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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - on a rocket attack hit list. Parliament House Red P-plate drivers late at night. given passenger limits killing themselves or their friends I don't want young drivers at night. with a shark A surfer's close encounter

at a popular North Coast beach. with the paparazzi And Prince William pleads to leave his girlfriend alone. with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening.. Sydney's nuclear reactor Parliament House, and a home at Greenacre in extraordinary court documents have been listed detailing possible targets using stolen rocket launchers. for attacks one hasn't been fired already. Police believe it's just luck emerged today Those frightening facts sold the weapons was denied bail. as the man who allegedly Leumeah man Taha Abdul Rahman is accused of selling seven stolen army rocket-launchers,

but the real attention he's accused of selling them to. is on people One is Mohammad Ali Elomar - late 2005. arrested during terrorism raids,

Elomar was elated Investigators say five launchers in 2003. after Abdul Rahman sold him they saw Elomar shortly afterwards Police claim nuclear reactor - scouting the Lucas Heights had also been cut. a nearby gate lock brokered by Adnan Darwiche, The rocket deal was allegedly who kept two weapons for himself. Only five days later, murdered two people Darwiche and his crew outside a Greenacre house. in a hail of gunfire

Police claimed using their rocket-launcher, the men considered but decided against it straight through the fibro house because the shell might have gone without exploding. Outside court today, denied all involvement. the head of the Darwiche family I'm here as an interested observer. The police are still insisting REPORTER: to your family. that Taha sold these weapons there wasn't any weapons found, Well, as far as I know, they get that presumption from. so I don't know where

Abdul Rahman was refused bail, just before his arrest: police recording a phone call and the alleged terror cell The police case against Abdul Rahman of surveillance relies on an enormous amount State Crime Command, from New South Wales on several star witnesses. line but mostly Not surprisingly, police protection. they've all been offered are in custody tonight Two men and two boys of a Sydney father charged over the murder during a sword fight last weekend. Police say the victim was killed he feared were vandalising cars. when he went to confront teenagers Too distressed to speak, left court, Sione Matevesi's sister Tracey her brother's alleged killers. denied the chance to face (Sobs) his fiancee pregnant with a third. The 22-year-old had two children, He was stabbed to death in Sydney's south-west on a Mt Pritchard street early on Saturday morning. some noisy teenagers Mr Matevesi had gone to chase away outside his friend's house, fearing they were vandalising cars. with two older men, It's alleged the youths came back including swords and kitchen knives. armed with weapons Mr Matevesi also armed himself in the street. and a sword fight broke out with a hammer He was hit over the head

and stabbed in the back. four of the gang with his murder. Police have charged The identities of the four men are protected

because two of them are juveniles. They all remain in custody, lawyers requesting recieve medical treatment in prison that two of the men for facial and head injuries. outside Liverpool Court today, Police kept a strong presence and the accused would clash. worried the families of the victim in March. The gang will face court again caught speeding First year P-plate drivers for three months will lose their licences announced today. under tough new laws They're also being banned passenger at night - from carrying more than one a P-plate crash survivor. a rule welcomed by

but more P-platers are dying - Older drivers are safer now, 94 in New South Wales last year. killing themselves or their friends I don't want young drivers at night. first year P-platers - From July, those on the red plates - more than one passenger won't be able to carry under the age of 21 and 5 in the morning. between 11 at night It's to remove the distractions. full of teenagers. Jarrad Drew knows about cars So, you were right here, front seat passenger?

Front seat passenger, yeah. I was wearing. That yellow thing's my jacket They hit a pole. Three died, Jarrad and two others badly injured. was 17. The driver, who was killed, It was like pack mentality not egging him on, because there were so many of us but just being noisy and stuff. in his shoulder and arm. Jarrad has metal rods First year P-platers to carry family members will still be able for work and emergencies. and there'll be exemptions But there's another change too. caught speeding Any red P-plate driver

for at least three months. will lose their licence start tonight. The warnings about speeding You stop a P-plater from speeding, you'll stop a P-plater from dying. there's a good chance has ordered a report The Transport Minister didn't investigate a Qantas jumbo, into why aviation authorities

ripped in its fuselage. which flew with huge holes has now obtained exclusive photos Seven News

the damage was. which prove just how extensive When Qantas flight 5 blew a tyre last year, on take-off from Singapore the debris tore holes in the side of the plane. When the incident was made public last night, Qantas angrily denied the accuracy of these images. But today, Seven News has exclusively obtained photographic evidence of the damage. The shots show a metre-long gash and another metre-wide hole in the underside of the 747. The damage is to the fairings, a non-structural outer skin. No, it wasn't a big hole in the side of the aircraft per se. It was a fairing. Former Civil Aviation Safety Authority Chairman Dick Smith says it should've been investigated. It wasn't. Working off reports from Qantas and German investigators, our safety regulators ruled there was no danger to plane or passengers. That's the nature of investigations and that's the nature of investigations around the world, that you gather as much evidence as you can and make an assessment, and that's how we did it. But the Federal Transport Minister has decided to reopen the case. I've asked for a full report from the regulatory authorities in Australia on what actually happened in Singapore and the action that's been taken. The aviation regulators deny Dick Smith's claims that they're easy on Qantas, but CASA does admit that many of their safety investigations are conducted in secret apparently because it keeps the airlines honest. The risk would be if we conducted all of our business, our of our safety business, in public, is that the airlines would clam up. A surfer has described how a shark sank its teeth into his board while he was waiting for a wave off the mid-north coast. David Sparkes says it felt like he was being tackled by a footballer but the attack won't stop him getting back in the water. Its bite mark shows how close the shark came to taking a piece of surfer David Sparkes. The bite mark is nearly a foot wide, so we are thinking the shark was probably about eight feet long. Just before 7:00 yesterday morning, he was surfing with a mate at Sandbar near Forster on the mid-north coast. Sitting on his board when the shark struck, its force tossed him into the water. Just felt this enormous pressure from below,

basically a hit - like being hit by a football player or something. Shocked but unhurt, he scrambled back on the board.

It still took 30 seconds to catch another wave in. So that was pretty scary, trying to get the hell out of there and wondering what was on my tail. Because of the violent nature of the attack, David thinks it might have been a bull shark or a small great white. Shark patrols along the coast report fewer sightings closer into shore for this time of year, probably because of colder water, but in coming weeks, that will change. The east Australian current should be running at the moment bringing lots of warm water down from the Barrier Reef. With that warmer water, you get some of the tropical sharks. Not that they'll keep David from surfing. Put your spear guns down. And if you want enter the ocean, it's their territory and it's under their rules. Four Australian tourists are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized off Malaysia. A local tour guide died when the charter vessel sank yesterday near Borneo. The Australians were among a group of foreigners who'd gone on an eco-wildlife tour. The survivors were rescued by the Malaysian navy. It was about 40 minutes we were in the water before a boat returned and we used the whistles in the lifejackets. One of the Australian girls stood on the side of the boat and waved her orange bright life jacket.

The sinking is being blamed on stormy weather. In scenes reminiscent of his mother Princess Diana's hounding by the press, the paparazzi has chased Prince William's girlfriend on her 25th birthday. The young Prince has demanded Kate Middleton be left alone and, surprisingly, Rupert Murdoch's British newspapers have agreed to comply. This is what waited for Kate Middleton

as she stepped outside her London home on her 25th birthday. A pack of paparazzi, hungry for a shot of the woman who could one day be Queen. But right now, she's just Prince William's girlfriend who has to put up with this - a photographer pushing a camera within centimetres of her face. For the Royal family, it's eerily familiar. Flash back almost three decades to a young Diana who remained hunted until to her death. REPORTER: What do you say to people who say you are parasites?

I agree with them. She is famous. She knows that she's going to have to put up with a lot of photos. With rumours of a pending engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton has followed his mother in stepping from obscurity to a national obsession, but has it already gone too far? They are desperate for that photograph on the front page because it will sell papers but you've got to worry about what you're doing to this girl in-between. British newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch have banned the paparazzi photos. Other media are also worried about a repeat of the Diana tragedy. This girl - very young and very, very, very, very, very stressed and very nervous - she's on her own every morning, walking out that house -

and it's very daunting for her. She's no experience, she's had no training for it. She just fell in love with a prince. Right now, all Prince William wants for Kate's birthday

is for her to be left alone. Ahead in Seven News - the outback killer of a British backpacker loses his appeal against a life sentence. Also, a Sydney taxi driver narrowly avoids a cliff fall. And, Apple's next generation iPod - with phone and internet access. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $15 million Powerball jackpot. You could: MAN: Hungry Jack's Double Delish is back! relish, lettuce and mayo. Now you can access the world with Grapevine -

ActewAGL and TransACT's very own internet service provider - offering dial-up and broadband plans on the TransACT network. Blistering speeds of up to 2 megabits per second, incredibly large downloads. And from just $9.90... ..Grapevine will grow your world. Call: Or visit: A taxi driver has narrowly escaped running off the road and into Sydney Harbour. The cabbie panicked after a crash outside Woollahra Council's offices, hitting the accelerator rather than the brake.

A fence stopped the car just centimetres from a plunge into the water. Police are searching for the driver of a black convertible Jeep which apparently collided with the taxi and drove off. The man who murdered in the Outback British backpacker Peter Falconio

and kidnapped Joanne Lees has lost an appeal against his life sentence. A Darwin court found Bradley Murdoch's guilt was beyond reasonable doubt. Bradley John Murdoch wasn't in court. He was in his cell at Darwin's Berrimah jail when the judgment came through. He'll probably die behind bars for the 2001 murder of Peter Falconio. Murdoch's lawyers had demanded a re-trial. They questioned evidence from Joanne Lees, identifying the 48-year-old after seeing him on the Internet. But prosecutors said the crucial link came from DNA - from blood on Ms Lees' shirt, from the handcuffs he used on her and the gearstick of the backpackers' Kombi van.

The judges agreed, saying REPORTER: Satisfied with the outcome? Couldn't be disappointed, could I? Murdoch still has one more chance - a High Court appeal. The Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission will consider the decision and a decision will be made whether or not we will appeal and that will be made within the next 21 days. Murdoch's lawyers also argued his sentence of 28 years was too much, but the judges rejected that, too. This was cold-blooded, premeditated murder, cruel and unprovoked, and a terrified Joanne Lees had every reason to think she would also be killed. Murdoch has shown no remorse and with no sign of Peter Falconio's body, there's still no closure for his loved ones. The Prime Minister has taken a phone call from US President George Bush to discuss his new plan for Iraq. The two leaders spoke for 20 minutes about changes to America's strategy. Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile says Australia's commitment won't change. What I can confirm to increase our contribution to the effort in Iraq. Mr Bush is expected to announce he's sending in an additional 20,000 troops. A few of America's rich and famous are counting the cost of a wildfire in southern California. Five homes were destroyed and six others damaged with the repair bill estimated at $77 million. Among the victims, television actress Suzanne Somers. It was a beautiful house and a beautiful place to live. Fire crews say the strong winds and low humidity created the perfect firestorm. Investigations are continuing into the cause of the blaze. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have tied for first on the annual worst-dressed women list, compiled by former fashion designer Mr Blackwell. He's described them as two peas in an overexposed pod. Camilla Parker-Bowles came in at number two, branded 'the Duchess of Dowdy'. Actress Lindsay Lohan was third for turning "adorable to deplorable". Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet and Katie Holmes received an easier time for their fabulous fashion. The iPod has revolutionised the portable music market, and it's about to get even more mobile - mobile phone, that is. Apple has launched its new must-have device - the iPhone, combining music, mobile and internet. This is the long-awaited evolution of the iPod. An iPod, a phone and an Internet communicator. The iPhone is a music player,

combined with a mobile phone and Internet access. These are not three separate devices - this is one device. CHEERING

And this Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It has the same styling as the original iPod and the same download capabilities, but the touch screen allows users to make calls, send emails and access the Internet without a keyboard. Anytime I find something I like, I can just turn it around and play something - it's that easy. to watch movies and store photos, The iPhone also allows users but technology experts warn in the mobile phone market. it will face a lot of challenges much more mature The market is simply than the MP3 market is and the iPhone doesn't have the iPod simplicity

to its success. which was so important in Australia until next year The iPhone won't be available and will cost more than $600. will be heard in Sydney tonight The deafening roar of dinosaurs in a world first. is opening at Homebush, A $12 million robotic show of the prehistoric reptiles. featuring 15 They'll tell the story of a Tyrannosaurus Rex mum saving her baby. DINOSAUR ROARS Don't mess with an angry mum! 'Walking With Dinosaurs' tours Australia before heading overseas. Time for sport with Matthew White,

and some Twenty-20 hindsight after last night's cricket. Adam Gilchrist has raised some questions today, even though he was the man having most of the fun

in Australia's record-breaking win. off the wicket - Don't worry about cutting that the Bill O'Reilly stand! that's gone into on show And the style of the Swiss master

for the first time this summer. 7-6, 6-7, 7-6. UMPIRE: Two sets to one - World No.2 Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open. is a certain starter after suffering a thigh strain. The Spaniard says he'll be right, at the Medibank International. Kim Clijsters is into the semi's James Blake also winning. Marcos Baghdatis and defending champ at The Kooyong Classic, Change and good starts in the men's, for some of the biggest names

Roger Federer. including world No.1 After struggling through 40-degree heat and the first set, Federer knew he was in for a fight when Stepanek lifted to take the second-set tie break. COMMENTATOR: So we go to a 3rd set. What a surprise. A huge upset looming after the future Mr Hingis held a 5-2 lead in yet another tie break before the worlds' best climbed off the canvas to eventually win in just under 2.5 hours. Federer. UMPIRE: Game, set and match, former US Open champion Andy Roddick A setback for with his coach Jimmy Connors remaining in the United States

following the death of his mother. to faze the A-Rod But it didn't appear a straight sets win over Tommy Haas. who breezed through with I would have thought. He's going to be happy with that At the Sydney International, is back. everyone's favourite Cypriot

The beard's gone in the second set. and so was his touch The pressure has got to Baghdatis. Doing it tough - Marcos Baghdatis still, Australian Open runner-up finally overcame Czech Jan Hernych in three. That's it. CROWD CHEERS In the women's, third seed Kim Clijsters

became the first player through to the semis, over-powering Israel's Shahar Peer in straight sets. Oh, just too strong. Not a day to remember for the Aussies in action. Nathan Healey put up a spirited performance against world No.5 James Blake, too much firepower - but the American had in just under one hour. through to the quarters And on the Apple Isle, to doubles partner Sania Mirza Alicia Molik's gone down 4 and 1 of the Hobart International. in the quarterfinals personal playground last night, After turning the SCG into his own Adam Gilchrist has warned Australian vice-captain about Twenty20 cricket. we can't get too serious in more ways than one, DEKO Australia hammered England scoring a record 5/221. want us to get too carried away. Gilly was amazing - but he doesn't is always king of the kids. Adam Gilchrist he became king of Twenty-20 cricket. Last night, COMMENTATOR: Gilchrist has arrived.

That has gone back 50 rows! he doesn't really want. But it's a crown with 48 from just 29 balls, Despite top scoring of the 20/20 format. Gilly isn't a big fan Might be a case of less is more. in the crown We've got to protect the jewels

and then Test cricket. that are 50 over World Cups including three in a row. Gilchrist smashed five sixes, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE and hiding with embarrassment. England fans were ducking for cover Oh, I don't believe it! A costly mistake - only one run behind Gilchrist on 47. Ricky Ponting finished went for the tonk as well - Cameron White 40 runs off 21 balls. four sixes, from just 20 overs. Australia piled on a record 5/221 Please catch it! Fireworks to celebrate, didn't make a bang. but England's batsmen Hits the stumps - that'll be gone! from Tasmanian Ben Hilfenhaus. A direct hit too Bowled him! was spot on. Gilchrist's commentary here, GILCHRIST: Australia right on top again this summer. England in all sorts of trouble to all the England people out there Apologies who took offence to that. Checking finance now lost most of yesterday's gains. and the share market AMP dropped 13 cents. Telstra was also weaker. The ASX 200 was 69 points lower. Bendigo Mining rallied 8% weather heading for Sydney. Looks like there's some good beach I'll have the weather details next. at Taronga Zoo. And the new pair of 'Happy Feet'

CAR CHUGS by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. This weather report brought to you HAMMERING, TOOTING muggy night It was an uncomfortably across some parts of Sydney, with plenty of sunshine. but a perfect beach day

in most western suburbs Tops hit the low-30s kept the city at 24 degrees. while coastal breezes 26 in the mountains. it's 22 degrees. Right now in the city Around the country tomorrow, and Adelaide. fine and warm in Canberra A few showers for Perth and Darwin. for Hobart and Brisbane. Mostly fine and 29 degrees On Sydney's waterways,

winds will be from the east-nor-east reaching 15 knots offshore. Seas will be slight on a 2m swell. It will be a little warmer in Sydney tonight and even hotter tomorrow. Up to 35 in Parramatta and Liverpool, climbing to 38 in Penrith while the city can expect a top of 29. And looking ahead, on Friday late showers and storms will develop and continue into the weekend.

for the start of working week. Clearing on Sunday and becoming fine has a new pair of 'Happy Feet'... Taronga Zoo nursed back to health. ..on an endangered penguin

and malnourished Munroe was found washed up on a north coast beach in November. crested penguin in the world Now he's the only male Fiorland in a zoo breeding program. (Honks) Munroe's enjoying his new job. And by the sounds of it, And that's Seven News to now.

Thanks for your company. Goodnight. I'm Chris Bath. The luckiest Australians alive - the teenager, the grandmother - the policeman, the bushman, from the jaws of giant crocodiles. how they escaped death I'm Anna Coren. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight, Also tonight - The battle between a dying mother and her insurance company. This story will amaze you at how company policy overrides human compassion and common sense. And how we need to right this wrong. Plus, If you thought they nearly own everything now you their very own credit card. wait until the grocery giants offer what is better for you? And butter versus margarine - Our experts rate all the new ranges for health and taste. But first, They say Australia is the lucky country. And if that's the case, then police sergeant Jeff Tanswell is very lucky. He's just survived a crocodile attack where a 3m beast had its powerful jaws wrapped around Jeff's head.

And as Karryn Cooper reports - his is the latest near-death experience with these giant creatures. How big was the crocodile, Jeff? About 4m, we think. Police officer Jeff Tanswell is trained to deal with crooks, not crocs. A bandaged head and bite marks evidence of his great escape. My head felt like it was in a vice grip and it felt like I'd been hit so hard, so quick. The 37-year-old sergeant had been snorkelling on a reef off the tip of Cape York with his wife Jane, who witnessed the horrifying attack. The croc come behind him, grabbed him, took him under. I thought, my God, this is a croc attack,

This is it. This boy's going to come back and finish me off. It's all over.