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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. prior to her drugs smuggling verdict. Schapelle fears a sinister new threat free Australian hostage Douglas Wood. Sheik al-Hilali's radical plan to snatch a thrilling Origin victory. And the Maroons

Good morning. In just over 24 hours

drugs smuggler Schappelle Corby the long-awaited verdict on accused will be handed down. and has been following the case. Ten's Martine Griffiths is in Bali the Corby camp Martine, fears from within for Schapelle's safety tomorrow.

Privately, Natarsha, they are very

worried. But it's the last thing

they want to do is intensify

Schapelle Corby's fear. Rather than

saying, "Yes, you could be attacked

tomorrow," they're reassuring her

everything could be OK. She's not

in great shape, apaurpbtly shaking

and often breaking down in her jail

cell yesterday. Her fears are being

taken very seriously. There are at

least 100 Indonesian police

expected to guard the court

tomorrow. The whole country is

waiting to here the verdict. The

Australian consul general has been

expressing concern about security

for some weeks. Schapelle's father

arrived in Bali last night to offer

moral support? That's right,

Michael Corby, he's returned. He

was met at the airport by a huge

media pack. He didn't say much,

except he was looking forward to

seeing his daughter being innocent.

All he needed at that stage was a

cigarette. Most of the Corby family

is here now and it's interesting to

note that they sincerely believe

she will be acquitted tomorrow.

They just have this serious belief

that she'll be walking away from

the court. Her lawyers, however are

more sceptical. They're talk about

launching an pile immediately after

the verdict. We'll have to wait and

see what happens. Thank you. to undergo their biggest changes Australian workplaces are about in a decade. its industrial relations reforms, The Government will today table and this time, they'll be passed. Industrial relations biggest battleground. has been the Howard Government's of the Senate in July, Now, about to take control to overhaul IR laws. it's about to unveil its plans than expected. And they could go much further that more Australians That will ensure and earn higher wages, are able to get jobs that's what it's all about. than first thought But many more workers could lose their job protection. are set to be scrapped Unfair dismissal laws with 100 employees or less - for businesses 20 employees. well up from the expected

Commission's role in disputes And the Industrial Relations will be scaled back. it will create more jobs, The Government says it's an attack on workers. but the Opposition says and employees to the Federal Court It will only drive business to all concerned. at far greater expense set by a new Fair Pay Commission. As well, minimum wages will now be will be restricted And unions' access to workplaces industry-wide pay campaigns. and they won't be allowed to launch The Prime Minister has often said when he takes control of the Senate. he won't abuse his new-found power of that resolve - This is the first real test he's failed. and the minor parties believe having an open go This is the Prime Minister that we've seen in immigration to extend the nastiness to Australian workers. sees it as his proudest day. But the Industrial Relations Minister

I hope it's my crowning glory. Laurel Irving, Ten News. has been released from jail Militant unionist Craig Johnstone his hardline campaign. vowing to continue

after serving a 9 month sentence He was met by 50 vocal supporters on Melbourne workplaces. for his part in two union raids But union leaders say Mr Johnstone's fire-brand approach there's no place for he's not welcome at his former union. and they've warned Mr Johnstone's told his supporters representing workers he intends to continue against the Howard Government. in the fight at the centre of negotiations The Sydney Muslim leader Australian hostage Douglas Wood to release has offered to take his place the 63-year-old's freedom. in exchange for In a recorded plea satellite television in Iraq today expected to be aired on Arabic

Mr Wood's captors Sheik al-Hilali urged

and take him instead. to release the Australian engineer to produce more recent evidence The Mufti also asked the kidnappers that Mr Wood was still alive. via telephone Earlier this month the sheik spoke was that of Mr Wood's, to a man whose voice he was certain almost a month ago. who was abducted in Baghdad 80 passengers have walked away in Melbourne's north. from a spectacular rail smash a car at an abandoned crossing, The country-bound train slammed into dragging it 500m down the line.

the stretch of track, From the wreckage strewn along no-one was seriously hurt. it's hard to believe abandoned LPG-fuelled Ford Fairlane The passenger train colliding with an shortly before 7:00 last night. from the main body of the car, The engine bay was also thrown away thrown to the side of the railway the front of the vehicle has been which has the gas tank, and the rear of the vehicle, under the locomotive. had been trapped had left the vehicle The 29-year-old driver of the car on the disused crossing. after it became stuck there was no escape, But for the train driver bearing the brunt of the collision. there was nobody in the car. The train driver was thankful but he should be OK. He's a bit shaken into three, The impact splitting the car fears of a secondary explosion. rupturing the gas tank and sparking

working quickly to clear the scene. Emergency crews and everybody else's safety For their safety they were moved away from the train. to a nearby retirement village Passengers were taken continued the journey. where a bus service the driver who fled the scene. Transit Police will question Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. are coming under fire Old parliamentary laws after a pregnant Member of Parliament to go to the toilet. was refused permission NSW Labor MP Tanya Gadiel from a debate to visit the toilet was about to excuse herself called for a quorum. when a member of the opposition That means no-one can leave the room until enough members have arrived. Well, I sat back down and thanked the midwives who told me to practise those pelvic floor muscles. Tanya had to wait several minutes for enough MPs to arrive. She is due to give birth to her second child in six weeks. Queenslanders are celebrating today after the Maroons scored a thrilling victory in game one of the rugby league State of Origin series. NSW beaten 24-20 by the golden point rule in extra time of a controversial match. Game 1 of the interstate war had extra significance. A packed Suncorp Stadium kick-starting State of Origin's 25th anniversary celebrations. The opening try of the 2005 series was laced with controversy, Ty Williams picking up a loose ball midway through the first half. COMMENTATOR: Slater, came off his knees, Ty Williams dives over. Despite what looked like a Billy Slater knock-on in the lead-up, the referee awarded the contentious try. 10-0 Queensland. The Maroons' Carl Webb wasn't happy

with Luke Bailey's high shot on Chris Flannery, but his temper proved costly. He was penalised, but made up for it with a crunching tackle on Bailey. Great shot. Darren Lockyer made the Blues' job that much harder with a field goal right on half-time, Queensland up 13-0 at the break. Then, Michael Crocker landed what appeared to be the knockout blow for the Maroons. Here's Lockyer, Crocker, he's over.

Queensland up 19-0 and in control.

Then Cooper lifted NSW hopes. When Anthony Minichiello broke free, the Blues' comeback gathered more momentum. Gasnier scores. Then, with nine minutes to go, some magic from team-mate Matt King, the winger running a fine line before throwing a magical ball to Danny Buderus.

20 unanswered Blues points, 20-19 NSW.

The drama didn't end there - Queensland halfback Johnathan Thurston slotted a 78th minute field goal to force extra time. Matt Bowen finished the job with a spectacular intercept try. Queensland grabbing a classic 4-point win.

That's the end of it. Matt Bowen scores. America's runaway bride charged after faking her own kidnapping - the penalty she faces, when Ten's Morning News returns. And the man who spent 25 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit - what eventually set him free, next.

The defence in the Michael Jackson paedophile trial has rested after calling its final witness.

The jury could begin its deliberations as early as next week.

Judgment day is fast approaching for Michael Jackson. (Fans cheer) After three weeks of defence evidence, his lawyers have rested their case well ahead of time. Packing the final punch for the defence,

the last of their 50 witnesses, actor/comedian Chris Tucker. The 'Rush Hour' movie star told the jury he'd warned Michael Jackson to be careful of the alleged victim after the child and his family took advantage of him. In damning testimony, Tucker described the boy as "cunning" and his mother as having "mental problems". He was worried that they were looking for money, looking for ways to take advantage of Michael Jackson, and he warned Michael Jackson about that. Perhaps someone should also have warned him about having talk show host Jay Leno take the stand in his defence yesterday. I had my little cell phone camcorder with me

while I was in in the holding area,

and I got pictures of all the other witnesses. Show the picture we got of the other witnesses. There they are there. LAUGHTER The joke may be closer to the bone than even Leno thinks. The prosecution is now presenting its rebuttal case,

with the hope of calling more young boys, whom it says were allegedly abused by the star. With the alleged victim's credibility taking a battering early in the trial

the prosecution is now fighting for the right to have his original video-taped police interview played to the jury. The defence says if that happens they'll recall the boy as a witness, making him face Jackson all over again. Nobody is going to let this end until they've had the last word. Closing arguments are expected early next week. In California, Leisa Goddard-Role, Ten News. America's runaway bride who faked her own kidnapping is facing up to five years jail. Jennifer Wilbanks has been charged with making a false statement to police and falsely reporting a crime. The bride-to-be made international headlines when she claimed she was kidnapped just days before her wedding. Authorities searched for more than four days before she eventually rang police. She has reconciled with her fiance, but so far no new date has been set for a wedding.

A terrifying ordeal for a bus-load of passengers held hostage in the Philippines. Some of the passengers can be seen pleading for their lives

after soldiers surrounded the hijacked bus. Three gunmen had been travelling on it and panicked when it stopped at an army checkpoint.

Armed with pistols and hand-grenades the gunmen transferred to a utility

with some of their captives and a negotiator. Three of the hostages jumped from the vehicle to freedom. The gunmen released the final two before escaping. A British man is considering a compensation claim after wrongly spending 25 years behind bars. He was 15 when found guilty of the attempted murder of a 9-year-old boy. That conviction now overturned. He had waited 27 years for this hearing. Today, three appeal court judges told Paul Blackburn he should never have been convicted. The court was reminded that Paul Blackburn's arrest followed the attempted murder and sexual assault of a 9-year-old boy near this bridge in Warrington during the summer of 1978. Blackburn, named as a prime suspect,

was approaching his 15th birthday and in an approved school at the time. After four hours of interviews at the school, he broke down and gave a written confession.

At his trial, that confession proved crucial.

Paul Blackburn was sentenced to life later that year. Over more than a decade,

he made three unsuccessful attempts at an appeal and he was finally released in 2003 after serving just under 25 years. Today, Lord Justice Keen said it was clear that even under rules existing at that time, Paul Blackburn's confession should never have been admitted in evidence. Without it, the conviction was clearly unsound. I just feel elated. I don't know, I mean, I'm so confused at the minute about things that have happened and what's gone on and what's actually been said in the court. Even by the standards of the late '70s, this was a very, very bad case and indeed that his so-called confession should never have gone before the jury. Paul Blackburn has cause to celebrate this evening but he says he's unsure whether he can fully adapt to normal life after a quarter of a century behind bars. An Australian con artist will spend three years in jail in America for selling fake tickets to hard-to-get basketball games. Scott Raymond Thomas pleaded guilty to the grand theft and money laundering charges. Thomas offered highly-prized season and play-off tickets for LA Lakers games on auction website eBay. Fans paid thousands but received nothing. Thomas was arrested after a 6-month operation involving Californian and Australian police. He was also ordered to repay $120,000. Career crossroads for an AFL player recovering from a stroke. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. And happy as Harry - Liverpool's great escape to win the Champions League final.

In finance news - the Australian share market has had a sluggish start to the day. Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities -

and oil prices are once again unnerving investors?

Well Natarsha, when oil prices fell

under fifty US a barrel, it freed

up cash for consumers to spend on

other goods and services. That was

as good as an interest rate cut,

maybe. Prices have risen for three

consecutive days, and consumers

will once again have to adjust

their budgets toicater for the

rise. And latest figures on

business spending just released?

Just out today, business spending

actually fell. Obviously a number

of factors have spooked businesses

like those higher oil price. The

good news is, though, that business

remain upbeat going forward and are

ready to spend. It's just a speed

hump on a freeway, to put those

into context. Thank you.

To AFL, and Hawthorn's Angelo Lekkas, recovering from a mild stroke,

is having a footy crisis. He expects to be back playing in the next few weeks, but he's now considering giving the game away. That Angelo Lekkas, a supremely fit athlete, could suffer a stroke stunned the football world. A 3-month recovery period has followed and Lekkas is on the verge of playing again.

But at 29 he might give it away at the end of the year and get on with life. There's definitely a few health issues but also, yeah health and well-being, and, you know, what I feel comfortable doing Essendon is talking up another remarkable comeback. Kevin Sheedy says he's prepared to play Courtney Johns,

who hasn't been on a footy field for two years, courtesy of a terrible hip problem. One thing's for sure, it's probably an opportunity to play him at Telstra Dome if we wanted to because we know if it had bucketed down the roof would be shut. The big bad Cat Cameron Mooney has been forced to apologise to his team-mates after being rubbed out for a week. His coach, Mark Thompson, looking at all sorts of remedies.

Spank him? You want me to spank Cam, do you? And Brisbane is resorting to mind games to reverse its slump. It stems from comments Adam Simpson made when Hawthorn beat the Lions at the MCG. Brad Scott took exception to the accusation they took the Hawks lightly. I can tell you a lot of guys have been looking forward to this game against the Kangaroos for a long time. Adam Simpson had a few things to say after we played Hawthorn

that a few of the guys didn't appreciate, so we're looking forward to that and welcoming him to the Gabba again. Rob Waters, Ten News.

Liverpool have staged an amazing comeback to win the Champions League final against AC Milan. The English team winning a penalty shoot-out after being tied at 3-3 at full-time. Harry Kewell stood proudly in the Liverpool starting line-up. But there was barely time to savour the moment

before Milan skipper Paulo Maldini rocked the Reds with a goal inside a minute. COMMENTATOR: Oh, and they've scored and it's Maldini! Liverpool's problems compounded when Harry Kewell was forced off with a recurrence of his groin injury after just 22 minutes. But the Aussie's injury was only the beginning of their worries when Hernan Crespo found Milan's second. COMMENTATOR: Crespo! 2-0! The Argentine seemingly putting the game out of the Reds' reach five minutes later. But after the break it was a different Liverpool. And a goal from Gerrard!

"Come on," he says. And come on they did - the match turning in six amazing minutes. It's another goal! It's Smicer! A penalty converted by Xabi Alonso at the second attempt drawing the match level. Oh, he's saved it! Liverpool's way! The drama, though, far from over. Shevchenko with a chance to win it in the last minutes of extra time, but denied by Jerzy Dudek. The heroics of the Polish goalkeeper continuing in the penalty shoot-out, saving twice before facing Shevchenko again. Liverpool have won it! They're back! Neil Cordy, Ten News. Top seed Lindsay Davenport has clawed back from the brink of defeat to reach the third round of the French Open. Just two points from losing to Chinese teenager Peng Shuai, Davenport then turned the match on its head, winning the third set 6-0. Also given a stern test by a little-known opponent, Venus Williams was pushed to a third set by Colombia's Fabiola Zuluaga.

In contrast, Kim Clijsters, with her leg heavily bandaged, took less than an hour to breeze through to the third round.

In the men's draw, Britain's Tim Henman was the biggest seed to fall,

losing to Peru's Luis Horna in four sets. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation.

Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.