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Live. Today - Ian Thorpe's dream shattered after he misses

the cut for the the cut for the London

Olympics. It's hard coming this competition Olympics. It's hard coming to


failing in what I set out failing in what I set out to

do. The clean up begins do. The clean up begins after

Cyclone Lua crosses the WA

coast. A man dies after being Tasered by police in central

Sydney. And 27 dead after twin bombings

bombings in Damascus. Hello, you're watching ABC

News 24, I'm Jason Om. Let's

take a quick look News weather::

Well Ian Thorpe has missed out on the London Olympics out after he failed to advance through to the 100 through to the 100 metre

freestyle heats in freestyle heats in Adelaide. The swimmer clocked 50.35

seconds to record The

fastest time of the morning. The top 16 The top reached the semifinals were reached the semifinals were led

by James Magnuson who made 48.26 seconds.


still plans to continue his

swimming career but disappointed. It's tough.

hard coming to disappointed. It's tough. It's


and really failing in and really failing in what I set out to do. I'm disappointed

with with -

been able to race in a way that's reflective of the work

that I've done and how I've

train ed. But, you know, I don't regret giving this

I know that this is - I know that this is - compared to how I raced before, how to how I raced before, how I've competed and the success that

I've had, you know, this I've had, you know, this does

look like, you know, it looks

like doom compared to


put myself out there I'm glad that I was willing to

put myself out there to give this a shot and I'm pleased with that part and this a shot and I'm pleased with that part and disappointed that it hasn't been the result

that I wanted. Cyclone Lua has

uprooted trees and uprooted trees and flooded build ings in WA's Pilbara. build ings in WA's Pilbara. Lua

crossed the coast north of Port

Hedland late yesterday as a

category 4 system but it's category 4 system but it's now

weakened as a category 1 and moved inland. A moved remains for inland nouns including Nullagine. Here in Port Hedland the cyclone threat has

cleared. I can see Hedland

the first time in about two

days. It's actually, I

getting back to normal. The

cyclone has been downgraded to

a category 1 days.

moving sort of south-east moving sort of south-east of where I am towards the goldfields. Overnight it was where I am towards the east

still a category 3 goldfields.

still packing very strong winds

of up to about 150km/h as it moved through some of moved through some of the of Marble Bar, Nullagine Newman which is a big mining town were all Newman which is a big BHP

mining town alert as the cyclone went through those communities. heard the Pardoo roadhouse has through those communities. We

copped a bit of damage from the

cyclone. This is where the eye

of the category 4 storm crossed cyclone.

cyclone. the coast. It bore St

brunt of the cyclone's fury, brunt of the cyclone's fury, I

suppose. We will head out suppose. We will head out there

this morning to see what actually happened actually hearing the roadhouse is hearing the roadhouse is quite badly damaged. Some of the petrol petrol bouzers have been knocked over. Because it's so knocked

hard in terms of hard in terms of communication, some of the phone lines are down so it's difficult to some of the ascertain what has Here in Port Hedland residents ascertain what has happened.

Here are breathing a big sigh are breathing a big sigh of relief last relief

alert was lifted about 6pm and relief

we scrambled out of our motel we scrambled out of our

room to see what was and everybody was room to see what was happening


and to emerge from

think there was a bit of cabin think there was a bit

fever so people were pleased to

actually actually get

Port Hedland was supposed to receive receive quite destructive winds

but it looks like, you know, it

has escaped has escaped relatively

unscathed. Residents of Hay in the NSW Riverina are waiting to has see if the town's levee will protect them from major

flooding when the Murrumbidgee River peaks


More than 1,000 people More than 1,000 people from low-lying areas have been told

to leave the town and to leave the town and roads

into Hay have been closed. The

tested if the river reaches the SES says the levee will be SES says the levee will

predicted 9 predicted weather forecasters in Queensland are closely monitoring a tropical low monitoring a tropical low which could develop into a cyclone in the Gulf of kairp tearia in the

election election day or two. A cyclone

Northern Territory border watch has been issued from the

Northern Territory border to

the western side of Cape the western side of Cape York. Gales of up to expected in the region by

Monday morning. A man has died

after being shot by a police

Taser in Sydney's confronted the man Street early this confronted the man in Pitt

Street early used capsicum spray and a Taser to subdue him. They say Street early resisting arrest after a robbery at a Street early in The Rocks. in The Rocks. The homicide squad is investigating. This is a tragic incident a tragic incident that's

occurred this morning and it clearly demonstrates that

Tasers are not an alternative

to the use of

Tasers in fact do kill Tasers in fact do kill people and we need much more

and we need much more stringent controls about the way in which

they're deployed, they're deployed, which police

use them and in what

circumstances. I think what the

police should be doing police should be doing is halting the use of Tasers until

a coronial inquest into this

event is complete and event is complete and ensuring that they're not used that they're not used to enforce police enforce

is often the case. enforce sounds like, from the few facts that are available at the

moment, that there could have been alternatives

been police. At the moment police

have an Arsenal of weaponry available, capsicum spray, available, capsicum spray, and in affecting an arrest the last thing you want to see is thing you

somebody die. What we need to

do is ensure that the use of Tasers is limited because Tasers

clearly they're not an alternative to the use alternative to the use of lethal force. They do kill

people. Syrian authorities people. Syrian authorities say 27 people have been killed in 2

car bombings in Damascus. The

targets were a police targets were a police building and an office of Air Force intelligence. A string intelligence. A string of bombings hit Damascus bombings hit Damascus bringing the Syrian conflict the Syrian conflict back to the heart of the conflict. Syrian

State television showing charred bodies and

on the streets said

on the streets said terrorists using cars packed with

explosives had carried out explosives had carried out the

attacks. The first bombing a attacks. The first bombing a -

explosives security building, the security building, the second hit the Air hit branch. Both are vital

government institutions. government these areas was also these areas was also attacked

in explosions last December killing more than 40 people.

Once again one of the Once again one of the most heavily guarded and secure areas of the capital heavily under attack. One military analyst says analyst says targeting would not have been would not have been that

easy. So you need the know how

and you need logistics

you have to bring this would

put it and then explode it in a

certain time in a way and then you have to flee the area. You

have to assure that you have an

exit strategy so if you want to have

do all of this it means that

you have, we call have that you are familiar with

that you are familiar with the

place, that you are

situationally aware, that you

are protected, you know what I

mean? So all situationally

required to do such kind required to do such kind of thing, especially thing, important place in Damascus

important place in Damascus and near the aviation intelligence

centre. State TV nah centre. State TV nah rated its

version of events through angry

residents of Damascus residents of Damascus who blamed foreign powers for blamed foreign powers for the bombings. This is the humanitarian assistance humanitarian assistance of

Qatar's Hammad and Saudi Arabia

want fo give us. sending terrorists in the name

want fo of jihad. TRANSLATION: To the TRANSLATION: To the people of

the Arab Gulf and

the Arab Gulf and America may TRANSLATION:

This is our country and This is our country and it's dear to us. These are civilian,

what did they do to get kill

snd curse you. May This find success and dignity. One

opposition group opposition group says the opposition this attack to mobilise this attack to mobilise support among the Christian community

living in al-Casar living in al-Casar insisting living

role in it. Two

role in it. Two UN missions are

on ware they to the country on ware they to the country for the second time. The Opposition

says this could be a reason for says this could the Government to try to tarnish the tarnish uprising. With these competing narratives it's narratives

difficult to know what's really

happening inside Syria. A man

described as the difficult

the Gaddafi regime has the Gaddafi regime has been the

Officials say Abdullah al-Se

noosy, one of Gaddafi's most trusted aides was detain ed at

an airport. Al-Se trusted

Libya when Gaddafi was ousted

and killed last year after

months of fighting months of fighting with anti-regime rebels. Al-Se noosy

is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes Criminal against humanity. US politician Nancy Pelosi Nancy has a special interest in the

arrest. We have arrest. We

interest because of his arrest. We

Lockerbie bombing situation but

it's really good news for the

people of Libya, this kind of

bringing closure is bringing

accused of killing 16 accused of killing 16 Afghan

civilians nearly a week ago has

arrived back on American soil.

Army stauf Sergeant Army stauf Sergeant Robert

beals was flown to a security prison in Fort Levin

worth, Kansas. worth, being held in solitary confinement. This is

confinement. This is sauf being

veteran of 3 tours in Iraq veteran of 3 tours in Iraq for which he received numerous

commendations. He's been described described by one former commander as a great soldier.

But there was no hint of a hero's welcome when he arrived back

back on US soil last night.

Fort Levin worth in Kansas is home to the US back maximum security prison and

Sergeant beals is being held there amid allegations maximum shot dead 16 unarmed

civilians and set fire to civilians and set fire to the bodies. Robert beals joins the

army in 2001, just a week after the September 11 terrorist

attacks. During those attacks. During those 3

deployments to Iraq he was

injured twice injured twice suffering

concussion in a roadside bomb

attack and then losing

concussion in

his foot. He was diagnosed with

traumatic brain injury as a

result of the concussion result of the concussion but cleared for duty after

receiving receiving treatment. US officials have not Robert beals was missing from

his base around the time the massacre took place in

Afghanistan. Was Afghanistan. tragedy the work of a tragedy the work of a man traumatised by his experiences

on the battlefield? The US on the battlefield? The US Army

insists it's doing all it can

to screen soldiers for signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. I'm confident disorder. I'm confident there's sufficient screening


prior to repeated or prior to repeated or during repeated repeated deployments. We continue to continue better at that every

time. Sergeant beals'

time. Sergeant beals' Se

Seattle home is now deserted. His

His wife and Seattle

have been moved apparently have been moved apparently for their own safety and their own safety and neighbours

are struggling to reconcile are struggling to reconcile the are struggling can't believe it was him. can't believe it was him. There were no signs. It was just

really sad. I feel so sorry for

him and his can't

feel he's just a victim feel he's just a victim of a feel he's

Sergeant beals' home base

military officials are equally perplexed. The key question they will have to military having suffered that concussion

was he mentally military

to the battlefield. Iran's banks and banks have been stopped from using

the make or receive payments. make or receive payments. SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide

Interbank Financial Interbank Financial Tele communications, one of the largest bank transfer systems

in the world. in the world. Under international pressure SWIFT has blocked as many as 30 Iranian banks Iranian banks from using the system. It's a design to target the

the country's the country's oil system. Grain unloading at Iran's biggest port. The move to further unloading isolate the country's isolate the country's economy could make trade could more difficult in the

future. But it's Iran's future. But it's Iran's bank

customers who will feel the

immediate affects when immediate affects when they find they're unable to make simple international simple international banking transactions. The organisation transactions. The

transfers based in the transfers based in the Belgium

capital Brussels is pluling the

plugs after the European union

a put in transfers

against Iran. In 2010

against Iran. In 2010 44 Iranian institutions reported against they used

they used SWIFT more than 2 against million times. million times. These transactions amounted to $35 billion in billion alone. One London-based trade expert says it expert says it may take some time for Iran to feel the pain

but the pain will come. The Iranians haifed that sanctions Iranians

for the last 33 years so they Iranians

know how to circumvent them but Iranians

what any extra sanction what any extra sanction means, means extra cost and the extra

cost will be passed on to the

consumer so the products in the

shops will be more shops will be more expensive,

so it will reduce the so it will reduce the buying power of Iranian consumer. So

it will eventually lead to it will eventually lead to less

demand and it

will become a low-demand economy. The European Union

imposed the new sanctions to

put pressure on Iran to put pressure on Iran to suspend its program of uranium enrichment. Western countries enrichment.

believe the program is designed

to create nuclear weapons. Iran says it's only for says it's only for peaceful purposes, generating electricity. There's been no purposes,

reaction so far from reaction so far from Iran's reaction they've condemned such moves they've condemned such moves as illegal and bullying tactics. Counting is continuing

illegal Timor after yesterday's

presidential election. The vote

is being seen as a crucial test for the young for the incumbent Jose Ramos Horta is

up against 11 up against 11 other candidates. He says there have been reports

of minor breaches of of minor breaches of campaign rules but overall he says rules but overall he says it's

been a peaceful election. Our

reporter Sarah Everingham is in Dili and says of a very tight contest between

the candidates. What we know is it's

it's close and it's it's close and it's unlikely any candidate is going to any candidate is going to win the more than 50% of the vote that's required to win that's required to win in the first round. first go to a run-off vote between first

the two leading candidates. the two leading candidates. The question now is who those the candidates will be and it's coming down to coming between the three candidates

we've heard so much about we've heard so much about this week and they are the incumbent, Jose Ramos Horta,

the Fretilin candidate Francisco Guterres, Francisco former head of the mill chair

Ruoso ru. The Francisco

through last night, very

provisional results, provisional Francisco Guterres ahead,

followed by Jose Ramos Horta.

Each of the campaigns is doing

their own counting. followed

had their own candidates ahead.

But we are hoping some time

today we will know who those

two leading candidates will be.

This year marks 10 years since

the formal independence from Indonesia and we know that East

Timor has struggled to peace and stability over that

time. But now East time. But now East Timor's trying to show it can run its

own affairs. The United own affairs. The United Nations is planning to withdraw from East Timor at the is year. There's this election year. There's this election and then a parliamentary election

in June and a lot of people are saying that free and saying that free and fair elections this year are going

to be crucial for East Timor to

maintain the peace and stability that we have seen

over the last couple of years

here. Victims of the here. Victims of the Maralinga nuclear test in South Australia

during the 1950s and '60s have suffered a disappointing

setback this week. The British

Supreme Court has ruled that

too much time has passed since

the tests which means the the British Government cannot be

sued. Earlier we spoke

Hudson, one of the lawyers

assisting the assisting the Australian-based veterans in their class action

against the British Government.

She says that while it appears the door to compensation

through the courts has through the courts has closed

lawyers for the group lawyers for the group will

continue to lobby the

Australian Government. Yes,

and we have been doing that for

the past two years or so that

we've had our Australian class

action under way. Unfortunately the Government's position has the

been - seems to have

the '50s and '60s was that our

veterans weren't exposed veterans weren't exposed to veterans suffered the health conditions which they do today. So some of our calls have been heard in our calls vain at the moment but we will our calls

continue to speak with continue to speak with the other options. Now it's time for sport and swimmer Leisel for sport

Jones has become the first

Australian swimmer Australian

to qualify for four Olympic Games. She Games. the London Games in Games. metre breaststroke at the selection trials in Adelaide last night. last

reporter Ben Knight spoke reporter Ben Knight spoke with Weekend breast Breakfast earlier today. It was Weekend

moment. It was one of moment. It was one of those highlights you get at events like this. Her comeback is like this. Her comeback is not really a comeback, it's something quite something quite different. She's always been there really

won gold medals at the won gold medals at the last Olympics. So he's had to keep going for another going

and simply hang on. At 26 years of age. Because she started at and

the age of 14 and it

the age of 14 and it was

interesting to hear her talk

about what it's interesting have a career like that. interesting

couple of times in couple of times in media

interviews she was doing during

the night she talked the night she talked about

having been around having been around the sport

for so long and how monotonous

it can be and I'm sure anyone who has done any kind who has done any kind of

swimming training can relate to that so you can only that so you can only imagine

the sort of commitment it's

taken for her to get there. She has been that so

did manage to make it. She did manage to make it. She also talked about the pressure she

put on herself, talking ahead talked

of these trials about talked was going to go to the was going to go to the Olympics and all of a sudden getting and all of a sudden getting to

that final and having to

actually perform. So a I think

a huge amount of relief for actually her. But also a huge amount of

pride. She made pride. you know, this one was you know, this one was almost for the CV and I don't think

she quite meant it to come out

that way. I mean if you're a competitor of that stature competitor you're always going to go there and

and perform but she does take

an enormous amount and for her the other for her the other feeling she

has is that all this enormous

hard work and all this enormous

commitment has paid off as commitment has paid off as a commitment has Olympics she obviously Olympics she obviously never dreamed that dreamed

to her 4th but dreamed keep that going and she's talked a bit about that and talked what it's been like to have to

be so focused for so long and talked

what sort of sacrifices she's had to make. One of hardest things is seeing my

friends they get to Friday night, they get to have

a really good time Friday and would love to do those

things but I go to bed at things but I go to bed at 9:00, 9:30, I'm in bed doing the right thing and 9:30, 4:00 on Saturday morning when all the drunk 9:30, home and you wonder is that 9:30,

more fun but this is way more

fun than anything. What more other stand from the swimmers there

overnight? Well, of course last

night we also had the night we also had the final that Ian Thorpe that Ian be swimming in which was be swimming in which was the

200 men's freestyle. Thomas

Fraser-Holmes qualified in

that. The other one was the men's individual men's individual medley which was a surprise because Australia typically doesn't do

well in this event and only one

bronze medal since the event first appeared in the Games first appeared in back in Tokyo. That was 48 first appeared in

years ago. He's pulled first appeared in

remarkable performances at

these trials. Emily first appeared in

qualified very well in the qualified very well in the 100 metres backstroke but all metres backstroke but all these performances have sort of been flying under the radar a flying under the radar a little

bit with all the focus on the big names. Of course bit with

those big names is Ian Thorpe, bit with

even though he wasn't even though he wasn't swimming

last night. We're expecting him to have another go later tonight, I understand, if he

makes it through preliminaries this morning and what expectations what for Ian Thorpe. Well, difficult

to know. He swims in the heats this morning and he did swim a

very good 100 this very good 100 metres first one

100 metres of his 200s in the this

heats but obviously when it

came to the semifinal there

wasn't enough there and wasn't enough there and it's not his favourite event. not his favourite event. As the

head coach says this is really an event he's physically designed for so it's designed for so it's going to be extremely difficult be extremely difficult for him. Not only that, he's coming up be against some superstar

sprinters. James mag be

Magnuson who is considered to

be a top contender when it comes to the London comes to the London Olympics.

So it's an absolute mountain

for Ian Thorpe to climb. There

will still be a lot of support be

in that room for him. And in that room for him. And we've also been following the

progress of Nick D'arcy progress of Nick D'arcy who, of course, has had some

controversy in the course, he been performing? On one level he's been level he's well. He's been absolutely

smashing his heat and his

semifinal performances. He's a

street ahead of anyone else in

the 200 metres semifinal

for him, you know, semifinal important for him to make these

Games. He was obviously, it's very well known, that he did

not go to the Beijing Olympics because of the assault because of the assault on

fellow swimmer Simon Cowley and fellow swimmer Simon Cowley

there's been more there's been more controversy

over that recently with him

declaring bankruptcy which

obviously meant that he wasn't obviously meant that he

in a position or wasn't pay the damages in a position or wasn't able to

in a awarded against him to awarded against him to Simon

Cowley. But in the pool he has

been performing

been level. He still hasn't got an A

qualifying time. What that

means is that he's swum to an Olympic qualifying level Olympic qualifying level but not the top level and that's what's expected for

Australian swimmers. So Australian swimmers. So his

presumably win it, you'd have final is tonight. He will

to say that's going to happen

on form. He still needs to make

that A qualifying time but then

it's going to it's going to be controversial,

I think.. There will be some question over whether he should

question be part of the team or

team-mates are going to team-mates are going to relate

to him based on that

bankruptcy. Swimming Australia

have said they're not going to have said they're not going

oppose his selection if he

qualifies. The final decision

is with the is committee. They've beaskally

said we'll do what swim ing Australia recommends. An interesting one coming up interesting

there. Thank you, Ben, this

Miriam. Adelaide has Miriam. Adelaide has won the first piece of sill silverware with a victory over first piece of sill -

the West Coast in the preseason silverware with cup final. The Crows silverware with

winning by 34 to give Brenton Sanderson Sanderson the perfect start to winning by

has suffered its third straight defeat after being thrashed 42-6 by North 42-6 by

night. The Melbourne Storm had

a big win defeating 42-6 by

30-6 on the Gold Coast. 42-6 by

made its worst start to a Super made its worst start to

They've had Rugby season in 15 years.

They've had one win from 4 games losing overnight 21-20 to

Western Force. In New Zealand

the Highlanders narrowly out the Highlanders 19-17. This the Highlanders narrowly edged

morning the Queensland Reds

lost 27-22 to the Sharks in Durban. And Lewis Hamilton has

start of the secured poll position for the

start of the Australian Formula secured poll One grand prix in Melbourne

today. Australian Mark Webber

is in 5th secured poll defending world champion

Sebastien Vettel will start in sixth. Webber says both he and secured poll Vettel have a tough job of them to reel in the McLaren's. West Daniel Rycard o will start McLaren's. West Australian

Daniel Rycard o will start in

10th at his first drive at the

venue. Taking a look at the

satellite image. A satellite image. A tropical cyclone Lua is bringing

destructive winds and heavy rain

rain over inland WA. Another

tropical low is generating rain

and gale force winds across and gale force winds across the

and gale

country while a high is

southern Australia mostly country while a high is keeping

Around the States southern Australia mostly dry.

Australians will have Australians will have only

one more chance to catch one more chance to catch Dame Edna ef ridge on stage. Edna ef ridge on stage. Creator Barry Humphries has revealed his new show will be Barry

live tour. At 78 the veteran live tour. At 78 the

performer said it's time for live performer said it's time for

him to move on. He live


Laugh' will be his final Laugh' will be his

farewell to the country. It starts in June Laugh' from one dame in drag to

another, a group Laugh'

dresses in Tokyo have staged a

tribute to Whitney


selection of the They mime their way through a

selection of little more than a month

she was found dead in a bath

tub in Los Angeles. lamented the early demise of tub in Los Angeles. Performers

the singer and their

The actor best known for his role as role

Orange' has been given a star

on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Malcolm McDowell was surrounded

by his family as by his unveiled Boulevard's British pub at Boulevard's British pub at the Pig and Whistle. Among those to

pay tribute was Gary Oldman who credited the veteran star credited the veteran star with


saw Malcolm in this film and I

thought that is what I want to do. You're watching ABC do. You're watching ABC News 24, I'm Jason om. Stay with us 24, for offsider s rr. Closed Captions by CSI Hello again.

Thorpe Welcome to Offsiders. Ian

Thorpe put it best when he said his dream had become nightmare. Now the questions his dream had become a

are being raised about whether Swimming Australia should have

invested so much money in an apparently-failed attempt. We

will be crossing to Adelaide

this morning to talk with

Gerard Whateley who is covering the Olympic qualifiers for the

ABC. If you're looking for weekend sporting highlight and ABC. If you're looking for a

Black Caviar is not racing, can

you always rely on Billy Slater. Two plays left. Smith

the kick for Slater! Billy came up with it. It sailed

across the dead ball line. This Program is Captioned Live.

With presumably years to go

in the game Billy Slater has

already become the highest

scoring full-back in the game's

history. Craig Bellamy was

asked about this and he said he

didn't see Churchill play,

Lange lands, Eadie and Belcher,

he thinks he's better than all

of them. I can't be sure but

Billy Slater. You won't see Billy Slater. You won't see a better player. I think he's right. A better full-back or a

better player? Better player -

gee it is hard. I don't like lining players up in this lining players up in this way.

It is hard to imagine anyone in

the last 20 years who can do

the sort of things that the sort of things that Billy

Slater has done and if you look

at his age he still has time at his age he still has time to go. Across all the codes

perhaps? I think he's the most entertaining entertaining footballer across

all Australian all Australian football codes

right now. If you have $20 and you can only spend it one you can only spend it watching one player, I would watch

Billy. Beau Champion didn't

even see it coming. He thought

he had the ball. The week

before in week one when he took

that AFL football hanger and

mark of the year and grounds

the ball. It is not only that,

it is his movement and ability

to break the lines. Adam, as a rugby union person, the

Wallabies hierarchy must draul

at the thought of him playing out the World Cup. What I

really like about Billy is off

the field. He's squeaky clean.

He does all the right things. He's the complete package.

There is a lot of stars that There is a lot of stars that

you would say are the best

across all codes but they have

their problems off the field. He's

He's a super athlete and He's a super athlete and super

human being. Every week the opposing coaches sit there opposing coaches sit there with

their black boards and there is no magic about the moves, this

area pretty similar every area pretty similar every week

involving the players. They there and work out what there and work out what players are going to do and you can't

defend it because it comes nowhere. With the Olympic

swimming trials in Adelaide, swimming trials in Adelaide, we will cross to Gerard Whateley