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(generated from captions) and he knows it. That's your history with him

way - no commitment, no stability. And he knows it always ends the same with no more coupons, Brooke, And that leaves you for him to go. and me with the only safe place only one last time. I'm gonna say this I'm taking back what is mine. That's a promise you can do to stop me. and there's nothing Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - as inflation falls. new hopes of another rate cut Death plot exposed -

in the Blue Mountains. the sinister plan to kill the Queen anti-monarchists around Clearly there were enough in the early '70s to get this plan on the road. And it's back to school - return to class. 700,000 NSW youngsters Excited, very excited! Good evening. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. after a road rage killing. Also, a widow's plea with her songs - And killing us softly Roberta Flack makes musical magic who wanted to hear me again. There were a lot of Australian fans But heading the news at 5:00, has plunged, Australia's inflation rate for another cut to interest rates. clearing the way The drop in the cost of living in petrol prices in 30 years. follows the biggest fall of the pain at the petrol pump The dramatic easing has lifted some of the burden of Hercules Carpet Cleaning. off the shoulders It was around about $100 a tank, as you can see, probably $65, $66. and it's dropped down to, were the single biggest contributor Plunging fuel prices to the fall in living costs. in the December quarter, Prices overall fell 0.3% figures in 11 years, the lowest quarterly inflation the annual inflation rate to 3.7%. and that cut Inflation is definitely moderating challenge in the short term - and it's certainly not the economic supporting growth and jobs is. for items like TVs and computers Lower prices lead to weaker inflation. led to weaker inflation. Pre-Christmas sales also helped, but consumer confidence is weak prices are set to rise. and retailers warn

Everything we sell is imported, by most of our suppliers and we've been notified that there will be price rises. on another stimulus package. The Government is moving quickly with the premiers. Kevin Rudd is discussing its shape will be strengthened governments work together. if State and Commonwealth a 25-minute phone call to Kevin Rudd The economic crisis dominated at the Lodge this morning from President Barack Obama. for coordinated international action The two leaders discussed the need and for more pump priming. There is no doubt

will continue to play its part the Reserve Bank board when it meets on Tuesday. The Treasurer today revealed

discussions with the Bank governor he and the Prime Minister had lengthy

last week. another big rate cut. Borrowers can expect in a 75 basis points rate cut The market certainly is pricing when they meet next month. That won't be the end of the cuts - will be on their way. we believe further cuts Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. from Canberra. And Paul Bongiorno joins us now to talk about Paul, Kevin Rudd had a lot

in his phone call with Barack Obama.

There were four main topics of conversation in the discussions.

The main point was the global

financial crisis and the need to do

something about it. The other item

was Australia and the US have

agreed to co-operate closely in

preparing a response to decode and

Hagan climate change conference,

the one after the Kyoto Protocol

which will try to decide how the

world will combat global warming.

contribution Barack Obama St Australia for its

contribution in Afghanistan, but at

this time has not asked for this time has not asked for more

troops. As far as the strain is concerned the next big step in dealing with the financial dealing with the financial crisis

comes on Tuesday, when the Reserve

Bank needs. Ten News will have an

economic special on what it means to all of us. is being put up to 17, The school leaving age

$100 million. in a move that will cost taxpayers The announcement came returned to class for 2009. as hundreds of thousands of students across the State As more than 700,000 children back-to-school excitement... experienced I get a pencil case. ..the Premier announced they'll have to stay there in NSW high schools From next year, all students will leave school with a minimum qualification

of Year 10 School Certificate. before they're 17 Students who want to leave school to a trade or work. will have to commit with the rest of the country. The change brings NSW into line We have our doubts, have their doubts, and I think the people of NSW on any commitment that they make, that the NSW Government can deliver particularly this one. for the Lennon family. Year 10 seems a long way off Just getting to school is chaos. six different requests, Six children, in the wrong box. and I inevitably put one lunch I introduce the new people to their class. and get everyone settled in is extra special for the Yai family. Going to school in Australia to get started. 5-year-old Ayak can't wait H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, if the excitement wears off, Years from now, they will have options.

after the School Certificate, Students will be permitted to leave vocational training, but only to go into an apprenticeship or paid employment, a move to boost skills is only going to get tougher. at a time when finding a job will cost up to $100 million. Changing the school leaving age Amelia Adams, Ten News. There's been another arrest gruesome gangland killings. over Sydney's they're relieved Grieving families say is behind bars, another suspected killer solve 10 other suspected murders. but say witnesses can still help dismembered body was found Seven years after Terry Falconer's floating in the Hastings River, detectives charged 40-year-old Matthew Lawton with his murder. We are confident that further arrests will follow.

Reassuring news for up to a dozen grieving families. The deaths of their loved ones form the biggest murder investigation in NSW history. I miss him. I miss him every day. disgusting, evil act to take someone's life. 54-year-old Michael Davies was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head in 2002. He left behind the light of his life, a beautiful young daughter.

When all of a sudden it comes out that an arrest has been made and the people that have been arrested are probably responsible for your brother's death, it has an incredible effect. It's an incredible release of emotion. The families of 32-year-old Benita Forster

and her 3-year-old son, Tana Taui, have told Ten News they're hopeful of a breakthrough in that investigation too. Their bodies were found at the base of a Gold Coast cliff. Officers are also investigating the attempted murder of a man inside a Haymarket pub and the shooting murder of Gypsy Joker Greg McDonald. Detectives say drugs and debt are a common theme. Anyone who can give any information, it will help and save lives. Brett Mason, Ten News. An armed killer is still on the run,

two days after gunning down a father of two in a road-rage attack on the Gold Coast. His devastated family is hoping the suspect is found before anyone else is hurt. On Australia Day, Courtney Kete lost the love of her life. and a father. I've lost my friend and my lover Omega Ruston was a family man with a big heart. He was larger than life, he had a lot of zest, energy, a lot of drive - he loved his friends, he loved life. His parents can't believe he's gone. I don't think it's sunk into me yet.

The 32-year-old had so much to live for -

his daughter Tyler had just celebrated her seventh birthday, his son Tommy is only 10 months old. Both will now grow up without a father. He's not even one yet. gunned down in road rage attack The construction worker was callously gunned down in a road rage attack on the Gold Coast Highway at Burleigh Heads. His friends saw him die.

We just had the last two days together, having a really nice time, and I just hold on to that. The shooting happened just metres from a crowded bus stop. Late yesterday some of the witnesses were taken back to the scene. Police are looking for anything that will lead them to the killer. We just don't have that breakthrough, so we're appealing again to get that breakthrough. Omega's parents are taking comfort in their faith. His mother says and he'll live on in his children, she can still feel his spirit

but they do want his killer found. Please come forward and share the information.

We don't want anyone else to get hurt or to go through what we've gone through. He was wonderful - he didn't deserve what happened. On the Gold Coast, Bianca Stone, Ten News. Republicans tried to assassinate the Queen when she visited Australia almost 40 years ago. The sensational claim has been made by a retired detective, who's revealed the plotters tried to derail the royal train in the Blue Mountains. It was the royal tour of Australia, April 1970. The Queen greeted her delighted subjects, all the while unaware she was at the centre of one of the most classified criminal investigations in the nation's history... the hottest story going around. We were sitting on alleged assassination attempt on the Queen and Prince Philip as they rode by train through the NSW Blue Mountains - kept a state secret until now. Retired detective Cliff McHardy has finally spoken about the plot

which saw the Queen's train was booby trapped with a log placed on the track in an attempt to derail the train. Somebody's known a little local knowledge to do it. It wouldn't just be somebody come out there at random and do it.

It's obviously been pre-planned by whoever did it. As it turned out, a tragedy was averted because the train was travelling much slower than its 100km/h top speed. So instead of derailing, it merely collected the log and slowly came to a halt. Several groups of interest were interviewed over the attempt, but no-one was ever charged. Clearly there were enough anti-monarchists around in the early 1970s to get this plan on the road. heard of such a thing. I think it's shocking. Despite joint investigations by royal secret agents, it's understood the Queen was never made aware until now. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. In sport with Brad McEwan, Jelena Dokic far from disappointed from the Australian open. about her exit

She was very relaxed when she spoke today and thrilled with what she'd achieved. We'll hear from Dokic shortly. at in the Open,

And it's been a controversial day at the Open, in the midst of Melbourne's record heatwave. Officials are under fire for not closing the roof earlier, in furnace-like conditions. after players and fans sweltered And watch out for that boom - an ocean racer cops a knockout blow on the high seas.

And we'll catch up with the Socceroos - or is it the 'Soccer Whos'? - as the representive rookies gear up for tonight's Asian Cup qualifer against Indonesia. Next, the leadership of Premier Nathan Rees faces a crucial test. Plus, the driver accused of causing dozens of cyclists to crash defends himself in court. And the extreme heatwave - Victorians swelter as the temperature soars. trying to protect themselves (LAID-BACK MUSIC) Oh, nothing beats the smell of snags on a barbie. I'm starving. So are the mozzies. Pass the Aerogard. Mmm, I love that smell. Is it jasmine? Yeah, it comes out at dusk. Just like the mozzies. Aerogard Odourless - no smell, no mozzies.

I love the smell of the ocean. Any bites? Just the mozzies. Give us the Aerogard. Remember the Aerogard and avagoodweegend. So, come on, then. What's the square root of pi, divided by three? And how much pie do I get? All in a right-at-home environment. Just doing some catching up. Ha! And I know I'm going to get noticed results. VOICEOVER: Start saving by calling 1300 FERNWOOD today. This program is captioned live. Premier Nathan Rees will tomorrow move to settle the bitter squabble for ministerial positions that's threatening his leadership. State political reporter Josh Murphy joins us from Macquarie Street. Josh, what can we expect from this Caucus showdown?

A fighter until the bitter end -

all the factions in the Labor Party

have their own choice on who should

fill these ministerial vacancies.

What is making it more frenetic is

that each side is determined to

show the other side who is running

this show. There have been a flurry

of meetings and phone calls today,

or to sort out this power struggle.

Just four months into the job, this

is a major test for Nathan Rees.

One major player is performing Union boss John Robertson. Premier

Rees wants him in Cabinet, and if

he does not get up in his caulkers

ballot there will be some theory ballot there will be some theory is

big on his face. Sources say that

is very unlikely. Strict curfews designed to curb alcohol-related violence at pubs and clubs are having little impact. our cameras captured brawls and extreme drunkenness. What the ----, man? What the ----? What the ----? Turn the camera off! It's too hard to deal with. So will the Government stick with the lockouts and drink bans? The details - tomorrow in Ten News. A Sydney driver has been found guilty of causing a pack of 60 cyclists to crash into the back of his car. The driver claimed it was an accident, but the cyclists say he did it on purpose. It was meant to be a regular early-morning ride on one of Sydney's busiest motorways, but ended in chaos and crashed bikes. Up to 60 cyclists ran into the back of a car that had stopped abruptly in front of them while they were travelling at 45km/h. Facing four charges, driver Hassan Bakr represented himself in court. He claims he was trying to get to the breakdown lane because his car had backfired and stalled. The cyclists disagreed.

It was absolutely deliberate. As a

car does not break down and have

brake lights at the same time. I am not

not a mechanic, but if a car breaks

down everything goes dead. The cyclists were travelling two abreast in lane one of Southern Cross Drive. Elite cyclist Michelle Ferris was at the head of the pack. She was bruised and battered when she slammed into the boot of the car. For that split second you're worried about your life, 'cause all you've got in front of you is a car and a back window, but things happen so quickly as well, so I was just worried about getting up. down everything goes dead. The

cyclists notice he was coming into their lane ends wording. Kevin Nicholls and daughter Kate were near the front when the pile-up occurred. Bakr told the court he fled the scene because he felt intimidated by angry cyclists yelling abuse. and fined him $1,200. Bakr may now face a $45,000 claim for damage to the bikes. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Time now for a check of the weather.

Record temperatures, but not in

Sydney. The Iraqi wave conditions across South Eastern Australia.

Melbourne reached 43 degrees, it's

hard to stay in six years. The big

story is in SA, with temperatures

getting up to 48 degrees. It was 46

degrees in Adelaide. The record

that tumbling in Adelaide? It has been absolute the scorching, with

the temperature reaching 45.5

degrees, a hot to stay in 70 years.

Sadly it is only the second day of

what is expected to be our longest

heatwave in a century. The weather bureau

bureau has forecast five

consecutive days off 40 degrees or

more. There his nose up end in

sight. The callers day will be

Tuesday, with 38 degrees. There'll

be no overnight release. It will be

32 degrees overnight. I will try to

send you a southerly change. In NSW,

we have missed this heat wave so

far, although western areas of the

state reached 43 degrees state reached 43 degrees today.

Country NSW will have very hot

weather in the next 48 hours. As

far as the city and western Sydney

is concerned, a carbon tomorrow is concerned, a carbon copy

tomorrow of what was a brilliant

day to day. It will be 28 to 35 degrees tomorrow. Next, the woman who was expecting seven babies, then gave birth to eight. Also, the economic turmoil drives people away from drink - British pubs close in record numbers. And the Aussie fired up to play in next week's Super Bowl. At only $1.95, you can wrap up a delicious bargain with the new Seared Chicken Mini Snack Wrap from McDonald's.

This program is captioned This program is captioned live.

Time to check the traffic. This is

the M5 going the wrong way? The big

red must test for Roads today, this

is the M5. This is going towards

the city. The rough five trucks and

three cars involved in this

accident. The delays are back a

very long way. For those going home

from the city towards the west, you

are not out of trouble. Everybody

is filing down to have a look. The

M5 is not the place to be. Very frustrating. Wildlife experts have trapped a huge saltwater crocodile

just metres from a busy boat ramp in Far North Queensland. The 3.5m monster had apparently been feasting on scraps left behind by fishermen cleaning their catches. There are also reports of tourists hand-feeding the big reptile. Not a very good thing to do - Authorities are still deciding whether to relocate him to a wildlife park or a crocodile farm. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock, and, Jacqui, how did the share market react to those inflation figures? that we saw Well, Bill, the fall in prices was largely in line with expectations, so no real surprises in the figures - although the Aussie dollar has taken a hit as the case for further rate cuts firms. a rare peice of positive news We did have a rare piece of positive news from the retail sector - shares in Woolworths rallied after the supermarket giant unveiled a 9% spike in first-half sales, Woolies reported stronger sales across its food, liquor and petrol outlets and says it expects sales growth to hold up in the second half

despite the financial crisis. Financials led the charge today. Resource stocks were mixed and Rio ended weaker amid speculation the miner is preparing to launch a rights issue to pay down debts. The All Ords added 42 points by the closing bell. Westfield was down after losing $3 billion from its property portfolio. And that's the day in finance. after a violent murder-suicide in California. A man shot dead his wife and five young children, including two sets of twins,

before killing himself. In a suicide note faxed to a TV station, the man claims after they were both fired from their jobs at a hospital. In the note, the man is reported to have written, "Why leave the children to a stranger?" Journalists alerted police, who arrived at the house just minutes after the shooting.

The global economic downturn appears to be driving people away from drink. In Britain, sales of beer have plummeted and pubs are closing down at a record rate. Just like in Australia, the local is something of an institution in Britain. It once seemed like there was a pub on every corner, but not anymore. New figures reveal they're closing across the country at an average of six a day, and it's clear why. Beer sales in pubs fell almost 10% in the last three months of 2008. That means 1.4 million fewer pints are being sold every day than the same time last year. People are struggling, and it's a shame, because the pub is a real pillar of the community, and once it's gone it won't come back easily. The British Beer and Pub Association claims is making matters worse. the Government's tax policy With an 18% increase in beer duty last year, the industry's now calling for a freeze on the tax. Brits aren't just drinking out less, they're eating out less too. We make our own pasta sauces now, and also, for desserts, it's nice to get trifle or something, but that's expensive,

so basic tinned peaches, that's just as nice. Cooking at home is becoming increasingly popular. Supermarket profits are soaring, but luxury brands are out and budget buys in. A lot of customers are going for cheaper cuts and obviously the cuts that can get them more value for meals. And it's not just a taste of economic trouble - this is Britain's toughest recession in 30 years, and will likely get worse before it gets better. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Octuplets just born in the US are now in a stable condition

and breathing on their own. The six boys and two girls all weighed less than 1.5kg, or just over 3 pounds, when they were born nine weeks premature. The doctors and mother were shocked at the number of babies. She was awake during the entire operation and she was sort of counting with us as the babies were coming out, and once we went up to number eight she was, as the rest of us were, very surprised. The doctors had expected seven. No pictures of the babies have been released. A former AFL player is starring during the countdown to the Super Bowl in the US. Ben Graham will become the first Australian to play in one of the world's biggest sporting events. Amid the mad scrum of Super Bowl media day, Aussie Ben Graham was in the spotlight - journalists from around the world fascinated by the kicker from down-under and his rocky road to the Super Bowl. The former AFL star was almost as popular as some of the biggest names in the league. I still pinch myself every day. Every time I turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper, see someone wearing a Super Bowl hat, it's still amazing to me.

And, as I said, I'm proud to be the first Australian. He's done a great job for us. A few months ago the 35-year-old's NFL career looked like it was over. Now he's about to be part of one of the world's greatest sporting spectacles - his team, the Arizona Cardinals, pitted against 5-time Super Bowl winners This is what you want in team sport, is to play for the ultimate prize. So we've got that opportunity on Sunday, and I'm hopeful that the preparation that all the players have put in both on and off the field is going to pay off. At times, media day seems more silly spectacle than serious sport, with more than 5,000 journalists, cameramen and photographers - as well as the odd cross-dresser - all jostling for an interview with one of the players. As Fairy Godmother, go Cardinals all the way! And forget football statistics and game tactics - when it comes to the questions, anything goes. Have you had any marriage proposals today? I have not. I have not. I heard a couple of guys did. They ask you some stuff, like who on the team wears lingerie, or stuff like that,

or who's the biggest ladies' man on the team. A distraction that will quickly pass as the teams look toward the main event -

the game in four days. In Tampa Bay, Florida, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. And you can see how Graham and his Cardinals fare in the Super Bowl live on Ten and Ten HD from 10:00 Monday morning. But still to come - the plan to let students work off HECS debts with community service. Also, communities bypass the RTA to install safety lights near schools. And killing us softly with her songs - Roberta Flack makes musical magic with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. There were a lot of Australian fans who wanted to hear me again. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a plot to kill the Queen in the Blue Mountains 39 years ago has been exposed. A retired detective has revealed a group of republicans placed a large log on railway tracks in front of the royal train in 1970. However, it failed to derail. The inflation rate has slumped, clearing the way for another large interest rate cut next week. in December, Consumer prices dropped 0.3% mainly because of cheaper fuel. The annual inflation rate is now 3.7%. And 700 youngsters return to school facing a new rule - from next year, students will have to keep studying until the end of Year 10.

And if they want to leave before the age of 17, they'll have to commit to a trade. to help improve school road safety and save taxpayers a fortune. After years of delays, the flashing light system has been installed, thanks to fed-up residents. For three years, Peter Olsen has been trialling his flashing lights at school zones for the benefit of children and their parents. His toughest opponent isn't careless drivers - it's the RTA. For the past two years they've been running with 100% reliability, versus 98.2% for the RTA's lights. But today, a victory - the lights have been installed at Balgowlah Heights Primary School, thanks to nearby residents who offered their own property so the lights could be installed. It's a large school, lots of kids walking to school, and, yeah, it can be quite dangerous. Anything that can improve road safety for our young people is crucial. The State Government has committed $46.5 million for the rollout of flashing lights across 400 school zones by 2012. But that's only 4% of the State's schools. And, at $58,000 per sign, Mr Olsen's system costs less than $1,000, which could be met through sponsorship from local businesses. Peter Olsen and the RTA will continue to disagree over which set of lights provides the better option. Peter's lights may be smaller and just a fraction of the cost, but even a basic set of lights has to be better than nothing. The RTA, I believe, should be issuing a second tender for all the other schools that aren't going to be in the initial rollout, and that is 96% of school zones.

The NRMA has thrown its support behind the campaign and will work with Mr Olsen on the design of a larger, brighter sign for the lights. Tim Potter, Ten News. University students could pay off their fees by doing volunteer work. The Federal Government is reportedly backing the plan, which emerged at last year's 2020 summit. More than 1 million Australians have higher education debts

which take years to pay off. It's an idea about bringing the great intentions of young people in partnership with charities and others to make a difference for Australians, so we're obviously considering it and working through it.

Student groups like the idea, but stress that many are already trying to juggle study with part-time work. The only singer to win back-to-back Grammies for song of the year has returned to Australia to perform with our symphony orchestras. With hits like 'Killing me Softly' and 'Where is the Love', Roberta Flack continues to win new fans. The first time ever we saw her face was when Clint Eastwood took a liking put it in his movie 'Play Misty for Me', and helped make Roberta Flack a star. (SONG) # The first time ever SONG: # The first time ever I saw your face... # Have you two stayed buddies? Yeah. You know the movie 'Sudden Impact', where he says. "Make my day"? At the end of that movie is a song called 'This Side of Forever' that he wrote for me. Clint's is just one of a bunch of famous names the 71-year-old classically trained pianist and singer dropped during a press conference to launch her national tour with Australia's state orchestras. Peter Allen was another buddy. I never forgave him for giving Olivia Newton-John 'I Love You Honestly'. I thought that was my song. But she didn't really need it - because she had this song. (SINGS) # Killing me softly with his song # My whole life, his words... # A lot of people have had a go at it - like Toni Collette. (BOTH SING BADLY) # Singing my life with his words... # (VOICE OF HUGH GRANT): The worst part was when they closed their eyes. # Killing me softly with his song... # When the Fugees covered the hit in 1996, it was Roberta's version that again went to the top of the charts here in Australia. I interpreted it to mean Roberta Flack just doesn't stop. She's curerntly working on an album of Beatles songs, with a little help from her next-door neighbour, Yoko Ono. (SINGS) # We can work it out # I know we can # We can work it out # Ah ah ah ah... # Roberta's national tour starts Friday. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sport is next with Brad,

and Jelena Dokic ready to continue her green and gold comeback. Yes, next step is the Fed Cup. Jelena reflects on her remarkable Open next. Plus, tournament officials slammed for not acting quickly enough during Melbourne's record heatwave. And crash, bang, boom - Take a look at Hungry Jack's new Stunner Choices. Try a Chicken Wrap Stunner Deal, with fries, coke and a sundae. from just $4.95 (QUIRKY MUSIC) Looking for a home loan takes so much time it's exhausting. Mortgage Choice does the legwork for you and our service is free. (STEALTHY MUSIC) (WHISPERS) Oh! Ah! (PANTS) (GASPS) (GASPS IN PAIN) (SUCKS IN BREATH) Oh! Nurofen Plus contains the added strength of a second pain reliever

to help hit strong pain fast, before it takes hold. (ALARM WAILS, BELL RINGS) (GIGGLES) Nurofen Plus - targeted relief from strong pain. Which is a shame because I've got that down pat. Raa! And here at Fernwood, the staff ARE the know-it-alls. So, come on, then. And how much pie do I get? All in a right-at-home environment. Just doing some catching up. Ha! I so miss the '80s. Mmm! Now, be, like, chihuahua-like. (GASPS) I can't believe it., don't struggle. We have to go on the plane like this. L.A. - the city of dreams. Fulfil yours. Win 1 of 42 trips for two and share the summer with Coke. Australian Open officials have been slammed

over the tournament's puzzling heat policy, following today's sweltering conditions. Serena Williams and Elena Dementieva both voiced their displeasure this afternoon. And the pair will be forced to back up in the heat tomorrow, when they face off in the semifinals. Dementieva's match was played with the roof open, and the Russian fourth seed admits she's as confused as anyone. Nobody really knows how it works here. If you have a roof, why not use it? Williams dropped the opening set against Svetlana Kuznetsova, before officials finally closed the roof on Rod Laver Arena. From then on it was one-way traffic, as Williams booked her spot in the semis. Jelena Dokic is off to Perth

to represent Australia in the Fed Cup. Despite her quarterfinal loss to Russian third seed Dinara Safina, the 25-year-old wild card says her career is at last back on track. Her campaign might be over... COMMENTATOR: One of the bravest runs in grand slam history comes to an end. ..but Jelena Dokic is once again Australia's sweetheart, and her comeback is now complete. The second part of my career started here maybe thanks to this crowd. Sometimes one or two matches can change a career and a life and I think this is what happened here. Regardless of last night's result, her giant-killing run

and a world of depression and back into the top 100, the amazing run earning plaudits from even our greatest player.

It's just unbelievable what she has done in this two weeks to be able to play under pressure like that. Last night's 2 hour and 19 minute 3-setter was Dokic's fifth in succession. Her total tournament court time - a tick over 11 hours. Every match obviously for me is more of a struggle than for other players because I haven't played this much in a long time but considering all that I still think I pulled up pretty well after each match. While Dokic provided another epic, Roger Federer moved through with clinical ease. Oh, Federer is just smoking right now. The 'Fed Express' gave eighth seed Juan Martin del Potro a tennis masterclass, his 6-2, 6-0, 6-0 victory coming complete with party tricks. Oh, he's having so much fun out here - it's easy for him. Sure, I prefer these kind of matches - they're more healthy. I don't have a good day, I play bad, but he do very good everything.

Federer now plays American Andy Roddick in the semis. Roger Oldridge, Ten News. Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke says his friendship with Andrew Symonds hasn't changed, despite the all-rounder's latest off-field drama. Clarke reserved his decision as to whether Symonds deserves to tour South Africa until Cricket Australia makes its call code of conduct hearing. Where he's at at the moment I think it's important that whatever any player says is irrelevant at the moment. Your friendship certainly doesn't change at all. I think Simmo would still be talking -

we'd all still be talking to Simmo - as normal, making sure things are alright. The Proteas will rest pacemen Dale Steyn and Makhaya Ntini for Friday's sell-out one-day match at the WACA. Revelations today that Tests and State of Origin matches may not feature rugby league's new dual-referee system.

NRL coaches were today briefed on the radical change, with only Manly's Des Hasler expressing reservations. Overall, it's been given the thumbs-up. We expect better decision-making, more correct decisions, as well as because of the fact that they're not as fatigued... I think there's a real lot of strengths

in the two refs. People talk about different interpretations but it's pretty hard to call two people a cheat, isn't it? Coaches were told one referee will have authority over the other. The Socceroos begin their Asian Cup qualifying campaign tonight against Indonesia. But with a side minus international stars like Cahill and Kewell, the locals are doing it tough identifying the visitors. The Socceroos soaking up the atmosphere before their first match in Jakarta in 25 years. No mobs of fans, though.

In fact, introductions were necessary. Hi, my name is Craig. tomorrow night. I'll be captaining the side again

The 21-man squad, selected entirely from the A-League, arrived in Indonesia with just six players with international experience. the best Australia has to offer. The coach admits the side isn't We have better players, it's true, in Europe. We have better players, but it is, for us, a good challenge. This is not and won't be an excuse. We come in and we look for the three points. The Aussies' biggest battle could be against the elements - 35 degrees expected in Jakarta, with 90% humidity. With that in mind, Pim was keeping it simple. MAN: How many goals do you think are you going to score at tomorrow's game? Probably I would not score any goals. (LAUGHTER) Your team, your team. Oh, my team. Ah, OK. Hopefully our plan is to score at least one more goal than the Indonesians. Central Coast striker Dylan Macallister will be hoping to provide that goal for Verbeek on debut - that's if he can get the nod ahead of Melbourne's Archie Thompson and Danny Allsopp. Adam Thompson, Ten News. It's been a treacherous day for competitors in the Volvo Ocean Race as they battled vicious weather conditions off Taiwan. 'Ericsson 3' team member Anders Dahlsjo was knocked out when the boom hit him in the face and had to undergo medical treatment on board. The maxi was forced into port after suffering cracks in its hull. 'Telefonica Blue' is the overall leader as the fleet heads toward the Yellow Sea. Later in Sports Tonight, MotoGP rider Chris Vermeulen tells us why he could leave his current team. Time to check the traffic. A

terrible accident this evening. He

has been a terrible one on the

roads. This is traffic heading

towards Sydney. There are 10

kilometre air delays. There are big problems on this road tonight. We're in for another hot one - Tim Bailey's forecast is next. Ever thought to yourself, "There aren't enough hours in the day"? This program is captioned live

four-star please tell us it four-star please tell us it will

not be as hot here as Victoria and

Adelaide. Melbourne - 43 degrees.

That was nothing compared to some

areas of SA. Scorching conditions areas of SA. Scorching conditions

in Adelaide, with 46 degrees. It

was their hottest day in 70 years.

Parts of western NSW it reached 43

degrees, and that temperature will

stay that way for the next 48 hours.

The good news for Sydney and

western districts is it will western districts is it will be relatively mild, with the 29 to 35

degrees for the next few days. We

will not see that 40 degree heat.

Adelaide will not be under 40

degrees for six days.

Heavy cloud over WA at near

former tropical cyclone is

generating heavy rain and storms.

Heavy showers and storms. Northerly

winds will remain very hot in

Wester NSW, Victoria and SA. Gary

Hart in Tasmania also, with extreme

fire danger. Not much rain falling

anywhere. Showers in parts of NSW.

anywhere. Showers in parts of NSW.

Showers on the Queensland coast and

storms in the tropics and Showers on the Queensland coast and storms in the tropics and WA. We

are set for 29 degrees tomorrow.

Western Sydney will get about 35 degrees. Finally tonight - a sprightly senior citizen has just turned 100. Rose Smith might have reached her century, someone half her age. but she still feels like

She celebrated the milestone with not one, but two birthday cakes. What am I now, 100 or something? another five years. Well, I think I could go If you're still about, look me up. Rose spent decades making costumes for the Australian Ballet, but she puts her longevity down to a positive attitude and years of dancing. That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight, at 10:35. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.