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Hello, I'm Kathryn Robinson and

welcome to Ten's Late News. Tonight

- 228 people lost as an Air France

A330 disappears off radar screens

without warning. Barnaby's blunder.

Has a spack attack. His 'psycho

chook' attack backfires. Their last

thing I want to do is insult them.

New low - an eight-year old raped

on the internet - Australians

arrested. It's not something you

can stumble across. Are they here?

Fears 16 of the world's most wanted

criminals are hiding in Australia.

Plus, turning the work concept

upside down, opened today -

Australia's Googleplex. I don't

know anybody in the world who

doesn't want this to be their work

station. Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, in

Sports Tonight, another Richmond

coach is on his way. Terry Wallace

will bow out shortly after a year

to forget. I think history will

determine how I finish up at

Richmond. We'll review Terry's time

at the Tigers, plus his surprising

apology for the Bulldogs. I like to

go on public record of apologising

to the Western Bulldogs. Ben's bird

leads to an apology. The Blues and

Maroons warm up for rugby league's

State of Origin opener, as the

Bunnies host the Raiders. Paul

Gallen quits as Cronulla captain.

He can't believe it, we can't

believe it, Rafael Nadal's out of

the French Open. And Casey Stoner

surges to the championship lead

after a memorable win at Mugello.

But first, a passenger jet with 228

people on board has vanished off

radar screens - sparking a major

international search. The Air

France aircraft was flying to Paris

from Brazil when it suddenly lost

contact over the Atlantic. This

report is just 10. Rio de Janeiro,

Air France flight 447 delayed. But

delay is turning to disaster. At a

Paris airport, medical and

emergency workers wait for a flight

that will Neverland. -- never

planned. Please proceed to the desk.

Relatives and friends of the 216

passengers waited for news, but it

was all bad. The plane disappeared

on radar, there was no contact, it

would by now have run out of fuel.

Within the last hour, Air France

say that the present a message,

that the Airbus had an electrical

short-circuit 15 minutes after

encountering strong turbulence. The

plane took off from Rio, the last

contact was just after it passed a

Brazilian island, three hours into

the flight and over the Atlantic

Ocean. There is little hope that

the black box flight recorder could

be found here. The era of -

aeroplane has earned the two

engines, it was Flein over ocean

not covered by radar, where

tropical thunderstorms are very

common. Whatever happened to it was

sudden and catastrophic. At Rio de

Janeiro airport, the same scenes,

relatives with little news and

little hope. Air France now

believes there is none and says the

claim was probably struck by

lightning. At Charles de Gaulle

airport in Paris, emergency workers

are now leading, there is nothing

they can do. Relatives are trying

to come 30 other and being taken

away from the airport terminal.

Brazilian players are searching for

record -- wreckage, but with such a

vast area with no final location,

it could be a very long time before

wreckage is found. Disability

groups are outraged Senator Barnaby

Joyce has labelled the Prime

Minister a 'psycho chook' who had a

'spack attack'. It was an outburst

prompted by a new poll showing many

Australians believe Kevin Rudd has

a nasty streak. After reports he

abused a RAAF flight attendant -

43% questioned believed he could be

mean - and Senator Barnaby Joyce

agreed. The guy's a psycho chook! I

mean, who in their right mind gets

onto a plane, and because he

doesn't get the right coloured bird

seed, has a spack attack and tears

some lady in a uniform apart. But

that sent disability groups into a spin. That's really disappointing

language for a senior politician in

2009 to be using. We have

progressed well beyond using terms

like 'spack attack', which are very

degrading to people with a

disability. The Spastic Centre said

using the term as abuse was

offensive and unacceptable. Senator

Joyce agreed and apologised. He

says he was horrified when he

understood what he'd said. It was a

statement of ignorance. These are

the most wonderful people in the

world, and the people who work with

them are the most wonderful people

in the world. And of course, the

last thing in my mind is wanting to

insult them. What Barnaby Joyce

doesn't apologise for is standing

up for those who find themselves at

the wrong end of the Prime

Minister's wrath. Labor MPs looked

for a bright side. They don't want

an altar boy as a Prime Minister,

they want somebody who is going to

act decisively and strongly in the

face of the greatest global

recession in 75 years. But the

Opposition's attack on debt and

deficit is biting and bringing out

the worst in our leaders. How

stupid can you people be? It's

unbelievable. How stupid can you

be? Another sign the honeymoon is

over for the Rudd government.

Labor's down one point and the

Coalition's up one point in the

latest Newspoll published in the

Australian in the morning. It's the

end of an era for what was once the

world's largest carmaker. General

Motors will file for bankruptcy

within hours - making it the

biggest industrial failure in US

history. As General Motors Astiz

its way through bankruptcy, the 8th

government will pump their teeth

milk -- 13 billion more in to the

company. We are very optimistic

that we will have these firms

emerge stronger without government

assistance, because they have

undertaken a very dramatic

restructuring. The bankruptcy calls

for 11 plans to close while three

will go I will. The company will

cut 34% of its workforce, leaving

24,000 without a job. The workers

have been under a lot of stress. He

is unfortunate, but I think that it

is the beginning. We will have a

stronger beginning. President Obama

will announce his support tomorrow,

the Obama administration says it

intends to stay out of day-to-day

decisions, even though the plan

will give taxpayers a 60% stake in

the new company. We need to make

sure we eliminate Parra involvement sure we eliminate Parra involvement

to the minimum necessary. And that

we get out of the involvement as

quickly as we can. It will be the

largest industrial bankruptcy in US

history. The fourth largest overall.

Court proceedings will last between

60 and 90 days. If successful, GM

would emerge as they leave a

company with a small workforce and

fewer plants and dealerships will

start - Crimestoppers has joined a

program to hunt down 16 Fujitsu may

be in Australia play of stock The

global campaign has already had

success. Eight 8:30am yesterday

morning, Crimestoppers in Europe

got an anonymous call giving a

location of someone working in a

playground. He was behind bars

before lunch. The anyone with

information could -- should call

Crimestoppers. 16 Australians have

international child abuse been charged as part of an

investigation. The men are accused

of downloading a video of an eight-

year-old girl being raped. Federal

police seize hard drives and

computers as part an international

operation triggered by one video

file. The 18 minute movie was

identified by German Police last

year, and shows an 8 year old year, and shows an 8 year old

Russian girl being abused. File-

sharing, where these individuals

have gone into this particular

website, it's not something you can

stumble across. More than 9,000

people from 92 countries are being

investigated. In Australia, 16 men

have so far been charged - 8 in

Queensland, 3 in South Australia, 2

in WA and also in Victoria, and one

in New South Wales. Our law

enforcement colleagues throughout

Australia and in fact throughout

the world, are continuing to arrest

people that are involved in this

type of vile crime. Police say it's

difficult to profile the offenders.

Those in this case are aged between

21 and 49 and include students, IT

workers and small businessmen. And

more arrests are expected - police

still have about ten search

warrants to execute. Then there's

the estimated thirty terabytes of

data confiscated in the raids to be

examined for more evidence of child

abuse. A task made slower by off-

the-shelf encryption software. In

one instance forensic officers

spent six hours hacking into a

heavily protected computer. Possessing child abuse material

carries a maximum ten year jail

term. With further penalties for

sharing it over the internet. If

people continue to be involved in

this type of activity, the AFP,

with our state and territory

colleagues, will bring people to

justice. There are now 400

Australian suffering from swine flu,

with most cases in Victoria.

Passengers on a cruise ship but now

finally back on land, allowed to go

home after being cleared of the

virus. The ship's 1900 passengers

were forced to stay at sea after

three crew members came down with

swine flu last week. Wonderful, won

a way to spend isolation. We just

made the most of it. A perhaps it

was the 75% refund. I will not be

going on another trip, I want a

full refund. None of the passengers

caught swine flu, a team of nurses

checked passengers to see if the

virus had spread. We would take

their temperatures to ensure that

they did not have a temperature. they did not have a temperature.

They were interviewed to talk about

if they had any signs or symptoms

of cold or flu. 11 passengers had

symptoms, but after further testing

were given the all-clear. This

Thursday, BP Pacific Dawn depart on

a month-long crews, and with 2000 a month-long crews, and with 2000

passengers, the company as taking a

lot of extra precautions to ensure

that swine flu is not on board

again. 51 people contracted the again. 51 people contracted the

virus on board the previous Pacific

Dawn Kroes. This week, a thermal

imaging cameras were used to check

any high temperatures and any high temperatures and

passengers will be interviewed and

asked to declare they have any flu

symptoms. A medical clinic will be

operating on board free of charge

for any passengers to feel they may

have the flow. A stand along of flu

clinic has opened in Queensland,

with concerns more serious strains

are coming. Although it is mild, we

expect a lot of people to get it.

Victoria is the worst affected

state, with more than 300 cases. I

do not have announce our other than

I think we have been the victim of

bad luck. 11 schools have been

closed, the threat may soon be

raised to the highest point. It

will continue to be assessed hourly

as well as daily, whether there are

different steps to be taken. After

the break, rushed to hospital - the break, rushed to hospital -

fame takes its toll on Susan Boyle.

And the shocking schoolyard trend And the shocking schoolyard trend affecting 1 in 4 students. (BANG!) (COUGHS) The answers you seek? Well, actually, I was just... Silence, fool! The answer's in your hand. Oh. There are street directions, movie times, information from Yellow and Citysearch.

That's great. But why are you telling me this? I think I did my neck in this box. You mean your wrist? Shut up. (ZANY MUSIC)

This program is captioned live.

Overnight singing sensation Susan

Boyle has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, suffering

from exhaustion. from exhaustion.

The 48-year old was taken to The

Priory Clinic in London, after Priory Clinic in London, after

staff at her hotel noticed her

behaving strangely. The church

volunteer lost out to a hip hop

dance troupe in the final of

Britain's Got Talent at the weekend. Britain's Got Talent at the weekend.

The Scottish singer became an

internet sensation after her first internet sensation after her first

performance on the show, and is

tipped to sign a $16 million record deal.

A damning national report into

school bullying has found 1 in 4 school bullying has found 1 in 4

students is regularly being

attacked. Teachers are often

powerless to help out.

It is a brutal and confronting.

While a student films another

repeatedly kicked and punched. The

images may shock, but a national

report shows that more students than

than ever before are being bullied.

They can feel they again to be They can feel they again to be physically hurt, they can be

bullied through the mobile phone,

they can not want to go to school.

One in four children claimed they

are regularly taunted. The attacks

described as cruel. It is making it

more Luka Verde. When the physical

violence drops off, -- the Saba

appalling increases. Women to

understand what is causing one

student to bully another and need

to workout away to make the bawling

stop. Also ways to make the

students stop filming the attack.

One student face calls today over

seriously injuring a student during

the recorded fight. 300 students

will help the Federal Government

for on ways to combat the appalling

academic. -- bullying.

The economy is stabilising. What

does this mean for homebuyers?

Home owners are unlikely to get a

reprieve tomorrow. The central bank

is likely to keep rates on hold at

3%. We saw some encouraging signs.

New home sales are rising for the

4th month in a row thanks to this

already low rates and the increase

in the first homeowners crimes. Bez

also been a pick-up in retail sale,

particularly in a furniture. Rising

by almost 7%. Also a pick-up in by almost 7%. Also a pick-up in

manufacturing and a rebound in

China. This helped the market for

higher by 2%. The Aussie dollar has

smashed through the 80 US cent mark.

It is marching towards 81 US cent

which is an eight-month high.

Good time to go travelling overseas.

The market numbers:

Google the best workplace in

Australia and what comes up,

google! After seeing this report

you'll understand why the internet

search engine has been voted best search engine has been voted best

place in the country to work.

This is the reward for paying

attention during maths at school -

the chance to work at Google. I do

not anybody in that their world who

would not like this to be there

workstation. Governor General

Quentin Bryce officially opened the

internet company's new Australian

headquarters today and met many of

the 350 very happy employees. Want

to have a couple of personal items

on your desk? No problem. It's very

googly. Feeling peckish? Enjoy your

free meal at the cafe Esky or else

help yourself from the lolly jars.

People talk about the Google 15

pound, people tend to go pretty

crazy when they start eating all

the food. This is considered

working Juggling is also part of

the daily grind as is guitar hero.

And when it all gets too stressful,

kick back in a massage chair.

Everybody has a job to do but you

had the freedom to do it the way

that suits you best. I think that

makes it more productive. Each year, makes it more productive. Each year,

20,000 hopefuls apply for a job

here, so only the best of the best

get the chance to have meetings in

the down under room or a tete-a-

tete over a duck a duck. Google

Maps was created in Australia by a

group of engineers and they are

still with us. Right now they're

working on their next big thing,

Google wave, as well as digitising

more than 100 years of Fairfax

newspapers, scanning page by page.

But in this environment, almost

anything can seem like fun.

Sports tonight now with Brad McEwan

- Richmond coach Terry Wallace

calls it quits?

He'll call the shots for the final

time on Friday night. Another

dramatic day at Richmond is next,

plus the latest on Ben's bird. And

Cronulla captain Paul Gallen steps down.

Also tonight, the Socceroos warm up

for their World Cup qualifier.

Sonny Bill joins the Barbarians.

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This program is captioned live.

Good evening and welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. Terry Wallace will

coach Richmond for the final time

on Friday night, against his former

club, the Western Bulldogs. Ian

Cohen is at Tiger headquarters, and

Ian after a horror season it was

just a matter of when, and not if

Wallace was going. You are right,

there was a real feeling of

inevitability for this announcement,

always in a rather than later. He

will have another five days here,

he will quote on Friday night.

We'll get to that end a moment. The

split has been described as an

amicable one. No-one is angry with

each other. Earth I'm not angry

with the club. I'm not Ainger with

Feith players, it was a mutual

decision. Thief long journey of 32

years has finished. He has his eyes

on a football manager's role. Look

at going to another club and maybe

a different role. He has blamed

injuries to many key players and a injuries to many key players and a

couple of ordinary games for his

demise. But he insists the next

coach has set up a list to work

with. We ever takes on the role has

actually got an inside in for the

club to go forward. The club was a

basket case of the field when I

first arrived. One of his

assistants will take over for the

remaining 11 weeks. With Terry

coaching this Friday will not make

an announcement until Saturday. We

will not talk about that.

Ironically, Wallace's final game in

charge will be against his old side

and today he used the forum to say

sorry to the Bulldogs for his

bitter departure seven years ago. I

would like to go on public record

of apologising to the Western

Bulldogs fans. And also to the

playing group, for the way that

that last week worked out. After

leaving the Dogs and a stint in the

media, Wallace arrived at Punt Road

full of hype and hope two years

later. But they finished 12th,

before improving to 9th in 2006 After using controversial tactics After using controversial tactics

to cause the upset of the yearYou

can play that basketball crap all

the time, that's why I don't play

basketball 2007 was the wooden

spoon. And after 9th again last

year - it was finals or bust in

2009 His fate sealed in the season

opener - when the Blues humiliated

the Tigers. Wallace exits with a

47% winning percentage. The last 24

hours has overshadowed the apology

then cousins gave for his stunning

bird on Saturday night and Perth. I

guess I'm somebody that does not

find it offensive. If there are

people that do, I apologise. We

Jiewen says it will not punish Ben

Cousins, but the AFL is expected to

issue where fine. Repeating the

news that Terry Wallace will coach

for the final time on five Oct -- Friday night against the Western

Bulldogs, then he will walk away.

To the day's other AFL news, and To the day's other AFL news, and

the Magpies are setting the bar

high for the remainder of the high for the remainder of the season. Confidence has returned to Collingwood following a turnaround

in fortunes over the past fortnight.

Back-to-back wins, Collingwood is

back in town and back talking top

four. That's probably one of our

biggest goals, it is gettable. None

of us would be playing if we did

not think we could get it. Port

Adelaide was brushed aside by the

Pies. Its season going in the

opposite direction to Collingwood,

two straight losses has the Power

out of the eight and the soul

searching has begun. We can't wait

to get out there and rectify it

this weekend. Their news gets worse

with Chad Cornes set to have knee

surgery, meaning up to six weeks on sidelines. Hawthorn's premiership

defence remains on a knife's edge.

Following a shock loss to the Crows

- Chance Bateman admits their form

is concerning. I don't think we put

four quarters together. Even when

we have won, we have dropped away

in the third or 4th quarter. Just

trying to book for called us

together. While the Hawks struggle

- St Kilda sit undefeated and on

top. True to form the Saints are

taking it one week at a time. We

cannot afford to look up to forward

a head. There's good news for the

Bombers, despite yesterday's loss.

Scans today clearing ruckman Tom

Bellchambers of an ACL. Still, he

has severe bruising and ligament

damage. And will miss six weeks. St

Kilda ruckman Michael Gardiner, Kilda ruckman Michael Gardiner,

will miss just one week - if he

accepts the ban offered by the

match review panel for this high

elbow on Saturday night. Eagle

Daniel Kerr, also has a one match

ban for his strike before the game on Friday night.

Paul Gallen has ended speculation

he will be stripped of the canal at

captaincy and has quit. It was an

expensive day for the former Sharps

-- shucks skip. He fronted the

board with his decision, saying he

did not want caused the club any

more turmoil. His decision comes

after he accepted a $10,000 fine

from the NRL for racially abusing a

of dragons forward in last week's

game. It is expected Trent Barrett

will be named as his replacement.

Tory Juniors, the players have had

their final public appearance ahead

of the game. There were drumming up

support in Melbourne. If the lack

of blues Jersey's is anything to go

by, the Queenslanders will be well

supported on the night. Just days

out, there is plenty of interest in

the Queenslanders. A coming down

the straight, I cannot see any blue

jersey is, hopefully that is the

same come Wednesday night. A Blues

coach Craig Bellamy clearly losing

the support of his club mascot to

the north, but with three Melbourne the north, but with three Melbourne

players standing Noren, he will

probably be excused for cheering

Queensland, though the local

support may prove a problem for

that the men. I get the feeling

there is more support for

Queensland their NSW. Try and use

that were advantages. Despite the

side being made up of Test players,

Queensland is remaining cautious of

fresh combinations in NSW and an

expected improvement with the boat.

The Siyam NSW, their kicking game

is probably the best it has locked

with a Robbie Farah act dummy-half.

We have taken pretty big steps. We

have a few things to fine-tune her

the next few days. Where definitely

ready for Wednesday night. They

will be hoping their surprise

package status helps on Wednesday.

But no hiding her they want in the

thick of the action. A good chance

to see some of these young players,

Jennings, see how egos with the

early ball. The Blues have called

up Anthoney what Mo as their 18th

man. No Terry Campese, no worries

for the Canberra Raiders. For just

for the Canberra Raiders. For just

the second time this season they've

won on the road. This time against

South Sydney. The Raiders piercing

the Rabbitohs defence after just

five minutes. Referee Ashley Klein satisfied with Joel Monaghan's grounding, before David Milne

helped the visitors to an early 10-

0 lead. Milne through a hole, fast

Canberra start once again.

Canberra start once again. The

Rabbitohs' re-start providing the

opposition with more momentum. Luke

Capewell kicking out on the full.

He quickly re-deemed himself. He He quickly re-deemed himself. He

held it up, and Capewell through a

hole. The Bunnies making it 10-10

moments later through a high-flying

Nathan Merritt. The video ref

deciding the defence wasn't impeded.

Canberra re-claiming the lead

though after a Milne bust up the

middle. He's got support, under the

posts. The Bunnies responding again

just before half time - Fetuli

Talanoa making it 16-14 at the

break. It's try for try here

tonight. Dane Tilse stretching

Canberra's lead out to 8 just after Canberra's lead out to 8 just after

the re-start The substitute playing

a part in the Raiders next as well.

Tilse for a second try tonight.

Lehroyd-Lars stepping it up. Nigel

Plum rounding out the Raiders rout

- a convincing 16 point victory.

The Sonny Bill Williams show rolled

into Sydney today as he prepares

for Saturday night's Barbarians

appearance against the Wallabies.

The 23 year-old says he wants to prove the critics wrong.

SBW - loving life back in Sydney.

Surprisingly it's been really good.

Walking the streets people have

been coming up to me and giving me

their best wishes at that. Set to

play outside centre for the famed Barbarians against Australia,

Williams is intent on proving the

doubters wrong. You're always going

to have your critics. One of the

most intriguing talking points is to have your critics. One of the

whether Sonny Bill can rise to test

rugby standards? It'll be

interesting to see how he goes. You interesting to see how he goes. You

know putting him in an environment

with so many great players around with so many great players around

him will let him go out and express

himself. The Wallabies today hit

the training paddock and kicked off

gold week at the Sydney Childrens

Hospital. Winger Lote Tuqiri says

Williams rugby knowledge is coming Williams rugby knowledge is coming

along rapidly. Definitely,

definately. We spoke at length and definately. We spoke at length and

he isn't even thinking about going

back to league firmly implanted

into the game. Oh, you know, I

still have a soft spot for league,

even though they don't have a soft

spot for me. Anything is possible.

At this stage I'm happy where I am.

Williams recently signed a 1 year

contract extension with Toulon. Surprise Socceroo selection Rhys

Williams is hoping to secure a

starting spot with the National

team after committing to play for team after committing to play for Australia. The Middlesbrough

defender trained in sweltering

conditions with his fellow

Socceroos ahead Sundays world cup

qualifier against Qatar in Doha. He

played 17 games on loan for Premier

League bound Burnley and had the

option of playing for Wales.. I'm option of playing for Wales.. I'm

not Welsh, I've never been Welsh. I

feel like I belong here. Australia

needs just a draw against Qatar to

South Africa. qualify for next years World Cup in

Sweden's Robin Soderling has caused

one of the biggest upsets in Grand

Slam history, inflicting Rafael

Nadal's first ever loss at the

French Open. The World number one

went down in four sets, to the man

he beat 6-1, 6-0 just a month ago.

Rafael Nadal's 4-year dominance at

the French Open came to a vitriolic

end at the hands of a man he once

described as the most unpopular on tour.

Few would have predicted 24-year-

old Robin Soderling would be the

man to end Nadal's 31-match winning

streak at Roland Garros. I had to

take some chances. I think I did. I

played extremely well on the

important point. It was my fault

Dom mack shot, he did well, he did

very well. I think I did not play

my best tenors. The pair has

history, during a five day 5-setter

at Wimbledon two years ago the

Swede mimicked Nadal's habit of

picking at his underwear. The

Spaniard was victorious on that

occasion, but Soderling turned the

tables in emphatic style, ripping

61 winners to 33.

Union to play aggressive. You can

try to beating in a running him

down. We have to analyse that and

be ready for the next confrontation.

The reigning women's champ was also

eliminated, Ana Ivanovic losing in

straight sets to Victoria Azarenka.

Ivanovic was thrashed 6-2, 6-3,

while Nadal went down in 4 sets.

Fellow seeds Andy Murray and Maria

Sharapova fared better. Aussie Sam

Stosur plays tonight for a spot in

the fourth round.

A stunning result for Casey Stoner

in Italy, the Australian riding to

victory in the wet at Mugello. The

2007 world champion now leads this year's championship race.

It was wet and slippery. The pre

race preliminaries causing plenty

of grief. The main race caused

fireworks long before the green

light. Pole sitter, and

championship leader Hore-hay

Lorenzo crashing on his way to the

starting grid. He had to swap bikes

and plough on with dirty leathers.

Australians made the early running.

Casey Stoner and Chris Vermeulen

dominating the opening laps. As the

track dried. Riders pitted for a

new machine and dry tyres. It

didn't help Dani Pedrosa, the

Spaniard crashing heavily. He was

stretchered from the track with a

hip injury. Up front, Stoner proved

untouchable. Despite a clutch

problem, he powered to his second

win of the season. Stoner makes the

break through. Stoner wins!!!! He break through. Stoner wins!!!! He

takes the championship lead from

Valentino Rossi third. Lorenzo who finished second. And

It was difficult to ride. But we

manage to take the women. -- the

winner. I am a more happy then as a

victory. I was so worried.

Some riders struggled to keep

control of their bikes. When the

race resumed, aspires powered away

to victory. Captain America does it

in America. He took out the second

race as well, he's a second in the

championship to the Japanese rider.

The IndyCar season has continued in

the Milwaukee Mile. The Kiwi held

on to take on the win in an

Australasian quinella. It is a

great result. The points are very

championship. close. He sits second in the

Denni Menchov has overcome a drama

to take the Giro d'Italia. With

just one kilometre left, he went

down on a wet cobbled Rome street.

We said it was a slippery, but he

gets back on again. Thanks to a

quick change of bike and a push-

start, he finished the stage.

Michael Rogers finished eighth

while Lance Armstrong came in 12th.

Jason Day has finished fourth in

Texas. He pulled within 2 shots off

the lead. He set up a birdie with a

terrific tee shot. Steve Stricker

finished strongly to win the event.

He claimed victory with a birdie at

the second extra hole. it only has 1/3 of the carbs. Well, with Tooheys New White Stag, to come over here That leaves the other 2/3 that are most desperate for them - and into the arms of the people the Americans. You see?

This program is captioned live.

If dancing is not your thing, how

about your traditional pie in the

face. It is almost as commonplace

as a home run. Whatever you do when

you try to catch the ball, and do

not Markova someone's popcorn. He

is not happy. Before I go, in the

netball, the Thunderbirds defeated

the fever. Long-time AC Milan boss

and replaces the Chelsea coach.

Mostly cloudy in Cairns. Showers in

Brisbane. Rain in Sydney and

Canberra. A possible shower in

Melbourne and Adelaide. A foggy

start to a day in Hobart. A

possible thunderstorm in Perth.

Sunny in Darwin. Increasing

sunshine in Alice Springs. And

that's the latest from Ten News.

The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00

am. I'm Kathryn Robinson, from the

late news team, goodnight. Captions

by Red Bee Media.