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inside his luxury sports car an underworld figure gunned down Tonight -

in an exclusive Sydney suburb. over a joke about dying children. The Chaser team taken off the air

the pain and anger that it's caused. We realise nothing could justify back home to consider his future. Cricket bad boy Andrew Symonds for tonight's Sonny Bill showdown And Sydney set with the Wallabies. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Sydney's underworld war most exclusive suburbs. has moved to one of the city's on a man and woman Gunmen have opened fire outside a North Shore home. as they sat in a Lamborghini as they hunt the attackers. Police are appealing for calm 35-year-old Fadi Ibrahim, in the upper body, arm and stomach. shot five times (MOANS) shot in the leg. Also wounded, a 23-year-old woman -

At 11:30 last night, in a black Lamborghini they pulled up in Castle Cove. outside Ibrahim's home unmistakeable to startled witnesses. It was then, shots rang out - I was standing near a window four or five sharp cracks. and I just heard a lone gunman was waiting Police believe and opened fire into the car - the intention clear. I think it would be quite obvious in the upper part of the body from the injuries in the vehicle. that person tried to kill the male on this quiet suburban street say Residents keeps to himself. their neighbour is polite, There's never any sign of trouble. a brazen crime should occur here. Now they're rattled such they have been to the house before. Police confirm of thousands of dollars confiscated Fadi Ibrahim recently had hundreds by the Crime Commission. is linked to outlaw bikie gangs His brother Sam

last night's shooting but police say

to Sydney's bikie war. is not necessarily connected

after emergency surgery. Ibrahim is in a critical condition has been interviewed by police. His injured female companion in hospital. Both are under police guard

there could be reprisal attacks Police are always concerned such as these in relation to incidents and as such, in relation to that. police have put in strategies

The Chaser team is disappointed for two weeks the ABC has taken the show off air making fun of dying children. over a sketch the pain and anger they've caused The comedians have apologised for admitting they made a mistake. looks like eating humble pie. This is what the Chaser team

We really did get it wrong. We got it wrong.

'Making a Realistic Wish Foundation' In their sketch, were the butt of the joke. terminally ill children they're only going to die anyway? Why go to any trouble when they refused to apologise. Initially, that's going to offend no-one, If you basically only make comedy

then you know, that's not exactly the kind of thing we do. They've changed their tune. We'd like to apologise. We do want to apologise. and we apologise. And we're really sorry for that

We realise that the pain and anger that it's caused there was nothing that could justify to people who have suffered so much pain already. 'The Chaser's War on Everything' The ABC has pulled off air for two weeks. editorial decision-making process It will also review the to be broadcast in the first place. which allowed the sketch We've just heard from the ABC

for a couple of weeks that they're pulling the show which is disappointing to us to keep making the show. because we wanted but we do want to apologise. We don't agree with the decision Alaina Short, five years ago, who lost her son Addison

she wants the show dumped for good. accepts the apology, but and it's just trash It's taxpayer-funded, the ABC,

and we just don't need that. considering his future in the sport Cricketer Andrew Symonds is in disgrace. after returning home from England is talking to friends The troubled all-rounder about what to do next putting on the baggy green again. but it's unlikely to include walk of shame It's an all too familiar Sent home again from national duties fallen hero. for Australian cricket's

as part of his rehabilitation, after breaking strict guidelines has plunged deeper into crisis. Andrew Symonds's life to sort of consider, I suppose I've got a fair bit this morning and I appreciate you all coming down

and make a proper, full statement and I will sort of come out gathered my thoughts when I've sort of

and seen family and friends,

as soon as that is ready to happen. so we'll let you know refused to answer questions The 33-year-old

from the Twenty20 World Cup squad over his axing of alcohol-related incidents. for a series His team-mates, a bitter falling-out with Symonds, including those who've had dismissed claims there were other agendas. It's certainly not personal - for the benefit of the team. the decision was made Seven News understands and Cricket Australia was strained, the relationship between Symonds this latest off-field drama. even before According to team insiders, has never recovered mentally the embattled all-rounder

more than a year ago since the Harbhajan Singh racism row with a lack of support when he felt let down from the sport's governing body.

is set to tear up But Cricket Australia international playing contract. Symonds's

is now off the table The discussion that had started a contract for the next year. and we're not talking about for Queensland Symonds may still play and will rely on an Indian Premier League deal worth close to $2 million.

has quit his post A second Rudd Government Minister with Bob Debus declaring at the next election. he'll leave politics altogether from the Home Affairs portfolio The shock resignation of Mr Debus

make major changes to his ministry. has forced Kevin Rudd to His discipline, his integrity are legendary, and his application to the complex and challenging task of our national security

has been simply outstanding. Joe Ludwig takes over as Special Minister of State after John Faulkner replaced Joel Fitzgibbon as Defence Minister. Party powerbroker Mark Arbib and rising star Greg Combet become first-time ministers. Authorities are investigating if nine protected trees if eight protected trees cut down on Sydney's North Shore were removed to improve someone's Harbour view. Those responsible have been labelled 'environmental vandals' by outraged locals. It's one of the best views in Sydney, from Chowder Bay right across to the Heads. It's also one of the newest. Until recently, eight trees stood in the way. Two weeks ago, men with chainsaws cut them down. They're angophora costata or smooth-bark apple tree. In these soils, it can take them up to 75 or 80 years to grow to the height of what these ones were when they were felled.

It happened in daylight. Divers in the water below called authorities, but the offenders escaped. Neighbours, like 2UE radio broadcaster Steve Price, are furious. It's just unacceptable vandalism, that's what it is. You're taking away something that's been growing here for so long. It's really sad and dreadful. There is now an almost clear strip of land in front of this house on Morella Road, in Clifton Gardens.

There's also evidence trees have been disappearing for years. We're on the edge of the national park here. We've got these beautiful gum trees. That's what makes this part of the world so fantastic. National Parks and Wildlife plans to punish those responsible. We are asking for anyone who might have witnessed the act or has any information to contact National Parks with information. Just 5 metres across, there are still trees. You can't see as much,

but in my books, they're still million-dollar water views. The fine can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. The trees will take decades to grow back. Veterans who have won the right to sue the British Government over atomic tests conducted in Australia in the 1950s say it's a hollow victory. The former servicemen have been given the go ahead to seek compensation for radiation exposure but for many, it's too late. About 8,000 Aussies were used as nuclear guinea pigs during a series of blasts in South Australia, WA and the Pacific in the '50s and '60s. Only 1,500 are left, many of them are sick. I've had two heart attacks, quadruple bypass, I've got blocked arteries everywhere.

The Australian Government has stalled paying compensation, claiming it was waiting on a ruling in the British High Court. Yesterday, that happened.

Veterans popped champagne in England after they finally won the right to sue the British Government but their lawyers aren't representing Australians. Many years ago, the British Government paid the Australian Government ?20 million to provide a compensation fund for Australians, so we're not involved with them. So, where has all the money gone and why hasn't the Australian Government passed it on?

The Prime Minister says he'll look into it. I've always believed it's important to deliver justice to those who've been affected by atom testing in Australia but I'd like to review, first, the text of the decision.

Under the Australian system, and capacity for health and other support, Atomic blast veterans have been fighting to get a gold card

and basic benefits for years. They want the Government to finally give them the recognition they deserve. But they're not holding their breath. Given five or seven more years, there won't be anybody left to worry about - the Government will be off the hook.

First, there were weight-loss programs and acting lessons, now Seven News can reveal public servants are enjoying Government-funded pilates classes. The Intellectual Property Agency says it subsidises the cost of exercise to keep staff happy and healthy.

Pilates helps improve concentration, breathing and relaxation. Inhale - two, three, four, five. It's a favourite exercise for the rich and famous and now, public servants are embracing it. And switch, and switch. But Seven News has discovered the Government is helping to foot the bill. Since 2007, the agency which controls copyrights and patents

has spent $35,000 on pilates classes for its staff. According to the agency's website, employees think it's one of the best things about their job. This year, IP Australia also held a fitness challenge. The cost - $37,000. Many bosses believe

a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce and public health experts agree

all organisations should encourage their staff to keep fit. Everybody knows when you've exercised, your mind's actually working better, you tend to produce more so I think, actually, it is a really good investment. But voters think subsidising fitness for bureaucrats is a bit of a stretch. Oh, well, it's wrong - not everybody can get it. No, I don't think it's fair, no.

Still to come - the drug on trial in Australia that's helping shrink cancer tumours. Also, Princess Mary takes a piece of Sydney to Denmark. And the cowboy from Winner who's lived up to the town's name in a big way. That's next.

A pilot has died after crashing his ultralight plane into a paddock in the Hunter Valley. It's believed the man lost control while taking off from Rutherford Airport. The pilot who was killed is a Newcastle man and 50 years old and is, at this stage, believed to be a co-owner in the aircraft.

Air crash investigators are examining the wreckage.

Australian doctors are trialling a breakthrough treatment

to fight deadly melanomas, with incredible results. The drug is shrinking tumours and in one case, they completely disappeared. 37-year-old flight attendant Chris had a melanoma cut from his armpit two years ago but the cancer spread to his lymph nodes

in his pelvis and in his back. After a failed treatment in the US, Chris finally flew from New Zealand to Melbourne to trial a new drug.

The trip was worth it. Two weeks previously, I had a tumour this big and he said "and this is you yesterday" and the spot was about this big so it was very, very exciting. The drug, known as PLX4032, targets a cancer-causing mutation

that is present in half of all melanomas. This is perhaps the most promising treatment we have yet to do something about melanoma that can't be cured with surgery. 55 patients are involved in the trial, some with staggering results. One patient with 100% shrinkage and other patient with 85% shrinkage in their tumours. While the success of the trial drug will have significant implications for melanomas, early results suggest

it could also be used to fight other types of cancers - the cancer-causing mutation found in melanomas is also present in colon and thyroid cancers. Further trials will be carried out to determine how widely the drug can be used. Taking inspiration from Sydney's Sculptures by the Sea, Denmark's Crown Princess Mary and husband Frederick have opened the first international version of the exhibition.

The royal couple took the popular event to the Danish people, after enjoying the annual Bondi to Tamarama display. 26 Australians are exhibiting their works, alongside artists from Europe and Asia. A 23-year-old struggling cowboy from the small American town of Winner has won $300 million in Powerball. Until now, his family was so poor, they didn't have a phone,

and their mobile home had been repossessed. My family has been helped by the community and I intend to repay it that many times over. After tax, Neal will pocket around $111 million. He plans to buy a bigger ranch. Sport with Joh Griggs. It's Sonny Bill Williams versus the Wallabies tonight. Chris, let's hope he can live up to the hype.

We'll cross to the footy stadium for the latest next. Also tonight - more pain for Tigers fans after their side's fifth straight defeat. COMMENTATOR: The Panthers have got themselves another try.

And wild scenes as the Netherlands humiliate England at the home of cricket.

Fai presto, cosa stai a fare tanto tempo?

Dobbiamo cucinarla, dobbiamo mangiarla. Si, nonna. Quando tu fai una cosa, ci vuole svelta. Si, nonna. Questa testa! Nonna! Ah, cos'e questo formaggio che metti? Se ti vedeva mia mamma... Devi farla bene, non devi trascurarla.

SONG: # Try it on, Philadelphia Try it on. #

Wests Tigers captain Robbie Farah apologised to fans, after his side suffered their fifth straight defeat last night.

In Melbourne, the Storm's Origin stars backed up to thrash the Broncos, while Panthers halfback Luke Walsh starred in his side's gritty win over the Tigers. The Tigers and Panthers put on an old-fashioned cat fight at Leichhardt and Paul Aiton went right back to his roots, It was tight into the second half, thanks to a controversial try to Robbie Farah. Benji Marshall's pass off the ground was allowed. COMMENTATOR: If he's not tackled it's rugby union. Level at 10-10,

Panthers halfback Luke Walsh took control - first, setting up Brad Tighe, then scoring two late tries to seal victory - their fifth from six games since Walsh joined the Panthers from Newcastle.

He's won the game now, Luke Walsh. I remember our first training session, we were looking at each other sideways and going "Oh, that's right - does for you". The Tigers have lost five straight. Their chances of playing finals are slipping away. At the end of the day, your brain goes dead when, um, you shoot yourselves in the foot

and that's what we did. just probably apologise to our fans because it was just not good enough. Darren Lockyer and Justin Hodges sat out for the Broncos in Melbourne, but the Storm's Queenslanders put on a spectacular Origin encore. Look who it is - it's Inglis! It's Inglis - he is flying! Inglis terrorised former team-mate Israel Folau,

setting up 3 tries for Joe Tomane in the 48-4 thrashing. Even when the Broncos muscled up... Ho, ho, ho, Lagi Setu! had no effect - the Storm scored off the next play. The Broncos also had off-field dramas,

refusing to reveal why prop Joel Clinton was stood down for disciplinary reasons. I just don't want to elaborate. REPORTER: Was it a case of being late for training?

I'm not going to talk about it anymore. Manly are hosting the Roosters at Brookvale, where it's just reached half time. The Eagles lead 12-8. Roosters hard man Mark O'Meley is playing his 200th NRL game, but Manly scored first through Glenn Stewart, who's back from suspension after missing the first Origin game. The home side were dominating until they fell asleep after a Roosters' bomb, allowing Shaun Kenny-Dowall to score.

Some brilliant play by Setaimata Sa and Sonny Tuigamala put the Roosters ahead. COMMENTATOR: He'll go for the corner, gives it back to Setaimata Sa. But the Eagles regained the lead through fullback Michael Robertson. In the AFL, last night, the Bulldogs smashed Richmond as Tigers coach. Today, St Kilda beat North Melbourne to maintain their unbeaten record.

Former Wallaby David Lyons has been called into the Barbarians side to replace Rocky Elsom for tonight's blockbuster against Australia. Reporter Alex Cullen joins us from the Sydney Football Stadium. Alex, what a huge turnout. It sure is, Jo. The crowds are really building here

and it looks like it is almost a sell-out.

I'm joined by Wallabies legend Tim Horan. Tim, all eyes are on Sonny Bill Williams tonight.

Acid anticipation on him. He just

got off the bus and he looked pretty

relaxed but I think he is nervous.

relaxed but I think he is nervous.

It is a great occasion for him

tonight. It is the Wallaby's first

season tonight. Other Brady? They do

not receive Test caps for these

games but there is a lot of pressure

on them. The first of a big season,

on them. The first of a big season, everyone is looking forward to it,

especially here at the Sydney

Football Stadium because there were

such an excellent atmosphere. And you can catch all the action on Seven from 7 o'clock. The Socceroos can book their place at next year's World Cup finals tomorrow morning.

Australia only need a draw against Qatar but they'll be tested in extreme heat in Doha. Yeah, really hot. It's not normal hot, this - it's ridiculously hot. Coach Pim Verbeek has already clashed with the locals after reporters criticised the standard of the A-League.

Verbeek reminded them an Aussie side made the Asian Champions League final. It was not a Qatari club, it was Adelaide. Ah, they play in Australia. Verbeek wouldn't reveal his side but all players are fit, including Tim Cahill. Roger Federer is one step closer to tennis immortality, through to his fourth consecutive Roland Garros final.

His semi against Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro was another 5-set epic. He'll play Swedish sensation Robin Soderling in Sunday's final. Federer will be the sentimental favourite. He's equalled Ivan Lendl's record of 19 Grand Slam final appearances

and if he is victorious, he will become only the sixth man in history to win all four Grand Slam events.

UMPIRE: Game set and match, Federer. I've been there before but I don't know if that's an advantage or not Soderling, who knocked out 4-time champion Rafael Nadal, is playing his first Grand Slam final. Australia begin their Twenty20 World Cup campaign tonight against the West Indies. The Aussies are regrouping, following the Andrew Symonds scandal. And how about this for a boilover? The Dutch absolutely humiliating England in the tournament opener at the traditional home of the game at Lords. Needing two runs off the final ball, the Netherlands produced a stunning upset, thanks to an England overthrow by England bowler Stuart Broad. COMMENTATOR: He's coming back for the second. Would you believe it? An overthrow gives Netherlands the win. The usually sedate Lords was now a sea of orange as the Dutch celebrated an incredible victory.

Memories of 1989 coming back to

haunt them. Just when you think they

cannot get any worse, the English

side can to week. I would be nervous

for their ashes! The Ashes! Sydney's weather forecast is after the break.

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You may've found it hard to get out of bed this morning. Officially, it was our coldest of the year so far. to single figures overnight, down to 9 degrees before some afternoon sun warmed the city to 19. It was cooler across the suburbs.

Around the country tomorrow - mostly fine in Brisbane, chance of a shower for Canberra, a few showers for Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Fine in Perth,

another warm day for Darwin. On the waters -

Some light cloud will develop overnight bringing a possible early morning shower. That will clear for another sun-filled day. Looking ahead - it should be a mostly sunny week but make sure you get out the winter woollies on Wednesday. That's Seven News to now, but I'll be back later with updates.

I'm Chris Bath. Hope you can join me with Mike Munro for 'Sunday Night' tomorrow right after the news. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia SONG: # There's always a joker in the pack

# There's always a lonely clown # And there is a jester, just a fool # As foolish as he can be # There's always a joker, that's the rule # But fate deals a hand and I see

# The joker is me # The joker

# Is me. #

( DISTANT SCREAMS ) I knew he wouldn't come! Come on, Sharon, it was a big ask expecting him to spend the rest of his life with you. Kim! What? I'm just being honest. You've been jilted. He's not coming. Sharon, love, look - we've been waiting an hour now and the carnie folk person said they can't hold the ride any longer.

I think we'd better cancel, love. Thanks very much. Hey, great news. It's OK. It's OK, everyone. He's on his way?! Oh, no, Sharon. No, sorry. That was the real estate people. Settlement's on Monday. So we can move in? Yeah, we get the keys at 9:00! (Kim laughs) KATH: Oh, that is good news. Because we need your room back toot sweet for our new business. 'Cause we need to start the makeover. Oh, aren't you gonna congratulate us, Sharon? I mean, getting the apartment early, that's a pretty big thing, you know.

Oh, this is the worst day of my life! Why did I get my hopes up again for just to have them cut down in one foul swoop?