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Tonight - two more major tremors rock earthquake-ravaged Sumatra.

Hundreds feared trapped under the

rubble of flattened buildings as

the horrific death toll soars. Also,

a recovery operation underway in

Samoa as images emerge of the

moment the tsunami struck.$$YELLOW

whirlpool. It looked pretty much like a

Oh Jesus Christ, please give us the

power to accept the things that are

going on here.

And Australia mounts a relief

operation for the devastated

Pacific Islands. Good evening, I'm

Deborah Knight. And I'm Bill Woods.

Also, the City of Sydney Council

threatens to withdraw funding for a

light rail study. And the NRL

rivals square off for the last time

ahead of Sunday's grand final.

But first - the rising death tolls

from the earthquake disasters to

our north. Thousands of people are

now feared dead on the Indonesian now feared dead on the Indonesian

island of Sumatra, where two

powerful quakes have struck in less

than 24 hours, with a strong

than 24 hours, with a strong aftershock in between.

aftershock in between. And to

Australia's north east, a major

relief operation is underway to

help survivors of the earthquake

and tsunami that have devastated

the Samoan islands. The death toll

has almost reached 150, with scores

still missing. We begin our

coverage tonight with reporter Hugh Riminton. Riminton. coverage tonight with reporter Hugh

All day the search for survivors in

Padang, precious life in some cases

restored. But through the night and

into the day, a desperate battle

still in the balance for many

others across a shattered city.

Padang has long known it could be Padang has long known it could be

destroyed by the faultline it sits

upon. When the big one struck,

sheer blank panic. It's a city

built on a river flat on the coast.

Nearly a million people fled for

higher ground. The great dream, a

tsunami like the one that, five

years ago, killed 200,000 people years ago, killed 200,000 people

just to the north.

just to the north. Through the

night, the frantic search for the

living. There are more than 30

people trapped in this building. We

have rescued 16, we found two dead.

Elsewhere, flames swept through

neighbourhood leaving searchers to

hope anyone trapped was already

dead. Survivors swamped local

hospitals. Operations were

conducted by torchlight, sometimes

in the pouring rain. Aid workers

report scenes from a nightmare.

One of the main Western hotels, the

Ambachang, has totally collapsed. A

lot of Westerners trapped. A lot of

buildings. people trapped under large slabs of

The big quake hit just before

nightfall - a 7.6 magnitude monster

nightfall - a 7.6 magnitude monster in the hottest

in the hottest stretch of the Ring

of Fire. Today, just to the south,

another mighty shake, magnitude 6.8.

One of the hospitals has collapsed, another is severely damaged. another is severely damaged. One of the hospitals has collapsed,

They're working in tents outside,

so it's a horrific situation.

Padang is a favourite jump-off

point for Aussie surfers chasing

the mythical breaks offshore. There

are no reports, so far, of

Australians among the dead or

injured. But phone lines are down,

cellphone towers as well. The main

airport building is rubble. This is

a benighted coastline - a landscape

made, and so often destroyed, by

the forces beneath their feet. A

tears. landscape, once again, washed with

And we'll hear from our reporter on

the ground in Indonesia later in

the bulletin.

Samoa is a paradise lost tonight in Samoa is a paradise lost tonight in

the wake of the deadly Tsunami.

Salvage teams are searching through

tonnes of debris as survivors

describe their horrific ordeals. describe their horrific ordeals.

Reports of the death toll vary, but

at this stage, 148 people are

Australians. Australians. confirmed dead, including four

All over Samoa surviving villagers

are looking for missing relatives

and grieving for those already

confirmed dead. Others are camped

on high ground, fearful another

wave could strike. It's very hard

for them to come and have a look

here. They want to stay there on the mountain, that's all.

Large numbers of bodies are being

recovered as the death toll climbs.

An unknown number of local people

are still missing. Samoa's prime

minister says his country's meagre

resources are being stretched to

the limit. It was

It was fortunate the tsunami struck

when it was daylight. The tide was

also low. If it had come in the

dark, and the tide was high, the

number of people dead it would have

been more.

The hospital in the capital Apia,

barely able to cope with the numbers of casualties. Charlie

Pearce from New Zealand was on the

back of a truck with several

children when water rolled the

vehicle over. We all went under the

water. A number of the children

died instantly. When I got my own

wits about me, I could feel loose

limbs touching me.

This is the popular tourist beach

of Lalomanu in Western Samoa. Once

a tropical paradise, now strewn

with rubble. But amid the ruins, with rubble. But amid the ruins,

joyful stories of survival. Then to

come down and find nothing is

pretty gut wrenching but, you know,

the kids are fine, my husband's

fine, our whole family is OK and

there's been a lot of deaths, so

you've got to be thankful.

you've got to be thankful.

These pictures shot in American

Samoa, show what happened after the

first wave receded. In no time the

water was rising and spectators

were praying. Come on Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus Christ, give us the

here. power to accept what's going on

And first pictures from Tonga,

where the tsunami swept ashore

900km east of Samoa. Here, seven

are confirmed dead with another

homeless. three missing and up to 1,000 left

In New Zealander has witnessed the

devastation in some awe. I am

standing here in a village of the

southern summer. This is one of the

premier resorts. His 360 degrees of

rubble. The first funeral that

happened on the island was

yesterday. It was a woman who

started his report with her husband.

The head of state was there. The

thing to remember now, her husband

is the Met of one of the affected

areas in this region. He has had to

bury his wife today. Now he has to

10 to the people of his town. --

tend. With every day trip --

devastation there is a story of hope.

For every story of despair the his

stories of hope and immense there

might look -- immense so my fault.

Hundreds of Samoans living in

Australia are booking flights,

desperate to return home to bury

family members. But airlines are

struggling to cope with the demand,

forcing many to wait at least a

week to fly out.

It's a trip back to Western Samoa

Armstrong Sini never imagined he'd

have to make. Most of his family

wiped out in Wednesday's tsunami.

I'm really happy because my mum is

still alive and even my sister and

other members of the family, but

75% of the family are all gone.

Travel agents Ray and Velma

Stambolis have lost family, but

they've stayed back to help others

get home. Samoa, to me, is an

untouchable paradise island and now

to see all the footage on TV, I

can't do anything. Just help the

people to get their families

overseas to help and that's all

we're doing.

Dozens of paramedics have left for

Samoa, while an Air Force C-17

loaded with emergency supplies and

personnel is on its way. The

challenges we face by the people of

Samoa are very human and very difficult to handle.

Some Samoans have no choice but to

stay in Australia. Reverend Toese

Peleti's sister was swept away in

the tidal wave. When my older

brother in Samoa rang up this

morning and told me my sister was

one of the victims in the

earthquakes, I was very sad.

earthquakes, I was very sad.

The Reverend can't leave his large

congregation. His church and others

around Australia will hold services

this Sunday for all those who were

lost. The Samoan disaster has plunged many Australians into

mourning. They're grieving for

loved ones whose lives ended so suddenly.

Vivien Hodgins loved her family,

travelling and teaching. Her

students and fellow teachers can't

imagine going back to school

without her. She always took care

of us and knew what to say, and

although she ould scare us a bit

and pulled us into line, she was

always doing what was best for us.

Devastating and shocked. She was

loved by students and staff.

The 55-year-old died when the

tsunami hit the resort was staying

at with friend Claire Rowlands. The

mother of two was due to return

home today. We won't be able to

replace Viv, she was irreplaceable.

She had been at the school for 33

years. She put in considerable time

to her students.

The family of Maree Blacker is

equally devastated. She had gone on

a rare holiday to celebrate her

50th birthday with her husband John,

a leading Tasmanian horse trainer.

He's one of six Australians

seriously injured. He's got a

broken jaw, broken ribs and quite a

lot of cuts all over his body.

Always happy and cheeerful. Always

happy to speak to you, yeah. She

was just a lovely person.

The other Australian's killed are children.

The water and took them, they were The water and took them, they were

gripping on. A 6-year-old girl and

a 15-month-old boy. For the

families of survivors there's tears

of relief. Though I was alright, it

was scary being so far away.

And anyone concerned about family

and friends in either Samoa or

Sumatra can call the Department of

Foreign Affairs' emergency hotline,

on 1300 555 135.

Brad McEwan with a look at sport,

and the grand final teams come face to face early.

At the traditional grand final

breakfast where Eels hero Nathan Hindmarsh publicly thanked the

driving force behind his career -

his mum who teaches at a small country school.

Since the beginning of the Eels

impressive finals campaign, this is

the woman Nathan Hindmarsh has been

crowing. It's very nice to think

that's how he feel, lovely. The forward reiterating his appreciation at this morning's

grand final breakfast. According to

him, mum fiona's the reason he gets

to sit at the table. She's the one

who kicked me in the butt. I owe a lot to her.

I'm just proud. You get very

emotional at times about it.

She's even being thanked for stopping scenes like these.

But despite all Hindmarsh's success,

be assured, there's no special

treatment. He could still get a

clip over the ear - if I could

reach it - if he does something wrong.

Eels skipper Nathan Cayless also

with a women to answer to - wife

Erin giving him and his injured

hamstring a little extra incentive

to make the field on Sunday. If he

doesn't know, I'll be more

devastated then hymns.

There'll be no stopping his

Melbourne counterpart taking his

place. Cameron Smith forced to

watch the Storm lose to Manly last

year through suspension. I've been

waiting for this moment for eight


Not long now, the trophy has

arrived. There's just under 72 hours to go.

There's more footy ahead, including

Eels young gun Daniel Mortimor.

We'll have the latest Socceroos

squad. And Australia's thrilling

last-ball win at the Champions league.

Still to come - a new row over

light rail for Sydney's CBD. Plus,

we find room for a few more Australia's population hits 22

million. And can an aspirin a day

keep the undertaker at bay? The big

question is whether it will keep

elderly people alive and healthy and active.

Ohhh! Beautiful. Do you love it? Yes, you do. I could tell. McDonald's new Mighty Angus. It's mighty tasty, and a little bit fancy.

This program is captioned live.

There's a new fight over plans to

put trams back in the heart of the

city. The clash between the Lord

Mayor and the State Government

could leave the dream derailed.

George Street - one of the city's

main arteries, and normally filled

with buses. But Clover Moore wants

a dramatic change - replacing this

with pedestrians and light rail. I

think we all need to work together

to find the right transport options

for Sydney. But she's working for Sydney. But she's working

against the State Government today.

The City of Sydney agreed months The City of Sydney agreed months

ago to help pay for a study to find

out the cost of extending trams

from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill in

the Inner West. This is the plan,

do you want to assist with it? They

said, 'yes' and now they're

changing the rules. City of Sydney

Council is threatening to withdraw Council is threatening to withdraw

$50,000 from the study, because

Clover Moore's proposal for a tram

loop through George Street won't be

looked at yet. I think all options

should be considered at the same

time, and that's what I'm going

back to the Government to say again.

It's not part of this study, but if

the City wants to continue talking

about it we're happy to have the

discussion. Ten News has been told

adding the George Street option to

the study would cost an extra

$100,000, for a proposal that may

never see the light of day. I've

considered it, I've taken some

advice and I've made a decision.

The City of Sydney's still

considering whether to pull its

share of the money out of the study.

Five factory workers have been

taken to hospital after a chlorine

spill at Revesby. Six ambulances

were needed at the Ecolab factory

this morning, after dozens were

exposed to the toxic fumes. Five exposed to the toxic fumes. Five

vomiting, breathing difficulties, were treated in hospital for

and eye irritation. The building

was evacuated as several Hazmat and

fire crews began cleaning up.

Australia has notched up another Australia has notched up another

milestone - our population today

jumped to over 22 million. It was

pushed higher by record immigration,

and a soaring birth rate.

An extra special welcome to the

world for baby Pedro. I'm so happy.

He's one of today's new arrivals

that helped push our population to

its highest level yet. We are

helping Australia to improve its

population. We population. We already came here to

try to, and now we are helping even

more. Just after 2:00 this afternoon, the ABS population

counter ticked over to break the 22

million milestone. It's the perfect million milestone. It's the perfect

storm for population growth. We've

had the highest number of births

ever recorded, we've had the

highest migration ever and the

lowest death rate ever. Our

population has doubled since 1963.

On average, we're adding a new person every one minute person every one minute and 12

seconds. A faster rate than anyone

had predicted or planned for. If we

keep adding a million people every

couple of years, by the time the

newborn babies today turn 21, we'll

have a population of 31 million. have a population of 31 million.

And it will keep growing from that.

Immigration and our soaring birth

rate has been credited with helping

keep Australia out of recession,

but with our population set to

double by 2050, some are

questioning whether the boom will

be sustainable.

be sustainable. Water, of course,

is one of the big concerns, species

extinction is something that I'm

personally concerned about, housing

affordability. For now there're affordability. For now there're

other things for Pedro to cry about.

Thousands of older Australians are

set to take part in the nation's

biggest clinical trial. Researchers want to test the

want to test the benefits - if any

- that aspirin has on healthy

people over the age of 70. There is

tantalising evidence about its

effects on certain cancers,

particularly bowel cancer, and

there is also the possibility that

it might have some protective

effect against dementia. Doctors

hope to determine if the drug

should be prescribed to all elderly Australians.

We are creeping closer to summer,

it felt like we were already there

today. 33 degrees, 11 degrees above

average. Our highest rated fire

danger day. Relative humidity down

to 10%. The reedy dry air as well. Our

Our dams are down 2%. This week we

only had five at millimetres it in

that the main a damn eyrie is.

Newcastle, an amazing temperature

spread. For degrees was the minimum

overnight, 33 degrees the maximum

today. A day there was warm and in today. A day there was warm and in

form. Your weather for

form. Your weather for Tote -- your

with a photograph. Your creativity

is making this segment stand out

every day. Here is today's when up.

They're very clever shot taken in

Blackheath. It is rare to see

spring flowers covered in snow. You

are in the running for a tough

little cookie,

little cookie, D Lomax Panasonic

camera. We are getting tons of a

weather photographs every day. We

love them. A change in the weather

midnight tonight, the long weekend

a bit dodgy.

Next, Opposition Leader Malcolm

Turnbull puts his job on the line.

Also, China celebrates 60 years of Communist rule in style. Also, China celebrates 60 years of

And an Aussie movie Communist rule in style.

cyber-bullying head on. And an Aussie movie confronts


Yes. Here you go.

(GIGGLES) Have a good day. No worries. See ya. See you tomorrow.

Our restaurants are open early, so say hello to mornings with breakfast at McDonald's.

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This program is captioned live.

Rejected at the traffic.

New Windsor Road, there has New Windsor Road, there has been a

crash. Three traffic lanes are

barely moving. There is a stand

still. If you were thinking of

heading away for the long weekend,

there is a big smash on the M3.

Doubled to match points. Asylum

Asylum seekers set their boat on

fire, causing it to explode off

Ashmore Reef in April, according to

the Northern Territory police. Five

people were killed when the vessel

carrying 49 Afghans was torn apart

by the blast. Navy rescuers have

been cleared of any wrongdoing by

the investigation after claims

they'd pushed asylum seekers back

into the ocean. No charges have

been laid over the incident.

Malcolm Turnbull has put his

leadership on the line over climate

change. The change. The embattled Opposition

Leader says he's not prepared to

lead a party that does nothing on

the issue.

Appeasing critics in his own party

has only emboldened them, Malcolm

Turnbull has decided to take them

on. I could not possibly lead a

climate change. party that was on a Do Nothing on

A testy meeting of the shadow

cabinet, yesterday, backed Mr

Turnbull's willingness to negotiate

with the Government over an emissions trading

emissions trading scheme. I am

asserting my authority as the

leader of the Liberal Party and the

leader of the Opposition.

His coalition partner happy enough

to see amendments proposed, but the

Nationals in the Senate are

unprepared to back anything that

looks like an ETS. In no way are we

going to support a new tax with

this ETS that's going to hurt regional Australia.

And that's despite Mr Turnbull

putting his job on the line. putting his job on the line. His

course. job's up to the Liberal Party, of

Malcolm Turnbull is resigned to the

Coalition fracturing over the ETS

but he says he's serious about

climate change. The implied message

- if his critics don't like it they

will have to look for a new leader.

But Mr Turnbull believes, or maybe

hopes, it won't come to that. What

if you can't secure the party-room

support? I will secure the party- room support?

disunited. What we're seeing is an Opposition

disunited. A rabble without a cause.

Mass celebrations have been staged

Communist rule. in China, marking 60 years of

Australians lost more of their

personal worst -- will fit than personal worst -- will fit than

other countries in the financial

crisis. It tumbled nearly 30% in

2008. This is double the world

average. They blame the higher than

average exposure to equities. That

said, the market has regained 50%

of its value in the past six months.

Personal wealth has now outpaced the average.

the average. No new gains were made today.

Mass celebrations have been staged

in China, marking 60 years of

Communist rule. Beijing's city

centre was shut for the military

Tiananmen parade and people's pageant in

Tiananmen Square. Just 30,000

people were invited to the street

celebrations, while millions more

were encouraged to stay home and watch on television.

The festivities will continue into

the night, with a fireworks display

Olympics display. twice the size of the Beijing

For those who grew up For those who grew up believing it

sticks and stones can break your

bones and names have been can never

hurt you, and understanding cyber

bullying aims to paint a clear

picture. Do you know what is going

on? Why don't you tell us.

Apparently you have been the bad

girl. When someone is bullied

online, it is

online, it is a permanent record.

It will lead to revenge or leading

them to do terrible things to them to do terrible things to

themselves. While this looks like a

glamourous red carpet effect it is

a lot more. This movie will be a lot more. This movie will be

showing in schools. It will

directly hit its target audience. directly hit its target audience.

This is a real everyday experience.

People say, this happens to me. It

is adults to write in for the

biggest education. Teachers,

principles, parents, they do not

understand how this works. We all understand how this works. We all

know who the girl bullies are. The

parents are usually the most

reluctant to admit it.

We will have more information shortly We will have more information shortly from Indonesia's disaster

zone. Also - the experts predict

more major earthquakes are on the

way. And some big names back one of

the city's Olympic

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This program is captioned live.

Tonight's major stories, rescue and

medical teams from Australia are

flying to Somoa following the

deadly tsunami. Local authorities

have begun recovering bodies and

clearing debris. At least 148

people are dead, including four

Australians. In Sumatra, thousands

are feared trapped under the rubble

of collapsed buildings following

two major earthquakes and one

aftershock. The worst hit area is the city

the city of Padang. 464 people are

confirmed dead.

Ten News reporter Nick Way is in

Indonesia. He tells us of widespread confusion about the situation in Sumatra.

The carers has been compounded

because the magnitude has hit the because the magnitude has hit the

airport. The airport has been

closed for part off today. We

believe the military airlift is

continuing as the Indonesian

government pledges more than $10

million of aid. They supply support

crews. It was a case such --

chaotic and terrifying night in


This was on the same fault line.

People tried to get to higher

ground because they feared a giant

waves. There are grave fears for

some Australians because there are some Australians because there are

many who were in the hotels and

surf tourism industry. The

Australian government is trying to

contact them to make sure they are

OK. Another three earthquakes added

to the misery today. These were not

aftershocks. They rated seven on

the Richter scale. They were close to his main earthquake. to his main earthquake. The death

toll is likely to rise significantly.

Seismologists say the two

earthquakes are not connected, but

are a freakish geological

coincidence. Australians are being

warned to be on alert, with the

Pacific region still feeling the

effects of the 2004 tsunami.

To earth shattering events in To earth shattering events in less

than 24 hours. Experts say they are

not connected. This is geological

current -- coincidence. The

disasters were both caused by a

similar Geographic events. The

earth's crust is moving a long and

one of the giant plates gets pushed

below the other plate. It is the below the other plate. It is the

space in the middle where the space

builds up and suddenly releases. It

is that movement and that

reflection that causes the

earthquake. That is when these

tsunami occurs. They were in

different for Sones almost 100

kilometres apart. The

The Sumatran quake was on the same

fault line that caused the Boxing

Day as an army. The big question is

whether yesterday's events is a

pre- cursor, or an earthquake prior

to a very large one. Australia is

not in immediate danger of being not in immediate danger of being

hit by an aftershock. If you are on

the coast, however, do not wait for

the official warning. Meggitt to

higher ground as soon as possible.

Simmer Archer suffered another

strong quake today. The whole

region is on alert.

The host city for the 2016 Olympic

Games will be announced tomorrow in Games will be announced tomorrow in Denmark. The four Denmark. The four cities left in

the race are pulling out all stops

to win, even calling on

Presidential power.

Danish fineries as they prepared to

ordain a new Olympic host. Which is

the best of all these four? Tokyo,

Madrid, Chicago

Madrid, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro.

The delegates will announce their

decision tomorrow. All four could

host the games successfully. They

have rolled out their heavy hitters.

Chicago has sent in Oprah. And Michelle

Michelle Obama. The first lady, the

chief cheerleader. Her husband will chief cheerleader. Her husband will

join her tomorrow. We are not

taking anything for granted. We

will talk to some voters. It can will talk to some voters. It can only help.

Brazil is prepared for that. Rio de

Janeiro is in good time to prepare

for that. Politics may play its part.

Brad's back with Sport, and a youngster's ready youngster's ready for the Grand

Final? Yes. Daniel Mortimer is

ready for the biggest game of his

short career after proving the

likes of Andrew Johns wrong, more likes of Andrew Johns wrong, more

shortly. Plus - holding their line

- the Eels complete their official

duties at the Grand Final breakfast.

And a last ball thriller for the

Aussies at the Champions trophy.


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This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

Parramatta and Melbourne players

have had their final face-to-face

meeting at the annual Grand Final

breakfast. One of the Eels' rising

stars has spoken of his

satisfaction at proving to the

great Andrew Johns that he can play.

The Storm in Grand Final mode with

a closed training session this a closed training session this

afternoon. It was a chance to

stretch the legs after an early start, for the start, for the Grand Final

breakfast with those hungry

Parramatta Eels, and one cheeky

little kid. Are you confident

heading into the Grand Final, even

though you've only won one of the

last three Grand Finals? Another

cheeky kid is trying to arrange

another Grand Final defeat. And

Daniel Mortimer says he was shocked to hear mentor to hear mentor Andrew Johns admit

he told coach Daniel Anderson at

the start of the year, Mortimer was

still 18 months from playing NRL.

Did he ever tell you that? No, not

really. It probably would have

shattered my confidence if Johnsy

said that to me. But it's good to

know that I've proved him wrong and

he's slowly becoming a fan of mine,

hopefully. Mortimer's now a key

weapon in a team that hasn't won a

Grand Final in 23 years. I've

played in seven Grand played in seven Grand Finals as a

young bloke and lost all of them.

So it would be nice to be on the

winning side. Shouldn't have told

you that. The only Eel who has won

an NRL Grand Final is Joe Galuvao.

Are there any similarities at all

with Penrith 2003? Definitely. The

similarities are - they wrote us

off during the year and that was

the case here at Parra. If anything, the case here at Parra. If anything, it really it really steeled us together.

Sydney can't wait for Sunday's

decider, but if it's a cracker,

stand by for disappointment. Due to

a scheduling oversight, Parramatta a scheduling oversight, Parramatta

won't play Melbourne again until

next June. Traditionally, it was

Round 5 or 6, the Grand Final

replay. I don't think anyone

expected 4th and 8th to get through

to the Grand Final, did they? From

Parramatta's last Grand Final

appearance in 2001, players say they've learned some they've learned some valuable

lessons. Watched a bit of footage

last night. I think it was on

'Sports Tonight', and it showed the outfits

outfits we were wearing which were

pretty average. We wore suits with pretty average. We wore suits with

high-neck skivvies. I don't know

who organised that.

Still no Mark Viduka, but a host of

stars have returned to Australia's

line up for the upcoming matches

against the Netherlands and Oman. Harry Kewell, Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill and Lucas

Neill are all in the 24-man squad

for the games in Sydney and Melbourne.

After the dissappointment of losing

3-1 to South Korea, the Socceroos

have named their best possible

squad for their friendly against

the Dutch and their Asian Cup

qualifier against Oman. Harry

Kewell leads the list of big names

looking to get the national side

back on the winners list. Australia

has an impressive record against

the third-ranked nation in the

world, drawing 1-1 with the world, drawing 1-1 with the

Netherlands in 2006 and beating

them 2-1 last year in Eindhoven.

It's nice to play against the

Netherlands because they are a

great team to play against. Of

course, it's special, but for me

its a pre-game. While a test

against a quality side like the

Netherlands is important for the

World Cup, the more immediate

concern is for a victory against Oman after taking Oman after taking just 1 point from

the first two Asian Cup qualifiers.

Wednesday, we have to win on

Saturday. We like to win - that's

the difference. In Egypt, the young

Socceroos are all but out of the

Under 20 World Cup after being

beaten 3-0 by Costa Rica. A second-

half red card to Taj Minecon made

the task a huge one, and an own

goal from Brisbane's Luke Devere

put the game out of reach. put the game out of reach.

Australia must now beat Brazil in Australia must now beat Brazil in

the final match and hope other

results go their way to advance in the tournament.

A bye off the last ball of the

match has given Australia a

thrilling victory over Pakistan in

the Champions Trophy. The Aussies

now play England tomorrow in their

fourth consecutive semifinal in the ICC event.

With a spot in the semifinals on

the line, it all came down to this. the line, it all came down to this.

A last-gasp grasp for glory off the

final ball of the match. Brett Lee

and Nathan Hauritz sneaked through

for a bye to propel Australia into

the final four of the Champions

Trophy - with a 2-wicket win over

Pakistan. It was a tight finish

which should never have been. which should never have been.

Batting first - Pakistan did its

best to hinder its own cause. They

managed just 205. Australia's

openers launching an all-out attack

in the chase. Watson and Paine fell in the chase. Watson and Paine fell

in quick succession. Ponting and

Hussey then put Australia in sight

of victory, with plenty of overs to spare.

spare. The chase hit a major speed

bump as Australia lost 6/47. The

collapse left the match

precariously placed - and in the

hands of Hauritz and Lee. The pair

guided Australia home - albeit by guided Australia home - albeit by

the skin of its teeth.

A big Grand Final preview on

'Thursday Night Live' on One from 7:30.

Guests include Mal Meninga, Benny

Elias and Michael Ennis. Plus,

we'll talk in depth to David Gallop,

live in the studio.

live in the studio. The NRL are

donating $10,000 to the relief

effort in some off. Vic Lorusso is

in the traffic helicopter.. There

are some big problems on Pennant

Hills Road after a breakdown. The

traffic winds back to the F3. Double the Double the merit points from

midnight tonight. Tim Bailey has

all the weather details after the break.

They look cute, but they're really nasty little things that cause plaque. (GRUNTS) This is what they're doing. Dentists recommend chewing Extra Sugarfree Gum after eating and drinking. Let's see how they like this.

(ALL SHOUT IN FEAR) Pretty conclusive, really. MAN AND WOMAN: (SING) # From little things # Big things grow... # VOICEOVER: For anyone in health and community services, HESTA is your Industry SuperFund. To find out more, visit

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This program is captioned live. A

change is coming that will make the

weekend longer than we would have

thought. We will kiss goodbye 33

degrees tonight. 11 degrees above degrees tonight. 11 degrees above

average. I'd change will put Sydney

in a grey made for the next 72

hours. It will hit us coming out of

the south at midnight tonight.

Temperatures will not drop below 22

degrees before midnight. They will

only drop down to 13 degrees in the

On West hand at Seventeen on the coast.

On Friday, light showers. Late

thunderstorms in the early evening.

Saturday, Sunday, it is going to be

Chidi. 18 degrees, Saturday.

Showers, rain periods. Showers for

the grand finals. Holiday Monday,

showers as well.

showers as well. The first time we

have had showers forecast for four

days in a row in two months. Let us

the dance. hope we get some good showers for

A cloud mass is moving over SA, the

lower it is generating showers and

storms over the interior. A few

showers for Victoria and sudden NSW.

Queensland, NSW and Victoria will

have patchy showers tomorrow. Rain

over Victoria and easing from SA.

The weather is about to go grey and showery right until Sunday.

Tomorrow on the weather, Lane

Beachley will talk about setting

and celebrity Masterchef.

That's Ten News for now.Updates

throughout the evening before the

Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia..

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING )