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Live. Gaddafi's family flees to

Algeria as new Algeria as new claims emerge about his regime's

atrossities. These are not targeted military targeted military detainees,

they have not targeted military

prisoners, lots of civilians

were vofed - involved.

Victoria rushes in tough new death of a 4-year-old girl.

Thousands of Muslim Australians prepare to

celebrate the end of Ramadan. Look forward until the sun

sets, we have a few hours again and all the food comes out, all together, it's really good. And

Australian Bernard Tomic starts

the US Open with a straight

sets win at sets win at Flushing Meadows. Good morning, you're watching ABC thus, I'm Tamara ABC thus, I'm Tamara Oudyn.

Algeria hand back Rebel leaders are demanding

Moammar Gaddafi's family who

fled across the border. The

former dictator's wife,

daughter, and two of his sons

arrived in the country

overnight. Rebel leaders have also claiming to another of his sons, Khamis,

during fight ing near Tripoli. There's still no sign Colonel Gaddafi. In Tripoli

residents are coming to grips

with the latest cost of brutal regime. Middle with the latest cost of the

correspondent Ben Knight sent brutal regime. Middle East

this report. At the Tripoli the Red Cross has base on the outskirts of

arrived to inspect the site of a massacre. In this a massacre. In this room

prisoners were shot and then their bodies burned before the Gaddafi troops fled their compound. Suddenly there's a compound. Suddenly there's a

shout from over the fence.

Another body has been found. Quickly they walk around to a house overlooking the base. In

this bare, tiny room

the victim. It's impossible to

tell at the moment whether this

is a rebel soldier or a soldier. Whatever the case, the is a rebel soldier or a Gaddafi

body's been left in a hurry,

it's been covered with lime.

It's only been found today. You going would expect that there are

discoveries like this in the

coming days and weeks. The body is bagged and taken away. This

man lives nearby. I man lives nearby. I heard

there's around 64 bodies, a lot

of bodies burned and I didn't

believe it. I said no way, I

have to see it with my eyes. I saw it and it's much. This body will be taken

to a city hospital where they will try to identify him and

then wait for his

collect him for burial. There then wait for his relatives to

have been other reports of mass

The graves here and in the city.

are Lybians, how can you forgive them? Oh my god, they

are not Lybians , they are not

human. They are not a nobody can do this. While many

Lybians are touring the compound for a glimpse of the privileged life behind its

walls others are doing some

more gruesome sightseeing. Salam has come to the house

where his friend was killed 2

days ago. His unit was

attacking snipers hiding upstairs. Here upstairs. Here shooting the people, the people down when our friend he entered, they took - The grenade. And

they put it to here. The

snipers were killed shortly

after by heavy machine after by heavy machine guns.

The house has the scars of a

were here another brief battle ferocious attack. While we

was of the Gaddafi troops are still

holding on. You can only wonder

what Salam's children make of all this, or if this is the

last time they will have to see

such horrors in their country. Human rights watch says Gaddafi troops Gaddafi troops are are responsible for executing

prisoners in the final days of the brutal regime. Omar

human watch's director nor the

Africa. More victims of the

Gaddafi regime are being uncovered. Unfortunately what

we have uncovered in Libya is

just not limited to what

happened in that warehouse but to talk about that warehouse

specifically we've had eye

witness reports that shots were

fired from the tin roof on dozens upon dozens in there while grenades were being thrown from the door at the prisoners inside. After

that what we had was execution

style killings of wounded

people on the ground over

there. At the same time we have

been able to establish that

Brigade of the Khamis brigades, this was being used by the 32nd

the son of Colonel Gaddafi.

We've had other instances where we've had extra judicial

killings take place at an internal security service loyal to

to Colonel Gaddafi as well to Colonel Gaddafi as well as other locations. These have not targeted military detainees or

military prisoners, lots of

civilians were involved. As a matter

matter of fact the majority of those killed have those killed have been civilians. Are these but much wider abuses of human rights in the dying days of Gaddafi regime? Well, Michael, rights in the dying days of the

I mean the bodies up. What we have seen is, and

what we have witnessed, what we

document have documented, been able to

document on the ground over

there is that in the final days before the fall

forces have seemingly, were

seemingly engaged in liquidating people. We've liquidating people. We've had

some of those killed in medical scrubs dragged out of

ambulances and shot, civilians

were who shot, people with

their hands bound behind their

backs and killed, these backs and killed, these are

cowardly murders and under international humanitarian law

if this is part of a pattern of

systematic killing this can Concessao - constitute a war

crime. What would you like to

see happen to for the killings? We would want on the ground right there at is why we're working very hard

the moment in order to document

everything that's going We're also advising the

National Transitional Council

in Tripoli at the moment to meticulously keep a record of everything that is happening

and also to preserve and

protect the records from other areas in should not go unpunished, this cowardly crime. As the Lybian

rebels continue their surge the

the anti-government forces are targeting

During a meeting on Libya in

Ethiopia chairman Jean Ping

says some African embassies in Tripoli have been raided by the

rebels. TNC seems to confuse black people with mercenary. All blacks mercenary. All blacks are mercenaries. If you do that,

which mean one-third of the

population of Libya which is black is also mercenaries. They

are killing people, normal workers, you workers, you know, mistreating

them. Back home now and a new report has found that from the carbon tax under the

Government's clean energy plan

is unjustified and costly. The

Gratton inn - Institute report

looked at 3 industries

demanding protection . The

Institute's energy program

director Tony Wood said the Government shouldn't generous with compensation. One could argue any dollar is

generous if it's more than

justified. In this case the

devil of support is quite large

in some areas and relatively

small in others but it adds up

to a very large amount of money

indeed and that's money

community could use for other things in difficult times. The Government needs to be very

careful that in protecting the careful that in protecting the world carbon leakage. That's where an industry in Australia shuts

down and as a consequence moves somewhere else and somewhere else and the

emissions go up, that's not what we're after. Protecting

against that is fine but protect ing against something

else is not fine at all. The

Government has to decide what

it wants to do about structural

assistance for industries that are going through tough times

and the steel industry could

very well be going think long-term structural change

what you do about that is going

the be very important but what

you shouldn't do is use the

carbon price to prop up an industry. You should look at structural assistance in

another way. The plight of the steel industry will stay firmly on the on the agenda today. Minister is visiting Bluescope Steel's mill near Wollongong. Earlier this morning workplace relations minister Chris Evans

says the Prime Minister is

focused on struggling industry. The brief

chat I had with the Prime Minister yesterday evening, she

indicated she wanted focus on

practical measures to respond

to the challenges of the

manufacturing industry. manufacturing industry. I'll be

talking to her later about employment and related matters. She's actually focused on what

we can do to assist we can do to assist those industries under pressure and I suppose, you know, all an

inquiry does is delay those

sorts of responses. I wasn't

part of the meeting, I part of the meeting, I haven't had a full briefing but we're

very much focused on what we

can do to assist the industries that are in transition. Victoria's

Parliament is rushing through

tough new dog laws. It's part

of the State Government's

crackdown on dangerous dogs

after a 4-year-old girl mauled to death earlier this

month. The new laws will give

councils the power to destroy unregistered dogs that are deemed to be dangerous. ABC chopper pilot Gary Ticehurst

will be remembered at a

memorial service in Sydney

today. He died along with journalist Paul Lockyer and

cameraman John Bean when their

helicopter crashed at Lake Eyre

in South Australia 12 days ago. Memorial services men. Former Guantanamo Bay

detainee David Hicks has told

the ABC's 'Australian Story' that he finds that he finds terrorism

disgusting. David Hicks was convicted of supporting terrorism and spent several

years in the United States notorious Guantanamo Bay facility. Hicks says out of context it would look as though

he was aware of the kind of

organisation he was getting

involved with. Let's take a

look at an excerpt from


searchly indicates that you knew you were in camps of an organisation headed by bin

Laden? It can sound like that,

sure, to take it like that out of placed in. Bin Laden did come

numerous times as a guest

speaker and he seemed to have

some clout because there were

many guest speakers and when he

came things were conducted very

differently in the camp. Of course he came to the camps to

speak, he's the leader of

Al-Qaeda, that's what leaders

do, they make speeches. He do, they make speeches. He

Razes up the troops, denounces

the West, denounce s states. That's not credible. Yes, I think David Once you have torture you will never be normal, ever. There will be long-standing psychological

and physical affects from torture. We asked torture. We asked the Americans

to investigate and we sent our

he could see with his own eyes

but we saw no evidence of but we saw no evidence of him

having been tortured. But all

people who have been associated

with Al-Qaeda who get captured

always claim they have always claim they have been tortured. They always do. Alexander Downer there and

the full special on David Hicks

airs tonight at 8:30 on ABC 1's

'Australian Story'. The

aftermath of Hurricane Irene is

coast of the United still being felt along the east

death toll has now reached at

least 32. Some States in the

north-east are battling record floods and millions of people

are still without power. The United Nations is warning United Nations is warning the bird flu virus could be making

a comeback with a deadly a comeback with a deadly new

strain. It says the new strain

of the virus is resistant to

existing vaccines. And it says

it's been found in Vietnam and

China and could spread to other

countries in the region. countries in the region. At

least 23 people have died after

torrential rain caused mud

slides in eastern Uganda. The

Red Cross says the mud has

again ul fed homes and buried heavy rain has also displaced hundreds of people displaced hundreds of people in the region. It's almost the region. It's almost 10

years since the September 11

terrorist attacks struck the

United States and preparing to commemorate that

day. In Washington DC survivors

are returning to the Pentagon

where 184 people died when

hijackers flew flight 77 into

correspondent Jane Cowan the building. North America

reports. At the Pentagon the

sky is almost as blue as it was

that horrible day and the

memories for those returning

here are vivid. I could

just strings of my skin, like sausages that you've cooked too long that all my fingers. 184 exploded, just hanging down off

all my fingers. 184 people

didn't make it out. Killed on

board the plane or inside the

building. A memorial remembers each person

each person lost with a bench

and an individual reflecting

pool. Behind every name a life left behind. Are you Just visualise having to tell

your children that their mother

was killed and as I told my son was killed and as I told my son

what type that day I said look, you know

others, I herself, doing something for answers necessarily than there were 10 years ago but some kind

of comfort has been found by

concentrating on the lives that

were lived rather than the violence that cut them

short. The best way we could do

her loss or sacrifice justice

is by moving on and having the ugliness of that

the sun's setting so it's neat day. Sometimes I'm here when

to be able to look towards the sun setting and you can see the lights in the pools open up and you just start to realise that, celebration of life. Life you know, this place is about a

that's determined to go on. The top stories this morning Libya's rebels demanding Libya's rebels demanding that Algeria hand back Colonel Gaddafi's wife and 3 children who fled across the

border. Rebel commanders are sons has died in fighting near

Tripoli. The United Nations is

worried about a mutant strain

that's been found in Asia. The

new virus, which is resistant

to existing vaccines, has discovered in China and to existing vaccines, has been

Vietnam. And the UN fears it could spread to neighbouring

countries. And at least countries. And at least 32

people have now died as a

result of Hurricane Irene lashed the east coast of America. There's been record

flooding in the north-east of flooding in the

people are still without power. the country and millions of

While Hurricane Irene passed, New York While Hurricane Irene has

counting the cost. Earlier this morning our North America

correspondent Craig McMurtrie continued as the system moved

further north. It's been further north. It's been quite

astonishing the reports out of

Vermont. The governor there saying he's never seen anything Vermont. The governor there is

like the

is now dealing with in ket

Connecticut there are a record

number of power outages. number of power outages. It could take all week to could take all week to restore

and the flooding, authorities power. In the case of Vermont

flooding are saying it's the worst

century. So quite extreme

outcomes there. Certainly compared to what we were seeing

in other parts of the country.

The damage, they're saying now,

Craig Fugate who's potentially $7 billion but

federal relief effort is still

saying he can't give a precise

damage count. On Wall Street business, they were today, Wall Street reopened for

business, they were very

flooding relieved that they didn't have

there was a bit of a rally Wall Street, relief that spared the worst of the spared the worst of the flood

damage, saw the Dow Jones

industrial average finish up

around 250 points, 2.26%

roughly. So on Wall Street a positive day but politicians

are having a bit of a play now

with Hurricane Irene. One politician who got politician who got herself into some trouble is Michelle

Bachmann in when speaking to a

Tea Party rally in Florida

seemed to suggest the earthquake and hurricane were

she had to say. I don't know

how much God has to do to get politicians. We've had an

earthquake, we've had a

hurricane, he said are you

going to start listening to me

here? Listen to the American

people because the American people are roaring

because they know what needs to

be done. They know the

Government is on a Government is on a morbid obesity diet. It's got to rein

in the spending. This is not a

difficult problem to Newspaper speaking there on the weekend.

Newspaper and quick to make light of commentators have been pretty quick to make light of this, what do voters think of

it? Well, it's hard to say, but certainly the campaign asbeen's

been very quick afterwards to say she wasn't really being

very serious but I think it's perhaps a sign of campaign's desperation at present. You will remember out

of Iowa she was the winner

there but recent Gallop poll last week, for example, had

Rick Perry, the Rick Perry, the Texas governor

shooting to the top of the

field ahead of mickt Romney. She continues to make field ahead of mickt Mitt

these controversial remarks. Craig McMurtrie

there. To finance news and the

US President Barack Obama has

nominated an unemployment specialist as his senior

economic adviser. is a labour economist from

Princeton University. His first

task is to offer a plan on job

creation next week. President

Obama says unemployment is one

of the biggest problems facing

the US. Our great ongoing

challenge as a nation remains how to get this economy growing how to get this economy growing faster. Our challenge is to create a businesses can post businesses can post job

listings in the first two years

of this Administration as we were dealing with the effects

of a complex and

financial crisis, a crisis that

threatened a second grade

depression, allian's counsel depression, allian's counsel as chief economist at the Treasury Department proved So I am very pleased to appoint

Alan and I look forward to working with him. To the

markets now and Wall Street

rallied overnight investors cheered the better than expected Hurricane Irene: As today marks the end of

Islamic holy month of Ramadan. That means a celebration. Laetitia Lemke

south-west. It's the south-west. It's the biggest gathering of Muslims in Australia 40,000 people can gather down here. It marks the end of

Ramadan which is a very special

date for Muslim people. It's

the 9th month in the Islamic

calender and it's a month calender and it's a month where

Muslims fast. They refrain from drinking or eating during

daylight hours for a month.

Today is the first day that they break that fast and as can see down the road they have

jumping castles, there's a jumping castle at the end.

There are people for as far as

you can see. There's also food

stands set up where stands set up where hot bread

is being sold as people

celebrate Eid, which is the 3

days of celebration that come after Ramadan. There are

speeches coming up, we've had

calls to prayer ringing through prayers started at 7:00. Speeches are to follow. The Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen will be speaking along with

with the NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell. Laetitia Lemke at

the Lakemba moss. Now here's Paul with the sport. Let's go

straight to the surfing and

take a look at Kelly Slater

Willing the Billabong Pro in

Tahiti. The waves were again terrific. That's Owen Wright in

the white shirt from Australia. He made it He made it through to the fiedge - final after a

fantastic semifinal. He started

the final well as well. was waiting for waves like

later in the final. They can't

come his way. Kelly Slater took

advantage. This is what a

champion of 10 titles does in the final. We can show a

trickier moment here for Slater.

Slater. Just going over the wave debris. He survived OK after debris. He survived OK after a

bit of a mix up with Owen Wright. To the tennis and to the second round of the US

Open. He will now play Cilic. Cuban hurdler disqualified because he interfered with his rival from

China and that is the incident

there, he touched him a couple

of times. Liu Xiang was the Olympian champion. An American was promoted to win. The

Americans also won the 100

metres stint - sprint for the

womeners. That is Oscar

Pistorius. He did not make the

final but well done in

games. That is Valerie Adams

from New Zealand celebrating the shot-put. Poland's Pawel Wojciechowski won Wojciechowski won the pole

vault. Benji Marshall produced

a masterful performance last

night leading his team into the

top 4. He had a busy week leading up and leading up and he seemed to be

enjoying himself. He scored one try, set up 4 others and made

Gold Coast look silly at one

stage. Wefss Tigers set to take

advantage of the suspensions that we'll hear

today between Manly Tse - Sea Eagles and Melbourne Storm. The

Paralympic last night launched

his Hall of Fame with 3 inaugural inductionings -

Louise savage, Matt Pointer and

Sir George bed brook. Shalala went to speak to some athletes about their build up. After an incredibly

successful Beijing games the Paralympic team is looking to

build on that for London which

is now one year away. There is now one year away. There are a whole host of current

champions including Kurt

Fearnley. He's looking for

straight in London and what is

one of the toughest endurance

races at the games. For me races at the games. For me the

year before Beijing, the year before Athens, the year before Sydney they don't really exist.

You wake up one day and it's a

year to go and then you're on the starting line, so, you

know, I think that we as a team

are in about as good a place as

we could possibly hope for and

now we just knuckle down 12

months later we're there's Kelly Cartwright, she's

one of the rising stars of the

athletic scene. A lot of

expectations, I think. expectations, I think. I did really well at world champs

this year and I want to better that

vants but to get a PB would be

really good. And there are Louise Sauvage, a name synonymous with synonymous with wheelchair athletics around the world. I'd say it's pretty with my medals and performances

I've had. It's fantastic to be the Paralympic Hall of

Fame. I'm going to be captain

obvious here and say my

prediction Kurt Fearnley will be in the Hall of Fame be in the Hall of Fame one day. He with you on that. Here's Vanessa on the latest on Vanessa on the latest on what

was Hurricane was Hurricane Irene. It's

travelled over eastern Canada

now as a much weaker system and although knocked out power to about 250,000 homes 250,000 homes and businesses

more storms are lining up in

the Atlantic. So far they're quite

back home and we've got cloud

building over Queensland and

north-east NSW. Onshore will drive lighter showers over

the rest of the eastern NSW and

western Tasmania. In the will form east of this trough

and this east is also pushing

up some dry winds up up some dry winds up up into the north-west. Likely the Capricornia will add another another 50 mm to their August rain totals. The trough is

pushing those winds so we do have a high fire danger for have a high fire danger for the north-west and also the north-west and also the central west districts. High system keeping the rest of the country fairly clear. Queensland Queensland today you can expect those showers and storms late this morning, a top of 24 in Brisbane and showers also about the north-east coast. In NSW, a partly cloudy day, showers in the north-east and about the coast and ranges. Fine and mostly sunny for the rest of the State with A partly cloudy day for southern Victoria with isolated showers about the coast but sunny up Tasmania, scatter ed Tasmania, scatter ed showers about the west and south, we could see some showers ant the north-east and west erkly winds will become fresh and gusty. SA partly cloudy in the south but sunny in the north. WA has isolated showers over the far south-west. A partly cloudy day in Perth with a light shower or two the north with increasing east to south-easterly winds today. For the top end a total fire bane. Looking ahead to tomorrow: That's a round morning news. Up next is Business Today. From the news room, room, buy bye for now. Closed Captions by CSI

Captioned Live.

Good morning, welcome to Business Network I'm Sue Network I'm Sue Lannin. Coming

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he will face up to gas pipeline operator benefitting demand. Those stories coming up. up. First, let's take a quick look at the