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Tonight - tempers flair Tonight - tempers flair after

more assaults on Indian

students. I do not encourage

reprisal attacks in any

way. The PM's makeover

complete. Some old faces and

some new. Change in the air,

but Frank Sartor says the

Premier's job is safe. There is

no vacancy, it's a hypothetical

irrelevant question. It's a

knockout - Sri Lanka sends

Australia spinning. Good

evening, Juanita Phillips

evening, Juanita Phillips with

ABC News. Police and community

leaders are playing down claims

that a series of attacks in

Sydney's west were racially

motivated. Last night hundreds

of Indian students took to the

streets in protest. Some

students say the victims were

targeted because they are

Indian, police insist attacks

were random. Safety in numbers

has become a catchcry for the

Indian students, two separate

attacks last night sparking a

spontaneous movement to reclaim

streets in Sydney's Harris Park

in the west. I see Indians

behind me, suddenly Lebanese

come over, and just hit the

Indian people's. They had a

baseball, stick, glass bottles,

stones, everything. In both

assaults victims refused to

come forward. Police responded

in large numbers, not soon

enough to stop three Middle

Eastern men being bashed. I do

not encourage reprisal attacks

in any way. The students say

they've become the targets of

regular violent assaults in the

area. Yes, it's an every day problem, If you visit Harris

Park, which I did with the High

Commissioner, we spoke to a Commissioner, we spoke to

number of Indians who feel unsafe after 7 in the

evening. The Indian community

isn't over-represented as

victims of crime. There's

debate about the problems debate about the problems at

Harris Park, some say there are

racial tension, others say the

issues are ter tore yam. Police

are treating last night's -

territorial. Police are

treating last night's attacks

as random crime. Now,

mentality in students, in

particular Indian, it's

helplessness, and that is

converting into angry. We will

be more than hope to deal with

the police, and work together

to cool it down. For now, at

least, police pledge to

increase patrols in Harris

Park. The first major sporting

event has been called off due event has been called off

to the threat of swine flu.

Grand Prix Swimming Meet won't to the threat of swine flu. The

go ahead in Melbourne later this month as sports

administrators there and

elsewhere take pre-emptive

action to stop the virus spreading. Across Australia spreading. Across

there are more than 1200 cases

of swine flu, most of them in

Victoria. The Grand Prix

swimming meet is an important

step in the blow-up to step in the blow-up to the

World Championships in Rome,

today organisers said the event

wouldn't go ahead because the

fear of swine flu was keeping

competitors at home Taking

advice from coaches and medical

staff we made the decision in

the best interests of the athletes. The Federal

Government says organisationers

aren't following medical

advice. Of course cancellation

of any events is regrettable, I

would urge those organising

events to make sure that their

decisions are based on medical

advice. In Rugby League,

confusion rinse about who can confusion rinse about who

and can't play because of swine

flu. Queensland Origin flu. Queensland Origin player

Ben Hannant is the only NRL

player to test positive and

remains in isolation on the remains in isolation on

Gold Coast. Members of the

Brisbane Broncos, Gold Coast

Titans and most recently NSW

Origin players have been

quarantined to reduce the risk quarantined to reduce the

of the disease spreading, but

last night's game on the Gold

Coast between the Dragons and the Titans there was confusion

about who was allowed to play.

At the last minute the At the last minute the Dragons

Darius Boyd was told he

couldn't take to the field

because he played with Ben

Hannant. As soon as I saw him

at the ground I said, "Look,

mate you shouldn't be Here!

Here!." I arrived at the and we

were told he wasn't to play, we were told he wasn't to play,

put him on the bus. Players say

measures to stop the virus

spreading are disruptive but

necessary. If other players

come down with it they may have

to stop the comp. Some health

experts think quarantining

players is an overreaction.

The. The fear provoked by the

virus is out of proportion with

the risks. Health officials

will discuss streamlining

quarantine measures across the

country. The head of the NRL

has met the woman at the has met the woman at the centre

of the latest Cronulla Sharks

scandal. David Gallop spoke scandal. David Gallop spoke to

Jenny Hall, allegedly punched

by the Club's CEO Tony Zappia,

later David Gallop had tough

works on the issue, saying he

can't see a future in league

for Tony Zappia. The latest

development played out at a

function promoting the

importance of women in Rugby

League. It's a tough sell at a

tough time, promoting a sport

in a season dominated by

scandal. We have never had a

turn out like this, I'll take

it as a positive. It's the

third year NRL hosted a women

in league week. Today is not

seen as a reaction to the

issues the game is facing at

the moment. The latest is the travails of the Cronulla

Sharks, allegations the club's

CEO Tony Zappia punched a

female staff member and among

others showed her

pornography. To deny her sick

leave and suggest she may wish

to spank him is totally

unacceptable. The Sharks stood

down Tony Zappia for three days

while he prepares a response.

The club calls it due The club calls it due process.

David Gallop thinks it's a stay

of execution. I've said

before, I can't see before, I can't see any

alternative other than to treat

the matter serious and take the

strictest action available to

them. As for Mr Zappia, moving

to another club. On the face of

it, it seems to me that that

would be very difficult. David

Gallop concedes he has no power Gallop concedes he has no

over the club other than

through public pressure, but

there's plenty of public

support for Tony Zappia. support for Tony Zappia. I

worked with Tony Zappia for 10

years at Parramatta. I can't comment. Personally he's been a

fantastic supporter of mine.

Always been a great Always been a great bloke as

far as I know. He's treated

women well as far as I know. The Rugby League

community will find out Mr

Zappia's fate Thursday. Kevin

Rudd is bristling Rudd is bristling at

accusations his revamped front

bench is too maty and blokey.

The Prime Minister says his

promotions had nothing to do

with factional loyalties, nor

does he accept rumblings from

kauk cause that he kauk cause that he shunned

women in Labor's ranks. Few are

called to serve. The

called to serve. The Honourable

Greg Combet Combet. One man

makes the call. I changed the rules of the

rules of the Australian Labor

Party as parliamentary party

after I was elected as Prime

Minister. Among the Prime

Minister's anointed are two big

winners, the left's Greg

Combet, and the right's Mark

Arbib. I will well and truly

serve the Commonwealth of

Australia. Her land and her

people. Kevin Rudd denied

factions had an influence in

settling the team. Zip, zero,

and none. Others note and none. Others note the

factional balance was

maintained and those that

helped Kevin Rudd rise have

been rewarded. No part in it.

These were the Prime Minister's

decision, he made the decisions

on merit. The Prime Minister

also rails at the suggestion

women have been largely

overlooked. Fair shake of the

sauce bottle mate. Some new disciples donned the

nation-building vestments. I'm

getting used to this. Here

comes a hard hat. And mastered

the Homoly. This is about jobs,

things will get

tough. Unionists believe things

are tough. One war for

all. Construction workers are

angry the Rudd Government won't

abolish a Howard era industry

watchdog. Remember that Kevin

and Julie, the people that put

you there can take you

away. There are rumblings

threatening to make the Labor

July conference a touch untidy,

unions mac ig sure money is spent buying Australian goods

and services. We encourage and services. We encourage ing

companies to buy Australian made. They won't make it

binding. We allow people to

make their own purchasing arrangements, we are an open

trading economy, and we accept

the obligations of that. There

are a few clouds on the

horizon. There's mounting

speculation that Premier Nathan

Rees will face a leadership

challenge within a matter of

month, the likely candidate is

former Planning Minister Frank

Sartor, and he's refusing to

rule it

rule it out. At Bowel Cancer Awareness Week Frank Sartor

didn't pass the opportunity to

promote a cause close to his

heart after his own scare, it

was his political health

turning for the worse turning for the worse when

Nathan Rees stripped him of a

ministry. The last eight months

is rehabilitative, I get to

talk and think. He denied he'd

challenge in a few weeks,

refusing to rule out a future

challenge. I'll focus on doing

my job as an MP. There's no

vacancy. Publicly his vacancy. Publicly his factional

colleagues support Nathan

Rees. The Premier continues to

be the premier, I support

him. I give you one statement

on shenanigans floating in the

press. Nathan Rees is the boss,

I support him 100%, he'll lead

us to the election. One group

of protesters were foretelling

the premier's demise. Another

has taken the fight to has taken the fight to the Land

and Environment Court

challenging a decision made

when Frank Sartor was Planning

Ministerment residents say he

was wrong to approve housing

estates at Catherine Hill Bay,

and Gwandalan, based on a

promise for developers to give

hundreds of hectares of

bushland for National Parks.

Saying the offer falls outside

planning considerations. Frank

Sartor says if they succeed it

would have to be overridden by

parliament. It will change the

way all sorts of Government

decisions will be made. It

means you can't announce anything until you have

approval. He said it would make

several decisions he's made invalid. The State Government has called an emergency round

table to target the table to target the climbing

road toll. So Farr this year

there's been 207 deaths on NSW

roads, 56 more than at the same

time last year. We cannot allow

this to continue, it's 207

families whose lives have been

destroyed by acts of destroyed by acts of needless

death on our roads. The round

table will be made up of road

safety experts, police, NRMA

and the health Depp. They are

expected to meet within the

next two weeks. The defence

case in one of State's longest

running terror trials opened.

One of the five accused One of the five accused has

given evidence that he embraced

Islam to escape a life of

drinking, drugs and clubbing in

Bondi. Abdul Rakib Hasan is one

of five men accused of

conspiring to commit terrorist

acts, today the 39-year-old

father of four gave evidence

for the first time, Abdul Rakib

Hasan and his co-accused were

supported by friends inside and

outside the court. We want to

show them that the community

and friends outside really will

support them all the support them all the way. Abdul

Rakib Hasan was born in Bangladesh living in Bangladesh living in Sydney's

Bondi Beach in the early to mid

1990s. Bondi is another life. I

was partying hard. Abdul Rakib

Hasan, working in a fish shop

says he turned to religion to

settle down and marry, he says

he mote the co-accused at a

prayer haul in Lakemba, it's the ground case the ground case that Abdul

Rakib Hasan, and his four

co-accused were in pursuit of

violent jihad. Abdul Rakib

Hasan told the court he culled

his first son Jihad, but for

him it means struggle. He says

his son Jihad nearly died

during childbirth, a

during childbirth, a co-accused

Mohammed Elomar also called his

son Jihad. Abdul Rakib Hasan

told how he and Mohammed

told how he and Mohammed Elomar

went on hunting trips, and it's

alleged these guns were seized

at Mohammed Elomar's south-west

Sydney home and the hunting

trips were paramilitary style

training camps. A training camps. A mother

accused of starving her

daughter to death has told a

court she saw no reason to get

medical attention for her. The

7-year-old is believed to have

died from malnutrition and

dehydration, her parents

pleaded not guilty to

murder. She was taking up to 43

pain-killers a day. The mother

of four thought she was able to

care for her autistic

daughter's needs. When

questioned by her lawyer she

said she loved and cared for

her child and didn't think

she'd die. She said she hadn't

realised how thin her daughter

had become, the girl weighed

9kg when she died.

The 35-year-old told the

court that she was shocked to

find her daughter dead in her

bedroom. But that she hadn't

noticed how much weight she'd

lost until she examined the

autopsy photos a few months

ago. She contradicted her

husband who told the court last

week that she'd asked him to get rid of their get rid of their daughter's

body. The woman insisted she

didn't deliberately neglect her child.

She said she didn't take her

daughter to a doctor because

she didn't see the need.

In 1998 the world was shocked

by the Omagh bombing, and now a

landmark legal case delivered

justice for the victims and

families, a High Court has

found that four senior

found that four senior members

of the The Real IRA were

responsible for the terrorist

attack. 29 people were killed

including a pregnant woman and

her unborn kids, from her unborn kids, from London

Stephanie Kennedy reports. It

was the worst atrocity of the

troubles in Northern Ireland.

In 1998, a car bomb killed 29

people on a busy Saturday

morning in the market town of

Omagh months after the Good

Friday peace accord. The Real

IRA, opposed to the peace plan

claimed responsibility. But

terrorist attack in the no-one was convicted of the

criminal court. So some of the victim's families sued in the

civil court and won. All we can

say is we are delighted and

proud on behalf of all those

people that died on 15 August

1998, to be here stood. It was

the first time alleged members the first time alleged

of the terrorist of the terrorist organisation

have been sued. I think we have

sent a message to terrorists

that, you know, from now on you

don't only need to worry about

authorities, the families, the

families of those victims will

come after you, a message to

governments that if you do not

do it, we will do it. The judge

found there was overwhelming

evidence that Michael evidence that Michael McKevitt

The Real IRA's leader and three

other high ranking members were

responsible, and they were

found liable for the death, the

families award ed over $3.2

million in damages. And we will

pursue the money, because

that's what punishes those

people, often that's what

drives them. It's not about

setting Ireland free, it's

about making themselves

rich. After nearly 11 years

there's finally some justice

for the victims and their

families. Britain's Prime

Minister Gordon Brown has

his leadership for now at survived the latest threat to

least. He faced down his least. He faced down

critics at a meeting of Labor's

parliamentary wing at

Westminster, held after the party's disastrous showing

European Union and local party's disastrous showing at

Government elections, Mr Brown

delivered an impassioned speech

admitting to weakness, but

pledging change and a

determination to fight on. Only

five rebel MPs openly

challenged him to go. Within

minutes of the end of the

meeting a former Cabinet

Minister was calling on him to

resign. The US is urging

clemancy from North Korea over

its harsh sentencing the two American journalists. American journalists. Reporters

Laura Ling, and Euna Lee were

given 12 years hard labour for

allegedly entering the country

illegally. America says it's a

humanitarian issue, but

Pyongyang sees the journalists

as bargaining chips. North

American correspondent Mark

Simkin. The Americans' friends

and colleagues held emotional

vigils throughout the five-day

trial It's entirely possible

that my sister Laura, and Euna

Lee... sorry. The punishment

Lee... sorry. The punishment is

harsher than expected. North

Korea is notorious for its

brutal prison camps and Laura

Ling, and Euna Lee could spend

a decade performing hard labour

in one of them. I'm hoping

it's more symbolic than

anything else and maybe they'll

be release indeed a matter of

months. They were arrested on

the border with China three

months ago, charged with

illegal entry and unspecified

concerned about the length of grave crimes. We are deeply

the sentences and the fact that

this trial was conducted

totally in secret with no observers... The Secretary of

State says she's pursuing every

possible avenue to get the

journalists released. We hope

the North Koreans will grant

Clemancy and deport them. North

Korea's tested missiles in and

a nuclear bomb in recent

months, and the UN Security

Council is considering imposing

tougher sanction, it's possible

Pyongyang wants to use the

Americans as bargaining

chips. The high stakes poker

game that they are they are also realistic game that they are playing,

they are also realistic in

wanting to resolve any kind of

stand-off on the humanitarian

issue. Bill Richardson

bargained with the North

Koreans before, there's

speculation he'll be sent to

negotiate the journalists release, and another is Al

Gore, with a personal stake, he

founded the media outlet the

two women worked

for. Thailand's army chief

denies claims that security

forces were behind a bloody

attack on a mosque in the

country's south, 11 died when

masked gunmen opened fire

during evening prayers, there's

been a five-year insurgency in

the Muslim region, this is of the worst incidents. the Muslim region, this is one

Authorities condemning the

attack blaming separatist

militants. To finance -

business confidence surged

suggesting that the worst of

the economic downturn may be

over. As Alan Kohler reports,

local shares and the Aussie

dollar went backwards. Well,

there's more mixed green salads

around than Green chutes, this

bit of data, business

confidence in may is a lively

dressing, the increase in the

confidence index from-13.8

to-13.2 was the biggest move in

years, given that the worst

thing about the Australian

economy is business confidence,

it's a sign things may be

improving. On the other hand

currently conditions are worse.

That index has fallen along

with the figure for forward

orders. The best you can say

about the job advertisements in

May, out today also is they

didn't fall as much as in

April. The total count from

April. The total count from the

ANZ was down 0.2%, while

Olivia's count of Internet ads

fell 0.3%. Here is a bigger

picture graph. World trade

volumes, from 1929 to 1934. The

fall in trade in 2008 was far worse than anything seen in worse than anything seen in the

Great Depression, which puts it

into perspective. That side

ways movement in the past three

months is the green shoot by

the way. The local market

closing nearly 1% lower after a

steady session on Wall Street. steady session on Wall

BHP Biliton and the ASX falling

4.4%, NAB falling 1%. CSL Rose

5% after the company announced 5% after the company

it was giving up on a takeover it was giving up on a

in the US it was planning, and

would by $1.6 billion of its

own shares. Telstra reveals

what it will pay the new what it will pay the new CEO,

David Thodey, he'll be about 4

million cheaper than his

predecessor. The Aussie predecessor. The Aussie dollar

trading lower. That's finance. Broncos prop Joel finance. Broncos

Clinton has been hit with a $50

#,000 fine and two match

suspension for taking a woman

into his Sydney hotel room. It

was the night before the

Bronco's clash with the Bronco's clash with the Tigers,

in breach of the club's code of

kick. Last night the Titans

grabbed a share of the

competition lead downing the

Dragons 28-24. The Dragons had

been a bogey side for

been a bogey side for the

Titans in the past. When former

Australian forward Brad Meyers

crossed for a rare double the

Titans led by 20 at the

break. Probably the first half

was as good as we played this

year. We know we can get

better, there were aspects of

that that we have to improve

on. Luke Bailey was rushed to

hospital at half-time for

X-rays on a suspected broken

arm. Incredibly he returned to

the stadium and kept playing.

The Dragons were brave,

crossing for four second-half

tries before running out of

time. Two matches, two defeats

and out of the tournament.

That's the bad news for

Australia after a loss to Sri

Lanka at Trent Bridge pushed it

out of the Twenty20 World Cup,

Australia's top scorers made

28. Two Sri Lanka's hit half

centuries in the chase. Ricky

Ponting says there's nothing to

fear. Here is Peter Wilkins. Australia's premature

Twenty20 exit was no laughing

matter unless you were Sri

Lankan or English. The top

Lloyds wasting no time in

celebrating Australia's pain.

That started early, David Warner's first over exit

setting the tone, despite a

flurry from Shane Watson, flurry from Shane Watson, and

Ricky Ponting. Brilliant,

magnificent. They never

recovered. The wise deployment

of spin and pace kept Australia

guessing. At no stage did a big

total look likely. Bowled

him. Lusty late hitting

inflated the score to 159. In

contrast Sri Lanka delivered

first up, not even Warner's

acrobating dismissal acrobating dismissal of Sanath

Jayasuriya could inspire the

team. 28 was Australia's

highest score, Tillakaratne

Dilshan, and Kumar Sangakarra

made half centuries, humbling

Australia in the

process. Australia's spin had

some rewards, Sri Lanka coasted

home to deepen Australia's

Twenty20 hole. That's gone.

We've lost five Twenty20 We've lost five Twenty20 games

in a row. It's a big worry and concern. Non-Twenty20 concern. Non-Twenty20 members

of the Ashes squad will be

asked to draw Ricky Ponting

early as practice matches are considered. Cricket Australia

is planning an is planning an inquiry Over

the next few days we'll have a

good hard look at what might

have gone wrong. Twenty20

stocks have recede ed there's

no cricket recession. Revenue

projections have delivered its

13.1% pay increase for

Australian players. The Australian players. The nature

of the agreement is players

share in the revenue, when it

goes up they get the benefit. It's familiar territory for Tony Roche territory for Tony Roche and

Lleyton Hewitt under the

watchful eye of the part-time

coach, the world natural 49

made a winning return to made a winning return to the

Queen's Birthday Honour's List,

brushing aside brushing aside Argentina's

Edwardo Schwank, moving into

the second round in 44

the second round in 44 minutes

for the loss of one game. When

you come back to a place where

you had success in the past, it

gives you more

confidence. Vince Grella, Harry

Kewell, and Mark Schwartzer are

the three players in line to

captain the Socceroos in Lucas

Neill's absence for the World

Cup qualifier against Bahrain.

I'm always honest, this time I

have no idea I forgot Lucas

Neill isn't playing. Brazilian

star Kak transferred from AC

Milan to Real Madrid for a

reported $120 millions, the

second largest ever second largest ever behind

Zinedine Zidane. Kaka's deal is

for six years. Only in England

you might say, you might say, the World Custard Pie Throwing

Championship has just been hold

in a village in Kent. The only

qualification is to be as mad

as a hatter with an interest in

cross-dressing, the pies aren't

real, there's no custard, in

fact they are more like flans,

flower and water on paper

plates, they do the job when

the shot hits the flan. It's a

dangerous game, the Custard Pie

Championship, my team has come

fully prepared, protective

clothing, rubber glows, the

mask, we are not taking

chances. The winning team say

they did it for love, there

wasn't much dough in it. No

puns in the weather, just the

cold hard facts, and it has

been cold. Yes, it has, it's

not going to improve a great

deal over the next 24 hours,

away from the alpine areas

there's been reports of snow at

Batlow, Lithgow and wook well,

sleet at Orange and the sleet at Orange and the upper

Blue Mountains, it wasn't cold

enough for snow in Sydney. Snow

possible for the upper Blue

Mountains including Katoomba, a

possible shower for Sydney. A

cold front produced

strengthening north-west to

south-west winds as it moved

through the inland. Showers

developed over the southern

half of the state with snow

flurries on the southern flurries on the southern and Central Tablelands. Although

the southern half of the inland

had widespread rainfall to 9am

most of the totals were below

5mm, as the colder and drier

air moved through the inland

rain totals were light. After a

cold day snow fluries are

occurring on the hills around

Canberra, Melbourne and

Hobart. The speckled cloud

indicates the position of the

cold air mass, cloud cold air mass, cloud in Western

Australia said to affect

Australia said to affect NSW

over the weekend. Ahead of that

a front - ahead of the front a

high moving into the state.

That will ease the winds

causing the overnight temperatures to plunge with

frost expected in all but the

coastal districts from Thursday

to Saturday. It's the winds the

significant feature with storm

force wind warnings south of

Ulladulla, gale warnings to

Seale wrocks and strong wind

north to Wooli. Rainfall less

than 5mm. Looking at the


NSW - isolated showers on the

western slopes of the ranges,

dry and sunny along the bulk of

the coast. Cold about the

southern and central ranges,

showers and brief snow showers and brief snow easing.

Scattered showers with possible

hail on the South Coast. Dry in

the west with fresh

south-westerly winds, strong

and gusty in the east. Cold and

sunny, windy, with tops of

13-14 in Sydney. A gale warning

for the coastal warnings and

strong wind warning for the

closed waters of Sydney. We

will see temperatures improve,

particularly in the afternoons,

morning temperatures, cold

frost expected for the western

suburbs. Good day to stay

inside tomorrow. Tonight's top

stories - the latest attacks on

Indian students spark angry

protests in Sydney's west.

Police call for calm. They are

playing down claims the attacks

from racially motivated. A

major swimming meet is

cancelled as organisers cancelled as organisers tried

to stop the spread of swine

flu. That is ABC News for this

Tuesday. The 7.30 Report is

next. I'll be back with updates

during the evening. Goodnight.

Every year is getting harder,

the prospect of 67 is

daunting. Tonight on the '7.30

Report' the new finishing time

- time and challenges facing

today's 40 somethings. We have

people earning $200,000 a year

working in Video Ezy. When you

get to 50-5, and you lose a

job, it's very hard to get bang

into the work force. - back

into the work force. To the program. The Prime Minister

spent much of today promoting

his new ministry as a first

class team. I'll talk with his

newest Cabinet Minister in a

few moments. While Mr Rudd

might express momentary

happiness the same can't happiness the same can't be

said of the broader Labor

movement. In the past few weeks

unions started to wear their

concerns that some key

expectations have not yet expectations have not yet been