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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. of the Australian Labor Party Kevin Rudd is the new leader over Kim Beazley. after a convincing win

joins me now from Canberra. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno Paul, what was the final margin?

The final margin was 49 to 39. This

is a much more emphatic result for

Kevin Rudd than the wondered Mark

Latham had. Caucus is more

confident turning to Kevin Rudd

than they were turning to Mark

Leighton. From that point of view

the caucus, while his Test taken a

big gamble, feels fairly confident.

Here is how the returning officer

made the announcement. Were have

conducted a ballot for the

leadership of the Federal Labour

Party and that ballot was won by

Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd is the newly

elected leader of the Federal

Labour Party. The result was 49th

to 39. Fear is a significant gap

that still a massive gamble. Can

Kevin Rudd make-up time before the

next election? That is right. Kevin

Rudd is known as a very effective

foreign affairs spokesman and most

people would have heard of him but

they haven't heard of him on a

whole range of other issues. He was

confident arriving in Parliament

House that he and Julia Gillard who

was elected unopposed as deputy

would win. It was clear that when

Jenny Macklin saw the vote for

Kevin Rudd that she withdrew. Some

of the Labour people feel at a bit

unhappy with the description as the

dream team. The last dream team was

Downer and Costello and they

crashed years ago. But the new

Labour team is confident they can

put together policies that the

strain people will find attractive.

The challenges or head of them. The

meeting went on for just under an

hour. Can we read anything into

that? Not really. Both leaders had

to address the meeting before the

vote. It is a secret vote so ballot

papers had to be handed out and

countered and then after the ballot

was known both speakers fired. And

Jenny Macklin when she saw what had

happened with the leadership vote

with true. So what now for Kim

Beazley? Good question. In the past

he has gone to the backbench. He

will have to think long and hard

about whether he will contest a

frontbench position when that power

comes up on Thursday. Whether he

will contest his own seat of brand

in Western Australia or not. Hard

digging for Kim Beazley in the days

and weeks ahead. Thank you very

much for that Paul Bongiorno are in Canberra. Breaking news out of Fiji now and we're hearing reports the police headquarters in Suva. troops have just taken over

of their premises Some officers have been locked out but no shots have been fired. on the outskirts of the capital,

The police unit's disbandment chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama is one of the demands of military to overthrow Fiji's government. who's threatening And Ten's Emma Dallimore is in Suva/ what are you seeing at the moment Emma,

We're just added cannot be police

tactical response headquarters. Solders seven Regiment taken

control of the barracks. Officially

the military a saying disorders are

only here to check for weapons. So

far the police are not complying

with that request so a STAND office

building. So far they have been no

hostile confrontations. Soldiers

are guarding the perimeter and

there are still some police inside.

The Prime Minister has not met the

military commanders demands so the

military decider today to move in.

At on the street a huge crowd of

locals have gathered outside the

perimeter of fence and a massive

traffic jam is backing up around

the tactical Response Unit. The

locals say they are not worried but

I just wondering is this the first

step in the commanders campaign.

But as tension builds the Prime

Minister in in in a meeting

bolstering support and saying

everything is business-as-usual.

The acting Fiji police commissioner

has been quoted as saying if he

denies the police unit has been

taken over and saying the solders

and as making a friend the visit.

At our understanding news that the

military officers and police are

inside having discussions. The

military is official reason is to

check police weapons but with the

steps being taken by the military

commander that sounds highly

unlikely. Dozens of locals' have

gathered outside the perimeter

is business as usual. fence. The locals do not think it

The SAS trooper missing

helicopter crash off Fiji after last week's Black Hawk has been presumed dead of searching. after more than four days The Defence Force says Joshua Porter will be found alive. there's no chance 28-year-old sniper on board the chopper He was one of six soldiers that crashed when a landing was attempted on HMAS 'Kanimbla'. been trapped in the wreckage. It's believed the soldier may have

Mark Bingley The body of 35-year-old chopper pilot injured in the accident and the seven people late on Friday night. were returned to Townsville Another tragedy on our roads and killed by a P-plate driver. with a female pedestrian knocked down accidents involving novice drivers. It's the latest in a string of for emergency crews - It's a scene all too familiar involving a P-plate driver. a fatality crossing Sydney's busy George Street Overnight, two pedestrians were when a van tore into them. The girl was crossing the road

smashed into the blue car and the white van and smashed into a another car also. and the person came out A 25-year-old female pedestrian was taken to hospital, but later died. remains in a critical condition Her male friend sustained minor injuries. while the 31-year-old P-plater of a shocking weekend on our roads. The fatality comes at the end More than a dozen people losing their lives in crashes, six involving motorcycles. The horror run coming at a time at an annual memorial service when many were reflecting for road trauma victims. I feel sorry for the police also and notify the families. who have to go Mignon Henne, Ten News. the 'Australian Idol' runner-up She may have been to the Northern Territory a champion. but Jessica Mauboy has returned home Big crowds welcomed the schoolgirl on her song writing. who now wants to focus It was a welcome fit for an Australian Idol. to chase her singing dream, After spending months in Sydney was finally returning home. 17-year-old schoolgirl Jessica Mauboy

to Irish crooner Damien Leith She may have lost the 'Idol' title close enough was good enough. but for her local fans, for Jess, It's back to a bit of normality next year. she's expected to return to school when we hit the ground. My heart was thumping

see all my family again. I was thinking I'm gonna Not that she's lost the music bug.

A recording deal is already on the cards. I'm probably going to start writing, writing my own songs then do something along those lines. But none of that matters to her real fans. Gemma Riordan, Ten News. And the Asian Games opening ceremony considered the best ever - we meet the Aussies behind the spectacular. DRAMATIC MUSIC Uh, your Deli Choices roll, ma'am. while we freshly make your Deli Choices roll at McDonald's. This program is captioned live. Calls are mounting for the shark that attacked a teenage surfer in Western Australia at the weekend to be destroyed. The 15-year-old remains in hospital in a critical condition after the great white severed one of his legs. 15-year-old Zak Golebiowski was body surfing when the shark struck

biting off his right leg just below the knee. Faced with life-threatening blood loss he was airlifted to Perth. The massive shark is believed to be 4-5m long.

The white shark is the largest predatory fish in the world and they've been implicated in many attacks on humans in the past. Zac's quick-thinking older brother, a friend and nearby tourists are credited with saving his life after wrapping his legs in clothes and an extension cord to stem the bleeding. Then, driving him to help. Terrible but glad he's alive and thank those people down there in that remote spot for what they did to help save that boy's life. The beach near the southern town of Esperance is remote but still a popular surf spot. Angry locals say they want the shark to stay. Fisheries officers have been given the all-clear to shoot if it returns. If a shark is in a place where people are swimming and is endangering lives then I have no hesitation in seeing it destroyed. Sydney police have charged three teenagers

after an assault on a group of off-duty police officers. The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning after a heated exchange took place between the officers and a group of six males. Police allege one constable was punched in the face, knocking him unconscious. He remains in a critical condition in hospital. The three men will appear in court next month. Two firefighters have been killed battling a massive blaze at a fireworks factory in the UK. The explosions so powerful nearby residents thought there had been a bomb. It looked like a bomb. It felt like a bomb.

A warehouse full of fireworks packs a powerful punch. Emergency vehicles speeding through the narrow country lanes. Local residents struggling to absorb the drama unfolding on their doorstep. All this sudden there was this big flash like a mushroom cloud and it sounded like an atomic bomb and it knocked us back off our feet. Behind the police cordon, emergency services initially forced back by exploding fireworks. Then, news that two of their number had been lost. One of the fire officers was a member of our control unit's staff who was also a retained fire officer from the county of Sussex. The other is a retired fire officer who has been employed to provide support for the Sussex Fire Rescue Service. Hours after the blast, fireworks continued their unplanned and inappropriately festive display. The fire at their cause still smouldering late into the night. Counter-terrorism police investigating the death of a former Russian spy will head to Moscow. It comes as investigations widen into what, or who, killed Alexander Litvinenko. This was the scene at Alexander Litvinenko's home in Muswell Hill today. Until now, the police have concentrated their efforts on London,

searching addresses and interviewing potential witnesses. Today the Home Secretary said the investigation was to broaden. Over the next few days all these things will widen out a little from the circle that's been here in Britain and the police will follow wherever this investigation leads, inside or outside Britain. It was always likely that the trail of evidence surrounding the death of Mr Litvinenko would take detectives abroad. I understand that officers have already been to Washington and a team will fly to Moscow some time in the next couple of days. Scotland Yard won't say what they hope to achieve, but they have been given visas which suggest a degree of cooperation with the authorities in Russia. Some experts think the police won't find Moscow the easiest place to look for answers. The crucial thing is who they talk to in Moscow. If it's the Interior Ministry Police then that promises to be quite fruitful. If it's the FSB, the security services, who are suspected by some of being behind all this, at least rogue elements of the organisation, then I think they're going to find it very difficult to have any constructive dialogue.

Doctors treating this man, Mr Litvinenko's Italian contact, said today that he was well. Examinations so far have found no symptoms of poisoning. Further tests will continue. The Kremlin has always denied any involvement in this affair. But the police will be hoping their trip to Moscow delivers new leads in what's become a very sensitive international investigation.

A state of national calamity has been declared in the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Durian. Aid agencies say as many as 1,000 people could have been killed after heavy rains triggered a mudslide in the country's east. So far around 300 bodies have been pulled from the engulfed villages and rescue teams say there's little chance of finding any survivors. Fears of a large oil spill in China after a ship sank in one of the country's biggest rivers. It's believed the 10,000-ton dredger started to sink when a watertight door wasn't sealed properly. Salvage tugs have begun mopping up and diluting the fuel spill with chemicals. The river is the main water source for Shanghai. Chile's former military dictator Augusto Pinochet has been given the last rights, after suffering a major heart attack. The 91-year-old fell ill on the weekend while under house arrest in Santiago. General Pinochet ruled the South American country from 1973 to 1990. During his notorious reign more than 3,000 people were killed

or mysteriously disappeared. He's accused of dozens of human rights violations but has never faced trial because of poor health. Former US president Bill Clinton has toured Banda Aceh, nearly two years after a tsunami devastated the region. Despite billions of dollars of aid flowing into Indonesia, many survivors told Mr Clinton they'd been rehoused in termite-infested buildings that are located on flood planes. It was Bill Clinton's final trip to the area in his role as a United Nations envoy. The Boxing Day tsunami killed 216,000 people and left hundreds of thousands homeless. We'll cross to Canberra for the latest on the Labor leadership vote when the morning news returns. And the Aussie-made animated hit dancing its way to Oscar glory. This program is captioned live. Kevin Rudd is the new leader of the Labor Party defeating Kim Beazley this morning by 49 votes to 39. Julia Gillard was elected to Deputy Leader unopposed. Fears of a coup are mounting in Fiji - Two firefighters have been killed battling a massive blaze at a fireworks factory in the UK. The explosions so powerful, nearby residents thought there had been a bomb. Fears of a coup are mounting in Fiji - troops taking over the headquarters of the police tactical response unit in the capital Suva. Police have been locked out of their premises but at this stage no shots have been fired. While the country's rogue army chief has repeated calls for the government to resign, there's mounting speculation he doesn't have the numbers to stage a coup. Another threatened deadline passes and still no sign of a military takeover. While Commodore Frank Bainimarama maintains he's in control of the country, his erratic behaviour suggests otherwise. First, he put Fiji's fourth coup on hold for a rugby match.

Today's rumoured takeover also postponed despite repeated calls for the Prime Minister to step aside.

It seems the PM's prayers answered for the time being at least. A special cabinet meeting convened tomorrow to decide what steps to take next. Prime Minister, what did you pray for today, what did you pray for? Life goes on at Suva markets locals and tourists forced to sit and wait. We're staying out of Suva so we're away from it all so that's OK. Commodore Frank Bainimarama still claiming his takeover will happen within the next few days. Kate Donnison, Ten News. To business and finance news now with Kath Robinson and a huge deal in the insurance sector to dominate today? Insurance Australia Group is tipped to reveal it's acquired Britain's Equity Insurance Group for $1,5 billion dollars.

The buy is part of IAG's overseas growth plans and may include a half a billion dollar capital raising. IAG would acquire the assets from two private equity firms and is the latest in string of foreign buys for the insurer. Over the past year IAG has bought assets in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. And the Government will today consider the future of disgraced wheat exporter AWB and it's likely it will be stripped of its monopoly power. Cabinet will discuss the issue today before a final decision is made in a joint party room sitting tomorrow. The 'Australian' newspaper says it's almost certain AWB will lose its 60-year-old single desk monopoly following the findings of the Cole inquiry. The paper says the Government is looking at establishing a new authority that will have powers to grant multiple export licenses. And the group of companies interested in buying Qantas may have to come up with more money after the airline upgraded its profit forecasts on Friday. The Flying Kangaroo says full-year earnings for this year would be up 30% thanks to falling jet fuel prices and strong trading conditions. That means any potential predator may have to pay a premium

to get the deal across the line. Analysts originally suggested the airline was worth at least $5.50 a share, but in light of the profit upgrade say that's now closer to $6.00. On Friday Qantas shares closed up 11 cents at $5.06. Now to the brave new world of online recruitment where technology is now all that stands between you and the job of your dreams. A number of Australian companies are using text messages to contact applicants

and experts say it's only a matter of time before others follow suit. The internet has long been a tool for the recruitment industry. But now mobile phones are speeding up the job application process. No more wasting time chasing candidates on the telephone, those that don't meet the criteria are filtered out via SMS or email. Typically the SMS message is used to convey a positive message if you've reached the next step.

The automated system is called PageUp. It even sorts through job applications and provides a shortlist of candidates, saving time and money for Australia's big business. Within the top 100 there's about a 50% uptake in the largest employers.

Companies like retailer Coles Myer, mining giant BHP and, more recently, the Commonwealth Bank.

We use SMS to contact them about job interviews and about where their application sits. There's no doubt this system reduces recruitment costs but critics say an automated world is cold and unfriendly. If it goes to far it puts to much onus on the candidate so they've almost got to say what job they want, when they want to start, where they want to be based. The advice is be specific when filling in your online application form and apply for a range of positions. That way you'll make it past the automated process and speak to a real person. Bare in mind it's only the upfront part that's done through technology. There's lots of new things on the forefront, potentially doing interviews via remote mechanisms.

Let's hope being fired via SMS isn't next. Kate Donnison, Ten News. In finance news, the Australian share market is slightly weaker this morning. Now national weather for the rest of the day:

The summer storm season got off to a rumbling start in south-east Queensland late yesterday. These pictures were taken from Mt Coottha in Brisbane. The wind gusts and heavy rain taking everyone by surprise.

More than 20,000 homes and businesses lost power as the region was hit by hundreds of lightning strikes. The worst affected areas - the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane's southside. Next, Ten's US correspondent

This program is captioned live. Returning to our top story now. Kevin Rudd is now the new leader of the Australian Labor Party, celebrating a victory over Kim Beazley.

Paul the final vote was 49 to 39 - quite a solid win for the Rudd camp.

If adhered for her Heath feared

certainly was, Tracy. It shows that

while corkers knows it is taking a

gamble with a untried team it

doesn't have the same doubts they

had when they turn to Mark Latham

three years ago. From that point of

view this is a bit of a lottery for

Labour, no doubt about it, that

people do win lotteries. The next

few months will be fascinating.

After the vote both the victor and

vanquished address their colleagues

and here is how the caucus

returning officer encapsulated what

they said. He urged that the Labour

Party unify behind Kevin Rudd,

because he believes we can win the

next election and was to see Kevin

Rudd become the next prime minister

of this country. Mr Rudd urge unity

amongst the caucus has said he

wants us to work together because

he believes this election is when a

ball and can be won and there was a

very solid support for him. What

say any cheese or a pause. There

was disappointment but a lot of

applause as well in terms of the

result but can I say we have a

unified corkers who will be working

collectively to see the end of the

Howard government. The regard this

of a unified caucus Kevin Rudd

still has a challenge ahead of him.

His certainly does but if you can

believe these poles out today the

government is travelling badly at

the moment. Steen Nielsen poll

suggested even with these the as

leader of Labour would win a

landslide. This is the fall-out

from AWB. There are issues -

interest rates, at the Iraq war and

AWB. But the new team must show

this is a credible alternative that

the Australian to population can

turn took on a range of issues

including the economy. Julia give

our heads and economics degree and

she is confident she understands

the fundamentals of the economy. It

will be fascinating - maybe we

won't find out will Thursday -

within Dillard will exercise her

right as deputy leader to grab the

Treasury portfolio. There is a lot

of work to be done in the next few weeks. Australia's hit animated movie, 'Happy Feet' is tipped to dance its way to Oscar glory. The Sydney-made film outperformed the latest James Bond movie to win its first two weeks at the US box office. It's due to open here on Boxing Day and Ten's US bureau chief Leisa Goddard-Roles sat down with the Australian director George Miller and one of the movie's biggest stars, Robin Williams, who's just weeks out of rehab. 'Happy Feet' is the animated smash hit of the year and on track to become Australia's most successful movie. Almost as animated as the tap-dancing, singing penguins, which were created in a Sydney computer lab, are the A-list stars who gave voices to the stars. Williams checked himself into rehab after recording the voices for two of the penguins. The comedian took the leap into rehab after Mel Gibson was arrested for drink-driving.

He jokes Gibson's arrest took the focus off him. But he's keeping Gibson and the star's new movie 'Apocalypto' in his sights. He's doing 'Moses on Ice',

It's a great film I think it's going to be a good one. As for how the 55-year-old is doing four months on? What kind of question is that? According to how the last movie did, Dad can be a bit moody, so most of the time it is fun, We have a good time. How is Dad now? My Dad's dead, thanks for asking. Mum, too. It is hard being a 55-year-old orphan

but we're all well, thank-you very much. So he dodged the question, but according to his theory he should be in a great mood.

'Happy Feet' has won its first two weekends at the US box office bringing in more than $100 million. Thank-you, right now I take a moment for myself. Bow down, bow down. That's enough, I feel your love. And so is Sydney director George Miller of 'Mad Max' and 'Babe' fame. I think George Miller is a bit of a goer. He's not afraid to take a chance.

The man did 'Road Warrior',

'Thunderdome ' (Sings) We don't need another hero.

What Miller did need for 'Happy Feet' was a great cast and he got it - Aussie stars including Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Well, I thought it was kind of cute. Well, it just ain't penguin OK. And it was more than just penguins. Hugo Weaving was an elephant seal. Fish in our bellies And Anthony Lapaglia, a penguin's worst enemy.

You know, it's weird. He did like a Brooklyn bird, "Whatcha doin', where ya goin'." Which is nice to know Brooklyn birds can fly that far south to look for a little bit of Penguin. The only Aussie accent among the down-under cast was that of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. It's an amazing tribute, you know. Sad, but I think he'd be happy to be in it. When he heard we were making a film that had an environmental message he said, "I'm there." He said, "I don't care how small it is." And he came down a month before he died. The conservation message was also a big draw card for the other celebrities. In America if you are an environmentalist they call you a tree hugger, And I go way beyond hugging trees because if you find the right naughty pine you can have a wonderful evening. But I'm a air breather and a water drinker, I would like to survive. George Miller knows our future

is in the hands of the children watching his movie. Our generation has kind of got fat and lazy and all about money, really. Williams says he knows America's priorities are messed up when Vegemite is deemed unfit for human consumption in the US. Vegemite unfit?

What they put in American meat. Oh, lady, come on. With 'Happy Feet' set to open in Australia on Boxing Day, George Miller is now looking ahead to future projects including 'Mad Max IV'

but don't count on Mel Gibson being in the star role. He was 21 when when he made the first movie,

and I think we need someone lean and hungry to do the film. There are no firm prospects nor dates just that George Miller determination that it will happen. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Doha has been hailed the best ever and it was all the work of two Australians. It's claimed the arena spectacular has helped Doha's chances of winning the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. You may remember this man from the Sydney Olympic Games. Steven Jeffreys - the 'Man from Snowy River' - setting the stage for the most memorable Opening ceremony - until now. Mohammed, set your reins a little bit in one hand turning a little bit to the right. Steve has been living in Doha, host of the Asian Games, training Arabic horses and riders for the biggest opening ceremony in history. It's a great challenge - this has been my biggest challenge. Certainly, needing interpreters

for training with riders and horses who were as raw as apprentices wasn't in the contract. It has been frustrating here and we need to be diplomatic. I mean, we're in another country and we're dealing with people who, again, it's not their fault, it's just, they don't understand what we want. But the end result has been a great achievement. One horse and rider playing the ultimate role, lighting the first ever kinetic cauldron. 700 Australians have descended on the Middle East to work on the Doha games. More than 7,000 costumes are being used in the opening ceremony and almost all of them, right down to the golden braid and sequins,

have been made in Australia. Even these giant metal structures depicting the Arab contribution to science were made in factories down under. Two thirds of the opening ceremony was made or designed in Australia. And these two Australians are the men behind it all - Ignatius Jones and David Atkins -

world famous for their roles in Sydney 2000 and harbourside fireworks spectaculars. The Doha opening ceremony is the biggest of its kind - taking six years of planning. No, I've not done anything this difficult this degree of challenge, but by the same token that makes it more exciting to be able to pull it off. The end result - a mesh of tradition and modern day Qatar - aimed at opening the eyes of the world to the culture of the Arabs of the Gulf. It's your opportunity to reinvent yourself. to tell people where you came from where you are now and where you want to be. The Opening Ceremony earning the praise of Qataris. To hear the Qataris go crazy - they have reacted to it just wonderfully, which has been really heart-warming. The opening and closing ceremonies will cost more than the Sydney Olympics. But the closing ceremony won't be so focused on the culture of the Qatari people - it will take its influences from the Arabian Hollywood epics. It's Arabesque, it's orientalist. It's almost like a child's fantasy of the 'Arabian Nights'. It's the first time David Atkins and Ignatius Jones have co-directed such a big event.

Both say it won't be the last. This has been a very, very emotional experience. In Doha, James Boyce, Ten News. Ahead, the fallout surrounding AFL star Ben Cousins' latest off-field incident. That's when Ten's morning news returns. And Grant Hackett's winning return. So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES Oz Lotto's $6 million jackpot. This program is captioned live. Former West Coast Eagles skipper Ben Cousins is expected to arrive home in Perth today after his weekend arrest in Melbourne for being intoxicated. Ten News reporter Jane Bootle is awaiting his arrival back in Perth. The big question on everyone's lips this morning is where is Ben Cousins? There are reports he is hiding out in Melbourne following his arrest after a boozy bender at a Melbourne nightspot in the early hours of yesterday morning. There are also reports he'll be touching down in Perth some time soon, that's he's actually not hiding out in Melbourne at all,

because of course the West Coast Eagles want to speak to him. We hope to speak to the Eagles later today as well as Ben Cousins if we can catch him. This isn't the first time Cousins has had a brush with the law. Earlier this year he lost his captaincy after he ran away from a booze bus. He also refused to answer police questions a couple of years ago about a shooting and a stabbing at a Perth nightspot. Each time an incident such as this happens the clubs says this is the last time that behaviour such as this will be tolerated. But of course the question that begs to be answered today is what does the future hold for Ben Cousins? Well, Australian swimming moved into the post-Ian Thorpe era last night with the opening finals session at the national titles. Ten reporter Rob Hazel is at Brisbane's Chandler Aquatic Centre and who better to win the first gold medal, than Grant Hackett in the 400m freestyle? Yes, Hackett was back in the pool last night. But he was overshadowed by Linda Mackenzie in the women's 400m. She's known for strong finishes but she took it out from the outset, over Bronte Barratt. Her time of 4.0679 smashed her previous best by 1.5 seconds.

She came within half a second of the Commonwealth record. That record was set 28 years ago by Tracy Whickham. This is what Linda Mackenzie said. I stuck to a new race plan so I know how it feels now I just want to get up in the mix with the rest of them now.

I had to look at the board because I didn't know I went that quick. Of course all eyes were on Hackett after his return from surgery. He went stroke for stroke with Craig Stevens in the 400m His time was 3.5 seconds off his best and he was disappointed but both swimmers have booked a place in the world championships. Todat Libby Lenton will be in the 100 fly. Brenton Rickard will be in the 100m breaststroke Hackett is back and Leisel Jones gets her campaign under way. Australian fast bowler Brett Lee will learn today if he'll lose any match payments for excessive appealing during the second Ashes Test in Adelaide. Lee was charged by the match referee for running the length of the pitch while appealing for a caught behind off batsman Kevin Pietersen on Saturday. Pietersen was given not out by umpire Steven Bucknor. Lee could lose up to 100% of his match payments, totalling $12,500. Former Wallaby coach Eddie Jones has thrown his hat in the ring for the vacant England coaching job. Jones looking for a short-term contract,

though he hasn't said how he'll balance England duties with his job with the Queensland Reds. Meanwhile Mark Gerrard is the latest Wallaby to be linked with league. The Manly Sea Eagles rumoured to be the front-runners for the winger's services. Former Australian Open champ, Marat Safin, says Russia's thrilling Davis Cup victory has motivated him to put off retirement after an injury-marred year. The Cup final forced to a deciding fifth rubber and Safin was looking good early against Argentina's Jose Acasuso. 24-year-old Acasuso took the second set, thrilling the

Finland's Marcus Gronholm has ended the world rally season just the way he started, with a victory. The Ford driver taking out the Rally of England,

his seventh rally win of the year. Gronholm finished the year on 111 points in the drivers championship, one behind world champ, Sebastian Loeb. Austrian Manfred Stohl was second with Petter Solberg third, despite this wet detour.

Australia's Chris Atkinson finished in sixth place. An enticing match-up for the third round of the FA Cup, with title holders Liverpool drawn to play fellow Premier League heavyweights Arsenal.

Meanwhile, Everton improved to seventh in the premiership with a 2-nil victory over West Ham. The Hammers still without a win on the road this season. Everton needing 50 minutes to edge ahead. 18-year-old James Vaughan sealed the match for Everton with this injury-time strike. National weather details when the morning news returns.

This program is captioned live. Kevin Rudd is the new leader of the Labor Party

defeating Kim Beazley this morning by 49 votes to 39. Julia Gillard was elected to Deputy Leader unopposed. The party will wait until Thursday to announce their new front bench. Fears of a coup are mounting in Fiji - troops taking over the headquarters of the police tactical response unit in the capital Suva. Police have been locked out of their premises but at this stage no shots have been fired.

Two firefighters have been killed, battling a massive blaze at a fireworks factory in the UK. The explosions so powerful, nearby residents thought there had been a bomb. The SAS trooper, missing after last week's Black Hawk helicopter crash off Fiji, is now presumed dead after more than four days of searching. The Defence Force says there's no chance 28-year-old sniper Joshua Porter will be found alive. The Opening Ceremony of the Asian Games in Doha has been hailed the best ever and it was all the work of two Australians. It's claimed the arena spectacular has helped Doha's chances of winning the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Now national weather for the rest of the day: That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. We'll have the latest from Canberra on the winners and losers in the Labor leadership battle. I'm Tracey Spicer, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick.