astounding figure at the next one

is. Our dam levels are up 2.5% this

week to 60.6 % and that means in

the past week we have had around

two months' worth of Sydney's

drinking water for in the dams.

There is the good news - 2.5% up. A

chilly southerly blowing at about

35 km/h. I know one gentleman who

will be happy tonight. Let us look

at the Harvey Norman Panasonic

wider picture. That comes from Rees wider picture. That comes from Rees Williams. wider picture. That comes from Rees

Williams. If you'd like to be

involved, folks, we want your

handiwork on the television. E-mail

us: handiwork on the television. E-mail

us: the next couple of days lit to

be a bit fresh. The showers are

mainly coastal. I will see you

later, with the Italian club. Some

also Italians on TV having a go.

A worrying 10 in the nuclear stand-

off with North Korea. -- turn.

Also it the Indigenous council

baulking at plans to clean up

squalid town camps.

I think it is a land grab.

And a reversal of fortune for the Millionaire'. young stars of 'Slumdog

The Holden SV6 Ute stability control with 6-speed manual transmission, is now just $33,490 driveaway, and 18-inch alloys

This program is captioned live.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. There has been a

nasty accident. There are

diversions in place. Police are

diverting through the back roads.

Unfortunately traffic is not coping well.

well. There is a heavy backlog.

Even the Cumberland Highway is

taking the extent of the drama.

taking the extent of the drama. We

will bring you live update later.

An ugly fight is brewing over Aboriginal camps in Alice Springs,

where up to 3,000 people are living in overcrowded squalor. Canberra

has imposed a deadline to fix the

problem, but local elders say it's

going to end in violence.

At just four weeks old, Tamika Dixon's future already looks bleak.

She lives in a Besser brick house

with 13 relatives in a town camp on

the outskirts of Alice Springs.

It's real bad, you know? Nothing's

been done, nothing's fixed. It's

terrible. The 18 town camps are

made up of about 200 houses, many

without electricity or sewerage.

The conditions have prompted a

Federal Government ultimatum -

either the Tangentyere Council

accepts a $125 million improvement

package, or the Government takes

overcrowding, substandard housing, over the camps. Whether it's acute

feral dogs, cockroach-infested

homes, alcohol abuse, violence,

whatever it may be, these town

camps in fact look more like a war

zone. I think it's a land grab. I

also think the way they're going to

go about it, it's a rollback to the

assimilation policy days. The

problem is Tangentyere Council

doesn't want to lose its rights as landlord, managing tenants and

allocating houses. Council

executives fear if that's left in

the hands of the Government, people

from warring families will be

placed in the same camp and

violence will escalate. But one

camp is so fed up it's already

broken away from the governing

council. What people are really

looking for is to move away from

just the idea that we're talking

about a house. What people really

want is a home. Tangentyere Council

has until July 6 to decide on

whether to accept the package. In

Alice Springs, Esther Lindstrom,

Ten News. Ten News.

The ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, more

gear. evidence of an economy in reverse

Capital expenditure suffered its

biggest decline in the March

quarter since records started in

the late '80s. What makes this

worse is the rot hasn't stopped. Australian businesses plan to continue scaling back their

investing in the years ahead. The

Bureau of Statistics research found private capital expenditure fell

almost 9% in the March quarter.

almost 9% in the March quarter. The

market expectation was a 5% decline.

The stock market finished in the

red today. The All Ords shed 1%.

ANZ Bank was out red today. The All Ords shed 1%. ANZ Bank was out of its trading

halt and down 1%. BHP Billiton is

down almost 2%. And Bluescope Steel

bucked the trend and shot up almost 7%.

And that's the day in finance.

South Korean troops are on high

alert after Pyongyang announced it

was abandoning its truce with the

South. The communist state says it

will no longer abide by the cease-

fire which ended the Korean War. It

comes after Seoul joined a US-led

security initiative which could

allow its troops to search North

Korean ships for nuclear weapons.

It continues to act in a

provocative and belligerent manner

towards its neighbours, and there

are consequences to such actions.

The UN Security Council is still

discussing a response to this

week's underground nuclear test.

week's underground nuclear test.

A reversal of fortune for the young

stars of the movie 'Slumdog

Millionaire'. They've been offered

a new home, after claims they'd

been denied a share of the film's

box office fortune.

He was accused of treating his

child stars badly. Director Danny

Boyle appeared on good terms with

the actors at a press conference in

Mumbai to announce they had new

homes. We have been trying for a

long time to move them into the

tour accommodation, held by a trust

so that it is perfectly safe and

long-term accommodation for them.

We are happy to say progress has

been made. The cinematographer the

of the film gave the Mumbai slums

almost a romantic appeal, but the

reality was less picturesque.

Cameras were rolling once again to

some authorities are rolling in to

evict her family and demolish their

house. One week earlier, the actor

who played her brother, had watched

his house meet the same fate. It

was in stark contrast from their

return from the Oscars, when the

film picked up eight awards. Danny Boyle was criticised for allowing

the children to remain in the slums

after earning ?200 million at the

box-office. He has accused the

media of sensationalising their

plight and fostering unrealistic

expectations. There is no doubt

Slumdog Millionaire has caused the

actors families pain. This fight

was between family about tabloid

reports. Danny Boyle says that they

will get them houses before the monsoon arrives.

Still to come - Hugh Jackman greets

crowds at the centre of the swine

flu crisis. Also, Schapelle Corby

deemed too ill to return to jail.

And crafty mums get together online

to recession-proof their families.

The mums love a challenge.

Over 50 and not working full-time? And if you get a quote before June 30, So call 13 50 50 today.

This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour -

bandits ambush an armoured van at

Epping, making off with a fortune.

It took them just two minutes to

steal more than $1 million before

car. escaping in a silver BMW getaway

A coroner rules the death of a

young woman in the Blue Mountains a

tragic accident. Sarah Rawson, who

was in a wheelchair while

recovering from a car crash, fell

70 metres over a cliff three years

ago. The finding clears her

boyfriend of any wrongdoing. And

the number of swine flu cases in

Australia has now topped 100. The

Government has ordered millions of

dollars of vaccines and anti-viral

treatments. However, the vaccines

won't be available for a few months.

Convicted drug trafficker Schapelle

Corby has been saved from a return

to jail and moved to a public

hospital. Corby was transferred

from the police hospital to Denpasar's Sanglah Public Hospital

last night for continued treatment

for depression. Her sister and the Australian Consul-General in Bali

accompanied her on the drive.

Prison officials had initially

demanded Corby be returned to her

jail cell, but doctors advised them

she was still too ill. Corby has

served four years of a 20-year

sentence. Hundreds of cash-strapped

mums have joined forces online to

share tips on recession spending.

And to get their creative juices

flowing, a major bank is dishing

out freebies as an incentive.

Necessity is the mother of all

invention. And for these mothers, sharing budget-saving tips online is helping recession-proof their

spending. It's definitely a great

forum for mums to get together and compare their ideas.

compare their ideas. And compare

they have. Parenting website

Kidstop has recorded hundreds of

cost-saving hits. Its aim? A

complete list of 499. One of the

mums came up with the idea of

making a list, because mums know.

They've tried them - they work.

Because we're living off one income

now while I'm on maternity leave

and my husband gets paid monthly,

I've got to be really careful that I've got to be really careful that

we don't run out of money. At the

click of a mouse, suggestions range

from new ways to feed and entertain

the family, to old wives' tales

many of us have forgotten.

Especially some of the old-school

tips like saving on cleaning

products, like vinegar, or things

around the house. The list

continues to grow by the hour, and

with good reason. Australia's

biggest bank is forking out cash

rewards for those that submit the

best ideas. Commonwealth Bank is

contributing prizes. We've got four

prizes of $499 for the best saving

tips on the website. Incentive

enough to get inventive. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News.

Hugh Jackman has been in Mexico for

the premiere of his latest film.

His original there was cancelled

because of swine flu, but he did

not forget his Mexican fans. It is not forget his Mexican fans. It is

amazing how well things have been

dealt with. There is absolutely no dealt with. There is absolutely no

reason now for people to not come

here. It is expected that his next

project will be on Broadway.

Time now for all the sport. A

health scare for a rugby league character.

He was in hospital for all week

after almost choking to death. Plus

the State of Origin preparations.

Lleyton Hewitt is into the third

round at the French Open. No double

delight for Manchester United.

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This program is captioned live.

Good evening. Gold closed for

Anthony Laffranchi has joined the

Blues's State of Origin squad,

following the suspension of Glenn

Stewart. The nanny was to be 18th

man, Luke Lewis can claim to be the

most adaptable player in rugby league.

Switching codes for a day, training

with the Geelong AFL team.

They are great to watch and it is

great to get out there had a kick with them.

I am just happy to be here and have

the opportunity to play.

He is now in the squad after Glen

Innes was suspended by the NRL

judiciary last night.

He gave me and it a bit of a head

up during the start of the week as

he was not sure how it was going to go.

The replacement for Stewart will

spend most of his to give time in the

the back row. I have played a few

games at second row. I start at

lock and then move out to the

second row. He was an Origin

debutants a few years ago. Lottie

he started in the second row, was

at five-eighth by round 9, by the

end of May he was playing half-back.

He has an department packing in at

lock for the Panthers.

I really enjoyed my footy in the


Michael Jennings has already got the Queenslanders fishing.

It is his first Origin, so he will

probably be a little bit scared of the occasion.

But as the Maroons hit the water,

the Blues hit the bush. They seemed more worried about rhinos.

Rugby League very nearly lost one

of its characters this month after

he chopped -- choked on a pork chop.

Rocky Laurie is only just getting

back to full health after his near- death experience.

It is back-breaking work that one

day Rocky Laurie might have

complained about - but not any more.

This carpet layer is just great

footy still be around.

Very lucky to be alive. Very lucky

- a little things went right for me

to be alive.

The inaugural winner of Rugby

League's prestigious Dally M award

looked to be out of luck when he

was at home eating his favourite dinner of pork chops.

I knew straightaway that it was

jammed. I was just standing there

with my arms out when my wife came

back and that it - after that I collapsed on the floor. collapsed on the floor.

Three ambulances were needed before

the right equipment to be found to

remove the meat stuck in his throat.

By then he had been without oxygen

for 10 minutes. The former Rabbitoh

spent 10 days in hospital in a coma.

Still the things he was lucky. A

new neighbour had moved in he had

just gone through a first aid course.

He heard all the commotion and kept

me going until the ambulance came.

Not surprisingly, Laurie is

extremely net quarters when eating

now, but there is one meal he has not returned to.

A I haven't until now, but I

probably will. I like pork chops,

but I will cut it up very fine.

Anthony Mundine is the new IBO

middleweight world champion after

winning an epic fight against fellow Australian Daniel Geale in

Brisbane last night. The Man had

his opponent down in the second

round, but it was a nervous split

decision break a jubilant Mundine.

Yet! Yeah! That is how it feels!

Another former rugby league player,

Sonny Bill Williams, made his

professional boxing debut, and

showed plenty of raw power with a

total knockout win in the second round.

The new AFL team in western Sydney

could have southern NSW and the ACT

as it exclusive recruiting

territory. The news comes days

after the proposed franchise made

its first appointment. Player

development group Alan McConnell.

When it comes to developing a AFL

talent, Alan McConnell knows his

stuff, as he cast his well-trained

eye over the youngsters on offer in

the Paul Kelly Cup. While the

experienced 11 and 12-year-old son

not on his radar just yet, they

could be in a few years.

We heard from one of the players

today - from the Swans, saying this

is where he started his footy.

McConnell was the former coach of

the now defunct Fitzroy and more

recently has been in charge of the

AFL's highly regarded yes program.

He would love to see the western

Sydney players come from the same

part of the world, but at the

Paynes -- remained a long-term

project will stop where their best

player will come from remains to be seen.

We will have access to the national

talent pool to build that base when

the rules are established, but

equally it is important to find local talent.

If the AFL goes ahead with the

proposal it will be helped

massively if they get access to

NSW's prime recruited -- recruiting areas.

The ACT and so the news that Wales

may be zoned to the 18th club.

The wing Terry and Paul Kelly both

learned their football in Wagga

Wagga and Essendon great James Hird

grew up playing in Canberra.

Lleyton Hewitt faces mission

impossible when he takes on Lleyton Hewitt faces mission impossible when he takes on world

number one Rafael Nadal in the next

round of the French Open. The

Australian had eight did win over

Kazakhstan's Andrey Golubev. After

a sluggish first round match, the Spaniard hit his straps.


Keeping his COMMENTATOR: Good shot. Keeping his undefeated run and

cross record intact, it provides

Lleyton Hewitt with ones of his

greatest challenges.

In a best of three-set match, on

this surface.

Hewitt has beaten Nadal four times

in their eight meetings but never

on clay.

Manchester United has been denied back-to-back Champions League

titles after losing the final two

Barcelona to lighten 0. Signed a

letter had these home team in front

after just 10 minutes before Lionel

Messi put the result beyond doubt

with a header midway through the second half.

A COMMENTATOR: Lionel Messi has

A COMMENTATOR: Lionel Messi has scored his ninth Champions League goal.

Celebrations turned up in Barcelona

when revellers clashed with police.

Rubber bullets were filed -- fired.

The game was in Rome.

An emotional return for the ANZ

championship netball at his home

was destroyed in the Black Saturday

bushfires. That is coming up later in sport tonight. Let's check on the traffic.

The biggest problem tonight is the

terrible accident at Maryland's on

Maryland Road. This is the

Cumberland Highway, where everyone

who is opting to avoid Merrylands

raid and stick with the main

highway is. That is at three lanes

of solid traffic leaving from

Maryland. But he has family or

friends trying to get home tonight

who usually go via Merrylands raid,

they will probably be laid by a 45

minutes. -- delayed. Whether his


This program is captioned live.

Some breaking news - 8:30 new Golf

-- 13 you have pulled girl feared

kidnapped after the death of her

mother. Police issued an urgent

plea for help after the mother's

body was found. They say the 13-

year-old has now been located after

a call from the member of the

public. They say they will not say

where she is bound for

investigative reasons. Time to

check on the weather.

We have had lots of kids on, but we

were up for a bit of maturity. On

the television - Club Italia. A

round of applause. The president of

the club is this man of Geno. - 19 air.

The sea will be 10 years. It is a

social, recreational sport that we

play. Round about 60 people every

week. Each Thursday they turn up

and they all have fun.

And had the feeling they that he

might get on a roll. The youngest

member of the club - howled madame? 65.

And this lovely lady. How old are you? Nearly 83.

She is laughing, because at 83, she

has still beaten him, and him and

him. This always around 1.1

kilograms will stop you throw it as

close as you can to the wooden

track. -- Jack. Ladies and

gentlemen, Miranda. You said you

are going to clap. Come on. Miranda,

you have a tale to tell. First, you

are married to Deua, the President.

But you are the reason this club is

on Tim's by the tonight. You were

going to kick him if they were not

on pause dubbed if he was not doing

it, I was doing it, as though he

stood up and rang you.

If you'd like to be involved, in

their last: -- email us.

Great Newspoll dam levels. Up 2.5 %.

We are up to 60.6 % - the dams.

Most showers will be coastal -

We are up to 60.6 % - the dams. Most showers will be coastal - tops

of about 18 degrees on 19 degrees.

Satellite: cloud over the interior

in a trough is generating patchy

rain and thunder. Cloud over NSW

and Queensland is triggering

thundery showers. A high will keep

most of the interior dry tomorrow,

with a fresh burst of showers and

wind up as the news that Wales

coastline. Shell was on the news

that Wales coast and mainly the

Hunter Valley tomorrow.

80 people playing but she, enjoying

themselves down the Club Italia. I

knew you wanted to get on another

role, but I have to get on with the show.

show. That was the great Geno.

Moving right along, a baby elephant

has made her public debut at

Moscow's zoo. Sticking close to mum, Moscow's zoo. Sticking close to mum,

the newborn took her first steps in

front of dozens of excited fans.

The as-yet unnamed baby is the

first Asian elephant to be born at

the zoo. Very cute.

That is Ten News for now. I am

Sandra Sully. I am Bill Woods.

Thanks for your company. Update

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