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(generated from captions) Welcome, we are half way through

the working week. Wednesday 21

March. Thank you for joining us.

You're in good company. After 7,

Tony Abbott will be with us talking

all things mining tax.

The debate over tasers won't lie

down. Today on Breakfast the word

from NSW on when and why officers use them.

His dad was a swimmer, his sister

overnight missed out on a place in

London. We will get the latest on

David McKeon. the championships from young gun

The tropical deluge continues for

Queensland with more rain across

the coast and inland. A taste of

winter for the south-east.

A search is taking place for a man

in Sydney's West after he was

thrown from his boat. Police tSES

and helicopters are searching the

Nepean River for any sign of him.

It's believed he was testing a new

boat when it overturned. A friend

at the time alerted emergency

services. Breaking news: a man has

died after being crushed by a crane

in Brisbane overnight. The worker

was killed instantly when the crane

toppled at Fisherman Island Port

which is Brisbane's main shipping

terminal. The man's family has been notified.

The family of the man who died

after being tasered by police in

Sydney arrived in the city. Roberto

Curti, a 21-year-old student from

Brazil, died after police chased

him along Pitt Street on Sunday and

tasered him three times. His family

are demanding answers and friends

are planning a demonstration

outside the Australian Consulate in

Sao Paulo. The Brazilian Government

requested a thorough investigation.

An off duty policeman is recovering

after being attacked by a gang of

ten in Queensland. He was on a

train last night when the incident

occurred but wasn't seriously hurt.

few minutes. Our report ebb will be live in a

A strong earthquake shook Mexico

swaying buildings in Mexico City swaying buildings in Mexico City

and sending workers and residents

into the streets. The 7.9 quake was

10km underground. There's been no reports of damage or injuries.

Council residents could be out of

their homes for months following

the storm which caused destruction.

130km winds ripped off roofs and

smashed buildings to pieces across

the North Queensland coast

yesterday. The clean-up is under

way and the army has been called.

A number of suspected militants

have fled Bali following the anti-

terrorist shootings. Indonesian

shootings stormed two houses and

killed five on Sunday night, who

they say were linked to a terror

cell of suicide bombers. Now

officers are trying to track

disappeared. several other suspects who have

It's been a big night for the

comeback kids at the Olympic Trials.

Geoff Huegill qualified fifth final

-- fifth fastest. Klim failed to

make the night a final.

Trickett secured a spot on the

relay team. Some obstacles to

overcome every step, but there's

never been a more satisfying or rewarding fifth place for me.

We're so happy for her. Kylie

thanked her hardcore fans who

supported her through her cancer

ordeal by dedicateing a song to

them. In her Anti Tour concert at

Lunar Park she sang a track called

'Stars 'come and said it wasor

everyone who was is supportive.

Good morning. The panic selling we

saw here yesterday travelled across

the Pacific and caused heavy

selling on Wall Street. BHP

yesterday boosted investors by

predicting a slowdown in iron ore

demand from it most valuable customer, China. The

implicationings for bsm HP, not to

mention Australia's economy, saw

investors get out of BHP stocks in droves.

Shares will resuesm trading when

investors get their hands on interim results.

Two main weather systems. We have a

tropical deluge across Queensland

and a cool change crossing the

south-east with some very chilly

south to south westerlies across SA.

They are about to hit Melbourne. I

will have more in a second. First

let's look at Queensland. Over the

last few days we've seen well over

half a metre of rain across many of

our coastal areas. We saw a tornado

in Townsville bringing gusts of

over 100 kmph.

There's major flooding in Mackay.

Thank you. I've decommissioned my

iPad. I've been trying to operate it but it is decommissioned.

We will use it as a coaster.

Most expensive coaster. It was

taking up valuable sea chest space.

We've got a bit of a platform.

Kylie's concert, why would anyone

do a concert full of hits that

didn't make it the first time

round? I have no idea. You were

spot on, Kath? It's for hardcore

fans, for people who love her music,

her lyrics and get to see her

perform them. Last night she busted

out an acapella chorus of 'kn

rainbow Connection -- 'Rainbow Connection'.

That wasn't her song. Doesn't

matter. She did 'Stars' and that

confusing. was a crowd favourite. It is

Why would you keep banging on, you

give it another crack. know, make up some new songs, Kylie,

I know a story about 'Rainbow

Connection'. What's the guy, Jim

Henson? I think you're about to. I

fantastic story. will tell you later. I have a

Kermit sung it. Can I tell my

told two seconds. story? We've got to go. I've been

I have a Jim Henson death story.

Still to come, David McKeon will be

with us. We have a TV exclusive

with Google after 8 o'clock. Up

next Paul will tell his story and

Queensland. we will cross to Northern

(RAP MUSIC PLAYS) do poos and wees (RAPS) # When you wanna to your 'P's # Pull-Ups get you from 'L' # There's a wetness liner that is wow till you learn how # Lets you feel wet # All because you're a big kid now # Stop. Potty time. #

The main road, just the pass down

there, driving down those streets

there was one house that had the

roof completely ripped off.

house with no damage. Standing right next door was a

corridor. There is no word to describe that

Twenty four hours since the

destruction, only a few light

showers overnight. What is the

situation? It's really still here.

There was a bit of wind last night.

It's muggy and still which is going

to be interesting for the clean-up.

At least it's not raining for that

to get under way with the army

coming in to help start this huge

task that lies ahead that could

take months. The whole place is

full of politicians. That's how you

know there's been a disaster. They

were saying it is miraculous there

were only three injuries. There

were some incredible stories of

escape, weren't there? Yes, there

were ofpbl three injuries. One

person had head injuries and was

taken to hospital and the others

had cuts. There were stories of

just miss. One lady told us how her

son's dog, she heard it barking.

Her and her daughter went to see

and they went down the hallway and

by the time they came back the roof

was gone and the TV and the

contents of the bedroom were strewn

all over the room, on the bed.

Another lady told us how they heard

the storm drumming up, so her huss

bapbld raced in and grabbed the two

little ones out of the bedroom and

a few minutes later the walls were

crushed on their bed. Mayor rack

lous stories of survival. So --

miraculous stories of survival.

How long will it take to complete

the clean-up, it looks like a long

time. Yes, there's between 60 and

100 homes affected. There are 25 to

50 they're saying they're

unliveable. There are hundreds that

have headed to an evasion cepblter.

The Salvation Army are taking

donations. It could be months

before these people can return to

their homes and I guess over the

next few weeks they will assess

whether or not they rebuild or

their houses will have to be

demolished. They will have to start

again. As you said t army are being

called in. They're in there this

morning. Job one is what, clearing

roads? A lot of that was done

yesterday afternoon. The power

lines were live. The army helped

the houses. Today I think it will

be getting the bigger debris out of

the way and starting the big clean up.

Thank you.

The top stories now: a man has been

crushed to death by a crane in an accident in Brisbane this morning.

A search is taking place for a man

who drowned in NSW river.

And an off-duty Queensland

policeman has been bashed by a

gaipbg of -- gang of men. Sit down.

The story you've been promising us

about The Muppets.

This story, which is fascinating.

This story has nothing to do with

'Rainbow Connection' but Jim Henson.

His job was between, I think New

York, either New York and LA and

London, they had studios in both of

those places. He wouz working on

Sesame Street etc. And his original

character was Kermit. I knew

someone who worked in his offices

in London. He would travel between

the two every week. This is when

air travel was more time consuming.

LA and New York? No, London and New

York, or London and LA. I only know

partial details. There were fax

machines, no Internet. So this

friend of mine said she was sitting

there and all of a sudden all of

the machines started at once and

faxes came out and they heard in

the States he had died. No-one in

London knew that he had died. When

was that? Don't talk numbers. They

organised the funeral and it was in

London. She worked closely, and she

was inside the church. And when she

walk I into the church people were

filing in and sitting down and

there were little name cards on the

seats. There was Big Bird and

MissPiggy on all the seats T

characters came in and sat on their

seats. The puppets? The... Similar

to the puppets? More detail. People dressed up.

Okay. That's that story. There was

one seat up the front left empty

with a little card that said

"Kermitt" and he couldn't walk in.

There was another seat with Big

Bird that was empty. The whole

place fell hushed with the two

seats empty. Big Bird walked slowly

down and stood up on the podium. Wow.

What is interesting is that story,

today, The Muppets are getting a

star today on the Hollywood Hall of

Fame. You didn't know that? I

didn't know that. And the song 'It

Ain't Easy Being Green', sung by

Diana Ross, ray Charles.

-- Ray Charms.

Something good has come out of a Kylie concert.

Still to come, what's happening in

your neck of the woods.

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Now to check in with our reporters.

It's been a busy 24 hours in Queensland?

Yes, it's been pretty crazy.

There are storys to tell and there

are stories to tell. Twenty-year-

old engineering student Billy

Oleary has a tale. He was having a

late surf, pulling an aerial stunt

here when he came crushing down on

top of a shark. The shark left him

with a gash 30cm in his calf. He

has been taken to hospital. He is

okay. We've been told there hasn't

been a fatal attack on the Gold

Coast since 1964. All is okay for

swimmers and tourists but one hell

of a yarn. Some disappointing news.

Up the road three teenagers have

been charged with seriously

assaulting a police officer. A 17- year-old and 16 and 14-year-old

girl. It's alleged they turned on

the police officer when he was

azesting a staff member, they

allegedly punched him, spat at him.

Three have been charged.

Some sad news in SA. We had a fatal

crash here yesterday involving a

motorcyle and a four-wheel drive

about four hours out of Adelaide.

We learned that sadly the passenger

of that motorcyle died overnight.

So a double fatality. They are is

second and third people to die on

country roads down here this week.

There was a mysterious death. They

found an abandoned car and a body

out in the middle of nowhere. They

haven't IDed the body but say that

it appears it's been out there for

some months.

Good on you. Time now to take a

break here, but we will check in

with our reporters in Sydney and

Melbourne after this. As life moves on, it's good to know if you join Medibank Hospital and Extras cover by March 31, you get: To join, call 132 331 or visit a Medibank store today.

Welcome back.

Workers in Brisbane are in shock

following the death of one of their

colleagues. He was killed instantly

when the crane toppled at Fisherman

Island Port. An inquiry is underway.

Search teams looking for a man

feared drown in a Sydney river are

waiting for first light. Police,

the SES and helicopters are

searching the Nepean River for any

sign of the 25-year-old. It's

believed he was testing a new

aluminium boat when it overturned.

A friend on shore alerted emergency

services. Mexico has been shaken by

a 7.6 quake. The epicentre was at

Ometepec in the south. It was felt

in Mexico City. There's been no reports of injuries.

The family of the Brazilian student

who died after being tasered by

police are demanding answers and

are seeking legal advice. Roberto

Curti, a 21-year-old from Brazil,

died after police chased him along

Pitt Street on Sunday and then

tasered him three times. He lost

both parents to cancer recently.

A surfer has posted a photo of his

close enkoupbtser with a shark.

This picture of Bill was taken

while he received medical treatment

for a bite. Friends say the 20-

year-old was performing an aerial

trick when he landed on what's

believed to be a bull shark.

Victorian nurses will move closer

to ending their nine month pay

dispute with the state government.

The Australian Nursing Federation

is expected to sign off on a draft enterprise bargaining agreement

this afternoon. It will go to

members for a final vote. It

includes pay increases for between

14 and 1% over four years, no split

shifts and a maintenance of nurse- patient ratios.

A minute's silence has been held

across France to remember the

victims of a school shooting. A

gunman murdered a rabbi and throw

Jewish children in Toulouse. The

French President paid silent

tribute. He admitted authorities

had no clue to the identity, nor motivations of the killer.

The invite list has been drawn up

for the state funeral to farewell

AFL great Jim Stynes. The 45-year-

old Irishman passed away from

cancer yesterday. Thousands of

tributes have poured in from across

the globe recognising his football

ability and work with troubled

youth. The Prime Minister and Tour

de France legend Lance Armstrong

are among those who expressed sadness.

Australia being bowled out for 220

after collapse in the third one-day

international against the Windies.

Michael Hussey top scored and

George Bailey 6 669. But then the Aussies collapsed.

Now, New Zealand food lovers found

themselves in a sticky situation.

The country's stock of Marmite is

running critically low and it's

being rationed. The factory where

it is made are selling jars online

for $2,000 NZ. Production won't

start until July.

Plenty more room for Vegemite.

David skpwrons prepares to come

clean with investors -- David

Skpwrons -- David Jones prepares to

come clean with the future of

American Express. It suspended

trade two Kays ago. Analysts -- two days ago.

The CEO will deliver the figures this morning.

To the markets: the Dow has bounced


Heavy rain continues for Queensland

all thanks to this monsoon dipping

far south, a tropical low and moist

onshore winds pushing through. In

the south-east we have this front

bringing a cooler day to areas of

SA, Victoria and Tasmania.

You are going to see a massive

difference in the weather. Here is

this next front that will move

across. Get the winter woolies out,

you will need them. Queenslanders,

though, we did see severe weather.

But Bowan and Mackay have had the

worst weather. Over 300mms in the

last 24 hours. We are continuing to

see scattered showers and storms in

the tropics. The heaviest rain

across the southern tropics and

South African interior and then it

will gradually move south. We are

seeing showers in south eve

Queensland, including Brisbane. The

heaviest rain will be from Mackay

to Bundaburg. It moves from

Rockhampton to the board e, of

course the aJay sent inland being

affected by Friday as the low moves

offshore it will ease, which is

good news. Scattered showers around

the north and we have cooler winds

coming through the south to south-

west with isolated showers, too.

For Sydneysiders, a warm and sunny

day with a high of 26 degrees.

Victoria, you can see the south to

south-westerly moving through with

rainfall. Melbourne at the moment

is warm and windy. It is actually

24 degrees right now. If you are

getting out and on your way to work

you may think it is pleasant, but

take a jacket and brolly. At around

9 or 10 o'clock we will see the south-westerly pushing through

Melbourne and it will bring rain. A

big change in the weather on the

way. In Tasmania today we will see

rain spreading throughout,

including Hobart. The south-

westerly change Dow around the

evening, but ahead of that,

notherlies are fairly strong and we

are seeing wind gusts through the

elevated 'S. That pushed through

with rain and you can see it

cleared, but any rain we are seeing

across any parts of the State will

contract through the eastern half

by mud day with isolated showers

for the coast. A chilly and windy

day for Adelaide with only 20

degrees. I hope that Joe Hill is

rugged up. Ice slated showers for

the south coast. Afternoon showers

and storms across the north-west

and through areas of the Territory

with a partly cloudy day for Alice

Springs and 32 degrees. To breaking

news out of Queensland now. Let's

check back in with I don't know.

You have more on this industrial

accident? Good morning again, Kath.

Tragic news in Brisbane where we

can tell you ta a man has been

killed when a crane collapsed at

Brisbane's fisherman's Island Port.

That is Brisbane's main port

terminal. Details are still very

scant at this stage. It happened

much earlier this morning, but

authorities asked to keep I under

wraps so they could notify the

victim's family. Obviously,

investigations are currently taking

place. We will have details

throughout the morning here on

'Breakfast. Good morning from

Melbourne. Plans are under way for

a memorial service to commemorate

the life of Jim Stynes. The family

has accepted the offer of a State

funeral. It is going to be possibly

at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

His Deems will play a tribute game

and that will be held in Round 4

again the wp western Bulldogs.

Tributes continue to flow in from

around the world on Twitter. Julia

Gillard said that Stynes will be

remembered as a brilliant

footballer, a man of great courage

and her thoughts are with his

family. Darren Hinch said that

Stynes lived too short a life and

nobody died with more dignity or

class. Shane Warne said Stynes was

an inspiring man and Lance

Armstrong simply said, "We will

miss you, mate." Expect to see and

hear more tributes over the coming

days. The family of a Brazilian man

killed in a taser incident in

Sydney have started to Governmenter

in the Sydney demanding answers as

to how and why he dude. The NSW

ombudsman has raised concerns ant

the incident, saying police may

have breached their own taser

guidelines. Now, a taser can only

be used to prevent violence or to

protect human life, not simply to

coerce someone to complay with

police orders. -- comply with

police orders. Thank you. That is

what is happening in your neck of

the wood. We will go to Europe to

see what the happening with the

student. Tony Abbott will be right

here on the couch soon. Where (INSECTS CHIRP, BIRDS SQUAWK) Let me know if any of you... wusses can't take it anymore. I know this is harsh, Colorbond, but it's for your own good. (THUNDER RUMBLES) You deserve this sort of treatment! (WIND WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: Things can get a bit harsh at Colorbond's Australian testing facility. Suffer! It's testing that ensures Colorbond doesn't just LOOK beautiful, it lasts beautifully. How do you like being girt by sea now?! Dettol believes a healthy home starts with healthy surfaces but should be free from harsh chemicals. Help keep your family healthy

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The Good morning, Gold Coast. It is

20 degrees right now and we are

heading for a high of 27 with some

cloud around and possible showers.

Now, more details are continuing to

emerge after this horrible shooting

in France. We cross now to Brett Mason, our European correspondent,

for the latest. Brett, is there

more news on why this has occurred?

Still no answers for the parents of

the pen killed in Paris. A French

president has led a day of mourning.

A moment's silence took place

across France. There is a huge

outporing of grief and also fear as

people wait for this serial killing

to be picked up. We learnt the

disturbing news he may have filmed

the attack that left four people

dead and a fifth person fighting

for their life. Moving to the

royals and in the Queen's Diamond

Jubilee year she has addressed

Parliament. It is the sixth time

chef's given an address to both

Houses of Parliament here in

England. Her fifth was special. She

paid tribute to other members of

the royal family, thanking them for

her 6-decade reign. She singled out

Prince Philip. Prince Philip is

well known for declining

compreliminaries of any kind. (LAUGHTER)

But throughout he's been a constant

strength and guide. She also used

her speech as an opportunity to

stress that she is not going

anywhere, despite 60 years on the

throne. She intends to stay there

for many more years and she also

joked with David Cameron, the Prime

Minister, she had seen 12 prime

ministers come and go throughout

her reign. It will take a while to

get rid of her. Did she get some

kind of special gift from the

Parliament? Yes, she did. She

received a stained-glass window

which was opened in the original

Parliament House building, which

was quite spectacular. That was a

bit of a gift for her. She said if

it brings life and Parliament --

life and colour to Parliament she

will take that. She was chuffed

with that. Some royals are looking

to move into Kensington Palace. I

had a chance to look in there. For

3 23 years it has been off limits,

but they asked after you, Andrew.

Apparently a man of your

description has been wandering

around outside asking for Kate. The

first royals to move in there sin

Diana and Prince Charles. The

palace was shut down after the

Princess of Wales passed away. They

have opened up huge sections of the

building that had been off limits,

places where Queen Victoria lived

and also the former king's quarters.

So now a chance for the public to

get inside one of London's most

prestigious and private buildings.

It is surprising just It is surprising just how tight

that security is around Kate. I

appreciate your time this morning,

Brett. Today's top stories here on

Breakfast - a man has been crushed

to death at a falling crane at

Brisbane's main port. Search teams

are scouring a west of Sydney for a

missing man. Also an assault on a

Queensland policeman. Did you see

in the news there was a shot of

Bill O'Leary, we probably have the

picture here now. He was the chap

in the surf there. I was thinking

that his leg was badly blurred by

the shark. Do you see that?

(Laughs). I have seen the pre-

blurring. Have you? And? Nasty

laceration. That could suggest

conspiracy theory for Bill O'Leary.

It could. Bill O'Leary ace

conspiracy theory. No, a nasty

laceration. It is a perfect

laceration, the shape of the

shark's mouth. It is interesting,

he fell on the shark. How unlucky

is he to fall on a shark?! (Laughs).

Normally the shark falls on you.

Thank you for joining us for

Breakfast. Coming up, the shire -

just how full-on is it to live in

the shire? How interesting is this

show to bring that up. I am looking

forward to it. A must-watch. Still

to come on Breakfast - Tony Abbott

on the couch, David McKieon and we

are live to weather hotspots in

North Queensland and footballers

pay tribute to Jim Stynes and for

the first time the son of respected

journalist Paul Lockyer opens up

about his dad and Lake Eyre. Plus

fashion and GOOD MORNING, Amy La Porte taking a look at your locals news headlines... A Lyneham woman who was caught with drugs in her car, and spotted swallowing them when seen by officers, has faced court. Thirty nine year old Kylie Terpstra has been fined for bringing cannabis into the Alexander Maconochie Centre while going to visit an inmate. The charges relate to the seizure of cannabis found in the car as under the law, the car park is considered part of the prison. The site of the Mitchell chemical fire is facing more delays in its demolition... Work to bring down the Energy Services Invironmental factory on (DAY-CAR) Dacre street was supposed to begin on Monday. The lengthy wait on knocking it down has been further extended after the discovery of more dangerous material at the site.. AND, after being closed for the past few weeks, Lake Burley Griffin has again been reopened for all uses. It was closed due to safety reasons from sewage contamination runoff... But fresh testing has confirmed swimmers and boaties can return to their activities. NOW TO THE LATEST WEATHER DETAILS... To the Satellite and in New South Wales, skies are generally clear due to a high pressure ridge and relatively dry northerly winds. To the nationals map now... Mostly sunny skies over Sydney for a top of 26... Possible late showers and 27 the top in Canberra. To the Major centres now... And late showers are widespread ... With a wet afternoon forecast for Dubbo, Orange and Wagga....

26 and late showers too for Bathurst... A wet afternoon on the coast for Bateman's Bay too. A fine day though for Mudgee.. With just a bit of cloud around... Mostly sunny too for Nowra. Taking a look at the three day forecast for Canberra now... .

Great to have you with us for

Breakfast on a Wednesday morning.

It sounds like a great idea,

doesn't it, a reality show called

'The Shire', shot in the shire, all

of the goings on in the shire. The

mayor is not 100% happy about it.

It has taken us a long time to get

over the stigma of 'Sylvannia

Waters'. People don't want to be

associated with it now. We don't

want this type of television in the

area. It is not good for us or the

economy and I think it will do a

lot of damage to the shire. We have

to find a way to stop them. So is

this smart television or just a brl

opportunity at marketing for the

Shire. The Cronulla rugby league

legend has decided to make the

Shire home - why? Because he was

born there and decided to make this

home. What do you think about this

hullabaloo about the possibility of

the show being made there? It is

interesting because no-one has seen

any footage yet so we don't know

how we will be represented. I think

people have got to bear in mind

obviously reality TV shows a cross-

section of the community and it

could be a small cross-section.

Obviously, without reality TV's colourful characters, controversy,

we expect all of that. But, it

seems to have worked in Australia

and around the world. Let's see how

it goes. It is lucky Ten are not

there filming today. There is

nothing much going on in the book

ground, by the look of it. What are

the sorts of things, though, that

the mayor might be worried about?

What are the sorts of things that

go on in the Shire that might make

really good TV? I think probably

she is concerned about if they

identify a few people in the area,

which there is always within every

town, every suburb, there are

colourful people - that is what

makes good TV - I guess she would

be concerned that would be taken as

a great representation of the whole

Shire. Of course, there are all

different sorts here. We are a very

welcoming environment. Even Kiwis

live in the SHi, re these days. You

would be surprised. We are very

welcoming. Tony Abbott is on the

show later. Do you think the mayor

will be Ken that almost naked men

in Speedos parade up and down the

SHire? Hey, hey, hey. I am one of

those. Tony, you are welcome. I

live on the esplanade. You and I

power walking, cross-trainers,

Speedos any day. You have cosen to

make it home. Do you think the

council have been missing the

market. The council have met with

ten last night and reached a new

level of understanding about the

program. Do you think the mayor

have it wrong? Could this be a fantastic opportunld this be a

fantastic opportunity for the

SHire? It is funny you say that

because a friend of mine from

Melbourne came and stayed with me

recently - he stayed for a week -

and after he said, "Why isn't there

a reality show about the Shire?"

God's honest truth that is what he God's honest truth that is what he

said. Admittedly, he doesn't get

out much. I said what is it about

the Shire? He said he didn't know

but it has just got something. I

grow. You love this sort of reality

shows. If they are looking for a

retired footballer and ex-runner-up

'Cleo' batch losh, hey, I am your

man. When we were talking to you

you said that you absolutely loved

'Jersey Shores'. No, no, I don't.

You loved that show. Will this

potentially disappoint you? I love

'The Kardashians' or 'The Hills'

set in LA. I am not a fan of

'Jersey Shores'. It highlights

different people -- It goes too far.

Yes, we are a different culture

here in Australia and we have to be

mindful of that. Obviously this

show will be very different to

that: are you happy to be

approached if you are walking down

the beach? Only if it is a Speedo shot.

I can't imagine you being on the

beach in the day without being in

Speedos. Thanks for talking with us.

Thank you very much. The mayor is

coming around. She has to be

careful because what she hasn't

played no this equation is every

good reality show has a villain.

Who is the villain in 'The

Kardashians'? They are all villains.

I don't know. The husband? I don't

know. He is a loose cannon. I have

only seen 5 minutes of that show.

It is interesting how many

Kardashians you have in your brain

- when I spoke to my mother about

it, she thought it was biscuits. "I

kand afford Kardashians!" (LAUGHTER)

Coming up the latest wild weather in Queensland (CAR SOUNDS COMBINE RHYTHMICALLY) (DEVICE BEEPS, ENGINE STARTS)

(QUIRKY ELECTRONIC MELODY PLAYS) MAN: What if a car's individual parts performed in perfect harmony? Introducing the all-new Honda Civic. Symphony in motion. What's next?

Welcome to Breakfast this Wednesday,

21st mash. An inquiry is under way

after a Brisbane port worker was

crushed to death this morning. We

have just received these pictures

into the newsroom. The worker was

killed instantly when the crane

toppled over at fisherman Island

Port. Ves are taking place and

colleagues are in shock. The family

has been notified. An offduty

police officer was assaulted in

Queensland. He was helping staff at

Home View Railway Station shortly

before 10pm. A group of yahts began

jumping and spitting on him before

throwing a can at his head T police

officer was not seriously hurt.

There is still no sign o a 25-year-

old man missing at nep yaoen river.

Police are searching for the man

who was thrown from his boat when

it overturned. A friend onshore at

the time of the accident alerted

emergency serves. A powerful

earthquake in Mexico has shaken

buildings several hundred

kilometres away. The quake caused

residents in the capital to

evacuate their workplaces and homes.

Mobile phone loins were down, as

there was traffic chaos just

moments after the quake. There are

no reports of any serious damage.

A number of suspected mill dants

have fled Bali following its anti-

terror shootings. Indonesian forces

stormed two houses and killed four

men who police said were linked to

a terror cell of suicide bombers.

Now police are trying to track

several other suspects who have

disappeared. They say their

operation will continue. A Brazilian diplomattinue. A

Brazilian diplomat has caused for a clear and transparent investigation

into the death of a student who did

after being tasered by police. 21- year-old

year-old Roberto Kurti from Brazil

died after police chased him along

Pitt Street in the CBD early on

Sunday and then tasered him three

types. His grieving uncle and

sister have flown to Sydney

demandingans. His friends and

family are planning a demonstration

in say Paolo. Bob Carr is believed

to have employed his former

speechwriter to help re-create more

of the memorable lines he was

renowned for as the NSW Premier.

But he will only before using Bob

Ellis on an ad hoc basis for major

speeches. One of the stars of Harry

Potter fill.S has been jailed for

two years for being part of the

London riots. He was found guilty

of violent disorder at London's

Wood Green crown court. He was part

of a violent mob that took to the

streets in last year's riots. He

already has a previous conviction

for cannabis possession.

To sport now and Melbourne captain'

Jakarta Grimes and Jakarta trend

grieve say their football club

would not exist in its current form

without the influence of their late

president Jim Stynes. The Demons

leadership group funded an

emotional press conference paying

tribute to Stynes When yesterday

lost his almost 3-year battle with

cancer. With Jimmy, you never

thought this day would come, he is

such a fighter. His battle has been

going for so long, you just assume

he is going to pull through.

Sydney's elite have sipped

champagne and been entertained by a

choir at the official opening of

the Park Hyde Hotel. They were

celebrating renovation, but a cost

blow-out meant there was only a

modest budget for a launch paper.

There were winemakers, celebrity

chef and Ten News reader Sandra

Sully. A night in the largest

penthouse suite will now set you back $16,000.

Detailing on the capital cities in

just a moment. Firstly, oo wanted

to tell you there is fog around

Canberra this morning so if you do

have any flights ou, make sure you

check on those because there could

be some delays as a result of that

thick fog. I will have more on that

in a sec. Firstly, let's

concentrate on the weather around

the rest of the country where we

have this trough and a low bringing

heavy rain to Queensland yet again.

This is on top of half a metre of

rain across many regions already.

We have a cool change sweeping

across the south-east. We pushed

through Adelaide yesterday evening

and now we have these cold south to

south-westerly winds pushing

through. A very different day

across South Australia and that

front is moving across Victoria

today. It is expected to hit

Melbourne around 8 or 10:00. We

have another front that is hot on

its heels and it will hit the

south-east on Friday with cold air

pushing through, cold enough to

bring snow to alpine areas and

scattered showers and hail. I hope

you made the most of the warm

weather yesterday because the rest

of the week will be cold in the

south-east. We saw the worst

weather around Townsville as far as

the rain goes and also with that

tornado, but over the last 24 hours

the heaviest rain has been around

Bowan and McKiefplt we have seen

widespread falls of 100-200mms and

the heaviest has been around Mt

Convince west of Mackay. This has resulted in major flooding across

the area. Today we will see the

force from about Mackay to

Bundaburg and the adjacent inland.

It stars to shift slowly south tomorrow from Rockhampton to the

border and by Friday that low moves

offshore and that rain finally

tarts to ease, which is good news.

Today we could see some very heavy

falls and damaging winds thanks to

that low. Severe weather warnings

are in place. This is a predicted

rainfall over the next four days so

you can see it is quite a large

area over the Queensland southern

tropics and the adjacent interior

that will be affected and it is

coming into play for Thursday and

Friday. Now to your capital city

forecast starting off with Brissy.

I would like to remind you to check

on your flights and drive safely

this morning as visibility is low.

Fplt The he This beautiful photo

has been sent in. His Twitter name

is McDimples. He took this before

the Kylie concert at Lunar Park.

Beautiful pictures there. You can

tweet us and I will show them in

the weather reports if I can. Very

good pictures. It just goes to show

as they say the thing you need is

great light. Yes. Hitting the

bridge, how magnificent is that?

Beautiful. 24 hours after the

tornado hit Townsville and the sun

is beginning to shine on the

devastation Melissa joins us there.

What activity is taking police as

it gos righter there? Well, it has

been declared a disaster area here

and the Army has been called in.

There is a massive task ahead.

Those roofs that were lifted off

are in people's swimming pools and

cars are all over the police. Power

lines are strewn across the streets

and trees are covering still plenty

of the roads here. The Army has got

a big task in clearing all of that

debris so the roads can be re-

opened and people can start going

back and seeing what damage they

have got. I was going to talk to

you about that, Melissa, too. What

is the situation this because it

has been declared a disaster area,

but obviously those people who left

very, very quickly, they will want

to get back to see for themselves

to see how much damage there is to

their properties. Will they be

allow to come back quit early this

morning to check on their

properties? Yeah, they will be.

Some of the roads were closed, but

residents who lived in those

streets were still allowed to be in

that area. There were some areas

that power loins were causing some

safety concerns, so residents in

those areas were moved out, but

today once those power lines are

cleared, residents will be able to

go back in and just assess - you

know, start the assessment of

whether or not they will look at

rebuilding or their houses will

have to be demolished. Yesterday we

learnt the sad news that AFL legend

Jim Stynes had lost his long battle

with cancer. He's touched many

people around the globe. Tricks

flooding in from people like the

Prime Minister and Lance Armstrong

and no-one was more touched than

his good friend and fellow player

Ty Keneally. Give us an idea when

the last time you spoke to Jim?

After we played international rules

going to Melbourne. We went out

with him and his two brothers and

had a good laugh. He was proud as

punch after betting Australia. His

chest was out and he was a happy

man. How long ago was that? No, it

wasn't long ago. Second week of

November. A true Jim, it was all

about him. He was asking what I was

doing after footy and retirement,

just having a good time. He was an

exceptional person. We who didn't

know him personally are using the

terms legend and great. Someone who

knew him well, how would you

describe him? Those words are very,

very true. Jim is a rogue, as we

would say in Ireland, which is an

endearing term. It is a term where

he is almost a cheeky brt.

Sarcastic or would say something to

your face, he would be laughing at

you but you wouldn't know if he you but you wouldn't know if he was

taking the mick out of you or

giving you a compliment. He was a

rogue, it is a great term to wrap

Jim up. It is a great term. He is

also a fellow Irishman who came out

as an import. As a mentor, how did

you guide him? I don't think I

would be here if it wasn't for him.

He was the first person to trail He was the first person to trail

blaze and for people to come out

and play Aussie Rules. You don't

have to be from Australia to play

the game. You don't have to be born

and bred here. You could have a

background lick Jimmy had and it is

something that I am very, very

proud to say I am an Irishman.

Because of Jim Stynes, he was a

bloke who gave me an enormous

amount of belief, we had the sameup

bringing and cultural background as

me and Jimmy, I had the belief I

could do it because Jimmy was able

to do it. That's what he has done

for a lot of international players

and Irish players in Australia. It

is like being a part of a religion.

How will the AFL and Demons rally

around his family now? Yes. It is

very, very important. Any loss at

all, the support that you get. I am

sure the family will be overwhelmed.

I know that waking up this morning

a lot of media from home offering

the Stynes family and myself and

offering support. It is huge. I am

sure the MCG and AFL and AFL clubs

will get behind the family. I am

sure there will be a statue of Jim

outside the MCG. He will be looking

down and laughing and asking why?

This is the question I wanted to

ask - obviously, this is a sad day.

You have described him as a milted

rogue. If Jim was looking down,

what would he want us to do in

celebrating his great life?

Probably tell the good stories

about what he was like. He was a

down to earth bloke. He's affected

a lot of people in a lot of ways

but it is just because Jim is who

he is. He a nice, nice bloke who

loved taking the mick out of people.

He would be helping we would be

taking the mick out of him. He is a

bloke who will be dearly missed,

there is a hole in our hears, but

as I said he is definitely a

Middletoned rogue. -- Milted rogue.

Thank you for that insight. Thank

you. A 14-year-old is among three

youths charged with assaulting a

Queensland policeman overnight and

Mexico has been hit by 7.6 quake,

but it didn't cause any damage.

Well, don't go anywhere. After the

break, we have got our one on one

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Good morning, Melbourne. It is a

very warm start with 23 degrees at

the moment, but very windy with

winds getting up over 50k an hour.

There is a cool change on the way

between 8 and 10 o'clock this

morning. It will be followed by so

bring the broly and jacket, a top

of 21 degrees. The MCG there. Let's

check out Sydney now. It is 19

degrees. Look at that beautiful

sunshine! Getting up and out of bed,

you've got a gorgeous day ahead. It

will be partly cloudy and we are

heading for a sunny top of 26

degrees. Now for Brissy today, we

are sitting on around 20 degrees at

the moment. There is a bit of cloud

around and we may see a few showers

rolling in as well. Not at the

moment, there is a lot of sun

pushing through the clouds. We are

heading for a top of 27 degrees. If

anyone lives in Canberra we are

seeing some really thick fog around.

Visibility down to around 100m. I

wouldn't be surprised if there are

some flights delayed. Canberra?

Very prone to that. I was prefer

being delayed when I lived there.

Constantly bumping no things?

Constantly. A lot of Brussels out

of Canberra. It won't clear until

10:00 this morning. Most

politicians will be there anyway

because Parliament is sitting and

it is Bob Carr's maiden speech in

Parliament today. You wouldn't want

to miss that. I hate to question

you, Magdalena, you are always right.

Not always. The max is 21 but it is

23. How does this start

It is an unusual start. The

northerly winds are pushing ahead

of a cool change but because they

are coming in around 8 or 10:00 it

will cool things down significantly

so the max will om be 21. Wouldn't

that bump up the max, one that is

exceeded? If it is already 23 and

you are saying the max will be 21,

hasn't the max already been

reached? No, the meteorological day

is fromam to 9am the next day in

terms of the max. If you go 23

before 9am and it is warmer than

what you get at 3 o'clock in the

afternoon it is not counted. Gotcha.

Good question. One of my favourites.

This might not be as good. Tor maid

dos, so the tornadoes that happened

yesterday in Townsville, I assumed

that tornadoes happened in the

Midwest of America, the massive

twisters that throw cars around. I

know we get cyclones here, but why

a tornado? It can happen pretty

much anywhere out of a severe

thunderstorm. You need a severe

thunderstorm to get a tornado and

then you go circulation at the

ground and when you get an updraft

it lifts up the circulation and

that is how you get a tornado. They

are not as frequent as in America,

but a lot of the ones in Australia

happen through unpopulated areas.

We probably don't know how many we

really do get, they are usually in

non-populateed areas. They are not

as fierce as in the US. They are

still independent mini. The only

thing we go are mini-magnums and

mini-golf. (LAUGHTER)

Thanks, Magnussen. Paul, we have

someone special -- Thank you,

Magdalena. We have something

special to talk to? Yes. It will be

hard to make all of this

interesting, but if minute can do

it, Opposition load Tony Abbott can

do it. Good morning to you, Opposition Leader. Good morning,


We haven't met before but I have

heard a lot about your work. Nice

to have you on the program.

(Laughs). You have described the

mining tax and carbon tax as the

evil taxes. Do you still stand by

that? Of course iep do, Paul. The

carbon tax and mining tax will hurt

families and hurt jobs. They will

suck about $45 million out of the

previous economy over the forward

estimates period. That is a hit

that we don't need at a time of

great economic fragility. So

assuming you are the next Prime

Minister, can we - does it follow

through that both of those taxes

will be dropped? That is exactly

right, Paul. They will both go. We

don't need the world's biggest

carbon tax. We don't need a success

tax. These taxes send all the wrong

signals to the world. They send all

of the wrong signals to the

Australian people. You see, mining

is our greatest comparative

economic advantage. We don't want

to horrible our most successful

sector. Australia should be the

world's affordable energy capital,

given the abundant reserves of coal

and gas that we have got and yet we

find out today that we have got the

world's highest power prices and we

are going to make a Broadband

situation worse with the world's

biggest -- make a bad situation

worse with the world's biggest

carbon taxes. You are telling us

that both of the taxs are dead in

the water if you are elected? With

every breath in my body, I tell you

we will get rid of though two tabs.

That is an absolute. So basically

Clive Palmer is waving his time if

you are going win the election, he

is waving his time with his

challenge? Look, if Clive wants to

bring a High Court challenge, good

on him. If he could stop the carbon

tax from coming into force on 1

July, that would be a good thing,

but I leave the law to Clive. I am

going to focus on the politics. I

will stop the carbon tax if I am

elected. That is very definitive.

Let's just have a quick look at

what Clive Palmer said yesterday.

The Greens in the upcopping State

election, all of their candidates

should resign if they are being

funded by an offshore political

power. It is tantamount to treason

and something needs to be done

about it. He was referring to the

CIA funding the Greens. Is he as

mad as a meat cleaver? (Laughs).

Look, he is a character. He is a

larger than life character. When he

says that the Greens want to stop

the coal industry, he is absolutely

right. Of course the Greens want to

stop the coal industry. I don't

think they need any CIA influence,

though, to give them that position.

But you would support a full

inquiry with potential charges of

treason if it tonnes out that the

CIA are -- if it turns out that the

CIA are supporting the Greens? Look,

no, I am not Bandying around

charges of treason. I disagree with

the Greens. I disagree with the

Labor Party. I think the Labor

Party has made a monumental mistake

getting into bed with the Greens. I

think that when Julia Gillard did

the deal to make Bob Browne the de

facto Deputy Prime Minister she was

selling -- Bob Browne the de facto

Deputy Prime Minister she was

selling her soul to do long-term

damage to the country. On the

mining tax, do you worry slighty

you have lost public opinion on

this because it would seem that

people have swung around to Labor'

view that you are trying to protect

the already filthy rich, versus

Labor, trying to save small

business? Well, you know, Labor's

words attack billionaires, but

their policies attack families. I

can understand why the Labor Party

is desperately playing the class-

war card. In the end, I think the

workers of Australia have moved on

from the attitudes of the 1960s. I

think that people understand that

success is good and that people

succeeding magnificently is in the

long run good for everyone.

Inspirational. Well, exactly. We

can't all be billionaires, but we

can all try to get ahead. You

should run a country where we all

can be billionaires. (Laughs). Well,

that is right. We all certainly

want to have the tune. We are

unlikely all to make it -- to have

the opportunity. We are unlikely

all to make it, but we certainly

all should have the opportunity and

the fact that some people make it,

is a signal that there is

opportunity there for all. Yep, yep,

absolutely. Quickly, your predictions for Saturday in

Queensland. Obviously you are

predicting an LNP win. How big?

Well, Paul, I don't take anything

for Granted, but I think that this

is going to be a referendum on

federal Labor as well as on State

Labor. I think it will be a

referendum on the carbon tax as

well as a referendum on Anna Bligh.

It will be a referendum on

government leaders that are not

honest and noter Julia Gillard, nor

Anna Bligh, were honest with their

voters before their previous

election. So, I think when the LNP

does win - and I think they will

because I think Campbell Newman has

run a good campaign - when the LNP

does win, that will send a

shockwave to Canberra, as well as

to Brisbane. Tony Abbott, thank you

very much for joining us this

morning. Thank you, Paul. Thank you,

Paul and Tony. If you have any

thoughts on that, hit us up on the

hotline. Now there, was one bit of

advice that my dad gave me over and

over as a child. Turn off the

lights. Oh, so did mine. He might

be on to something. Don't you find

you are doing it to the kids? I do.

Yes. We are at the top of the list

internationally when it comes to

the cost of electricity prices.

Absolutely. 250% higher are the

expects once the carbon tax comes

in. They are going up and up. We

have a power expert coming in who

will explain exactly how high our

power prices are set to go. (DRAMATIC MUSIC) These experts demand the absolute best in dishwashing. They know only the best detergent will allow them to achieve the best results. For them, nothing beats Finish - the number one recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers and the number one trusted brand by Australian mums. He is one of the most in-demand

actors in the US. Gel Edgerton

joins us live at the desk on the

'6pm Project'. Welcome back to Breakfast. Part of Brisbane's main

port has been sealed off this

morning after a worker was crushed

to death after a falling crane. The

43-year-old man was killed

instantly when the crane toppled

over at fisherman island. It is not

known why it fell but a full

investigation has been launched.

Police have not released any more

details yet, but the man's family

have been notifyed. A 14-year-old

girl is one of three youths charged

with an assault on a policeman in

Queensland overnight. The officer

was helping staff at Home View

Railway Station shortly before 10pm.

It is aloneed the group goodnight

punching an