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(generated from captions) Good morning. You're

watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Police in Brisbane

have detained a 36-year-old man

$16 million from Queensland wanted over the embezzlement of

Health. Joel Barlow was overnight at an address in the Health. Joel Barlow was found

inner Brisbane suburb of New Farm. He is being questioned by police right

says Barlow is expected to

appear in court as soon as possible. We've had surveillance of a number of properties. In the early hours

of this morning, a little

3.30, I understand, the alleged offender presented himself to

try to get into the union and

they were able to apprehend

him. So this has been excellent

police work by the Queensland

Police. The individual has been

taken into custody and

obviously will be undergoing

questioning and police will

release further details as they can throughout the day.

reshuffle happened about 3.30 -

the arrest happened at 3.30

this morning. Anna Bligh this morning. Anna Bligh has

spoken on this and is is saying action will be taken against

in relation to oversite of this anyone who failed in their duty

job. Barlow is working for

Queensland Health. He says in some government departments

with very a range of checks and

balances and in this case it's

clear some of those checks and

balances did not work and balances did not work and have

will hold a media conference at failed. We're expecting police

this issue and we'll try to bring you that live when it

happens. One other thing in

relation to that Neil Roberts

was the minister who was

talking on that issue. He's just announced this morning that he won't contest the next election but is staying on in Cabinet

until then. He has been member for Nudgee in Brisbane until then. He has been the

since 1995. So going from the

Queensland Cabinet to the

Minister Julia Gillard is Federal Cabinet now, the Prime

expected to announce changes to

her frontbench today. The

reshuffle may see Robert

McClelland moved out of the Chris Evans is tipped to lose

workplace relations. The

assistant Treasurer could be in

line for a promotion while Ms Gillard says Kevin Rudd will stay on as Foreign Affairs it's happy Minister. The opposition says

it's happy with the make-up of

its shadow Cabinet. In the first move towards the Cabinet

reshuffle, Tasmanian Senator

Nick Sherry has just in the

last half-hour or so resigned

from the Gillard ministry. He

was the Minister for Small Business. He says no-one asked him to step down from

announcing my retirement from a number of factors behind his

the ministry. I will be

continuing as a Senator for Tasmania, but I will not Tasmania, but I will not be

contest ing preselection for

the next election. This the next election. This are

three interrelated reasons for

my decision. Firstly my decision. Firstly I've been

on the frontbench for a very

long time. Some 14 years of my almost 22 years in the

Parliament so far. I served three years as

Secretary between 1993 Secretary between 1993 and

1996. I've served in a range of

positions in opposition as a shadow minister for seven

years. I've served the last

four years as a minister. I've

been around for a long time. I served with four Labor Prime

Ministers. Hawke, Keating, Rudd

and Julia Gillard. I and Julia Gillard. I served

with three opposition leaders.

Mark Latham. So I've been on Kim Beazley, Simon Crean and

the frontbench for a long

Secondly I've just turned Secondly I've just turned 56

and you do think about these

issues a little more when you

get a touch older and thirdly,

I have three young children and

I do believe that obviously

it's challenging, with family

and particularly children in federal political life. It is greater weight with the fact challenging. I

that three young children and

with my length of service, that's an important

consideration. So they're the interrelated factors. I've come

appropriate time to step down to the conclusion that it is an

as a minister. And to another member of the Federal as a minister. And to allow

Parliamentary Labor Party the minister. Nick Sherry would opportunity to serve as a

like to see like to see a Tasmanian replace him. Julia Gillard is losing

more ground to Tony Abbott. The

4% Opposition Leader has gained a

preferred Prime Minister. The 4% lead over Ms Gillard as

poll also shows the coalition has lifted its two party lead

over Labor by 2 points to 57, while Ms Gillard's approval

rating fell 4 points to 35.

a last-minute deal at climate change conference in a last-minute deal at the South Africa. Countries at the talks agreed to work towards a

legally binding deal by legally binding deal by 2020.

Delegates agreed to a road map

to develop a new legally binding protocol by 2020.

Tony Abbott says the climate

conference in Durban has

achieved very little. The

Durban conference has broken without any Durban conference has broken up

without any significant

going to be a do-nothing decade outcomes. Just proves this is

change. It demonstrates for global action on climate

Australia's carbon tax is an international orphan. It is

confirming that electricity prices in Australia will go up

and up and up. That is an unnecessary burden on Australian households and it

will produce no commensurate

environmental gain. On the

reshuffle, which we understand reshuffle, which

is imminent, basically the Prime Minister is trying to buy

the loyalty of the faceless

put her in there a year or so men. These are the people who

back. They're obviously thinking of shifting to Mr thinking of shifting

Rudd. She is trying to buy some insurance with this reshuffle.

(Inaudible question) Her

problem is that she has

fundamentally bad policy and

she's trying to mask the lack

of good policy by changing personnel. I've got good policy. I also have good

personnel. You never really out change if there are change if there are retirements but I am very satisfied

team and my team is the team I expect to lead into the election. Are you encouraging

anyone to retire? I was encouraging Peter Slipper but he's now

he's now got a new courtesy of the Prime Minister. The coalition has

received a boost in the polls today. Nice way today. Nice way to finish the

year? Look, I think that as

always it's the field evidence

that people should be focused

on. This is a wad government getting worse. Today's

reshuffle if it happens will just demonstrate that the Prime

Minister herself knows that her team is failing. 80% of

polled support MPs getting a

conscience vote. Above all else

people want politicians to keep

their commitments. Eight times

before the last election, before the last election, the

Prime Minister said that as far

as the Labor Party was concerned, marriage was concerned, marriage was between

a man and a woman. Five times

before the last election, I

said that as far as coalition was is between a man and a a woman.

I think it's very important that politicians don't say one

thing before an election and do the the opposite after an election. We're expecting a pretty significant media conference from the government at some stage today announcing the Cabinet reshuffle and we'll endeavour to bring you that

live right here on ABC News 24.

Republican presidential hope.S In the United States In the United States have held a fiery new frontrunner Newt Gingrich

stood by his earlier comments

that Palestinians are an

invented people. invented people. While Mitt

Romney issues a $10,000 bet fellow contender Rick fellow contender Rick Perry

over health care. Lisa Millar is our North America

correspondent. She joins us

now. Good morning. I'm

interested to hear Newt Gingrich's theories about the

history of the Palestinian

people? It was interesting. It

had been built up for a week

that Newt Gingrich would come

under a lot of pressure. A lot

of pressure over and his confessed infidelities.

A lot of pressure over his

lobbying work and then a lot of

pressure over his time as pressure over his time as House

speaker but then on the Friday

before the debate over before the debate over the

weekend, he delivered an

interview with a Jewish

television channel where he

spoke about the Palestinians as you said, indicating historically they were an

invented people and suggested

that the Palestinian leadership were out to destroy Israel.

They were considered to be pretty inflammatory

And that just added then to the

targets that he was going to be

hit upon during this debate. Bup instead of backing away from it, he stood which those

comment and said someone had to

have the courage to speak the

truth. So let's have a listen

to how he defended himself.

Is it historically true? Yes.

Are we in a situation where

every day, rockets are fired every day, rockets are fired

into Israel while the United States, the States, the current administration, tries to pressure the Israelis into a

peace process? Hamas does not admit exist and says publicly not a

single Jew will remain. The

Palestinian Authority ambassador to India said last month there is no difference

between Fatah and Hamas. We both agree Israel has no right to exist. Newt to exist. Newt Gingrich there

in the Republican debate. What

kind of reception has there

been in America to this theorys

of his about the Palestinian

people? It didn't end up

dominating the chat er for

debate . But what it goes to with Newt Gingrich is this fear

that he doesn't have the

tempment, that he cannot

portray this calmness that is required

House. In fact one of House. In fact one of the commentators here describes him

as a hand gren nad with the

hand on the pin saying "Look at

me" and people are just holding

their their breath waiting for something to happen. So the Palestinian issue has died away, and it's the Mitt Romney

problem that has dominated today. Take us through today. Take us through the bet? Well, you and I might

share a bet over $20 or share a bet over $20 or even

more if we're feeling flush but Mitt Romney decided to $10,000. Let's listen to how it actually played out. I actually played out. I read

your first book and it said in there that your mandate in Massachusetts which should be

the model for the country and I know it came out of know it came out of the reprint of the book but I'm just saying

you're for individual mandates my You've raiseed that before, Rick. It was true then and

it's true now. I will tell you what. (Laughter) $10,000 ... (Applause) $10,000 bet. I'm

not in the petting business. Oh

OK. It's not good. Explain for

us what the bet was actually

over? Oh the bet was over the

health care issue that has constantly dominated Mitt

Romney. In fact, Mitt Romney's

team keeps saying he won the bet. But that doesn't

matter. What has come out is

the fact that he was prepared

to bet $10,000, this multimillionaire

multimillionaire who's

constantly tried to be the

bloke you want to have a beer with, and no-one buys it and that's why they keep that's why they keep looking foreanother candidate that they

feel more comfortable with,

that they feel is one of them

and Mitt Romney just seems to

put his foot in it whenever he

tries to win them over, to woo

them on side. But look we have

23 days until the 23 days until the Iowa caucuses. Two are already saying they might change their mind. Newt

Gingrich, frontrunner now T may

not be the case in three weeks'

time. This is the 12th deb

aimt. Surely there can't be many many more? Well, if you're many more? Well, if you're a

political junkie you will be

happy to know there are political junkie

have counted 13. There was another one

another one they slipped in

there as well. We will be talking again about it. How is

it all setting up for the presidential election then? presidential election then? How

is it considered that Barack Obama is had a good look at the best the

Republicans can Republicans can offer? The Democrats desperately want Newt

Gingrich to be the candidate.

Because Because they think they can beat him. Mitt Romney's the one

they fear could really beat the President to the White House.

Lease is mail lar, thank you very much. Thanks, Joe. Britain's Deputy Prime Minister has condemned David Cameron's

decision to veto EU treaty

changes as bad for Britain.

Nick Clegg says he's bitterly disappointed disappointed by

European summit in Brussels and

there was a danger the UK would

be isolated and marginalised.

On Friday, the coalition leaders appeared to stand shoulder shoulder to shoulder when David

Cameron made it clear he

couldn't sign up to the new EU

treaty. But today Nick Clegg

suggested the gulf was growing. Bitterly disappointed by the outcome of last week's summit. Precisely

summit. Precisely because summit. Precisely because I

think there is now a real danger that over time the UK will be isolated and marginalised within the European good for jobs in the city and elsewhere. I don't think it's

good for growth or for families

up and down the country. Last week he had said the Prime Minister's

designed to protect the financial services industry had

been moderate and reasonable.

But over the weekend he came

under huge pressure from some in it's own party to toughen

his stance. I hear this his stance. I hear this talk about the bulldog spirit

there's nothing bulldog about Britain hovering somewhere in the mid Atlantic. Some dems say Nick Clegg should've been tougher with the Conservatives sooner and backed the business

se take in standing up to David

Cameron. Vince Cable gave a very serious warning last Monday in the Cabinet against elevating these elevating these financial

regulation points into a regulation points into a make

or break deal. He or break deal. He warned on that. He didn't get any support. David Cameron support. David Cameron has won

law dates from his some of his

euro sceptic backbenchers here at Westminster for refusing to

sign up to a new treaty. rising in his own ranks because he he is criticising Prime

Minister. While the two men may

fall out they're both making it very clear privately they won't

allow the coalition to

apart over Europe. Today the Labour Leader tried to deepen the divide between the Prime

Minister and his deputy by

saying ... I agree with Nick Clegg this is a bad deal for

Britain. We'll now have 26

countries going ahead without

us in the room, us excluded from key economic decisions,

and frankly, David Cameron has mishandled these negotiations very badly. But the Foreign

Secretary said the Prime

Minister had no option but to

veto a deal in the government we were agreed

on the negotiating position in advance. And that advance. And that this was our

minimum requirement for

agreeing to a treaty to take part in a new European treaty.

That minimum requirement was

not met. So of course the Prime

Minister did the right thing in

not agreeing to it. The European Union won't break up

as a result of last week's tumultuous negotiations. And

the coalition won't either. But

the tensions within each are

set to increase. That report

from the BBC. An Australian citizen has pleaded citizen has pleaded guilty to working as a spy for Hamas.

Under the terms of a plea deal

submited to an Israeli court,

the man admitted to providing

services for an services for an illegal organisation. If it's organisation. If it's accepted by the judge he could by the judge he could be released by the end of next

year and deported to Australia. The Prime Minister Julia

Gillard is set to Gillard is set to announce changes to her frontbench. It's

expected that Robert McClelland

will be moved from his will be moved from his position as Attorney-General, as Attorney-General, but Kevin

Rudd will remain as Foreign Minister. We've just heard this

morning Nick Sherry has stepped

down as a minister. The

opposition and the Greens opposition and the Greens have

criticised the UN climate

talks, saying they deferred binding action on binding action on climate

change. All UN member countries have agreed to negotiate a legally binding agreement on reducing greenhouse gas

emissions to take effect from

2020. And as we 2020. And as we gist mentioned Israel after pleading guilty to collaborateing with collaborateing with the militants organisation Hamas. The man has been in custody since his arrest in

since his arrest in March. Checking

Cherry growers in New South Wales have been battling wet

weather which is spoiling the crop are heading toward as bumper

crop as they start to harvest. The $60 million industry is

expected to increase by expected to increase by 50% over the next few over the next few years as demand grows for the

high-quality fruit the high-quality fruit the state

produces. Craig Fraser has been growing cherries in the Derwent

Valley for 16 years. He's

preparing to harvest next

week. It's nice and dark in colour. It's firm. It's got

that bit of a crunch to it when

you eat it. Last year over 30%

of Tasmania's cherry of Tasmania's cherry crop was

lost due to rain. The yield is

down this year but the

says the quality of the fruit

is excellent. Growers say the

next few weeks are critical. We

certainly want the weather to remain fine and sunny as it is

currently. We don't want too

much rain. It's something that

we fear the most. But yeah,

look, the way things are panning

panning out at the moment it's

going to be an excellent crop. But there's no relaxing

until the last cherry is picked. I think when picked. I think when the money

is in the bank! Most of that

money comes from interstate and overseas markets. Tasmanian tonnes of cherries a year. tonnes of cherries a year. It's a small boutique industry a small boutique industry known

for producing high-quality

large fruit with a deep rich colour which

colour which is highly sought

after by the Asian expect that the crop will probably grow to 6 or 7,000 tonnes in the next couple tonnes in the next couple of years. And we believe that there's good market. It's there's good market. It's an exciting time for the exciting time for the Tasmanian cherry industry. cherry industry. Particularly

with new markets in China and

the world really at our

doorstep. And at the farm

gate. Only 5% of Tasmanian

cherries are sold local that's increasing with more people buying fresh from the farmer. Beautiful. Ha ha farmer. Beautiful. Ha ha ha! And ready to pick.

We have a few long

interviews on ABC News 24 but

nothing like this. ABC host

Richard Glover looks to have

broken the record for the broken the record for the long est on you wn on you interview. He started speaking to Peter FitzSimons yesterday morning. I have

up to the big one, which is why

he wears the stupid

bandanna. I've been advised if

you are starting to feel

sleepy, do what you do in football, go the biff! Ha ha

ha! We don't know if there's

been any biff just yet but the

rules state no questions can be

repeated and no-one else can be interviewed. The two have

already broken the previous record of 12 hours and 30

seconds are pushing on towards

a 24 hour total. They'll reach that in about 10 minutes' time.

Australia needs another 169

runs to wrap up the second Test against New Zealand against New Zealand as they

head into Day 4 in Hobart. The Aussie also resume on Aussie also resume on 0/72 looking to win the Series 2-0.

Under siege openers Dave Warner

and Phil Hughes have a chance to show something to the doubters this morning. Warner is on 47 and Hughes, who survived being caught behind

when the Black Caps didn't bring the video review into

play, is 20. Obviously the play, is 20. Obviously the boys have had a look at that footage and stuff A bit disappointed.

But that's the game of cricket. If he get it is wrong he feels

like he has let us all down.

Again it was a real hard one. It's a tough decision.

Obviously the umpire has given that

that not out because certainly

that's how he has seen T Eth bo

openers did a fantastic job.

They hit the ball that needed

to be hit but they also left

well which I think is important

especially with the especially with the left handers out there to lead

well. Sydney FC to a scoreless draw by the last-placed Gold Coast this

their A-League soccer their A-League soccer clash. Both side hz ample chances to win but had to settle for a

point each. Coming off five

losses, Gold Coast adopted a physical approach from physical approach from the opening minute giving an

opportunity to Sydney FC's

Shannon Cole. The home team dominated the rest of the first

half but had nothing to show

for it. for it. Lacklustre finishing

from Gold Coast was testing the

patience of coach Bleiberg. The

substitute's decision to sit in

the manager's chair wasn't a

popular decision. popular decision. Kissel should've the 65th minute before Sydney

had a lucky escape. Sydney FC

pressed in the final minutes

but had to be content with a

draw. In the English Premier

League, Stoke City have ended

Tottenham Hotspurs's 11 fame

unbeaten run. Sunderland moved

out of the bottom 3 with a 2-1

win hat home to struggling

Blackburn Rovers. Here's the


That's a celebration. The Australian men's hockey team

has won has won the Champions Trophy for a record

work hard to defeat Spain 1-0

in yesterday's final in Auckland. Australia's Auckland. Australia's mighty

Kookaburras victory song was

sung with plenty

after a nail-biting final. The

chances were few and far

between for almost an hour. The between for almost an hour. The

only goal came from a penalty

corner. The Spanish players'

protests fell on deaf ears, but

falling a goal behind didn't

end their challenge. The

Australians had to defend

grimly. It was the 12th Champions Trophy victory.

Celebration s at last for

jockey Craig Williams after being suspended from the

winning mount at last month's Melbourne

Melbourne Cup, he powered Dunedin to victory in Kong Vase. It was Dunedin's

first start since the win at

Flemington. The world's No. 1

golf player Luke Donald has golf player Luke Donald has become the first player US in the same season. He US in the same season. He did

it with a third placeing in the Dubai World Championship overnight, birdying his last

three holes to finish three

shots behind the winner from Spain. Donald only needed Spain. Donald only needed to finish ninth or better in the

$7.5 million seed season-ending

tournment and hope that McIlroy didn't win. He finished 10

shots off the pace in a share

of 11th. Checking today's weather now in the capital cities:

We say good bye to We say good bye to our ABC1

viewers now. I'm back with more

headlines on News 24 at the top of the hour.

This morning, who will be

the winners and losers in the Prime Minister's Cabinet

It is not my assessment that we have reached an agreement we have reached an agreement on the four elements of the

package. Also today, a deal struck

in Durban but no real in Durban but no real action until 2015.

Brisbane police detain a man

over an alleged $16 million

embezzlement. An Australian man

pleads guilty to working

Hamas as a spy. The Aussie bats

mn begin a chase for victory on Day 4