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Live. A man dice arch being

tasered by police in Sydney's

West. They were confronted by a man armed with two knives. As a

result of that one of the police officers taser. Julia Gillard tells NATO police officers has deployed a

that Australia will stay the course in Afghanistan. We are

very clear on what the mission

is, very clear on what success

looks like. Home owners bracing

for a rate rise as the Reserve Bank meets this morning. And Australia and India wrestle for

control of the first Test with

one day remaining.

Good morning. It's Tuesday 5 October. I'm Neil Woolrich. And

I'm Virginia Trioli.. And also

ahead on the program -

Australia's off to a Australia's off to a flying winning four gold medals startot the Commonwealth Games

overnight. One for gymnastics,

three in the poor . More in

ABC News Breakfast - sport. Now to the top story on

ABC News Breakfast - Sydney

police have formed another

critical response team after a

second death linked to a taser.

The man died after police used

a taser while trying to arrest

another him. This is just day after were another man died while police him. This is just day after

were trying to subdue him during

during a brawl. NSW police say

that last night's incident is

now under

12:30am police from Bankstown

were called to an address in

relation to a domestic dispute.

At that location they were

confronted by a man armed with two knives. As a result of that, one of the police

officers has deployed a taser

and the man was arrested.

During the course of the arrest

and police have conducted CPR the man has become

for a lengthy period of for a lengthy period of time

before the ambulance arrived.

The man was conveyed to

Liverpool police station where he since police have formed a critical he since died. As a result,

incident team from independent

command who are conducting an

independent inquiry in relation

to the circumstances

surrounding this entire

incident. At this point, the

police, we're looking after the

police in terms of their

welfare, at this point police are very comfortable welfare, at this point the with

occurred. And in other news

this morning, NATO Secretary-General has praised Australia's mission in Rasmussen met the PM Afghanistan. Anders Fogh

Brussels after her brief

stopover in Afghanistan. He

thanked Julia Gillard for

strengthening Australia's commitment to

strengthening Afghanistan's

army. Australia is the biggest cricketer to the Afghan Army

Trust Fund, spend ing $150 million. Mr Rasmussen also

pushed for Australia to have closer ties with NATO. The

Reserve Bank is tipped to raise

interest rates later today. The monthly inflation gauge has hardly moved in September but

despite inflation moderating

some believe the strong economy

will force a rate rise. An

increase of 0.25% is predecked.

Australia's swimmers are Australia's swimmers

Commonwealth Games with three leading the medal tally at the

gold and two silver won.

Australia beat England and defending champions South

Africa from a thrilling 4 by

100m relay and the mean's artistic gymnastics team also won their first ever gold medal. IVF pioneer Robert

Edwards has Nobel prize for

Nobel prize for medicine. The 8

5-year-old British Professor ge

began working on IVF in 1950s. Louise Brown became the first Louise Brown became the first

baby born using the

Vatican revolutionary treatment. The

Vatican has criticised the

decision describing IVF as

immoral. And the Dutch

anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders is

on trial in Amsterdam accused

of inciting hatred. His statements statements include comparing

the correspond ran to Hitler's 'Mein

adjourned when defence raurs

accused the judges of bias. Mr

Wilders says it's freedom of speech that's on trial. Julia Gillard has held talks with the

meet and greet tour in NATO Secretary-General on her

Brussels. Anders Fogh Rasmussen praised Australia's efforts in

correspond Philip Williams Afghanistan as Europe

reports. All hands to the

international pump. A gripping

day for the new leader on the

block as a dozen Presidents and

prime ministers took their turn to welcome Julia Gillard to the

power club. But a high priority

was a visit to

headquarters, the serious issue was a visit to NATO

of a war in Afghanistan. No extra

a commitment to stay the course

and plenty of reassurance there

will eventually be an end. When

I've been asked for a time

estimate, how long do we

imagine that that task will

take, the estimate is between

tw to four years so we very

clear on what the mission is, very clear on what looks like,. We see a lot of

media reports about increased fighting but you shouldn't be surprised, we have send in more

soldiers, which are now

attacking Taliban strong holds

in Helmand and Kandahar and

obviously it gives more

fighting, but the fact is that

we see progress. Another stop,

another commitment. This time

to a new treaty with the

European Union, it's a work in

progress. Very much support

idea of upgrading and giving

more important expression to the relationship. This first time Australia has joined the club, according to British

Deputy PM Nick Clegg it's not

before time. Ask your PM what

happened today is of immediate

relevance to every single

family and community in

Australia, so it would be odd

while Julia Gillard was meeting not to have

Nick Clegg, our Opposition

Leader Tony Abbott was in the

UK city of Birmingham where

he'll meet British PM David

Cameron at the Conservative

Party conference. He'd earlier

declined an victims to go to Afghanistan with Julia

Afghanistan with Julia Gillard

last Sunday. But at least one former Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson, now our

ambassador in Belgium was happy

to be sharing quality time with

his new PM. The vaguaries of

life. Who would put the two of

you together here in this

situation a couple of years ago? We're very much enjoying

it. But this is what the visit is all about - a gathering of powerful Asian and European lrz, an occasion marked with

ceremony and style. The

substance - real progress on

the financial crisis, global

warming and security. This may

be more a forum for talk rather than hard decisions. Armed

militants in Pakistan have

struck at the heart of the NATO

supply chain for troops The Taliban says it was responsible for the attack

which set more than 20 tankers ablaze. More NATO tankers going

up in flames. Police say about

10 gunmen struck under cover of

darkness, spraying the fuel

tankers and their drivers with

automatic weapons. After doing

all this, the gunmen calmly walked away, according to

witnesses. And this was the

scene in day light. The Taliban say they carried out say they carried out this

attack, survivors say it was merciless.

TRANSLATION: I was asleep on

top of my truck and saw gunmen.

He shouted "god is great' and

started firing. As I ran away I

was shot at. This obvious

target had no protection. There

was no-one to stop the Taliban

who came to torch the depot.

heat has done here and even heat has done here and even now there's still some smoke

rising. The drivers say there

was a warning from police two

days ago, they were told not days ago, they were told not to stay with their vehicles

overnight but they vrpt offered

any protection. These trucks

are attacked regularly by the

militants but now they're a particularly easy target.

They've been standed since last

week when Pakistan closed the kinder pass to NATO convoys.

That follows a nato air strike near the Afghan worder which

killed three Pakistani troops.

A local TV channel claims this

is footage of the attack which

provoked widespread anger here.

NATO has been paying the price

with the loss of access to the

Khyber Pass, vitally needed

supplies are trapped at the

border. The nato

Secretary-General has now expressed regret for the deaths

and appeal to Pakistan to let

the convoys soon as soon the convoys soon as soon as

possible. Back to our top story

on tasers. NSW isn't the only

State where the controversial use of use of police taser is in the

spotlight. The West Australian

Government will strengthen the guidelines governing how police

use tasers after a report use tasers after a report found the weapons were being misused.

You might find some images in this this story distressing. This

CCTV footage has been described

as outrageous, indefencible and

a clear brech of guidelines Want to go again? A

man is tasered 13 times by several officers in the foyer

of the Perth watch house in 2008. He'd strip search. It was excessive

use of a taser which could not

be justified. Two officers were

fined over the incident, one

has since been promoted. Police

admit it's not good for their

image but insist it was an isolated event. It was wrong,

unacceptable, alarming when I

looked at it and it will be

alarming when the public view

it The commission as parts of its

review of tasers. The weapons

are supposed to be used by police as an alternative to

hand guns in dangerous situations. But the situations. But the report found officers are increasingly

using tasers for compliance as shown in this footage filmed

out sad Perth court. We very

clearly conot want to use them

as compliance tools, they're

there to prevent risk of injury

to persons. The report found

WA's taser policy is one of the most relatched in Australia meaning

discerning this in their use of

it. The CCC has made ten recommendations aimed at

restrictions their use to

dangerous and life threatening situations. Attorney-General supports the recommendations. There are

things to be learnt from this

CCC report, improvements to be

made and we'll be looking at it

very thoroughly Mr Porter says

he's surprised the officers

involved in the Perth watch

house incident weren't

prosecuted and says he'll

review police guidelines to

toughen the penalties for misuse of

the frongs of the major

newspapers around the country. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' stays Federal Government is

looking at tougher powers for

the competition watchdog. The

'Australian' reports Tony Abbott's facing a backbench

push to abandon push to abandon his promise not to touch Labor's industrial relations regime The 'Financial Review' says consumers are

paying up to three times more

in annual fees for financial

advises a the big banks push to

introduce higher percentage

based fees. The 'Age' reports

on a secretive operation run

out of the Premier's office

aimed at discredited Coalition MPs and Green candidates. The MPs and 'Courier-Mail' says Brisbane sprinter Kylie Palmer kicked

off Australia's Goldrush in the

Delhi Blackpool. The 'Daily Telegraph' reports the electricity price crisis electricity price crisis in NSW

is now so deep that most

households can no longer afford

to switch on the heefrt. A

Collingwood Premiership star

and a team-mate have been

intieed by police over an alleged sex sandical. The 'West

Australian' says police are investigating allegations relating to an incident involving Collingwood players

in a South Melbourne night club

on Sunday. More than 700

warned or fined over health breaches in the last year says the 'Advertiser'. The

'America's Got Talent' says a

Tasmanian inquest has been told

the Motorola er this of a

7-week-old baby boy gave two

different reasons why her sop might have died suddenly And in

the 'Northern Territory News'

the Darwin City Council has

been criticised for dumping the

Here Comes Santa event. Now tasers are going to be front

and centre of the national tvrtion conversation today

because now we've got a run of

incidents including that very

alarming report out of Western

Australia about their use as

compliance tools which is tool to help in the arrest of

someone or subduing of someone

rather than as the senior

police officer was saying out

of Perth, in that story we showed showed you earlier, rather than

a tool that you'd use to

actually stopville yeent crime

so whether the police are being

heavy-handed or are we overreacting is up for you to

comment today. To send us your feedback -

A quick look at the weather - Sh The top stories on ABC

News Breakfast - NSW police have launched a have launched a second critical incident investigation after another Sydney man died after

an incident with police. This

is just a day after a man died

when police tried arrest him during a during a brawl. They deny

witness claims that a taser was used in used in that incident. NATO Secretary-General has praised

Australia's commitment to

Afghanistan during a meeting

with Julia Gillard in Brussels.

During her visit, the PM also

proposed a new treat y and the

European commission. And

interest rates are expected to rise again today. The Reserve Bank's tipped to increase the rate by 0.25%. Australia's swimmers have

wrapped up day one at the Commonwealth Games Commonwealth Games with three

gold and two silver medals.

Kylie Palmer and doubt Alicia

Coutts kout won gold in their individual events. Emily

Seebohm and Ryan Napoleon

tookviller is. Leigh Nugent

says Napoleon's performance was

especially impressive following

his recent suspension for

misuse of his asthma medication. It was

satisfying night. Napoleon got

very close and just got very close and just got jagged at the end but we were pretty

happy with the gold tonight.

After what he's been through,

you know, it's been you know, it's been a

tremendous recovery and shown

great character from him. I

know the lure of a gold know the lure of a gold medal

does wonderful things to people, doesn't it and Emily I

think probably mispaced her

race a bit, probably went out a

bit hard but Alicia took the opportunity opportunity. REPORTER: Is

tonight the start of Australia's domination of the

Blackpool? I don't know about

talk about that. We just go in

there and try to win as many as

we can. With this tight turn around from heats and around from heats and finals, it's affecting the bottom

of our times so in the end it

just comes down to tries to get over as many competitors as we

can We'll have more from Delhi

with Paul Kennedy in sport and

full highlights from the games

this morning. The Federal

Treasurer has delivered a

pre-emptive warning to the

banks not to raise interest

rates further than any move by the Reserve Bank. The RBA meeting today and many economists will lift rates for the first economists are predicting

time in four months. Not only

is he in charge of the nation's

finances, right now Wayne

Swan's in charge of the

country. It's an honour to fill

if you like for - to hold the

fort for Julia when she's away

doing pretty important work overseas. At home the Reserve

Bank board's about to Bank board's about to meet, interest rates have been on

hold for the past four months,

now there are expectations of a

hike. It does now seem likely

that the Reserve Bank will vote at tomorrow's meeting to lift

interest rates, over the past

few weeks, the bank's senior

officials have been laying the

ground work for a rate

rise. Many economists

the official cash rate will

rise 25 basis points to They rise 25 basis points to 4.75%.

They point to a strong economic

outlook, driven by near full

unemployment and a recharged

mining boom. On the inflation

front a key private sector

measure shows price pressures

eased in September. It's about inflation, keeping growth in the

Australian competitive within Australian competitive within

sustainable parameters and in

that sense preventing a rise in inflation further down the

track that would be much more destabilising. But a recent

fall in housing approvals could sway

sway the RBA board against

moving this month and retailers say consumers are being cautious with their cash. The

last 18 months has been tough

for retail and we are just

starting to come out the other

side of that. We don't want anything to impripg on

rates do go up, analyst say

householders with a mortgage

should brace for banks to move

beyond an official increase. The Treasurer is sounding an early warning. I don't believe

there is any case that the

banks can make to move over and

above any decision that may or may not

may not be taken by the Reserve Bank. The banks say they need to recover rising funding costs, but Mr costs, but Mr Swannaringst their net interest margins are

back where they were before the

global financial crisis and he

says they're making healthy

profits. I can call it as I see it. it. As you know, the banks can take that decision

independently of the Government

and they have done that on a

few occasions. I can call it as

I see it, and I have called it

as I've seen it. The forests is

facing calls to make further

cuts to Government spending, senior officials have advised

the Government that if it wants

to deliver on its promise of a

Budget surplus in three years

it will have to tighten its

belt and defence has been named

z a a possible target. Defence is already on a $20 billion savings drive and Wayne Swan isn't about to make further

cuts. We've put in place certainty in their funding arrangments so I can rule out that speculation. A regimented

program that Government is keen

to stick to. We'll take a look

at the markets now -

With that's sports news With that's sports news and

the first day of competition at

the Commonwealth Games, here's

Paul Kennedy. Thank you. Good

morning. Australia's on top of

the medal tally after day one

at the comgames. The men's 4 by

100m freestyle team set a new

Commonwealth Games record while freestyler Kylie Palmer took

out the 200m Alicia Coutts also won gold

taking out the women's 200m individual medley. She set a new Commonwealth record and a personal

personal best in beating the favourite, Emily Seebohm and

Australia has also won its

first ever gold medal in the

mane's teams event in a artistic gymnastics. Here's

what some of the parents of the

swimmers in that 4 by 100m

relay event had to say after

watching that race. The relay

team is fantastic. Two 19-year-olds. Two teenager thoons team exciting and. Two games with experience as well. Kyle Richardson and Eamonn. Eamonn,

it's interesting because he,

they train together but Tommy

was obviously a lot younger so

they had the same coach. He's

sort of seen Eamonn go through from Athens his first Olympics

then on to Beijing so sort of

watched how amazing and all that,

that, never dreaming but his

father Eamonn's father said me "You know what day Tommaso

D'Orsogna and Eamonn will swim in a relay team together." You've got to be joking. You're

right John. They did it. So a good start there for the swimmers swimmers and we'll be able to

show you some high lights of

that in the next hour. Also in India there's

India there's an enthralling

cricket match going on at the

moment. Going by the number of

people you can see in the

stands, not too many people are

interested in attending the

event but it is a big Test match for Australia and India

and it's moving now into the

fifth day. Australia has set lead of just over 200. That's been lead of just been hauled back into 192 but

India lost four wickets late on

day four, so let's take a look at how the Australian wickets

fell and then how it ended up

with the Indians losing some

wickets, Ben Hilfenhaus took three of those.

COMMENTATOR: There it is. That

is a huge hit. That is from the

meat of the blade and that's

what Watson is capable of. That

is six runs. He's bowled him.

So the bowling change worked. There's the pull shot

and he finds the fielder. Hits

him on the arm. Is there an appeal. He's appeal. He's walking.

That's four. Just a little

bit of width. It's a very quick

outfield. The finger has gone

up. He's given it! There -

got his man. He's taken. That's

another terrific catch. That

can be close is it. He's given

it. Again feeling for it. They

all go occupy and up goes the

fielder. Taken. Good piece of

bowling. Hussey. He's gone.

He's gone now. Short ball going

to that wide third slip. So another wicket. Australia right

on top here. And you know

there's not a big crowd when

you can hear every Australian cricketer after each cricketer after each wicket. In the A league last night, it was an incredible match

really with Adelaide coming out

on top of Sydney FC, it

continues to have a poor start

to the season. Let's take a look.

COMMENTATOR: There it is, Parsons has seen something he

doesn't like. And Lucas pan

tellis comes tellis comes in, it's five in

the end. Keep an eye on Ian

five. You can see the shirt

pulled by Ian Fyfe. Bros pros bros it is to step up and Alex

Brosque brs to zor the first

goal, now Adelaide with a chance to get back on level terms. Van terms. Van Dijk couldn't

control it, but the ball finds

its way into the net. Great

composure, Ramsay can steal it

for Adelaide and Iain Ramsay scores against his former club

and digs another dagger into

the heart of Sydney FC. So it's a good start for a good start for Australia at the Commonwealth Games with

those four gold medals. It's to

be expected, Australia should really pile as many gold as they can before they get out of

the pool, dry off and hit the

athletics track, but there was that good result also from the

gymnastics. What can we read

into the early result for the

swimmers as far as their long-term level of competition at the Commonwealth Games obviously isn't as high as world champs

or Olympics but the fact there

were a couple of 19-year-olds

in that 4 by 100 team says something positive. That's the

thing to look for. Kylie Palmer

is a good young emerging

swimmer. Of course he swam

terifficically at Beijing as

well and Emily Seebohm being

beaten by Alicia Coutts was the

other upset. It seems that

Emily Seebohm was talked about

before the meet as the swimmer,

the next could rely on to be world class

but she was beaten by but she was beaten by koit

Alicia Coutts so there's a lot

of competition within the team and Nick Darcy didn't make and Nick Darcy didn't make the final in the only event that he was in. That was incredible. That was an event he was

expected to win. We know he's gone through a really rough time. I suspect

overstraping. Maybe. I don't

know what to make of that. Such an astonishing result where he

was ninth fastest, not even qualifying for right there. It qualifying for it. You might right there. It seems like

something was out of ambulance

there. He was too ready . Not not having a bad day. The

tension before the gamtionz,

will they or won't compete, maybe that weighed on him in the preparation. I don't

think anyone can use that as an

excuse for their performance although there was a couple of

hiccups before the opening ceremony where they had to ceremony where they had to wait

in the tunnel for a long time.

Maybe he lost 5 kilos sweeting

it out in the tunnel like everyone was speaking to everyone else. I think was speaking to an everyone else. I think we - I was speaking to an expert that

there will be more competition

in these games and Australia

shouldn't expect to dominate.

Four gold doesn't suggest that

on day one but maybe there are

other emerging swimmers out

there. On the cricket we read that apparently the crowds

respect there for the Commonwealth Commonwealth Games, staida are

empty and a couple of hundred

people. No-one was there for

the cricket in one of the most

highly populous countries in

the world. Where are they

all? The only thing I can come

up with is that Twenty20 cricket that they're happy just to watch those shortened forms of

the game. I would expect more

people to turn up on day five because Sachin Tendulkar is not

out but surely he's not only superstar that they go to

watch these days. They've only

got oobt 150 runs to make.

Won't be a long day whichever

way it's decided. There'll be a

result. There's little doubt

about that. It's very, very

hard to make of what's

happening over there because the spinners are getting

wickets and then Australia

comes out and gets a few wickets, two or at gully after bouncing

deliveries, which you don't

usually expect in the Indian

pitches. Always expect tun

expected in India. I think

Australia is going to win this one. I've just got a feeling

they might be able to take those six wickets. ABC News

Breakfast can be watched live

on the web from anywhere. Just

visit the main ABC News website.

Now with the weather here is Vanessa O'Hanlon? Good morning.

We have a trough that's winds causing We have a trough that's combining with moist winds causing showers over

eastern NSW and south-east

Queensland heavy at times. Cloud surrounding a second trough is causing storms over

the country's interior. We've got a front that's bringing showery change to Victoria and

Tasmania, another will bring a

cooler change to southern W and

WA and a trough will drag

showers over the coming days in

Queensland, for the south-east

interior, areas of low cloud

and drizzle. Patchy rain

developing in the far

south-west. A top of 28 degrees in Bundaberg.??

You're watching ABC News Breakfast. Still to come - Julia Gillard the PM has met European and Asian heads of


Government in Brussels, and we'll speak to Philip Williams

who is there on the ground.

We'll also take a look at today's papers and liberty Sanger will join us. Leading

the news this morning, Sydney

police are investigating a

second death linked to a taser.

A man died when police used a

taser while trying to arrest

him. A day earlier another man

died when police tried to

subdue him. Eye witness accounts that a and in Western and in Western Australia the

crime commission has found

police are misusing tasers. A

man was tasered 13 times at a Perth watch house. NATO Secretary-General is calling for stronger ties with Australia. Anders Fogh

Rasmussen has praised

Australia's commitment to

Afghanistan during that meeting

with the PM in Brussels. He's

told Julia Gillard he'd like to promote closer ties with

Australia at a Lisbon summit

next month. Home owners are

bracing for another interest

rate rise today. The Reserve Bank is tipped to increase

interest rates by a quarter of 1% despite the monthly

inflation gauge hardly moving in September. Australia's

swimmers have won three gold

and two silver medals at the

Commonwealth Games. The four by 100m relay team capped off a

good night in the pool by beating England and South Africa. The men's artistic

gymnastics team also won their first ever gold medal. A

pioneer of IVF has won this

year's nobally prize for

medicine. 8 5-year-old British

Professor Robert Edwards began working on vifr in the 1950s. In In 1978. Louise Brown became

the first baby born using the fertility treatment. The

Vatican has criticised the

award victim IVF as immoral. Victoria police will

today continue investigations

into two Collingwood players over an alleged sexual assault. Collingwood fans and players

players have been on a high

since the team won its first

flag in 20 years on Saturday in a replay of the grand final.

The first week cay after the

final is known locally as mad

Monday. And players do their best to keep the celebrations

bubbling along. But the victory party has been

tempered with the report that two Collingwood players have

been questioned by police over

an alleged sexual assault on

the weekend. The AFL acknowledges the allegation has

the potential to seriously damage Collingwood's

victory. Well it would be

extremely disappointing if it

did because I think the last, this final series has been a

great time for the game and I think mind at this stage that this think it's important to bear mind at this stage that this is

a matter under investigation

and we don't jump to any

conclusions. In a statement Collingwood said it's leaving the investigation to

police. And will make no public comment until it's established

all the facts. That's backed by the AFL.. This principally a

police matter. Our role will be

to liaise with the police and

the club to keep ourselves

informed of any developments

but in terms of looking at the incident itself that's

something that the police are doing and we'll do their job. The report doing and we'll leave them do their job. The report has

taken many by surprise, but fans aren't jumping to conclusions yet. It's a conclusions yet. It's a little bit disappointing. But we'll see, time will see, time will tell. Let's wait and see what happens. I'm just

so proud to be so proud to be part of

questioned. The AFL says it

will wait for the investigation

to run its course before it

considers taking any action of

its own. No criminal charges

have been laid. We won't do any investigating for the current time because it's not

appropriate for us to do that

while the police are doing

their job. They don't want to

us do that, they want to be

they'll keep us informed as

appropriate. And after the loss of Gary Ablett to the Gold

Coast team last week, Geelong

is on the hunt for a new coach with with Mark Thompson resigning

after 11 years saying fatigue

has gotten the better of him. I

just got tired of coaching. I

don't want to coach anymore and

the real challenge now is to

find a coach who has got find a coach who has got that

energy and the skills to take

the club forward and that's not

me. West Australian miss are bracing for further violence

between rival bikie gang after a fight between the cheaters and the finks

. There's injured finks members

are refusing to cooperate with

police and officers are police and officers are denying

the dispute is part of a war between the rival

clubs. Forensic officers rushed

to the motor place where

tensions between rival gangs

boiled over into a bloody encounter on Sunday

afternoon. One member received

serious hand wounds resulting

in three fingers being severed. Details are sca,

police know the fight happened

sinned a pit area during a Harley drg racing know is that these two groups came together inside the complex and that something complex and that something has

happened to spark an

altercation. And then there's been physical retaliation

between both. Three member of the Finks admitted themselves

to hospital. One with a gun

shot wound to the leg and

another with serious head

injuries. Police admit they're

still in the dark a about exactly what happened? They are

very reluctant to talk to anybody. They have defended

their lack of presence at the

event.. We had no indication nah any members would attend this event and nah any outlaw motorcycle gang

and I can assure you that if we did know we would have been there and had the appropriate response. That's despite the event being posted on the

club's website.. This

type of event known to attract

bikies so I'm very surprised to

learn that there wasn't any

police involvement. The gang

crime squad was quick to play

down suggestions of gang

warfare? No. There is no

indication that this is the

sort of any war. But police

acknowledge they're bracing for

trouble. It would seem to me

there is some competition territory for illegal activities. Obviously there is some competition for territory activities. Obviously if

there's tensions between these

clubs and it's escalated to

this point, then we have to

assume that there's going to assume that there's going to be

some sort of fallout some sort of fallout from this. Investigators are now

focussing on finding the other

men involved in the brawl. PM

Julia Gillard has met European

and Asian heads of Government

at the start of a two-day

summit in Brussels. Leaders

from 4 # nation also focus on

economic issues seeking comment

ground on ways to fix and regulate global financial

markets. Fildz is in Brussels

and he joins us now. Good to

talk to you. Julia Gillard

apparently has had a chat with

the media in the last little

while? Yes,. Actually she's about to

about to turn up to the media

and have a little chat but

she's just had a chat at a

closed kinner, one at which

only two speakers addressed but

they did leave the mike open a

bit so we did hear a little.

She opened the proceedings by

saying, "To all of those of you

still need your translators

because I do have a thick

accent," but she went on to say that - don't let up on the

global financial crisis. Don't

think that we can return to the

bad old days of unregulated

banking and the sorts of

excesses that we saw and led to

the crisis, we need to be

vigilant, we need to have

learnt the lesson. A very

strong message to everyone there that crisis obviously still has to

be dealt with but also the

underpinning problems that

caused it have to be dealt with

also. It won't be at this forum. More likely forum. More likely the G20 more

concrete action, but it was a

very direct plea not to forget

those lessons. Does she have to

make that argument to European

leaders, are they not thinking

along the same lines at the moment? They are. They're talking about the same things

too. She was just reinforcing

the point for those for whom it

might just really serious action. There is

a sense in some quarters that

there is a bit of slip am, that

people are seeing a bit of a recovery and thinking that we don't need to change much after

all and she wanted to make sure

that we do. As we speak there

are lights Blairing and she's

just arrived in a motorcade at

her hotel having just come from this dinner, I'm just being

pushed out the way now as she enters

enters and she'll soon give us

a quick brief press conference

before she tubs up and goes to

bed. She hasn't had a lot of sleep in the last couple of

days. There was osome high

praise for Australia's role and

financial commitment in particular in Afghanistan early

y in the day. Julia there to oversee that praise too? Yes, and Anders Fogh

Rasmussen - the head of NATO,

gave Australia a lot of praise

for its commitment both in man

power and in money and a strong

sense that as the biggest

contributor, non-NATO

contributor to the war effort

and the reconstruction in Afghanistan, that we did

play a vital role there, and

interestingly, he confirmed and

she also added that they wanted

to have to have a much closer

relationship with NATO in the future and that they future and that they discussed

ways of doing that, there'll be

a restructure of NATO come

November and those sorts of

relationships with countries

like Australia, those far away

from NATO will be drawn closer

in so Australia h have a and also a much and also a much tighter relationship with Europe in

general if she gets her way.

She wants a new treaty with

Europe that will encourage greater exchanges greater exchanges of

information on - such as

research in science and the cultural activities as well so

she's really looking at a very

general and very general and very broad-ranging reconnections with Europe and expansion of those connections

and she's had a very successful

day in terms of she's shaken Mr Hand today than

a normal mayor would shake at a

country show and these are very

powerful hands she's been shaking. Nicolas Sarkozy, the

Germany chancellor, the head of

all the major organisations

here, she's seen thisally and

speak her mind to all of them

and I think she's made a good impression. Do you have time to

quickly tell us about anything

Tony Abbott might have had to

say now that he's in the

UK? Yes,. There was criticism of Tony Abbott was apparently an invitationtor

him to go with Julia Gillard to

Afghanistan on his way to the

UK where he's attending the Conservative Party conference

and he's going meet David

Cameron latter tomorrow. Now,

he said in an interview today that

that he didn't want to arrive

jet lagged, that was one reason

why he didn't go to

Afghanistan, probably not look

too good, but he did of course

add that he fully supported the troops and that he had - that

he in no way was

he in no way was dismissing

their role but he did say that

he did want to arrive fresh and

that will probably stand in

contrast to the PM who has

obviously done those hard yards

in Afghanistan and still done a full cay today. Thank you. The

United Nations climate chief is

urging world leaders to reach consensus on climate change

policy before the next round of

key talks. The conference is under ahead of a meeting this year

aimed at finalising a binding global climate change treaty. Wielding a stamp inscribed with a inscribed with a Chinese proverb with determination we can win anything, the urp climate chief

made a passionate

made a passionate

plea. Addressing climate is not just about Governments making

the decisions that they need to

make. It's about each one of us individually having the determination to change our

behaviour in our life. Last year's year's Copenhagen climate talks were a spectacular failure with

developed and developing nations fighting over who should shoulder the

responsibility for curbing greenhouse gas levels. One of

the most important lessons that

Governments have learned from

Copenhagen is that you cannot

build a tall building without

setting the Foundation The UN

chief pleaded with delegates to

not allow those failures to be

repeated at the next rounds of

talks in Mexico. Thncht is the last negotiating session before Cancun. Now Cancun. Now is the time to

accelerate the search for

common ground. As you know, a

concrete outcome in Coonamble is in Cancun is urgently

needed. Despite pressure from

the US, China is committing

only to a less carbon intensive

economy, not to caughting

greenhouse gas emissions. As

the world's largest carbon emitter, the host emitter, the host nation's efforts to limit emissions will

be under the spotlight this week. developing the economy developing the economy and

improving standard of living is

of the utmost importance. China

is currently in the stage of increasing urbansation.

need for energy will increase

proposely Negotiators will meet

in Mexico in November where

they hope to finalise a replacement for the Kyoto

Protocol. A man has died in

Sydney's West overnight after

he was tasered by police. This

is the second time in as many

days that a man has died while

being arrested by NSW police.

Our reporter is in Sefton and

join us for more. What's

happenedover night? Police happenedover night? Police were

called to a domestic dispute

here at Sefton just after midnight. They say encountered a man armed with

two knives trying to force his

way into a home. They used a

taser to subdue him. He lost

consciousness a short time

later and was taken to hospital

where he died. Police have

formed a critical incident

investigation team to

investigate the circumstances

surrounding his death and a a

post-mortem will also be

conduct bud at police say they're comfortable

with the actions of officers

and say the officers acted

appropriately Of course we reported another incident

yesterday of a man who died in

an incident with police. there any connect between the

two at this stage? Look, no

there's certainly no connection

between the incident yesterday

at the St George leagues club

car park but of course there

are similar circumstances

involved. In that incident

police say they used capsicum

spray and a police baton to

subdue the 35-year-old man but there were reports witnesses that they'd used a taser on him. Police strongly

deny that . They say they did

use a taser on another man

involved in the altercation but

not only man who later died as a result of the altercation. Another

Another critical incident

investigation team has also been perform formed to look

into that matter and certainly

coming on the back of this

incident is going to raise questions surrounding the use

of tasers. Of course as you just mentioned the

investigations are just

starting but in terms of the

public relations impact for NSW

damaging you public relations impact for NSW police, damaging you would expect at this stage? Look they've

certainly gotten on the front

foot of this. At 4am they held a

a police press conference at

Bankstown police station and

that's quite unusual to do that

overnight. There's also going

to be another media briefing

later this morning and we'll

keep you posted on that. They

will trying to get on the front

foot but at this stage they say that

that they're comfortable with

the actions of officers but will be investigating both incidents. Thank watching ABC News Breakfast.

These are our top stories today

- NSW police are holding their second investigation into a possible taser death. The man

died when police used a taser to arrest him overnight. Police

are denying a taser was involved in a second death

during a brawl after the rugby league grand final. NATO

Secretary-General is pushing

for closer ties with Australia.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen has also

praised use's commitment to Afghanistan during a meeting

with the PM in Brussels. And home owners are another interest rate rise, the Reserve Bank's expected to

increase the official rate by

0.25% later today. We're joined

by Miss Sanger. What's on your list today? Well the first

firth is the Reserve Bank board

meets today and we have the

'Sydney Morning Herald' talk

about a reality rise being

predicted. And typical warning

delivered by the Treasurer for the banks to not lift rates beyond the official rate

rise should that occur. We see

that the banks are back to a very profitable position.

Perhaps they always were but a very profitable the global financial crisis.

And that warning coming a midst

econcerns that there might be a

pigger rate rise passed on to

consumers than the Reserve consumers than the Reserve Bank

increases. There was some

fairly tough talk from the Treasurer yesterday but is

there really much that he can

to rein in the banks and keep their interest rate rises in line with the Reserve

bank is under a lot of pressure p there's a lot of litigation

around. I should declare that my firm is pursuing the

litigation around the bank fees so there's a lot of pressure on banks to be transparent about

what they charge and what

they're passing on to consumers so I do think that the

Government Maz more leverage

than perhaps it sometimes might

but just by virtue of being the Treasurer and making a very

strong statement I do think

that the banks would be foolish

to not heed that

also commenting on this. Joe

Hockey has made comment that

when they were in Government

they were able to meet with the

banks before the Reserve Bank

met and encouraged them not to raise interest rates, whether

that's true or not, who knows,

but nonetheless there is that

speculation and that talk out

there. I'm a little cautious

these days after the last big

tipped predicted rate rise,

remember that one? Didn't go

off all. Every economist down

to a man and a woman said

they'd go up. I'm hold fire on this one. This they'd go up. I'm just going to hold fire on this one. This

month it's a genuine line ball

decision. A couple of farts

lying every way. Every comment

out of the Reserve Bank has been been very hawkish suggesting

that they're just itching to

raise rates again but on the

other hand some inflation data

pretty soft. I don't think we

ever really know. It's a

guessing game and all eyes will

be on the Reserve Bank board

when it meet today The front page

page of the 'Financial Review'

there's another financial story

you'd like to look at

too Connected to the last one and this issue about greater

transparency for consumers. We

saw the review into financial

planners and long tail

commissions last year which has

led to the review and the requirement for those long tail

commissions to be phased out by

mid-2012. What's being reported

however is that with greater

transparency what we're seeing

is more upfront fees and percentage-based fies and

what's being reported in the

flu is that in fact is meaning

more fees for consumers rather

than less. This is being defended by the are essentially charging these fees saying that there's a bigger service - greater

service being provided which

you'd hope would be right.

There's contrary data in that

same article suggesting however

that other research shows that

the big six financial institutions are still

recommending products for superannuation monies that are

connected to their own

products. So I think the

relevance of this article is

that there's now greater receiving for their dollar,

what they should be paying and

also where that money is going.

I don't think we've seen the last of the discussion last of the discussion around financial planners', fees,

commissions, when it comes to

the investment of our monies. The the 'Australian' is

also reporting on the Liberal

Party today. Some ruckses in

Tony Abbott's ranks over industrial relations? Yes,,

front page story for the

'Australian'. I think this is

an interesting story because it shows that

shows that some of the cracks are starting

Abbott's side of the fence and

the big issue is whether there

ought to be changes to their policy around unfair dismissal

laws. Tony Abbott laws. Tony Abbott had announced... An issue your law

firm would be very interested in? Absolutely. Tony Abbott had announced prior to the last

election that will would be no changes to industrial changes to industrial relations

laws in an effort to neutralise

the anti-WorkChoices issue.

What I think is interesting

about this is that we've got four Coalition members prepared

to to go on the record and make comment on the front page of

the 'Australian' about why they

want change, particularly with

respect to small businesses. It

sounds like it's a

emboldened backbench and you

just wonder what that must mean

for the dynamic of the

Coalition behind the scenes. Another five prepared to talk

off the record. You've got nine

members of the Coalition

prepared to talk to the the

'Australian' about the

issue. This is an issue that's

of great importance to the Coalition. Their on other side of the fence to

the Labor Party and they're

always going to Gow through

this decision aren't they? Not

all of them believe that

WorkChoices was - is such

mill stone around their neck

and some do see elements of it

as being good to bring back.

What got us so close to losing,

is this just a similar revisiting of that philosophical discussion? It

probably is. I think the jury

is still out on how the will settle for all sides, I

don't think we can say both

sides anymore, for all sides of

the political divide in this

new parliament, how much more

honesty for want of a better

world there lob in the policy

positions tail take. There'll

be a much greater need for each

side to differentiate themselves from other and the

much greater needtor stronger connection to the base before

the next election. Andrew Robb

has charged with the task of overseeing a policy review and

I do think it's that everything be put back up

on the table. If this is reviewed it will be counter reviewed it will be counter to an election commitment made by Tony Abbott but, you know, it's

a new parliament, and that will be what

be what happens. But I do think

there'll be a lot of Coalition members worried about revisit

ing anything that might have a WorkChoices I think the to

it. We'll look at the swimming shall we because the Commonwealth Games are under

way. This is where Australia is always expected to do rather well, the pool? Absolutely. I

think we're off to a flying

start in the pool. Had some

good results from Kylie Palmer and Alicia Coutts. But perhaps unsurprisingly the big story is

Nick Darcy. This was expected

to be his big comeback

following his bar room brawl

and he rather unspectacularly failed to qualify for the

final, one of the papers is

reporting that the reason for

this was not Delhi belly, he

just didn't swim fast enough. But why? It happens at

just about every games, there's

someone who is a favouritor who doesn't perform like that. They will actually

but to not even qualify, I

don't think we're quite getting

our heads around the dimension

of. That everything you train

forks everything you do and you

don't even get to stand on the blocks. Something spectacularly

bad has gone wrong and I wonder

if it's either overtraining or

a mental game that you've got

the to play as well? It would

have been a tough thing for him

coming back of the difficulties

and the expectations placed

upon him. I feel for him and all athletics. Much nicer

sitting here watching

rest of the day's sporting news here is Paul Kennedy. Thank

you. I think we've got the

medal tally to show you, just

moving on from a wrap up there.

It's four gold, three in the

pool and one with the

pool and one with the men's

gymnastics teams winning a gold

as well. Australia comfortably

on top and look to see

Australia leading the medal

tally for as long as the swims

lasts anyway. We'll move on to

the cricket and take a look at what's happening there. It's

also in India of four, Australia didn't make

many runs, just got past 200

and India is 55 in reply but

they've lost four wickets so

Australia is in with a real chance and they say these games

can be on a knife edge. It's

probably evenly poised as it

can be with Sachin Tendulkar can be with Sachin Tendulkar in

at the crease. In the A league

Sydney FC's chances of

retainingis Premiership that it

won last year is all but gone

now. It started off OK scoring

the first goal for a penalty against the Adelaide Reds then dladz scored twice more to

win this game 2-1 and that was

one of them. I want to fit this

in. The Ryder Cup has been won again by the Europeans. It came

down to the last hole and lease haunter

haunter Mahan, he needed to get

up and down but he did what

weekend hackers do

occasionally, he Discoveried

one and was inconsoluble after the match. In fact fvt was

brought to tears at the press conference because perhaps cost his team the

Americans a chance of winning

it and after this putting, it

was clear that he could not win

so the Europeans celebrated and there was plenty there was plenty of emotion

there. Europe and all of its

players, Graeme McDowell the US

Open win inner from Northern

Ireland, they've been looking

forward to one for a long time.

A good result for them and no

doubt the Americans will be

looking forward to the next

time God to see that duff Makes us all feel a bit better. I

better. I might show you that press conference later. Paul Kennedy thank you very Kennedy thank you very much. Now with the weather here is Vanessa

Vanessa O'Hanlon. Thank you. A

few showersy days ahead few showersy days ahead for

parts of the country. This

morning it's wet around the

Alice Springs aeroplane. 14mm overnight. Not much rain activity on activity on the coast at the

moment but more is for caste

today through north-east NSW

but nothing like we saw

yesterday. Over 67mm at Coffs Harbour and Yamba, 2 #.6. In Queensland today -

More of ABC News Breakfast after this.

Another man dies during an

arrest attempt in Sydney.. They

were confronted by a man armed with two knives. As a result,

of that, one of the police

officers has deployed a

taser. Julia Gillard tells NATO that Australia will stay the

course in Afghanistan. The

Reserve Bank tipped to raise

interest rates interest rates when it meets this morning. Australia celebrates a golden haul in the

pool. We were pretty happy with three gold

Good morning. It's Tuesday 5 ookt. I'm Neil Woolrich. And I'm Virginia Trioli.. The stop

story on ABC News Breakfast -

snree police have formed another critical response team

after a second death links to a

taser ch a man died after police used a taser while trying to trying to arrest him. It's just

a day after another man died.

They deny witness accounts that

a taser was used. ABC reporter

is in Sefton and joins

for more. What can you tell us about the overnight incident.

? As you say a man has died

after being tasered by police

here at 70en in Sydney 'West.

Let's take a look at what the

detective had to say about the matter? About 12:30am, matter? About 12:30am, police

from Bankstown were called to an address in relation to domestic dispute. At that

location they were confronted

by a man armed with two knives.

As a result of that, one of the

police officers has deployed a

taser and the man taser and the man was arrested. During the course of the arrest

the man has become unconscious and police have conducted CPR

for a lengthy period of time before the ambulance arrived.

The man was conveyed to Liverpool politician station

where he since died. Have it,

police have formed a critical incident

incident team from an

independent command who inquiry in relation to the

circumstances vunding the

entire incident. At this point,

entire incident. At this point,

the police, we're looking after

the police in terms of their welfare and at this point the

police are very comfortable with the circumstances surrounding what's occurred. We reported yesterday the death of

another man involved in an

incident with police. Is there

any connection or similarity in

the circumstances between those

two incidents? Look, the two

deaths are unrelated but the circumstances are quite similar. After

final celebrations, a man was

tasered. He was not the man who

died. Police say that the man who died after those celebrations in an altercation, they used capsicum spray and a

police baton on him but there

were conflicting reports from

witnesses. Witnesses say that

police did use