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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, the deadly Kogarah crash - shocks the NSW Coroner's Court. security footage Pool safety laws under review

across the State. following a series of drownings And a legal showdown in south-western Sydney. over plans for a Muslim school It's going to be conflict. Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. from the childcare downturn, Also, the parents who'll suffer most unwanted pooches from death row. And a little pampering saves

But first this evening, the Coroner's Court in Sydney, the video that shocked pedestrians at a bus stop in Kogarah. showing a car ploughing into the motorist has been cleared, Although about how learner drivers are taught. the accident has raised questions This CCTV footage captures the moment mows down 12 pedestrians. a learner driver

in a busy Kogarah street, The accident, including a baby. left several seriously injured, 20-year-old TAFE student Emma Hansen Toyota Echo before being run over. landed on the windscreen of the

She died a short time later. looking for answers. Today her mum came to court public safety and public awareness again, that would be terrific. so that nothing like this happens of the out-of-control car Behind the wheel was 43-year-old Rose Deng. was under instruction from a friend The learner driver instead of the brake. when she hit the accelerator The charges against her were dropped she's a Sudanese refugee when a court was told who suffered post-traumatic stress after witnessing her husband's murder.

Rose Deng didn't come to court today to give evidence at the inquest. and she won't be called

be detrimental to her mental state. saying her appearance in court would drivers could be better taught The inquest will consider how learner and will also focus on mental health legislation to be dropped. which allowed Ms Deng's charges We just miss her so much what she could achieve in her life and would have liked to have seen and it would have been fantastic. She was that type of girl. Ms Deng can reapply for her licence. Current rules mean

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. tough new safety laws The Premier is considering in backyard pools within a week. after three toddlers drowned their exemption from having a fence. Owners of older pools may lose Ethan and Matthew Hill last week The deaths of twins

on Saturday and then 2-year-old Harry Connors to consider tougher laws have forced the Premier for backyard swimming pools. There is an issue around fencing requirements tightened. whether existing pools need to have

in 1992 Pool fences became compulsory installed after that date. but only for those a review is under way Now the Premier says may soon have to comply. and all pools watch their children 24 hours a day Even the most loving parent cannot so we have got to be on high alert. Just a few months ago, wandered into the family pool 2-year-old Carey

after the gate was left open.

by chance. His mother only spotted him there I was going to be physically ill. I was so scared, I felt sick - like for an alarm system for the gate. That close call prompted them to look They found one in Canada.

imports the devices. Their family pool fencing business Once a button is pressed, to pass through and close the gate there's just 11 seconds before an alarm sounds. without first pressing the button. It also sounds if the gate is opened has officially started, Now that summer the RLSS has put out a new check list their fences are up to standard. for pool owners to make sure

a set-and-forget thing. A home pool fence is not is a changing dynamic environment. The backyard

The checklist is available from the website The check list is available from Evan Batten, Ten News.

A bitter court battle has begun at Bass Hill. over a plan to build a Muslim school the project came face to face on site Residents and supporters of

in a tense stand-off. of the proposed Muslim school Supporters and opponents were kept apart by a security guard, local residents onto the site. who initially refused to allow eyed each other suspiciously, The two groups so many Muslims at the school site. the first time residents have seen a Land and Environment Court hearing. They were there for Commissioner John Roseth will decide adjoining Bass High School. whether the new school can be built

why should we apologise... If it doesn't cause any problem,

educational institution - A school, a school, kids will be learning. Yeah, they'll be learning. to our school? OK, well why can't they go told the commissioner Former teacher Robyn Deane too big for a quiet residential area. the school for 1,200 students was from the two schools. She feared violence between students a wealthy school - But to see in your face every day

good uniforms, the whole bit - there'll be resentment, yes. with this opportunity I want to provide my daughter to grow up living in Australia to learn about her religion. and have a chance still have told the court The school's supporters the growing number of Muslim children they want to cater for choosing a religious education, concerned about increasing traffic. while the local residents are most

It's one of the reasons to approve the development. Bankstown Council refused the problems with traffic, You see here this morning

a couple of hundred people here. and this is just with

battle now moves to the courtroom. After today's on-site hearing, the John Hill, Ten News. shot in the Mumbai massacre A young Australian woman due to land in Sydney within an hour. is on her way home tonight -

Her escape from the gunmen of heroism now emerging. is just one of the remarkable stories joins us now from Mumbai. Ten reporter Emma Dallimore in the centre of this violence Emma, the hotel workers caught up their sacrifice and their bravery? are the latest to be praised for at the Taj Mahal hotel We now know that hotel workers used themselves as human shields,

potentially hundreds of guests protecting and opened fire. as the gunmen stormed in that Australian David Coker, We also hearing the boyfriend of injured Aussie Katie Anstee, will be nominated for a bravery award when they finally return home to Australian soil. Stretchered out, smiling, Katie Anstee left Mumbai's Bombay Hospital last night, surrounded by medics and a relieved mother -

the young Australian finally on her way home

four days after being shot by ruthless gunmen who terrorised Mumbai. As hundreds of locals crowded the gates, to India orchestrated her departure. Australia's High Commissioner Yes, she'll be going in due course. Then, in the back of an ambulance, Katie and her mum headed for the airport and a Qantas flight to Sydney. (SIREN WAILS) travelled behind, Boyfriend David Coker

hailed a hero for carrying Katie to safety while injured himself. Police are still searching the ruins of the Taj Mahal Hotel for bodies but all Australians known to be in Mumbai have been accounted for. Clean-up too at the Leopold Cafe, where Katie and David were targeted as Westerners in the first attack. They've reopened to a celebration... (ALL CHEER) ..locals defying terrorists with their determination. We are going to get back to our feet

and we are going to show them that nothing is going to stop us. It is to prove to the terrorists we have not lost - we have won. While the Indian Government says all the gunmen were from Pakistan, the political casualties are mounting. (ALL CHANT) Politicians, shame! Shame!

after warnings from US intelligence about an attack by sea were ignored.

Local fishermen say they tried to stop 10 men coming ashore carrying AK-47s and backpacks full of ammunition. It's believed the terrorists commandeered taxis to carry out their deadly attacks. Anger combined with grief at a candlelight vigil for the victims. The people of Mumbai have had enough of the violence. They want answers from their government and, after the mourning, a chance to move on in a country free of terror. Let's go back to Emma now, and there is still a great deal of nervousness across India at the moment? Yeah, that's right, Deb. Delhi has raised its security to war level and we know that the next few days here

will be critical in the relationship between India and Pakistan. Back to you.

Ten reporter Emma Dallimore there in Mumbai. A special Qantas flight is about to evacuate hundreds of Australians trapped in Thailand by the closure of Bangkok's airport. Travellers are now being urged to reconsider any plans

The protesters' cause is to free the Thai people of its government, but as a consequence they've trapped thousands of tourists by shutting down Bangkok's international airport.

Unfortunately, it is looking like there will be some form of violence. Hundreds of Australians have been wedged in the battle, but, for some, there looks to be a way out, with the Government requesting the help of Qantas. I am pleased to advise that they are putting on a flight

which will leave very early tomorrow morning through Phuket. 300 Australians will be bussed from Bangkok to Phuket. They'll then fly to Singapore, where they can make their way back to Australia. Good to get home and make sure everybody else can stop worrying about us. There'll be a second flight on Wednesday and Jetstar will offer another flight later in the week. Today, another small step - protesters allowed 37 planes to leave the besieged main airport,

but not with passengers, and protesters are staying put. If the government cannot remove them through peaceful means, then there will be fighting. and there is a chance, possibly, the army will come in and do a coup. With the protests continuing to spiral, the Thai Government says it may be up to a month before the airport reopens and that's prompted our Federal Government

to issue a warning for all Australians to reconsider any travel to Bangkok. Pro-government protesters are also storming the streets. The Thai Government is calling for calm,

but that scenario is looking less and less likely. Natasha Exelby, Ten News. Brad McEwan joins us with a look at sport, and the second Test is all over? Australia skittled New Zealand today. The Kiwis' batting was very ordinary as the Aussies won by an innings and 62 runs. The highlight on day four was an unbelievable slips catch from Ricky Ponting. the catch of the summer The skipper may have snared as he dived at full length to clasp a screamer. Also, the dash to splash - some amazing pictures of the Crusty Demon

who went in search of crustaceans in Sydney Harbour. Plus, we'll have Wayne Bennett in the red and white on his first day at the Dragons, and he's already targeted one big name for being overweight. the easy way to avoid e-tag rip-offs.

Plus, the community fighting to save its local maternity ward. We're dealing with bureaucrats who've mostly never looked a patient in the eye. And the towns facing huge losses after flooding in the north of the State. Overnight virtually we've lost the whole crop.

like crisp Australian apple slices and apple juice, (MCDONALD'S THEME)

This program is captioned live. Drivers are being told to buy their e-tags interstate to avoid being ripped off. New South Wales users have paid a staggering $100 million

for set-up fees that are free in other States. Most drivers think paying tolls is a bit rich. But it's now been confirmed there's almost $100 million sitting in bank accounts earning interest from the money you pay to set up your e-tag. We're paying a literal fortune for the pleasure of driving on roads which we've already paid a fortune for in fuel excise.

The NSW-based operators are holding the millions in surplus. The RTA itself has $32 million just sitting in its general account - money it says it uses to cover the costs of the tags. The RTA has already spent $30 million in eight years to purchase tags. The Opposition says the sums don't add up, asking why the RTA's still $32 million ahead. The fact is,

if they've got that sort of money they don't really need it. All three NSW e-tag providers ask for a $40 deposit - money you pay up-front and rarely see again. Interstate, though, the set-up fees automatically turn to credit.

And in Victoria the Breeze tag even offers motorists a bonus $20 for signing up online. And it's that reason prompting this message to shop around. A NSW resident can get an e-tag from Victoria at no cost

and use it on Sydney roads. But the Government says its user-pay e-tag is value for money - over your driving life. It's not apologising for the tag deposit or considering ditching it. Understandably - thousands more drivers are rushing to sign up as the Harbour Bridge prepares to go cashless in January. Josh Murphy, Ten News. It's feared more women will give birth in cars

worsening hospital cutbacks. because of It follows mother and baby services being pulled from another country hospital

and now angry locals have come out to fight. It's a cost-cutting exercise that's making this town sick.

Pambula Hospital is the latest small community to lose health services -

first the obstetric unit and now paediatric services too. ALL: Boo!

There's been a hospital here for more than a century, affecting almost everyone in the town. So no-one was surprised when 2,500 people turned out to protest. That's twice the population. Every single person here will be involved in this fight. Pregnant women will be forced to travel up to an hour pregnancies in cars, I think there's going to be a lot of people maybe not making it to Bega.

The Government says it's simply a staffing issue, but could not reveal exactly how much it costs to run a unit like Pambula's. It's somewhere about 1,400 premature deaths are occurring in rural NSW alone because of the lack of attention to healthcare for people in small rural communities. That's three times the State's road toll. Medicare claim figures show another inconsistency.

Where you live in Australia very much determines your value for money in healthcare. An Access Economics report found expenditure is roughly $200 per person in the city but it slumps by more than $70 in rural communities and that's because there are fewer services to claim for. We're dealing with bureaucrats who most of them have never looked a patient in the eye, most of them have never sat down with a patient and tell them bad news. The no-confidence vote in the Government was clear.

WOMAN: All those in favour of the resolution, with a show of hands, say 'aye. Amber Muir, Ten News. Australia is to play a key role in the world's largest study of cancer in children. It aims to pin down environmental and genetic causes of the disease. It's hard to imagine these young girls were once very sick.

No, you're not! Aww, yeah! When just months old, Millie and Emma were diagnosed with leukaemia and life-saving chemotherapy was their only hope. We were diagnosed one night, started chemo the next day, so we really didn't have a great deal of time to even get the facts. To watch your baby go through that - it's heartbreaking. But a world-wide study examining the environmental and genetic factors that differ

between children who get cancer and those who don't hopes to come up with preventative measures. Of course I asked, "What did I do wrong during pregnancy?" Of course, no-one knew the answer. To be able to answer that question would be of enormous benefit to us as clinicians. Cancer is still a leading cause of death among children, and while today there's an 80% survival rate, researchers believe they can do much better.

This is the first study in the world on the causes of childhood cancer, that starts with babies who are healthy and we follow them and their families until some of them - a very small number of them - will actually get childhood cancer. More than 1 million babies and their mothers across 15 countries will take part in the study over the next five years. I'd never like anybody to walk in my shoes, never. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News.

A massive clean-up is under way in the flood-ravaged north-west of the State. Gunnedah and Tamworth have been declared natural disaster zones after torrential rain caused floodwaters to rise over the weekend. Rivers peaked in low-lying areas of Gunnedah last night but started clearing this morning. You get used to it. Wheat and cotton crops have been destroyed, devastating farms just a few days out from harvest.

You know, what has been durum has come right back to feed and we've done about $250 a tonne on the price of what's left to harvest. downriver to Bogabri and Wee Waa. The floodwaters are now surging

Painter and a bishop is standing in.

Painter and a bishop is standing in.

Summer has hit with a vengeance.

The 1st December was definitely

some art today. There is a gusty

wind coming through. It is still 30

degrees but it did it 31 which was

our hottest summer daily into use

in the city. Last summer was so

cool. 32 out west at

cool. 32 out west at Campbeltown and

and at the airport. We have forgotten

forgotten about the rain that he

took the weekend. The ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock is next. Also, a top new job for Hillary Clinton. And a little pampering saves unwanted pooches from death row.

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And to check the traffic now. You

think everyone has gone to the think everyone has gone to the

beach this afternoon. It seems like beach this afternoon. It seems like

that because we are experiencing a

very quiet afternoon. We're not complaining.

complaining. That has live pictures

of the M4. Usury that when beer car

park heading west but it's a

beautiful run it all away. I hope

it remains that way. New parents could be hardest hit by the collapse of ABC Learning. The childcare union says of newborn babies will be shut down centres with a high number because they're too expensive to run. ABC Learning in Miranda has run out of room. But despite 100% occupancy, it's one of the centres receivers are considering to shut down.

Most of those at risk have a high number of newborn to 2-year-olds and the union thinks it knows why they're on the hit list. Nought to two is where you have higher staff costs. We think they're being targeted. Under law, operators must have one carer for every 15 children up to five years of age but, for babies under two, they require three times as many staff. Those areas with the greatest need for the nought to 2-year-old care may well disappear from our childcare environment because of the cost structures the receiver has considered. Ten News understands there's already several community and business-based groups interested in taking over at-risk ABC centres. They not only include local councils and church-based groups - there's also an aged-care provider considering a jump into child care. The union has begun petitioning for a further $34 million to keep unviable childcare centres open until at least March. Community groups want the money used to purchase centres earmarked for closure or for the Government to offer low-interest loans so non-profit groups can take control. Propping up addresses the short term but not the long term so we'd like to see that $34 million invested in a different way. ABC's receivers will announce which centres are most likely to be closed on Wednesday. James Boyce, Ten News. Banks are being warned to pass on tomorrow's expected interest rate cut as quickly as possible. Experts say quick action is needed to stop the economy stalling. The relief has been a long time coming - petrol below $1 a litre and expected to go even lower before Christmas. It should mean prices generally have peaked. Inflation is yesterday's issue and, as a result of that, they can focus solely on stimulating the Australian economy, insulating the Australian economy from the global economic slowdown. The bad news is the economy is stalling. There'll be confirmation on Wednesday, but the Reserve tomorrow won't be waiting for the national accounts. We expect the Reserve Bank to cut rates by at least 75 basis points tomorrow - they may even go as far as 1%. The Treasurer getting in early with a message for the banks. And should there be a cut in official interest rates to pass it on as responsibly and fully as possible. Mr Swan says the Government and the Reserve Bank are both pulling in the same direction to stop Australia falling into job-destroying recession.

The Opposition accuses the Government of reckless spending. He's panicked and he's seeking a leave pass to run into the red - and, I fear, massively into the red. The Treasurer seized on Mr Turnbull's refusal in a radio interview to rule out a deficit in any circumstance. Four times he dodged that question. straight answers. MAN: Oh, no - he was gonna get The Government homed in on reports there's dissatisfaction in Liberal ranks with the performance of Shadow Treasurer Julie Bishop. Malcolm Turnbull is standing by her. The reports have angered some Liberals. All those people that lack the courage to publicly identify themselves,

I think says it all. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, Westpac has finally completed its $15 billion takeover of St George? Ron, it's been seven months in the making, but today St George is officially a subsidiary of Westpac - As part of the takeover deal, All Ordinary Dragon shares have now been transfered to Westpac. Hundreds of job losses are on the cards,

as CEO Gail Kelly attempts to extract tens of millions of dollars in savings for the new-look bank. Profit-takers pushed the resource and banking giants into the red today. All eyes are now on the Reserve Bank. Financial markets are looking for a 100-basis-point cut to the cash rate tomorrow. By the closing bell, the All Ords was down 50 points or 1%. Iron ore miner Fortescue Metals denies takeover talks are behind the 21% jump in its share price today. And that's the day in finance. Former first lady Hillary Clinton is about to become the world's most powerful diplomat after her husband promised to cut back his work. President-elect Barack Obama is set to name his former rival as his Secretary of State at a press conference in Chicago tomorrow morning. President Clinton wanted his wife to be president, to succeed him,

so secretary of state is not a bad consolation prize. If it means giving up a few foreign speaking gigs and some lucrative opportunities, he's willing to do it. He really has enough money now. the names of donors to his charity to avoid conflicts of interest with his wife's new job. He'll also submit future speeches to the State Department. Ahead, the parents who'll suffer most from the childcare downturn. Also, conjoined twins born against medical advice. Just glad that we proved those doctors wrong. And superstar Sting shares a little-known talent with Sydney audiences.

(Beeps horn) Five minutes! VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings with a quick drive-thru breakfast from McDonald's. WOMAN: Have a great day. Sorry. SONG: # If I could have one moment just for you... #

('POLKA' BY YVES KLEIN BLUE PLAYS) # Brother, hold your head this way # And bustle to the front of the line # 'Cause if they catch your eyes before you get inside # Well, you'll never be allowed # But if you feel that way now # Or if you ever feel so inclined # Skip past the doors of boring 40-somethings and rise # Oh, and if you wanna lose your frown # Or your name or even your face... # Pack more into life in a Lancer Sportback, the all-new hatch. Love that car. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - the Coroner's Court shown CCTV vision of a car ploughing into a bus stop at Kogarah. The crash killed a 20-year-old TAFE student and raised questions about how learner drivers are taught. The woman behind the wheel has been cleared and won't be attending the Coroner's hearing on health grounds. Pool safety laws are under review following a series of toddler drownings.

Owners of older pools may soon lose their exemption from having a fence. to separate supporters and opponents of a new Muslim school at Bass High in south-western Sydney. A decision on the development will be made by the Land and Environment Court after the proposal was rejected by the local council. A Sydney day spa is helping moggies and doggies on death row put their best paw forward this Christmas. They're undergoing extreme makeovers for their prospective new owners in a celebrity-inspired program taking them from wags to riches. It's a home away from home, and a grand one at that. It's not very reminiscent of my place, that's for sure, especially the bathroom. From the bathroom... the playgrounds... the individually themed nurseries, this is one extraordinary boarding kennel. My dog is a connoisseur. He likes only the best. He's spoilt, spoilt, spoilt so he'd definitely go the doggy spa.

The spa offers everything from mud masks to massage, but it doesn't come cheap. Doggy daycare begins at $50 a day. Sleepovers starts from $65 per night, depending on the size of the guest. But not all of the dogs staying here are just looking for a holiday. Some of them, like Stanley here, are looking for new home. He's currently staying at the RSPCA and after a day of pampering today, it's hoped he's going to find some new owners. CEO Mandy Richards is committed to a permanent partnership with local animal charities to help re-home dogs. We're going to allocate a few cubbies within the facility, permantly, to doggy orphans. Just like their well-heeled friends, the Struggle Street dogs are groomed and pampered. They also have their bios posted on the company website, where it's hoped they'll find new homes for the holidays. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. an emergency separation Conjoined twins might have to undergo after their mother defied doctors and refused an abortion. The tiny girls, Faith and Hope, share a liver and blood vessels. They're joined from the breastbone to the top of their navels. Doctors had recommended terminate the pregnancy. the 18-year-old mother I'm just glad we proved those doctors wrong and that we've given our babies a chance to live. When I saw them, they were like tiny little dolls and I was touching Faith's hand and she just grabbed my finger. Doctors say the girls are stable

but, if their condition deteriorates, they may need emergency separation surgery later this week. Pop star Sting is back touring Australia for the second time this year with something completely different.

He's traded 4 strings for 26, swapping his bass guitar for a 16th-century lute. This is megastar Sting as you've never seen him before. After winding up the enormously successful 30-year-reunion world tour with the Police, Sting is back in Australia with something absolutely fabulous. Joined by Bosnian lutenist Edin Karamazov, the pair is performing the greatest hits of 16th-century songwriter John Dowland. This is a kind of antidote to that - this is very quiet, sensitive music.

There's no drums.

There's no arguments - he just does what I tell him. The tour kicked off at the Sydney Opera House last night, with Sting dedicating the show to designer Joern Utzon, who died yesterday. You know, I've been coming to Sydney for about 30 years,

and I've looked at this building with a kind of non-specific vague longing, never imagining for a minute I'd ever perform here. Do you get nervous when you do a show like this? It's much easier to play to a big stadium - a cricket ground of 50,000 people, than it is somewhere quite intimate. I know it's the Sydney Opera House, but it's still quite intimate, so people are very close, they're listening very carefully -

one mistake is very jarring. The 57-year-old father of six doesn't believe in taking a break - last week he was in Paris, singing in an opera with Elvis Costello. It went pretty well, actually. and I had the time of my life. It got pretty good reviews But he's also had to deal with the marital woes

of some very dear friends. You and your wife introduced Madonna and Guy Ritchie and you're godfather to Rocco. Are you upset with what's happened? Yep, it's very upsetting. But what can you do? People fall in love and they fall out of love. That's life. Sting and Edin play Brisbane tonight before travelling to Melbourne and Perth. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport now with Brad, and a new era at the Dragons. New coach Wayne Bennett has declared the Dragons will lose their soft tag. shortly. We'll see how he's settling in Plus - Australia's second Test mauling of New Zealand. It's a match that will be remembered for the captain's classic catch. COMMENTATOR: What a catch! Ricky Ponting! And a diver at the ready plunges into the Harbour. as a Crusty Demon Dad forgot to put the ad in?

You can talk - you're driving a motor mower. On your way. It's your last chance to get your ad in. Call now! Miriam is a tiger-toaster. And Ian is a streaker. There are many different ways people eat their Vegemite. But how do you like your Vegemite? because the nation needs to know. Oh, come on, mate! Flap your wings around or something. Have a bit of fun with it! Well, that's unprofessional!

It's your last chance This program is captioned live. Australia has thumped New Zealand in the second Test in Adelaide, winning by an innings and 62 runs. Brett Lee snared five wickets today. Kiwi keeper Brendon McCullum put up a fight in what was an otherwise insipid performance by his team. things were looking up for the Kiwis. Brett Lee quickly brought them back down to earth. COMMENTATOR: And he's got him. Oh, he's got him, second ball. Aaron Redmond out and skipper Ricky Ponting called for his pacemen to go in for the kill. Brett Lee followed orders, with the wicket of Jesse Ryder.

In the air - yes! 'Binga's bowling continued to baffle the Black Caps. Taylor his next victim, out for just one run. And while Jamie How did his best to provide some resistance... Aw, he's crunched it! ..his innings came to an end

when Ricky Ponting stretched out for Lee's fourth. Outside edge and - oh! What a catch! What a catch! he was flying to his right. Ricky Ponting -

The pair putting to rest And although Haddin was unable to emulate his skipper's reflexes, Johnson's dismissal of Daniel Flynn had Australia eyeing off day 4 victory. Very close, indeed, and gone. Nathan Hauritz's spin began to get the most out of the Adelaide pitch. Johnson was happy to make the most out-of-sorts batting line-up. Bowls him! Straight through the defences of Peter Fulton. Daniel Vettori given a tough initiation to the second innings, but the skipper looked intent to put up a fight until Hauritz ended his stay 32 balls in. The drastic fall of wickets Brendon McCullum's batting style... Michael Clarke watches it go over the ropes. ..his half-century a rare highlight for the Black Caps, as Brett Lee secured his own milestone - a 5-wicket haul.

Off the pad, then the bat, and, yes, he's given him! His pace partner Mitch Johnson taking the final wicket to hand Australia a convincing Test win. Adam Thompson, Ten News. New hope for long-suffering St George Illawarra fans today with Wayne Bennett's first day on the job. The 6-time premiership-winning coach is promising their soft reputation. the new-look Dragons will shake off The emperor's new clothes already a comfortable fit. I just had a look at myself in the mirror once -

which I normally don't do - and thought, "That's OK, let's get going." Underachieving club, overachieving coach - Bennett averaging a premiership every 3.5 years in his 21 seasons with Brisbane. His initial goal for the Dragons is much more humble. There's a perception that St George haven't been tough.

Well, I'll guarantee they'll be tough next year. His new players already in awe. Obviously, having him around - you want to push a bit harder. A little bit of nerves for everyone, first day. One of his old ones telling them what to expect. He finds out what makes you play the best, whether it's niggling you, like he does with me, or whether it's stroking your ego a little bit - and obviously a player like me doesn't need his ego stroked - but the guys are gonna get so much from him, not just from being a footballer, and he makes you a better person. A lot of people don't understand what it takes to build and create teams, but I do and I know what I've got to do here. There's also enormous expectations here in Bennett's new community. His first season with the club will mark 30 years since the Dragons last won the premiership.

Wayne coming here doesn't guarantee us a premiership. We've gotta do the work. If we don't win a premierships, I can live with that, but I'm certainly not able to live with myself if I don't do my best. It's going to a tough start - games against Melbourne, Brisbane and Cronulla in the opening month of the season. But, first things first... He just told me he wants to lose my big arse. Leanne West, Ten News.

Despite Robert Allenby's family anguish, he will continue to support the Australian tour. With his ill mother's wishes,

the 37-year-old will play on in this week's PGA Championships at Coolum and the Australian Open the following week.

A charity gig was probably

the last thing Robert Allenby wanted this morning. But with his family, his best mate and a court jester by his side, the show went on helping raise funds for kids with cancer. It's a pretty awesome thing. It's one of the proudest things I can say that I do. The world number 29 yesterday battled tears and his game as the gold jacket he so wanted for his gravely ill mum Sylvia fast faded away. COMMENTATOR: He wanted so much to win this for his mother. I probably got a lot out of my system that I've been holding back for a while. It's a tough thing. It's a tough thing.

I could only imagine what would have been going through his mind. It just would have been a tough round of golf. After his charity dinner tonight, Allenby flies to Coolum tomorrow

to prepare for this weekend's PGA championship. The week after he'll continue with his Australian Open plans - only because the boss told him to. I will purely only be going for her and I'll be trying to win for her. I know I can win one of the next two events

and it'd be pretty special if I did. He has loftier plans for 2009, and all going well, a far greater prize to bring home. I hope my mum can last till the US Masters next year so I can try and win that for her. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Arsenal has secured just its second win in the last six English Premier League starts with a come-from-behind victory over League leader Chelsea. The Blues went ahead before Robin van Persie scored twice in three minutes to reignite the Gunners' stuttering campaign. COMMENTATOR: Van Persie - he's done it again. Manchester United had been Arsenal's only other conquest in recent weeks, Wayne Rooney gave them a 1-0 win over cross-city rivals Manchester City,

despite being down to 10 men after Cristiano Ronaldo saw red for a handball. Those Crusty Demons have been at it again in sensational style over, on - and in - Sydney Harbour today. That's right - in the harbour. Australia's maddest daredevil, Cam Sinclair, launched himself from a vertical ramp

and performed a near double backflip on his bike, which came close to landing on him as he careered into the water. and got slightly winded I just hit the water

and I was like, "Oh!", but I was sorta all good. He's the only Australian to ever perform a double backflip on a motorbike and the third man in history.

Later in Sports Tonight - the Melbourne Storm return to their training in the NRL grand final. since their loss to Manly

Did get the bike out. He did it

because he could. Some problems on

the Hume Highway. The traffic

leaving him five East is busy. This

is a brilliant run home tonight. Better than a Sunday afternoon.

It's the first day of summer and what a sparkler! Stay with us - the full weather wrap is next.

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What a hot and blustery cold

evening in Sydney. That half-hour

you spend with the blow-dry it was

worthwhile. Device been around worthwhile. Device been around in

his cousin it so work with me here.

A good it was six degrees above

average. But as the horror stay in

the city for two years. It was 32

degrees out west and spring is

behind us and we have its behind us and we have its summer with

There are some cloud over NSW and

eastern Victoria with a trough and cold

cold front generating a few showers.

Low cloud behind the front and

westerly winds are causing storms

in Tasmania. A trough will cross

the Top End is triggering scattered the Top End is triggering scattered

storms. Cold westerly winds will

cause a showers over South East

Suffolk South Strahan and western

Victoria. Showers for northern

Queensland and the Top End and

Northern WI. The second trough will trigger

trigger thundery showers over

inland WRAF. A chance of showers

for the mid- north coast. Showers for the mid- north coast. Showers for Southern Victoria and Tasmania for Southern Victoria and Tasmania

and Queensland, the for Southern Victoria and Tasmania

and Queensland, the NT and inland

WA. This has not been a ban spring.

It was cold and cloudy but there was

was only 10 millimetres more rain

than average. It was one degree

warmer than the average and that

seems incredible. If today is any

gauge summer will be a hot one. Welcome to summer. That brings you up to date on the news at 5:00.

I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us -

we'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 11:00. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia

Ohh! (CRIES) You're here, harassing me. You're the only person she's got. Save all that crap for the judge. Mom? Look, somebody tried to kill me, Marcus. OK, so where are you at? At home? Get out now! No, no, I'm OK. I'm OK. I'm in the car, the doors are locked. OK, so where you headed? OK, look, we're gonna find out who did this. Look, Marcus, why aren't you listening to me?