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to London's terror crisis. Tonight - the courageous response all over their faces - There were people with blood people with burnt hair. just dirt, burns,

Exodus from the Underground - the deadly blast. how huge crowds escaped of the tracks. Dead bodies laid by the side It was terrible. of those who survived. Heroic efforts to save the lives with steely resolve. World leaders responding

or our way of life by these methods, When they seek to change our country we will not be changed. desperately seeking information. Concerned relatives around the world

holding firm in the war on terror... Australia pays its respects,

This brutal indiscriminate

unforgivable attack on innocent

people going about their daily

lives is a mark of the depraved

it out. character of the people who carried

never to give in. the people of London vow change my life at all. I don't think it's going to I'm determined that it shouldn't. That's the whole point. If you let it change your life,

cowardly, despicable people win. then you've let those evil, Good evening. in London. It's just gone 8:00 in the morning to filter through Bleak images are beginning of the horrendous crimes. from the scenes blocked-off roads. Lone police officers guarding behind makeshift barriers. Twisted wreckage concealed to clean up the mess Salvage crews now moving in by the terrorist bombings. left behind just found a timer device Investigators have reportedly at least one of the explosions, believed to have been used to trigger

been carried out by suicide bombers. indicating the attacks may not have 52 people are confirmed dead. are eight Australians, Among the 700 injured critically ill. of whom two are tonight on the London Underground Inside one of the bombed trains

an adjacent carriage, moments after a blast ripped through killing and maiming those nearby.

gripped with fear and terror, For thousands of Londoners this was their worst nightmare. a big hole off the roof. They just peeled scattered all over the tracks. There was bits of the train by the side of the tracks. You know, dead bodies lay sensation on my hands, Large flash of light, felt a burning put my hands up to my face... I was on the floor by that point. of a terror attack Trapped in the midst with no obvious way to escape. No announcements from the driver with choking smoke. and carriages filling minding your own business - bang! One minute, We thought we were on fire. breathe, you couldn't do anything. The smell, the smoke, you couldn't It was just horrible. ripping apart a double-decker bus. On the surface, another terror bomb

killed instantly, Two people on the upper deck as the blast tore the bus to shreds. first there was confusion. On the underground, London was under attack. But it soon became clear inside the bombed carriages - Survivors told of horrific scenes victims with limbs torn off, mass casualties, their clothing blown away. others with amid scenes of panic and hysteria. The injured receiving first aid

and outwards. The roof had just been blown upwards Doors were on the track and wailing and there was just people screaming

helps us, help us!" that "people are dying in here, It was just...awful. the carriage, The people that were inside

full of blood and dark they were just literally and the paramedics were there. and they were still screaming

we need to clear now Russell Square. Ladies and gents, please start moving down. Please, for your safety, tunnels to help survivors to safety, Rescue crews went into the darkened

along railway lines, many forced to walk carried out on stretchers the worst injured at makeshift triage centres to receive medical attention set up in city hotels. People were screaming, fighting,

came in, and then when more and more smoke the last prayers, as it were, people started saying the last messages to loved ones. more and more agitated, People then became thinking they were going to die. Among the shocking toll, 400 admitted to London hospitals. over 700 people hurt, This clearly was a callous attack

of the public, on purely innocent members and injure. deliberately designed to kill A group linked to al-Qa'ida

for this atrocity. has claimed responsibility vowing to track down the killers. British Prime Minister Tony Blair have no respect for human life. Those responsible confront and defeat this terrorism We are united in our resolve to but on all nations. that is not an attack on one nation, in their heart Those who've got such evil of innocent folks. that they will take the lives The war on terror goes on.

during the afternoon rush hour, The Underground remained closed

leaving thousands of people stranded,

but remaining defiant. many forced to walk home from work, If you let it change your life, cowardly, despicable people win. then you've let the evil, John Hill, Ten News. district occurred in just 58 minutes. The damage across London's financial There were four blasts in all - at 8.49 am. the first near Aldgate station a second rocked the Piccadilly line, Minutes later, at Edgware Road station. then another bombing coming about an hour later The fourth explosion aboard the bus at Tavistock Square. recording disturbing images Passengers' mobile phones of a double-decker bus ripped apart, and maiming others. the blast killing at least two people are captured by a passer-by Images of agony and devastation are captured by a passer-by Images of agony and devastation bus number 30 is blown apart. moments after packed experienced by rush-hour commuters. It shows the terror left at least two people dead Explosion number four and wounded many others. lying on the floor not moving. I probably saw, maybe 20 people and some bodies And there was a lot of smoke the top of the bus and the roof had been torn off and I only looked for a couple of seconds and then everybody started screaming and we got out. Terrorists struck one of London's most famous and loved symbols at 9:47am in central London's busy Russell Square. Commuters on the top deck caught the full impact. One minute it was a bus, next moment the whole thing had just literally peeled off like a sardine tin. People got flung out from the top and there was just debris, there was smoke. Walls of the British Medical Association were stained by blood. Metal and shards of glass smashed into nearby buildings. Doctors left stunned by the aftermath. This is like having six months of casualty in three hours. Another says he'll never be able to shake the image of a young woman dying in a colleague's arms. I've seen so many dead people but this is something. And then I thought what ordinary people were thinking when I can feel the aftereffect of this carnage - what ordinary people, lay people will feel about that. Then it was time to see if there were any more devices in the area,

forensic teams meticulously looking for anything which may point to the culprits. The area remains cordoned off, cars abandoned after the blast a haunting reminder of the terror so many witnessed. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Normally, peak hour traffic is choking the streets of London right now. Some of the traffic has returned, but it's hardly life as usual. We're crossing now to Australian reporter Leah Slattery. Leah, how is London this morning after the attack?

I think there's a sense of stoic

resilience in the air this morning.

The Londoners I've spoken to are

getting up, getting on with it, getting

getting up, getting on with it, getting on the buses and trains

that are running and going to work.

They're doing what they do best.

The headline - "We Britons will

never been defeated." Most of the

people I've spoken to reflect those

sentiments. Are people scared on

the streets, on the public

transport? I think if you asked me the streets, on the public transport? I think if you asked me

that question late yesterday I'd

have said people are terrified of

getting back on public transport,

but the morning has brought a new

resilience on people. They're

getting on the buses and trains,

they're not going to

they're not going to back down, lie

down and take this. The people I've

spoken to have said if they don't

get back to work, the terrorists

have achieved what they set out get back to work, the terrorists have achieved what they set out to

do. They're terrified people. I

think the feeling here is they have

to get on with it. As you can see

behind me, there's quite a bit of

traffic. Just behind my shaulder at

Aldgate east is where one of the

first blasts went off yesterday.

This is how busy it is at the

moment. You say people are going

back to work. Earlier in the day

authorities were suggesting people

who don't have to shouldn't. Are

businesses generally open as

normal? I think a lot of the

restaurants and cafes and the like

are open today. Major businesses,

some of the bigger businesses have

told people not to come into work.

I think that's because of the

I think that's because of the lodgistical factor. I don't think

it's about the fear. Thank you. The London blasts have sparked a major security crackdown across the globe. World leaders have united to condemn the attacks, with the United Nations vowing to help track down the terrorists responsible. The fallout from the blasts immediately resonated across the English Channel. French security forces on high alert at rail stations around Paris.

Back in London,

the tabloids bluntly captured, the reaction to the city's worst terrorist attack that abruptly ended its Olympic celebrations. In Singapore for the IOC's selection of London to host the 2012 Games, an emotional Lord Mayor Ken Livingstone called on Britain's Churchillian fighting spirit in his warning to those responsible. Whatever you do, however many you kill, you will fail. Outside the G8 meeting in Scotland, what was to be a globalisation protest turned into a vigil for the victims. I am here tonight to express solidarity, concern and condolences. Thoughts echoed across the globe. Still recovering from last year's bloody terrorist attack on Madrid's rail system, Spain was quick to express its sympathy for the British. TRANLATOR: I have just transmitted in writing to PM Blair the total solidarity of the Spanish people with the city of London. And only hours after losing a bitter fight with Britain for Olympic glory, heartfelt words from France to put sporting conquests in perspective. These attacks have, without a shadow of doubt, strengthened the solidarity among G8 countries. On the other side of the Atlantic in New York, the United Nations passed a resolution condemning the attacks. London should have woken up this morning happily with good news from yesterday. Instead, it awoke to carnage. Train travellers in Madrid joining the mourning for their fellow commuters in London. We can't do anything. They are cowards. They do it where there are as many people as possible and so that they can't be found. Gareth Boreham, Ten News. Australia's national leaders have condemned the London attacks

in the strongest possible terms. The Prime Minister rushed to Canberra for security briefings as a detachment of Australian police experts headed to England

to help in the investigation. At the British High Commission in Canberra, the Union Jack was lowered as the morning papers told the story of London in shock. The PM arrived at Parliament House to be briefed by national counter-terrorism experts on information and intelligence they'd been able to gather about the London attacks. This brutal, indiscriminate, unforgivable attack

on innocent people going about their daily lives is a mark of the depraved character of the people who carried it out. There is no city outside our own cities better known to generations of Australians than the city of London.

In Perth, the Opposition Leader showed anger. These terrorists are sub-human filth who must be captured and eliminated. To eliminate an enemy, first you have to find them, and Australia is helping in the search. Five Federal and State police, including a bomb expert and a federal transport security adviser will head to London immediately to assist with the investigation.

They will also see what they can learn from the attack to make it harder to be repeated here. In the absence of specific intelligence, there'll be no immediate lift in Australia's terror alert level. There has been no change in the alert level in Australia, it remains at medium. As for the UK, Australia's travel alert system now refers to the London attacks, but stops short of telling Australians not to go there. People must make up their own minds about that. We know that many Australians have been injured in this terrible atrocity, and they will be looked after like one of our own. The brand-new British High Commissioner left London as the Olympic win was being announced and arrived here to learn of the bombing.

The PM on hand to sign the condolence book. We have suffered terror before and we have grown out of it stronger and more determined. Evil will not win. Above Buckingham Palace, a sign that London is grieving. In our national capital, a sign Australia's grieving too. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Assurances from the State Government tonight that it's alert and ready to deal with a terror attack. Our emergency commanders are already reviewing London's response to the bombings and comparing it with local capabilities. An emergency alert in the heart of Sydney - a police cordon thrown around Pitt Street this afternoon where a suspicious bag was left abandoned, draped in a coat. It turned out to be a false alarm, but authorities aren't taking any chances in the wake of the London bombings. We can expect hoaxes and more reports of unattended parcels. I do apologise beforehand to the travelling public.

On the other side of town, an urgent meeting of the State's critical incident team. From the Premier to the Police Commissioner, transport chiefs, health administrators and utility executives, a top level meeting to determine whether Sydney can handle an identical attack. The authors of this attack, whoever they are, have got the wrong city, because the city that withstood the Blitz and the IRA bombings will withstand these terrorists.

From the first reports of the London bombings, the State Police counter terror command was put on alert, security on our rail network was stepped up and train inspections increased. It's something that I must be prepared for, but there is no intelligence at this point in time to say that Sydney or any other part of NSW is a focus for terrorist-related activity. NSW has been preparing for a similar attack, three exercises carried out in railway tunnels in the past three months, six more planned. A revamped emergency terrorism strategy due out in a month. We will test ourselves over coming days in a readiness to deal with multiple site events. There was another scare last night at the Hornsby railway station. A suspicious package turned out to be a backpack left behind by a train traveller. The security response on Sydney's rail network has been deliberately measured. Not wishing to overreact or cause panic, authorities have avoided saturating train stations with extra police. Instead they're stepping up patrols. I feel very frightened. It's in the back of my mind, but you have to keep on going. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. We can't really control it, now, can we? Security on our water ways also tightened. A heavy air and sea escort out of Sydney Harbour today for the US aircraft carrier 'Kitty Hawk', also on aalert. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. And Ten's Ebbeny Faranda is at Central Station in Sydney. Ebbeny, is there any sign of security upgrades there this afternoon?

If there's supposed to be an

increase in security, it's not

visible at central station. From

the time I've been here, I've

noticed just one officer in

uniform. You can't see them, they

must be under cover. I was speaking

to a industry rail officer earlier

who said there's not most police,

but more transit officers. They're

patrolling the trains, not the

platforms. Speaking with the

platforms. Speaking with the commuters, they say they'd like to

see more security presence, but say

they won't let the attacks in

London deter them from using the Sydney network. In just under 24 hours, thousands of calls have been made to a hotline set-up

for Australians worried about loved ones in London. Operators at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra have been working around the clock taking calls. They've urged people to first make direct contact with their friends and relatives

before trying the hotline. The number is: Ahead - expert analysis of who's to blame. And - more compelling accounts of London's terror crisis. There was just this explosion, white - a big white appears,

and then there was just smoke everywhere -

in the tunnel they were trying to close the doors, there was just smoke, we couldn't breathe. One moment it was a bus, next moment the whole thing had just literally peeled off like a sardine tin. People got flung out from the top and there was just debris - there was smoke, a lot of smoke, and then people literally just kind of staggering around.

(Revs engine)

It's pure Aussie animal. This program is captioned live. Australian reporter Peter O'Sullivan has been living in London for four years. He joins me now. Peter, do you have any more information

about the injured Australians?

At the moment that's the only

information we've received, that

eight were caught up in yesterday's

tragedy. Two are in a critical

condition in a London hospital with

serious injuries and the emergency

services are monitoring their

condition as we speak. 1,500

Australians were caught up a the

Underground and most have been

contacted. Families of the injured

have been contacted. But so many in

injured yesterday that many more

could be on the injury list and

there could be more Australians out

there we don't know about. Families

back in Australia are urged to

keep trying to contact their

keep trying to contact their friends and family via the phone.

If they have any problems, contact

the authorities. We've heard that

Londoners are returning to the

streets. How are Australians

coping with the tragedy? There are

300,000 Australians living in

London w we're a resilient bunch in

London. We stick together a lot.

Yesterday there were a lot of phone

calls to friends and family to

check everyone was alright, but

most Australians are getting on with

their lives, going to work as

normal on the tube and on the buses.

It was good this morning to see

It was good this morning to see John Howard offering words of

support and sympathy. Australians are

buoyed by the thought people are

buoyed by the thought people are thinking about them at home. But

they're getting on with their lives.

Just mentioned the contact numbers here

try to make contact by phone or

email directly with your family or friends. Questions are now being raised about the possibility of a similiar attack here in Australia.

Terrorism experts say we're a soft target, but the Government insists there's only so much we can do. London had been expecting an attack for years, but still could do little to prevent it. It's left many wondering about the vulnerability of Australian cities. People obviously ask the question, are we immune from such an attack in Australia? The obvious answer is no. A group related to al-Qa'ida has claimed responsibility and experts say a link is likely. These attacks have a very clear trademark of Islamic radical terrorist organisations. You're looking at highly coordinated and synchronised attacks. Four separate bombs, largely following, in fact, it seems to be a carbon copy of the Madrid bombing. The Madrid train bombings were the first time such a tactic had been used and experts warn transport systems around the world are now vulnerable. And, Australia, along with other countries involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a target. Unfortunately as a direct result of the US invasion of Iraq,

the threat of terrorism has increased several fold.

Terrorism experts say it's time for a close look at our trains, ferries and buses. The Government's paid a lot of attention to maritime security, airport security. It's probably time to do a broad level review of our land transport security. But the Government says

it's impossible to have security checks at train stations like those at airports. I think the bottom line of that is the whole system would grind to a halt and people wouldn't tolerate that. The Government says it's done much to boost security and intelligence since September 11. But the issue now is balance. It says monitoring every bus, train and station would simply have too much of an impact on people's lives. Laurel Irving, Ten News.

Blood all over their faces, just

dirt, burns, people with burnt hair.

I met a woman who was distraught.

She was asking if they're face was

burnt. Everyone was collecting

themselves. We heard a woman

screaming. Everyone was saying, "Calm down."

This program is captioned live. The London bombings have sparked new dread across America. Fearing copy cat attacks, authorities have ramped up security.

Heavily armed officers

monitored every major transport system in the US. The NYPD overnight shift kept back during the day, providing thousands of extra bodies to help patrol the streets and significant targets like the New York Stock Exchange. I know New Yorkers are concerned the attack could be replicated here. But let me assure you, we are doing everything in our power to prevent that from happening. Police on horseback monitored busy cities. They checked toll gates and scanned buses. Americans urged to report any suspicious activity to police. Everyone's nervous, everyone's jittery. Many were worried they'd be hit again. Basically, I'm just very concerned because it seems as though there's a very good probability. Angry that terrorists could again inflict the pain they felt on September 11, 2001.

Actually, you should just like, blow them all up. Despite increased security today, many worry America's ground transport systems are far from safe. Only a fifth of the money put into upgrading the skies has been spent on securing America's buses and trains.

Americans urged today to ignore the violence overseas and help win the war on terror. So take the subway, ride the train, go to work, play in the parks.

The best security in the world is there to protect you. In the United States, Rahni Sadler for Ten News. Police around Australia have stepped up patrols at Islamic businesses, schools and mosques fearing reprisals in the wake of the London bombings. Anti-Muslim vandals already making their feelings known. It's an unfortunate reality in these times. When a group linked to al-Qa'ida claims responsibility for an atrocity like the London bombings, Muslims around the world feel the heat. But despite his country being the latest target, British Prime Minister Tony Blair was among the first to call for calm. We know these people act in the name of Islam. But we also know that the vast and overwhelming majority of Muslims here and abroad

are decent and law-abiding people who abhor this act of terrorism every bit as much as we do. Australia's Islamic leaders echoing these sentiments. We all condemn this barbaric act. We all condemn this barbaric act. We appeal to the wider Australian community not to blame the entire Muslim community for the actions of these few renegade extremists, or whatever you call them. Some, however, aren't listening to such appeals. By early this morning, this message was scrawled on a wall in Sydney. Police are taking evasive action. We will be visiting places of Islamic schools, religious locations and other Islamic businesses to reassure the members of that community that we are intent on providing an appropriate level of protection to them. At mosques around Australia today, prayers were offered for the victims of the attacks. Some people, they blame the Muslim. But the majority of them, they are very, very good and they are very friendly and they understand what happened.

Angela Bishop, Ten News. The Department of Foreign Affairs has set up a hotline for concerned family and friends,

but they're urging you to first try to make direct contact via phone.

Ahead - the local news, including the destruction of millions of chocolate bars. And - Simone Warne returns to a new single life in Australia. People didn't know what the hell had happened - there was a pregnant woman on the Tube, and that was it. We've not really been told what happened. All we know is that - I don't think it was derailed, but it was black and very, very smoky.

People were panicking that there was going to be a fire. We were there for about 40 minutes.

This program is captioned live. Londoners are returning to work after yesterday's terror attacks. A limited bus and train service has resumed. Many commuters appear happy to walk to work. A strong police presence is visible on the capital's streets. PM John Howard says the death toll now lies at 52.

Eight Australians are among 700 people injured. The Australian share market faded in afternoon trade

Very interesting reaction to the

bombing overnight on the markets.

How did things unfold today?

Initial reactions are very quick How did things unfold today? Initial reactions are very quick

and stock markets across Europe

fell. Gold and the Swiss franc rose,

but now reactions are more muted.

The US and Japan stock markets rose,

the Australian stock market barely

batted an eye lid. Four years ago

the reaction would have been more lasting, but the

the reaction would have been more lasting, but the financial markets

have learned to deal with these

more quickly. A cult leader has been found guilty of assaulting a 15-year-old girl in his religious community. William Kamm convinced the girl she had been especially chosen to populate the next world with him. William Kamm, also known as the Little Pebble, is used to speaking to the masses when he conveys messages from the Virgin Mary to his followers. But he had no guidance to offer today after being found guilty on four counts of indecent assault

and one of aggravated sexual intercourse.

There will be no comment from Mr Kamm. Kamm is the leader of a religious community on the NSW South Coast, and convinced his followers the end of the world is near. But he assured them he would be the pope of the new era and would take 12 wives and 72 girlfriends with him to create a pure race. Gabrielle O'Shaunessy was just 15

when she was chosen to be a so-called queen, and soon had Kamm pressuring her for his conjugal rights.

He bombarded her with love letters, saying, He assaulted her during several meetings. But the defence attacked the credibility of the claims, questioning why Ms O'Shaunessy took more than a decade to press charges,

and only after giving a paid interview to a TV network. Mr Kamm claims to be a prophet, but seemed unable to predict today's outcome. He sat stoney-faced in the dock while the jury read out its guilty verdict five times. For his victim, there were tears of relief, her story had been believed at last. Kamm's lawyers say they'll appeal the conviction, his minders sending a clear message - they'll defend him to the end. Amber Muir, Ten News. The destruction of millions of dollars worth of chocolate has begun as detectives try to track down an extortionist. Chocolate lovers have been warned not to expect new Mars and Snickers bars to be available any time soon. This may be a sad sight for chocaholics - the first load of 3 million Snickers and Mars bars dumped at a tip. But MasterFoods says this is the only answer after an extortionist's threat to contaminate the confectionery. It ordered a recall after being sent a Snickers laced with pesticide and letters claiming seven more bars on sale in Sydney had been tampered with. Newly produced versions of the popular bars are weeks away. This person is very determined. We will assure that we identify to our full satisfaction that this is new stock when we bring it back onto the shelf, but we won't bring it back on shelf until it is completely safe. A 1-800 hotline has taken more than 3,500 calls, many from customers fearing they'd been poisoned, two ending in hospital. We've had headaches, flu-like symptoms. A fourth letter, again threatening an unnamed third party,

was received on Wednesday. I can't explain how the extortionist chose

the threat of using Mars and Snickers bars when their gripe is with somebody else. Not all the chocolates have been collected yet. 15,000 outlets across the State are yet to act. Such is the immense scale of this recall that if each of the dumped chocolates were placed end to end, it'd be a line that would stretch from Sydney to Canberra. Detectives still no closer to catching the culprit. Frank Coletta, Ten News. A former diplomat who claims China has one thousand spies in Australia, will be allowed to stay here. The Government has granted Chen Yonglin and his family temporary protection visas, despite a warning from the Chinese Ambassador that it would open the floodgates to more defections. It follows a public outcry over the fate of Mr Chen and his family, if they were returned to China.

The government says the Immigration Department made the decision to grant the visas, not the Minister. Shane Warne's wife, Simone, is back home, beginning life without the spin king. She and their three children returned to Melbourne overnight. It's just a month since they relocated to Southampton in England, where Shane is on contract to Hampshire Cricket Club. Despite announcing their split after more sex scandals,

many thought they were attempting a reconciliation

while holidaying in Spain last week. Already reports of a bidding war between rival women's magazines have begun for Simone to tell her story. Sport with Tim Webster - and league's signing spree steps up tonight. Yes - who'll go where, that shortly. And - there's a couple of big names. That's when we cross live for the latest on the Eels-Dragons game. And form woes - the Aussies caught out again.

And no traction leads to a chain reaction.

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This program is captioned live. The Australian cricket team are back in London after being advised it's safe for this weekend's one-day matches. The Aussies were thrashed in game one of a best of three series at Headingley overnight. England opener Marcus Trescothick the star in a record win by nine wickets.

Australia had the worst of batting conditions but Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden again negotiated the new ball. Gilchrist made the most of an early life and had the run rate ticking at 5 an over.

COMMENTATOR: That's lifted way, way, way up into the new stand. Both openers were removed inside two overs - Gilchrist on 42, Hayden for 17. That's out. Didn't get a hold of it. Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke again failed to get going. A fan of taking a fielder's word on a catch,

the skipper made a statement when Kevin Pietersen snared another close to the turf. Takes the ball right on the ground again. Paul Collingwood's four wickets included danger man Andrew Symonds. Mike Hussey again top scored. 30 runs off the last two overs helped set England 220 to win. The sun was out for the second innings but luck didn't shine on the Aussies. Andrew Strauss put down by Gilchrist

while Marcus Trescothick - in single figures - was caught off a Brett Lee no ball. It's a no-ball. The Australians are celebrating.

A thigh strain for all-rounder Shane Watson added to Australia's woes. New rules allowed his substitute, Brad Hogg, to have a bowl. That's a brilliant piece of keeping. Absolutely brilliant catch. Concerns about Trescothick's form ended with his first one-day ton against the enemy. It's smiles all round. He'll be delighted. England's 9-wicket thrashing the biggest margin when batting second against Australia. You can't have any excuses. We were just outplayed all round today. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. It's a nervous wait this weekend for clubs hoping to sign star players on the open market. The big names like Braith Anasta, Matt Orford, Ben Ross and others are keeping them guessing. Tony Peters joins us from Parramatta Stadium, and plenty of speculation around tonight?

Yes, there certainly is. Big news

out of Manly - from Melbourne d

Steve Bell told his club he's

joining Manly for three years next

year. That means Matt Orford is

likely to follow suit. Braith

Anasta and Ashley Harrison should be

Anasta and Ashley Harrison should be confirmed as Roosters signing

next year and Ben Euros is subject

of a tug of war. What about the

Dragons and Eels? I believe all

four Dragons State of Origin

players will play tonight. For

Parramatta hooker Mark Riddell,

he's not expecting any special

attention against his former club. I don't think

attention against his former club. I don't think so at all. It goes

too quick these days to get too

much in. I'm sure some people will

have a few words for me. What's

happened at Penrith? They can still

make the top eight if they win

their remaining matches. They lost

players during the off season. their remaining matches. They lost players during the off season. The

players that we have in our side

now are the guys who will lead the

club in the future. They're the

players that will be building the

club around. Very important news -

the tigers have signed Jaamal Lolesi for next year.

The Wallabies have had their final hit-out before tomorrow night's rugby Test against South Africa at Telstra Stadium. The home side admits a week of sledging has them fired up

for their clash with the Springboks, who haven't won in Sydney since 1998. But vice captain Nathan Sharpe isn't expecting the emotions to boil over. I'm sure neither side's got that intention, and if the game does turn to that, it'd be a shame, because it will be a good spectacle. The Wallabies are odds-on favourites to win the match, which is the first of two games in the Nelson Mandela Challenge.

Rain took its toll on the sixth stage of the Tour de France with a huge pile-up less than a kilometre from the finish. In atrocious conditions, the leading rider skidded on a white painted line on the road and caused an amazing chain reaction. COMMENTATOR: There are now three riders - what a dramatic finish this is! Oh, he's gone down, he's overshot! Vinikourov skids and misses him. There's another crash, a massive pile-up on that bend. Among the dozens of riders to come to grief

were Australians Robbie McEwen and Stuart O'Grady. Steering clear of the crash, Italian Lorenzo Bernucci went on to win the stage. Lance Armstrong remains the overall leader. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow. And before we go - softball and baseball Next, Tim Bailey's weather. And - fresh information for you on London's terror crisis.

All the windows came in and none of us knew what happened. It was mayhem.

And then the driver came out of the carriage, which was quite scary, because he shone the red light - I thought I was dead.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Poor old Tim Bailey's neglected

tonight. He spat the dummy when I

told him the weather would be short

tonight. But I have got a good news

story on a day we need one. More

rain headed for the catchment area

in the next 72 hours. The best news for our

in the next 72 hours. The best news for our dams in two years.

Talowa is overflowing at over 100%

so our net is

Talowa is overflowing at over 100% so our net is up to 34% which means

we have an extra two months water

supply with more on the way.

Cloud is streaming across the

interior into Queensland, Cloud is streaming across the interior into Queensland, NSW and

Victoria producing widespread rain

- a word I love to use. Tomorrow a

low will deepen off the NSW coast,

generating heavy rain. Just how

much - rain over south-east

Queensland, NSW and Victoria on

Saturday. By Sunday, a deep Tasman

low will drive winds along the

coast and ranges

low will drive winds along the coast and ranges with alpine snow

falls. Not the only good news is

the dam, but a little girl turned

one year old.

The dams are on the rise. We love that. The dams are on the rise. We love that. People are just beginning to return to work right now in London.

The city's shell-shocked population making do with extremely limited public transport. Access blocked to the scenes of the terrorist bombings. That's where lone police officers can be seen guarding blocked-off roads and the twisted wreckage

which is concealed behind makeshift barriers. Salvage crews are moving in to clean up the carnage. 52 people are confirmed dead. Among the 700 injured are eight Australians.

That's the 5:00 News.

If there are further developments

in London, we'll bring them to you. I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.