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Good morning, it's Monday 19 March

and it is shaping up as a big day

in politics. The mining tax is

expected to pass the Senate and

from Queensland the man who could

be Premier if the Coalition wins

but Campbell Newman doesn't. We

will talk to Tim Nicholls live from

Brisbane this morning. The swimming championships conting. The swimming

championships continue, with

Magnussen and Trickett to carve up

the water today and we will have

Steve rise rise on to talk about

the races to watch. And happy

birthday Harbour Bridge, we will

join in the festivities throughout

the morning. Plus Queenslanders on

alert, the tropical coast down to

the Central Coast seeing heavy rain

and flooding. I will have those

details and the nation's weather in

a few minutes time. In breaking

news coming out of Bali this morning, five suspected terrorists

have been shot dead in co-ordinated have been shot dead in co-ordinated

police raids. Indonesia's anti-

terror unit Detachment 88 cordoned

off two streets in Denpasar and

Sanur. Witnesses say they heard

several shots fired. A number of

guns and some ammunition was

recovered. 88 Australians lost

their lives in Bali in the 2002

Kuta bomb blasts. The mining tax is

expected to pass the Senate today

and the Greens are already calling

for a review. Bob Brown wants a 30%

tax on coal and iron ore profits

increased to help fund high-speed

rail, a dental scheme and education.

We will get more from our political

reporter at 6:15. Elsewhere in

politics, Anna Bligh and Campbell

Newman will trade blows in a

Queensland media club debate today.

Both leaders will outline their

vision for the state and debate key

issues including public transport

and the cost of living ahead of

Saturday's election. The latest

Galaxy poll has the LNP leading

Labor 60% to 40% on a two-party

preferred basis. Residents in the

south-western NSW town of Hay are

hoping their levee banks will hold

this morning as a flood peak

arrives. The Murrumbidgee River is

predicted to peak at 9m. 2,500

people have left their homes.

They're suffering from the after-

effects of flooding two weeks ago

upstream at Wagga Wagga. Two men

who helped rescue children from a

burning house north-west of Sydney

have today been given a bravery

award. The blaze at Kelso in July

2010 came close to claiming nine

lives in a matter of minutes. But

neighbours Robert Callaghan and

Michael Wyllie risked their own

safety and pulled two girls from

the flames. Their selflessness has

been recognised by Governor General

Quentin Bryce. F1 now and Mark

Webber recorded his best result at

the Australian Grand Prix,

finishing fourth, behind McLaren's

Jenson Button. Button snared the

lead at an action-packed first

corner and never looked back. And

finally, the Sydney Harbour Bridge

is blowing out the candles on 80

years today. The bridge was

officially opened this day in 1932.

The Australian icon isn't marking

the octogenarian milestone quietly.

The grand lady's rich history was

celebrated over the weekend in

1930's style with a vintage fashion

parade and car display. Today the

Sydney Symphony has given a special

dawn performance on the summit of

our favourite coat hanger. Good

morning, well - as we have heard the Federal Government's mining tax

is expected to make it through the

Upper House of Parliament today and

paving the way for the scheme, the

new royalty - scheme to make it

into law so keep an eye out today

for resource stocks and from the

political arena to the air fields.

Qantas will be in the spotlight. A

trio of unions is expected to lobby

Qantas to keep its heavy aircraft

work force here at home. Some 400

jobs are on line in Melbourne and

Qantas will be handed a blueprint

by the union non for the way that

they would like to see things moved

from here on in. Let's take a quick

look at the markets. On Friday. It

was a flat finish locally but we

are in for a positive start after

Wall Street enjoyed its best week

in three months. We have a major

rain and flood event developing

across areas of Queensland. You can

see this massive cloud across the

eastern half of the State. We are

seeing very heavy falls between

around kairns and may day and

through this morn part of

Queensland. You will notice some

cloud cover through the southern

half of situation and this is the

rainfall continuing to come

throughout the region today. This

is the area that I am concentrating

on because we have this tropical

low. We have the monsoon trough

which brings very heavy rain and we

have these very moist on shore

winds coming in along the coast.

These three features are bringing

very heavy rain into this area. In

the south-east we have a high

pressure system keeping things dry

but it is directing on shore winds

into areas like Sydney and that is

this morning. why we are seeing some showers here

This is the area I am concentrating

on because we have seen other 300m

in this area in the last 24 hours

alone. Innisfail has seen over

150mm and Mackay has seen over 120

mm. We have already seen moderate

to major flooding develop. This is

falling on top of a week's worth of

400mm plus along this area of the

coastline and I wouldn't be

surprised if we get another half a

metre of rain in just the next two

or three days. I wouldn't be

surprised if we start to see some

very major flooding developing,

between around Cairns and Mackay.

As a result there is a severe

weather warning in place for these

districts in Queensland and we also

have that affecting places such as

Ingham, Townsville, Cairns.

Definitely something to watch over

the next few days.

All eye on the trop kicks from

around Cairns to Mackay with a

severe weather warning and flooding

likely to worsen over the next few

days. We should give you credit

here. As a forecaster of the

weather you are impeccable and you

picked Jenson Button the whole way,

and I poo, pooed it. Just so you

know it wasn't a lucky guess out of

anywhere I was a calculated guess

because I had been watching the way

he was driving the day before and

he qualified first so it was a no

braining. It is the same as the

weather, weather is not just a

guess, you calculate that. That is

(LAUGHTER) reasons. it. And I picked him for other

Yes, you did. Right, you are right

smack bang at the beginning of

Australian bacon week, it is

perhaps one of the most important

weeks and not all bacon is equal.

We might be overcalling that,

mightn't we? I don't know. I wasn't

aware that bacon week existed.

Exactly. Are you big bacon eaters?

I am not a big bacon eater but I

love it. I am exactly the same. I

don't hunt it down but when I get

my hands on it I enjoy it. There

might be something that you don't

know about bacon and you might find

that out today. If you do know

about it already just pretend that

you didn't. And now, did you know

necessarily Australianis not that Australian bacon is not

necessarily Australian bacon and we

will find out more about that and

what makes a great bacon. And the

other thing today is the bravery

awards mentioned today. There is

one Star of Courage, 19 bravery

medals for people who are just

quite brave, the common additional

for bravery condition for people

who are considerably possibly being

brave, and then group gravery

citations, seven of those. We will

meet someone who has been awarded a

bravery medal. We will also be

meeting someone who have than

nominated for an award but soon we will be going Bin Laden's house. Welcome back.

Now, every morning we get an idea

of what is happening out of the

States and the 120rys this morning

are some of the best - they involve

the President, a celebrity and a

important adage. Emma Dallimore is

here to explain how that all fits

together. Let's start with the

President and the terrorist. These

are more documents that have

continue out of Osama bin Laden's

compound. It is an ongoing

conversation in these documents

between Bin Laden and his rank and

file talking about ramping up plans to assassinate President Obama and

also Dave pet pet who at the time

was America's top soldier in

Afghanistan. Specifically this

talks about plans to attack Air

Force One and it goes a little bit

into his thinking. His thought was

getting rid of President Obama is

that Vice-President bid den would

take over and Bin Laden considered

him unprepared and that America

would slip into a crisis. We know

that never took place and the owe

Obama administration never took

this seriously because Al-Qaeda's

rank and file were so decimated

they wouldn't be able to pull it

off. George Clooney got into a bit

of trouble on Friday but he is

shopping it around now and I am not

sure about that. He is determined

not to led let this issue go. We

saw his father and himself get

arrested on the weekend over Sudan.

He was talking a lot on the Sunday

morning political shows. He was

directly told by one of the Fox

anchors that there is no way they

would have run a story on Sudan

except now that it included

controversy. You remember I used to controversy. You remember I used to

get all of your stories bumped by

Liz tailor or something happened in

Hollywood and you said, yes. I said

let's go to da four and you be the

news man and I will be Liz tailor

and you get it on air and he said,

OK. So, yeah, I believe that if we

go and we are standing in a place

where people are shooting rockets

at us and we are standing there

where a bomb has hit the ground

that didn't blow up and that

helping get attention to the story

that we are trying to tell, that is

all we can do. I don't like policy,

I can just make it louder. Everyone

is talking about how this George

Clooney arrest was an orchestrated

stunt but he doesn't air because

everyone is talking about Sudan.

There is some method to his madness.

Now, Tiger Woods, his ex-coach set

to release a book where he

described him as nasty and a porn

addict. Yeah. Well, I don't really

think that should come as a

surprise to anyone given all the

dirty laundry we already know about

him, but Hank has this book coming

upset to hit the shelves before the

Masters and he is not very nice

about his friend of six years. He

does say that Tiger is a porn

addict, and that he is cheap. Tiger

used to think it was hundred any to

skip out on his mates and not pay

at a restaurant and how he would

deliberately ignore little kids who

were waiting for a signature. Tiger

Woods has responded that he

wouldn't be reading it and doesn't

want to talk about it but I am sure

it will sell pretty well. Yeah, I

am sure it will. Thanks for your

time. Oday's top stories. Police

who shot dead five suspected

terrorists in Bali say they've

foiled a major attack. The Senate

is expected to pass the mining tax

today. And people at Hay in NSW are

bracing for a 9m flood peak this

morning. You are with Breakfast on

a Monday morning, great to have you

mane. Matt Moran in part joins us

now. Good morning a big morning.

After all the talk today could be

the day that the mining tax gets

the tick from the Senate. Very true.

Everyone is talking about it, the

mining tax very controversial, the

big miners didn't like it, Clive

Palmer not surprisingly wasn't keen.

The Liberals are opposing and it

will quote something from a WA

liberal Senator. He says this tax

is economic vandalism and it is

economic lunacy but the Greens are

set to support it. It is

interesting because the Greens are

set to support it but at the same

time they are saying that they need

a review of it as soon as possible.

That is right. Bob brown has come

out saying that basically it has

indicated it will support the tax

but demanded extra transparency.

The Greens have always wanted the

big miners to pay more. They are

keen on a national dental scheme,

high-speed rail, all of those sort

of things and they think that if

the Government can get more money

out of the miners they will pay the

- the miners will pay pore those

things. So the Greens want more but

the Government has to tread a fine

line. They have, because this is a

new tax that hasn't yet been

introduced but already the income

from it has been spent about 50

different times by every political

party. They have to get that budget

surplus. Exactly. Let's talk about

the petition groups now, because

today is a great day for the superannuation petition to be

presented. That is right. There was

also an online poll, an ACTU poll

which suggested that three quarts

over Australians want an increase

in super from 9 to 12%. I must let

you know there was a poll of 1,000

people so it is not particularly

representative of all Australians,

and they there will rz be petitions

come forward soon as well calling

on the Parliament to support this

legislation to increase the

superannuation from 9% to 12%.

Thank you for joining us. Talk to

you later. We have to go to a break

but when we come back we will whip

around this nation to find out what

is going on. (DRAMATIC MUSIC) These experts demand the absolute best in dishwashing. They know only the best detergent will allow them to achieve the best results. For them, nothing beats Finish - the number one recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers and the number one trusted brand by Australian mums.

is going on.

It is time to take a look around

the capital cities in this great

country. We are going to go to

Sydney to see lunar Park in the

background there. It is the 80th

birthday of the Harbour Bridge, but

we will start in Melbourne. Ben

Lewis who we have let out at the F1

the day after everyone else left.

Ben, good morning. Good morning,

Paul. Couldn't even get a ticket

yesterday must have got lost in the

mail. Good morning from Melbourne

where police are hunting a violent

sex offender who is on the ren.

Terence O'Hara slipped away on

Friday morning and hasn't been seen

since. To give you an idea of how

bad this bloke is, the police

officer who arrested him many years

ago has described him as one of the

most horrifying crooks he has never

met. People have urged -- police

have urged not to approve him but

to call the police. General tuttut

but but took out the -- Jenson

Button has taken out the Grand Prix.

Yesterday's crowd of almost 115,000

the biggest since 2005. Good

morning from Roma Street station

here in Brisbane. We have had

delays, we have had break downs and

it seems we would now be headed for

some industrial action too. The

rail, tram and bus union will meet

with employees to talk about

possible strike action. They are

furious after one of their drivers

with are sacked. It is alleged that

the driver asked a passenger to

turn his music down and asked him

to take his feet off the seat. The

man refused, he was booted from the

train and he has then allegedly

spat in the drivers face. Now, the

driver has subsequently been sacked.

The union wants the man reinstated,

they want apology and more

importantly better support for

their employ's. Here in Adelaide a

bit of an embarrassing start for

the health department. They spent

$25 million on a new suburban

hospital. The thing has 50 rooms,

they are calling it a GP

superclinic. Now, it is a great

idea, it is aismed at relieving the

stress and pressures on outlying

health services. The only problem

with this one is they have only got

two GPs working there. Doctors have

said it is a huge waste of money,

it hasn't done anything, but the

health department has said that

once demand increases there will be

more GPs working there. Now, of

course the swimming trials continue.

James Magnussen absolutely on fire.

The first man in the world this

year to go understooder 48 seconds

in the 100m freestyle. Speaking of

men who are on fire, Mark Howard

will be on the show in about 20

minutes to give us another run down

of all today's highlights. Police

are continuing to investigate in

Sydney here the death of a man who

was tasered in the CBD. Now,

despite about five people dying

after being tasered. The company

which distributes them in Australia

saying they are not a deadly weapon.

The man at the head of that company

says they are so safe, he has even

tested them on his children. Also

making news, 68 people will be

awarded for their bravery today.

Ordinary Australians doing

extraordinary things. We will have

one of them in the studio after 8

o'clock. Fantastic. Mel. I am just

looking in the background.

Obviously the 80th birth of the

Harbour Bridge but also Lunar Park

which is just fantastic. How is it

you described it to me before when

we were talking about it? Look, I

described it as almost a bit of a romantic horror story. Especially

at this time of night. It looks so

beautiful but still so creepy at

the same time. I think romantic and

horror story is right. I have never

seen this when I have gone past it

in a boat but under one of its eyes

there is a huge tear - or at least

there was when it was built. I

assume it is still there. I haven't.

I am going to have to check that

out because I think that is pretty

gorgeous. Maybe we head over there

for a cup of coffee after our

crosses today. What a great idea. I

will catch you later. Thanks a lot

guys. You still have work to do,

Paul. Coming up after the breakly

have all the news headlines and

Wendell Sailor will talk all things OK, the amazing Samsung Galaxy S II is now only $5 per month on Vodafone's great value $29 plan. So get it today with the Vodafone Network Guarantee.

(WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: In a crash, wearing your seatbelt reduces your risk of serious injury. So, however short the journey, however long you've been driving... (WHISTLES) ..however well you know the road, don't forget to clip, every trip. watching Breakfast. Welcome back,

it is coming up to 6:30 here on

blek brek. -- Breakfast. Police in

Bali say they've shot dead five

suspected terrorists this morning,

foiling a planned attack expected

later this week. Bali has suffered

a number of terrorist attacks in

recent years, the deadliest being

the nightclub bombings at Kuta in

2002. Indonesia's anti-terror unit

cordoned off two streets in

Denpasar and Sanur. Witnesses say

they heard several shots fired and

saw bodies removed from a bungalow.

A man who died after police stunned

him with a taser in central Sydney

could be from South America. But

police investigating his death are

still trying to work out exactly

who he is and have issued a fresh

appeal this morning for the

public's help. Ten News understands

he stole a packet of biscuits from

a convenience store. He stopped breathing after officers used

capsicum spray and then a taser on

him yesterday morning. Unions are submitting a 6,000 signature

petition to the Government today to

try and get us a better deal on

superannuation. ACTU wants

legislation passed to lift super

contributions to 12%. It depends on

the mining tax being passed by the

Senate today because the rise would

be funded from that. An average 25-

year-old worker would gain an extra $143,000 in their retirement

savings. There'll be calls in

Federal Parliament today for a

formal inquiry into the Australian

Customs Service after police

smashed a gun smuggling ring. The international trafficking operation supplying black-market guns from

Germany to criminals in Sydney was

smashed last week by a NSW police

strike force. The Federal

Opposition wants a review into the

way in which Customs check parcels

coming into Australia. A nurse who

was stabbed to death defending a

colleague has been posthumously

awarded one of the nation's highest

bravery awards today. Robert

Fenwick was working at a

psychiatric hospital at Orange in

NSW when a patient lunged at

another nurse with two steak knives.

The 63-year-old tried to disarm the

man but was stabbed several times.

Melbourne Storm player Maurice

Blair has been charged with

unlawful assault during the club's

weekend trip to play on the Gold

Coast. The club says Blair was

involved in an alleged incident'

after the game against the Titans,

with Storm officials to undertake

their own extensive investigations.

James Magnussen will be chasing a

world record tonight after cruising

into the final of the men's 100m

freestyle at the Olympic swimming

trials in Adelaide. Magnussen

became first man in the world to

break the 48-second barrier this

year, posting 47.93. Stephanie Rice

won the 200 individual medley while

Nick D'Arcy booked his ticket to

the games with victory in the 200m

butterfly. We'll have a full sports

round up shortly. And finally, in

what has to be one of the worst lookalike contests ever, Columbia

has crowned its best Obama

doppleganger. It wasn't much of a

competition. Some of these guys

must have been entered just to make

up the numbers. The winner does

bear a faint resemblance to the US

President if you take your glasses

off and stand well back. Mechanic

Carlos Alberto Perez scooped the

prize and said he only entered

because his boss made him do it.

Hello again. Well, Qantas will

today be lobbied by furious work

force desperate to keep maintenance

jobs on shore. Three unions have

joined forces and will today

present the airline with a

blueprint document on their ideas

of how to save 400 jobs. Here is a

cheery thought. The consumer

watchdog says the number of

reported business scams doubled

last year and quadrupled on the

year before that. In all, more than

85,000 reported scams across the

country. Let's have a look at the

markets now. With the mining tax

headed for the Senate the local

market is in for a positive start

after Wall Street enjoyed its best week in three months.

Ex-tropical cyclone lieu ya is

continuing to bring in rain through

the gold fields and southern areas

we and we have a high pressure

system in the south-east but it is

resulting in a wet start for Sydney

siders. The north is an area I am

watching very closely over the next

few days A number of things are

combining to bring very heavy rain.

We have the monsoon trough which

has dipped south. Off that we have

a tropical low which is sitting

around the gulf and originally it

was expected to move into these

very warm waters and turn into a

cyclone but it is no longer to

going to do but move south-east and

as a result we are seeing a huge

amount of rain for the tropics and

Central Coast. As a result, there

is a severe weather in place will

warning in place for all of these

districts in Queensland and we

could see 24 hour totals of over

200mm this. Is falling on top of 40

to 500mms already from last week

and I wouldn't be surprised if we

saw half metre of rain this week.

It is not hard to know that when

you look at the last 20-hours of rainfall.

rainfall. Near Cairns, 327mm since

9am yesterday and Innisfail has picked up 108.

In America they call them look a

likeys, and there is an

organisation, you can get paid for

it. Is that right? Yes, you get

paid for it, you go to parties as

an Obama like alike. Although he

looks quite good.. Didn't think the

winner was too shabby. He was a lot

younger, though. Why are they

getting out of a unit? That was

never explained. Today the bravery

awards, the medals are being handed

out. Yes, Governor-General Quentin

Bryce. And we are going to have a

recipient of one of the awards. And

funny enough I was very brave on

the weekend. But were you? I was

walking through darling hare bur,

there was a bird who was still

alive, as I am trying to carry some

interest in the yarn, there was a

bird who was almost dead but not

quite and he was being pecked by

another bird. I stood there and I

watched it for about three pecks

and I thought what do you do? I am

going to take it down to my

serviced apartment. You are

probably not allowed to have half

dead birds in those serviced

apartments although there is

something going on next door. I go

in and I intervene and I pick it up

and standing there in Darling

Harbour surrounded by people

holding this dying bird. So I sat

it in the garden, and meantime the

horrendous bird that was the tree

watching me watching it and I

thought do I spend the rest of my

life here? So you walked on. In I

walked on and it was probably

pecked to death. That wasn't brave

at all. At least I did something. I

have a bird storyly tell you later

but we have to talk all things

sport. I am sure that the Victoria

Cross medal is this the mail. I

hope so, nothing less than the

Victoria Cross medal. Wendell

Sailor joins me now to give us an

idea of what happened on the

weekend, what we have to look

forward to and kicking it off,

league Billy Slater, is he the best

full back of all time? I think he

is. People have talked about Darren

Lockyer, but he is it for they. It

is no surprise to me because he

works so hard and she the best. He

is probably going to be one of the

greatest player that we convenient.

At the moment we talk about Andrew

Johns, Darren Lockyer, but this guy

by the time he finishes he will be

the best. He He is so good, and I

hate him. You might hate him but

she a great Queenslander and no

matter what club you follow you

love watching this game play.

Exactly. Dave toy leader will be

leaving the rabbits, will there be

a lot of tears shed. They will be

sad to see him go. Look at this

play. Now he is getting better. She

an Origin player now and he should

be a test play their year and if he

keeps doing that I he will be. That

is the system and the NRL will be

talking about it later. AFL, so the

Crows win the NAB Cup on the

weekend. The real game starts this

weekend, coming U Israel Folau is

potentially not going to be there.

How big a deal is ha? It is massive

for media coverage too because in

the Western Sydney they want to

make a hit many there so you have

the west Tigers Parramatta and the

best thing you can have is Israel

Folau plague. I am not saying they Folau plague. I am not saying they

are going to give him any benefits

but it would be a disaster if

Israel Folau wasn't playing. Local

derby, you want this guy playing

and he is starting to get the hang

of it. It is good for the sport. In

the rugby not such great news. The

only reason that we one was the

Force was playing the tars, what

has happened? It is a bit tough, we

have had a few injuries to Rocky

Elsom and quite Cooper. The Force

on the weekend they had a really

good win, so congratulations to

them. A and the. The ahs have six

or eight players out so good luck

to them. And Australian rub by is

not in bad shape. The problem is

that the South Africans are playing

some good rugby. The Grand Prix,

you keep banging on about the fact

that you didn't get a ticket. I

know I am just a battler here at

channel Ten but how was it? It was

great. Mark web web, do you think

he has a chance to get to the top?

Absolutely, you just want to see

him a podium. He loves his rugby

league and he loves his Raiders and

to have some Australians in it I

think it is wonderful for our sport

and culture. Maybe if you keep

complaining, we can get you a

ticket to mall lay shafplt --

Malaysia. That would be great. You

and me in Malaysia. That would be

nice. Aid ahead on Breakfast, all

things swimming with Stephanie Rice.

80th birthday of an Aussie icon.

Our own Gold Logie nominee on the

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Breakfast. Good morning, Sydney a

cloudy day with isolated showers

and 22 degrees for the 8th birthday

of the Harbour Bridge. It is 6:45

here on Breakfast. Today's top

stories. An Indonesian terror cell

that was planning attacks has been

smashed this morning after police

shot dead five people in Bali. The

Opposition will today call for an

inquiry into alleged shortcomings

at the Australian Customs Service.

And the King of Tonga who brought

democracy to the impoverished South

Pacific island nation has died.

Well, there has been some upsets in

the pool over the weekend at the Australian swimming championships.

Mark Howard joins us now from there.

Now, the big story, Nick D'Arcy, he

won his 200m butterfly, he has had

a pretty controversial win. How

have the other swimmers found him

going through? Well, good morning

first you little Grand Prix groupie

you, I enjoyed your work over the

weekend. It has been a

controversial story over the last

four years since he has been

charged and found guilty of assault.

Suspended from the team and kicked

out of the World Championship and

then went to deli for the

Commonwealth games. He has had a

rough roun. Run. But he won last

night and he spoke with style and

grace and I think the most

important thing was the way he was

received from the crowd. He got out

of the pool and apart from Thorpe

my he got the biggest roar of the

night. It has shown that the

Australian public is prepared to

forgive him and he has paid has

dues. I was a great moment for him

yesterday. He was off to the

Olympics today and he really had

the crowd behind him which I think

was good. Stephanie Rice she did it

again, she beat Alicia Coutts, so

she will be going to defend not one

or two of her titles. Spot on. She

a great girl and so relaxed now she

is through. This was a belt other

after race, with 30 to go it looked

like he was going to get tipped out

but she shows why she a champion.

He has so much guts and

determination. Alicia was there at

the end and they both qualify. I

think Steph is back at her best

form as long as that shoulder of

hers can hold together, I think we

can expect some pretty big things

from her in Beijing. I look forward

to hearing you guys speak with her

later on. She is lovely. And James

Magnussen hits the pool with 100m

free. This guy is on fire. This is

the main event. Whatever you do

tonight we are on from 8 o'clock.

Themen's 100m freestyle, some of

the biggest units you will see,

some very ripped units too, they

are very fit boys. Eamon Sullivan

will be there, big Matt Targett but

this man, James Magnussen, he is

just flying. We got him out of the

pool last night and I said, alright,

who is going to win tomorrow night

and normally at that stage the

athletes say, "It will be a tough

night and I have to worry about

this bloke accounts, and when I

asked him he said the Magnussen

Missile will win. He has backed it

up. He is a wonderful swimmer, that

race tonight, you it is down and

get your popcorn. And he is

speaking in a third person. That is

a Wendell Sailor routine. It is

indeed!! Libby Trickett has one

last chance of booking her ticket

to London, how do you think she

will go? I think this is her big

chance. The semifinals are on

tonight she missed out by that much

in the butterfly, she came third.

She needs to finish top two to get

an individual spot. Top six to get

a relay spot. I think she is a good

chance of that and wouldn't that be

great to see her get that. You have

worked with her, she is a lovely

girl. I don't think that top six

will be beyond her so I think he

will be on the way to London, but

the men's 100 it is the unwe have

all been waiting for. I might even

stay up late. Thanks so much, OK

boys, back to you. We want to

clarify to you that Mark is in the

swimmers hotel, he is there

stalking the beJesus out of them,

is that right? Is he actually

stalking the beJesus out of them? I

know him, he might be. Leisel Jones,

the fourth Olympics. The first

Australian swimmer. It is such an

extraordinary discipline to remain

in top form. She was so young when

she started. I makes me feel old

how long she has been swimming for.

But it is absolutely extraordinary.

Were you guys big swimmers. I was

the swimming champion in year five.

It was the only thing I did. That

is where the fork in the road was?

Yes, that's right. I used to get up

at 4am and go training as a little

kid and then it got way too hard. I

was an endurance swimmer, I was

never very fast but I did stay in

the water longer than anyone else.

I thought there had to be a prize

for the last one out. Wendell

Sailor, there are very few men who

can carry off a tight pink shirt

the way he can. That was fantastic.

I need to reveal something there,

that before that started he

commented that this is his

favourite colour. We are learning

so much about Wendell Sailor. He is

such a Metro sexual. Still to come,

we are going to have Stephanie Rice

revealing everything about the

swimming championship from the eyes

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work? Welcome back to Breakfast.

The news headlines are on their way

but right now I will tell you a bit

about a man called Alan sugar. He

runs the present advertise over in

the UK and on the weekend he

stirred it up by saying that kids

should be out at work at the age of

13 because if not they will be out

on the welfare line. Now, for more

on this, the McDonalds Australia

chief executive and someone

responsible kids getting jobs. Do

you agree what he said? If you ask

my daughter she would say yes, but

our policy is the age of 14. Some

mature earlier but some are not

ready at 14 either.

Who decides how old is old enough?

I think the kids and the parents?

So there is no law that says you

can't work under a certain age? It

is different by different States.

For some there is no minimum age as

long as the school and the parents

agree. We do think that is the real

minimum at least. I can remember

all I wanted to do was get a job

when I was younger and earn pocket

money. Do you think the attitude

has changed now? No, I don't think

it has changed at all. I know a lot

of our managers will say the kids

of today, and I will say to them

that your managers said the same

when you were womaning through. I

don't think it has changed much. Do

you think getting a job earlier

saves kids from ending up in the

welfare line like Alan Sugar says?

One thing that he said that I don't

agree with is that kids shouldn't

with aspirational. And I think they

should. I get so see so many kids

with different aspirations and we

shouldn't be holding them back on

that. You started at McDonalds at

the age of 14. Yes, I did. And now

you are the CEO. Yes, but back then

I had to be 14 and nine months. Can

you remember the work ethic that

you had? I think my parent

instilled a great work itic in me

but my main motivation was earning

some of my own money so I could be

independent and buy is jeens that I

wanted. But I am suggesting that

you didn't spend all of that money

because by 19 you were a manager

and you had 100 staff under you.

The main thing I saved up for when

I was 17 I went back packing around

Europe and I was so proud because I

had savemented all of that money.

It is interesting what you say

about your parents being an inns

fluence because Alan Sugar is

pointing the finger at parents for

making slobs. Is it important for

parents to be behind them In it is

important for parents to encourage

them to have big dreams but I do

think part-time work is great for

kids for work itic and they will

say why do they listen to you

people at McDonalds and not to us.

I think we all have a spoonsability.

I do see with friends with kids who

are coming into teenage years they

do seem like they take a lot and

they expect a lot from their

parents because it just what they

are doing, it is kind of the norm

rather than going out and getting a

paper run or working at the local

fish shop and doing baby sitting.

Do you not think there has been a

generational change where kids do

expect to be given more by their

parents so they don't have to go

out and work? If I was really

honest and if you ask my parents I

think I was the same at 14. You are

fairly selfish at that age and I

think that is why getting a job

does help but it is only one aspect.

I think it might be the parents. I

am sitting there thinking how old

is going to be too old when my kids

get a job because parents are

trying to keep their kids at home

which creates that view, do you

have any idea? There is also that

pressure because you know there is

a significant amount of school work

to get through and as a parent you

are saying this is the most

important thing, your job now is to

study, but I think there is a

really important place for a really important place for a

learning about the employment

sector. Very quickly, do you have

people beating your door down under

14 years to get a job? We do have

some parents who want their kids to

get a job earlier but we are very strict on that criteria.

Do you have to see a birth

certificate? Yes. You are just

double checking are you? (LAUGH checking are you? (LAUGHTER)

Thank you very much. Stick around,

we have plenty more. It system

doing up to 7 o'clock here on -- it

is coming up to 7 o'clock here on

Breakfast. Indonesian police are

yet to reveal which terrorist group

they believe was planning an attack

in Bali. Specialist Balinese forces,

seen here in this training exercise,

have shot dead five suspected terrorists in co-ordinated raids.

Detachment 88 condoned off two

streets in Denpasar and Sanur at

midnight our time. Witnesses heard

several shots fired over a period

of five minutes. Police say they

foiled a major attack planned for

Hindu New Year celebrations on

Thursday. The Greens want the

Gillard Government to urgently bump

up the mining tax. The 30% tax on

coal and iron ore profits is due to

pass the Senate today. But Greens

Leader Bob Brown says it should be

increased to help fund high speed

rail, a dental scheme and education.

Mr Brown says a decision by the

government to reduce the original

tax, which was set at 40%, has lost

taxpayers $100 billion in revenue.

Floodwaters are expected to peak at

9m this morning in the south-

western NSW town of Hay. 2,500

people have left their homes and

headed to higher ground. But the

SES says its cautiously optimistic

the town's levee banks will

withstand the pressure of the

Murrumbidgee River. A temporary

hospital will open this morning at

flood-hit Numurkah in northern

Victoria. The first patients will

be treated at 9am. The centre is in

the existing hospital's car park

and is made up of three air-

conditioned modular tents. The

temporary facilities will stay in

place until the flooded hospital

building can be reopened. New

drivers in NSW will be able to

reduce their practicing hours if

they agree to take a safe driving

course. The State Government is

expected to announce the scheme

today which will cut the training

time for L-plate drivers by 20 time for L-plate drivers by 20 hours. Learners are currently

required to clock up 120 hours

behind the wheel before they can

apply for their provisional licence.

It's hoped the new scheme will

reduce risky driving behaviour by

under 25's. The British army plans

to go public on Prince Harry's

return to Afghanistan. They tried

to keep his last tour of duty

secret in 2008. But the info was

leaked by Australia's 'New Idea'

magazine and the Prince was pulled

from the front line after just ten

weeks of action. The British

military, who's spent millions

training him, says Harry can't stay

in the army if he doesn't go.

Australia has struggled to reach 9

for 154 off 40 overs in their rain- affected second one-day

International against the West

Indies. Peter Forrest fell for a

duck while David Hussey top-scored

for Australia with 37. The West

Indies need to score 158 to win

after the application of the

Duckworth-Lewis method. NRL and Des

Hasler's Bulldogs have made it 3

from 3 with a win over the Warriors

in Auckland. They had to work for

it though after leading 16 nil the

Warriors staged a fight back. There

was just four points in it until

the Dogs streaked away in the final

ten minutes to win 32-18. In Sydney,

the Roosters downed the Raiders by

6 points and the Bunnies were too

good for Penrith. Manchester United has belted Wolverhampton 5-nil to

move four points clear at the top

of the English Premier League table.

The Red Devils raced to a 3-nil

lead in the first half, before two

goals from Javier Hernandez sealed

the result. And this great strike

was all it took for Newcastle

United to beat Norwich City 1-nil. Finally, Australia's pop princess

has gone back to basics for her


SONG:# So many questions needing answers

# How will it feel when it hits me...

Kylie Minogue had no backing

dancers or costume changes at her

two Melbourne shows last night. The

43-year-old sung some of her less

well known songs for the people she

describes as her "real fans".

She'll play two more shows in Sydney tomorrow. Another big

weather day, we have the ex-

tropical cyclone bringing rain to

the gold fields but in the south-

east we have the high pressure

system where winds move in an anti-

clockwise direction so they areion

shore for the NSW coast so we are

seeing showers for Sydney, but by

the time they move through the

inland they become dry northerly so

we are seeing a die, warm day for

up -- dry, warm day for much of

Adelaide, Victoria and southern NSW.

You will notice that many parts of

the Queensland coast have already

seen over 400mm and on top of that

we are seeing some very heavy rain.

Now, over the next few days this is

a predicted rainfall for parts of

Queensland. Anywhere where you see

this dark red shading indicates the

heavy falls. So the upper gold

fields and the Flinders district

and also seeing parts of the

Central Coast, the north tropical

coast are seeing some very heavy

rain over the next few days.

This is what we are expecting over

the next four days alone. You will

notice that many areas are seeing 3

to 00 to 400mm, and in the last 24

hours there are parts of the

coaster in Cairn which is have

already seen 300mm plus. Melbourne

will see around 650mm for the whole

year and one of these areas has

seen half of that in less than 24 hours.

Let's now have a look at the

capital city forecast starting off

with Brisbane. Thank you very much.

Welcome to Breakfast on a Monday

morning, great to have you company.

In the polls are anything to go by,

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and

Labor will be decimated when

Queenslanders vote this coming

Saturday. Of course, the LNP will

be the beneficiary Tim knock knock

is the deputy Opposition leader

also the shadow treasurer and joins

me now. Good morning the you. Good

morning, Paul. So you could be

heading to the greatest victory you

have ever had, the LNP in

Queensland. Does that mean you can

take your foot off the accelerator

for this week leading up to the

vote? There is a lot of hard work

to be done yet before the election

on 24 March and we will be working

hard for the next five days to make

sure that Queenslanders know we

that we have a plan for the future,

that we are a strong united team

and that we are the team that they

should support. We don't take

anything for granted. We continue

to work hard and we will work hard

all the way until 6 o'clock on

polling day. There is a big swing

towards you, but that isn't evenly

measured through all of the conit

is whencys and all the electorates

and if we look at ash Grove, the

margin is much tighter there. How

much effort from the LNP in

Ashgrove I think we need to make

sure that all candidates in the

seats we need to win understand

there is a lot of work needed and

they are doing it. We need to work

hard up until election day. That

will continue. Obviously we are

confident in Ashgrove, but we need

to work hard in order to make sure

that the people of Ashgrove have a

clear picture of what it is we are

offering them and that is a plan

for the future. To grow the economy

to, cut the waste, and to deliver

front-line services. We will talk

about that in a few minutes. If

Campbell Newman doesn't get the nod

in Ashgrove, will you step to the

for, will you be the leader? I am

working with Campbell to get him

over the line. I am pained with him

when he ran for the mayorialty in

2003 and 2004 and people said he

wasn't going to get over the line

and we worked dam hard that he did

get over the focus. That is my

focus at the moment. We have done

it before in the past and I believe

with hard work, with good policies

question do it again, including in

seats like Ashgrove. And I think

you are right and you can but but

you might not. So will you step up

if Campbell Newman can't be the

leader? At this stage we are

focusing on getting him over the

line and getting all the seeds we

need to win in Queensland - I know

that but it is a simple "yes" or

"no" answer to that question, isn't

it? I think it is clear that what

we want to do is make sure that all

of our energies are focused on

getting Campbell over the clear.

That is crystal clear to me. It is

crystal clear. But will you or not

if Campbell doesn't make it. It is

quite simple - will you become the leader, will you put yourself

forward for the leadership or not?

Well, Paul, what I have said

consistently is that our plan so to

get Campbell over the line. So you

have no B plan? There We have said

there is a plan A for Ashgrove,

that is to deliver an outcome for

Ashgrove that sees Campbell get us

over the line - But, Tim, Tim, Tim,

you are a sthrat gist. This is your

campaign. It is your baby. You are

a strategist. You most have a B

plan. Are you the B plan? Well, as

I say, Paul, you can ask me this

request a number of times and I

will say that our strategy - You

will not answer the question. No,

in, our strategy to get over the

line in Ashgrove. Yes, in fact it

is. Everyone else in your

electorate is prepared to answer

the question. Let's have ah have a

look at what they said in the

'Courier Mail' poll. Spring work,

35hct section ahead of you. Senior

has ruled hifplts out. Do you think

that would -- ruled himself out. Do

you think that would be the lay of

the lands? We are all about winning

in Ashgrove, Paulings, and that is

what our game is. The Queenslanders

want to know what it is we can

deliver for them and that is what

we are have been talking about.

I will give you an opportunity to

talk about the thing that you are

focusing on talking about. What you

are going to inherent is at a

minimum an $85 billion deficit. How

do you turn that around? You don't

do it overnight. It will be about a

$3 billion deficit this year,

heading towards an $85 billion debt

and that is why you have to have a

plan in place. We have put in place

a strong economic blueprint. We

will have a commission of audit to

chart the true state of the

accounts of Queensland, what our

liabilities for the future are and

what our expected revenues are and

to help us charter a path back to

the triple A current rating. Which

has been lost by the current

Government. Yes, well and truly

lost. Good luck for the next week.

That is a pressure, thanks to for

hing me on. Nick D'Arcy has booked

a place to London winning the 200

butterfly. Nicole Livingstone joins

us from Adelaide. We were speaking

to Mark Howard earlier and he said

when D'Arcy came first and touched

the end of the pool the crowd went

wild. Do you think is a sign that

the public has forgiven him? You

would hope so after all of this

time. Of course, Simon continues to

struggle with the end result of

that altercation so always when I

am calling Nick D'Arcy I have that

in the back of my mind given that

Simon is such a great swimmer and a

great bloke. But for nick it is

time to move on. He won the 200

butter fly last night. I am sure

this time around he will have very,

very taxpayered or tempered

celebrations. They won't be out

there, I am sure, as they were in

2008. But he was sensational last

night. His time is the fastest in

the world. Michael Phelps has yet

to race that in in their Olympic

trials but he is certainly good

enough to go over to the Olympic

Games and mix it with the big boys.

Alicia Coutts was meant to win the

200IM, but she didn't. I know.

Golden girl Stephanie Rice is on

fire. She didn't hear me on the

coverage when I said that Stephanie

Rice couldn't beat her from here,

but somehow she fatigued very badly

and Stephanie Rice did what she

does well which is totally pro fism

and was the race. The rest of the

world will start doing their trials

from this point in time but that is

a brilliant swim and it is a great

indication that she can go on and

defend that title. Looking ahead,

can Miss sill, as he has called

himself, he hits the pool. Yes,

James is absolutely just impressive.

He is the only swimmer to have gone

sub48 seconds this year. I am sure

the French and the Americans will

come out and do that as well but at

this point in time he is very

positive. He walks the walk and

talks the talk but he does it very

nicely. And he looks good too. Yes,

he does look quite nice. And Libby

Trickett, fingers crossed for her

tonight, she has one last tkhoons

get to London, can she do it?

Absolutely. Everyone is buzzing

about the fact that she is in such

a great space mentally but

physically. I think she can do it.

She is buzzing. Coming out of Bali,

five terrorists have been killed in

a raid and we join to Michael

Bachelard in Bali. We seem to have

some audio problems here. Michael

thanks for joining us this morning.

We have heard reports about five

alleged terrorists killed in Bali

and Sanur which is a highly

populated tourist area, what more

can you tell us? Details are

sketchy at the moment but there

were two different locations where

these alleged terrorists were shot.

One is in is Sanur which is a very

densely populated tourist area of

Bali and the other is Denpasar

itself and hotels were raided late

last night our time, early this

morning Australian time, and in the

two separate incidents five people

shot. The police are saying that

they are suspected terrorists and

that firearms were found in these

locations but the detail beyond

that are a little speculative. Do

we know anything about these five

men that have been killed? We don't.

Again, there is speculation, it is

very early day, that may somehow

have been involved with a group

that trained under the leadership

or the inspiration after Bashir who

Australias would know was

considered to be the spiritual

leader of the Bali bombings. I have

to couch this by saying it is all

very speculative at this point but

the police who were involved in

these raids were called Detachment

88 which some may know as the very effective but aggressive anti-

terror police in Ind